The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1947
Page 4
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;PAGE FOUR (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Coal Haulers Aid Striking Teachers AFL Truck Drivers -• -Refuse Deliveries To Buffalo Schools . BUFFALO, N. Y.. Feb. 26. (Ufl —A boycott by 'API, mick driviri ;w!ib'refused to hnnl 00:1) inroni;:) .picket lines threatened today to • close the 21 public schools remaining CDCII despite ii strike of 2,4'jJ 'teachers/ *> - Superintendent o! Schools Robert •T. Bapst said Hie 21 schools would upcn today but ndmltiod thai Ui- '.fayette Hlgli S:Iiool. one of iwo high schools still functioning, lino only a sufficient supply of coal to last until tomorrow. Technical High School, he said, hurt onivj enough co.}l to operate torn- or live! -days- more. _ .T)ie.! r i9 elementary schools s'.i" open.have.rsiiUicIcnt coal on hand; for from two to three weeks. I The-city's other 77 schools were I closed:'Monday when the teachois! quit bl~ enforce demands lor anl immediate $500 cost-of-living bonus and a $1,C25 • salary increase next. year. Approximately 6'J.flflO pupils! were affected by the strike. Bapst said the AFL tramstei.s local had notified him its members .would deliver ;.coal, to schools only If the temperature was kept to 40 degrees, sufficient to '<ecp pipes from freezing. Normal school room temperature is 70 degrees. The strike was at a stalemate with both teachers and city ofli- ria!s looking to Albany for a solution. The city administration admitted the walkout was regrettable, but Mayor Bernard J. Do\vd saia he_.\yas .powerless to do anything about it. ' Trans-Atlantic Airliner Sends SOS •WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, Resettlement And Not Relief, Europe's Need WASHINGTON, Kcb. 2(i. rUP) - £enn(e President Arthur H. vau- drn'cei'K said today that resettlement, not relief, Is the solo final answer for Europe's displaced pcr- .'or.s. Vaiideiibi-C'j/, who also is chairman of ilie Senate Foreign Hela- Mons Committee, told reporters that ills Krou;> woiila' meet Saturday to consider President Truman's proposal for U. S. participation In the -international refugee organization. Cross on the map above shows ,K>sitlon. .,„,„„ W miles southwest, of Lisbon, from which an Air Franc- Inins-AUanUc airhm,. Unshed an SOS. The .and plane, ,n route from Bermuda L,c"' Dlanca. mncr.. Morocco, was reported to be circh.^ tvro steamships w ,,h a dead engine. ,NEA ™e,,^to", *B* ff • 1 J -, _ ^ ^K. * • • • _ _ What is snld to be the world's only school lor explorers is at Harvard University. It's a Living This Matter of Paddling Junior Deserves Serious Consideration BY lUmr.KT II1CIIAKDS [United I'.-css Staff C'orrcspumllMil) NEW YORK, Feb. 25. (UP)- Do you have a FOIIJ; in your heart when YOU dust off Junior's punts with a p.idcrie? Doc s your hand Ice: good? Or do you feel as if a great weight has been lifted, from your chest when the child starts wailing Oh, you do? Well, drop Hint peachtrcc switch, mom, or you'll get yourself into serious emotional trouble. Dr. James -p. Bender, director of the National Institute for Human Relations—who likes nothing batter tlisin to upset normal humans '.vith penetrating questions — hot on your trail. "Spanki.i;;." said Dr. Bender, "is an effective form of punishment provided that parents themselves are well-adjusted emotionally." 'But, b:fo!c you can punish your child with t>, clear conscience, Bender suggests that you answer it) questions: 1. I3o I lose my temper while spanking? 2. Do I feel milch 'bolter after administering the spunking, as it a weight, wcm lifted from my 3. Do I spank as hard for pet'.y offenses its for more serious infractions? 4. Do I experience periods when I feel the urge to spank alternating with periods when the youngster "can get away with most anything?" 5. Docs my hand feel good as I administer the spanking? 