The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1947
Page 10
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BLYTHKVir,LB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ! M ELYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE OOURmt MXWB OO. n.W. HAINE8, PubUiher I/, JAMES L. VERHOEPF, Editor f ACL P. HUMAN. Adrertlslng Hunger hole Nitfcuul Advertising Representative*: "Me Witmer Oo, New York, Chicago, De, AtUuiU, PublUhed Every Afternoon Except Sunday «* Mcond. class, matter at the post- a&tot at BlyUievtlle, Arkaiisas, under act at Con- October », 1917, Served: by the United Press S.CBSCRrPTK** RATES By carrier in the city or Blylhevllle or any raburban town where carrier service Is main- Mined, 20c per week, or SSo, per month. By mat], within a radius 'of 40 miles, 14.00 per fear. $2.00 for six months, $1.00 lor three months; or mall outside. 50 mile zone, $10.00 per year In advance. payable : THOUGHTS The ear thai bearclli the reproof of 15fc. abldeth among the wise.—Proverbs 15:31. He that can bear reproof, ', and mend by ir, il he is not wise,. Is in n fair : way of being so. Benjamin Franklin. ussian Lullaby A threadbare ^truism lias it thji't people are pretty much the .same tdo world over. If that is so, we'd like to try out the Stale Department's first hour-long broadcast to Ilussia on American listeners and have 3VJr. Hooper or Mr. Crosstey rate their reactions. Our guess is, after reading a printed English translation of the lead-oil" program, that few Americans would have been, listening at the finish. And we can well imagine a similar reaction • in Russia—unless some pretty dull English copy comes out sparkling and. dramatic in the IUissian,,languagc. This much is certain. A few programs like the first one should counteract the frequent statements by Rus- sian'writers that Americans arc a jaw.- inad, money-mad, tribe. The Kprightliest visible part of the State Department's radio premier—aside from recordings of "Turkey in the Straw" and "Night and Day"—was a discourse on py- ribenzamine, the new synthetic chemical treatment for hay fever and sin; ilar allergies. It may have been a cold night in Russia, and the hay fever season may have been months away, but they yet the detailed, polysyllabic works on pyribenzamine. At the "end the listeners were told that "at the present time pyribenzamine is being produced in limited quantities and is released oniy on demand by-a physician." We don't mean to put undue emphasis on this part of the broadcast. There were also news dispatches, a long, instructive talk on the structure: of the United States government (first of a series), another learned description of a new method of photographing the infra-red spectrum of stars, and two more musical selections. We don't mean to be bitter aboia the program, either. We just feel a little let down after the State Department's build-up of the series., When it was trying unsuccessfully to buy thc United Press and Associated Press news services, it rather gave the idea that these, broadcasts were to constitute a sort of diplomatic Book of Revelations. They were going to carry the truth and the real American behind the iron curtain. They would counteract critical propaganda by being purely factual. I They would promote an understand'""!: of the American common man by his Russian counterpart, and so on. Well, the first broadcast was truthful except for one minor slip. (The script said "Each state has its legislai tive organ, consisting of two Houses" -^-forgetting, of course, Nebraska's one- house legislature.) Perhaps we are unfair to judge by the first offering. But since the St:itc Department attaches such importance to the series, we hope those in charge will not'underestimate their first objective—to keep the Russian listene-- interested, and coming back for ru6re. . If the department wants our two- cents' worth,'we would suggest they ,.- consider cutting the program to a half ); hour, and calling in an experienced, t imaginative radio program builder to give a little more variety and punch. That's what they probably would do if they were trying to sell laundry soap to American listeners. v Th& State Department is trying to sell a pretty important product to Russia. But no matter how badly the Russian listener needs it, it's doubtful that he will buy it in an unattractive package. > - A Challenge to Leo Larainc Day, the new Mrs. Leo Durocher, has succeeded in getting Judge Dockweiler disqualified from further hearings in the move to disqualify her California divorce. If Manager Leo can do as well v.