Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 7, 1891 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 7, 1891
Page 1
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r\ She VOL. XVI. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, TUESDAY HOMING-,- -APRIL 7, (8^1. NO. 83. DUNLAFS Celebrated Hats S T I F F and SILK, B E S T MADE, SPRING STYLES Now on Sale DEWBNTER, The Hatter. Spring Suiting, Spring Pants, Spring Overcoating, The nicest, prettiest patterns ever shown, just received at JOS. S. CRAIG'S. Ladies' Cloth top Shoes ||:;And new Low Shoes. Come in. Popular Prices. WALlER&RAUCH, 42O Broadway. r f* «T A PR rf I* U AI AH K iT COUGH. OTONCMXIS. • 412 r FouR.Ttt = :ST, kOSANSPORT, ONCE MORE I would like to say to you, if you are thinking of getting something built for. Spring or Summer wear IN Suitings, Trouserings, Top Coatings OP Silk Vestings. Order it now 'tis none too early, and my stock is "full up". NINE WERE BDBNED Awful Result of a Fire in a Eo- chester (Pa,) Tenement, Many of the Inmates Meet a Horrible Death—A Girl Saves Her Life by Leaping. P.OASTED IJf THEES BEDS. ROCHESTER, Pa.. April 6.—The most frightful accident that has ever "befallen this place occurred at 1 a. m., and as a result nine lives were lost. Between the Rose imii&ingp, corner of Brighton, and New" York streets, and the railroad crossing was a row of frame tenement houses, the first floors of which were occupied as business houses. Shortly after midnight fire was discovered in the tenement building 1 , and in a very few minutes all were in flames. In the midst of the hottest part of the fire an Italian girl about 16 years of age appeared at the window of one of the burning 'buildings and leaped toward the ground, two of the firemen catching her before she struck the ground: Between her sobs she stated that all her father's family were in the burning house, but as the flames now had full controlof the building it was impossible to save them and seven persons perished in the Italian family. • The rooms occupied by the Italians were in the center of the building, and when it was found that lives had been, lost a careful inquiry was made regarding 1 the occupants of -the first building to take fire. It was inhabited by a shoemaker named Edward J.' Keene, with a family consisting of a wife and three children. Jfone of the family could be found for a time, but during the height of the excitement Mrs. Keene With two of her children arrived from Pittsburgh. It was then feared that Mr. Keene and his eldest son, Walter, a boy of 8 years of age, were lost. Brave men at once went to work among the burning timbers and soon discovered the charred remains of father and son close together, but burned to an unrecognizable mass. The corpses, with those of the Italians that have been recovered, are lying in a stall at Hayes' livery stable. The names of the victims are: Edward J. Keene, 50 years old; his son, Walter, 9 years; Buttoito Ceapio, 45 years; wile Annie, 35 years; son John, H years; daughter Rtsa, 8years; Victoria Ceapio, a brother; Jos Romio, age unknown. The bodies are so badly burned that they- are unrecognizable. There has •Iso been S500 in gold found among the ruins which belonged to the Italians. The Italian girl, the only one saved, says 8500 is still in the ashes. She talks incoherently, and seems to remember but little of the frightful struggles of her kinsmen. She says that .when she awoke the fire was burning below and their rooms were filled with smoke. 6he slept in the baci< room, her mother and the children in the middle room and her father and his bnother, Vittoria Tie- kio and Josef Raema, both visitors, occupied the front .room. Maria tried to rouse her people, but they were already asphyxiated. She stayed until the fire burned her and she was compelled to jump for her life from a window. All the bodies have been recovered. They are lying side by side in an adjoining building. Each body is burned beyond recognition. The sight of the. row' of blackened bodies is horrible. Annie, the baby, had one foot and arm burned completely off. The others are all fearfully mutilated. There is no definite sort of evidence as to how the fire started, but it is the opinion of the authorities, and it seems to be the correct one, that a lamp left burning by Mr. Keene in his kitchen exploded and fired the house: There appears to be no indication'of incendiar- ism. The total is loss .56,000, which is fully covered by insurance.' FATAL FLAMES AT WASHINGTON. 