The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1951 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 12, 1951
Page 14
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?AGE FOUHTEEX BLTTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'Collusion' Hinted Between AutoFirms OnDefenseBidding BAI/n,\fOrtE Mi—The owner of i lumber company railed In a man (o pry open his wall Nile. BBS hart broken Into ihe office that night before nnd the combination was knocked off. It looked tike the burglars might have Kiticn S4.000 in the safe nnd jam- DETOOIT, Dec, 12, M';—A refer- ( tnnk-aiitomollve ccnlcr. whether he infd 'ho door shut, nRain. •nee to possible "collusion" between | knew of any "collusion" among ""' Lumber Official Has Anxious Wait big mto companies and their sup- p)i«* in defense, contract bidding enlivened a. con g region ft 1 inquiry into Army procurement jioliclos today. Federal Trade Commission attorney* w«r* watching tor any evident! of illegal trade restraints, as * Home subcommittee on executive expenditures held its tblrd day of hearing*. The group 1& examining particularly the Army's huge Detroit ordnance tank - automotive center, which buys "everything on wheelj" for the defense department. Industry representatives were 1»- Titeri by Chairman Porter Hardy (D-Va) to take the witness .stuiid. At te&st one company—Chrysler— already has accepted. Meader Branches Subject Rep. George Mender rR-Mfch>,j former chief Investigator for the j old Senate war investigating committee, brought up the "collusion" matter. He a.sked Brig. Gen- Car- contract bidders. -Wjjljnin L. Cnr.c, rjepul.v Army counselor, inlcrceplrd the quc.sUnn and replied (hat [he Army had in- .specific He said he instances of found no But the money was still there when the door was opened. EDSON~ between bidders nut added that he had turned over the resulU o! his inquiry to (he FTC. which looks j^nd Into possible anil-trust actions. \o I<cgal Means Commented Hardy: "Then whal you found was a reprehensible practice but no legal means to cope with It." Albert C. Lazurc, general counsel for the ordnance department, said the justice department Investigated n cnsc where one company bid $1.340 and another $1.339,97 on the same part. Rep. Boiling (D-Mo) questioned whether Gary considered such similar bids "a series of coincidences.' "It may represent a trade practice which may not he valid before roll H. Dietrick. commander ol the [the courts," Gary replied Franchot Tone Pleads Guilty To Charges in Ciro Incident BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Bee. 12. (/P) — Franchot Tone yesterday j pleaded guilty lo » charge ol battery upon columnist Flora bol Muir —sh« said he spat on her — and publicly apologized before a. courtroom containing about 70 persons. He was then given a suspended 4S-da]r Jail sentence, placed on probation for one year and fined 5400. The judge made the fine payable "»200 forthwith and $60 on the fifth of each month »tarting Jan. 6" and (Continued from Page ») ng labs. And the maintenance operating crews needed for television broadcasts are huge. Who's r.xcltcd? An Investigation or the release ot the story about the Air Force's Guided missile called the Matador, which got President Truman so upset has clarert the Glr-nn L. Martin Company of having had anything \a do with leaking the Apparently there was some Pen- tafirm confusion in connection with rcle.isms (he story but an Air Force officer rcvonls that the Martin company had nothing to do with told the actor Hie check*. personally to sign "I'm »ure he won't get Into further difficulty." said Justice Court Judgi Henry H. Draeger. "But so h« will have > recollection of the situation, t want him personally to sign th« check.5—rather than his •gent—«nd personally address them *o th« court." II. In (heir part of (lie whole thing, the Air Force spokesman admits, Ihe Martin people carefully observed every regulation governing the handling and release of classified Information. They'll «i.| By Acrnrding to Angclo Tov».l. a sninll manufacturer of parts Irorn Hayonne. N. J. who has been in business since before World War Washington doesn't need all the "Sressional committees and gov- at the counsel table and told the [eminent agencies which have been The actor, solemn-faced. In lira, dark blue pin-stripe suit, stood i congressional court: "One of the charges In this complaint Is true. But, I did not kli-k or throttle the complainant or use foul language. "My cousel has advised me that creaicrl to help small businesses set In on Ihe defense effort. He came to town to explain that he didn't Ihlnfc that big business was trying to hog all defense orders ami that it was easy to get subcontract.^ from big firms and to do business with them. He explains: "Jilg business needs us small, fel- provocation can^iot be used as a defense. But the complainant nd- mltted In print that she had listened In on the telephone conversations of the woman I was going to marry. "I fee! it was wrong lo lose my sense of gocd conduct as I did. "I miMl say publicly t)mt I tun very sorry for what happened, and try to apologize to the complainant as best I can." Deputy Dist. Atty. Howard Kurd said his Information was that It the wril-cr occurred Oct 20 In the was nol true that Miss Mulr had swank Ciro's nlpht. club. llstcueri In on telephone conversations of Barbara Paytnn, the bride from whom Tone !s no w.separated. lioth prosecution and defense lawyers agreed that the telephone issue wn.s immaterial to the battery case. The set-to hchvoon the star and '/y yf fc?M&emet4', '406 W. Main Phone 4591 As Advertised in Life "Colorado Brown" by Samsonite for Ihot "special" gifl—handsome, sturdy Sarnsonite in rich, warm, Colorado Brown. Here'* matched lug- 19.50 QUICK TRIPPER COMPANION [i: Handy for overnight Irips, or use It wilh "Jogrneyer" for longer trips. JOURNEYER O"7 HOLDS 3 SUITS // . (5 Three hangers hold luits without Wrinkling. With lie rack. gage for Iho whole family — designed for real travel-convenience. Scuffproof, waier-remlanl cover, LARGE ROOMY 0-7 r/\ PULLMAN CASE <<-/ .OU 0 Suitable for any member of Ills family. Two full pockelj. 