The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.); COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, 2D, J947 Mediation Urged to Stop Strikes Committee Proposes Compulsory Period To Seek Settlements WASHINGTON, Fcb, 25.—(UP) —The Committee for Economic Development today proposed a labor peace plan calling for n compul- sory'10-day, mediation, period before strikes or lockouts. The businessmen's organization urged laws to establish a national labor-management advisory council to the President and a new led- eral- mediation service re]x>rting lo the President Inslead of Ihe secretary of labor. it called for amendments to the Wagner, Norris - LaGuaidla and Clayton acts to deal with Jurlsdic- -.tlonal strikes, ban unionization of foi-cmen restraint violent and unlawful picketing by court order, ant! curb monopolistic tendencies of labor unions. The plan was made public at a news conference by Paul. G. Hoffman, president, of Studebnkei Corp., and Eric A. Johnston, president of the Motion Picture Association of America and chairman of the CED Special Policy Commit tee on collective bargaining. The/ said' a more comprehensive study Is underway on Industry-wide bargaining, closed shop, secondary bojcotts and the monopolistic power of unions. CED said "there Is no absolute right to strike." "Those who urge that there li such a right confuse the strike wit'.i the right of an Individual to quit his job." It.said. "They 'mistaken!} classify any legal limitation upoi the strike as an infringement o the constitutional g u a rn n t o c against involuntary servitude. 1 ' The committee said the forced 10-day mediation period should no be confused* with "coollng-off periods." "Its objective is to permit Ihe Intervention of qualified mediator: after direct negotiations have faj! ed and before work stoppages oc cur." CED said. The 10-day notice would bo filed with the proposed new federal me dlatlon service. Maine has a 3000-mile coastline Two Held In Missouri Kidnapping Robert Humuiirgcr anil his wile, Belly, right, who are accused of kldnsipplnt; Donnie Wallman, H-momiis old son of n Ncoslio, Missouri waitress, lonvc the I-i'cusliu courtroom on thi'lr way to jail alter failure lo make $5,000 bond each. Al left Is Mn». Virginia, j'alltnan who Is ill at the home of ft friend ill Ncoslio a'tcr trii> to Toledo, Ohio, to yet her son Donnlti, shown oil mother's lap. Standing front, to rear arc Mtb. Whitman's other children, Eldon, 2; Jeny '1; and rjarlenc 1 , (i. Mr.s. Waltman charges thai Donald, kidnaped by Mr. and Mrs. Huinbarger. (NEA '1'eleimolc.) 4v4£-,o{Ar COPR. !t*7 BY liEA StflYICE. TJC. M. REG. U. S. TAT. OFF. 2-15- Finest Selection of QUALITY SOFA BEDS Awaits Your Choice ALVIH HARDY FURNITURE • 113 Kant Main I'hone 2302 76 States Ease Fees For Gl Licenses '* CHICAGO (UP)—Sixteen stales linvc extended legislation exempting World War II veterans from various license fees, the Federation of Tax Administrators reports, The federation said the exemptions were "assuming incrcnslnt! linporlnncc because of the mounting number of ex-Gfs now going into business." Four states during 1915 and 10-10 broadened veterans' exemption from payment of sonic state and local business and occupational license fees, it said. Florida now exempts disabled World War II veterans and vclcrans 1 