The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1947
Page 3
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WKDNKSDAV, FEBRUARY 20, 19-J7 Hospital Probers Submit Report Facilities Sought for Mentally Defective Children in State I'v JOHN 1IAS(,,\M Unilcil Press Staff Correspondent IJTTLE RCG'K, Ark., R-b •/(,'. —Tlio Juinl House anil Senate Hospital invcftlijntiinj C'lnmhtce 'Jade its third report Insl i-ifht, Sf.niniciKtiiiK an annual appro- IWntion of not less tha.i $2,250,00a and a study of new facilities for incnlnlly dofectivf! children. Following an executi, 1 :? session, Uic committee reported It. would submit iwo bills to the .e-i-.KHiturc today setting up riualificat'fcns lo RUicle the governor In naming board members. One of the bills provides that' Uic board .shall be innds mi of a I Physician, an attorney, a larmcri and a business man. The other' is .similar exeepL t slipoiates (has 1 any IICTFOM Jiving in a cour.ty in i which a unit or the nospitu is' located .shall not be ^Ugil-l; for inrinbcrship. The committee recwunemlod that the hospital board make a study of facilities for mentallv defective children with the view of establishing a separate unit for them removed from oii.;-,er lh". Bcnton or Lilllo Hock units. The board was loltl !o re-pore hack to Ihe 1M9 sessions of Ihe General Assembly. In Uic meantime, the children would be moved from one ward at the Ivittle Rock unit to another when a 400-bed ward at the Bcnton unit has been completed under a recent appropriation. The recommendation for an annual appropriation of "not less" than 52,250.000 is approximately Higher Prices Asked for Fish ' IJIATJIEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS acKed o<i in the Senate met] .isfiivor in u,e House, iiud the Ira- u> Fishermen balked al unloading 19 vessels with I,lili,ii 3 ; punnd* <,r risli at r,,. n,,,i,m ri , „ , s =»r r;:LTr;;r » r-r:;r '£«' — » - - up and Uic unloading carls lying idle. (NEA Ti-iep. hoto.i n n«'iieial new ol the boats Ueil Byrd's Polar Expedition Departs I [Eg From Base in Little America but $280.000 more than the S2.000.- ^flO originally recommended by Ilia ^Sinl Budget Committee. The hospital is operating on a current bud- Bet of Sl.500.000. The committee also recommended better food, improved medical care. Ihe employment of a personnel officer, increased base pay for all em- ployes, and ndrtilionnl pay for em- ployes desiring to live off Ihe hos- pilal grounds. Members of Ihe committee indicated that at least one more repnrt will be made lo round out Hie wo;v: of Iheir session-long hearings. Volcano Sends Stream of Lava Toward Village CATANIA. Sicily. Feb. 26. (UP) — A qiiiiftcr-ralle stream of red hot . lava from Ml. Etna burned its way down the mountain today and threatened a village on the slope. Worried Inhabitants of the village ol Passo Pisciaro asked Ihe government to use bombs or artillery flre to divert the now from their homes 5 Enormous masses of molten rock "and burning ashes were hurled high in the air from a new crater which opened Sunday 11151,1 The stream of lava crept a mile and a half during the night, fed by a contsant new flow of fiery rock and molten earth. The new crater is about four rnllcs from the main truncated cone of Ml Etna—Europe's highest volcano The ejection today was the largest since the volcano began belchiti" its stream of destruction Sunday ° Villagers in Passo Pisciaro aiid two (owns farther down the slope — Collabasso and Onardola — hav> been alerted for evacuation but have not yet begun (o move. Inhabitants of Nicolosi marched Jii procession to the chapel on the outskirts ol Uic lown to pray lo their patron saints for protection. ADemes 'Diliator/ Charge I ITTF F wn delayed indefinitely House consid- ii in n "JOCK. Ark.. Feb. 26. i oration of the gasoline refund to UFi-Rep. James Campbell of Gar- farmers •'!,' i c ° lmt : v was vehement yester- "My motion is not dilmlory." imtlp . .."rf- a motio " '>c had Campbell declared, "all it would do _• " s clllli <t°ry." II would have is strangle the bill to death." WY II. I). .. limled Tress Staff Correspondent Representing the Combined American Press ABOARD THE ICE BREAKER BURTON ISLAND. Feb. 24.—(UP) —Little America, chill a nd desert- eel but with the stars and stripes still rippling over it in Ihe rose- linled early morning, has dropped over Ihe horizon and we are bulling our way through skim ice northward and homeward. Twenty-five minutes before midnight we moved through the narrow entrance of the Bay of Whales and out into Hie fog covering the Ross Sen. Behind, us. the pointed rows of tents of Little America Icomcd in silhouetts atop the great ice barrier and then slipped out of sight. Since Saturday morning, when Rear Admiral Richard H. Cruzon arrived on the Burton Island and it was decided lo evacuate the base live days early to avoid thickening ice, the men of Little America IV have rushed to put things in order before de-parting. Rear Admiral E. Byrd tidied his "Wanncgan" (metal hut) and placer, the following note on a nail for any visitor who might happen ainng: "Tills has been a peaceful place. It deserves better than to be van- ri'.ilized. Otherwise—welcome." Byrd made a tour of the camp in a weasel with several veterans ol previous expeditions and then stopped before the flag waving on n high pole in front of the deserted mess hut. He stepped forward, look- c<j at the rose-gold cloudy overcast lighted by a midnight sun which v.'ns sinking on the horizon, anc' saluted the ling. His men saluted in silence and they all turned tc the weasel and drove off to the ship. Six Douglas transport planes, their movable surfaces removed anc stowed Insitic, were chocked with their ski landing gear sunk in hole; to secure them against gale winds They will be drifted almost over with snow soon bul Ihe Antarctic Winter will not atfect their ability to lly. The immelling granular snow drills .will not erode or rust them. Four bulldozers and two finger lilt tractors were driven to the long quonset hut which the expedition elected at the Ulllc America III base and were left outside alter Service * We are pleased to announce that Mr. Orvillc (Red) Elkins will manage our Service Department. Mr. Elkins is one of the outstanding LINCOLN- MERCURY service men in this terri- tory and looks forward to serving you. Let us give your car that needed Mid- Season Check-up. We Repair Any Car STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Call Us Walnut lichvcfn 1st and Ind St. Phone 3479 their engines were mined over by hand to leave oil O n top of Ihe pistons. Those of u 5 who were the innl to leave instantly noted how the departure of Ihe men had left the eternal icecap utterly silent. Admiral Cruzon headed the Kh''> nnvthwest toward the 180lh Meridian, usualiy the most ice-live passage. He said Ihe frozen sea in- d'cnlcd Hint water bctsver-u Ihe ice psck to the north might bi'Rin freezing any lime now, thus consolidating ihe huge