The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1947
Page 8
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w ..PAGE EIGHT , _^ £ i -v I . ' ~ "" _ " Newcomer on Arena Mat Card Suffers Fractured Leg During Main Event for Wrestling Fans After the lag match had to bo halted because ol -i bjroken eg suffered by Mike Cliacomu in the first fall jttibststule match was scheduled between Chris Bulkas and IJoy \Velch, who copped two straight falls to win lansl nijrht on the Legion Arena mat. * _.__ .Oiacoma's Injury was re:clvedf -^ . . ftbout 15 minutes after the tag ihlflse 4r\ D/^... {natch had gotten underway when i >•» "It. J\O IO f IC7V Roy Welch knocked him from the I » . ,. - ' ring Chacoma struck his leg on Yt*ll/\\A/ tlje edge of the ring fcut it was; * GTIWr &evoral minutes later before he rtis- COiercd he couldn't make H -back on lhc mat. ^During that interim, his partner, Cjiris Beikas, was embroiled In a BJ-olonged buttle the Welch bj-othcns. Ray and Jack. Roy eliminated Bjlkas with a bady scissors, mil though he made an effort to tiinsh the fall. Chacoma had to Small Bone Fraclun-il A debtor's examination rcvealcil a, fractured fibula, or small bone, 0,5 his left leg and Roy Welch 8.nd Beikas ivere picked lo stage a best two out of three fall mntch. , .Welch and Beikas battled back afid forth In the first fall. Delka.s sjiowed faster work, but Roy eoun- l^red frequently, ue'.kas downed Welch with leg grapevines in two ncar-piiis but bath times Roy On Bay Court The Chicks and Hlythcvillc Gills cage squads wind up their season tonight as they travel [o Bay for a return engagement with thc Yellow Jackets. This win b c the lust game on he 1010-47 schedule for the Chick* except for district tournament play, which starts March 5 at L-.iehvitl.' And unless lhc Chick Girls receive an invitation to Ihoir district tourney, which begins tomorrow at Walked Tree, tonight's tilt will l)e their final court ap]>earnnce. A., they were eliminated in a seJond- roimd county tilt, ihelr entrance m the district tourney depends on getting an Invitation to plav in this meet. -As they meet, the strong Yellow Jackets for thc second time this season, Coach Dill (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Family Affair twisted and kicked his way free. iThey staged a fast mix-un _o r . . o-" ** , *.*.jv IIIIA u[j .... -.„„..„.., ^ v ,i^,, ijm uuu"Wlirs Cfl"C- iwelcli counter-attacked with a men will be seeking revenue for hjimmer lock. Belkus broke loose'a narrow 33 to 31 defeat landed ^LJf^ 10 ] 1 c >>ar e ed to Hand him i them -by the Bay five in mid'-Jan- sfhm7 m""] l "? lflh aml body uary. This loss snapped a Chick smms. the last throw proving a eight-game winning strenk ami nfrmiHfT nifl t\(!llVOr n*i T?nx> .1*1 tl nn tlln rvrrl i lint >< it,irtf,f^~t _-i i .. as Roy ,,„ to the. canvas after 15 minutes of hard wrestling. iBelkas abandoned his usual scientific methods and opened the sec- marred their undefeated record The Yellow Jackets play a fnst •breaking game and the first meeting was a hotly-contested tilt with ,.„„,.