The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 22, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1947
Page 8
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W, PAGE EIGHT BI.YTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS lions Blast Chicks To Win Championship } Paced by sbiu-psliooting center Adams wlio made over half their points, (he Lcaohvillc Lions blasted the HJytlie- villc Chicks 61 to 39 to win the Mississippi County basketball championship in Class A Ibimiev finals last nii'ht -it Osceola. * ' — '— The Lions, holly pursuing the county Iain-els they cherished, u;j- set the Chicks, the defending champs, by cutting loose uilJi n withering scoring attach In the first quaiter to establish a wide margin or safety. The county championship trophy will be presented the Lions tonight, when the entire tournament draws to" a close Finding the basket from the opening piny, the Uons worked up a"23 to 9 lend over the Chicks by the end of the first period. The scoring .leveled in the last three stanzas with, the chicks hot on the Lions' tiail but the damage h:u! seen-done in the opening quarter and (he [ceils were unable to close the gap The Chick offense picked vip in the second canto and the Dlyihc- vilie basketecrs sank eight pcliUs to the Lion's nine. At Jir.Ktlme the Lions stood in front ol n 32 to 1? count Forward. Scott paced the Lions' nrst half jilay us he hit the wicker for 16 in.-irkcrs, nidsd by the 12 points dropped in by Adams. In. the third period, the Chicks continued to follow close behind the. Lion scoring ns they annexed 12 points to the contender's 14 for a 46 to 29 three-quarter counf. The Lions stretched their lead slightly in the final period as they picked 15'markers to the Chicks' 10. Adams, rangy Leachvillo center, held clear title to' high-scoring honors as he timassed 31 of the lion's' 81 points. Forward Scott finished in lurmcr-up spot with 23 tallies. Dan caldwel! paced the Chick storing by dropping H points thrpugh the net ana j( m Stafford was next with 10 markers. Starting line-ups and box scores follow Chicks (39) POS. ig Player Stafford Caldwcll . Hardy Foster .. . B.-'JElliotl .. F .Jernigan Hodge . , Totnls . Haycr Scott . .. Qroom . Adams Johnson Shcnvnes T. Welch . Totals Referees: P P. C Q G P C Uon: POS. . p . p . C . G . G . G ft •2 4 1 2 2 0 2 tp 10 14 1 G 4 0 4 12 13 (01) fg ft 21 38 8 0 12 1 0 1 7 1 7 2 0 0 : .... 22 17 Trigger Wai! 19 01 (Manila) and Arrington Pickcnr, iJonesboro). Janiro Germs 7KO Over Beau Jack Last Night BY JAC KCUUDY United Press Sj>nrts Writer ;NEW YORK, Feb. 11. (UP) — EiGwn-SMi nea Eeau J.i:k, the Georgia shoe-shine toy who became the greatest gate attraction In 5Iadis,on Squaie Garden history was-carried 1 out of the Garden rill? on a stretcher last night. \:He had suffered n technical knockout at. i;03 of the lourw round in his welterweight contenders' battle, with Tony Junlro o[ Youngstcwn, O. Ready For Hendicapa Shawnee Girls Nose Out Locals Luxorci, Dell, Keiser Beys Stay In Race For Class B Honors 'Hie 'Blytheville Girls dronpci from the jMississljjpl County has ke'.bill tonrntimcnt pairings 1^1 nipht when the Shawnee sexfjt, c-ame from behind to stage a. •'omth-<inartcr rally that ousted the Chick six 21 to 20 In second-round .:lay at Osceola. Three boys' teams In the Class- B division ami three other girls squads advanced to the semifinals as thc result of victor!:* gained in second-round play lost night. In the bays' bracketing, Ltixorx blasted Mississippi County Hlttii School 15 to 23, Dell edned Wilson 34 to 32 and Reiser eked out a 43 to 42 ^'In over Oosnell. In the girls' division, Wilson overwhelmed Dell 41 lo 7, Dyess crowned Gosnell 44 to 37 and Ijii*- ora droppsd Manila 43 to 37. The Luxora-Manlla same got. underway after the tournament coinmitlce