-ilh the umpires in his league ns Mrs. Leo has in hers, it ought to be a great year for the Dodger fans. VIEWS OF OTHERS The Story of Mary Reardon Mary Hor.rdon, 14, was the only child of SI. Louis parents who were raid to lie wealthy. Her nvcry wish \vns j> ranted, slic had charge accounts nl all HIP stores andd her parents put no limit on her purchases. Mary Is in Jnll, chatijcd with the murder of her father, she anil her boy rrlcml, aKe 13, decided to run away. The father learned they were In a tourist camp ami went to bring tlicin back. Oi) lli« way liomo Mary puiied » gun nmj shot her father In Iho head. He lost control or tho car and it swerved into the ditch. Mary's boy friend was fatally Injured, combined ell'ectK , or the bullet find'the wreck of the. car killed the father. Mnry escaped injury. Psychologists say the trouble WHS too much indulgence and too little discipline. Mary, in her cell, reads comic bonks and takes care of her makeup. She bnd said she shot her father be- cnnsc she feared slit- \votil<) be .sent to a school she didn't like. There lire ninny Mary Reardons In this rich land or ours. Slums, wrecked homes, heredity, don't cause all of our so-called Juvenile dt- llnqucnts, as yuu well know. But just what can those who are laboring so hard to lessen crime among our youngsters do with n case like Mary's? The psychologists say she needed discipline. Doubtless she did. Or was 11 Mary's parents who needed discipline If so, how? Ifnve you ever been courageous enough to ten parents Hint lliclr kid needed some old fnslitoncxt discipline? If you have, was your advice accept- cd. or were you "frown" or thrown out of Ihe house? 'One wonders Just how mnuy uirls huve gone the way of Mary Reardon slinpjj- because tlio parenla "meant ivell, but didn't, know their own child" uml believe all would turn out well merely because It was their child. —ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1917 Howyo Doin', Pa!? Othman Serves as a Guinea Pig For Guys With New Formulas The DOCTOR SAYS I3>' 1VIIJ.IAM A. O'Brien, ar. I). . Written for NEA Service Surgical operations on the hearts of blue babies correct the difficulty which results from failure of their blood to circulate properly throuuh the lunsjs. Dr. Alfred Blalock of Johns Hopkins University Rives Dr. Helen Taiissig credit for tlie sum'slion that enabled him to develop the operation which permits more blood to flow llu-ongh blue, babies' lungs. The report of the first 110 cases ill which this was done is reviewed in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Surgical operations on blue babies will not benefit all children with conegriital heart disease. Thc special variety in which the artery that comiccls Die right veisLrk-ic of the heart, with the lung falls to develop is most often suitable. A large artery from the neck Is attached to thc lung artery at a point beyond the obstruct'ion so that tho blood bypasses the block. Tins blood travels in a continuous .siream .The red blood cells contain a substance called hemoglobin which combines with the oxygen of the air a.s the blood passes through the lungs. Red cells ivith - Anti-Labor Forces' Legislative Proposals Serve 11Y I'KTIIII KDKON Ni:,\ Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON — <NEA>— Antl- abor forces .seeking to push new union r< filiation legislation through Congress have no,v succeeded in bringing Ihe AFL, and the c!O closer together ilian I hey have been •U any time .since December. 1<M2. Th;it is the inescapable eonclu- •ion tn be drawn from the recent exchange or letters between AFL. "resilient William Green and UIO ^resident Philip Murray.'n has appointed a five-man eonimittee to ncet niul dismiss common action BARBS BV HAL COC1IIIAN Female oysters are larger than lh c male-- ni»l luudi.'r (o find In an order at ili c restaurant. * * * An cot: five and one-hall' inches lone; was reported laid in Michigan. It was not specified whether by H hen or a radio comedian. Doing away with the middle of all sidewalks would leave gossips in a tough spot. * » » The only worthwhile rcnsou for straining your eyes is through looking on the bright side. * * » Some food heals the Wood, a doctor observes. And sometimes the price of it makes th c Wood boil. SO THEY SAY An education which is truly liberating touches thc heart and thc will a.s well us the mind.