The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1951 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 12, 1951
Page 15
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WBDHBSBAT, WCEMBBJl 12, (ASK.) COTTRTEK NEWS Europeans Agree on 'Defense Control' _ -- — - DTNAN STRASBOURG, Franc*. De«. JJ, (*)— Fotalgn Minister! of the six European Army nation*, agreed today on how the propOMd unified defenaa fore* will be controlled— by a high commissioner, the six foreign ministers and an international parliament. The six home governments— ol France, West Germany, Belgium the Netherlands, Luxembourg and' Italy— still must ratify (he minis, ters' decisions. The foreign and finance ministers of the six nations will meet in Paris Dec. 27 to draw up a com- -icn budget to finance the army ;ney hope to have all their plans .-•ady for submission to the North Atlantic Council meeting In Lisbon Feb. 3. The ministers hope their latest plan for ultimate control of the army by foreign ministers and parliamentary representative of the nations Involved will receive British support. Britain had refused previous plans which called for delegation of sovereignty to an international body. Plan IJke Resolution The new plan for Army control closely paralleled a resolution adopted earlier yesterday by the Council of Europe's consultative assembly. it called for such joint agencies BS the projected army and the Schuman coal-steel pool to be directed by high commissioners appointed by the councils upper house, the 15-nation committee ministers. Prance's Foreign Minister Robert ScJiuman, who described the new plan for the Army, said -It, too, would be a component sector of the Council for Europe and the council would coordinate the Army's work with that of the coal-steel pool and »uch other agencies as might be NEW YORK, Deo. 12. W)—Tallulah Baiikhead, playing herself In a renl court drama, may take the witness stand today to answer a lawyer's statements that she was provided "cocaine, booze and sex" by her former maid-secretary. The 48-year-old actress has « leading role In the grand larceny and forgery trial of her former employee, Mrs. Evyleen Cronin, 59, charged with raising the sums of Miss Bankhead'g checks. Capping a courtroom performance yesterday that ranged from tears to coughs, Miss Bankhead angrily left the trial for 20 minutes after defense counsel asked the judge to make her "keep her mouth shut." "She Walked Out" She told newsmen she walked out because she was "disgusted with the tactics" of state Senator Pred J. Moritt, chief defense counsel. Moritt twice complained of Miss Bankhead's "sounds and facial expressions." He said these alleged actions "might be all. right on a radio program" but not in a courtroom. General Sessions Court Jud"e Harold E. Stevens refused to reprimand her, saying he saw nothing disturbing in Miss Bankhcad's conduct. The stagc-.wreen-radio-televlslon star, obviously angry, listened to H'oritt make these statements In his opening remarks to an all-male . W MinUten lUsponslbl* Schuman safd the^joreign ministers of the six nations would name the Army's high commissioner. He would be responsible to a joint as- icmbly. similar to the present European assembly here and •' with M membership drawn from the individual parliaments. The foreign ministers would remain responsible to their legislative bodies at home Other details of the plan's opera- Won would not be published until the six governments approved it. a communique said. The assembly's earlier approval of similar arrangements for projected International agencies came only after assembly president Paul- Henri Bpaak.ol Belgium dramatically resigned his post and led a hot iloor fight for the resolution. Alabama Passes Road Bond Issue q* 'Whit* Supremacy' ~ More Holds Narrow Lead in Returns ~ T BIRMINGHAM, Ala.. Dec. 12. (IP) —A new move to write stiff voter KeMotlona Into th« Alabama con- •trtutlon. with "white "supremacy" backing, held a narrow lead today on Inconclusive returns 'from yesterday's election. The amendment, one of 24 on the ballot, would replace the old Bcs- well Amendment, ruled out In 1049 on the grounds it discriminated •against Negroes. With 1,371 of the state's Z.444 boxe« reported, 86,992 votes have been counted for ths measure and 94399 against. The vote on the measure was extremely light. No public campaign was made either for or against it The chief Interest within the state was centered on a $25,000,000 road bond issue. It was approved. J.omfc, Yea] Ceilings * WASHINGTON, Deo. 12. (ff)_ Prlce controllers said today every effort will be made to establish .butcher shop dollars-and-cents ceiling prices on lamb and veal by the new year. Your Car Will G«t B«st Servic* If You Bring It to T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. •C*rril*r-Mrm»««ni r>M III «, Maki Fh... Tallulah May Answer Charges Of Booze and Sexirom Stand U.S. Moves To uicken Arms Pace WASHINGTON, Dec. 12. (.