„ „„; oc;u - lhc Chicks pressing the Bay lid, pnd fall with a barrage of (nineties I nnl fom ' minutes. These Welch returned posthaste ' Tllc chick olrls battled lo f. and a free-swinging slucfest fol-l m 17 to 15 wln ove >' Ihe Bay sex- lowed. . Welch's next charge was llct ln Lllc " 1SL =' a '" e - This was mpl by BeJkas with a flurry of|U, elo3c dcfcll slvc contest In \vhl-n kangarco-kicks but the last' one ' A "" Whltling-ton's sextet o; backfired as Roy anlicipalcd tlie lunge and caught Beikas before he —" 1J recover. Welch dropped on ercame a 10 lo 5 first period dcficll lo reach an It to 10 half time lead. A Bay free toss Chicks Betas and pinned "him "nflcr whirlwind four-minute fall Chacoma 1-lays Itough, Too Though Ms work in thc main 1 Sta'fford Sfcnt was .cut short. Chacoma Cnldwell slioiied the ftins that ho was a i Hotlgu . : lough customer in the semi-windup B Elliott agam»t Rey Welch. Welch led the! Poster opening give and take until Chacoma cornered him and elhnbcl, Blythcville the ropes to. get more room to'U. Ball was thc only 1 fourth period tally in this game r,~*~^*., -""^ in LIII^ jjmiic rrooable stnrliii(; line-ups follow Hoys' Game swing his punches at Hoy. ,,Welch regained Hie lead with - - j •* vili_ ItdU \% 11,11 sijme iislicuffs of his own followed «P with bDdy slams. Chacoma. Champion to Defend Title , came back to do some fcody-slammmg. or his own and caught Welch with a front crotch a,nd body slam to win after 1U minutes of rough mat .battle ,-T 71™-.,,^ Jack Welch and Beikas mot in CUtPaJDE, N. J., Fe.'>. 2S, (UF) t(ie first prelim ?„ stage , s vl ~ T ,^ s " evlcl V worU1 ' s "8»t-hea- clean-areaking ftout fillr-ri ,. ,' v - VWDil;ht champion who defends his I " . » VVUL jinun \\mi i p.-, - — -'-- i — ••- — ncky_ grappling that indicated Uicl n j Pai. P. .... C. • •••a ...'.'.' .... a Girls' Game Pos. F. . . 13. Whiscnlumt P W'dncr p W. Whisenlmnt o'. E. Overman L. Overman IBO Moo i ... Gilliam rict W. Coopei Piuicc Bay MoMasters .. Cochran .. Hickman ... Kniglit Gentry ... Fought The Viceroy (jets friendly words ol advice from his canine coach and his mistress, Mrs. M. E. Li/. Wliilney, former wife of snorts man John I!ny Jock Wliitnuy, ,-it Florida's Hinlcuh Purk The Jjfn-ee-yciir-old Kniy colt lias not yet run his maiden race. Early Arrival . — .-» i, n.^v nn.iii.utvu LJJU use of a good bit of hendwork The Ifad alternated as bolh" fought a scientific match until Welch clamp- rest" today ii s for a "ciay of handlers pro- inlnutes. nounccd him in top-top condition Lcsnevich. 32-ypar-old sluttvi II wind up Hi; with four easy aining tomorrow I rounds of boxing. 2 Basketball Fans Killed, 250 Injured With Bleachers Topple .iLAFAYETTE, ind., Feb. 25 — |PP) _ Purdue University's Iwlci- h,o;ise was sealed todny awaithi" an mvcsllgetiBn into thc sudden col- Igpso of blcauiier stands which Allied two students and injured 250 other basketball fan s last night ,.,, Approximately H a r the Injur- ert still were hospitalized today. „ The mysterious collapse <; the all-wooden stands hurtled 3,500 ^creaming fans, mostly students, to U-c dirt lloor and broke up a Big fcline basketball game between Pur- du» and Wisconsin. i t The 30 foot high stands run'iing the length of the basketball floor or. the east side of thc court collapsed in the middle nn t | spilled spectators to the ground as if they