—IJr. Everett Case, president Colgate U. * » » Most delinquent children are fissocial rather than anti-social. They have no moral sense because it wr,.s never taught them.—Judge Jacob Pnnkcn, Domestic Relations Court. * * *> While the great bulk of law violators arc men, the female hand often enters criminal matters.—FBI Director J. Edsnr Hoover. Affiliation with tb c church is probably n mark of sociable personality and is highly associated with material adjustment.—Pro! Harvey J. Locke, u. of Southern Canlfornla sociologist. * • * I am in favor of keeping Ihc United States a little hlgliDr than the rest of the world so that \vc can help put the others np. You cnn't do that if you stand on the snme level.—Kr-p. Earl c. Michener iR) of Michigan. r * r It America were to die, it would not be by murder from without but by suicide tbreu-;;i racial, religious and class hatreds and bigotry. —Federal Judge James P. McGrnnery o.' Philadelphia. » » * If we arc thinking In levins of (atomic! Industrial power beyond a few experimental plants, il will take at least five years and probably more to do thc atomic engineering.—Real- Adml. S. Parsons. Navy Director of Atomic Uc'.ensc. * * * I have observed and participated In a number of investigations in the last 30 years. I !,,m- never seen one that either elected or defeated a political party or a candidate for President. —Sen. ftl'ivn Bnrjj'ey (D) of Kentucky. * * # Since it is the parent who makes it possible for children to grow up good or bad, trAiivtns for parenthood is the road to prevention ot juvenile de;tnquency.^luclgc Jacob Pnnken, New York Domestic Relations Court. with CIO and by naming a five- mnn rommittcc—including Juhn 1,. Lewis—to meet with a simliur CIO commute*-. On Feb. 18 Murray named his five-man committee — including lilbLself—- ami said they were ready to ment with the AFL group on ! '.'A lunir.s' notice. The last time Murray and Lewis met was at the PresruiMiL's labur-mumiycment conference in tbe full of !Q-lf>. They said "nuts" to each other and accomplished nothing. GbNMItAI. KTKllil-: i'OSSlHLE It ami when they are able to j;ct on their current top priority prob- together mid bury the hatchet in BUI—defeat of the more than SO abor regulation bills nov, r before 'onrji ess. Merger of the AFL and CTO is irobably a lovu: way off. leaders of tbe two movements ire too jeiitous of each other's .lower for limncdiitte action. Eacli vill want to know exueliy what he to pet out of the deal. Green says the new enimniLtcfS mist be prepared Jo discuss unit" jeforc they tliscu?s common actum the ground instead of each other, the very people who have been able to play one group against the other may have most catise for regret. And the public which has been tile chief victim of ititcr-un- iou warfare may be made to suffer all the more "through having to buck solidarity within the American laboi- movement. A general strike of American la- i;"j- ;ncom.'ievable under the pres- setup—would be against restrictive legislation, TCIur- ; entirely possible if there were la•ay says nction against anli-laDor; bur unity. There has been labor nws must be agreed upon before ; disunity for morn than 10 years. It was In the fid! of 193G ihaT, the AVIj expelled HI new industrial union:; under the John L. Le\\is lead- I'L.ship. The outcasts formr.d the CIO the next year. Labor Secretary ' be any discussion of .here can .inlly. Steps which have brought tho two leaders even this close together have all been taken within the ast ID weeks. On Dec. fi Murray called for "unities action by nil ahor groups against Ibe ferocious Ulack lunv belm; made on orj-ani^.- labt>r. The AFL executive eovin- I':'.mces Perkins tried to bring the t\vn factions together. 'n March. 11)39, President Roose- Tht-n in December, ia«. James F. Byrnes as director of war mobili- sation brought the two groups together to make a no-raiding agreement. 