The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1951 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 12, 1951
Page 17
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Get a Speedometer Check-up at OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams FRECKLES AND HIS FRIINM :> T^/i-/i T. M. REC. U. 5. PAI. CJ com. mi BY'KEA SERVICC, CM' "Why Is the boss always so late signing his mail? When I gtt promoted I'll wipe out these bottlenecks!" PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Beat Price* Kirby Drug Stores T. I. SEAT MOTOR CO. 121 E. Mala Ph*n* -fin FUEL OIL G.O.POETZOILCO. "/ Sett Tkat 'Stuff Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land ff0Mf OLE/ME* . fe litM x 2 10 P« week MvfafiMtMl SH IT TODAY I Hubbard&Hoke APPLIANCE CO. • ENERALO ELECTRIC VACUUM CLEAMEK* Your '•" Geneva Kitchen Planned by Kitchen Experts AIR TAXI 121/2C Per Mile | Anywhere — Any Time PHONE: Kitten in the Woods By Kathleen Brlgg* TUB STORYt Courtney «rn»OTt jtffrr hi* vUlt In Ellnrk l-Trn, whoT* Kllxnhftli Ilrownell In mime in the InT/iHri otrnrr nf tkf e»lntf, Mr jr. l.nrlrn ^frlnhnrt. A( thr Inrjifrn* It ),« HptinrcRt thni r,«-r HHttrriK. » prnndnon, I* not <«-lllnpc Ihr (nilh, nnri Alljil^lr. nnothrr fcrnndnnn. n«1- nilt^ In Fllxnljclh tHnt hr knrw the TO»rJrnT w«r* HU ownt. Now AIU- Ifllr la ftlnnc iTlth EllnnVeth. X.X UZABETH had no inlentlon of playing tag with Alislair. He E came up to hei and placed a hand cither side of the door, imprison- iing her. His handsome charactcr- ,\ess face wns flushed, his eyes hot :as he gazed down at her. "Alistair, you've made a mis- ! take." i He straightened up, his face darkening. lit?" "It's Devanter, isn't "No. Alistair, surely you're not | so naive as to think I have to be interested in someone else to reject you?" "That isn't naivete, it's good rea- _, zoning. Well, I don't care. Under|- Jb SatKi > Brow "io? I've becri wanting I j " moment with you for a long time land I'm not going to waste the i opportunity." He put his arm around her IwaisL Elizabeth twisted in his ' embrace. But he was young am strong and determined. Then sud- idenly a picture of Bill Devanter ' as she had seen him that day at [the lookout Hashed *cross her mind. His slow easy drawl, his teasing yet considerate care I her. "We sort of like each other [rton't we?" he had asked. j So different irom this spoilet young man, used to having his own way. She knew then what she wa going to do and she knew toi 'that U would alicnale Alistai 'Stcinhart forever. She began tc i laugh. < "Really Alislalr, what ts this? Approach No. 24, Cave Man Style?" He released her slightly. "Stop ilaughitig at me!" '•• Swiftly he pinioned her arms her sides. His mouth came own over hers, searching and in- istcnt. Then he lifted his lips ind gazed into her eyes trium- ihanlly. "Now what do you think rf me?" "Just what I thought before. You've gol a lot to learn, Alistnir." He stared in disbelief then slow- y the color drained from his face and a muscle began to twitch at his mouth. Clear fury dilated bis he corner of unadulterated nipils. His hand came up and hit ier in a swift stinging-slap. "Make fun of me, will you] Okay, Miss Vinegar Puss. Wail ill Jhk hears about that cat ol yours!" TpLIZABF.TH'S fingers crept to •*-' her cheek. She could feel the aurning imprint of his hand b«- neath their tips. Disgust and apprehension mingled and merget into a lump in her throat. This was exactly what she should havi expected, she told herself. Ali- slair's character was as undisciplined as his sister's. His Duet was crude and puerile yet, if he carried it out. it would mean trouble with Ollie, getting rid o the kitten and an 'inhappy ex planation to Bill Uevanier. Alistair and his twin could b* cruel or childish or charming • they chose. Apparently there w* no governor on their emotions respected the