widows from occupational license taxes for nri indefinite period. Alabama exempts for tlii-ce years after discharge. Washington extended business licenses ol ex-servicemen until six months after discharge. Massa- chusetts exempts for CO diiys alter yeparation. Massachusetts exempted veterans from vehicle operators' renewable fees. Tivelvc other states enacted legislation to case the cx- Gl's motor vehicle tux burden or grant .sonic form of operator license exemptions. FBy - - .J ••— -f -: — "*, Irene Lonnen Ernhort'J "--'•; V/Copyrisht, 1347,'U|U [NEA SERVICE. weSi** r-~ xxvm BESON kept on talking. , ' "You'll End New York an ex- •ciling'ijlace to live, Mrs. Hamilton," he said. And then suddenly Cassie saw Mike- coming toward them. He WHS having a wonderful tune, but he'd had too much to drink. His mouth looked loose and his eyes •were a bit bloodshot. "I was just telling Mrs. Hamilton; ^she'll , love New York, 1 * Mr. Beson said. ; "^'New York?" Mike said thickly. ; 4 "Parker's going ^o New York, you know—a network job. Cer: tainly going up faslE Why, thai than he Mr. Be- ^fellow has more lalenl : knows whal to do wilhl' 1 son went on. • "Maybe Parker's goin' to New , • York," Mike said, "but .you got \ to get carrying glasses to the kitchen, straightening the room, emptying ish trays. » » • ENI'S dark lace wore n smug J expression, her eyes that look E mockery passic remembered from way back—Leni's expression of secret triumph whenever she'd gotten her own way after an urgu- cnt with Mama. "Mr. Boson told me you're going back lo New York, Lcni," Cassie said at last. The room was all lidied . up now. Mama anc Papa and Sitl had gone upstairs to bed. Tarkcr had not yet rc- lurned ffom hiking Mike to Mor- lonville. "Yes. Isn't it wonderful?" "And Parker's got a job there loo." : . f . _:?frA VV*--"Yes." ' : '"•'• .f*-"'w-V"!#'- • "Why didn't you loll me, Lcni Parker didn't mention Ihe nc\ job lo mo, either. After all—" "After all? After all whal? i divorce we're tin nl " (know, you h;id the proper wort Please —Mike!" Cass lc whis-•. sai d, nnd everything was lc,'a pored. Everyone was sttiring, and . And yoll cvcn ha( , litUc j, ;llc the room had grown very still. But you llcv(;r gnvc him you Come on, Mike. You re just a | \ v holc self " bit light, nrcu't you?" Parker said I ..j sllpposc yol ,v c in love wi suddenly at her elbow. ),,,,„_.. Cassic said . shc AMn <i Wi Mike laughed. "Vou stole Cas- ] lo sny it, foul the words were o sie away Jrom me—while I had j almost before she knew H. my back turned. But you couldn't | "Yes. Yes, I nin!" Lcni bl I keep her, could you? Ell? All the j "I'm in love with Pnrkcr!" S jtime she was married to you it | smiled. "As soon ns your Mik j was me—" C a rg ill - financed sojourn Parker's fist shot out nnd the i Kcno— " next thing Cassie knew Mike was ! "Who told you I was going on the floor and she was kneeling 1 Reno?" beside him. j "Mike did. He said you did The P«rly broke up abruptly, i like the idea, but that he cou and it was Parker who drove Mike talk you into anything." t& a hotel in Mortonviilc. Cussie i "Mike discussed me with yoi saw the last guest off, and then ' "Sure. I'm tlie kind of I shc and Leni moved silently abo 1 - 1 '"ti confide in, Cassic. That's j Bcttc Davis Awaits Baby In New Hampshire LITTLETON, N. H. (UP) — A