The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 22, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1947
Page 6
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,PAQB SIX Three Foremen Ask Labor Curb Appear Before House Committee in Appeal For Fair Practices ?Y GE-OItGK K. ItDIIDY, Jr. United Press SlaCC Correspondent \VASHINGTON, .Feb. 22,—<UP> —The House I'abor CoinmlUoc today heard three foremen, a lorm- er APL organizer and a Michigan shop ..worker plead for drastic curbs on .union activities to protect free enterprise nnd restore management rJgtils. The former APL organizer—Anthony Gruszka, of South Milwau- kee,-Wls.—urged outright repeal of the \Vagner net. He snlil it should be replaced by a simple gunv.intee of labor's right to $nlf-organii,ition nnd'collective bargaining. Gruszka described his experiences as an organizer for the AFL United Automobile Workers. He said that unio)is used the National Labor Relations Board and other government agencies to linrass employes into: membership. H| told the committee that In return for the right to organize, unions should -be,.compelled to incorporate: \ ; lie" aIso recommended that no strike, be permi.wlHe unless first authoil^ed in a supervised vote by 76 per cent of (he workers affected. : . The three foremen agreed thai unions - pf supervisory employe:; would do "Irreparable harm" to industry ."J51iey. .were. Angus Mo- Inlyre, of:: Uie Briggs MaimfAoltir- inij; Company, Detroit, Mich.. Floyd H. Rhdad, of the Sparks-Withingto;i .Company, Jackson, Mich., and Joseph E. Cox, ol the Delco Products Corp., Dayton, "o. Their theme was Hint foremen are a part of management and cannot • be made subject to divided loyally. Mclntyrc said that ir lie were a union member he could not appeal to the company for assistance whc he was 111 because "my conscience -would'not allow me to do so-" The shop worker was 65-year old Douglas Dean, of Miles, Mich., who saidl he had been employed in the Clark equipment Co. plant, at Berrien Springs, Mich., for the pnst six years. He urged the committee to wipe out laws that have given unions too much power: ''Under these so-called 'rlglits o' labor,',* the 'poor dp\vn-trcdden workers' have become the privileged^class in America," In; said. "That* in itself is not so much to worry.', about but what concerns us and-what \ve should worry about is the fact that In reaching this position, 'labor is .ruining the whole economy." The Wagner Act, he said, "gives labo'r unfair advantage without re- sponsibilit ynud penalizes the employer by not even allowing him to argue 1m side of the case." Next to the Wngner Act, he ciled the closed shop as the. most important target for congressional'action. "This is a form of compulsion that is unAmericnn," he said. "The Trainers of our constitution. would have abhorred the idea of having to join a union to hold a job." Dean, a member of the CIO United Automobile Workers, expressed fears that he would lose his job because of "un-unlon like activities.;' But he added that if he could make the committee realize the importance o[ repealing current labor laws the sacrifice would be worth it. , "I am 65 and most o( my life is behind me so it doesn't matter much what becomes of me," hn said. - (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Another Brutal Murder U'ii'd us n fuviilUire repair .shop. Any protest shwikt be in writing :\iKt lilcd In tin: office of the t'itv Cleih. JOE CAttNEY City Engineer. SATURDAY, FKriUUARY 2?, 1!M7 The brutally beaten nude body of a woman found on a West Los iseics hilltop, has been Identified ns that of Mrs. Jeanne Axfoicl French, right, a pioneer airline stewardess and motion picture actress. Printed in lipstick on her audomen was an obscene message, signed 'B. D.", suggi'sllng a possible connection with Hie slaying of Betty Short, who was called "Thu Bluck Dahlia." Frank T. French, lelt was described by Los Angeles homicide officers, as "hard, phlegmatic :u:n bteel-ncrvcrt," but now do not believe he is the slayer. (NBA Telcphot'i.) Hold Suspects In riminal Attack On Hitchhiker ECXWAM, Tex., Feb. vi. (UP) Police were holding two suspects in the I/unar County Jail at Paris, Tex., Joday in connection with the criminal attack and mutilation of a Mena, Ark., woman hitchhiker. Tile 21-year-old woman stumbled out of the Ronham State ParK, thumbed a ride into town and told police of being drugged by two men, assaulted several limes and then left in the park. Police said today that the woman was under treatment at a Bonhnm hospital. The. girl said she was picked up ty the two men, a'botit 28 and 5:> years old, near Dallas Thursday to five years. Fagot said that "there have been no relapses." night. She said they doped her and choked her into submission before attacking her several times and then put her out of the car in the park, about three and one- half miles southeast of here. Examining doctors said the girl had broil badly 1 treated nnd Una her breasts were disfigured. Her name was withheld. Would Ban Portal Suits WASHINGTON, Feb. 22. (UP) — The House Judiciary Committee foil pprovcd a which would outlaw all present nnd future portal pay suits and restrict the right of workers to collect back ovcrtim claims. , , NOTICE Notice is hereby given that E. Vj Walls has made application to erect n prefabricated wooden building 01. the rear of Lot Ten, Block Four of the Chicago Mill Second Addition to tho City of Blythcvllie. This building is l(i' by 40' and is to Copyright, 1947, NEA SERVICE. INC. By Irene Lonnen Ernhart NO. -171 AN OHDINANCK KKI'KALINCJ Ott DINANCK NUMHEll [ft OF THE OKDINANCKfi Or 1 THE CITY OF 13LYTHKVIM.K, ARKANSAS AND UKI-'INING HKCKLJiSH nmviNo WITHIN TIII: con i 1'OHATK IJMtTH THKItKOF A N I) I-' I X 1 N G I'KNALTY THEREFOR, UK IT OliUAINKI) I!Y THE CITY COUNCIL 01'' T1IK CITY OF '! BLYTIIKVILLE, ARKANSAS: [ SUCTION ONK: That Ordinance NmntCTiid Thirty-one of the Orel 1 1 nunci-s of the City of Blythevllle be and the ;mni<> is hereby repealed SUCTION TWO: That from ami alter Hit; passive nf this Ordinance RECKI.KKS DRIVING within thi, corporate limits of the City of Itlythevlllv sliull l;u clcllnecl us ful .. lows: The operation of any motor impelled vehicle over, upon and along tho public streets and-or alleys of the City of Blythevillc. Arkansas, in a careless, reckless, heedless. incautious, inconsiderate and Improvident manner and without the exercise of ordinary care for the safety of the persons and properly of others. SECTION TIlUiiE: Every person convicted of HECKLESS DRIVING as herein denned shall be punished upon a first conviction by a fine of not less than Fifteen (sffl.OOO) Dollars nor more than Fifty tSSO.OO) Dollars, or by Imprisonment for not less thun five days nor more than ninety days or by both lino nnd imprisonment, and on second or subsequent offense and conviction shall be punished by line of not less llinn Twenty-five <$2.->.00> Dollars nor more than One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars and-or imprisonment for not less than fifteen nor more than one hundred and twenty days or by both such fine and imprisonment. SECTION FOUR: This Ordinance being necessary for the Immediate peace, health and safety of tho inhabitants of the City of Blythevillc, Arkansas, nn emergency is hereby declared to exist and this Ordinance shall be in full force and effect horn nnd after its passage and publication. APPROVED: [s! E. R. JACKSON Mayor ATTEST: is! FRANK WHITWOUTII City Clerk Finest Selection of QUALITY SOFA BEDS Ay/ait's Your Choice 113 Knst Alain I'lumc "You wouldn't buy anything for five years because prices were too high—now that they've started to come down, you're waiting for them to get lower!" Yes, We Have New Cars You Can Get Yours Today! WrU, TJIADE FOR LATE MODELS We have on display for immediate delivery—Hniuil 1—1'otUiac 8 Convertible Coupe 2—{'online 8 Sediinef (OK 1—19l(i Plymouth 2 Door 1—1 !)'