The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 22, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, February 22, 1947
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VOL. XL1II—NO. 284 EiyihevlUe Dally „ Blythevllle Courier ?^THEVlLLE_CgyEIER NEWS Public Spending To Be Cut 25 Per ^Cent, Taft Says Proposes No Increase For Any Department In Effort To Cut Taxes BY DAYTON MOORE United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 22. (UP) — Sen. R</o?rt A. Taft, R., O., disclosed today that his budget-cutting plans call for a 25 per cent reduction in public works spending. Tart gave a reported some figures from his budget woiksheet as the Senate took a weekend recess from debating proposed cuts in President Truman's $37.5CO,o:o,Uu'U budget for the fiscal year 1948. Taft is among a bi-partisan Senate group seeking to limit lhe cut to $4,500,000,0(0. The house approved a cut of $5,000,OCO,OOD, as recommended by the joint legislative budget committee. Tall Plan Has Support Taft said lie did not believe any government department should Be granted more money for fiscal law than it received for the current year. He said he scratched oil all requests for increased appropriations and "sometimes a little more ' The senate was believed almost certain to adopt the 54.500 000 OUU cut advocated by Taft. But the vote was being delayed until Senators on both sides had their say. The main argument of those favoring the smaller cut was that the joint committee's recommendation would menace national security and leave the government un- aole to carry out its international commitments. Sen. Arthur Vanctoiberg R Mich., Senate president and chairman o! the Foreign Relations Cornmittcee. said the United states could not afford to take any action that might weaken Its position in global bargaining with Russia T-aft proposed that Army and •Navy military expenditures be cut JIXO.ODJ.COO contemplated in the joint committee's recommendation. would Cut Highway Spending OJiei, Taft proposals included cutting highway constru=tio n ex- [.endltures from S4CO,OJO,KO to $3oo COO.OO: and the rural electrlfieatio administiation .budget from «co, 000,0:0 to $ioo,coo,ooo. The budget committee's relu I <^ 0 "real its^ breakdown of th sore. s pot with"" Democrats Va and with some Republicans. It was learned, however tha the committee's calculations in eluded 1 cutting the Commerce Department appropriation from $261,003,000 to SItO.100,000. and the in- rni t departments from $317,000,- COa to $22D,OQO,COO. a Tl l? committee also contemplated .j^re 8 c,,r LcL/™' -nd'ifoorsr > mp -~ Meanwhile Rep. Robert J Twv- man, R, m., said thc b d v he r,, ( . „„„„ t , £ 0 ^S^ Blythevllle Herald Mississippi Valley PfOS- com" Verno Truman Washington's Delaware Trip Rougher Assignment Than Truman's Crossing George Washington had It tougher In me when he crossed lhe Delaware to surprise the British. But when President Truman sets out today to pay homage to the nation's first president the wea- M. won ' 1 b5 much different. to Mourn Vernon 'about llVm^lo place a wreati. at the fii ident's ton:b In ceremoni memorating the 215th am cf his birth. Then, from an icy Ml dock on the Potomac. Mr.' . wi baard the Presidential YB=)H Wil iamsburg for a weekend' cruise on the river. The yacht was lo leave foi Mount Vernon ahead O f lhe President, with members of the oili- cia, White House family acoarcl To ship will lie at anchor lo- ni ? -lit not far down the river Y( 5'l£ P™sldciit,-who spent 'NOW veins eve on h| 3 s hj,, dur(nK „... other wintry blast of 'ice and\now -will return to the Washington •M^rV^c K™ lo change l,i s eloihls belorc - sisj asxri-r M Shawnee School Project Delayed Elementary Classes Jo Resume Monday, Make Plea for Books ^ i — *'"° ycd by School fire This nifiht will: patrons decision wn s a n of the reached last if tile board . 