The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1947
Page 11
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1D-17 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ^rate per line for consecutive In- iiitutiiu Cl.arga 00 , lime l>or lino __ ~" '•- ,f hues per line per day »^(. i.'nfls iier line per day '~ n r times ncr Hue iier Hay 2~ II -ic nines per jitia per day ..III" 5.. .lonlli per hue _ ~_~ oy c -•omit fwe average woiilaVo" tte'llini. '•t ordered tor tnree or six limes and JC-d before expiration will be charg- lor tho number of times the ad an- rnj ,i:,j .iiljiiittncnt cf bill made, lit Classified Advertising toi.y shli- lod by iiersous resirtlnn outside of the ' must be accompanied lay casli. Kales be easily cumimtea froju the above ('.verlixliitf order for irrcanlar inser- * takes the one time rate. *o responsibility will be taken for aii." ollfl lllc ' )rret;t insertioi] of aiiy For Sale _Mi!_NI,, lr ,. ('al'l as 2 a. ' 'u'lS-rii-t't tinyrr fur vixii- II t 1 mi'l.i-ll. I'! u j-io — in-tb (iff!,.,'. 20 Snlllll Hi.,-011,1. 10'2-Hi-tf '11 rnjoy foam c!ei\nis»« imlu.Klery IK| runs will. (lit- now Kirn FI..MII ••al s 1'iilnt and Walliiiipcr Stnro See Us For BABY CHICKS You'll liko our quality chicks, hatched right (rora selocled (lacks. Hard/, [ast- growers. Low price. L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. Hlock So. ot Depot I'lioue 403 — hay. 2 mitea n-est on Hwy 1H -.qmra at Moore Bros. Btoro. Leslie t 'ly IllnVcmoro strawberry plnllla •no Harnisn. 1719 Ulitrlt>KHwli» ir>cr i-roii-xal table uiafa iiMdc A I' 1 )' ..... "I" to til your Cnl,]c s em l reserve finish. Order tlum from iii'imc Kiln-anil. 301 E. Main St. mne a.UT. ck-127 For Sale JSLYTHEVILLB (AHK.)' COURIER NEWS co Ilt »wl«'y 2119. )|3l- -i>led f;,i,,| |,aij or . f:uni ,, .1 J.nlti.n, ,,f 2 Ijoltiini A. f iim (.'on i-d Jjere, iiit; $;t(> ylnrk l ..vv!,, ' .•II (..iu-,-,1 Hlytlirvill.. 0,1 il'll'l ' IlKl'lJ.'-iVl* Vjl'" I'll. O.VI. - .. ..:,. \.^ by Chicks. per 100. Jin ater heaters, bathtubs " s, closets, lavatories, pipe & fittings, galv. ft copper pipe & fittings Orsfmrn's Plunibing Jt Heating, ph. S75. 2-6-pk-2'J •iirtfn.1. Blyt'/.c^i'i'o .MHol.!.'^ 1 sh",T I Snnth Kcfon.l ytri'.t. 2| ilirrry »,ul evprlji-nrinB t Inn-berry u nifikc-innre i>lsnis; I vvar.lroljc -nk. 1203 lloJly. Ph. 'I639 lvar "" >1 " ! 2ll-i]k-3!3 coal heaters at cost. 5od selection. Planters lardwa re. 2- 1 -ck-tf XT — v-liito |,ritm>r~mHl paint. l.imitt'.l sl(]<-k. First first 5orvu.l I t']rt;storie Kton- '7 Vv. .M.-iin. "ill» A|D CHAIN- UKh.s — Jnst rrecivedi. k cl:i>—lirst ruiiK.. first sorvnl Kire- me Slnrc. 207 W. Mniii. 2112-rk-tf KS! TIHKSr TlltKSl Ju 51 rcci-lvnl !<-s r>fuj x ic, TOO x to rjf.n v is '0 x- If,. 4 an.l (i ,,ly tir,. s . Also the tnous Ktiiil,li<il Krounil B riri.i in sites 0x17 an.l 5l)n x tfl. \Ve ilnlivor il Iiiuunt. Fin..,tim« Store 2,Mi W ""• :iiL'-ck-i( ClTOR T1HKS — The n w ,ir c Iliat 11«. <n,| clc-.-ins, ont woar.s any oilier iflnr tiro iin-.lD. \S f raonnl ,-in.l ,1... rr lei fnrin. lirestOTio Store. 207 \V. '$?: t^ig-ck-it WR __ A licnutifnl scl™tion~f inrnnmion an,l tal.l,- in.,,1,-1 ra.lina in stoc-ls. .V n or -rnuti.l O'l. Firoslonc Klaif. 