6. Do i find that spanking Is the only way I can control my children? 7. Do 1 spank my children because my parents spanked me? 8. Do my spouse and I have serious disagreements about spank- inu the children? 0. Do things ever go black while I spank? 10. Can I get as good results >>y using some other form of punishment? "If the answer, i.s 'yes' to any one of l.hosc questions." Bender said, "the parents probably would be well advised not to 'spank their children. '•The greatest danger 'In spanking is. the opportunity it provides for venliua a subconscious sadism." 'But. e ven so, you can't be too Prussia Doomed To Obliteration By Map Makers BERLIN, I-cli. 26. (UP)-,The four allied military 'governors of occupied Germany luive signed a law which abolished -the German slate or Prussia, traditional symbol ol modern militarism. The governors also sTfeneti a controversial report on German 1 . 1 which yocs lo the Dig Pour foreign ministers who meet in Moscow next month to discuss Ihe future of Germany. The law liquidating the ancient state of Prussia was effective on signature. It will bo published March I. •Russia had objected for some time on grounds that the .foreign ministers should decree formally such eradication of a state which was the core ol .German power in the last century. Recently the Soviet changed its stand on the sujjcci. ottering no explanation. Nine Government- Employes Held In Probe of Thefts <UPJ the w ere on nvoin, tiga- MEMPHIS. Tcnn., Feb. 26. --Nine civilian .;nip]oy3s of Memphis central Depot today held for grand jury acl. >n diarues of stealing goveri property. The i- Til retried nil Inve tion had implicii'.ed the ac In thefts of army equipment clothing from the depni. Scorchers Rewarded After Tiny Viol of Dangerous Radium is Misplaced • QAPSEN. Ala., Feb. 26. (U.P.J — A liny foul, dangerous vinl .-« rod mm worth 51,500, lost durliv the treatment of a patient last week at Uaptlsl Hospital here hr>.n )rcn recovered from tlio city (lump by the use of .T< electroscope brought here from Auburn. ' Two electrical engineering nro- Cessors and the Rev. VV. T Edwards, superintendent of tin.' hospital. searched the entire nUi'vibinir' of the hospital and screened large quantities of refuse at the ( itv dump before finding It. Physicians had warned that the •powerful rays nl iha radium erulcl produce SPI-JOUK burns. IN Till-: I'ltOKA'n: COUHT FOR THE CHICKASAWIIA DISTRICT OK MISKIrJSIl'I'l COI'NTV, ARKANSAS. In the Mailer of the Kxlati- of \V. .M. Hartley, Dcveascd No. mo NOTICE (II' 1'HOBATK Of Win, Of W. M. HAKTUvi-, DK<;UASii;i) Notice is hereby given that the Last Will and Testament of w. M Hartley .was probated in common form ijy the Probate Court for the Chickasawbri District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 24th day of February. 1047. An appeal from such probate can be effected only by lilhiu a petition, stating the grounds for such appeal, Wllli this Court within six (G> months from the date of this notice. ' WITNESS,my hand and seal this' 26th day of February. 1347. ELIZABETH BLYTHE Clerk of Said Court. Buck and Sudbury, Attys. 2' : 2U-3.5-l2 W. M. Hartley, deceased, on the Mth duy of February, 1047, by the Probate Court lor the Chlckasawha District of Mississippi County, Arkansas. All persons having claims or u'emund.s against said estate, must exhibit them, properly authenticated, to the undersigned for allow[ ancs! within six monti's from the 28th day of February, 1047. If not I so presented within such time they shall be barred forever and precluded from any benefits' in said estate. The address of the Executrix Is: Mrs. Janddle Bartley, 508 North Relief horn U.S. Held Essential To Prevent Re : Birth of Nazism Tasting rocks is just part of the day's work for mineralogist Jose Nancy, seeking new oil lields near Maracaibo, • Venezuela. Rock samples belorc him \vcrc taken from wildcat wells. He , breaks them with his little ham- ifner, and tastes the inside. Salty '.flavor indicates small likelihood ,oj oil. in area of rock's origin. By ItK'I.'