The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1947
Page 7
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I^ILLE_(ARK.)_COyRlER NEWS m f •Bflf ^j^- PA(JE BETTERHOMES Builders' Publication Urges More ttention Be Given to Fire Loss! [n Planning to Build New Homes CHICAGO—Last yeai 1 wo Ijuill ;i half million poriiuuiciK louses, but at the same time wo burned down ov damaged •00,000—and this situation is going to get worse savs ? *• C |a J' Kecorcl, building magH/.ine . we ;u-e building tinder boxes and fire traps at the im."U- |st rate in our history and witli the encouragement oi the tpvcrnment. And this is in lace of some of Hie worst fire pasters we haveC>ver known. I Does ii make sense, 13H1CK <\--.> ____ ILAY RECORD asks, to strain | resource to builil ;i million! Roof Lines Get Emphasis 1,'Cl'y |oir.cs a year when we calmly ac• the loss of hundreds of thou- •itufc by fire? "Fire losses last year were up per cent. They cost 11.C03 lives, •hey wasted {500,000,000. We ourn- to death 3,000 children in their imes. Yet thc Federal government encouraging, even subsidizing the Uilding of homes, virtually every )irt of which above the grounc Deluding the interior wall finish, combustible. When fire hits such Jines they will burn so fast the beupanK won't have time to save (icmselves, let alone Ihe horn iys BRICK & CL/AY RECORD. to Involved as we are. ihe magazine'.,, pints out, in ihe biggest building , ' logram in our history, we can! I'k Inis problem by Insisting up- gemnncly fireproof materials lid fireproof design to eliminate rafts which draw fire throughout J building. Jwe know how to build to prevent, Ires but w c don't do it. Because • average person does not real!?, fires in homes or hotels be- llVC. BRICK &. CLAY RECORD six characteristics: commonly originate in -U or on ihe ground .floor, with a draft arc fast, very 1st, J Fire shoots upward, that being •ie nature of heated gases pro- iced ''oy combustion. Piles in 5 minutes may become —alter than the highest heat in lie kitchen nven. Imagine breath- such air. J Fires kill more people by filling lieir lungs with superheated gases Tan by flames. Temperatures climb Jipidly from 300 to 503 degrees lid to 1030 and over. I Fires that have reached 1000 fl'J- I'ccs burn everything combustible Iiontaneously. The flames do not •xve to touch it. They melt 'alum liuin at 9SO degrees. Glass softens lid steel buckles. I Fire resistant construction in- •)lves more than the 'use of ma Trials that will not burn. Fireproof latcnals must stand up under in- I lue heat. Materials that are com- listlble or that collapse at high 1-mperatures must be protected'. Inly so-called masonry materials •in do this jcb. Finally we must Tsign ,our homes nnd buildings • ith the thought that fires will lippen. Furniture, rugs, draperies. Ic.. will burn. As nearly as possible •alls and floors should be built Jswlthstand such fires and con- O them. Tin multiple-story buildings—such J hotels, office buildings, factories •hools, hospitals .etc.—fireproof de •jn is highly important. It is ncc • sary to isolate elevator shafts, lairways, laundry chutes, dumb •liters, air-conditioning ducts, etc.. 1 : walls, close-off doors, or with litomatic cut-offs so fire may l> l>nlined to one section of the •ructure. Making homes and public build- gs truly fireproof. 'BRICK & JJAY RECORD concludes, is both issible and imperative. It must done now if we are not to reap om our present -building boom c greatest harvest of fires we ive ever had. New Kitchen Design Saves Time, Steps Modern design is recognizing (.Hat to the home maker thc kitchen is piT.bajly the most important room in thc house. In recognition streamlined in efficiency and appearance to save the housewife needless steps, time and effort, and ike it u more pleasant place lich to worn. The straight-line production technique of modern Industry is being utilized. Equipment and eabme'.s arc arranged so that thc groceries can be