250 citizens and Shawnee Special be cut even OCO. Drainage Tax Levy Again in Circuit Court Appeal has been filed i'i the Ghickasaub.1 District of the Mis siES.ppi circuit court from fa or- <tcr in county Court car Hr" this , month extending „„ extra on. p"r hi n V agai '. 15t . asse «ed benefits PI • allla se District No. 16 of thc v-nitkasawba District O f the coun- 15, it was disclosed today Jhe levy, which is similar lo taxes collected last year for the. chstrict. was needed again u° s year nnimc 0 ;"? nd * :io " al fu '«* for "h h cov " W ° rk '" " 1C dislril School District No. fv Classes To Resume Monday r.In 8 S '^' es of thc schools 450 pupils win | >e resumed Monday ^es^nfthe ttCS °f Education i n Little in t-f e in the fire, i this ' ^irf Th ' S0 \ them '-Dr. Johnson sa d. The school needs texts cov- twe fth "" ' tCnth ' eleventh « nd «w M f6r ^° work - Dr - J °hn £ on ab,t, , the b ° ard wa s issuing «e X % r ooir lbUtkmS OI hiBh Chief obstacle to the rebuilding Shawnee school is raising Blast Levels City Block _ S1NGLK COPIES FIVE CENTS A lemfic explosion rocked rtott . lltom were injured ami 15 wr-rc killed win burning debris. NBA Telcpholo) Self-Reliance for Farmers, Businessmen Stressed at Blytheville C. of C. Dinner /-»_ r\ .. J Co-Operation Emphasized By Memphian unit of the iriit c °!" ml '«ioners for the dis- niikP .^ i " for au'hc-rlty to make th e levy and the county court approved the petition Protest property owner s filcn the appea o n fH "^ f°" rt ' AM =sscd benefits OCGOO nct tolal nearly $1,- iv T r hC ? la ,' tcr was beforc th = coun- tv court for its initial hearin., last December when the tax was approved a ,,d the order appealed. At th. last session of circuit court the rate was remanded lo counly court lor further consideration, and tlie appeal now pending i s f rom the Ilc «jst order of County Judge Ho- iand Green, who approved lhe lax for a second time. • In a suit for personal injuries ' and damages to a truck in an accident on Highway 61 near the pate Line in June. 1944, j w Logan seeks judgment against Refiners Kelay, Inc., and The Texas Company, judgment for SI.OOo Is sought for personal injuries- $100 for doctor's bills, $575 for loss of lime a s result of injuries, and S500 ns damages to the truck operated b .v the plaintiff. Last Rites Tomorrow For Charles Powers ni°» r »? W a flcl '" 0 °». 2 o'clock, for Charles Powers, who died last Sun- dW in a Little Rock Hospital. Services will be at Full Gospel Tabernacle with the Rev D R I'iiiT 0 "'. |K1 ' Sl0r ' Qffi cl3tiug'. Burial will »P at Memorial Park, "oil Funeral Ilnme | s | n elm lm,,r " etlUIrcd for th e work. While insurance payments brought only about S47.500, the directors feel tliat fro m $150.000 to $175,000 will be needed to finance reconstruction, Dr. Johnson said ^ He ex-pressed the hope that this money could be raised by contri- but sons and donations and stated hat no special tax would be levied lo raise the funds cxccpl, if it becomes necessary, a voluntary tax. Nc«- Building "Larger con^ee^o^S^-vrs- ina means of raising sufficient lunds to rebuild. h e said ' . ' The financial end of reconstruction will be uppermost in our mTnris for the n ext three or four months ind when it I 5 solved, then the -ype of building to be creeled Will be considered," Dr. Johnson sai^' About three months of the -!!4B- 47 term remain. When construc- gets underway, it is expected ake from eight to 12 months or completion. Dr. Johnson expressed thc belief hat there were sufficient accommodations on the campus to furnish classrooms for the remainder of the term, other buildings in the district, including churches have Seen offered for lhe school's us" he said. The fire Sunday, believed caused oy a short circuit in lh