Hoes or ihc pack. "To get out of here, you gotta go where the ice ain't." Cruzon said, laughing. I*.vrd said this was (lie lirst time the American fin if lias been lefl flying over any left America camp. "The siui dcesn'i really .set until the Winter night sets iii and Admiral Cruzen and i decided lo leave the colors flying." lie said. I ;;as tax refund, insurance, the liix. schools, veterans. , , liquor licenses use and Senate, prove a funded the la>: ; to go along with the i; 1L , House refused lo ap- bill that would have re- u, laiincr.s five-sixths ol p.iid on gasoline used in Two 6SS EASES COLO MISERIES Truck License Measure Opposed fay Lumbermen LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Feb. 2(3. 'UP)—The Arkansas House today received a "do not pass" recommcn- latlor. on a bill seeking to change he method, of computing license 'ces for trucks and trailers. The oill was writlen by Ihe stale Heve- nue Department and Introduced hv Rep. Ed LightlD of Searcy County. Unfavorable action by the House Committee on Revenue and Taxation last night followed charges of liscrimination by lumbermen and '.imber haulers. The bill would eol- iect license fees on the basis or Ui-^ amount hauled rather than upon factory specifications of the vehicle. About onc-fourtcentl lire body weight of blood. JU 6665NAP5 INTO (&LKSED RELIEF 1NJUST6 SECONDS'. , MINORTHROAT (RRITATION-COUGH\ OUKTOACOLP- ' "JSCUCAR ACHES- Don't frml with colrls! Get famous M'<»>vrij>fi»iMy|)c (j(i(> for fast relief from cold miseries. Sec wl.v OliB has been the favorite of inillioim of cold sufferers in -15 years! Try C(;c* _ today. Caution : Take only as direclecl. COLD , PREPARATIONS Tablets or Liquid When il comes fo styling rough and ready brogues V/inrhrop has a rare knack of combining a maximum of wear and he-man good looks with comforf and flextbilefy. In lirown (i-12 "Widths A-l) Family Shoe Store Uext will BO to n jol-.itl .•ifnt'e conimluco of 1)0111 lion-' 11 53 lo 2|> volo, the House killed a Senate bill thai woinrl instituted B s iat t . insurance Kind in order that the stale might usure its own properly, Author ol me measure was Sen. J. li. Smun of lU'yno. I'M' Tax lllll lo Commllteu Si-ill baek lo a House coiniullloe on Kevi'iuie anil Taxation for mi- 1 uiuonul consideration was u bill by >«'!>. Talbot Felld. Jr., o f Homp-' stead County that would have ail-' llionzed a "use" tux In Arkansas- -' i> limli on Hems purchased oulsldej Arkansas Jur use within (ho sliiliv I In- vole to delay lh c decision on' U)e bin 41 la 39. - j A veterans' service office hi i-ucn Arkansas county was advocated in » bill lnlro;luced in (he House yes- 1 tw.lay by Hint body's veli'riins'1 committee. A new commission, to lie called' Uu'Arkansas Veterans Service Commission, would b? sel up with a diuvlor appointed by lhc governor. There would also be a tour-nielli-' her advisory group lo be named by Hit American Legion, disabled Amerinin Veterans, Veterans ol Fnreiiui Wars anil Amvels. A stale appropriation of jny,(;yy „ y,. (1 ,' was asked lo puivlde 50 pr-rccnl ol lhc salaries ol the coiinly ol lifer-*, with Ihe cminlk's paying Ihe other half. | Minor legislation conci'mmg schools set n fast and lurlous puce m the House in an aflernoon session. Seni lo Oov. lien Limey at- ccr a 5a t(, 28 vole ol approval was by Sen.- Krncsl Nicholson ol loan fund lo mid ilil meet oul- .. i'ut llieiti- iii n c»sh basis. Isilpjil Coumy Kcp. Alene |nvscnt.