<p)_The government yesterday took three steps to hasten the (low of materials to the defense effort and speed production: I. Secretary of Commerce Sawyer ordered government agencies to divert aluminum, copper, lead and zinc scrap from government stock piling to Industry's needs. S. The National Production Authority struck at the production bottleneck caused by a shortage of machine tools by giving machine too! makers the same priority for materials as military and atomic energy project orders get. 3. NPA slapped a 30-day inventory limit on auto wrecking firms, expected to pull up to 2,000.000 tons of iron and steep scrap—a major ingredient in making new, steel — out of the nation's auto graveyards. IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT .OF MISSISSIPPI -rCOWNTY, ARKANSAS V. B. "KEITH, Ptf. vs HENRY BACKSTHOM and MARY STJE BACKSTROM, Dfts. WARNING ORDER These .defendants Henry Backstrom and Mary Sue Backstrom are warned to appear in this Court within thirty (30) days and answer the Complaint of the plaintiff v B. Keith. Tills the nth day of December, 1951. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Ruth Magee,' D. O, 12112-19-26-l|3 Jury: "Reluctantly, w* shall prove that the lady (Miss Bankhead) was rarely sober. Champagne, dope, booze—she lived on that scale." "Cared for <]lf«| M " . "My client took csre of MUs Bankhead's flgoloi (she had "three lovers within .three months that we know of")—that wa» the money for sex." "Tallulah Bankhead taught Mrs. Cronin how to roll marijuana cigarettes. ... I want ta shield the names of those who smoked them, whom- she paid and the parties." 'He challenged the state to ask Mrs. Cronin the name:.) "When Mrs. Cronin used to to to her for money, she used to beat her unmercifully." (Moritt said thl« made his client afraid to ask for money, so she paid out of her own funds for Miss Bankhead,) ."The language she (Miss Bankhead) used everyday—I won't tell you. My client will." Miss Bankhead and the state prosecutor claimed these statements were part of a plot to threaten her Into not pressing the case against the white-hatred Mrs. Cronin. Hollywood (Continued trom page I) lo Travis Air Pield for a preview of "Starlift," shopped for a cigaret lighter at the Air Terminal tobacco counter. After testing half a dozen lighters, he winked at the clerk and said: "On the screen, I just scratch a match on my pants." * • * Sign on the table of Bibles In a Hollywood Blvd bookstore: " 'David and Bathsheba'—you've seen the movie, now read the book " * • * The word's »nt that Diane Douglas will emerge aa a top itar when Columbia releaaes "Storm Orfr Tibet" Sbe'< Kirk Doofla*' ex. * \ * It will be a three-day honeymoon at Carmel for Marie Wilson and Bob Pal Ion, who can't spare more time away from Hollywood. * • * There's a but on TV alley that Charley Chaplin will sell his movie studio to NBC or CBS for TV film production. * • * Bob Hope at Camp Atterbury, Iiid.: "I saw an English movie on TV the other night. It was so old the British were lending money to US." STARGAZING Continued from Page U something for a beg-truwr. The wetback* Man fan* tack home taking our greenbacks with them. You can say that again. Here'a something that might hit you: For years 4 a deacon In a'-church had gone to sleep within five minutes utter the preacher jUrted his sermon. * One Sunday morning M he was being escorted to hij seat, the usher WHATEVER YOUR COOKING PURPOSE YOU'LL FIND UMKp UNSURPASSED' Clean&Fresh & Ready For Christmas! Our big stock of toys and Xmas gift merchandise is all on display—ready for your selection. We are late, but in order fo have our stock all clean and fresh for you when you are ready to buy—we had our goods shipped