New-York Tribune from New York, New York on March 2, 1912 · 3
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New-York Tribune from New York, New York · 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 2, 1912
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MINERS REFUSE TO MEET Flushed with Victory in Obtain? ing Cabinet's Support, They Hold to Ultimatum. WORE THAW 1.000.000 IDLE Havtntr "Placed Their Schedule of Minimum Rates on the T^blo, " They Decline A;1 Parley. l^.:: . ..- Mr. Asqulth's ?irief p^rem?*'** In the House ot Cornmona i.-t?-t ni??""*- announcl - I ' tha coal crisis bud reatrhed ?n absolute deadlock owins; Ist))? ? f th< miners' represents? ffttf to dtoCUSB th?ir -minimum w.'ipo . ? |Q|f '. il ilk ? a bombshell "n th?? psml It most not b? i ed, hoa-ever, that all negotlatlona are permanently sus pendtil. The position alters from day to say, and r?oa? most observera scree that the men have put themselves In the mrtoat iblle opinion by taking so ttltude tn". rd t!;-> ? ? \ - arm ' ?.?i?. The Beottlsh snd Welsh delegates have rcturni-ci to ihiir diatrtets to report the sjtnsUon to the nun whom they repre? rent, and it is Just possible thai a mon eoacUlatory spirit me bb< 1 Itself dur? ing the sresk ?.'nd It to understood thai ty's events render ? minimum wage bill Imp??sstble, as the government could not guarantee th-- passage through benh houses of th.? prepared s or an I resisted y capital The miners' refusal t" accept '?ny i?ro posa! - th? minimum t<> th? possibility of ?i revision does not m.*ie for ? Bpeedy settlement, but nobody is lookini: for s long and bitter -druggl??. Too many Interests aro involved, and neit^itr party to the dispute is anxious to hear the burden of prolonge?.! warfare. London March 1.? Premier Asmiith -o ?isy Invited Um milters' executive commit? tee to meet tha coal owners, hut the men "':ed. savins t at they had nothing to ?ilscjsi. They bad, they said, plae?d their schedule of mimmv.m rates on the table and wo-jld rr.sin'air. tha? position until ether? oriot tostroeted by tha miners Th, rntnari lot nr? n"n returning to tr.? - ?? lid s 111 BUb nsit the whole position in the ens! disputa to their et Utuanta St we'-k-end lD?MtlnBS ?n-". ask taatructltma from tnem how U with the ne?? proposals of \'*.r government Even ehou'J thi n?*-n ippro\ ?? of ?he s'?d- I ik of minimum rates j of wages to discussion, a? by th? I BOVerni ? lid not bo a?-? rc...i- .- ; ?.vk and pr^bqnh 1* rr.ay last ?u* I InJcbt. Th* i * coal hasalready had dis? astrous eom on ?*r>mmerre. Fhe? tories are abutting d"\?n ;n *U dlrectlona raUr?*?a<li - B mim of their trains irA stear? ?a are bell The Urge traust ? ?Tarer sssert th**y are va] pro? >d with ? An official re"irn Issut 1 ?hi s morning ? ' - - -- ? ho nava ' sire*' is 1 09,401 ? - tl . - I iror.^ . to-morrow as a '"? ? ?? manu- ' theast Lan?*aahlre r.v.-? coal ?sough ? ? ;olng t s not her ' - - . l\i a Ina ttlng w?<-k la tbl best holiday ? there la no ere toward rlotlni Tha d'-a~ aff? - more -?-an - ? . st? AH ol fo 4ny1 - rere futile, and attempts ,, recon? - thi pposlng forcea ??.??? < ... ...... rrwaei non will sea Premier ? then be <?- Ident trem?a ? ? ? F'amiei A- . - the H?>.i?i<> ?.f Com? rror.? I . - * ? oal owrers :r. p.a- ? ai:y the whole of England ?ad in tha North of v.aie? had a?* the pr'ipoLaJ of the government' thnt Is Walca :.: - ? sad ? a owners he?d ??:<-? nsd ' proposition, and that th?^ miner* hava rejected it >??"a.i^' they ware v-T.T??ni- u? submit ' a rav? f??r a mini-' mum was? to any form of revision. In thi Batanees, H waa felt by Ute g'iv-rnirtr,' that no iseful purpose "*ould b* served it the present moment by n*BM*atilag rn? conferences Tv <? Pr? hope ' to make a ' i n?*n- ? -.. r.n Monday. Wll ex? eptlon of h few ?mail col? h>rl'? i ? ited In l?r>la???d dis'rlrts all ?he ?*o?u rnir,?-? of tbs country pre ?di<? t??-?iav In torn'- nf ? ose P B? SB wiirr?. .v?-.rk is ?till C>ini- on, notably in Warwiekt-hlre. -rrheri ten thousand men are employed, the miners **111 Join th*. >trikers on March 2. *^'t Min?r.-' T"?-deratiori r? ? .in* ?1 Its rr'n I"- Ihll morning, and ?.no of the memi*rs expressed Ihe optnlos that th* titeoturlon? With the owners would ly- ?ur n the co'.iis?? of r.f-xt *#*,?< I ? ni?->n lenerslly indorses the Bovernm^nt s ri??.-ision to pa?' a minimum wages bul .inl'?c ?he remainder of the ?wasra rtfrr-? t., t?i?t principle, whleh haa ? been consented to by more th;.n * : ?nt tjf th*. employers EUROPE WATCHING CLOSELY French Send Congratulations Strike Talk in Germany. '''".?. M.-n-h 1. -The PYsneh Miners' t'Mon t:ie?tlr ;- at AOBtn t-1? KTM ph?'l t'.-'liv British Miners' rederatlon ejssjsjrrat? as on the oosl strl!'..-. adding- "In a f?*.' daya the French miners will ?trtk?.." ?^err is no pr?-sent Irnlicatlon of a pen **r*1' strik*- in Fran. ?