decided that Manila was thc official winner over Leach- vlllc and thus u.r.anglcd a scoring discrepancy that halted thc Lcachvllle-'Munila gnme Thursday night. The tournament wlirtls up tonight as semi-finals arc slateu 1 for play this afternoon and finals wilj climax the county meet tonight, lu Class B toys' play, H'.xora meets Dyess in semi-Iinals at 10 o'clock this morning. Dell and Wi'.son clash In the. other semifinal till at noon today. The winners of these games will decide Ihe Gloss B county championship finalsslonlght nt 0 o'clock. Closing out girls' play. Wilson was slated to'meet S'nawncc at y n'clcck tills morning and Dycss was listed 10 clash with Luxora at It o'clock in semi-finals. The-county champion sextet will c ie determined tonight at 8 o'clock when winners of this morning's game meet in the finals. j To determine third place winners and- subsequent district tournament elig;iillty, consolation game.? between . losers of bolh bays' an:l girls' semi-finals \vil Ibe played tonight. Thc girls will meet at li, o'clock and the boys consolation: Fast Cage Games Promised by Pros Net Proceeds to Go For Improvements at High School Gym Two fast case tilts ol varsity •|Ua!ity mid P:IIT<: by the nerlorm- DKT.V ol All-Ajiicricaj] and All- Slate JJlii.vcr.s lire in store lor 3!yl)icv r lll(i finis tonlijhl when the loiK'iboro KC C'jln end the Memphis B;e Ufc. Motor Co. pro quints -angle in u b-'isefit program in -ho hip.h school gym mire. The IK; iiiid nee 13ee lives stage he main cvoi-.t \vlth the Manila Independent Lions and tile !>.>;»Sould -Dr. I'cj.jj.M- T3ottlln(j Co. ;q«ads clashing in a preliminary :llt at 7:31). ) Nsl ir.wc-ccds from the price ol ulmlssion will ro to the lllythe- /lllc Higli School (iynmaslum lund Tor HKH hi coii!,tiii:i|iiH inibllc rest -ooji) facilities in the gjin. j Addition of these facilities to ihc i;yin v.ili lill a need of lon|;-i itaiulln;; n;> the only rest room:; At present UK; located in the icani locker-rooms across the basketball floor Iran the spectators' neats. Prjscnt |:liu! S call for the Install- 1 alien ot these facilities in dress-, liiB-room :p.'^'s lo:aled b-low th« stands on each side of the gymnasium's main entrance. It is estimated that npiircximately fSCO will ,bc rciiuired for the installations. IS is also planned to install a drinking fountain near the mam enlrmicc jo.- the seniors' use The only fountain at present is located (jchlnti the timekeeper's bench across the court Irom the stands Two Kentm-klans in Llnc-np win sec in action tonight •I) the KC Com line-up the speedy MsKcel brothers, Leslie and Eth- ndac, Al'-Anicrican buskettjull stars who played for Murray Stale Teachers College in .Murray, Ky. Leslie, Use younger, is six feet three mcJio.7 tall and wa s named °n i»u All - Ame ' llci> » A'AU team Other men-tiers of the Re found deceptive- b.i!l-lia«tlta-s and slitltv ^ack-han (l passers, are All-Stale cascmen Iran the ranks of Arkansas Stau' Cciliope stars. Probable sia:U'r.s iiiilmie Tillev and Mr-rjall '°*T\ : i V- T K(le1 '" "enter; 'Black •_<»(. E. M;K»el, guards. Also slated jo sec uctlon are Bolton and Me- SATUltDAY, Ji-HHIJUARY 22. » Vain Mistress Kdwnrd 1J. Lcvinson's Mislri-ss Mine «ets close-up of lin-sdl .ippcNirs well salisficd. Juvenile lilly is c-.