ffire dropped into a tunnel. Planks from the upper tiers toppled last. Riling down on top of the sprawled, Injured mass of people. , ; Purdue's President Frederick L. •Hovde said the nil-wooden .yandy were "not loaded beyond thrtr rated capacity." ,, "The fieldhouse will be cloSu im- t-ij a careful Investigation of the ca;.'jj of the failure of the stnnrit can be determined," Hovde said. , State highway police said they believed the collapse was "nn accident", and said they, did not be- lif-ve that the stamping of spectators feet was In any way respon-. sible. .The dead were Roger R. Gelhaus«n, 23, Garrett, md.. a freshman, and William D. Feldman, 20, East Chicago, md., a sophomore. Many of the 250 who were taken to the student Infirmary and to two hospitals suffered broken aims or broken legs or back injuries. A hundred injured persons were given first aid treatment'at the scene. Others hobbled home l o paint iodine on bruised shins. The dirt floor beneath lh c stands minimized the toll of dead and injured. The rescue work ot calm. Yon emi always b2 sure that spring is just around Ihe corner \vaon the- baseball trains op?n their tniining camps all over the coun- At. rhomb:. Am., cliui iff. ynm:K K'irr veteran, re- to tlie New York Giants snvinjf training cum)). This is Uv.' youngster's first ycm- with the blj; Icngiies. <NEA Telephoto i Trippi Leads /.//-Stars ATLANTA. On.. I-V1). '2~>. (1 hnces w " i nr °" averting panic. Tlie slrfnds collapsed a mtmiic aUcr the C nrt o f the first hair of the basketball game. The half had ended with Purdue holding a 35 to 34 lead. s:udent clarfc poKock. standing I ummiiaf I-ISK" ami may need m the West stands directly across treatment, Alice l.'.iVcre. Sail Fnm- tnc basketball court noticed "" '- ie --" ""'< ^« i.. Tt:n_ _,. . . . slight hollow appear In the center of the East stands." "I looked like about 20 or 25 Pi-ople were falling through" H said. ' Suddenly - 'tccn-ase j;hl who slots all fluttrry over Frank Sinatra's voice is a bad 'marriage risk" and may ncnd . Alien l.'.iVorc. San Fnin- :isco and Beverly Hills psychologist, declare.-;. "Girls who )>ro:!-.s.s to Iind romance In the rpicrn? voices of crooners arc really running away from .sexual trulli " she slid th*~r«Z"*, 01 ;™ l " lul1 ' Uiroughout " 'Tcen-aKo girls » t p subconsciously ThP^ni- stal ; ds J crciimcd wlt " fear, driven by the desire to escape what Ine entire stands began to f'l *»......• - . ""-' l Ninety-four of the injured "rc""- nuimed for treatment at st Elix.a- beth's hospital, 44 at Home Hospital and eight in u, e Purdue Uni- "i-isity infirmary. Ora*f* • Groptfrrfl, and Grapcfntt deplores Swooning Over Crooning SAN FRANCISCO. (UP) — Tin seems tu' and Ipirifyinj; in males. They lint! a ,sym!*>] c>[ purity nnd in crooners wii.h" choir boy voices." iMiss LaVcrc saici a study of 'Icon-age Rlrls in San Franclscr") and Los Anpclrs revealed tliat wiio worsl-.!pp;-d cn.nn^re won- "confused by ndoli-scencc nnd shockini'ly misinformed about sex." She said thc normal girl 15 years of age and above should p'refer lhc manly voice of Vaughn Monroe. •™"*^».^ !•!•!•• -^1 ~' - ^.