The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on November 1, 1930 · Page 2
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 2

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 1, 1930
Page 2
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RepoWOttiispectorr— On Post Office Sites At Norwalk Are Filed Th6 R*ffcrt*r Bnrtftn WASttt »ro *9N, Ort. tl The report on !nsj>*ctlon of port- effiee sites in Nomalfc, made recently by U H. Blantdn, Government tit* spent, has been laid before the jotht Committee on Public Buildings It was announced at the Treasury today. The committee will take up the Norwalk site selection matter In Its proper turn, It was said. This may be a week, or three weeks. Wanton's report, It is understood, SANDUSKY-CO COURT NOTES FREMONT, Oct. 31—(Special)— Suit? totaling 11,600 were filed in common pleas court Friday by W. H. Morris and his son, Melvln Morris of Llndsey, R. F. D. No. 1 against the Interstate Motor Freight Co! notation of Detroit by J. S. Richards, president, of Toledo. Roth are based on a collision of the automobile driven by Morris' son and a motor truck of the defendant concern In U. S. Route 20, McPherson highway, near the Four-Mile House last August 1. Morris, St., asks $600 damages to the machine and the son $1,000 personal Injuries. Sale Is Confirmed Report of the sales of part Out- lot 66 and Inlot 1334, Beltevue, of estate of the late Stephen Fox to Martin Beat for $4,000 and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buckland for $12r>, respectively, was confirmed by Judge. John B. Co6nrod in probate coiift Friday. Will Is Probated Will of the late H. J. Winters of .TackRon-tp, as riled for probate Frl-. day, left the widow all of the per­ sonalty except the farming implements and iftachinery which were given to a son,. Clarence R. Winters. The real estate was ordered to bo put Into trust and the ihedroe paid\| the widow, unless she remarries.' Guardian Asked Application for the appointment of a guardian for the estimated $10,500 estate, of Mrs. Ella PI Hfetf-- ner Of Clyde, alleged Incompetent, was filed In probate court Friday 1 by a stepdaughter, M. Helen Heff- ncr. Church Shares Estate Will of the late Mrs. Dellla Helm of Fremont, as filed Tor probate Friday,- left the bulk of the estimated, $75,000-estate to an addpted daughter, MrS. Olivia Helm Rich. H. C. Plagpion, one of the* beneficiaries of the instrument to the extent of $1,800 "for services rendered and the many kindnesses shown me during my lifetime," Was nominated as, executor. Other cash bequests also were made as follows: Judge A. E. Culbert, $l,'C6o for the same reasons as given in the case of Mr. Flagman; "Ollie" Basch, $1,000 provided be.was still working for Mrs, Helm at the time o.f her death; congregation, of St. Joseph's church, $1,065;. St. Joseph's and St. Ann's Cemetery, Associations, $500'each, ".and St*. Joseph'* Benevolent Sc-clety, $200. • Officials Are III Surveyor I. E. Amsderi and Den uty Surveyor S. S. Craig wejre (11 Friday-and unable to attend to thelp duties In the offices of the surveyor. Deeds Recorded Eight easements of the Ohio Power- Co. for rights of way In San- named three parcels of land as "possible sites" for the new postofflce. and arranged them in order of suit' afcntty. selecting a first, second and third choice from among those he Inspected on his recent trip to Norwalk. Location of these sites, as well as the names of owners, was withheld by Treasury officials. Secrecy t* Customary This secrecy about site* under consideration. Treasury officials said, is a "customary precaution" against real estate speculation near the possible site. Another motive behind the "secrecy," it is believed, is the desire of the Joint Committee to be entirely free from any "political pressure" Jn their choice of a site. Blttnton's report has been through the architectural division where Treasury engineers have estimated how much can be spent on the pro-, posed site and still leave sufficient for constructing the building. lVke Mast Be •Right' If the price on the site selected by the committee