'Hie issue ha<i been brought to a liec.d by CIO efforts to organize unions in Henry Kaiser's AFL shipyards. The agreement was to remain in effect "until labor unity is effected." The deal fell through b?ertusc of .1 hidden paragraph which the CIO negotiators insisted on. It \vr.s not made public. It declared that "nothing contained in tin 1 accepted agreement will conflict witli either party's legal rights." FORGET THE PAST? H looked innocent, enough, and the AFL negotiators accepted it. Then the CIO revealed that it interpreted "legal rights" to include the right of every workman under the Wdgner Act "to bargain through un:on representatives of his own choosing." In other words, this tin- published paragraph nullified the whole agreement. The AFL executive committee broke off all further efforts to work towards labor unity. During the war. members of the two groups served on the same committees and made a pretense of co-operation without ever mentioning merger. Now, alter five years of armed truce, they are willing to forget lu 101-'. under pressure of oil meeting in Miami at the end ot'iilv war effort. Sidney Hillman January replied by proposing unity j mcd and failed as peacemaker. tried without success to make j the past, and try to get, together again, because they are faced with a common danger to their very existence. a0e»aea«vD« IN HOLLY¥/COD . HY EHSKINK JOHNSON NKA Staff Oirrcspondenl HOLLYWOOD. Feb. 25. (NEAI — Now that "Lady in the I.-.ike" is bcxoffice hit, Dob Montgomery laughingly said he could tell me the' ihnt storv. ' i l>ru. Seen many other cases of hus- b:'.:;d.s and wives and brothers aiut niters avoiclh 1 .^ "tami'.y' pifolicity. Xow comc.i "Abie's Irish Rose." wii'.i the advertisements saying the film JiirroihKTs Joanne Then, i" small type, appear words: ••Confidentially, she's ••s. Dick Harm's." Conficlentk'.Uy, Mrs. Dick Haymr-s i'[ too happy iibunl it. :: Y(JU can get .1 :i newly opened for S1.E5. Mitont Inflation mifc nice steak in Hollywood cafe pi'tatnes, yet! Deflation mile: George Brent is scllill!; hi*, stalile of yfj horses. I BKACKEX, lUSGU.ALLER * * * Kddie Bracken's .first independent movie- he's li'iuim; Paramount— ni'.l be "750 Smith.' a storv he b:ught from Harold Lloyd. It's :> jajcball yarn about a fortuneteller who predi.ts Eddie will bat .7;>l). He does. ••Forever Asrbrr" ballyhoo. i Xo, Ftx won't change the title j [if "Scudda Hcio, Hondrla. Hay,'* lu'oause tbe iu,vol \\as a host seller. Tlie fiisl tMrt of flic tide means "gcr-up" to tlie Iwo mules in thc film, the sorond means ,ln a n-.nli-. thai is) "ulinn." kitions becomes a Life Master, and only 70 players have been able to attain that honor in thc 20 years of the League's operation. Three of the 70 recently won that title in one event. Thc Chicago team of Arthur Gliu f ,, Albert Weiss. Jules Bank, William McGhee and Maynard D. Adams and star. Bob In-] thc troduccs a new screen technique in "Lndy." Thr camera's eyes arc his eye:;. You don't sec Bc:-b as )'.*' trucks down a killer. You .see what he sees. I One scene—you may remember it—culls tor l!ci to enter a deserted house, look around downstairs, open a couple of closet door.s, uo upstairs, and look u;>: and i'-.>wn a ruillvvuv. Then he- .sees u lady's handkerchief on tur flo:>r. stocps down, and pk'k.s it up. For the scene, the earner;', w.i:; mounted on an ll-tor.-l:nom on wheels You i-iui't :;et ar. 11-Uin boom through a sumclard doorway. So as Hcb 'and the camera) re:i~ho,'l the dnoru'ay. they ueiv whisked out cf camera rant:e by j " an inliirate arrangement of'io;:«t Funicd artists John I/\Gntta annj and pulleys and '.vires ! Aniiancl Scguso will paint Linda i Ju^t b'i'lore lie b started the' n; -'"elVs portrait for the advance scene, a croup of M-O-M'.s caster" Oiuikrr.s arrived for a '•look-see.' • Naturally. Hun were rather star-1 tied a.s Bob yelled "action" anil! the rainern stalled a eraml uiur; desertrcl house without I/.nuj Turner or chirk Gable or Lusv.c or someone in sijUit. i The the set started fallim; a;>.vt ! as Bcb cued workmen to pe:k uw.iv! wholp walls and doorway^ a.s tho 11-ton bniim cnn-.chccl on ;iko on-' of I'.itton's tnnxs. Km.t!h, velle:i "cut." and ihe b.inkcr: practically swooning, insert over to him and said: "WHAT did you )i!s: do, .Mr. Montgomery?" "Gentlemen." Montgomery smihvl sweetly, "i just phoiosiaVheil ,\ lady's h:\ndker :hie;"' N'O MAN'S FAMILY Family ties usually are severed professionally in Hollywood. When Joan Fontaine, for exrim- l)Ie. started out^on the screen, she Bank A Q54 V Q 9 5 4 49652 * 108 4 AK JIO nv V A J 7 •» 73 W E S Dealer * z V K 10 8 3 2 * AQJ10 