The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1951 · Page 27
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 27

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1951
Page 27
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The ;ight burned late in Lucia's room as she tried on her new purchases but the others went early to bed. At 7 the next morning Elizabeth decided she could safely rise and dress without waking her patient. Her toes had barely touched the floor when a timid' knock sounded on her door Mrs. Murphey stood outside, her red-knuekted hands twisting together nervously Elizabeth saw at once that she had been crying and that her lips still trembled. "Oh Miss, I have terrible news for you!" "Surely it can't be so bad?" Elizabeth tried lo make her tone light but her heart was turning over. "Ah, but it is. The poor mite of a thing, i found him s (if[ and stark this mornin' wlien I came to work." "The kitten?" "Who else? Stretched out In dcnth an' not a mark on him!" The scene with Alistair returned in each vivid detail. Mrs. Murphey was eying her strangely. "Even a cat doesn't deserve that sort of death. What did you feed him yesterday, Mrs. Murphey?" ^Jpterpr«tin« tier wrongly,' tii« cook drew her self up haugtitily. 'Th« usual. Surely you're not after blnmin' me now?" "Certainly not, but it must have been poison. Don't you see?" Mrs. Murphey unbent slightly "Not from my kitchen." * * • . 'T'HAT afternoon Elizabeth met Bill outside the main gate, a shoe box with the kitten in it held tightly under one arm. He beamed when he saw her. a smile that quickly faded as he noted her expression. •Why couldn't I meet you Inside? Ashamed of my company?" ".lust caution." "Too late tor caution, my girl Should have thought ot that before you took a job in that Franken- steinian castle. What's that under your arm, a headless corpse?" "You don't know how unfunny you are. It's the kitten's corpse " "What!" ' "I'm terribly sorry, Bill." "Well, I'm a silly fool, Beth, Maybe 1 shouldn't have wished it on you, perhaps it was too young to leave Madame X." "B-'Il. I'm almost certain it has been poisoned. You were sweet to come for me without question when I phoned." "Had to go into lown anyway," he said gruffly. She repeated what Mrs. Murphey had said about Ollie's in- iense dislike of cats and Alistair's threat to tell , about the kitten When she finished, Bill's jaw was white with tension. He jarred them both as he slammed on the brakes before Dr. Applcby's house. "Hire atmosphere you're living in, isn't it? Why don't you show a little sense and get out? A murderer on the loobe, a fiend who stoops low enough to poison cats!" "Bill, I catVt leave Mrs. Steinhart. She's a fcne old lady . . ." "Sure, she's a fine old lady. I liked her too. But she's dying; she's lived her life and cyanide in her cc-Se* kn't gcinf ta •LTTHEVTLLB (ARK.) COUKICT NEWS "Wh«n I Invlttd thtm. I told them f wa.murt th«y couldn't tt»v» that prrtty farm rustling in the *now—but here they are!" PRESCRIPTIONS Fr«sh Stock Guaranteed B«*t Price* Kirby Drug Stores ffONf CLEAKEK fc m as 2 10 pvimt M* Ait-Hi SH IT TODAY/ Hubbard & Me APPLIANCE CO. E1ECTRIC VACUUM CLEANERS AIR TAXI 121/2C Per Mil* | Anywhere — Any Time PHONE: "E lot of differenoi on« way or the other. But you're only 23'" "Bill!" He reached out and took her hand. "Pretty cold-blooded, aren't I? Can't you see why I'm worried about you? "Bill please, I—- She withdrew her hand. • • • "Okay, this Isn't the proper time or place for romance, is it? And everything has to be in it's proper time and place.™ "I didn't mean that exactly." T3UT he had withdrawn into his shell like an annoyed hermit crab. He got out, came around to her door, took the box with the dead kitten in one hand and her elbow in the other. "Let's find out the worst." Dr Appleby'f usually Jovial face became severe when Bill told him what they wtnled. The young surveyor didn'l mention the taci that the ::ilten came from Black Firs but they Anew he suspected He took the box without comment and left them to perform the autopsy Bill waited until th* door closed then phoned the Avondale Pharmacy. Afler a low-voiced conversation with the proprietor he turned to Elizabeth. "Ollie is the only person who has purchased cyanide within the last three months. He bought i small package for his bug catching." Elizabeth sighed wearily. "I know he's a strange person, Bill, but I just can't believe he'd kill a defenseless kitten." "It's all in the point of view Black Firs is his home—the cat didn't belong there. If he felt it would harm his collection he probably thought ha had * right to remove it from the scene." "Legally, 1 suppose he does!" "The point is when will he feel that something more human than a cat is interfering with his life." She stared at him aghast "Oh Bill, he couldn't!" The door to the autopsy room opened. 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M^UVE \VORKED LON& AMD UARO r ' TO D!S DEEPER r^-VET I'VE WTO MVvMLTOM k^OTA SCRIBE'* DEATH.] NY FEELJNS -VVAYB5 m* TiMe JTMAT THERE* IF VJE DID AfrSUWE *CHIB6 WAS MURDEBEO XXI KNOW WHO THEM WOT X CAPTAIN STOR.Y DO \WHEM WERE VOU YOU REPORTERS SECRETLV HARRIED AMD CAW YOU THROW AWV lISHf ON WHY VOLR. SHOT THAT MEXICO WOW LOOK, FELLA& > ..THI5 MUST BE A JOKE. IM MOT MARRIED TO MIVBOOY, AMD I PaEVER HEARD OF JANET TULUS ' WHAT! BUTT I HAVE NOT! FOR. A WEEK HAVEN'T WU \M£ BEEM CRUI51HC OM THE BEEN REAPING GERTIE B.'. DOW THE PAPER; HAPMT YOU HEARD— SOME NEW COMING; I SURE HATE TO LEAVE MY MOOVl^N FRIENDS SOMEWHERE OUT IN THE COLD, BUT IF 1 HADN'T PULLED TH' SWITCH I'D HAVE BLOWN EVERY ' FUSE IN THE PLACE/ WHATISTHI5STUFF A DRIFTIN'AROUND, THAT LAYS COLD AH' WHITE LI PON TH GROUND? WHAT KINO OF \S-VVAN, YA SERVICE CftN \ BU.V\'VA GIVE ON \ NEVEK. REPAIRING MV TIMEPIECE. rr'4 8e=u RUNNING A BIT SI.CM; GUVNOR ...HOW ABCSJT ^ PUTTING IN SOME COWV Ml 1 .

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