The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1931
Page 3
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i '!1 1 _L I 1^-V|^IAVJ:!8.__1!)3I_ ILL i IE II!' IS BELIEF. HI.YTHRVIU.K. (ARK.) COUU1KK NRWS The Greatest Flashlight Photo Ever Made (Continued from raur nll< * > ' MK-srs by defense iilluineys miwh il eUdenl Hint tho defense had planned lo hav ll.s case on tlii^ cuinciitlou that Scoll wns rc-srun-' sible for the big sliorlum- and that. while the otliers may Ir.ive pr.rti- flpalcd In cfrtaln Ira-Kiilarillcs 1 tlipv i-,?rp net invlli-s to any plan to defiimd tho bank. FUott. who liarl entered a plea of gulllv ta the charge. \vas th? piinelpal wlliicss for the state, ond while he Insi.sted I hat nil lour had n licit understanding that each other's checks wcnid I— >'0ii- nreil rBardlc's of Ihe condition of their acc-iunls he said that lie 1)0- lie\«l all of them intended u!ti-. nialely lo I'Piiay th'-ir ovordrafis. Harmon Taylcr. bcokkceper at the tank, another Important wltneMi fcr the Boverinnenl. cxplaii i"?d the way th? overdraft checks \\cre handled and also testified lo the repayment by tl',? various dcfpml- ants of purls of their irregular ohiicmions. Other stale witnesses were P. n. McGuire. of Ihe St. Louis federa! recurve hank, William R. Youns. examiner who l"ok charge of Ihe bank when it closed, T. S. Has- Berd, assistant to the bank ex- amoner. Charles Jenkins, department of j'jslire special tigem who investigated the case, and John W. Snyder. cur-hicr uf the bank. McGuire. and Yomig testified merely as to the slatiis of the bank ns a national bank and n-omber cf the federal reserve system, and us to the circumstances of il-s closing and the discovery of the shortage. Hnggerd told of checking books following the closing of Ihr bank and findiiiB a discrepancy of Si8.730.OG. Ihe amount of the .shortage. He aUo told of the discovery in the bank vault of a number cf old "!if>ld-back" checks suitten by il'.? defendants and apparently cashed hut never charged against their accounts. Me also told ol receiving from Shipman M.OCO in drafts, later increased to ^$5,COO. written by Pet,; Minyurd 'anil cashed but never charged against his account. Questioned by defense coun'si'! concerning his discovery of a S41,- ' GOD false i?nlry, Hasgerd said that Scott did not at Hie time deny making the entry, but did profess inability to iccall for \vhat iHir- pose i'. was made. Jenkins, Ihe nt-xt \s'itness, produced "hcld-hack" clicek.r written 'by Seen, Thomas, Ship man and Crowder in March and April. 1929, which were found in the hank vault after the contents of a box. r.npposcdly containing seme V22.0GQ in similar checks, had been destroyed in the bank furnace by Shipman. These checks, which were trounced in evidence, were all for .s.'nall amines, payub 1 ? to numerous loral concerns. There were =cvcn checks signer! by Scott or Mrs Scott for a lotal of 502.17, ten written by Shipman or Mis. Shipman for a total of S47.02, eleven bj Thcmas or Mrs. Thomas for : total of S7! 