-nlcr ul attraction .ii Aqiu'duct IracU. Queens, N.Y., because of lino general appearance frictionloss nclion ;,rul excelk-nt manners. ,, Mike Chacoma On Grapple Card Monday ___ May Fold This Season 1'lafc Kepi Food Warm Greenberg f While no Ml , c . Ui . was avajlal)|( , co. ^^thi^s °f .n't;, Bl«c in the Memphis "Y" leagu uhfr , is n large case loop with no snor ace of ranking opponents. Sudbury Team Number Twc- '"^-"P °r All-Memphis nndl Ciirl Bryant, coach; assisted iv lenncssec players, thel Euccn c Kemper ami Billy WiX30ii. n r n „ " , s del " e «ted many,' Cjnlrnl—J. .p. Friend, coach; ?ho 80 m" 0 . ClUbS lhut re " bCl ° re |Bm St Bracey. ^'^ B!0me ? Cr "" '' he Strom; M.uiila Lions probable Langc-Roland (Skceter) Bishop, caldivell u ., n starting linc-u,, list., Grimes and VVnlln:c as fonvarc.j, MtQ.iirte- In Pivot pDsiliou and Threlkcld 'and White in sentinel positions. Play on Coast Volunteers To Assist in \Signs With Training Boys Pittsburgh Volunteer coaches and their as- NEW YORK Fcb •>•> (UP) — slslams who will Instruct and sup Pittriiirgh Pirate.'; pjnnaiit hopes ervise the football schooling ol which have cited and flowed with lilth and sixth grade b:>ys In the the indecision of slugger Hank physical education program being' Oreeiibcn:. were at hi»h tide to- fpnnsored throughout the elcnicn-j day on Ills final movc'to "nlnv at tiiry school system by the Ohick- • :isaw Authlctiu club were announ ced yesterday afternoon by Chi:k Coach Bill Godwin. They were nnnicd and assigned tennis nt a coaches clinic Thursday night during which they received ;cnrhhig instruction and a review of fundamentals adapted to grade school level. Assistants named to aid the coat-he-; arr RlvUicvilte High School football veterans i *-••••"- 'i* n-jji:.} iiiivr a tnrce Q'ty The coaches, their assistants and' conference with John Galbreath ol team assignments follow: ' , Coliunbus, O.. one of the new own- budbuiy leiim Num'oer One— | ers of the Pitt!bur»h franchise James Terry, coach; 'assisted by. Neither would reveal thc exact Jim ei-fforc' and P. D. Foster. I amount of his donliRct. Both Cireenberg and Galbreath emphasizjd that salary was not a sonsideration in thc refusal of the former Detroit star to come to terms. Grcenb?rg admitted that he was embittered at the Detroit, management for waiving him out of the American I.inf.iu- alter more than a decade of service and giving his Mike Chacoma and Jack r Welch lialr off against Al Szasz ana Chris BHkas in the weekly tag match Monday night at the Ls- gion Arena. | A predominantly scientific match appears in the offing as three cl the four matmen arc known to bo capable of staging a' clean-breaking tussle. Al EZKZ is the questionable fourth as he f.wors rough and tun.ble operations utilizing his special methods of dispensing highflying kangaroo-kicks and opponent-toppling monkey flips. Mike Chacoma formerly held the title of world junior heavyweight champion anfi has toen in the wrestling game for many years. A strong 200-pcunder, lit is touted as a smart and tricky grappler who.nnxcs !i«ic!-\voik with his cus- ele maneuvers. He is reported to 0? either s:ienMfic or rough in his methods, depending on how his opponent works. Jack Welch Is rated as a scicn- lific- wrestler and has staged a nuni'tei- of fast', clean matches .icre. He hf.s shown that he can aosoib ccusidorphle punishment and still stay in the ring Formerly an Army wrestling instructor stationed at the Air Base i here, Chris Belkas is also tl« hokier of several weight-lifting re™,™V He is well acquainted with alt the scientific aspects ol wrestling and- usually adheres to that, style. Opening the evening's mat pro-' gram in two-one-fall matches (Jha- coma will dash with Szasz and' V<Mh win t. uss i e wltn . Belkas i of the Mexican League was .seen today in the move of the Nuevo Laredo club to withdraw from the loop because of "heavy losses sul- lered last, ceuson." While the millionaire president of uie league, J.,ijje Kiscniel, was off in Havana, Cuba attempting to cppeasc some ol his holdout Players, the business mana«cr of the Nucva Laredo Club, p :! ,blo 'I'ena said l])at -it looks like we're through." cooling too quickly. Read Courier News Want Ads. Radio Clinic 430 W. Ash St. I'hone 855 or 2291 WE PICK UP and DELIVER 4 'INSURANCE least one more season." Oreen';erg made