c wir»> gu.ted the main school building, leaving only th e brick walls stand- uig and destroying all equipment. The board resolved to build a new st:uctur 0 which would nmply accommodate student bodies for the next 10 years and would be of a modern and fire-proof construe- Work is Started On Drainage Job Morehouse, Mo., Men Get Contract From U. S. Engineers. Work is underway today on a lew drainage dilch northeast of ielfind to provide a belter outlet . the area wesl of Gosncll and Calumet. Included in Ibis project l s thc construction of three bridges span- ling the new ditch. The contract or this work was let by U. S. engineers In Memphis to the Wiliam Crumpecker and Sons Co of Morehouse, Mo., for about S41.7DO. The work | s expected to be com- Jleled In about 120 calendar days. The new ditch taps Ditch 57, commonly known as the Pumping Plant Dltcn, about three miles nortli of thc pumping plant nnd runs northeast parallel to the Big jake levee : for onff'and . seven tenths miles, it then turns East and Northeast for another ninc- tenths of a mile. Cost or the excavation is beini? borne by the government will) Drainage District 17 furnishing lhe right-of-way. About eight feet deep. „ , ,, . . the ditch has a 20-foot bottom and '?J c "°[ ^ Richard, With fire in His Room, Wouldn't Open Door but Firefighters Did WASHINGTON, Teb. 22 ' (UP)^-' II was Richiird's fmilt. He Would- ll down' Ule <l0 °'' S ° " Ioy c ' h °l ) l )C[t I J. Richard llernon, 30-year old' Washington truck driver, was sleeping soundly last night w h e n! other roomers in his boarding! house saw smoke curling out from ' under the door. They tried to gel I" but the door was locked I "Open the door. Richard," they shouted. When he fulled to answer aller some vigorous Pounding, they called the Fire Department nrftl the firemen chopped their way inlo lhe room. Richard, finally awakened, explained he musi have dozed off while smoking ; u bed. The only damage was a burned mattress— and a splintered door. Lawmakers Take Recess Autry's School Bill Passed in Senate; Goes to Governor . NVt'd lor close co-o linn lutiwcun Iho fiirinoi tlio busiiiL'ss ninn w;is cm- Dltusisicil Ijy Martin Xook, di- rcelov of tlio ajfriciilliii-i! <ki- IMU'lllH'lll of lil(! MoillpllIK Uinniljcr of Commoi'co in Hotel Noble lust ni K hl. Hu slicMcd the Importance ol 'He trend lo nicclmnl/atton In farinhiB, Mi(!nestin K thai. It can bring tho cost of producing crops (town .1,1,1 !,t tho sunio time Itcep lhe WUOT.S puld to farm hli'ivon ,,V pA-scill. lijgl, l,. V( , 1S| w ,, |r . h |)c iBimttl iulvanlii|>i>oiis (n tin, r,)ik s on the farm nnd In th-. ,-|iy «,„ 'In nur cllilfnviir lo lirln • closer cn-niinratlun lii-lweun "fimi'i- ITS and imslnexs nreii," m r /, m u said, "«<• nurd l,, .slrcss ieir-ru- tn WnslitiiKhin r-ir relief. Wi- nv"i| In ^ rfineinbrr I hat ,„,, , u i!,),i Jlii'lft ami trei-ifMins wlilc'h li'a'vu hecoiiii. tin: Amorlriin «,i|i of ''We need lo bear In m | m | unit 'Mole' Drainage Tests Planned Extension Service Plans Demonstration 'On Farm at Armorel A l\vo-day dtimonsiriiiion of lhe new "mole" type of far,,, drainage Is scheduled lor Mondav nnd lucsdiiy on a farm near Armorel, II was announced tutltiy by Kel'tu J. Ullbrcy, North Mississippi Oouu- Ly .mm aKCiil. Two demonstrations wcro s ciied- uli'd orlHJiinliy for nils week, onn <il Uell and the olhcr at Armorel but were postponed because of ib» unfavorable weiillicr. 'flic demonstration Monday will be In charge Of J. L. Gatlis, slat,: iion engineer, who will operate. th (! "mole" typo tnmcltim; mucliliiD purchased by the Extension Service to permit further cx- IJcrlmciitliiB 111 this type of dratii- K?^." u WUI bo ""Wocl "V Mr. nil- Thu "mole" in n chln(i cu t s u rove belo.v tin, tiiicj sm.fuce ol t | u , ., ••-, - i mum mm. « ro "" ( J n'lfl pcrmlt.s quick construc- It took thrill and industry through 1 " of « l 'alniiKo.fnclllllos. Oltlc:l<|.