.M!]) f'l.AHK United 1'rcss St.ifr Cunsimnd TKANKFURT, Feb. '.HI. I U.P.I-- Hungry Germans will turn to Communism or Ihe i'.'birth oi Nazism it the United Stales cut.-; M;, fund.-, for government nnd iclhf hi Its occupation wir.e, 1111 official U. S Army spokesman predict 1 today. Without American -sur-port uiui lief, in the fncc of an economic relays?, I "We stand the newly elected German demo- j awny with a cratic local governments < tiuld not continue to exist, he .:;iUt "We should maintain a gnou sizctl occupation lorcp mmi a German government is esiahlishcd -Either spend which demonstrates ;t is nbin and workers, move : Gerninn.'i will be Silled." This Army si>okpsmnii, %-hr> pinde the remarks in a discussion of the - Wants Full Pack LITTLE HOCK, Ark.. Feb. 20. (UP)—A good five-cent package of cigarettes evidently is the object of a hill Introduced in the House yes- leiday by Rep. Claude CoflfeH of Bentoii County. The bill provirtes- "tt shall Ijc unlawful . . . fonany pel-son . . -. to charge or collect more than five cents on each iind every package of ciijarctles containing not more than 20 cigarettes." Rcac! Courier News Want Ads. Dr. W. F. Brewer DENTIST Genera/ Practice —But— Special Attention Given Extraction and Plate Work OFFICE OVER-GUARD'S Across Street Prom Kress Office Hours 0 a.m.-t p.m. 1'honc 2!72 IN TIIE PROBATE: COURT FOR TIIK CiilCKASAWRA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. AK- KAN'SAS. In the Mutter of the Estate of W. M. Hartley, Deceased No. 1780. NOTICE OF GRANTIXG OP LETTERS TESTAMENTARY Notice Is hereby given that Letters Testamentary were granted to the undersigned upon the Estate of CONSTIPATION Risky in BAD COLDS Retained undigested food becomes putrefactive, causes toxins, \vhich overload the liver and other vital organs of the body, lessening your resistance to colds and other winter ills and interfering with their treatment. Wliy take this chance when 5'ou can take Calotabs? Calotabs thoroughly J'et pleasantly a.ct on every foot of your Intestines, sweeping out laden putrefactive foods and virus- laden mucus, enabling you to more effectively avoid or right a cold. Nothing acts like good olfl Calotabs. Use as directed. lOo and 25c at all druggists. Take CALOTABS For Sale U. S. Verified Oklahoma Alfalfa Seed And Plenty of Ogden Soybean Seed L. R. Matthews Gin Co. YARuno, AUK. Phone 727 for ory;i<. n buitlon _ backwards—ripe j by Communists. There will be strife and riots. I bcliev.: it wilJ come to shooting and i. lot ol chance ct rctllnir ? ood , hum!U1 relations in child- militnrv cur We' 110 -"!' nixl lnlcl '-" chance if the oilier is' lllc , pl ' lm lnll » of ll 'c mattLT ( seems lo be: If yon can't think up 1 lo behave, then you just naturally, good reasons lo make junior wane 1 1 have to ;mll down his pants and haven't cut." He said the United Str.les facril vrlth two i:l!enlruh<?s. money to trucks and feed grow willint; to prevent tin- rebirth • ot rood so the Germans can •vork"an'ti Na/ism or an allied type of movement," this source said. "If we don't provide '.!".•! necessities. German economy will start fanning. pay for necessary imports "or! li^'jPSkH fffe^ /^ f Renounce our v<mnnitmp|i>.£ '" ift ,BL Jf H ™fl?^ >.0j 3t..». the British, drop the bi-zonal plan 1 ^**^«^ ^" W&Off y. ';]<' i ~-i and watch economic dry rot set' rielleve misery, as most niothcrs '' in while cold hungry wnrter.i turn •—..-•"to the Communist Party "This is the turning 'point,' said flatly. do. Ilub the throat, chest and bach with time -tested . VAPORUB en Takin Advertisin Here's the Part Advertising Plays in Giving The Right to a Steady Job" to Every American! Other Ways Advertising Helps You: /..Brings y° u better goods for ..less money. 