those pennant, hcpjs far from far-fetched ycstijr- Oy when lie reconsidered his decision to retire and signed a contract tlmt will moke him the highest paid player in National League history and perhaps in the history a o! ba:, h 'JL i Thc B:ot:x-!'oorn first baseman, first major league player to go Into military service in World War II, came to terms after n three d.iy on SPACE HEATERS i KeK. S50 to J1IO j NOW $30 to S110.00 Trasror I'llinilillis k Heating I Wn 101 E. Cliorry St. Tlionc KEAL ESTATE FOR SALE To prospective buyers we la?c a select lift of houses—homes—apts. — busi- nesses—acreaec and farms in and around Blytlievilli-. We help finance sales. Phone 2501. J. J. Field. Bonded Jleal Estate Broker. coach; assisted bv and Freemaii Jernigan. Catholic- -Father Paul Bujarski'; insisted by Jack Elliott and R u Allen. ' i The Slmwnee rally became parent in the third quarter as np- the girls from Joiner pulled up to cap- turp a slim 17 to 16 lead as the period ended. Their victory came in the final v.anzi as they annexed seven markers while limiting the Chick girls to four. Bonnie Ball topped scoring by sinking 14 tallies for the Chick squad. FAtilk of Slmwncc finished in runner- up position by hitting the wicker lor eight points B.'ytheville (20) Fos. Slinwnc 0 (2!) 13. Ball 114) ...!• V/idncr (1) ....f B. Whlsenhunt !•' V.'. Whlsenhunl O Travis ........ o ii. Overman ...u M. Smith . . Mooring (C) . J. Smith (2) Ovcruy Sparks New York Bil;iard Cue Artist to Demonstrate Joe Bachelor, Now York cue ort- st, will rntcrta| n Dl.vihevil] e billiard f,,n s at the Pastime billiard unrlors this afleinoon nl 4 o'clock and tonight at 10 o'clock when he will meet, Wallace Thornbrough of Blj-tlievillc In an exhibition match of 100 points. Folios inor the match, Baciielor will KIVC a display of trick shots popular with followers of the green baize sport. - i',^.-,» Bachelor i, n ii s fr0m (ho aunstiaitions: Dljthcvllic—Wilson ""d ha s ))bycd In exhibitions H). Seay (1), L. Overman. Shaw- against lending players in A'cv nee—B. Ovei'by, Bennett tB), John-.York City. He put together n hlali son, raulk (8)._ run of 107 balls to defeat New Heicrecs: Trigger .Wall t Manila); York Sl.v.e Champion oharles Hnr- ana •Arnngton Pickens (Jones- mou in a match for thnl title In ' SOroK j 1S«. His best run in exhibition •. play Is 223 balls. Thrace Ramsey, former Osceola High School athletic star, has left for Anaheim, Calif., where he will go into training ns center fielder with the Sacramento Colons or the Pacific Coast League. Alter being drafted by the Seattle Reindeers from thc Boston Braves, Ramsey batted .293 las: vcnr and led hitting with 212. He ' a Bge<i only one behind the league leader in stolen bases, makln^ 42 . succcssfiil snoaks. ° I Ramsey, who has been active on "'« court during the current ons- ketball season, is looking forward" Bronx:' 0 his biggest year yet in baseb'ill and has an eye peeled lor b ; g league spots. Tractor Use Increases Trainer Charles Sanborn of fbe ^^f' said llcrc Dave Ferguson stable is shown v f°° tnletors n '<= " above with Bob Murpl^ a C" Arkilnsas '«">« »•> year-old that won the Arkansas Derby in 1946. Cob Murphy will be after the handicaps at Oaklawn Park, Hot Springs, this spring. JONESBORO. Ark.. Feb. 22. IUP1 —Earle K. Rambo, state extension " l ? 1 r," c FI 1 .* aitl llcrc lhat nl °rc than n use on eastern .„--„ - - •••• compared with l-'.OOO six years ago. Rambo is hold- H«KC .Tol> New Orleans, located in a natural bowl, with no outlet tor rain water to flow by gravity to the Mississippi has IB pumps removing ing a three-day tractor maintenance clinic nt Ark.uifas Stale College. Hire Planning Engineer JONESBORO, Ark.. Pel). 