32, and about the sanv number by Crowder for $100.75. icnkins ccncluded his testimony with the rending of a statement given him uy Shipman while the lalter was confined in the county Jail here. Sbinman Statement Introduced Jenkins testimony was concluded with the introduction of a statement given him by Shipman while th.' latter was confined in the county jail here. Thus statement, read by District Attorney To - ,vn- f.cnd. said Ihat at the lime Hie bank closed there were "hold- bark" ov.-rdraft checks as follows: Shipman. about 51,000: Scott, about $2.500 Thomas, about Sl.OOO: Mrs. Mary Garner, about S300: W. I. Ofbornc. about Sl.CCO: Crowder. about S6CO. These, it was later brought out. were in addition to approximately S16.COO In similar checks which had been written off by Scott sonic months earlier by .manipulation of the bank records. Judge Martlncau ruled that RHpnian's .statement was admissa- b!e only so fnr as it dealt with Shtpman's o\rn overdraft, and instructed the jury to disregard references to the r.ther defendants. Harmon Taylor, the next witness, testified lo holding out overdraft checks written by Thomas. Shipman. OsbDrne. Crowder and Scott. He said that he listed them daily and tcport ?d the amounts to the pivot clerk, first Crowder and later Shipman. who it appeared kepi a t running tctal and carried the whole amount in cash Hems, lie said that in September. 1930. Ihe to:al amount was over SI5.000 and Mint Scott then gave him the impression thst arrangements had been made lo pay up ther.i overdrafts. He then started over again, he said, holding back over- diaft checks of the same persons, except Crowder, who was no longer ccnneceld with the bank. He estimated that at the time thn bank closed Ihcre had br.^n a new accumulation of nhcut S7.COO, bringing the loial to somewhere between $22,000 and 523.000. ai.irgrd Against Oeposlts Ther? overdraft checks. Taylcr explained, were kept in a lock box In Ihe bank vaiill. furnished by I' .'fcott. Each payday, he said, or whenever any of the persons having tl'^? hold-back overdrafts mado a deVosil, H uas ' lis practice to lake from the box enough of the | old checks to take up the deposits.' nnd charge them against the defendants Accounts, He said lhal. , tint none of Ilicm snld nnvlhlnir i:! it lo Hie ofdcois or ill- :-s Ihim $300. mul k<U wllh Scoll PACE TTTBP.'.<-'-> ! "• -in!. I hi' iMlnl amount Inid rioi-dn |,aiiuM Ills ovonlmVl luiil .HV.-U.' JKJWII. ami li,. miidc un! i!,. Vl . r i,,,.,, p -,|,| |, ( , n,-,-.,,,,.,.,! u, . im.i TO r, : viT u l>y all'.-nn<] HIP. luk,. „,, , ,, f u . It win nlxn uroii^hl . •.',', I'-'T'" i (tl ' 1H)S "- s flll " w " ""! "«l ihul follmvlnti lhe rliKlnn of , i '• j.iuK N ljm.ks, I i),,, |,. ul) . '|-] 10 |jm s jin-zin •<•(! i.> ink.' ', '-I '.!'nil.iy. IVmnlu-r 1. thi'.i'u'.' or \vluu In- S'.ilil vu:i III.' . d.iv i!v b.i'ik ciewd. Scull said he j aiiimmi nl his nUHg.ilion. ni hi 'I [>em:is' hmi.M' iiliunt G:IIO i!:,- nii.iniui; and ti.lti him Unit • b-i!ii- |>irljiilj|y would mil open. .•[:! • mkl',1 llilll wllilt IVibKU In ^misled In his ili'iilu! in IKI' uf the siuirf,' of HIP !• iilhrr (him the upiuuNirii- Fullii.vhii; Ills nrri'M, In n letter t,< A. (i. Ultle. vlro-p-.-.'slili'llt <>f till' l:i'lik. lie iiiliulllnl n'spnnslljilily for iilxrit sn.oog vvlili'ii lie f.\M WHS covcreil up in tin- the vunll «|iL>neil. Sooll; cl«>i-.iiu'i's, Inil tin Hie ilinu! vr,- i'.i i- .uiil to dour- HH> l.ntcr Ill- lin ••.Miincililng Im to ln> done. 