^" 'r VETER, Begin your flight training now, under the Gl Bill of Rights. AM veterans with an honorable discharge are eligible to receive sufficient training to get n CAA Private Pilot's Certificate. Get yours NOW . . . for further Information dial 2717. Hood Flying Government Approved Flying School Hangar Nc,. 2 Municipal Airport Owned & Operated by G. K. (Gene) Hood 25. was Racing Fever Pitched High At Spa Track HOT E'PRINOS. All: Fob < UP)—Thc 1917 racing fever at, high pitch today, with four allowance events carded 1 by niclnrj Secretary Eugene Bury for the ccoud day at Onklawn' Park. Heading a list of thriller? is the siMli nice, featuring six good milers in a mile and 70-yard classic fi a purse or sl.300. "Quibs Bally " Uained by Ed Irby of Hot Springs :nd always a winner at Oaklawn is lop-weighted nl 118 pounds. Also m the flelc' will be "Cooperative," \liimont." "Reaping Gold." "Mis- flymB." and "del Bet." Other :\llcv;ance events will be tlie first, u G-riiriong- sprint" for 1 vc ir-olds; the third, " with 4- year-olds and up qualifying, a n-l Ihe seventh, a mile and 70-ynnls lor 4-year-olds and up. A cbillco" mid thrilled crowd Fisherman Missing on Lake Norfork MOUNTAIN HOME. Ark Fell 25. i U.I'.)— :\ sliorc-to-Khoi-c se.-ircri of Lake Norfork was nndr?r way today for a 00-year-old S-)rhi K - Ileld, Mo., man, E. H. Johnson, who was las i .seen on Saturday when he rented n boat at Hawkins' Camp on Hie lake. Ah-plnncK and boatloads of sportsmen from Baxter and Marlon counties were co-operating in UK- search. Johnson, a hollcnnakcr for tile Frisco Railroad. cn me to th,- ),ikc utmost every month to fish Residents near the doek said Hi- -nan was a bachelor and jj m i at a hotel in Springfield. His boat, was seen alnnt a -iiiie and a half awny Irom Hawkins' Camp Saturday aftcrnooii and lie wns ar-Jiarently hefuk-l lowar-i Mallard Point. Johnson's car is .still parked at the doek v.'hcre lie Heading scarehin« ]>.r.-ti<>- ai- pilots Devoe Ilniik.s and Al Demers" both of Mountain Home, aud Jiax- lor County Sheriff Ernie Cicnlry High waves on Lake NoiTn;-i .,av" hampered the rescue parties in small boats. TUESDAY, FKUHUAHY 25, 11)47 Champions Repeat HOLLYWOOD, Fia., peb, 25. HJH; -Mrs. Babj DWrlckson Zaharias, iialloiial women's anuilcur BOJI jhamplon from Denver, Colo., and Pessy Kirk of Pindlay, o. r won the Women's IiUernationa! Four- Ball TuriiamenL yesterday by brat- Ing Louise Suggs of iJlliiu Springs. a:i.. and Jean Hopkins of Lakewood, O., 3 and 2, In an 18-hole playoff round. The playoff was necessitated when tlie opening match ended after 35 holes in a tie, called on account of da.'kness. tcriuls, and pciTwniliig tlie work for linbliU-.j! second floor olfices ut the U. S. P. O., Caruthoisvllle, Missouri In strict accordance with the specification:; dated PH-D1V-5, Jan. a. 1!)47, and drawings (H niiyl mcn- lluned tlierein: iind the general conditions dated Sept. ID, 1912 aud ad-! dcndum thereto dnlcd May 15, 1944 Spccincallons and other data may be Imd at the office of Ihe custodian SSv^a, 0 . 11 ^r« • J!