-. aHhoraah many niin *n In the Vonh are In f.?v?.r <.f It. ?"he ftrike In KnKland has basa prftctloal ?T without effeet on the Fren?-h coal mar ,t" In a fe-?.- places alonur the eoa."t UsSTS fc"-? been a rise of not m??re than 20 rents * ton, a? an preparation* had been raada '** the stopplnsr of wr.rk by the min? rs In *ve Brituh r let by the laying dp of l?rg? *";PPli'-S. rtasASaorg, Msrcb L?Tbs prices of baaker BOgl hav? already double her.- ?ince the ?""? la-itfion 'if the Brltl-h seal :-trike. f)o ?MrsTde shir owners havo a fair supply of A Snappy ?Seasoning It Is nece?>9ary to the full enjoyment of a dinner. LEA & PERRINS' | 8AUCE ?-1 osiaiNat wosccsrrssMist '. ?up-rlor reii?b for ?Vwip**, Ftsh, ; '-(??ks.Chvp^Saiada.r? . An Appetizer ? fsr-s Vi-fcui't ?sows. Asrsts. N.T. XEW YORK'S WOMEN DETECTIVMS. Mrs. Isabella Goodnin, arbo Is noei on Um res-alar polire f'?r<'?>. ami Mrs Fran ??- Benzncrj, detetrtive for lbs (.unity .Mr>?lic?ii Bociefj IC?a?jrright, IBlg Pmssts Enrrsvlng- C'nmpjny i fuel, bu? there is little or none ??/attable for foreign vtraseli even al fanc-y prkes Terenty-two ateamera which were due here to-day from England h.-?ve not arrived Essen, f.ermany, March 1. -Sixty-four cal miner?' meetings have been called Sunday t?. eonsrlder the refuaal of the Ger? man mln? ?arnera to advaaes the ?w,.? ,,f ? . Ths miners' organisationa have called on tbe|r member? to r'f'ts?- to erorh overtime mi secount of th? Engttsb strike PREDICT A SHORT STRIKE Coal Men Say, However. That Prices Here Will Xise. I ? 'Iv opinion of rf pr?sent?t i vc s of bitu? minous coal companies who were seen yes terclav, the strike of tl ? Krc'lsh miners will l.e of short duration. The extent of ?rik?. they ?ai.;, will make the Kng lish ??ovrirm'iit Uk? ***ctrarn*dlmry meas? ures to r.ring aitoui a setiUment. .1. P ??? ... i r.r. ;4 representative of the Empire Mining Company, declared that no matter how long or how "h<irt a time ?he | strike lasted. It would have t?,c eff? ;l ?if I ?Sing trV p:\of-H here Members of the Eituminou?? ?^osi Ttsi??? ItlOn, OOmpoaed of bituminous <,pcr- 1 ?tora, believed ?h? st-ike of the miners In i England would rot afect the demands of' ? ? optsratora bera, Hsnr? s ? ing, ch; irmaii of the asRoclation. said. "Th? strike in England win not last long. I ht-lleve, end tha? 's the sentiment of the memliera of our aaao latlon general**. If It SSted a month or two It would affe. commerce au over F.urope The bltumlnov operators here, a' tl '? ?ragea they have T.-ivinr.-. luv.. Juat been ahie to t.oid e lime T belle/ve ?hat a w.r.i.i. ?-?-re will m ?II pr?,bahllltv be avert? ed. The operators are ?rilling to mare soin? ronceaeiona ?nd the v-adors of the miners, I am sure, ?rill see mat ?er? in their rue Hi ? OBJECTS TO BEING TARGET Seeks Separation from Alleged Potato Throwing Wife. Edsrard Otto Iiotman Is suing his wife, Mrs Blend,na Adeline Hoffman, foe ?ration becau?? he 4oes not like her t. ra? , per, Hoffman says thai on one o? i his ??lf' threw some hot potatoes -it ids he.iij. Also '?' ?i-' th? indignant In Mi ?? mr-etam? ntal spouse nslsl -n ..ting him ?lib a certain young woman. He also does not forget in his l complntnt to cali attention to another ax- | c.ting incident In bis ttomestle Ufe which hail to do With a ?serving knife In the bands I of Mrs. Hoffman ?nd '-' to nse it "n him. As to the ?llagad potato throwing Hoff? man say? he was al table, entertaining friends, an.l ?ne ?om.uct of hin wife made aim appear ridiculo is to them. Hoffman and his wife were main?-?! la Albany la IMa, At the end of three weeks Mrs Hoff? man brought a young woman to their homo ] and accus--?! Huffman of b'.-lng too friendly with h?-r. The husband said then, and ne roposts it now. that he never even .?a? the woman until his ?rife prod u <.-<-<! hei. Then I.Is. wifo hired ?i? te?-tiv? s to arateh him. and their pay 'un.f OUI Of th? ?noir;, he gSVS his I f. Th? rest of the mo&e) thai Hoffman gara ids ??if?, b> -a s. she spent in buying need? pieces of furniture for their home, v hile he had not tb? "actual aeesbsltl?? ? f ??i ss." The plaintif] aaya his wife is. * woman of considerable moans, AUT0?3 KILLED 11 IN FEBRUARY Number of Deaths in Highways Three Times Greater than in 1911. Automobiles killed ?leven .nid injured nfty-?ev?a In >>???? York City ?luting the month of February. BOOt*?rdlag t<> Stattstl? * ?ompibd by the National Highways Pro tecttvs fodety. This death reoord shows an inore.iss of nearly ?'?"" per cent ov?er th?* . nri?-.sp?i?uliiiK month last fmeVt, The Bcielety'a monthly report shows that. 9 were kill."' end 121 s??rtouely Injured by uii kiu?.iM of vehicular tragic on the streets of Nee Vorn City during February. IMt In tb? Borough of Manhattan the greetem number of fatetiUflS due t" vehicular traffic , ,hhI, :? peraonrl i-lng kill?