The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1951 · Page 23
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 23

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1951
Page 23
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I IHUKSPAY, DECEMBER i«, 1951 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Glass Hobbyists Have Some Strange Bottles By miCHABD KLEINEB lowing: NITW YORK. (NBA) — Three A flashlight, made from an olive cheers for the lady from Minneap- jar. You have to screw a bulb Into olU, Minn., who has found a new the cap,.slick in a couple of bat- u*. lor old pickled herring Jars, terias and hook them up. The light They mak* dandy terrariums for supposedly flashes on when you rowing ferrn and things like that tl e hUm the cap and turns off when —II you happen to need a terrar- you loosen it. Pint, or course re- him and have a stock of used pick- move and eat olives: l» herrl ! 1B ^ ars ' , A P |ckle J ar was magically turned There Is also cheering news for into an aquarium. It was a big people who have been wracking pickle Jar, to allow the fish room to their brains wondering what to do swim. A gherkin Jar won't do, im- wltn their empty embalming fluid less you have some gherkin-sized ef^lw. Stacked on end and stuck Fish. ilTieirunt, they make * /me stall Beer bottles, apparently the most shower. versatile glass conlainer, were seen These tidbits of useful knowl- as lamps, vases, ash trays, statu-' edge came to light when the Glass eltes and glasses. The latter is an Bottle Blowers Association held a ingenious contraption, made by contest to find new uses for old cutting a'beer bottle in half. Then boltles. There were more than 500 the top part ts turned upside down, entrants, who had turnsd old hot- inserted in » block of wood, and, ties into everything from statues presto, you have a dainty piece of to false teeth holders. , hollowstem ware. In colors,' too. Since every decent American A J ell >' J ar be^me a bird house, home has a cache of old bottles in some baby food Jars matle a sewing the basement or attic, these tips snelf ' a fruit J" r was transformed on how to transform useless old into a P'*SV bank, the inverted bottles into handy things like ter- '°P °' a wine ' UB became a cantlle- rariums and false teeth holders stielt alld a coffee Jar was turned «hpuld come In handy. '"to a graceful va«?. Among the entries were the fol- There ts apparently no limit to the use.i for old bottles. They were cut in half to make wall planters, decorated on the outside to make dolls, painted on the Inside to make vases, covered with leather to make humidors and broken into pieces to make pictures. Ths picture out of broken glass was created by smashing bottles of different colors. Then the glass BANKER—Berla Simpson, Oakland, Calif., won first prize with, this caricature on a bottle.' chips were arranged on a canvas background and glued in position. With the light reflecting on the hundreds of pieces, the result was effective. One woman wrote in that sl)e had found a charming use for old fruit Jars. She puts up fruit in them. NEW empty, gla&g. I.IFE — When bottle's It's cut up to become a Poor. Memories Costly to Ohio COLUMBUS, O. WV— State Auditor Joseph T. Ferguson claims the state of Ohio Is" losing $400.000 a year because drivers hava poor memories. That's because new Ohio drivers' licenses are good lor three years and expire every three birthdays. Previously all licenses had to be renewed during the same perlor every year. Ferguson claims thousands of drivers have failed to get driving permits because they can't remember when the old ones run out. Be- fore, they were reminded daily by newspapers and radio stations during the reeular renewal period. FAST COUGH /OUt TO COL B« I,,*, RELIEF f M foil, **«<fiv« r*T>*f (run 'T-jjh *>* H <»W|, Dt**nd M At* M* •M«, fl*«Ni toiling nntWf . . . *w WAIT'S OREtN MOUNTAIN COUGH SYRUP F Give Wards Slippers TO EVERYONE ON YOUR LIST FOR CHILDREN 0 Looo Ranger boot 5*p- peo m black fe* with whtt* Mm. Padded leartier »!«. ® So*«, rtotwol-coJoc l«o- t»r uppers, cozy sheep'i woo4 coKar and sturdy leo- *«i- sot«. 