=«£Sc VlSJfff I Division Engineer. | " 1 2J24-25-20 ' i _ CoughiiiK spasms, sore-throat, musculursorcncss mid iit-liiness, irritation in upper i,,,...,i, mi , passages re . f '-' - Made From Oxen The "goldbeater's skin/' used to separate the leaves of metal In | goldbeatlng. is the iiccpwrnii oiit- , side membrane of the large Intestines of the ox. Fedei-al Works Agency, Public Buildings Administration, Office of | the Division Engineer. '2100 Fidelity liuildlng, Kansas City (i, Mo. Feb. 21. !817. Sealed bids, in triplicate, will be received at this office until I 2 p.m., March 13, 10-17 and then publicly opened, for furnishing the ma Dogdom's Wor/d Series Ncars Final Competition GRAND JUNCTCON, IVnn., Feb. 25. (U.P.l —Nightcap Coy, a pointer owned by vv. 3. Coulter 01 Greensboro, N. a, today joined Saturn. Tyson and Fink as (he outstanding animals to sinnear in the 4Uth running of tho national field trials, dogdom's world series Wind eddies ,,,,d frozen .r,- ouna however, did not stop WJ<.|HCIU> Hoy Irom coming up w iu, JO finds during the three-hour grind yesterday. Boy's opposition, Oration was iiiiJinprc.uu-c by contrast. In the afternoon cis-,, Medic a pointer from the kernels of Dr A. S. Bumt-a-dcn of charlotte] N. C., was paired with .shores Brownie DOMIC, aiuu'iir pointer owned by ocrnltl Wliluiian ot Whitman, On. Five more clegs remain to be- cast before tlie wtoruv uf (he trials is announced. Bon on Ticket Scalpers Sought by Legislator ATLANTA, Oil., Feb. 25—(UP) — rcolplng"- rcscKIng O r spcculatin" on tickets to college athletic events „. V";"A ""•'" "-'""" o f i — w '°"'d be punishable as a misdc- iihnost ,10,080 saw outsider "Bub- 1 nv.-nnor under a bill introduced in nf onr?" , m ! lru l 1 , n SU '°"' : fiLM<l! tlle Gcol 'e'i> House by Rep. a. El- L-o M^L-lusl'!- . t . h '..!.!'- 50 , D . lMay . cl ' ;lii> y H «E"n °f Sylvania. n in 1:12° • nut filly, • ' 81 "''' 1 , 1 , hI ,' Kii -' Tho ""' wnlll 'l '" n ^ " unlawful C: Wiheln for , Rny I;erS011 ° r corporation-to met ridden b Jockey T B^e ^ ,, liCkEtS to C °" eBe toolbft11 ' n 45 to 1 Ihotaml pSil Sa'^'I , n' "'' task[!tbri " B « mes tilh ~ '« i -.- .- '.-'" r 1 "- 1 *-1 er at the same price or at a high- ft'O and iis.w asross the board'. Mutitc) belting ycsicrdViy S3200ia set a new all-time high lor -the opening ciay n(, Oaklawn. Memphis Bout Booked MEMPHIS. Tent)., Feb. 25 IlIF) — lorvy Zalc of Gary, i m l.. middleweight champion of the world \vas : signed todav to meet Charles ot Indianapolis, Tommy Iiul., in --- "••-•• " 1J-J41.T, lllll., Ill a ID-round bout in Memphis, March Zale appeared in Mcinjihis last as when he won a fight from l--"die Rossi in preparation for Mici-essful till!., defense Rocky Grnzlano his - ls """'I i^'.'>'-s «> "MI S|X>rls «»»o»»<:cr 1 4-1 yictory over Ihe At'.mla Craek-! wns ""Htcfl with icrsihcre m 5 |, night. ' j Trippi paced the scmim.; with 111 poin's. j ATTENTION VETERANS! ff you served overseas, y,, u sliot.1,1 join ll lc v.F.W. now! Meetings every Wednesday night nn- ! ",,".' C ^'"'^""l-'collnn Of/icc. llring a -(den,, win, yoll . VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS Karris McCallu, Commamlcr price than that asked by college nthlelic association. Southwestern Wins MFMPHTS, Tcnn., F;b. 25. (UP) — S.wlhwcstcrn lasl m'ght scored 34-32 victory over thc University of the Snuth when Forward Bcb Coley made two free throws good in the Irul seconds of the game. •Southwestern led at halftime, 