unpacked, stored', cooked, served ar.d dishes put away alter a meal in a steady flow of one- way effort. Needless retracing ol steps is avoided. In general, there are three basic plans: thc straight wall or corridor Lype imd the L and U-shapes. The arrangements of the basi: equipment units of sink, stove nnd ic-frigerator to wall space determine the selection of the plan. All thre e lend themselves to straight- line operations and can uc made to include either separate or integrated dining space. The cabinet units can be purchased ready made or they can be made to order by a carpenter ur cabinet builder. The composition of thc walls and 1 ceilings arc important to kitchen satisfaction, since they are subject Bankers Urged To Keep Better Credit Records I to severe excellent new moisture material kitchens ones is asbestos comes in large. conditions. An for fmishin Root lines add much to the simjjj-lcd down nppcnnincc of tills excellently planned small home Balance is given by projection or the attached garage, stop-saving and economical use or nv.iil-' able .space murk, the interior ray- out, especially in the dincUc- kitchen arrangement. , Corner windows feature the dining nook and one of the bedrooms, capturing additional light ami cheer. Three-way accessibility H r Iho kitchen, garage ami ' basement shows good planning. Stairway to basement, located at one end, makes for (jreaic-r Thc 12-wircd bird of paradise has 13 wire-like feather shafts protruding from Its flnnfc fealhcrs. CHAMBL SALES CO fir a red area. Roomy alti e eoiild be developed into additional living quarters. 1 Ala., mrormallon of ivmivy c '('if'' l! ' .™ rrll '< 1 nrouiul Iiln ill C. Hunter ol Ho.\bnui. N. i Country 'n'., | here today. Hunter. a| so Feb. -a. ' Himk of Kuslcrn jUk:insii!i, Forrest City, Alt; W. .A. MrUonndl. vice ptvuldiMit of tli« McrcMintUe- Coiiimrrce Hsinlt & Trust Co., nl Si, UniK n forum Arkiin.sun. An or • AineiH.ii New President Of University In Fayetteville I'AYHTTKVll.LK, Ark., I'd). i!5. Ull'l—llr. Lewis Wcbsicr Jones, new president O f tin' University of Ar- knnsiis, ivits In l''iiycllcvllli> loilny , ncriimlnlinx himself wllh Ihe cnm- I pus. fitrulty mill ihc Arkansas scene member of the' III tiencrnl. ol Ihe-1 0 U<- hinted Unit llil.s mtiihl be only on, jiiiKl ffiic of miuiy nips he will make lo nliiiston College In Vermont, • He iitlinUU'il (hut ho !uul no plnn for (he University, nn,| (lint |,c wanted nwsl to u!ik questions mul lo Inun before discussing the school's needs wllh nil of Arkiinsns. Dr. Jones plans lo leave lor Wiish- | liiK(oi), 1>. C., In (luce «'c«ks, where Uie will ulteiul a niccllng of the I Kdundlona! Commission lo which he was named by President S. Tiinmm. To Confer Degrees • IllyUicvllle Chapter m of P-y.vtil Arcli Mnsoas will meet morrow night at 7:30 In lfi e sonic null to begin work on Miii'l: Muster Degree. tho" -to- M«"-J the' ' wllh "" 10 P ™| )|C tol(l ""' 1 m Assoeinlloii or tin should hnve'w list offnrm hiUn-timtkm. liicliiellii t . Ihe elmim'tei'. tlir, productivity - land, production records "We ? ci Uic simie Information on business loans, why shouldn't we have Just us complete Informa- llon () ii farm ;wdll?" Hunter nskccl the small (own bankers who conclude n uvo-duy conference ' lo- nluliL. Oilier .speakers on today's program weic w. IV. Cnnipliptl, jiiem- iier of ciio AKi'icnUiii'iil Commission ol the American Bankers Association iitul president at tho National • remodeling cM cement board. 