207 W. M:iin. I board Motors for work or >I;n T . You gcf high qualily lerformaiice at a jrreale'r •avings with ,1 Waal's Sea ving. Motors cerlifitd and p proved by Outboard Club of America, 'ackcd with post-war ini- irovomcnts for your grcat- r pleasure. Immedialn de- ivery. 5 horse-iiowcr. 2-21-ck-2S huni... rnnv.Tlil,],- ,\, n ,l? • i-ro.jin hnT,^,, ^ !I{ 1 , w<1 ln( ^ ^ Ii;i0 liviin.- Tn.>;,is. rror.-ry 'huyni.- tcle 1J_!±^' 2T Irnllpr—21 ft. Scrmll, fnmi>!(.Tn- om residence \vifli hath, n Kast Davis S(. Price !3G75. Immcdiaio "O«SPS- on. H. C. Camphell, Realor, 120 S. Second. _2-19-ck-lt plrrlrir ranpr^. lal.lo top four Tu-h! nn.l rlorV- Vr,s\ l.-'n e )f..l 1'oinf. Clinrliy" nriclit.' " n " -•'''<'• lO-i.v-ur, .. „„M.,. , ,v,, li.-nl ami al ;, ™,| ,,( ,,„],. ::,, ,.,.,„, for f nil, killer, fi-e Dr. He's I' Vl'Tl.l-: (rld'H KM.I.Kit iiinl you run I.- <nre „! ilei.lru>inK the urn'l.s. H'« fiiarnn- tr-i-.l. U-iind's III-.I- .St<nv 'j:!t \V,-:.t Jlnin. ulionu f,IJ7. -Jj-ok-LM (IKL'^IIV t'OWS five less i,i-l\ Kill Uinlis ill tin- l,:ii-ks <if enill,. !,y i]n-f ir^ with Ih-. Ih^-i CAT'l'l.i: IHUMI KI1.1.KIC. Mini.. Ill iu-<-i,nl:ill.'<' v.itll II,i> IJIIKSI fiiriinila ,.f Hie i: S ]lnr,<n • '' freezer xvitl, (Ml £lf ilener. \-iih i,.,.,,,l nii\ ,]i.i'i".-i II I, tf. .Maiilla. Arli. L' 51-i,k-:t!'> 1 houses rheip. Catl 2UOJS. New '1-room house in Pride Addition. Price 52750. II C. Campbell, Kealtor, 121 S. Second. 2-18-ck-l! Have jurist mill for sale. Now doing good business. See me. H. C. Campbell, Real tor, 120 S. Second. 2-18-ck-tl Klort: of rliln-fliir, t -l:i.i7"r-il^ lins nml l,,,|,,l,o.,. (Marif-s C ,1,0,11 Alollr,,,,!. M... 2l2-J.,,k-20 , r ,-r,,oriis with hall,, and .Lriiinn ho,,,,, nn Fame hit. Jn uooil r..-|.:iir. tu.uoo. •iTonm" house, lot and half. J-500 1 onus. 5-rd.irn house with !,at!i (.'lose in «1 '50. ?'2.UO ii.u-.-n. balance inor.llil'v payment, nroon.s with hall liatli W.-llniocnt'-1 rlose to Main St. ?1!!100 ITnlf dn>, r lialnncn S;o mimthly. •l-rnnin .IK.IIKI. witli ba1h on l>r>,,.,n J3.-IOO. SI.200 down, balance, inontli- ly with G% ian-rcst. SO Acres sontli ,,t DeNter >lo \\'rll iTiiprnveil. on cravel roa.l. k"".iil'linn«-. tivo i-on.l l.arns. Ail Irve] lajjil ?^r» .-ur... Srnal! -Ijwn jiayinent will h'in.lle balance ?:!DO vearly. Cnn '.-"I H.VM ^> sioii to Marcli in. \Vill ...» „,.,, traetor anil all eiiniimi..nt. ho^? i ii e cow, with nnrchase of fi.rin Have other )ii>,;,j>s a 7 i,i /« rn i, listed 71 yon ore in tin- market enll MVIIKK (Ht.\v TJKAlA-r .,h ',in HKKT IttlPS. I'll' ::-.ns Office uitl. Mnrion Williams Tn= \-cv I' '2--,\ . 5 -:•:.,.k.ilji Services v»huicj fiixcnina Bnrvicft— We repair •« (ypo* «-*ahtnr «i»oklnei rtffircllea* of kind of condition. Alio hny *nd lell, p]r.ka;i tad deliver DlytliEwillct Mnckine Bbop, Qil-ciV-t' for se«"inir arid alterations seo Mrg. Dale C'asle ^19 X, Second MONEY TO LOAN Do you necrl a Joan to repair or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no rfld tape. PHA approved rate 5%. Ask for details. Max Logan, Realtor, phone 2034. Lynch Bldg., BlytheTiile. 9-23-ck-M Weather stripping. Save fuel by having doors and windows wcatherstripped. C. E. Wiggins, 512 N. ]0th. Phone 2293. 