-! by automo bibs and 34 seriously Injured; 9 lost their j lives bv trolley cars and IT were injured, I whik wagenh i eased the death "f I snd in? jured 5. a ?? FOOD BOARD DEFINES VINEGAR | It Must Not Contain More than 4 Pen Cent of Water. Washington. .March 1. ?What \inegar in the united States i? dal as mined by s decision of the Pure Food Board, signed to? ga?-- by Secretary Wilson. The decision holds that l?ftan natural vinegars are ul ?uted with water to reduce their acbllty ?he label must Indicate this fact, and that no vinegars may be dllu'ed to an aridity of less than four grams of acetic acid to |gg cubic ????ntlmetres <?r approximativ 1 ps* ? ???ni. tiecreiary Wilson also approved a decision oi th.- Pure Food Board that no cherries may Ik? labelled "Maraschino" unless they see Maraaca ? herrles preset ved In Maraschino. I ll'juor prepared by distill atl'Jii of the M ara va 'he it y. ?AXI "UM" IIS ?"Afitlnued from Urs? iu.?r him that led him t" give up and conrees He said he ?a? unarmed wh?n he rwbhed the robbers, and did It on sheer Muff He !s short and Weighs only 110 pounds. The police ?ay Abarno gave them val? uable Information ?hich they expect to lead ti the .rrest of the other tWO "brigands" who s:"t aw.iv with .?.T.??a? each ?if the 110,000, '?ne Is supr,x-.-od "? b?> nam.-d Paoli, bul the . ther is as vet unknown, although they are on his trail. The third nvn implh'at'-d in the whole effair Is "Dutch." a principa', ??ho beat the eld ?nan into insensibility. The police say u???* have lots of Information about "Dutch" which the) think ?ill result In hi? ar*-?-?-'. As S"on a* thee? ? ? r?_?s?s are mide the [?.life rny t!.e> will have the whole gang ctoaned up. The confessi'ifi <'f Bplalne opened up a seetntngl) ??i?ii?-ss ?haln of crimes ?hich. li? and Mimi of his associates in the taxlcab Job committed. According to the i oliee. h?> Implicated himself in the hold? up of Harris Mann, of Swift #> ?;0, in the Fla?bu.-ii avenu? ?ubway ?uiimi on the night of January ID, and In the rob? bing of Elmo J. Sett, manag? r of the Baltimore inn hroora al No. U7 West 'J.'.i Street on January 24. H*? ?aid that In the Mann hold-up his partner was ths ?John Malloy f'?r whoeh defenr" the nrlgands pel aalde $1.000 of the 110.000 thev seized. Hi aleo asid Matteo Abarno ?*aa with them on tin> im'. Malloy, under the aulas of ?'lark, ?a? acquitted of the, .-?.inn hold-up. and Is now In the Tomba pn i charge of carrying concealed ???(ir? on*. In the second affair he lrapli?*eted "Dutch,"' the man th? p'illce most want ii'i-v in the t.'ixicib robbery .ase He :ik- ? Im de. tared that ?lino Montant, the (four ?if the lax (cab, ?as in on the plot. Hi? storj closet' corroborated Kinsman's. Orly Kinsman Plsads Guilty. Th?- heeling In the matter of the plead? ing of Kinsman, Montant. Albrozzo r?nd Lamb, sllas "Stsotty." was h.-id to the morning In ?.rneial K.-ssIoiih 1.? '"re .J;,- Crain A pies of robbery in ?he second degree was acceptad for Kins? man. The other three pl<-a/iod not guilty to robbery,In 'he first degree, reserving the rifcht t?i change their pifias. It was understood that Albrosao was ready to plead guilty to robbery, but on advice "f his conns?!, who had decld?8d that the worst th" poll ?? could prove against him ?aa reoslvlng stolen s*oods, he changed his mind. His counsel Ih said to have j remarke?! that there nn* no use letting! him jilead to robbery, for which he cojid be sentence? to fifteen years, ?hen ho could get ol" on the lighter charge with only two reare. in the aft rnoon Bplalne was charged With robbery In the first degree, ball being tant} it I1&000. The three women h< Id as witnesses. Ftose Levy, "Swede Annit?" find Myrtle Hoyt, were ?Ha? cha rged. James Paaeak? "Jimmy th-? rush." snd Roben Deleo, in ?shoe? saloon tb? ?i,vision f th?> spoils ?as. made, were arraigned on a charge of receiving stolen g?"ils and h? id in t.'i.ocio ball for '?xaininah"ii. Considerable interest was aroused in police < irclt'S by the promotion of Mr?. i:oo.l?in for li? r work in helping run down tfce ljudoab robber?. He* ?alar) ?as ln<gea?ed from $1.000 n .'enr to $2,2*0. ?... far as known this Is the Mrs? I .ipp'.intni.'iit ?if i to the place In the Detective Bureau of any pollc? i' ?res In ihe United states, it is the only Instance In the New Torh Police Depart? ment, 11 any rate. Her services w?ars d? scribed as nnpri ( ?'d. nt?-d. sh<? n-Af done distinguished work be? fore in running <lo?n fortuno tellers, j Bhe has i. in the dopartraent sine l^Hl Her husband ?as a policeman ;. t."? time of his death, she bas s sou Who is .1 delictivo. M Vf READJUST RATES Reform in Express Methods Said To Be in Sight. Washington, Mar? h l.