| five gonrralloiiK lo bring the free- hllvc "° l determined how Ion- tho doms und a ncw nation that "••"",» — - . •» House Rejects Beard&hBill On Wage Suits ,. TI - 1I ' I " rLE ROCK ' Ark,, Feb. 22.— (UP)—rho House yesterday clefcuL- RCCK. Ark.. Feb. H. (UP)— Alter n long, action-filled week tlie 6G!h Cienmil A.isim.o.y was in adjournment today until 10 o'clock Monday morning, when lhe business of Jnw-mnkim>- will resume. liolh Houses adjourned yesterday a day that lound the lower chamber making thc most news. Arkansas teachers gained n major victory when the house pn.ssetl den. Lee Reaves' bill lor higher salaries lor -the educators when funds lire available. < The Increases, sealed according to semester hours and degrees held, would range froui-$i.o;o yearly for teachers having less than of collct'c lo - j v-.^ Mi&sjssEHDi c""oun- .. __ , „„!, UL.HTJ,!! HI Hi ( lp i . . , . J **• »•>•»« J'l'l VjUllll the sides have a tivo-to-one ?loiw legislative delegation to impose A 20-fool bermc separates thc'sldes 1 *. on ^ K ^ sMine of limi,lnllons ,„. iv._ ,, ._._. .. on Milts hv onijJloycs llgllillst cm- --- .—-ovcry or wages > or other compensation. Tlie Senate bill, Introduced by Sen. Lee Be.-irclcn of Lsachvllle, wits defeated 38 to 33. It had passed the Senate earlier. Miss Alene Word of Mississippi Cnunly explained that the bill affected only Mississippi county where we have laborers nnd sharecroppers who start a crop, get In debt and then leave. There's noth- m? in the present law lo keep them Irom coming back nnd suing for tJielr Interest In the crop." The bill was opposed by representatives of labor who said it affected employes injured on the job. Ri-p. Hobcrt Harvey of Jackson Counly notified the chair that hc would cull the bill up for reconsideration lhe first of next week. Close Liquor Stores For State Inventory LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Feb 22 'UP)—Revenue Commissioner Otho A. Cook announced today that all liquor stores in Arkansas will be closed at midnight tonight and remain closed until department auditors complete an inventory of all liquor in thc state. The audit was made necessary i ?u' . *J. sn I/U1C J' S announce- rirf.- -J 1 tt ' M1 sigl1 a bin K>day adding 36 cents a gallon to the | C effect' q whJn lBX ' ThC ' SX *'" " S Cook said that 'with 0 ™?]] 'cooperation from liquor dealers, he expected to complete the inventory by midnight Monday. Weather The forecast y for Arkansas - ermc separates the sides 1 „„ °™:> e ™ slntu Iron thc spoil banks, which are ° m , M " tsr ' v clm>1 ' slanted with a five-to-one slope lo 1>lo 5 cr s for recov permit cultivation. Cleaning of two and eiglil-tcnths miles of the Pumping plant Ditcli is also scheduled In this project. To Dismantle Pumping I'lant This work Is part of Hie government's new Interior Drainage Program which, In District 17. is aimed at lhe rchabilitalion of approximately ro.OOa acres of land In the Gosncll-Calumct area. Tlic government expects to spend abiiut $500,000 on this program lo remedy drainage conditions in llii.i area impaired to some extent by the construction of the Big Lake levee. Bridge construction includes a highway type structure built according to standard Arkansas bridge specifications nnd crossing thc new ditch nc ar the middle of its East-West course. Thc other spans arc Bailey Bridges of the sectional type used Army engineers for tank crossings. Both will serve as access bridges to tlie levee. One will be located on the present gravel road running north from Shonyo to Ihe levee and the olhcr will be nearby to the North. Specifications are now being , - 1 .,. ^. , ur -,_,,i c drawn up by C. a. Redman, sccre- ( worst bli/zard of the century