hi "right," the deal will be closed immediately. A search of title will be ordered, and if found good, the owner receives his check and plans are started for the new building. On the other hand, if the price is too high, Treasury agents Will be sent to Norwalk to negotiate with the owners of the selected site. If these negotiations fall through, condemnation proceedings 'will be instituted to obtain the property. dusky-tp were filed In offices of Recorder A. H. Zahn Friday. George Gabel to Anna Barbara Gabel Relnbolt, part inlot 948, Fremont, $1. File Depositions Depositions in the suit of Mrs. Mary Harmeyer against Emory De- Tray and others were filed in common pleas court Friday. Probate Court Petition for the 'private sale of $18,264.08 In personality of the late W. H. Bruns was filled in probate, court, Friday. Partial account in: the $11,244.98 estate of the late Henryi Stausmlre was filed by Mrs. Fannie Stausralre,, executrix. Partial account In the estate of the late Elijah Bldaie was filed by Mrs. Maud Blddle, executrix. • WHO WILL BE riftSTr NORWALK, Oct. 31-HSt*clal>- Fltchvflle-tp, for a number of years has been the first precinct of Huron-co to report at election time. Several 6ther townships, however, will strive for the honor at the coming election. FIESINGER HAS FREMONT TALK Hit Unemployment in Ad' dress at Democrat Meet. FREMONT. Oct. 81—Addressing another big Democratic rally in the Fremont theater here tonight, Judge Wm. Ii. Fieslnger, Democratic candidate for Congressman from the Thirteenth district, took up the matter of relief of unemployment. "We have heard much from Washington in the last few days about a great effort to relieve unemployment," said Judge Fieslnger. "We may differ as to the causes of this unemployment, but we cannot differ as to actual condition today. What strikes me, howover, and what It seems to me must strike you, is this: Isn't it odd, to say the least, that these great efforts, still on paper, should be made on the very eve of the election?" "If the administration in Washington can now do something to relieve unemployment, why couldn't It have done as much six months ago. when the need was just as apparent?" "I want to pledge you now that if you elect me to Congress and I cannot defend my vote on any question on one minute's notice, I'll resign my seat," This declaration was greeted with great applause. Judge Fieslnger further promised "I'll never vote except In the Interest of the people of this entire district, and of the country, and not with the Idea of gaining votes for myself." W. H. Herner, candidate for state senator, and Dr. H. Gordon Hayes, professor of economics at Ohio State University, also spoke. • Greenwich Woman To Be Buried Today GREENWICH, Oct. iSt-^Speclat) —Mrs. James Huston died Thursday morning .following a Bhort Illness with pleurisy, and pneumonia which brought on heart complications. Mrs. Huston was 86 years, erf age and was residing with her daughter, Mrs. Berth* White at the tlmerof death. She leaves seven children, O. J.. Huston and Mrs,- White, R.R. Huston, Jesse Huston/. Ransom Huston, of Greenwich, Mrs. Carrie Esbenshade-of. Shenandoah' and Xt. CHas. Huston of Mansfield. Funeral aftp- vioes'wj.n toe held 'from the ftome of. Mr. and Mrs. White Saturday afternoon at 2 •oVjlock and burial will be at Shenendoah. African violets, full of blooms State Flower Shop. Ph. 299. MAY DROP T\yO TRAINS NORWALK, Oct. 81—(Special) — Well founded reports are circulated here to the effect that the N. Y. C. Railway will take two passenger trains.from the Norwalk division on Nov. 17. It is stated the company proposes to run what is known as the Norwalk-Cleveland plug train between Toledo "and Cleveland/and thus take the . place of' the two trains marked for (elimination. FLAMES FROM MANHOLE NORWALK, Oct. 31—(Special) — The fire w department yesterday afternoon was called-to put out a queer fire on Woodlawn-av, In front of the heme of A. W. HutcMnS. Gas from a, leaking main, entered the manhole of a sewer.and in some way became ignited. The flames Issued from the manhole to a height of three feet or more, and the .paving brloks became very" hot. B'lreroeij put out the fire with chemicals and the gas was shut off. Mate V(®I*KR EGGS w£i/t CEL-O-GLASS eokUtt w«utlwrit.bdM» wsofttiv wri­ tes.,«gft viw-*M«« w» » w Uyett. Tnw u»W* M healthier Wrdvlowar «6rt*ttty«"*w<J more «gg«. eRWJVOfcASS *1» feept bouws. *lfem«r- aa4 hMw-raore comfortiHe dijrinr .tb« coldest, ~srcag»i>»rimporr tint MO * to good winter egg- prods?