-When it. Inter? state I'ommerct? Commission's !nvestlga?io?i of expret-s OOSBpeales ?nd their meth'ds was adjourned to-day until Mar? h 2i>. a r? - adjustment not only of th?; methods ami . practica of the, companie-, bui also ofI it.-ii rat.-.-, in Mght. Jus? how the question will l>e solved. If at all. has not been determined. In th?? re? cess committees named by Commission?* Lane will completa their work nnd may h<- ablo to r. port It Is not unlikely that tlie Inquiry will end ?con after It it> re suine?l. .n March *? T??*timonv was given at the hearing to ?lay by S. J. Wright, agent of the Am tl <an Eapraaa ?"ompanv In l^ondon: Otto Kuhnu-rg. r. ?if Hamburg, and Paul Der? ?ganar, i f 1'arls. concerning the ojverations ?,f aspresa compaalee and rar? els posts in firent Britain, ??ennanv and France. Ju general, th? t*?Ktlmony sho?-ed that the ? x pref? ^r'Hc In tin three f.?reign countries, ?hll- lo?'er in cos?, ?-as not comparable ettlier in ?i'?ed or In other "??epectt- ?with ?he express service In the l.'nlt-d Htstes. STRIKE BUEFS STUBBORN Leaders of Lawrence Workers Oppose Concessions. ? ALL RUT TWO MILLS YIELD Industrial Workers Sny Ori<?inal Dem.ands Must Be Met and Ettor Released. Las i ?n? ?-. Ma?? Marcl the fe;<?||?. mill?, 1 01 with two excel ? ? -'rikinrr employee ;<i sdvanc? to-day, or ??t?te?! tiv.r Intention to do so, the strike ??mi: m i t tee nf the ! idustrlal \Vi,r'<?rs <?f the World rotee* '?. r* i.:"'i- rtd thai the strik? ers r?'fll?e the i,,- ?. ... that made r?o offer ?f a ?-.iu- increa the BTeretl Mills, ??. 1 . r- ? lockout h?-eri in effeei sine? the ?-?r;;;e started, and the Kunhardt Mills, the agent ' which stated thai an Incr? ? time e...;id nr,t be considered in most ? '-? ? the mills har? snnounced thai the acal? arlll re i ?i ed at leasl ?". per cen? tn all departments, to take effect Mondai morning. The original demand of th?- strikers wss for per ? lit. In the ..- ? Arm i lean IVooll? n Company the off? 11 ?? today mea .??,.- |n< reas > of I ling to the ststem? toi n offldsl of that company t??-1 i--.m The ". pei cent, ?t Is explained, is th?- minimum, and In soin? cases nes i\ ! 12 per <??-..i v. ill i ? ad I? d to the pa; -if the op? rat ? Booi .?ftei ? i< . ?-..? - ? h ??-? ? ? post? ?' th? ?ttik-- commit) ? ..: th. Industrial Workers of rhe w o? : | mel and voted to n fue the offei About twelve thousand of the eighteen th?u and ?i?;i on strike are aflll ited avitti ?:.i?? ?.r. inlsatlon. To-nigh? th? l'entrai Labor l'ni? n, s lilch repr? many ?>f ihe skllle?l craftsmen, mot, but gave "i ; no itatemenl ??f Its attitude, Tha commltte? of the Industrial Worker voted t.? ins!-?! upon their original demands, namely, a ??(!?- Inenase ..: is pei rent, double pay for >?'??: Im? work, the aboli? tion of the premium system and no dis? crimination ?n.iin?t atrtkera Th?- <??m n?llle,. roted further Li Insist thai J.iy.'iili .1. iittrir and Arturo Qiovannlttl, t?.< strike Isadsra nof In Jail awaiting grand jury iiitlf.n on charges of being aceeeoories to miird'r, be released fron lall ...... : i atrtkera return to work. .Mass meatinga probably trill '??, held to consider t;te offera <?f the manufacturera The plants whleh offer t^i K'rar.1 eon? ? I siniih an- the Arlington Min*, employing (.v.. ?ho isand hands; the Unsco Mills, ?f the t'nited State? Wonted Company, ana ploying Uva hundred hands: the American Woolen Company, employing seventeen thou;.an.l here snd thirteen thousand in N'e-.v York at.?l Connecticut, ai.?! the PadAc Mills, wltn elghty-flve hundred h--r? I and in Net* Hampshire. An advance In | Bragas In th" w..oll?n mills in Ha-.? r.i'll, 1 lias? . North Andov.-r and Franklin, N (I. 1 o?n.-d by the M. T st?-\en- a. Suns Com? pany, manufacturers of aroollens, snd ?m ploylng t?i. thousand op?*rarives, area also ' snrioiinee?1 ?o-dav. To appear ?'?:?? I ? ongresslonat Com? ? mitts? on Hule?, m Washington tomorrou? j s party of strik.-r?. Including children, left ,h?re this mii?-nlnk?, and tonight Cllj [ "hal John ,t Sulhvan. I'.?ltre Commla er ?' r Lyach, Cltj Solicitor f'aniel j. Murphy, Potams-etai r. s < ?.\ and ihe Bai ?lark ?'arter, <ii\ Iftssionary, Btart? ad al*??? for tha n.itiorai cap lal T1 ?re v,a.? s sltsht taCtOOM In the num ti- ? ..f oparstivea rstornlng t?. >? Waahfrnal |fai * '. Fifteen ?t.iidr?-n ?if tarlkera ,v I.HHT'r-?-, Mas.? . ,-irrlv?d here to-night, and were m? t hv Victor 1. k- :. Of W1?i-?.n?!n. the S?" lall?? Repre. aeatatlse. Thay tafjl testify h?.f?.re ?he It-.le?! *".?tnmlt t? ?? nf the JJ?.ti?e, Which |S ?<>nsid?-rinB' resolutions ?-ailing; for ?i federal Investigation of Btrtk? conditions ai Las ren?"" GARDNER HEARING IS BEGUN i i Friend of Hasiett Say?, Recluse Feared He Wanted Property. Ths hearin?r of the charges preferred , strains? former State Senator Frank J, j ijardner and QeorgB If Decker, who ars I accuse?! of hnvinK tried to got pose?oslos <?f ?the estate of lamael K. Hsslctt, He Ram ?