todav tary of Drainage District 17, for precipitated n new crisis in Britain's disposal of tlie Ditch 57 pumping f«d situation and the Minislrv of plant, now being advertised for sale, j F "" ! warned that the nation faces No longer regarded as necessary, it I " critical •18-hour period In which will be dismantled and Ihe build- | K« s supplies may be cxhatislcii in i"ir ana equipment, including three so" 1 " m-»«= 50.000-gn!Ion per minute pumps, of- tcied for sale. Th c foundation structure, however, will be retained and converted into un access bridge. While the Worst Blizzard Of Century Hits England LONDON. Feb. 22. (UP)-The 30 : . semester;-, hours $3.023 a yenr for leachcis" wilh .dpclorate degrees. Tho inbasure wouM also set an 8-mont|i school term us lhc minimum f Qr part lunation In state teachers' aid. while the present minimum Is C months. Thc lower chamber received two measures by Lawrence County Rep. Hul Moody yesterday, one would allow the; stole Department ol Public Welfare lo take a lien on property owned by any applicant and the for old age assistance', other advocated -i ii^fir vt - L ' 11 - 1 * "> *11l),lui/ ;>UI,LJIU- mental appropriation for the State Ir 0 *™" 1 ' 0 ! .Pr partmcllt for salaries of 29 additional auditors. School Lunch Hi|| J'ussed trocuicc'"'' Senate, a measure in- Wcenis Trusscll o" Fordyc cn "woi.l'd require lhc governor to submit name., of appointees to uny state ••* • "i^y iii.iiuil null WHS born In tlic day of Thomas j e tf- crsoii, a iiiitlon which prospered nroiiKh five general Ions. "In recent years wo hnv" | W cii trying some now and foolish things -like plowing under little nigs — wo have shown an liiclluatloii to vote foi- niiyoiiff who will (iiomlsc- us security from the cradle lo III" grave, a typo o f scciiri'// lar different to that which on era worked lined to .icl SI list Make Clinlcr "H Is not our way ol life we must choose between ion]!<?l> things and the .'sound security earned by thrift an-1 industry I'lvimh so any ueiusratlotn that It Is kninvii us Hie Amcrlcnn'miy." _ Mr. , ZpoK , ..lernied Miaslsslppi forefath- hut cores' wll serve ns O ondult rt foi water. The period of uselulnosa will <l«'Pen<l on the lypo O f soil and some types may not be Biitlslmunry ror this new system O r dreilmwc ft wns explained. The officials do believe, however, iluu in heavier types of subsoil tliu new method can be Used wlth'suu- .A demonstration was conductcii last Monday on tne Harold uiilen- "orl fnrm nt Qrlder and Iho CO horsepower traolor, and the dltcti- inif, or coring machine, will be moved to Armorel Monday morning for Iho demonstration for farmers m the northern halt of tho comity ' Mr. Bllbroy said this morning that Leroy Wlliiy of Etowah who lins witnessed ' earlier domonslni- s?S^vSfe£ IS iiH!S^~- fertile Inmls and announced ilg- tires but half as large us lhe re- lurns lo Mississippi County fann- ers last year. Hn urged business men mm farmers to anticipate n reducllon In tho price of cotton and to be prepared to reduce growing costs without lowering labor costs "Ex- dcnler in Osceola. nn t hns ..oceii implement peileiH-e has pecl a drop taught us not to in labor coats nnd Tdft,Vandenberg SplitOnLilienty return l o old standards of living, i <^ within ^Vi^er'tVS- he™ i^ir^j^ The present ^ „»',, lo We would not w/>nl that we want, lo keep thc standard high In, farm labor. It can be good brsiness for tlie farm owner and Tor the i.