brown leather photograph album Inscribed in gold, "Our Mnby — nolle and sherry," lies on a table nl Belle Davis' "liullernut Ham" home here, \vhcre the .suveen actress awaits the hirlh of her first baby. Pictures will be nasled in Ihe album some time this sprint;. Miss Davis ana her husbnml, William Grant sherry, Jr., a imvy signalman for ycar.s, expect the baby in tho dilVcL'cnce between me and you. I always did think yonr technique was rotten. Mine's much belter. I play the noor litlle wren, and end up getting whal I want. You're Ihe Kclf-sullicEenl bossy llutl goes bUmtlermg head-ou o things. You're very stupid, ssie." * IE stared al Lent. Misery left her longne-Ued and so shaken : couldn't think of an answer, at was the -same thing Parker d said to her only a few hours She was self-sutricient. Only e fimny part of il v.-as (hat she isn't at all. She was the wren not Lcni!" "I love Parker, and besides that 's going lo have money, Cassic. thousand dollr-rs u week isn't to sniffed at. I can'l live wilhont oney. But I know how to han- e Parker—and besides that— o's so sweet." There \vas the sound of Parker's r graling in llic gi'avcl of Ihe •ivc, past the house to the garage. Leni turned and went out, her gh heels clicking along the hall- ay to Hie kilchen. Cassie stood still in the middle ' the room. Parker came into the itchcn and she beard their voices tingling, Leni's and his, and Iheir iughler. Prcsenlly they said oodnight and then Parker came in nd looked at her, ^'.^nding there. "I'd like to talk lo you, Cassic," c said. "I think it's time we got late April or early May. Miss Davis plans to return Hollywood "probably'in July." Harris Pleads for Ban On Old OPA Trials WASHINGTON, Feb. 26. (UP)— Rep. Oren Harris, D., Ark., went before the House yesterday to plead for support for his bill to outlaw suits charging OPA violations. Harris said it was "time to st/|> this lame duck prosecutions." He was applauded by bolh Republicans and Democrats. "The boss s<^ys he hired her for her diligence and intelligence, but she hasn't a bad figure at that, has she?" Deadly Smoke A native bush of Ethiopia, caller! n'gabrobwe, lias a root which, when dried, ground, and mixed with tobacco, will kill the smoker ^ who lakes more than three puffs. ; Read Cornier News Want Ads. HAS A DMlAMETER. ONLY ABOUT THAT OF THE EARTH, BUT ITS IS ABOUT £<ytsAe. TO THAT OF OUR PLANET", SINCE IK WATER BODIES ARE TKOU&Mr TO BE LIMITED TO SMALL. LAKES AND MARSHES. Levels cmd Lines Surveying •i DRAG LINK KAUM DITCHES ™ Win. R. Overtor? — County Surveyor SERVING THIS AREA -10 YEARS Phone Evenings — House, 151}-: Liilie Of Write % Box 81, Roseland, Ark. Yes, We Have New Cars You Can Get Yours Today! WILL TRADE FOR LATE MODELS We have un display for imincdiiilc delivery—Hraiul ni-w 1—I'onliiic S Convertible Coupe i—I'ontiiic S KetlitneUes 1—liMli IMymuutli 2 Door 1—1910' Plymouth 5 1'assengor Coupe Ccinc in or call, we will try to trade wllli you. USE OUR EASY PAYMENT PLAN BUD AOTO SALES Plume 20I J >7 Cor. Frstnklin and fllain St. COPH. I!M7 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. lings straightened out bc- wccn us." "AH right." Shc went over and at down on Ihe davenport by tlie ircplacc. The embers of the fire vcrc dying. Only a few smalt >lue flickering tlamcs licked up Yam the coals. Parker