*n street recluye, ?a? begun yesterday hefore ?'htef Magistrate Rempner District ' Ait??rney Cropaey persoaall] ? >r.? i>i. te.i th?? It.v? nitration for the psjO| le Max I? Steile sppesrsd for Qardnei and William If, Brysa btsb counsel for Decker ' The Brat witness railed ?as Bobsti p. Vldaud, a personal friend of Mr. Haslert's. j He said that his fric?,,! npjiearod Irrntlona! on February o\ Mr Vldaud said thai '." noticed ,in im? provement In Mnslett's cond.ti'-i forty-sight hours after Decker? the nicht nur?e. t k c'.ar?-e. and that Hasiett had told the srlt? ness that he had mmlf I/or?l his attorney, as he dl'l not want ??ariiier to sat his property. John R. gtapleton, the nlf-i.t nurse ?ho was first summoned to take ?-are of Mr. , Jli.slett. raid that Dr. Mlntun told him ?o p*Sl another nurse to help him, and that he telephoned an Bgeacy askiriK for a re liahle man. The a??ent m.ntioned the nsmaa of three man, D*?eker who sp |.r-r,r-l later for the place, was not men-, tioned by the agent, he said. Dr Mlnton testltVd that he had been -ailed t.. see Mr llt-htt l.v Mr. Vldaud, snd hafl found the a???! rselu -? In a ?t.?t. of exhf usti?n. He sugk?-st?-l t.-.kliu- th.^ Old mull l.> B hospital, hilt the latl'-r re? fused to ko. H* said that he did not think , UM patient was In ? on l?ti?n to slKti papers or to transact POalassB Bf any kind. The hearing was adjourned until to-day HEARING ON FOLKS BILL Law for Wider Scope of Tene? ment Department Is Discussed. The Committee oa Buildings ?-.f ths Board of alder mes held a public hearlas In Ibei Aldermanle Chainbers yoBtoromy affrerncHml on the prapoeed ardinanee of Alderman l-olks. provldliii? for I he pladag of .>.pa,it ment hmi??-H. n* dettood by a recent decision of the ?"ourt of Appeals, i;ii?i< r the *rtuls?Uo? tion of th?; T?nement House D> i .?ituii r.t. .John iv D'Hrien. Asslstaot Corporation Cottassl, 'as one of those app?'arlni; in favir of th? rneasure. He stated that, while the ''ourt of Appeals had h.ld that Section 9 of the Balldlag ?'o?le had rot been repealed by the passage ?.f th?- tone ment boOSB law. that court iiad failed to IhSSB Up'in tlie ??>" n?l part of that BSCtim, -\iii.-h .says that with regard to rentllatl? n, light and land to bB OOCapled hy bulldiri?;?, apartment houses ?hall b?r ??iitject to thfl sume rules and i'?i'it:.-inents a.-? t? n? ment hssssss? ID- saki that such a mSBiattaa as Aid? rman Folks'? was called for h> Ih.i court in making it? dselsloo. ii.- argad that pom?- action be taken to put the law on a detlnlt?: Ud.?ls. AiUn RoMaa n. Beting for the Allied lu ni Kataie Interests. Bald that that or? ganization favored the proposed amend? ment, lie said he had called a meeting of tne hoard of directors of the Allied Inter? ests last nrsak. and that eighteen oui of thirty attend??!. Mr. Robinson said that hi? attitude In the matter wu;. approved by ., I but two of those present, and that BB of those t?*o had ?ince ?.hun?;?d hi.? mind. AOOOrdlBg to Mr. Kohinsoti. a few fhort sif-lit'd property owners ha\e opp?j?e?i th? WuKner bill, and in so doing have given a fals? impratvsion of the attitude >f 'eal arstatS inter?:??? generall; ?o\?.ird su? h rn inij.?.ru*nt public me?.?ure. ?l : Waters-Pierce Did Business Af? ter Ouster, Says Witness. ?STANDARD AFTER CONTROL Former Secretary of Company \ Testifies There Was No Change in Methods After Ouster. i gt. Louis, March I.?Charaea tl tl th? Watera-Ptere? Company h?? by ? eubter? i futre continued it-? bualne?a in Texas nf;-r bavins bee? Irffnll' onst?d from ? state, ai'd tl it the c" mpenjr la being made ; ? ? ti:' rapen i i of it. Clay Plarce'? ; pre?? n? gjrhi to retain control of it ?eere made ;,,-i?iy 1 y ?'?larle? M Adam?, former secretary end iraasniar of the company.! i la ??-ii'tTinv helor' S j ..?, ?.il commis-; , Bioner McDonald Adams is one ., the three neu wp port 'i !? the I'."- '?? >?',., interetrta who] own "* -i i-.; of ti'.?- Pierce Company ?nd . ?.t'..i-i their Installation a?: directora, fotloirtng the election of l'?b n i.". at arhtch vote? > asr tor them I . vv. i. diet?? garded. ; Attorneys tor the Pierre interests ealled : Adama ta .1 alineas ;m.i the laeryers for i the three pialntuTa, In cros^-examinatlon. j | Bought i?> si.'.w thai th? Pieroe ?on.?em. j which charaee the gtandard ?rlth seekmc ?o evade a roi?-? ?w-der, baa Itself leaorted to similar practice? in Texas. Therefore,] they (??iiii'-n.i the Plerca faction doss rot I com? Into court ?rlth 'lean hands. In r?'ply to 'he qu "-?Ions of his own law? yers Adams related the manner in whl.-h I bo said the company had ? ontlnued to do bu?ll ? I In Texas since the ouster, under the name of the Pi rt*e->F<M*dyea Asaoets I Hon. He told of th. payment of HM.0N ?n i?n ? t.. a linn of lawyers ?a fi e?, and Said that i Ke irusry n laat $io.n?