-ter- cnaiil, too," he asserted. rrnisc.s ^IKsc Area Mr. Zook described niylhcviljc. HciJubllcan His Appointment Is Threat To Nation's Security, Taft Says WASHINGTON, A bill tiiat would install lhe school lunch program in Arkansas got approval in the Senate and was sent to riny. Ben ianey ror signing. Author of the measure was Mississippi Counly Hep L a Autry. Defeated was ricmpstead Count) 1 Rep. Glen Walker's bill that would have extended by live days thc period in which automobile licenses may be bought without penalty. . pumps will be removed, a 54-Ioot lateral clearance will remain to nc- comodatc the tlo* of water in the ditch spanned by thc pump plant structure. Say Reds Stripping Darien Of Equipment NANKING. Fib. 22. (UP>—Charges that Soviet trocps In Dairnn are stripping that South Manchuria!! port and Its environs ol all industrial equipment, supplies and other stockpiles were inacVe today in a Mukden dispatcn lo th 0 Independent Newspaper Hsin Min Pao. This report said huge loads ol machinery and other supplies were b3ing moved from the Daircn area to port Arthur night and day, and Soviet authorities were claimed to have set March 12 as a deadline for completing the task. A big dockyard which the Japanese built at Dairen was said lo have teen completely stripped ol its equipment and the dispatch added that the Soviet* also removed CO locomotives of the Chinese. Changchun railroad, taking tjjrm to Vlnduw.lok, in .Siberia. sonic nren.s. Thc nrw snowfall buried coal trams and isolated country villages H placed ncw burdens on the nation already stn. G glin E to meet a vast uiel shortage. The Fuel Ministry said thm if the snowfall continued—as wratiirr observers predicted-gas supplies might be shut off at certain hours and iii some regions they might be cut ofT completely Previously, the crisis had affected particularly electrical supplies. bir Guy Knoll-Bower, Fuel Ministry spokesman, said that the cov- crnment had been forced lo ask thc most stringent curtailment of tins consummion-possibly even equal- ling the <lcep electrical cuts of two weeks aeo. However, thc government went forward will, n., p)ans to „ closed midlands industrial plants Monday. ' All gas companies were asked to ''\ vl '" 1 lht >>' no or don't do in the next 48 hours." Knolt-Bower said. m ? y . J ."? 1 tlm > lh e ^alc In the caso of individual gas undertakings." Mercury Drops to 31 Tlie mercury dropped to n R>w of 31 degrees here during last night, rtcrording to Robert E . ni^lock. official \ycallirr observer. Fob. 22. (UI'l and Mississippi county as"the' U ve.r.v s l' ll( . lodny In thought over David" a great n|{rlculli>ral em- E - LUIcnthal nnd the outcome may 10411 presidential election ° °" ^MI'I^'M T" Sc " atc coiillrrrmtlon of Llllenthal'a nomination .is chairman of the Atomic Bomu Encriy Comni talon. ij Out i,, (he open as Ijnder ol the anU-Llllnithal forces v/aa Sen Koberl A. Taft. R., o , ohHlrman Industrial Expansion Urged for'47 Members of lhe Blytheville Chamber of Commerce today were plnnniiig industrial ex- pansjon along linp^ suggest' wl 'lust nitfhl by Farmer hiife'lnjirl, new nresident ot Uio Chnmlier, ;it the annual dinner meeting held toi mcmbci'H and their wives i n ilolel Noble. Koarl.v '200 Rttondcrt thc dlnn»r Mr. Enalnnd j)ropos«l that Hie city this year concentrate on nn 'florl ID obtain s-jvcral small Indus- trim which will bring new payroll us-cl moro cmploymont wllhou'l iib- setlltiB the labor situation as It r^- Uiles lo the rich agricultural area nround Blythevllle: -.-- -,T The president, whq succee'dtrt "B ; A. Lynch, told of Iho growth of tl^ Chamber of Commerce In reomt years. The 19.15 mcmbersiilp of 100 was Increaecd lo 280 during" Mr' uyncli's icnure In -office and manv new members were added In' the Bnmpnlffit Just concluded und tli^ total now stands nt 331 members Mr. Iinglnnd suggested to the old and lhe new members to make fuli- -•st use of Iho facllltlci of the df- janimtlon which has its hcadquar-' f ers In ths City Hall hi char?" of Wuvth Holder, sccrclnry-majiBgcr" The new members, nnd business inclI in-ofes'jloiinl men who ntovrd to Blvthevllle within the i-«.t "..i". wore Introduced by Alviri