lit a cigarct, the Pare of he match lighting the lines of his thin face, "It isn't that I lovo him," Cassic thought. "It's just because of what Lcni said — it's the humiliation of knowing he prefers Lcni to me. I'm little — and moan. 1 never pretended to love him, really — and yet now I don't want to let him j;o. It's because I'm selfish!" But wus it thai? Was il exactly that? Shc waited :for him lo go on. (To Be Conlhiucd) PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Ucst Prices i Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb IIwy «1 at Slate Line •> Phone Ulytheville 714 ta?/af<S.(a U^Z—v CAM COVER A DISTANCE OF riVf/STf • f££r IN A SINGLE LEAP. T. M. REG. U. 5. PAF. OFF. 2-25 SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Spring Oiils, U>spe(kv;i, Alfalfa and Pasture Mixtures ALL POPULAR VARIETIES SOYBEANS SEED CORN AND GARDEN SEEDS Select your Field or Garden Seeds \ ( rom BlytheYiile's largest Seed Stocl ANSWER; Mount McKinley, 20,300-foot peak ill Alaska. N'KXT: What rlo ntlprs cal? 1800 W. Main Phones 856, 857 WASH Air of Mvslerv lOON'TLKETO XlDaETTcaiEr BE HOSV, BUT \TELL 1OU.5UH...WH6N WHM'S HH COUSIN \ HE SEES 10(1 IM£R. LEOWAJ5D SO BUSH WITH IHVt KEC^N T I I l LT38 SEEW5 inrRO^ / rfjffc\ I ' OUT 0' TOWN *t.D- / IT* ) ^ L -1 l Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY ins North Second DIAL 231! For Complete Protection CHAS. KITTNBK Our Boording House with Moj. HoopleQut Our Way DID vou see >g( I'VE BEEN HIMT^EGAD.'I MUST APPEAR ' '-SPOTS OF V) LOOKING -^J EePECIALLS FIT TODAY- __IPATIOMOM l[ teRR\6L6 APTEfJJk 6XCITISS6 GV-pi!v!CES OF j r*AT BOOPLE'S/A A CL^WBfsKiejf^ ADMIRATIONS OrJ ALL i 6LOAT60 JZ-\ BUT THOSE y^/ SIDES.'-«-SURPRISISSG,^ FACE? -**— ^s [ BLOTCHES ). ."\ TCX3.HOV>J MV PROFJL6 AND LOOK LIKE <J''" ^^ft^i PHVS'.C3O6 " S yrH£ENOOFV> ^EL^JO. HELD' I YEARS/ By J.R.Williams JUST A SECOMD. VMES-- \ WOULD NDU LIKE ME TO ) , '•-.&* I ' I V SHOW VOU WHUT BUCK ( » "iP 1 '/"^' ^V FEVER IS. OR WOULD \ ll^' *^'L\ J "iDU PREFER TO PIMD j < S . rt \ ^' ^'iX i >)DU r^REFER TO PIMC t- ^fe&?>^5^Vr 'Mm^ vx '^^,^M} m £W /!l •'J' Pl"v.V\~ N, t~- -• , THAT ODOR. ! WOULD TOIJ KMSE THE WINDOW, PLEftSC? . R TTIRNTR* SURE. SWELLS SOEfO' /IT WM Uzl HEEE, N LIKE OPlUWiCCESNT IT? { LET ,S\E MOVE THIS TTKTii MISS AK-i>RE,V'<3UKWOW )WEU,you'OHAS£>t/ MR. PETTIFER. HOWLCN6 I KMOW H1W NOW! SINCE YOU'UE SEEH HIMf/A f-^W «H WORK ALLEY OOP There They (In! KY V. T. HAMLIN THE BRIDGE J WE DEL^V, ICE/ YANK THAT \ HERE! BLIND- SHE BURN... /SHE MELT! OH, I SMOCK OFF I FOLD THEM THE HORSE I WHAT V/E DO, \ TH' DRIVER / NAGS...WE HE NOT GO\ MOW COLONEL? I QUICK. 1 ,/MN'T LICKED ' IN FIRK; V OOP IS A / AVE.BUT Yt. •' T r^CTMll ICJ / r^LT \*/l_IAT vi" RED RYUKH ISad Itcporl RV FRRD FTARMAN | 'CU'P SETTER HIDE YOUR CATTLE^ fiSV 1^ A SAFE PLACE TiLL r« i^jSitriuvicr. INC T.x'iitc.uATCT.Brr.J BOOTS AND HER RIJDO1KS "BY" EDGAR MARTIN I DlDWT RV.CXUZt WOV) MUCH VURMWURt ij I'M JU^T ri\.PO I ^C\D \_^V\ T1VV. 1 ^KiTtO COreRVI^G j 1 OVDU'T IVPVOc. ~ \T CM IAN QCXCK , ROD 1 : ' f\OVt 'WOSt H ? ^:;',-;^il|;3||pi|| )C^'/°>A/ V ^' ••--""• b- ^T-?^'"SJi';"?T" : ^ •>--.• -*:• r..... . ....-,,- -• • ,-i i; __j_,L_d .___ .MOW VWO.T, '& R«O Wft\HMt=> OOT& ? 'tW"3 M NCO U\)t l^tK OLD tuRNHURt CCOR XO -(O 0 o. 0o N

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