>? more was ,,,-ud ?he ?rom the ?*ompany*a fun.Is ns S r?* i tamer for the servi.*?-?* It is now Klvinsr In I fighting the eult. Ha said ?'lav Arthur ; Pierce, son of It. Clay Piaros, gol BMM a yeta .?- preMdcnt ?if the company, ?nd that A. M. Kinl.iv. the ei.h-r Plerc^a brother ln-law, got fU.600 as ?ice-pre*?ldent Adams said that under ?lay Pierre's In ?tmctlons he pave credit on the books to the t-ier'-.'-Fordy.-e ?Ml Association for the .?'M.?i.7 balance due the Waters-Piere?, from H. C. Pierre lie was anked whether this .balance represented Plerce's entire Indeht 10 the Waters- Pierre, ?nd replied that It re?.resented all but some ln?ere-t Ion a %&.<**> note given on August S last an?l paid twenty days later A'lamH de? hired ?hat. so far as he was ! aware, the method of carrying on the ' business bad not been changed slnci Waters-Pt'rre dominated the situation. The Waters-Pierre Oil Company was ousted from Texas on the ground that t: had violated the anti-trust laws of that state I? wa?? surreeded by the Pieree Fordyee Oil Association, arhtcb bought the : property of the Wat're-Pierce at a for ? losure ?ate ; The riesen? inquiry touche? the question of whether there has been a ?evernnee of Standard Oll un-1 Its subsidiaries In accord ;.i'.e uith ?he rerent dissolution d?/?ree or ,i, r of Ihe Supreme Court of the rnited . TAX RATE WILL BE HIGHER ; Prohable Increase of 11 Points for Manhattan and Bronx. j fnoffl.-lal estimate? of the tax rate for 11812. based on the completed assessment ?lists ?hlrh ?ere ree.ived hy the Roard of .?Mermen s? .. special meeting yesterday, /row that the rate in Manhattan and The ?Bronx will jump about tUmm peints over j ?last year The rate varie?, m various court-! ' t('-s owing to the dlfferenee in county |r?,arges. hut the lnereas?i In other counties . *n 111 he about ?h? name The Poard of Aldermen will hold a special j ire.-tlng on Mnndav to .1- rlar? officially I tb? tax rate, but calculations show*d y? s Iterday that th?- rates, as ?compared with ?ho?,, of last year, would be about as fol lo?*s: Iftll 1(112. ??n-i a-irt The Pri-ip.? . I.T5 : ?,*? rti'eUfi IT.-. . 1.78 is? R. I i II l :?" Th?, total assessed t-ahrnttona, real and -ersonal. S<*nerel fund and budget for this ?a* compared with 1911, are as fol? lows: 181 :?-.? ? ?-??- i -.i ,.??:? ? ?.21 ?'.:?'..? .??.; -*,304,8?I*:,M0 ? ? i? f.,-11 H2.IM..142 :'??> :?,*i ?-or in i'.'i' :i .* 181,0 " ' ?! The d? crease In totsl BSSsasBBSntS this i/sar is une i,, ths fact that the decrease in peraonal aasessmenta arss greater than th' n -ease In real .-state assessments. Tl.-* t-itjl of personal assessments thle uar I- |M2,?SAS40, au compared with $?57, ?j. 121 a \ ear auo. The asseH^ni? n's held on Peel ?state by borougha this year a? ?-ompared with 1911 M ?a follows: 1811 1813 UanhatUi **..??: T ".T2 r>.-, |4,035,-?<.5.?iJl The Hron?. am.33S.888 81S.Ul.S78 hrooklm.I.iVS.ITI.383 l.?74.742 4"t* Queen*. 44?l .'.'.'i.:i.''.? ?JM.790.Fk?) I:, iimond ..... , so "??.'?.'?11 78,898,181 I7.SU,8*0, ISt .?T ST,! |8f sfWl Taxes aie payable s?m!-annually In the j frtitir?. the first ?nsfaltn?-:it on Mav ! and ? ? oini on Novemb? r I, CLOAK MODEL TRIES TO DIE Couldn't Afford to Buy Rich Gar? ments She Showed. Marls De Fallo, "wventeen years old. em? ployed as a cloak mo?l?'l by Alt man & ??'r",sifian. ?t No. 19 West 21et street, at? tempted suicide yesterday by swallowing ] MchlorM? of mercury. She was taken to | Belk-VU? Hospital, ?here, It was said, she protiubly would die. Just before swallowing the poison Miss 11. l-'all'. ha I l?e-n telling her troubles toi Lillian l>n Moto, a friend. In the midst of h?r complaints she suddenly Ipft Miss De Al,... i .mil disappeared into an adjoining loom. A moment later there was a s. reun? at.?I th?. Kirl staggered out Into the main room and fell on the Moor. Hhc ?ree picked up unconscious und Pr. Im Hochelle, of! Bellevue, ?reeked eeer her several minutes I before be discovered she had taken poison The >'iii has been an orphan, without brothera slstera or oth?r relatives, au?*e ?lie four vears old. Khe lived with friends at Nu. IM ?Irahatn street, and recently has talU',1 considerably ai?out her lonely sltua thn. H<?r work as model seemed to have ths eoTst t of making her envious of the Wealth which permitted others to buy the ih h Kirments which sh?? could wear only lor a few minutes as a 1 iy figure. SUNDAY SENTENCE ILLEGAL Decision May Change Methods of Police Courts. The present methtid of conducting the police magistrates' courts of the city will probably he modllled by a decision handed down yesterday by the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court. Jd Department. Tha decision released Lillian Kyun from the State Reformatory for Women, at B??dford, N Y. The ground was that she was sen? tenced on Sunday, for which the law does not provide. I The woman ?as sent away on a charge I of disorilerb conduct by Magistrat? Appel ton, sitting in tbo Jefferson Market Police ?'ourt, <m August 13 last. Her counsel s?"