26-in. size. 19.50 25.00 WOMEN'S WARDROBE tt)Holdi 4 to 8 dreisti wrmtcle-fr«« en plotlk hanjeri—ready to wear. SHORT TRIP OVERNIGHT li'Useitalone.orascomponionpieca with Wardrobe or Pullman. VANITY CASE WITH MIRROR E large enough for pajomai and makeup, light, easy to carry. Alt PRICES PLUS 20% FEDERAL EXCISE TAX fl, lows Just ai much a s we need them md wants m to stay in business o make use of our special know- low, we can An things they can't do and (hey know It. "I've always gotten plenty of con- racts without, help of live percent- ers or committees. All you have to do Is prove that you can do the job you say you can." While he was saying this the Pentagon revealed IhiU small busi- iesscs were getting is per cent of all government defense orders. Sllniflnjf Criticism Relations between the Post Office ind a union representing letter carriers has reached a new low. seldom has the language of a top overnment official against the lead of a union become as vitriolic as the recent words of Walter vlyers, AMU Postmaster General. Speaking lo a group of district postmasters he said: "The elected head of an employees' union has become afflicted THE SONGS OF CHRISTMAS WEDNESDAY, DECESTBER If, Illustrated by Walt Scott Froiu Gtubtr, organist of Otxmdorf, broke ttw i__ iwws te Fother Mohr thot rhe organ hod broken down on Chrtitmot lie. "We shall hove musk tomwrow Myway," said rhe print. He then agreed to writ* some vtnn of a Christmoi 4009 if Gruber would «t thwi to simple music. Tlrot evening a fwwtirtg Wizzard swept down from Hw Alpine peak! 0*4 Hurt come o coll for Father Mohr to 90 to o home where « boy baby hod just been bout. COP«. 1H1 »Y NC* SCUVKt. MC. tt'U. with a combination or diseases—a bad spleen. St. Vitus dance of the tongue and dementia anti-Donaldson. '•Because he fancies himself a worm that can sing about a river and il,s mud, he tries to put on a concert with each slightest excuse. He brings the department into disrepute by abusing the Postmaster General and setting up his own two by four ideas as policies." Continued from page 8 an "Exhausted Rooster" o! the Junior Chamber of Commerce. During World war II, Alderman Nash was chairman of the county's salvage program for the War Production Board and also served on the rationing and rent control boards. One year, he was a director of Mid-South Farm Equipment Association. Recently, he was chcsen as one of 14 members of the Farm Equipment Retail Industry's advisory committee which successfully sought a separate OPS regulation for farm equipment as was done in World War II. This took effect Monday. Mr. Nash was married lo Jennie .\fmor Anderson of Hopkinsville, Ky., Sept, 1, 1927. They live at 1301 Chickasawba. He also attended the University of Kentucky at Lexington lor one year. Alderman Nash has taken much interest, in 4-H Club activities and has a bronze plaque tor his wort. Each year, he gives North Mississippi County's champion 4-H boy and girl a .silver sugar and creamer. He also gives a piece of silver WHYSrWTORWFOR RHEUMATIC PAIN RELIEF? G«t T1*K G c t C-2223, get help "nijci jV » n*"1cfc, with proved sail- 0!d Stand-by" c'yia to action that roc Onfy "speeds" comfort. Rc« rrw pttt-rti Heves iiiUFrular aclies. FEW CmS! Bimpie neuralgia. It's "locli^eil." also contains "Slant Snake Root" herb. BUJ> Jl today. First bottle price-back If you don't praise C-2223! CONCRETE CULVERT TJLE Sizes up tu 36 In. Corrugated Melal Culverts Sizes up lo 81 in. A. H. WEBB Automatic flood Gates Concrete * Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Prices We Deliver Highway 61 at Stale Line • Phone m to th« county'! top speller »ach year. SHOE REPAIR The Best Shoe Repair Will Save You Money! HflLTCRS QUBLITY SHOC SHOf tzi w. MRIN ST. Picture of a man making a smart decision H ERB is a man who's been doing a lot of thinking. Somedny, he's told himself, I'm going to turn in my old car and get a new one. And he said, still talking to himself, when I do that I'm going to size up the field —give 'em all a real going over. %u see him here at the wheel of a Buick. He hasn't bought it-yet. It's a demonstrator, and he's trying it out. But the more he tries it, the more he knows he's been wasting a lot of time. Prom the moment he looked inside, he said: Here's the room —and the comfort-nnd the style I've been looking for. Then he nudged its' Fireball Engine into action. It's a high-compression valve-in-head, asyou probably know. He eased out into traffic. Stopped and started for a couple of traffic lights, and said something to the effect that this Dynaflow Drive* is a honey. Why don't they all build 'cm this way? He saw a bump ahead. Place where the pavement had been torn up. Other cars were braking down to a creep to cross it."He held back- rolled right across at regular speed with barely a bobble. It's hard to believe, he said, but what they say about Buick's ride' is right. Ten minutes later he was out on an open stretch of road. Tried an experimental push on the gas treadle. Boy—what a take-off! "You couldn't want more power than that. Ten minutes more —and he knew something else. You don't really steer a Buick. It just about steers itself. Stays right on the beam on the straightaway. Even straightens itself out after a curve. lo make a long story short —he's found out that nothing else he's tried out can hold a candle —not even a little Christmas candle —to this bonnie beauty. Back at the Buick showroom, he's going to get one more surprise. The price of a Buick is a lot less than he'd guessed it would be. Moral: Smart Buy's Buick —right now. n». (rf« *«Tf *iy"*'» i^f n.V,,.f , WHIN im« AuroMoeiifs ARE tuin IUICK win soito THEM LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK CO. Walnut & Broadway 24 Hour Service Dial 4555

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