'V I'.iu'i prove llicy rim'i IIIR tutemonls of Attorneys Smith] Biul H:mlx>.m liidlcfltcd thai they! plumifil to show llmt Shlimmn.l nini Cnnvdcr were In no! way pui Hi's in nny tniporlnnt part; ol thi' s!iiK-(u':f, niul that nl Hu-j till'.. 1 lilC hunk I'llWll llll'y VCH 1 i<"liH'i!U I heir Irri'nular ovi-nlrall.-; »l!h n v en- ID ch'iu 1 nij th'j'ii up • inn 1 : 1 !) 1 . Tlit' tU'fpn'v u'^o hnd on hanil 11 luivi- iimi-biT Ji[ promlni'iil i-MiMniS K! Ulyllic'Vilte. whom It wns asMiiiii-il ftvro lo !«• cullcii as .'haruU 1 ! 1 NUlKr'.SPS. \v.\n\ INC oiti)v:u {:iMNi.:i-:f:v couicr. CIIICICA- KAWIIA UlSTIMCT. MIHSISSll'1'l COUNTV, AUKAHiSASJ. r'lvuiiiil JMate Life Instil inii'i 1 C'H. Plalnllll. I ^^. No. HDS5 I! O. i;(rr:il):rj;. el ul, 11. - thirty days In Hie court named In the caption hereof nnil nrmv.r the.' compiiilnt of the iihlitllir Missouri Stu|p I,i(e Insurance Co. lltiicii May 2. 1031. II. I,. Otiini-s, Clerk. liy llnrvey Morris, I). C. Ivy \v. Cuwfcrrt. Ally A,l Illcni. a-9-H-Cf tin, ir'S warneti to appunr \viU,in ubtiilneil UH> Iwx eontiiin- r-ht'cks nn<l riilleil Klilp- Irnlny hp rrfusod In uiVnll H U-JLS nearly ij o'clock when ilu 1 cnso. and llu> The (icii'iitliinis. M. VI. I.amb. •Lulu I.:ii:ih. 1!. U. Wllhlte, Triislii-, I A. N. Murtlu mill Mis. A. H. M:u- Slii)i!iinn. he suit), took Ih. l>:.x .111,1 i-jllliis! to •riioiiins to fol- 1 Jiiilae niljuuiiu-ti t'.iiiil "until "loihv l«v l:!in went out ivltl« 11. Ship- :nul iftirnl liom the eoni-liiiom to - iul<i him, .ScctL Niltl. i:ii I . lind buriieil the cheeks in mi le li.tlll! lllllKU-e. l-||, iJi''.i'! vi t.^ exaniimiilon ijy iio defense c-onnsel's inniinii loi ' ImtMii'U-il vei'tllrl, v.-hlc'i li" |,| vv£m l,l | H , jilvf,, U,| S mo: -|,i|u.. wiille liikiiik' of thu ai'-e when (be ju,y ill thetieiii tlefeiu.' f n iinneur.s-iny In ti-'ilhnony the tii'n'ii- Hi! TAJ'.l.ri'S ire:it'.'.t tie or NVurillRlil !n ::) nil!iu(i>, fhiTh.s » l-'ulil Ihe 1'isl i':iv. .mil itirvks Slalari.l in •!ll:e tlilys. lifi'i Knii'i- fur I5u!>v'.s Coiil WANT Tht \ SHORTEST \ LINE ^BETWEEN \ USE PHONE \ \ HAVE Shown above Is the greases f,L:-lili a ht ricturo ev r.niailc. tuk.n v.ilh a tomb by C:ui>:n!n Albvil W. K!:ie;i.:. l.diiru: ;;-:;). j, i:,])hk e.-;;:- it o < Vn:ihall»n. Nt-.v YLI:'. C:»y. ui li):^:i l> M. l.i.n luinnt Jc) n 1). :,':i|.lain sic-vi-iis at IMO K,-. wlu-s; S-.e c.rji.-|:.'.l l:if ! u^t- Ljinb Uir.i .inllianlly as day v. h.le r i;p.>ra c . c<l (lit i|Ci:inliy coii.itri>cted iiiiin-i- i i.nv:ri over Ihe nuiirriV; !?.:;'es:. t:Jtv. i::r:-> l;:li:c:i candlepaivcr llashllght lh.' U. :;. Annv Air Corjl.s. over Ci.rklKc ot 111- aimy «»-, pilollns |' .1 u ; i Hi • iui,,\. a re:i ahno.-:t a-: ft part ol Air? hi- f.'lrt v.crc broval-.l to him by Hhipman nli.^r (lie latler had been 1-^p-x.rii on bend. Tlie<p. all written bv Crowder and Shinmaii. had nevtr her-n chared against, their L<;. he trs is no', r.u^il ;hniua: busy snick Lcoki'i i:\ ih: air tli;r.:r .el! at it tl^ii-e j ?anl S. WiUon. .school Ijicrttoard v.-Hii an in^iru.-.or Ic:i:!iii3 n i.iir tho inlm-ncles cf l-j.^rilhiiis. is it :i hrnrJ in a kLVs cflk-e. !l's a L!:.UI of !:j;;.:isr;rfj pro? ram; put a v.'Frl; a: MUC':; Uh:ra20 s'.udi'j:. Uak-.