? cured a writ of h sites a corpus from Justb-e lilackmai. of the Supreme Court, Brooklyn, but the Justice dismissed the writ October 12 after hearing argument. The matter was th-n placed before the Appellate Di? vision. , .. ... District Attorn?v Whitman of N?w \ ork Countv argued In his brief that the magistrates' courts were supposed to be open ?tth full jurisdiction on Sundays a?> well ss on other days. Justice Thomas, who prepared the report, does not accept thiP view, declaring that "the provisions for the opening and holding of magistrates courts on Sunday Int. nd that they shall he open?d for the purposes authorized by law," The Justice explains that a per**on ??ho has teen arrested may be held or dis? charged on Sunday, but not tried and sen ^fh? order for the woman's relea?* was forwarded to Bedford last night. 'GAY? IN B?D?C ! Mayor Writes to Dix Comm ing Course of the Govern? WHITMAN RESENTS ATTi _ District Attorney Silent, H ever, Shunning Controvers with Chief Executive. j Mayor Oajraor injected himself raU Brandt case last night, in nn indlreet ! Ion. sending a Ion?; letter to Gov.-rnor highly commending the (-.overnor s atan the ease. T!,? Mn,?r r?tn*P(\ to alIow letter to ba made public until the ,;nv.. had received It. It la un.lerstood that the letter was posted until late List night. ??, .?iat Ooreraor will not rerelv? it before morning, hut rumors of the letter stories of its trend erare abroad earh the evening;. The ??r?tt intimation a from Albany, when friends of counsel Mr. Bchtff asked the i ?overnor to con the fact that the letter hsd he*?n writ Governor Dix sai.l la?t night he had yet received such a letter and wont?! Kive permission to have it published. Alton B Parker, who has a?ted for i tinier L. Schiff in the case, was asked nicht to confirm the fa?it that Mayor C, nor had written to ('?overnor Dix, and plied shortly; "I've never heard of It fore." The letter i? reported to be a Ion? c It was said It would fill a newspaper c umn. It '.s understood that the Mayor ti up the development of the case in det Riving his own emphatic opinion on ei nt?-p, and supporting the Governor on ev potnt. Tt is expssted that Governor Dix v make the letter public this morning Medical Records ?n Case. The medical records of Sing Sin?: and ? rorr?-spon.lence in the office of the Sti Superintendent of Prisons will be part the evidence put before the grand Jurv the Brandt rase n??xt wt.-ck. John O. M Po-vell, secretary to Colonel Scott, Sta Pnportntondont of Prisons, and Dr. Chari W l-'arr. prison physi?*lan at Slmr Slfl were the wltm-sses before the ??rand 30 yesterday, and In the course of their tes mony it was learned that Howard ?ians h I written several letters to the prison c thoritles seeking detailed Information ? Brandt's movements. Mb condition and Y prison record. McDow-11 and Dr. Fart- w be witnesses again next week, and w bring with them the prison records hea ing on Brandt. It is expected Ca Matna V. i'ol?na. ex-State Superintend?! j of Prison?, ai.d ColBBSl Scott will also 1 ? before the grand jury next week. District Attorney Whitman refuse fmt I terday to ?-omment on the statement < ! Governor Dix defending hi? action In r? ; fusing to pardon Brandt. From his friendi j however, it was learned that the DlstrU Attorney frit that it was n?>t he, but th Governor, who took the initiative tn th matter of a pardon for Brandt. It la or ilerstood that, when the matter flr*t aros before Governor Dix he asked District At torney Whl'man to write htm n letter ?ec omrm-nding osocallra clssssney f'?r th prisoner, and that Mr. Whitman complie? with this request A few days afterwar? the Governor called tor a detailed inve?u gatlon, and then flatly refused to Issue i tard?n. District Attorney's .Position. The District Attorney does no? ear*, hii friends Bay. ?o enter Into a controvers?. with ?he ?J.jvernor, but he takes the post, tlon that in a proceeding initiated by th? Governor It was hi? function only to r?. port on the facts and not make any di? rect recommendation?; either for execute a clemency or to the contrary II?? lndi?-a?e 1 in his report the action he thought should be taken, and It was for the Governor to de. 1 ?le what he would do Attorney Cenernl f'armodv said yester? day that the '?overnor failed to discuss? In his long statement ?he vital point at issue In the Brandt case. Mr. Carmody said that what Brandt was or what he did had lltt'e or nothing to do with the case The vital question he believed to be whether Brandt wasi legally convicted. ? I have no criticism to make on the Governor's statement." said Mr. Carmodv. "Ho may great or deny an appeal for ex I sentira eleurstney on say ground whatever, sad his decision Is not open to review. His statement, however, does not touch the qusstlos tiiat Is nil Important. I have frequently stated that Brandt is not a (Ir- ; ure in the caee ??