C'lly Shows Rupid Growth Eurller Mr. Lynch, gave a brief "'.view of the activitlM of u" Cliiimber of Commerce'durlns i9!6 He recoiled that Blythevllle 35 ycnrs' ago was a town .with, a populotlon": af bolweon 1BOO and 1600 •Totlny it,Is Just beginning'to hit Its stride mid the population esti- many es- cdmincnddcd the 'trend diversified farming in IM K county, nnd in thc larger Mronplite area as a whole. He said that lhe trend h to fewer und larger farm.i, with the average nixc iiujreusliu; from SH ncrcs In 1030 lo nearly :',l> ncirs in l!)4li. In the delta section:] the trend to livestock lias rhnwn an cre.iso of nearly 150 per c'.'i.t. and (in nvciage of 77 per cent for tin: delta and upland nccdum com- The, start of .constriiclldn of ;it{j factory at the end'of''Wesf^MiShH Tho annex will bring Q, e factory^ uiiinml nayroll to ft ngur« near 8500^ 000 and provide work.for'ah hddf- tlomil 250 women. " The assistance given the city with Plans which led to the inaunura" n of systematic collection of' car- trlfcks "' m ° d " n » arbl> K e disposal Acqulslllon of .lhe hangars and Aiding neld at the Blythevllle An v Airfield under a temporary arrang"- inpni. from the government. Th- city now operates the landing field os a municipal project and hopes soon lo obtain deedsl.frWtho Wai Assets Administration-to pernia l 1 r' 1 , Ll ,^ ld . li P. nt '"e airfield: Soms Workers Soughf To Get Funds in Red Cross Drive Work is untie! wpy today m~viu; organization o l the 1047 American R-d Cros.s financinl cam^.ti^;! which starts here March 1 to achieve the goal of $10.002 set lor North Mississippi Counly. Selection of community chairmen for thc towns surrounding Blyth*-- vill«\who will give their services In spseding collections was nearly com- p.etco by noon. Jerry Poc chairman of outlying ccmmunlty collections said that thus list of drive workers, would be completed lor publication Monday. • These communities will b' vasscd to obtain S40«6 while «„„„„ of the North Mississippi county total will come iron: Ulythcvillc contributors. Llndscy Oiinn Is chairman of Blythcville coile.-tions Conirijiitlans by mail may be sent to thc Red Cross chapter here by addressing them to lhc American Red Cross, Box 211. Mail contributions toward the South Mississippi County goal ol i apprcxlmalely $.7000 may bo sent | sources to thc n P( | Cross In Osceola incare "" "" of Post Oilicc Box 5J, Lloyd Godley, fund chairman, said. The drive to bring to Blythcvllle;, .C. of C. Is Levcline Iriflnence Discussing the functions of Chambers of Commerce, Mr. Lynch whn or VC n ln " n r» S 11 ' RS , scrvl! rt «5 president of the Ulylhevlllc group, the retiring president said that' the organi: of thc -Senale" nipnStaan'^lcy ueve^' ll^^ ^"W/'oMf C °"'Tf ln U™'J^fr SS ™$ ^^Ato PUmhac - nnd ^.. u .,,. LVUI and communism aiu^'sa'ld! inr^'ni!!"' 5 " V \°, 1 dei 'P" rt orl agricul- blncd. In numbers th.- llves'-oct Approval of his appointment wuuld ! , ou kl L ^ mf" ,, Ly ?. Cl1 sald * " but has Jumped from l.SOO.WO head lo '« n "real threat to our n.Ulr.mi '?,,„,"'t' c our attention to obtaln- ' ' s " cw "Klustrles. We can expect mtirli Tirnori-rte^ *..ui.i.^ *i_ _ . _ " om . 2,300.000 hcnd In n little ni^rn tlirin sccurily." Sllll not formally committed 15 years, on n per (arm bnsU the _ ., average has been incre..iscd Irom but giving every Indication of sunless than one C :nw per firm to Porting Lilienthal was Senate Mian three and itvj fccti President Arlhur H. Vandeiilieri; Mich. Taft lhc more production has been .stepped up nlonj! with lh r size of lhe he'.c.s to consume Ihe Iced. "Thai l s good news," Mr. /iook said, and liicn ne procc-ded lo cile olhcr figures to show the, trend awny from Hie nnn-cmp :,ys-1 tcm. | Fnylicans I'rofil ibl and Vandenberg .ire „ .-.