impression th«; made. She wanted to plead will him about the cat but after hi churlish behavior she couldn summon the words. "It would be childish and caure trouble," she said -.t last, "Trou ble for me and it would distur both Ollie and your grandmother Why don't you try thinking her for a change, Alistair. She very ill. Isn't that why yoti cam here?" "I'm here because my mo the was loo busy play-acting with mediocre stock company to com herself," he said bitterly and ac Why put up with an old outmoded kitchen wh<n it's so tasy io own a imari new GENEVA Kitchen plannrd juit aj you u-a»l tl. Bi[j roomy base and wall cabinets ... a handsome GENEVA Sink in life- tim« Stainless Sieel.. .and spacioui work surfaces, all arranged io save you lime and step*. Lei one of our kitchen specialists show you how easy it is to own a GENEVA Per- *on»liie*l Kitchen. Phone or come ta today. "Spin-Shall" com«r cabin*). SficWt itvotvB to b'ing ivcr/article vilhin Hubbard&Hoke Appliance Co. REPAIR SERVICE A11 appliances: refrigerators, fre««rs, ranges, and washers Radios and small appliances. All our work is [uaranteed. I Adams Appliance Co. 2£ ed, *'Not that it's any of your isinoss." She turned to go and he took a ; cp toward her and stopped. i "Darn it, Bro^vnie, I'm sorry I apped you, but why can't you c nice to me. It's so boring here!* 1 Here we go again, she thought carily. His moods fluctuated ke a sleam-bath thermometer. You should have gone to Bur- ngton," she said coldly. "Burlington!" She was saved from further rgumcnt by the hollow echo of ic door chimes, pealing forlornly irough the empty house like a chool bell during vacation. Alis- air jumped nervously and began utting Ollie's room in shape, n Elizabeth said "I'll go," he runted some monosyllabic reply. • * * A AKON RIGGS was wailing under the porte cochere. He was o much a part of the Steinhart's 'Bckground that she wondered /hy he bothered to ring (he bell. But he did not seem at home as he tood stiffly in the hall rubbing his hitnds together in • Uriah Heep gesture. "They all went to Burlington cx- :ept Alistair," Elizabeth informed urn. Had he forgotten? She had •verheard OIHe tell him about the •onlemplated trip on the phone hat morning. "I expected them back by now." She glanced at her walch. "Not until 5 At least, and they may decide to stay for dinner." "Hmmm. And what Is young AlisUir up to?" "I'm not Quit* sirr«, but he's busy." "Well, HI give them another nour or so," he smiled unctuously, 'I want to have a chat with Ollie It's quite important," Why don't you wait in the 11- brary?" "I shall. Don't let me Interfere- just go ibout your business." "Thank you, 1 will." She left him and started up the stairs. When she turned once he was gazing after her, his bleak eyes appraising her figure with a narrow-lidded interest that was even more discomfiting than his usual air of unheeding detachment. llo B* Continued) machine problems? 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ROBOT THESE ICTHI/5MIMS ABE -Srtl/tBT PEOPLE... OK OFFER ft KEY TO OUR you've AN I JUST PHONED TO INDIANA!'. I'M BUYING BACK THE BRICKYARD! BUT WHY, DEAR? DIDN'T YOU UIKE BEING RETIRED? SURE, I LIKEO IT FINE! £ VERY MAN SHOULD TRY IT.. rHEN HED KNOW WHAT A CINCH HE HAD WHEN HE NO. A\R. FUSHT H/WILTON &CRIBE HA.DNJT &UBAAITTED AM ACCEPTABLE MYSTERY PLOT FOR *OME YBAR* F == THAT WAS. A TRAGIC THING Ht£ SUICIDE VELL, FUSrr, IP THIfr (I ANYTHING 'i WASN'T TO R6POKT?] A OF AUIClDtS, iPORT... WAVE BC»N THE SPA" FOR DISCOURAGED VC, W6 RE SO GRMEFUL TO SOU BOYS! EMEU THE JIKJX ON THE GERTIE B. IS BROKEN NOW THM THE SEAJAEM KWOW THE Piker/ G0OO. SHE PL&VED IU YOUR FIGHT TO PROTECT/I SEE YOUR. GfZOUMDs!raSStWD's W.EEAOY TOMORROW we'll. HAVE TO RETURN TW9 SLOOP HURRY BACK HOWE, PARPOM ME... WE'RE FROM THE 6AIETTE. IS CW TMU EASV HERE? 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