2* Makes shopping more pleasant and easier, 3* Hot given us the world's high•*» standard of living; B OIL it nil down—nnd the task of creating enough jobs for everyone —men and women, youngsters and oldsters—is the job of selling goods. There's no shortage of "wants." People want all kinds of things. There's no shortage of American resources niici inventive genkis. The problem always is to bring "wants" and "goods" together —lo "make a sale." Sales mean more business, more and boiler jobs. One great low-cost, effective way lo make those sales is through advertising. It's helped give us the highest slaiit!- ard of living in the icorM. Advertising sells goods. And when goods are sold, factories, mills, farm-, mines and businesses gcb busy. AY,, businesses are created. This means nior>- nnd belter jobs for everyone. That';! how advertising makes your job, your home, your income far more secure. Makes your job mor^ •' ---•• BLYTHEVIILE COURIER NEWS Step In'and See Many Other Good "Buys" SPECIAL THIS WCfK ONLY SAUCE PAN 2 quart size, complete with cover. Triple coaled while enamel finish. 2 Quart Fryer Casserole Red tnaniol finish, here's an all-purpose pan for cvcry-dav use. 2 Quart STOCK POT Heavy coaled red enamel finish. \Yilh cover. 3 Quart SAUCE PAN Heavy gauge steel, red cnanu-l finish. Complete with cover. 2 Quart CASSEROLE Heavy gauge slccl. red enamel finish. With cover. PLANTERS HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126W. MoinSt. Phone 515 Fifth 8ti'crt, UlythevlHr. Ar Dated this 20th day uf I-v 1947. Mrs. Jiinddlr H. Huck and Sudbury, At'.;,>: Futtratial FARM LOANS / Low / Long T* J Fair AppraluJ J Prompt Strrio* RAY WORTHINGTON Serving Tills Section for 21 Years 115 So. 3rd Hlythcvllle, Ark. Tune In Prudential Program Sunday at 4 p.m. over WREO REAL ESTATE FOR SALE To prospective buyers w« have i select list of houses—homes—apts. — businesses—acreage and f»rma In and .round Blrlheville. Wo help tlniuc. B ,le,. phone ^331. J. j. Field. Bonded Heal Estate nrol:er. W. J. Pollard Gfencoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 OIIi SPADE HEATERS Ecs. SSO to S110 NOW $35 to 5110.00 Vfn>. Trascr Plumbing i Heating 101 E. Clietry St. 1'hone 21:12 QUICK Our Radio Repairs arc quick nnd our workmanship finer than anywhere WE REPAIR ANY MAKE—ANY MODEL Phone 2642 FRED CALL1HAN TTLrtcfurEa 106 South First IF YOU SEED Walk In Boxes Dry Coolers Ice Cream Boxes Home Freezers^ or Any Heavy Refrigerator for Immediate Delivery CALL Sfeele 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE EM.IS I'OOI-K, Owner A M«r. Illjrllll'iiy GI North at HOLLAND, MO. Phone For a Taxi O. K. CAB JACK MAKSH, Owiu-i TRY FINER Vacuum Packed; COFFEE Can Ib 50c CANNED FOODS Found at Plmnr. 201.? 1044 Chicl;;isavt1>;i attention v/e!ders . You can now l , u ^.., 1 ^,. complete acetylene vveldiji' outfit for §G2. This is (hi- !; latest type medium -size !. ; genuine Harris Culorili,-. ',' the oldest maniifacliirtT ol >' welding equipment. J> BLYTHEViLLE! Machine Shop 211 So. 2nd Ph. 2Si!S Representing THE FARMERS and BANKERS LIFE INSURANCE CO. W. O. CEOHIN. Gen. Agent John r. Holmes—W. O. Gcurtn Jr. Office Douglas Bldz. v* 215 W. Walnut phonc , JS1 KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 "The Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ Yonr Source of PETROLEUM Dependable Service PRODUCTS Office RR at Cherry As a Natural Aid for HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE High blood pressure associated with kidney di:•••HM I may be reduced hy keeping kidneys funcliouir.:; |>r. v rrly. For 50 years doctors have prescribed this in A eral water from Hot Springs, Ark. Pure tastim; . 7? not a laxative. Fhone or write today for free booklet CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and division Blythevillc, Ark. BEN WHITE & SON GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151

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