12-31-pk-S-l Ki-OI wants job moving liouses i;\- perienced. plenty of eiinipnicnt W. It. Ciiirrett. ph. 2SOG. l!2ripk^jl (be 3 cnnipnrfmcnt irpc Frcp^er chest. Holds iiis. of food. In stock immediate delivery, lantcrs Hardware Inc. See us for an estimate he- fore you have your tractor overhauled. We sp'eciali/e in steam cleaning ami painting. Electric and accf ylcne welding. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Hiwa.v GI South. Phone 2171. 2-1-ck-tf NVa<liinc«. rne.ijti—,!rj- or fin-shed. V.'illl Helle (ireen. 1112 S. l,nke. '-•'f, Rent a Floor Sander AT WARDS. Save money by refhushing your own floors. Adds years of life and gives them nc\y beauty. It's easy to do. foo! MOA'TGOIURRY WART) & CO., -102 Main. Phone 5!>1. 2-13-ck-(r f^pert slm-c i-ciMfr work Call (or air. Mcj-ers »t Hnhbard Ilardwaro ' We specialize in fruit tree spray materials. Ask us what and when to use Planters Hardware Co Inc., 126 W. Main, phone _ 5t 5- t -31-ck-lf Oil Stoves cleaned ^Trqi-iU". ed. Work guaranteed. Ph ____2.n-pk-3-1 i nnrsr. :n-»ila1,t n ~frir ^h^ irmiro or iinnnro r\ r^f-n- .ir 'i--rt *-i or tr.irV: .ro ,„. You'll lilio o-,r . ( -r vioo. lnilr<l tnsntnriro. Avrnrr IHr- Gnanl « .lc-w,.]ry Kloro. riion • -, id Most mosriiiitors must have a me.\\ o( blood to !ny rerti!c fggs. Genuine Ford Rcmanufactured 85 H. P. «"" 111,25 100 H ' P ' 120.75 1'his Feclernl Tax and InslnHiiilon Completely Ketoiill...Not Overhauled New parts and renewed ports installed by factory trained mechanics make these motors like now! New pistons, rings and pins! Crankshaft reground on all bearing surfaces' New rod and -mam bearings!' For new motor smoothness power and economy, genuine Ford Factory R c ! built Motor! i L L I P S MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Wanted t o Rttnt >!1 miruiui..!u-,l ruMMi- m- n , . *w- "»• --''iSI i ". -I. .Mor- ''!." . nr ainrlniPTil. KuriiMit-.l ,„ ,,,,. S'T""'-'' 1 ^"'"'' 1 ^™^ ^ toons > .VOIJ XKKl) A I.OAS1 -•nr Unek or Irnclnr. 'in ^fk."::^"":^ |)vuMial <?£&*. w» m. w* u--Z* 5t»JjJv»l™ FARM LOANS if Low Prompt RAY WORTHINGTON Scrvlns T|,t, Seellou for 21 Years 115 Su. 3rd Blytheville, A>k. Tune In I'mtlenll,,! 1'rneruta Sunday :it .| ,,.,„. ,, vcr WKKO F or Rent m. 3M Ko . i • i ™ ~ luclasaM, Ui n, 28 __=£OUjift L .r u „,,,." W '"' ilead CouriL-r NCIWS -'0],k 27 j^j^j^i*. v^\ ."»; ','•' i-." '"' t '" t l«in"T~iioT ^•^J^'^^l 1: 2:2r,-iik. •_' s Head Courier News Want AifsT Your feet will fed boiler —stay heller if you hiive (hose shoca resoled prop, erly al am- <f (! ;ili(y Shoe Shop. Longer wear for less Money! HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. J Wanted to Buy Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wo'li come and K Kl it. Wade Auto Salvage. Nortli lliwy (il plione ,'1785. 12-26-|ik-2-^( PAQ13 ELEVEN How Ss Your Present Car! ^^^ W m • Will it r do the job you want it to do for you? If not, come in toe/ay and pick out one of these late model cars. They are ready to give you many miles of service. 