8-3. 2 69 0 Here's Rudolph *ve fled- No»ed Remd'eer. Shxdy fett with flexible leather platform joies. 6-|. 2 98' FOR WOMEN . © So vnarr-loofcing, shell new oven rhe« tew price. &f<j» royon jotm, semi-irrff leather sol«. 4-9. 2.29 (D fin* quoBty rrereth In wine or blue feH. Sturdy, yet flexible leather soles. Size ranee 4 te 10. 2.59 (T) For someone special. M«e copeiiin w*h wt)He bwny fur collar, padded capnk'm toles. Siz« 4 to 9. 2.98 FOR MEN (c) 5*Y>oonH t etpeciofly soft leather ' vopers—pJuc Mp- ple, padded leafbar sales. Burgundy; 4 to 12. 2.98 (5) Worm suedioe fabric sKp- pers with sheorltn^ aoJiar and durable leather soles. Burgundy,- 6-12, ^ 9ft (3 Popular Romeos erf soppU brown kidsVin wMi itrang- supporting leather soles. Size* from 6 to 12. 4.98 ASK AflOW WARDS CONVENENT MONTHLY PAYMENT PUN KOAY Vofvet Oispurscd DRYDEN, Out. (#;—Robert Bvm- ty and John McArtluir, paper oemp»ny employes, came face to tee with a pack of 12 wolves in he Kektkwa Lake area. The pack, towev«r, (Ctttered quickly when Me Arthur opened fire on the lead wolf. EDSON Continued from Page 23 la ted with Important people is mazing. Milton Eisenhower, the General's brother became a good rlend of Allen's back in 1935 whf! Milton was working for the Department of Agriculture. Through Milton, Allen liad heard •I brother Dwlght. But he didn't ;et to _ know him well until later n Ihe early stages of the war'when Lllen was In London on a special nlsslon for President Roosevelt. In his hilarious book. "Presidents .Vho Have Known Me," Allen tells low he predicted that Jke would et the job of European commander purely by accident one night t » big dinner. When his predlc. ion came true, he says, everybody n London thought he was a great riend of the General's. Friends Help Out Allen writes: "The fact was that I ,ad met Eisenhower, if" at all, only n the most casual way, although Mrs. Eisenhower alld Hfrs. Aden were friends. But I breathed easier when I got a message from home tiling me that my old friend Hary Bulcher had been appointed sisenhower'a aide. "So when Eisenhower and Butcher arrived. I stated my problem. I told the General he and I were supposed to be old friends. He seemed amused by my plight and said he'd gladly take me off the hook." "In fact, he'd put on a demonstration of our comradeship by tak- ing me to lunch at Clarice's, where our association would be witnessed by a maximum number of Important »nd efficient gogslps." The association of th» two men bloomed from there. That leaves only the possibility at Sen. Toft's election /or Allen to worry about is far as a continuing White House welcome Is concerned. And he Is not entirely out in the cold at the Taft camp. Allen is a member of the board of directors of the public relations and advertising firm of Kill and Ktiowlton which has a connection with Taffs campaign and Is supplying Taft a public relations expert who Is on 'raft's payroll. In addition. Taft has a secret fondness for Allen. When Taft tried lo block Allen's appointment to the HFC, Allen ended up putting Taft In stitches of laughter during the hearings mid winning his approval. Allen stoutly denies that he ever acts as political adviser to any nf his close friends. If he does advise Ihem it's the first time in u. s.l political history (hut Ihe snme man is adviser to most of the presidential candidates. If he doesn't advise them it's singular enough to be ucst friend to so many of them. PAGE TWENTY-THREB ny noise »n<t th«r« wen th» WM«n sucking the baby'i breath out." Finally, Mrs. W. S. »»>-,, .„« the reflect* my u «i vltw of thli curious "lluatlon: "Evidently e«t*, like people, carry over In thtlr mibeon- scloiw (he experience* of their babyhood, "The new-born blind nid helpless kllten uses its «ense of smell to find nourishment and comfort It needs from its mother. "A hungry or lonely little cat might be drawn to the odor of milk on a child's lips and appear to be sucking Its breath when It It really trying desperately to get food and comfort. "It Is possible that scime such rare happening gave rise to the mistaken idea—one of a number- that has survived about the habits Doctor Says Continued from Pnge 23 months-old baby girl and laid It j on the bed in the bedroom. After about 15 minutes we heard n tun- B FOR i CHRISTMAS GIVING Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort FASTEETH, a pleasant alkaline (nan- acid) powder, holds false leeth more firmly. To cat and talk In more com- iori. just sprinkle a little PASTEETH on your plates. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Checks "plnlr odor" (denture breiuh). Get FASTEETH at ny drug store. RUPTURE Kxpert Coming Here Again , CEO. I-. HOWE Well-known expert, of Indianapolis will iiersonnlly demonstrate hts method without charge at the Nob!* Hotel. Blythevlllf. Mondky. Dec. 17lh from 9 R.m. to 12 noon. Ask for Mr Howe RL desk. Air, Ko;ve says the Howe method contracts ihe openings hi remarkably short Umfi on the Average case, reK'-irdless of ihe «LZC or location ol ihe rupture and no matter how much you hit or strain ant) puts you back to work the s&me day as efficient a« before you were ruptured. The Howe Rupture Shield haa no leg strap; waterproof, sanitary, practically Indestructible and can be worn while bathing. Each shield ts skillfully molded and fitted to the parU under h«at which gives » perfect fit and eatlEfaclloiK Large and difficult ruptures following operation* especially solicited. Do not overtook this opportunity if you warn gratifying results. Mulling address P.O. Box 52S3 E. Michigan St. Station, Indianapolis 1. ind. of cftti. "A parent need have very small reason to worry about this—cprtalu- ly none at alt, \t he sees to it thai hi* kitten fs even passingly well fed and cared for. For I. __„ have ieldom been without a eat and I have never known It to happen." Note, too, that none of thiM children mentioned actually dledl Golden Royal ©uw - C-Udfct^ AicA, tif Tl)« hpli'lay season is with us ag.iin, and with it nil die wonderful pleasure of traditional "good things" to cat. Toaddlhe perfect toucli serve Golden Koyal hgg Nog ... nourishing nnd creai|]y-rich . . . made with plenty of pure, fresh cream . . . select egns '""1 the choicest of spices and flavoring. Serve it often . . . ircitt lite family . .. have it handywhen friends drop in. Gtt it from your Golden Royal milkman ...or at your favorite food store. MIDWEST DAIRY PRODUCTS CORPORATION DivrtioA CUV PRODUCTS CORPORATION UWfXmb PEN NAME FOR THE PERFECT G/FIJ See fh» ipeciol showing at your pen dealer's now! New Parfcsr "51" k th« world'i motVwonfwi writing instrument. Olh»r N«w Pot4(«r gMt pen* for as low en $5.0a -- The welcome it wins will be matched only by your own pride in giving! For New Parker "51", with its distinctive beauty and superb writing action, is prized above'all other pens. And New "51" alone has the Aero-metric Ink System. Ttm remarkable advance brings to wiling a glide and ease and surencss unknown before. Even filling now has a touch of magic to it! You'll stir a heart and start a memory when you give New Parker "51". (It's ideal for Servicemen!) Choice of colors. Luslraloy or gold-filled caps. Handsomely boxed pens, $13.50 up ... matched pen and pencil sets, 519.75 up. The Parker Pen Company, Janesville, Wisconsin, U. S. A., and Toronto, Canada. An Parker "J/- and "1[~ Pern "write dry" trlih Suptrchrome Ink. No blotter needed. They can, of course, use any ink. tiif. Slimmtr, sttorUr, GaM-Jitled cap. (f.S. Iraloy cap. 4 colors. Gift- box ed pen and pencil. Hi.00. Fen alone, JlflOfl New Parker "21". Fitlc-pcn failures. Choice of calms. Lusirii/ay cap. Gift-boxed pen Kith FiKllcfjinx pencil, iSJ5. fen alone, JCQl) N»w Parker Magn«llx Desk S*H. Pen jH-('n#j on permanent magnet in baxc. Stnorl onyx, crystal, marble karej to cJuxat from. Ml95 KtW! From ihe Makers of the famous Parser "51" Pen wmes the world's most-convenient pockel lighter! Make a gift hit with the new Parker Fl.iminarre—most revolutionary new lighter made! No smelly liquid fuel, no wick—gives half a year of lights without refueling. Choose your favorite mocW in long-lasting, hard-fired cnamej colors—or glistening chrome, 'Even for pack-a-Jay smokers t FLAMINAIRE

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