'WASHINGTON, April 6.—Frances Lewis, an old colored woman, who was cook in a restaurant, was burned" to death at her home. The old woman had made a bed on some chairs near the stove, and her screams aroused the police, who broke the door in to find the ^oman a mass of flames and charred fiesh. She died almost instantly. It is thought that a spark from .the stove set fire to her clothing. _•_ LARGE SPECIE SHIPMENTS. The Demand for Hard Money Steadily on tl'io Increase. NEwYoBK, April 6.— The exports of specie from this port last week amounted to $1,771.311, of which$1,519,796 was in gold and $351,535 ' silver.' Of the total exports SI, 300,000 in.' gold, and $224,700 in silver went to Europe, .and 5319,796 in gold and"526,335In 'silver ;tb South America and the .West. Indies. The imports of specie during- the week amounted.'to:S19,58t, of which 517,057 was in gold and S3,524 silver. More English 'AVoops" Killed. .; CALCUTTA, April 6.—Advices, from Rangoon say six British soldiers w^re killed and eleven severely wounded in a battle with the Chin tribes. The British afterwards succeeded .in withdrawing themselves safely from the ambush into which the Chins had laid for them. '-;.. ROME; April 6.—It is announced that Baron. Fava,. late Italian minister to the United States, will sail "for home April 11. WILL CONFER WITH ELAINE. Canadian Ministers Arrive at the Capital on Important Business. WASHINGTON, April 6. —Sir Charles Tupper, Canadian minister of marine and fisheries; Hon. George Foster, minister of finance; Hon. John S. D. Thompson, minister of justice, and Mr. C. C. Chiprnan, readied Washington at a late hour Sunday night. The visiting ministers will call by' appointment upon Secretary Elaine to-day and informally discuss with him the renewal of the reciprocity treaty of 1854 with such modifications as .will suit the altered circumstances of both countries; .second, the reconsideration of the treaty of 1888 with respect to the Atlantic fisheries with the aim of securing free admission into the Unfted States markets of Canadian fishery product in return for facilities to be granted the United States fishermen to buy bait and supplies and to transship cargoes in Canada, all such privileges to be mutual; third, protection of mackerel and other fisheries of the Atlantic ocean and inland waters; fourth, the relaxation of the seaboard inland-coasting laws of the two countries: fifth, mutual salvage and saving- of wrecked vessels, and sixth, an arrangement for settling- the boundary between Canada and this country. HE KILLED SNYDER. A Trump Arrested at Goslien, Ind., Con. fcssos to a Brutal Crime. GOSHEN", Ind., 'April 8.—Alexander Snyder, aged 70, was murdered while asleep in a factory office her% Saturday night. His head was split open with, a club. The murderers got less than fifty cents for their trouble. Two tramps were arrested, and one has confessed. He says he knows Snyder's wife in Iv'ew York, and she told him the old man kept a large amount of money about the hoxise. Acting upon this information he and his partner came west with the intention of getting hold, of the cash. They awakened the old man, and to quiet him gave him a blow over the head, but did not intend to kill him. They failed to get the money, and were returning east when arrested. BOOTH WILL NOT RETIRE. The Tragedian in a Speech Before the Curtain Contradicts a Rumor. NEW YORK, April 6.