10-15. The Rio Grande valley in Texas has produced ribbed oranges wilh skins like that of a cantaloupe. Phor! o 2171 ATTENTION FARM Here's What You've been waiting for USED TRACTORS AND EQUIPMENT 3 F-20 Farmalls with Equipment i Il-Kurniall willi Kcjuipntcnt 1 Ciisc Tractor 1 John Deere Tractor I'ord Tractors ami equipment Good Combines (.some slightly used) Ann Arlior H.ay H/iler Inlernalionai X'til(ip»ckcr. .MiscellanctHis r(]iiip m ciit, such ns International 15. Mows, International stalk Cutlers, International dratlcrs. II Phillips Tractor Co. l)01"fll.\«j r .1 \vcr\v M™.. Highway 61 South LAWSON, Mgr. We Guarantee J RECAPPING j with | Hawkinson Treads I i Let Your Next Tires Be ', GENERALS ! i Cost More — Worth More Open 0:30 ji.rn.; Show Sla7ls 7 p.m. Tuesday PAL'NITK "SPOOK BUSTERS" with The Ilmvcry Htiy.s Hi-rial: "Jack Armstrong" Also Hliorls , MODINGER TIRE CO. • 116 E. Main IMione KOI « Wednesday anil Thursday "Don't Pence Ms In" with Hoy Ki>«rrs News of the Day AJsu Sliurts gft^i EASY-TO-OPEN Atk for Mud* by tke moVcrs o! famous UQUIO DYANSKINE Liquid Dyanshinc has been scarce because ot war conditions. Your dealer will have more - availa TO DAY! Sec the i DAYTON for Super-Slrciiglh with Easy-Clink- Riding ol o Oayfon OcaTcr Safety in your (ires lies in the strength of tin- cords under liie tread, whicli arc lhc reinforcement against shock and voad hazards. Autocrats give you 6-ply rating. This is achieved i>y Raytcx Fortified Cords of a military truck tvpe, far stronger than those used in ordinary rayon automobile tires. You gel o smoofh, easy-choir ride sinco only .1 plies o£ this super-strength cord me needed to give Autocrats this G-rily strcnglh. Sure, quick siraighl-line stops. Toe-action (rend with h.mdreds of silent, loc-aclioii cogs, bites lhro'.:;;ii read lilm for positive control of your car., BYiSyiSilHJlClQJ THE TIRE FOR 1% OF TODAY'S MOTORISTS MAKE A DATE WITH DAYTON AT T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 E. Main Phone 2 J22 (.A,*::*:;* >;;•::•: KXSXXKKXX:*:;*:*::*: >:>;>: :* >:>::•:.»: :•:>: >:»:>:>:>;>:>;>: »x>:x>:>:>:>:>. Time Today YOUR EYES HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH LAVISH SPLENDOR ON THE SCREEN! G.C. F. t.uiMs ViVIEN LEIGH CLAUDE RAINS CAESAR PRODUCED ANO DISfCTED BY STEWART GRANGER Flora Robson • Francis L. Sullivan "ByArronsemontwilllDAVIDO.SEtZNICK 1 If'i o Tomplalion in 7ECKH9COI.OR Rnleosed Ih™ United Arlisll ,_ ItKO News anil Comedy Wednesday mid Thursday "W!FE WANTED" with Kay Francis, I'aul Cavanaugli News and Cuincilv New Theatei Manila's Finest siinws EVI;KT NIGHT Matinee Saturday A Sunday Box Opens Week Days 7:00 p.m. I Bat.-Susi. I p.m. ConC 81'o« Tuesday Christmas in Connecticut Milli Uiirb:ir;i Stanwyck yclcctcti Shorls Vvedncsdiiy nml 'I'luirsrlny "THE MAN I LOVE" with Itla I.upino. Hobcrl Alriu Selected Shorts CHiCK TKEATRI "Where Happiness Cosfi So Little" WEEKUATO Box OfRcc Oncns R:45 to 7:M p.m. 6ho Tuesday "Having a Wonderful Crime" ivKl, Gcorsc Murphy. I>at 3'Ilricn Carole I.niiclis Also Short Subjects Wednesday and Thursday "NEVADA" I Mi Hi I Bob Mitchell, \ancy G:\lcs I Serial: '•Phantom Uidcr" Chapter. | Also Shorts

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