11 smooth surfaced sheets which can ba applied easily to now framme or rig}il over the olit walls and ceilings. Besides having moisture resistaiTce, asbestos board is fircproor and durable, lor it rot. or tfi contains decay. nothing that Kills Self in Hotel ENGLAND, Ark., Feb. 25. (UP) — Funeral arrangements were being completed here today for S. S. Beaty, Jr., 35, who was round shot- to death in a Little Rock hotel in mid- afternoon yesterday. The body was discovered by 11 maid, who was preparing to clean the room. A verdict by Pulaski County Coroner Dr. Howard Dishongh held that Beaty had shot himself in the region or the heart with a .38 caliber pistol. A note round in the room substantiated the cornner's verdict. Sales — Service We IJuy and Soil (U)0n USED CARS Hill Clinniblin — Lex Cliamlilin Railroad & Ash Sts. Phone 21 OS On City Property — For Purchasing, Refinancing or Making Improvements 41% Interest 20 Years to Pay FULL Pre-paytnent privileges MONTHLY payment include taxes and insurance Terry Abstract & Realty Co. 2M W. Walnut Telephone 238! Abstracts of Title —Ferrm loans Fast Trips In British Columbia, lumbermen beat down mountain aides in boards nailed togCiher. They travel do-,\n flumes used to float logs from mountain tops to sawmills at a mile-a-minute .speed. Read Courier News Want Ads. a new, better light-traffic road Revolutionary is the word for this new kind pflowcost road. Here's how it is done— The rocd builders simply mix exact amounts of porilancl ccm«n) and \vol«r {determined In advance by toboralary Icitl) wllh 1h« Milling rocdViay soil. No olhar materials ore utod. Grading androllfng cora- pt«l« Ihe job. So)l-C«r»i«nl ii uiirolry Hundreds of Miles of Proof There's no guesswork about Soil-Cement roads. Hundreds of miles now in scrvicetlirougliovit die country have proved theic durability and economy. Soil-Ccnicnl is not intended for rtse on heavy duty roads. For such roads poniand cement concrete istliemostcconomicalpavemcnt. Soil-Cement docs offer new economy »nd uniformity for light-traffic roads. Urge your officials to use Soil-Cement for future light-traffic paving. PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 916 Falls Blcbj., Memphis 3, Tcnn. A national organization to imptovt ond exlend lfl« uiet oF «we>o ; 1 ; ftrouflS scientific research and englneermg field work urprise your Family and Friends... Arkansas Jx'lore when lie will be next September, veleused by Hvii- FLOORS RE-FINISHED NKW R.OOUS l,AHi AND KINIKHKI). OU) KI.QORS h.lADI5 UKR NK>V. AS- I'llAI.T TM,K KIJKNISH- 101)' AND LAID, FLOOR iMAl.NTKNANCK S (J I'- PMKS. SANDING MA.. CHINKS AND I'OLISH- I'MW KOH HKN'l 1 . —A STATEMENT OF FACT— lleal Inis ir. yi-uis ex|n ; rli-nee In f I „„• coill.acl work with Itcal Floor h|>Mlull>.l at AI«miiiiU-lli« iiliU-sl wnml llonr specialist in (he'Trl- hlale.s. \aa my lleal's Kunrun(:i>il se.rvlee with confl.lcnce In years i.f experience. Only Hie rtmsil ci iiuenl ami materials use.l DEAL'S PAINT AND WALLPAPER STORE "Your Wallpaper Style Center" m S - lsl - ' Phone 46!l AVOID THAT LAST MINUTE FUMING! K you're pUinniiij; n » |>!uinbiii(r ucctls for the future.', tit; Hiivi: niul eonlnct tis jjoforc you com- ploto your {'.Hlimalos: I,tit, "IVlo" B i vc ' you an nccuraUf t'sliinnLo on first claKs phinibiiig. •''ixfiircs mid Materials rropcrly Installed "PE1E" THE PLUMBER 109 N. First PKone 2731 PLAN A GARDEN THIS YEAR I See how easy it is to apply Trimz Ready-Pasted Wallpaper .V. without paste, tools or cutting board. jThen do it yourself! You'll be proud of a decorating job well done. PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126 W. Main Phone 515 With Produce and Fresh Fruit SO HIGH— A GARDEN WILL PAY YOU DIVIDENDS IN— *• Flavor • Nutrition Economy USE WATER MORE FREELY! Plan now for llio biggest ft"d best prardon cvor, by starting hot bed and hot holism plunls right away. You'll realize greater satisfaction Hum over this your because you'll save more (hau in any other previous year. The place that water plays in the success of your garden is a very groat one. Water, fhrough tho life functions of respiration and assimilation, helps pliintjife grow ami produce the harvest, Most plants in your garden arc about 81)''. water ... so you sec how important it is thai your garden is watered and tended regularly. Blytheville Water Co, BERNARD ALLEN, "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity/"

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