—When Edwin Booth, at the close of the performance in the Brooklyn academy of music Saturday afternoon, came before the curtain in response to applause that -would •not be silenced until he had spoken, he s«id in a voice that betrayed his emotion: "Ladies and gentlemen, I don't know that I have anything to say beyond my usual speech—'I thank you.' I hope this is not the last time I shall appear before you. Next season I shall pay some attention to my health and I think that I shall return to you strengthened." He bowed. The cheering and the waving burst forth again. He bowed again and looked sadly over the audience before he disappeared. Hot Contest In Florida. TALLAHASSEE, Fla., April 16.— The legislature is in session and the most important work before it is the election of a, senator to succeed Senator Call, whose term expired March 4. Senator Call is a candidate; for reelection, but is opposed by ex-Gov. Bloxham, ex-Congressman . Dougherty, ex-Gov. Fleming, and Hon. John F. Dunn, known as the -'Phosphate King," all of whom are candidates for the place. The Fanners' Alliance has fifty-three members in the legislature and can control the election if it desires to do so, though some, of its members are strong supporters of Call. AMERICAN PORK. Germany Said to Have Decided to He- move the Embargo. BERLIN. April 0.—It is announced that the German government has definitely resolved to withdraw the embargo placed upon American, pork. It is added, however, that the official notice of .this withdrawal will probably be delayed for some time, in view of certain negotiations which are still going on between the German government and the" government of the United States through the intermediary of the United States minister here, Hon. William Walter Phelps. End of the Sleep Fast. DETKOIT, Mich., April 6.— George Cunningham at 1 p. m. completed the sleep fast of 168 hours. He was the only one of the six contestants to complete the prescribed limit. Townsend, the old- time pedestrian, avoided 'sleep 150 hours and then collapsed. He exhibits strong symptoms of insanity. WASHINGTON, April 6.—The Chinese government has not made and will make no protest against the appointment of ex-Senator Blair as minister to Pekin. The Chinese.'-: minister, wbb returned from Peru Saturday, makes an official announcement to that effect. Ohio's Share of the Direct Tax. COLUMBUS, 0., April 8.—Col. W. O. Tolford, state claim agent at Washington, presented Gov. Campbell with a government check for Ohio's share ol the direct tax fxuid, amounting to SI," 880,000. Tolford's. commission on this is $20,000. ... To Succeed Senator Wilson, BALTIMOBE, Md., Aprils.—Gov. Jackson has announced-himself a candidate for the United States senate to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Senate* Wilson. This Week's Attraction We have placed on sale 25 'pieces ol Home- squn. all wool Camel Hair DRESS GOODS! In. Plain, Strirje and Check, for Tailor made / Suits. Price all over the State 57^ cts "oer „ yard. Our t>rice for this week Only 39 Cts. Also one case New Combination Zephyr ;| Ginghams, reeular rcrice 20 cts. Our urice -J \2\ cts Der yard. J WILER & WISE, * Bee Hive No. 315 Fourth Street. I-*- i 4 Ai I ^WHISTLE FOR D. A. H A U K He has the goods and prices. 'J Best Clock for the monejr., v Best Watch for the money. '| Best Spectacle for the 'm money. Best work done for the 71 money. No. 41O Broadway. Tlie Jeweler and Optician. D. A, HAUK. ESTcU's ENGLISH, RED Cxoss i?S\ DIAMOND BRAND -r \\i\iS: THE ORIGINAL AND GENUINE. . Tin onfrSufc, Su ' . £*dlc«, ojtkDruraUt for CAtohffer'' Engllito Diamond Brand ta,Kod and Cold 'metallic boici scaled with blno Tlbbon., Take mo other ki , nd. Etlutt avtallnalmt and JatlMtMt. ,»«dim«ew>u»oo»nt*rtfeltlu AllpillBinpMttbOartlbOMB.ptlllcirrmppflM.JiredimKerouiiooMnterffcltlu AtDrnfftiU, «••••*• c t . in ntampH for pwtioulmrj, tesdjDO&iUs; «nd. "KeUcf for lAdlftm" in iXMr-.by rrtwra MML. - *\JS >»000 Twiraonliaa. Kami Paper.' CHICMC«TER CHCMICA^CO.. M«4lMMB«p%. \ ^ :_I^ K— -II T.«.«l 1bw«»vfB«L . ..-•.' • PIIlT.AnKLl'JIf A.PA^ n Sure Death To Cockroaches, Rats, Mice, and Bedbugs. FISHER'S LIGHTNING EXTERMINATOR! At Ben Fisher's Drug Store, 311 Fourth St. JOHNSTON BROS. " The Corner Drug Store."j Johnston Bros, have removed to the Cor. of 4th and Broadway, . (Strecker Building.) A Full and Complete Line of DRUGS ON HAND PRESCMPTIONS CAREFULLY j COMPOHNBEl

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