* CMJfpJJJUASS PWf WItjrif owr and ovtr if am, and-propcrly Jn*Ulb4 will hut for ytart. Many met for genuine CEL-O-GLASS CKL-O^SLABS in t>r«4*r hoitMS rodut«rchick mortality, rsiaet healthy. chickaWn hoBhouaea prevent* weak legs. Good, tor dairy barna. cold itiw, hot bed*, Pack porehe*. •torn wafowt, atom door* sad steeping porches., C*U .,<>• «U far dmstriptir* Utvrolar* mmt In* CU~0*Q(.A$S bUfprttt. Yrimm mtftliar y«« pUm to huiU, nm»4*l av IMMU la prmvtt k»U4l»§u ...Eat Mw Suey ar Scheuer-^rank^ls Sat eve; To Lei Contract* NORW'ALR, &ti 31^-fflpecIair — The city of Norwalk will" be ready In a day' or two jo. let a "number of sewer, contracts. The tfctal co*t W1U be about 180,000, an,ij the work will form" a part of the $475,000 sewage disposal project. It is gfffen out Iliat contractors will carry out tho projects during the" remalninig rail period and In the wlntef. Twenty- seven -bidders submitted tlgur** There are 3,000 dtfferent items. . Smith Hardware Co. Saniusky, Ohio -for every Need WHEN you want to turn your . hoBw'tnto a veritable fairyland of light look to portable . Lamps. Portable Lamps «an be used to advantage in every room. Some give that spread of illumination so necessary for occaa- sibos that task the «yes — others ftd<} charm and cplor to dark corn ens — others lend Warmth and cheerfulness. Plan, now to add-a-llght to one or more rooms of your home — the bedroonii living room or hallway. Our Lamp stock is Complete The OHIO PUBLIC SERVICE CO, W. Washington Row Main 137 . FARMHAND STRICKEN FREMONT, Oot. 21—(Special)—Jacob 'Flnsterwald, 65, a. farmhand at ["the home of C. E. Waggoner in Washlngton-tp.died of a heart attack early Friday. He was stricken Wednesday k while husking., corn, but apparently recovered. He was born In Fostorla,. Aug. 27. 1865, and formerly lived with an' uncle. John Miller, here. One sister Survives. Funeral services will be held at Eagon's Chapel, here. Sunday afternoon. MRS. HERBERT DIES TIFFIN, Oct. 31—(Special)—Mrs. CHriStina Woessner Herbert, 87. ,a"unt of Frank WoesBner of this city, died Thursday at the home of her niece, Mrs. Flora Baum, in Fos­ torla. Funeral services will be held at the Lutheran church in Fostorla Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by the Rev. C. E. Clessler and burial will be made in Fountain cemetery. •MBS. MeSHEEIIY DIES FREMONT, Oct. 81—(Special) — Mrs. Margaret McSheehy, 78, widow of Attorney Thomas MeSheehy, and one pf tna most beloved pioneer worn- en in Fremont, died of complications at a hospital, here, Friday. Two sisters survive, Mrs. MeSheehy lived In Fremon(, for more than 60 years following her marriage in Lafayette, Ind. Her husband was former dep. uty internal revenue collector In this district, THS RBGiSTER, SANtmsRf, Q«tO, 8ATU |tDAf, NOtEM-gftft 1 1630 SLUMP IN VOTE SEEN BY CLERK Miller Believes Rural District •Will Be Light.' FREMONT, Oct. SIMSpeclal)— Although both major political parties will wind up a hot campaign here Monday night, Carl E. Miller, Veteran clerk of the election board Friday predicted a slump of B.000 to 8.000 votes Tuesday in comparison with the Presidential ballots cast in this county two years ago. Miller ostlmated Fremonters will cast 6,000 to 6,000 votes out of a normal voting strength of 7,000 but the vote in the rural districts will be light. He said this was not un- usunl Jn "off year" elections, however. The abandonment of the registration laws which applied here until this year when the new census failed to give the city a population of 16,600, as required by the revised election code, probably will Increase the vote, Miller declared. Printed Instructions of the election board were mailed to precinct officials Friday and sealed pouches of election supplies will be distributed at offices of the board Saturday. "A OCTOBER REPORT ON MILK SUPPLY \. / CITY Butter Bacteria Fat 4.8 Flta Bros, (past.) .. .. 