AJ32 VB » K34 ' * A K Q 9 7 4 Tournament—Eoth vul. Soulli \Vcst North East 3 * 3 * Pass I'ass Opening— A 10 25 + BY FIlKDF.ItU'K C. OT11MAN tUnlled Press Slaff Correspondent} next blonde who pats my smootrt- shaven elieek, I bet, never pats another. I've got Invisible whiskers. Prom the boston manufacturer, by way of tlie New York distributor, ,1 received a jug nf beard Ixini^hc-r, carnation flavored. Baiaers and blondes, lake warning. Hiiior blade makers, switch ov-,-r now to putty knives. Shaving cream fa: loi ie:;, your only chance to .save your coiporale .skins lies in laundry soap. Whisker paint, the agent sajs, it about to start, a t<jnsoii[il ] e\'olution. This mask tor mustaches and shroud for side whiskers is a swecc- sjnelljiiK goo the color of .sunburned flesh. The imvHions say rub it well into tlie beard. This paints face and whiskers to match ant! -.'.vases cue :m ' c-m-^ immediately to resemble freshly- Imaered natives of Miami, I have tried this magnificaut preparation and I regret to report there imvc been complaints. My bride says jt makes me look like a plump mummy from an egyptian tomb. She says .she'd rather "dance oheek-lo-eheek with a fresbly- painted park bench: not so splintery. The wash-woman adds that mysterious, i;e:£h-co]ored .streaks have appeared on my cottars. Scru.'j as she will, she can't get 'cm out. These are minor matters such as pUn;ue every pioneer- people laughed at the Wright Jjrolhe:-.f, full load of oxygen give the too. Only serious objection"! have blood its characteristic red color. At- found I0 " whisker paint i ter they have unloaded oxygen in has no shaving eflcet on the tissues, the blood turns a"biuish color in the veins. When invisible that it _rowth. whiskers have color in the veins. : sprouted for a w;'e'< they loo'- u» In blue babies, blood which has culiar. tough pink, li! ;c threads of come back through the veins enters sk 'n haivjint; from the clii.i Ihe heart to be pumped to the lungs "Cihastly," was the word ua-d at to tnke on more oxygen. Because of ra > r homo. 7'he solution Is n~ horsi the block in the lung artery near cli Pper, used 1 once over lightly evi the heart, nn insufficient amount Saturday night. 'crv do not know why so manv people are interested In improvim- my appearance, though I did ao- j pear once my mistake in a newsreel. That may explain nly receipt from the West, Coast of a Jiciv . kind of dentifrice. i Pastes and powders, I guess, are gets through and the blood continues to circulate without eiiou^i oxygen. 80 I'KR CEN'T IIELPKH . Doctor Blalock's operation was ;uccessful in more than 80 per cent of blue babies he treated. When one considers the delicate structures with which he had to work' r '' M ncw - So is l! :'i liquid loum and the poor condition of many of cl( ' n " ei ' that comes in bottles At, his subjects, this is remarkable All lcast for nle - I take a pill to polish the survivors have continued to im- ' my tccth prove. I It is about the size of an aspirin Surgeons in many parts of the' tabIcL Po l j u into 'he mouth, tike country now are doing tlie same'" sma " sm " ° r water, and there type of operation with equally good \ ls '." , ci »'-»'' reaction which makes success. Selection of proper" cases I a slzzall B sound. Presto. for thc Bhilock operation The .mouth • is crammed with (fell for the success of the procedure ' "'.' s l- e:11 '"'l»t in taste and latii- Sui-Reons also are able success- e1 *', '" ' °° to Kork ' successfully to operate on other types of congenital heart disease "if the a connection between the" pulmonary' : ,"£„,. .... ,. , -•' • - Jiush. Wncn finally you get rid artery and aorta persists," it can bo tied, or if l; ; cre Is a narrowed portion in thc aorta, this can be removed and the severed ezids sutured together. - on this tooth i rush and you feel bill-poster trying to paste 12-.?heet with a mascara concerning QUESTION: .What is a good book for a boy between 10 nnd 11 to read for information his development? ANSWEU: .If children have all their questions answered bv their' parents before they are 0, they will be well groundsel in sex information. Parents should not make speeches or answer questions any more completely than their child requests. If you have not done this, you may go to your nearest library for recommendation of books which have been found most popular with Parents. of the foam you can be dead ee-- tam your teeth are clean. I fried out my new electric toorh briisn, presented by still another well-wisher, at the same time. The brush was brazing, the pill was learning, the bristles were vibrathi" 1,0:0 times a minute. ° Half way through this job n. today J5 Years Ago In BlylhevUle- Tucsdav Feb. 25, 10K Sheriff w. W. Shaver .