-.Tin; ran ::'t wlv.i Miiio 0:1 the air j.< ci)?l: for n \v c!i<-lHs. :r."u! fl Ihe ML|:S IMfi:-.' cif jiai InilT.t, ! in mrkhv: lh? bc-arj. would \n\i- shout) staple, punc- 1'ircs anil wnijld have been perforated "paid." Entry I'nvrrcil Overdrafts Scott, who was th.?n Ciillctl to ic stund. ies'.lflrd Hint over since hi 1 had horn In the bank it had the custom to hold overdraft s of certain bank employes, officers and ' cisstniners us ciiKh iienis instead cf charging them »-linn arrnunr.s us overdrafts ; 1 liKje. IIP s-ii'l. woiil:! be taken in: j ivitliiri ;i fon- dnys or on the next j p:iyd:iy. In M;irch. 19^9, however , [|,n ., ovrT.'irfiHs on the part o nnrj tl:e Ihrcc defendants to increase, he snid. and be- vaine !D:; large ta be takru lip out "f thcii salary checks. He said lliat h« iiiid dip other ftfrndanl. 1 v.'iie a'.vaie of this condition, liu '&t you* Don't Rasp With Harsh irritants Throat f m !,:ts'Time Tociay le found overdrafts cf certain U;IIIK cm- nr.d customers in effect vhen he entered the emplov of the bank, and ccnlhr.ied it Ucctt's instructions. • tlncior crn-^-exnin'natitii -.aid HOMETHKATRE Last Titni.' Today ;>a:o]il cfloi'l to reduce their., John V.'. Snyd.pi'. v;l;u v.,is an cashier of the bank v;hcn '.(. Ck'R'd LUKt !.S tKl'.V as ID c^r' :lit:fhs written !:y t: i? ., V[i;r;h he said had fccm paid but :iGVcr c^nr^rd a^ninst Lhcir uc- . He a!. c o toid rf a .small timber of addLlioml clucks vrhich :_' llcin nn an Empire :r?tiMy Marked atln-M :n.1 Willrd I GOIKO— Leave Rhtl-eulle 5:43 A. M. Sunday. KiclKir'd l)ix Irene Dunne KslcIIc Taylor C'asl ef •10,000 Supcrbl- ivc Artists WES ni:r.OLi:s I'rcdiicliiin RETURNTXO-Lrave !.".te us 11:20 P. M.. rame r!av Dorothy H:ivo!(io Johra Hnwhml Grcilrsl Array .I-Wli .'ri:! Dames tlr Dii rt led by CI.IXK r\lso Cotnciiy and Slioii H A(im ._j[ a ti 1M , e _io ,, m ] anil Nij;nl— 10 iind 2'x. ! C'ominir — Amos it Aiuly inK'oniinc ! "CHKCK A N 0 iCHKCK". Cnnvnir — '"JRON MAN". vntiri l — JInry 1'ickl'iinl in •Coniii'B—"CRAC RED NUTS" "REACH FOR A LUCKY INSTEAD Eve started it and the daughters of Eve inherited it. Eve gave Adam the apple, and it seems that Adam must have passed it on. For every man and every woman has an Adam's Apple. Put your finger on your Adam's Appio — that is your larynx, you voice box — it contains your vocal chords. Consider your Adam's Apple- when you do so> you are considering your throat -your vocal chords. Don't rasp your throat with harsh Irritants. Reach for a LUCKY instead. Herein America LUCKY STR1K2 Is the only cigarette which brings you the added benefit of the exclusive "TOASTING" Process, which includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays. It is this exclusive process that expels certain harsh irritants present in all raw tobaccos. These expelled irritants are sold to manufacturers of chemical compounds. They are not present in your LUCKY STRIKE. And so we soy "Consider your Adam's Apple." Including the use of Ultra Violet Rays Sunshine Mellows —Heat Purifies Your Throat Protection—against irritation •"ggq_rn_st cough Dance Orchestra, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening over N. 11. C. n«ft. works.

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