\c?pt as this case person- ' Ifies the principle involved. It mattes I not whether tie area guilty of some of- ? fence. The question is: Was he guilty of' the offence for which he was paalsbsdtj To determln?. this question the course of ?Second ! Annual Exhibition Paintings BT THE OLD MASTERS AT TUB V. G. Fischer Art Gallemt 467 Fifth Avenue 'PrpnM'e the Public Library, New Torts) Ailm?s'ion hy Corr? lev has now -et in styi ?will continue e end reca-dle? ,?f imv Influent* Tcwei 4t*?cU? Dx Statement. "Qcvernoi Dix's s-atement is remark? aide from .in" poinf of view." said Utinu L, Towna, at tome) for Brandt "If ?tal document i! -?Ill f<irr\et re? name if u i? a defene? ? -i .- . v ?.? for his mystertous a. tlort i ?aid? ng the qtrestl? n of clemency for I'i^ilH tie r-sult of the four thousand word statement Is an accusative*? ;ij-ainst the Governor. When he feels tliat i- ? ? ? xplanatlon, then that is? planation must sp?ak for Itself, and If it explains n? thln?r. but attacks those who are endeavoring to tlnd out the truth la the en?ls of !.i?ti?-e, vary torn srill b< satis led and sustain the reason" which tha Governor tirinas forth to ex?-u?e hfs con? duct. "His quixotic indignation at Brandt's want of gallantry Is arouse?!, he says, by Brandt's letters to him. which the Gov? ernor falls to lay before us. This assumed indignation speaks arsJl for chivalrous In? stincts, hut reminds me of th?? celebrated attack of the Knight of the Doleful Cessa? t< nance on the Wtndmlll. "N'o one knuws batter than Governor Dis that tile ?jjestlon Is not whether Brandt is a pusillanimous detractor of women?for which he should be hooted out of society, and which, BaOreorer, is punishable as dls orderlv conduct under the statute?but whether Justice his miscarried In hts sentence. The question the pe<ipl?s are In? terested In is not and never haa been Brandt, but whether or not all the people shall be euual hefere the la?v and their rights safeguarded." John W. Kogsrs, the Pinkerton dft?ectiv? who wrote the so-called confession thst Brandt signed in Moi timer I* SchlfT's of? fice, made the following statement yes'er day in r*gard to the confession: "I mude no prorolesa to Brandt 10 Induce Mm to make the c.onfeMslon. Me made It of nls own fre- will. ? re.i?) It to him from the beginning to the end. and he ?Jso re** It, and lie ?nfiieii ,v with full ?nowl'dge sf its contents. ' Mr. Towns said of this atatSSBSBf by Boger? "Af?er the rain all th? worms come oiit " S BIG WELCOME FOR SHUSTER Came gie Hall Audience Hisses at Mention of Russia. W. ".'organ ?hUSter reeelved s ??ordlal welcome lis? night, in Carnegie Hall from two thousand Americans of varying na? tional origin and fat'h. to whom he ?old in ??orne details the story of Persia's downfall and his own dismissal as treasurer general Justice James W. Gerard, of ihe Suprtwn?* ?ourt, presided ?t thla re?*ep?ion hy the citizens of the city. Introducing the sues? of honor as "a young American who has borne himself nobly In the most trying clr 'umstances before the eyes of tho civilized world." Mr. Shuster carefully Butwrdlnatal his own part In the recent International drama ??entring at Teheran to the tragedy of Persia's loss of sovereignty Frequeat snd vigorous applause punctuated his narrative *nd hisses greeted the mention of Russia. *\V Bourke ('oekran, who was to have spoken before Mr. Bhustar, arrived too la'? for that and instea?! followed him with ?* brief address of genero?!* eulogy ending with a motion for a v.-te of ?hanks to the young champion of Persian liberty Th? aiidience responded with a resounding ?*aye" 'hat mnde the hall ring ore of the boxes near (he stag? contained H. H TopHkvan. Persian er?nsul generel and Mr. Melektan, brother of the Persian consul. ? ??. ? CUBAN SPEAKER RESIGNS Zayas Will Probably Be Recognized ai Candidate of the Liberal Party. Havana, Mar*h 1.-After a ronferenc? be? tween President Jose Miguel Gom?i snd the m?"mrers of the Cabinet at the Govern ment Palace last night colonel Orestes Fer rara made the announcement that he would withdraw hts resignation as representative, hut that he would no lonj-er serve as Speaker of the House of Representativo*, whir h position he has held since the foun? dation of the repuhllc. It Is believed that President Gome* will reeojrn'j.- Alfredo Zayas, Vtee.President of th?> repuhllc, as the Prcsldentlsl .-nnd'da's Of the Llheral party. Music by Nahan Franko's Orchestra, Restaurant. Piilp af*a '73 Jeai? JJmaWi J^?J) cf. 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