„„„, planned to present a salary budget for his office this year to Circuit Judge G. E. Keck for approval at the same time he submits his 1831 expense account to the court for inspection. Scott Harris 1 condition is still un. changed after an emergency operation in thc Methodist Hospital in Memphis recently. Mrs. W. D. Gravettc and daughters. Misses Dalma, Maurice and Co-Discoverer or'.or of smoke from the' motor' in the handle, nnd no more buzz. The woman who promised to love honor and o bey too)-: a startled look. "Rabies," she said. Guess I don't beat her enough. Reflected rolnrs The color of a flower, or any other object, is nothing more than the colors of the spectrum which Ihc object will not absorb. Thus, 11 yellow fltj'.ver is one which absorbs all thc colors except yellow, which it rcilects. Names for Apple Pic Apple pics were called "apple sticklin," "apple twelin," and "apple liognn" by old English housewives, and they were baked more than 000 years ago in the same manner as today. Read Courier News Want Ads. Beverly, left this morning for Little Rock to make their home. Mrs. N. I!. Menard has been named state PTA chairman for the annual health drive. Ansivcr nau it in her contract that shr couldn't be billed as the sister' or Ohvia dc HaviHand. There have Defeat oi' a Crucial. Tournament Hand KV W1U.1AM I-. SIcKENXEY Alnrrir.i's Card Autlinrity Written tar XKA Service Thc .American Contract Bridge I l.v.iguc is colebratins its '20th ail- n-versnry tli!s yoar. It was or.'pin- i izerl in 1927. when its first tourna- menL was held in Chicago. A player who accumulates 300 or more mas- I (• r points according to LO.IRIIC resu- I won the national men's team-of- four championship at Hollywood. Pla. Glatl and Weiss were Life Masters, and the three named went over the top with that particular victory. Today's hand was taken from the men's team-of-four event. East and \Vest could have made four hearts by refusing ttic spade fines>;p and (jue.^sins Die location ol' the heart queen, but when South put in thc pre-emptive bid of three clubs. West pot stuck in a three- spade contract. Jules Hank (NIortM defeated three spades and won a match for his team. When dummy covered the opening club lead with the jack. South ' won with the queen and continued with the kini; of clubs. This was followed .by the ace of clubs, winch declarer trumped with thc nine of spades. I3ank refused to over-trump, and i this led declarer to believe that ! South held tlie queen of spades, Therefore he led the seven of hearts, went up with dummy's king and led back (lie rieuce of spades, finrssinfr the ten-spot. Bank won and trumped, and declarer still had to give up a diamond trick. Thus Hie three-spade contract was dc- fe.iicil one trick. HORIZONTAL 5S Expunge 1 Pictured sur- GO Burdened geon, Ihe late 61 Pound (ab.) Dr. Karl 62 He was given H He was one of the — the cfiscover- lor his crs ol the discoveries factor VERTICAL 1 Jungle beast 2 Hoatzin 3 British admiral 4 .Ariel 5 Street (ab.) 6 Italian city 7 Preposition 8 Close n Eye (Scot.) 11 Bamboolike grass 12 Abode 13 Lifeless 14 ScolT 15 Daybreak (comb, form) ICSolely 17 Girl's name 18 Plant part 20 Naval air station (ab.) 21 A of his lias been used 10 Railroads to type blood for years 23 American humorist 2-1 Boat paddle 20 Ever (conlv.) 28 Category 30 Beast ot burden 33 Morindin dye :M Within 35 Chinese weight 3(i Abraham's home ;37 Tempest : 30 Indian ;41 Lion ,•12 Armed conflict I'M Frozen water : -i;"i Wealthy men • 50 Kntanglc 'Ji3 Monotonous Loiters 55 Han I 57 On account <nb.) 17 Exclamation 19 Ancient Irish capital 21 Nev/Jersey city 22 Plant disease 25 Get up 27 Feminine nnme 28 Talk idly 29 Cloth measure 52 Take care of 31 Drinking cup 54 Babylonian 32 Exist deity 38 Athena 56 Uncooked •10 Fleet 59 Sun cod •43 False god GO Musical note •H Cruslaccan 46 Exclamation of borrow 47 Luxuriate In genial warmth 48 Type of molding 49 Bachelor of Science (ab.) 51 Asseverate

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