!(> Plymouth a Pussciisji-i Conic iu or call, we win try to trade with yon. Use Our Easy Payment Plan. fS fe m I'hrm* 'U\\\ r > a«rV,r 5 C' ; Prank Mn and Main Si 'j Levels and Lines Surveying DRAG LINE FARM DITCHES Wm. R. Overton -- county surveyor Serving This Area 40 Years Phone Evenings — Roat House, iiie l,:ik*- Dismiss 19 From Leprosy Hospital Apparently Cured CARVILL3, La., Feb. ^2. tUP) — Dr. G. H. P.igct. medical supcrku- ter.dent at the U. S. Marine hospital rtisclosed totlaj- ihnt 19 patients were recently discharged uppnrent- ly cured of leprosy. He saici that th e -cure was effected by tho use of :promin. one of the siilfoue' drugs. I F.iget said that two other pa-' tients who hart bjen treated with another sulfone drug, ciiasone, were dissnarged while the malady was in an arrested stage. - The patients were discharged after "a year of "negative baiterios- copy." Faget gave the time-bre.ik- itown on treatment as follows: Three patients, one and one- half to two years; three, for two to three years; six for three to four years, and ieven, from lour XXVI "JVTIKE!" The .protest was useless, nnd anvwny she ^t-Jn't really meant it. one wanted Mike to kiss her, didn't she? She had ".c-nged for Mike's arms around her so many, many limes! /\nd now she wns in his arms,'' and his moutli, hard, eager, dc- .-nanding, v.'as on hers. A giddy, fierce excitement whirled her ihroufih space, and when he at -ast released her she was breathless nnd shaken. "What's the matter, bnhy?" His blue eyes wore a baffled look. "Didn't it ring Ihc bell, like it used to?" "Yes." It had been so long since she'd been kissed with passion. She and Parker hadn't really loved each other in such a long time. "Well then, what gives?" "I don't know what you/mean, Mike!" "Something's missing, nnd you know it, Cnss!" Miko sat quietly, both arms resting oil the steering wheel, as he studied her face. He smiled suddenly. "You aren't by any chance in love with the guy, nre you—just because you've bcei mnrried to him for a long time?" "Well, I—" She wanted to say "I don't know!" Util she was i]Uiet. Something was different in Ihc way she felt about Mike—but somehow it wasn't anything she could name or fathom. "W:iit—doivt try to answer, baby. I know now what it is. Guilt. No less. You're still married to the guy—and you have a guilty Ji-uiing of disloyalty—kissing me. You always were such a puritan, Cass!" He laughed. "You'll feel different, ancc you're divorced and coinnletoly iree .-.gain." T-TE got out and came, around to open the door for ::er. And they went inside anr 1 . rc.up.el a nuiel booth. Mike put a nickel in the juke box and ordered Manhattans and sandwiches. While they sipped their cocktails, he told her all about his western venture, how successful it had been, how nutria money he had made. "So you see, baby, if you had just wailed and not been so hasty — " "You said we were through, Mike!" she reminded him. "Ah— baby, that's what I thought at the time. But I couldn't forget you, any more than you could forget me. Except it did get me down, when I cumc back and found out you were marrying Hamilton. When I got back lo San Francisco they had to pour me oft the train." Cassie told bim about Ellen. "Gosh, that was tough on you, Cassie." "Yes," she answered bleakly. "But divorce doesn't have to be such a painful thing," Mike went "Why don't you let me take on. care of the details? I know a fine lawyer in Indianapolis. He coulrt- handle it without a lot of. unpleasantness. Or — maybe you'd like to go to Reno. I don't like the way you look, Cassie — so thin. Your eyes are as big as dollars, and you're so pale. Reno