1942 Chevrolet Town Sedan 1942 Chrysler 2-door Sedan 1942 Studobakcr Club Coupe 1942 Ford Tudor 1941 Buick Sedan 1939 Chevrolet Town Sedan 1941 Chevrolet Town Sedan 1941 Chrysler 2-door Sedan 1941 Plymouth 2-door Sedan 1941 Pontiac Sedan 1940 Oldsmobilc Sedan 1941 Dodge Panel Truck 1941 Chevrolet cab over engine truck and 24-ft. Nabcrs Round ^oso Trailer. Many of these cars h*ye radios, heaters, defrosters, and rood lights. : Wo Never Close . . . Sa/cs Deportment Ope.i Until 8 p.m. 301 W. WALNUT ST. Wanted I'r.'n tri n r fur fruit nn.l *lin.l Apply lo Mr. Jlklrick. I'liu for Hire "Eat a Bonnee at Barney V Delicious BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W . Wain St. p ,, onc lir.-.iklni: |iW. In'ililine II!'KV, linrtf.w. Cull It. IV Wnllnr... i-12:i. ^Hil-lik-illl!) Blive Money Totl;iy, Any STOP AND SWAP EI.BIJllT 11UF KM AN '8 •101 E. Mnln I'lmoo 85D Vim MuU »B ITnppy or No Wcul RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types lilccpt Cnnccr) DRS. NIES&NIES Clinic 514 Slain, Ulyitinvlllt, Ark., riione "Post war. Service With A Smile!" Your Car Needs Servicing Now! Anything mechanical will wear . . . Your car is mechanical and will wear out before its time if you do not ob.Korve -seasonal needs and propor care. Trust your car in our hands and assure yourself of longer and better » service. See The New Buick on Display IN OUR SHOWROOM! Sales—BdlCK—Service U " Sl Tires Mobifgas and Oil WRECKER SERVICE Walnut & Broadway Telephone 553 Flowers - - For Every Occasion mill your nrcler will be on It's wny In rranucinents tell n complete story, LOWER SHOP Telephone <I!>1 mill your nrcler will be on It's wny In record time Our Flarul Arranucinents tell n complete story, F.T.D. Service We Deliver Anywhere I'll. 401 Mrs. J. M. (Mnc) Williams, owner Glencoc Kid*. FT'S Loose Cottonseed Hulls 100 Lb. Sacks Cottonseed Hulls 41% Cottonseed Meal 43% Soybean Meal We We/come Your Business One Sock or Truck Load Oil Mill So Highway 61 !i Blythcville, Ark. I DON EDWARl>S "The Tyiicwrltcr Man" (Every Trnusnctlon MTJ3T BE SATiaFAOTORY) TODAY - ~ IMPORTANT! Suvc your present nir Kxpcrt IMiichnnlnil Siirvlro Alcmllc oil mill I,»brlrniils , 1'cs, we w:isli niid K r c-is« rnrs (on! flldlors? We Imvt! ncw inolora Oveihiiul or rcliiillil them Tires nnil Tulies , Oil, Yes, We pnlnl Cnrs Ton! / Itepalr anil Jti-flnlsli nil Imrtles Chiirjjc Uallcrlcs v T. I. SEAY MOJOR x CO. Phone 2122 sWR^g^ J K^%& ~^(&^i^ Ti--i-r-. __>r t tr>t~ < ;^i. ..^ i 1 \J\Ji 'O N'fc / PLANTERS HARDWARE OFFERS - F. H. A, TERMS ON MANY ITEMS: No Money Down Cnnl-Alrc Aide Fans Snn-llcnu AntomnUe Oil Water Ile.ifors Norec ICIcctrto Hot Wilier Hp.ilcrs Slierwln AVilllams Paints Sheffield Field Fencing Gould's Water Pumps Mink-rn Water Softeners GiiiUcrson Kitchen Sinks 36 MONTHS TO PAY ASK US AHOUT FA«ft[ER'S TERMS wrru ANNiiAr. I>AYJ\IKNTS PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc.- 126 West Main St, I EELIX A. CARNEY City Radio Repair Radios and Appliances 320 E. Main St. phone 2407 Me COULDMY BE---HE WAS OWNED BY AN OLD COUPLE WHO NEVER. DROVfT HIM OVER. 2O MILES AM HOUR. ' AL«O YOU WILL NOTE THAT HE HAS RETREADS ALL AROUND I BY MERRIIL BLOSSEF ^ __ -. — •-, AMD FEEDIN'iS- HIM WILL. BF : WO PCOBLEM ---HE EATS ALMOST" ANYFHIMS/ ' •

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