-d l.'slslulliin Hint allow sellout districts lo «f lllsllil'tN HVII- Iliem by nuturul iii'iileil from barriers. education meaMire would iillow a comity board ol education lo dissolve any school dkslrlcl whose sc'Jiool Iciin is sliorter Uian 120 days and whose average daily nltemtiince has dropped lo less tbtin 10 pupils. ' A.s for hie liquor licensee, Rep, Ouy need of Miller County Inlro- iluced a bill lhal would require State Revenue Commissioner, liquor or beer licenses, to furnish a written statement outlining his reasons for [}, c refusal. " The Senate yesterday gave approval to 19 budget bills for the coining year totaling more than J35.0CO,COO. included were four appropriations lolalinK $27,000,000 for the State Highway -Department, nnd one of tlie Resources and Development Commission for ; »E8},- For Your Comfort— "«'« Kunc-Tnl Homo a,,no,,,,i,-s Iho urrival o f tl.cii- HOW J947 Cmlillae Amluilimco. Mho nil ,, (W u WJU . mtlomobllos, II ],„« |, ceil ,„„„ un it , Wliy , "»t >t Ims hci-n worth Uic wait. Wo holleve Iho ,,c w Cadillac with Iw Tu-Lcvol body is tl.o must emnfo.'Ulilo nmbulnnce mivwhoro. This •'• with its many .safely foahn'os, c,,,i,bi,, CH to );iv o vho utmost In smirily „„,! s.u'vice. If y<m | mvc oct ,, 8ioil lo UKe JHJ ilmbl(|;l|R . 0 C|l|| • . . Olldl ll'i|l i'ully Holt Funeral Home ••^t) \V. \Vuliuit Plionc 571 KIRBY DRUG STORES MAIN AT SECOND -BROADWAY-DIVISION BLYTHEVILLE •> '••-- -'- For Cash, Balance of Week IFDK JCKI3 HAIR OIL, Both i . . , —,1 KODAK VITAMINS for CHILDREN AYTINAL JR. FILM nt-l /* -. . - B ^»l T 1 Olafsen 8-vilamin capsulos in smaller sizo, in polency ideal lot 3 to 12-year-oldjl Me~54l JOO-i KASTiMAN Size 127—30c 11! Otbcr Slws * Oulor PEROXIDE VICKS SALVE 27<2 75c SCH1CK BLDUES RAZOR 1.25 USP SPIRITS OF CAMPHOR 21 C DOAN'S PILLS REGULAR 75c SIZE (Limil 1) 52 l-ounce Bottle D — — KELLER ANALGESIC BALM I | COLGATE DEHTAL CRJ-AM 37c VcgetabJe Comp. '«9 LUCITfl NEW DOBSON WAMPOLES 1-Q4 Preparation - For smooth shaving! fin* ..... _ Bright and boauliful. ,, cn ,. ,. . UM quality. Limit I The Big GIANT Tube. This 69c Perfection HAND CREAM 49 C A hand-soothing marvel! 9-ounco jars now at just . We make haste ...SLOWLY A cjrcful Pharmacist knriHB llial "hante rntkrs wanlc." ThatV wliy Iie'll ncvtr hurry « prcsoriptiort. Ycl he know* ilic urgency of !ii» job. TLat'n wliy you can «lw«y« rely or, un for ilepemlahlc preicHplronj. . . diipenscil <i quickly M accuncy will allois-. t>KUGS W/TH A RtfUMflOM '1 DRENE SHAMPOO Hair-Conditioning Action.. W. A. MINERAL Oil Full Pint 39 C CARD PARTY? - Ke«p a WELL-STOCKED MEDICINE CHEST C. L. NOSE DROPS . 60c 60c ALKA-SELTZER . 49c BJSMADINE Digeslive Pcwder. 5-oz Va-oz. OCTINE Eye-Drops—with dropper .... ASPIRIN TABLETS Walgreen;' botllo 100 . MERCUROCHROME: Germicide.'A-ounce sizo . . . , » 33° DOBELL'S Moulh wash solulkm. Pi. . BURN OINTMENT A B.O <A:OZ. lubo Tomic Tommy DRINKING 1.50 Congress Cards lluublc l>i:ck Bicycle ........ 60c Aviator ....... 39c Poker Chips . . . ,59c WILDROOT CREAM-OIL Lanolin Hair Dressing WILLIAMS SHAVE CREAM Lather-type. SOc Tube [~1 KOTEX SADITART MPKHIS 25' Box of Twelve ^'„..'_: • 8-CUP GLASS COFFEE MAKER lta(titrttlt PAR PAK ZIPPER BAG KAYWOODIE PIPES YELLO BOLE $!-$!.50 •ngtij, 20 J. Fadoial Excii* Tan CD ToU«lii.i. I [""] FORHAK'S TOOTH PASTE Jumbo-size. SOc Tub*. ["I ELECTRIC LIGHT BULBS G. B. 1S-2S-4Q-SO-60 watf Cleansing Tissues ' 15* SWANKY HANKIES SEAFORTH Men's Toiletries Single (terns $1.00 Sets to $7.00

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