would make a swell vacation for you. I'll even pay for things, if you'd let me." "Mike!" She couldn't help laughing. It all somehow seemed hysterically funny. Parker had bought her trousseau and paid fo the wedding, and now Mike wanted !o finance the divorce. She laughed harder and harder, until Mike reached over and slapped her hard. And then she relaxed, and fell very tired. Mike said he guessed they'd better go home. heart jumped witli i <Jrcad \vlifn she saw Parker's ) car •« ihe driveway. She hadn't " •>:;»rclud Ihnt he'd be ;.,jmc lor he weekend. Sid came running unt to meet them. "Parker 1 ,, home!" he sh<n:lcd, nnd then, he saw Mike 'Hi," he said. Mike swim;; hie arm around Sid's shoulder. "Well, well, if it sn't Sid. And pretty near grown up! Funny," he lold Cassic, "how muc!. yrowin' a Icid can do in just three years." and Lcni \vcre in tho living room. Loni was wearing ionic new blue hostess pajamas hat matched her eyes and chin" to her curves excitedly. As usual she was leaning on the piano, linging soiuelhing in her husky, sultry voice, while Parker played. M'!:3 caught Cassic's arm, as llu-y hcsflated unseen in the door- ; way. "Mmrn—how long h:>s t:,is ! been going on?" he whispTifl. 'No wonder you're getting a divorce." Cassie felt n flare of impatience toward Mike. She felt iired and disheveled too, in spite of the new brown suit. It was almost too much to come in and find Leni looking so exquisite, cool and charming. Or maybe it was Porker, looking at her in that curious way as ho rose, that made her feel unstruni*. His look said plainly, "Well, you didn't lose much time, did you?" Tho moment was horribly embarrassing. Only Leni had any presence ol mind. She look Mike's hat, nnd then led him to ilie davenport by the fireplace and snt him down and curled up beside him lo talk. "Well, Parker," Cassie said, "how's the new joh?" She fivi's oft her hat, feeling a\vkw.ird. Vnu didn't kiss your husband any more, did you, after h_- stipResicd divorce him, not even though you were somehow glad lo FCC him after he'd hecn away a couple OL weeks. He sat down at ihc piano n!i;iin, striking a few aimless chords "Splendid. I like it." He didn't smile and there \vas a grim look ahout his moiuli. (To Bo Continued; House with Mat. ^^^^ L Out Our Way __ ____ . - By J. R. Williams * . "* LISTEN 6OOD, ALVIN.'IFUAEV EVER POT TME FlNSER OM OS , IT'LL A IAUCM TOUGHER R^p &OT NJNBBED 5IVIMS UNCL& \M05ACA9E OF- PHOWV ADOlPH WTLER. HAD.' :ATCIA IT ifi . we PANTS/ SUL&YS POLKA-DOT MUS? CLOSE-OP,,. SHOWIN& ITS CURIOUS FERN-LIKE ANTENNAE. MALE MOTHS, WAV, USE THEiE "FEELERS" TO LOCATE A FEMALE A CONSIDERABLE DISTANCE AWAY: JOHN L. LAW ISA JUSTICE OF THE PEACE IN Spring 0;its, Lespedezu, Alfalfa and Psisliirc Mixtures ALL POPULAR VARIETIES SOYBEANS SEED CORN AND GARDEN SEEDS SeJecf your Field or Garden Seeds from Blythevllle's largest Seed Stock FAREWELL WAS A\ADE UPON ANSWER: Completion of'iiis second term as president. Why M'era vlzlit -.vhalcs rriven lh-1 pi-r-» 1800 W. Main Phones 856, 857 Slightly Billed UNDER.- Y INTERESTING. } \ STAND \T...^3^ IBUTl'OWUCH I {£>, I FELT SUHE RAW?. HEAS. rlED GSCfH L'PTO MOKS t\SOUf 8E SOWE30DV / S'OlitlSELf! IT'S HN2D TO SIFT FACfS FROM A'.L 160'lftKD, I'D EMHK VOU OUR SPIES REPORT COLONEL OOP STOPPED IN LVON ONLV LONG ENOUGH TO ADD A CARTLOAD OF SAV/OUST TO MIS CONVOY; MAGNIFICENT FAR TO COUNTRY-.^/ VEK.,,3UT THE EAST] BUT, OH,/THAT'S WHAT OF LVON. \ SO COL. OOP'sV COLD! STRANGE PARTY TC« . UP INTO THE HIGH ALPINE K/ COUNTRY. WHAT VJOULD NAPOLEON BE DOING WITH SAWDUST \VE SIMPLY MUST FIND OUT...MEAN- V^HILE ALL EUROPE TREMBLES? BECAUSE OF A LOAD OF AV/DLIST? HO.' IT IS TO LAUGH! |,(|iV ' Oufsidc the Limits ^TOP CO»1TRUCT1O« ON Trtt WftTtR UtAt «ND "TO (T'6 OUTSTOE Irtt CUV CHVtf! CftH«L Trtt OKDtR OSi .FOR BUOO\J\U-t'. VOc

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