22. (UP) —The City Planning Commission of Jonesboro has employed O. II. Koch, a Dallas, Tex., engineer, lo work out plans for expansion of thc business and residential sections. Oscar Mellon Is president and Elton Patterson Is secretary of the commission. j CIVOOO cubic feet of storm water I every minute of the dav. Be Sure! INSURE With Th« FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY ,' 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Camp fct» [, Protection CHAS. BITTNER BLYTHEVILLE LEGION ARENA LOWEST ADMISSION I'ttICK ANYWHERE! ! Kcscrveci Scats on S.ilc at the Legion Arena from G p. m. Every Monday M , c , _, M>ULTS -J5c — CHILDREN I5c Monday, Feb. 24 (Tax incimicii) ' I50X SKATS ISc EXTRA TAG MATCH MIKE CHACOMA and JACK WELCH versus AL SZASZ and CHRIS BELKAS ALSO 2 1-FALL, 30 MINUTE MATCHES Mike Chacoma Jack Welch vs. Al Szasz I vs Chris Belkas request for a chance at the club's general manager post no consWera- '.ion. Birds of prey v.-ear feathered tiantaloons. which serve to confuse the victim at which the bird is itriking with i ts feet CHAMRLIN SALES CO STUDF8AKER Sales — Service Wo litiv anr] fjonn" Soil ) CARS Bill Chamhlln — L« Chiunblln Railroad & Ash St». I'tinnr 21!)5. Dr. W. F. Brewer DENTIST Genera/ Practice —nut— Special Attention Given Extraction and Plate Work OFFICE OVER GUAKITS Across Street From Kress Office Hours 9 a.m.-4 p.m. ' I'hone 'UTl TRY MANHATTAN FINER Vacuum Packed COFFEE Can Ib 50c AMERICAN LADY CANNKD FOODS Found at PACKARD'S 204S IF YOU NEED Walk In Boxes Dry Coolers ICQ Cream Boxes Home Freezers or Any Heavy Refrigerator for Immediate Delivery CALL Steele 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE ELMS I'OOI.G, Owner & M Kr . Highway 61 North at HOLLAND. MO. RITZ THEATRE Manila Last Time Today 'Red River Robinhood" with Tim Holt Cartoon and llth Chapter "Zorro's Black Whip" KETBALL Saturday, Feb. 22, 1947 Double Header Benefit Game Preliminary Manila Lions (Independents) vs Dr. Pepper, Paragould, Ark. Feature Came Royal Crown Cola, Jonesboro vs Bee Gee Motor Co., Memphis High School Gym, 7:30 p.m. Adm. $1.00 Proceeds to lie used' (o provide ml room facilities for High School Gym . / Saturday OWL SHOW 'DEVIL MONSTER' Also Slinrt Subjects Open G:30 p.m.; Show Starts 7 p.m. Last Tim* Todav 'Throw a Saddle on a Star' with an All-star Cast Serial: "Son of (he Guardsman" Also Shorts SATURDAY MIUNITE SHOW Starts at 10:45 ii.m. . "Larceny in Her Heart" with .4 Michael Shane, Detective Also Shorts SUNDAY & MONDAY "BLOOD on the SUN' with lames Cagney and Sylvia Sidney Paramount News and Shorts i -^^—^^^^, New Theater Manila's Finest Shows EVERT MGR) Matinc'c Saturday &. Sunday l»oi Opens Week Days 7:<X1 p.m. Bat.-San. 1 p.m. Cont. Sho«Hn« Last Time Today ^ "SANTA FE UPRISING'' with Allan Lane as Red Itydcr Also Shorts YOUR EYES HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH LAVISH SPLENDOR ON THE SCREEN! G.CF.r.m*,, VIVIEN LEIGH'" CLAUDE RAINS ^CAESAR ( CLEOPATRA W FRODUCtD AND DI8ECTEO By STEWART'GRANGER Floro Robson • Francis I. Sullivan *8y Arrangement wirtiO.WDO.SeiZNICK ll's o Temptation jn TECHNICOLOR Released thru United Arli&ls SATURDAY OWL SHOW "DEAD of NIGHT" IMcrvcr Johns, !Iu!:im] Culver Selected Short Subjects v; ur>»t«> »n<l MondH' "Never Say Goodbye" with Errol Flynn and Eleanor Park Also Short Subjects CHICK THEATRE "Where Happiness Cosfi So Little" WEEKDAY* . Box Office Opens *:4S p.m. "how if;, f ». Vfl* o „, Last Time "Sagebrush Heroes" with Charles Starrclt and Dub Taylor as "Cannonball" Sei'lat: "Black Arrow" Chapter 5 Also Cartoon SATURDAY OWL Starts 11:00 p.m. "CAT MAN of PARIS" with Cnrl Esmond, Lena Aubcrt Serial: "Monster ami the Ape" Chapter G Also Shorts Sunday and Monday NATIONAL VELVET I In Technicolor) with , tvn ... i »»•'«•>• Wonncy, Kli/abclh Taylor * 11KO .vcws anil Coim-cly [ .v clvs , fc Carloon )TOr j s

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