late. Before, we put our Xmas goods out early and by the time people were ready to huy—our slock looker! like it was carried over from last year. Now when you are ready to buy we offer you a new stock of the best in loys and Xmas jffft goods, all new and just put on display. You guarantee that your purchase is new merchandise—Seeing is Relieving. Use our I^ay-A-Way Plan—Small payment holds your purchase until Xmas. Atso you can buy on our weekly pay. rnent budget plan. See Blylheville's largest s«- lection of Xmas lays —gift goods. HOME ECONOMY STORE Phone 4585 109-111 W«tMaln ukexf, "Jo*, would you like an up- p«r or lower?" Did you know that w« attain our Milmum height at S5 or 40? After th»t, we shrink about a quarter of »n Inch every 10 years. OUt suggestion: A month's subscription to the Blythevllle Courier Newi. That's only $1.05 and your friend will thank you every day for ft. Hetty Green, known as the world's richest woman, lett behind \ 1100,000.000 it her dealh and was too stingy to esl enough. I'll wager the heirs she left have really, eaten high on the hog. That's how it It'j remarkable what human being* c«n endure. Last Friday mark-! ed the 10th anniversary of World! War n and It's still going strong.! Just another numeral utter World i War U the only diHerence. My telephone number. 446 gets confused sometimes with 46, Watson i reed Co. A sweet little voice at the other' end the other day said. "Did you get your laying pellets today?" What could I say but "Lady, at my age, I'm afraid laying pellets wouldn't help," , A change In the date for the Christmas tree at Lamar veteran's hos- j pltal has been moved up to Dec. 21- and I'd like to ask the many volunteers thai are making candy lo i fill those 300 boxes to bring it toi my house on Thursday, ne'e 2fl There.will be several ladles here who will pack It. and now is a good! time to thank Bob Morrow at the • Home Oil Co., for taking It down' In the station wagon along with! gifU to the Kennedy Veterans Hospital. Mississippi County has really come across . . . from BIytheville to Joiner. Thanks. Better get out that extra blanket. They tell me you can Judge a dog by the man he runs around with When I was In the ladies ready-to- wear business, I could mark" the price of the object on the tiny tag that came attached, but now with all the many taxes to be adderi there "jlst ain't no room" to write on one of those little ags. 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HOME ECONOMY STORE Phone 4585 109-111 West Main LOWHOPf RATING COSTS REDUCED MAINTENANCE FEWER REPLACEMENTS Ch.yrol.t', 105-h.p. volve-ir,. HypoM.oxle J.,Ig n ,<,<,,„„ Mod LoadrnasUr »ngin. and rugged ring Beor Bn(t in!on ?Z-h.p. vnlve-in-heo<f Thrift- for extra durability. Full size n>a,l.r . ne m. offer cut Ih. job inspection plate save, lime and lovmas thai r.olly count. trouble on maintenance cksckj The diaphragm spring clulch provides full, positive engagement with fewer'ports. Pressure Is evenly dislribuled so that tho facing lasli longer. FEWER ADJUSTMENTS The design of Chevrolel'j ball- gear steering reduces wear, requires less odjuilmont. II ii one of mony design feature! that simplify maintenance. TROUBLE-FRII 'DKI6N In heavy-duty r«or aKl«i, Hii driving flong* of ttl« Uiaft h splincd lo mal« wilh 1h« wheel hub. Grease leaks and loos* • bolls arft eliminated. LISf MMMCIAIIOM A" ilurdy chemlt from* <rf (r*. mendoui itrMigth, wHfi dMa> sld«.roils, contrlbirtM to QMV» rolet'i traditional durability ond higher traaVIn to do more work for your money America has mads Chevrolet Advance-Design trucks its No. 1 choice, because Chevrolet trucks consitlenlly do more work for the money ... cut hauling casts. This outstanding economy stems from Chevrolet's great eng/neereoMn features— powerful valve-in-h«ad engine, durable channeMyp* frame, rugged rear axle, and dozens of other money-saving advantages. Follow Ih* lead of America's largest group of truck owners. Choose a Chevrolet Advance-Design Truck and save! Come In and tee us—get the right truck for your job* Mart Ch«vro/»f rruck« m u>* than any oftWr mofcd It rf«p«fld*ii on erarfebrfiry of ADVANCE-DESIGN TRUCKS S i... ...... ..__ «w»MMVij.«fcsiON TRUCKS ULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO 301 West Wolnut Phone 4578

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