- party's Icndliu presidential possibilities and it w -is fell thc outcome of the Lilu-nthai flghl. might have bearing on ihoii 1 relative prestige within the GOP. "If Communists could Infiltrato he government and Into the is there any reason to bc- llltn 'I VA. can- Acreagc in oats has Jumped licvc that they could not infiltrate from 33.000 lo 50.1,CflO a':rc-; be- inlo such nn inlcrnallona! nuthor- twecn 1930 and 1915. hc s-iid. The! ity as alomic energy?' 1 increase for soybeans wns Irom) Taft said Lllicnlhal also showed 81.CCO to C08.000 ncrcs wl',!i tlv.- Nfississlppi Ctrtinty ncrna^o brliiB- ing tn about $13.000,000 Ir. I94G. Acreage In liny has been stepped "general softness" in his co-authorship of the State Department word atomic control plan. Hc said tlic plan conlalncd "no suggestion" up from 1.200.CCO to 2.300,000 while j for nullifying Russian veto powr thc acreage planted to c.i'in hnnlin the event Russia violated inlcr- remaincd fairly stationary, but the, national atomfc obligation::, yield per acre incicnscd from n> — ,,,, ^<iii c^ueco progress within th c next '5 years in lhc Blythcvllle area- "- rn addition to making a bid for new industries, Mr. Lynch' suggested mat a study be made of th- cllys parking problem, that traffic Ishls bo installed at the busy intersections that some of the slrccts be widened and that the newly a6- qmrcd airport be kcjit on a self- supporting basis. . Marcus Evrard was master of ceremonies, and the program for > hC ^"^?'J^mier was arranged by , . rve there gets under way March 3 and will last about ,1 week Hoover in Route Home yield per acre inarased from It to 2S bushels per acre for thc upland and lowland areas combined. Mr. Zook stressed lhc need for sound planning by farmers anil business incut lo break lhe spiral of inflation withoul breaking "our economic necks" at lhc same lime. "Mechanization of nitricultiira without losing lhe Important rc- we have In our Mibor Is the answer," Mr. Zook ssid. Thc address delivered by Mr. Zook was recorded by H:td(r> station KLC.V using the sta'icn's new sound mirror or .somi'l brush method of transcription and tho address will be broadcast, between 4:30 and 5 p. in. tomorrow. LONDON', Feb. 22 (UP)—.Her- Mru-^tt to r Mer'! 7 '° "cor Chancery Cases fn-i'd 1 ™,?^^ t ? Ur o E(U !' CI ? °" " A Ctancery Court MS sloi. will be read mtsslo.1 for President Trn- convened here Monday with Chan- cMlor Pranels cherry iiresidlng. Negro Woman Dies in Fire Near Luxor a Katie Seward, 51-year-old Negro woman, was burned to death late yesterday when her two-room home near Luxom was destroyed by fire. Her husband, Sylvester Seward, was not at home. The fire was discovered by Deputy Sheriff Herman Spicer and J. A. plgg of Luxora, who were driving by and saw the Jhokc.Tliey broke the door open but were 1111- rble to enler because of (lames. Mr. Spicer said he believed 1 he Itcard the Negro, a semi-invalid, fal! just before they opened the door. Exact cause ot thc fire was not determined but It Is believed it started because of a faulty chimney flue. The house was located ou lhc Chester Danphower farm. U.S. Revenue Collector Here Gets Assistant Zone deputy collectors of tho Arkansas District Internal Revenue Sin-ice of the Treasury Department begin their assignment here Monday to advise nnd assist taxpayers in the preparation ol income tax returns. They will be .located in the Internal Revenue office in the Lynch Building and will be liere through March 15, the deadline for filing returns. Deputy collectors are assisting taxpayers in Osccola now and will be at the Planters Banlc there until next Friday. Employment Drops WASHINGTON. Feb. K/'OJP)— A congressional committee reported today that government employ-' nient dropped in D»Mimbi!r for thc second consecutive month,

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