16,000 3.9 38 3.7 Fits Bros, (raw) ... . .. 20,000 4.8 Knnis • • .. 20,000 4.0 3.9 3.6 Esmond .. 25,000 4. Esmond (Guernsey) . .. 30,000 4.6 .. 30,000 3.6 COUNTY C. Lang, Vermilion (raw) 10,000 Cedar Grove, Berlin Hts .(raw) 10,000 Maurer Dairy, Vermilion (past.) 12,000 F. Krapp, Vermilion, (raw) 15,000 J. E. Miller & Sons Milan (raw) 20,000 Wm. Wechter, Huron (past.) 20,000 R. C. Brace, Castalia (past.) 35,000 Wlkel Dairy, Huron (raw) .•• 30,000 Milan Dairy, Milan (past.) 35,000 Wm. Wechter, Ruron (raw) 40,000 Milan Dairy, Milan (raw) 60,000 F. X. Riedy, .Castalia (raw) 150,000 5.0 4.2 3.7 3.1 4.4 3.6 4.0 3.9 4.6 3.6 4.6 3.6 COttPl,fi HU'ft, MARRTKD t\Wi% Oct. ttMSpeetal) — Miss Martha bandore, 18, and Stanley Hob'vfcr, 2i, misntftg Hope- well-tp couple, have returned. They earns back Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hoover, relatives ot the youth admitted today. Their retafn ended search conducted by the sheriff's office following their disappearance Wednesday night after attending an exhibition at the Beach Grove school. Relatives today declined to make public details, hut admitted the youth and girl had been wedded during their absence. Young Hoover And MISs Dundore were married in Indiana according to a rpeort to the sheriffs office. FATHER MURDERED HARTLAND, Oct. 31—(Special)— Mrs. Ray Turdy of Hartland was called to Solon, Friday by the death of her step-father,who was found murdered in Palnesvllle. WOMAN IS INJURED TIFFIN, Oct, 31—(Special)—Miss Anna Harter suffered injuries of the right knee and right ankle, early Thursday evening when she was struck by an automobile driven by G. J. Logsdon. c Theater News "THE DIVORCE QUESTION" Matinee and tonight will bring the first two performances of "The Divorce. Question" to the SanduBky Theater and ushers in the sixth week of fall and winter season of spoken drama offered by the pop^ ular players, Robertson-Young. Jiinmle Billings as Dope Doe, has a role that is entirely different than anything he has yet played ahd his creation of the part will create a sensational talk all over the entire city and eotlnty. "The Divorce Question" is vivid drama that must be seen to be appreciated. HURON-CO COURT PTES NORWALK Oct. 81—(Special) — W. O. Gulling, administrator of the estate of the late Armin Clark. Plymouth man, who was killed In a motor collision at New Haven on August 17, asks a Judgment of $50,000 In n death case commenced In common pleas court here. The defendant is the Michigan Silo Co., of Kalamazoo, Mich. The plaintiff sets forth that the accident was caused through the carelessness of Marshall Miller, ah employe of the defendant company. In the accident, James Vest, 28. Miller's companion, was killed and Miller was quite badly hurt. The petition states Miller was driving westward on Route 17 at the rate of B0 miles an hour. Clark, at the time was driving southward on Route 61. He had conducted a filling station at Willard for some time previous to his death. Rowley and Carpenter of Norwalk. are counsel for the plaintiff. Hear Unusual Case One of the most unusual law suits that has developed here for some time. Is on trial in Judge Carpenter's court, Beda Artlno, a Bellevue ma- tran. asks a Judgment of $50,000 on the grounds that Dominic Caranuclo, her neighbor, rushed into the middle of the street, and in a loud voice uttered statements damaging to her reputation. E, S. Miller represents the plaintiff and Young and Young are attorneys for the defendant. 8ettle Damage Suit — The death claim case of Mrs. Charlotte E. Schaffer vs the Standard OH Co.. which went to trial yesterday, has been settled out of court, The plaintiff's son, Arthur was killed last February here, when his automobile was hit by a motor truck operated by the defendant corporation. Red Gables Special Tenderloin Sandwlohes 25c FUNERAL ON SUNDAY TIFFIN. Oct. 31—(Special) —Funeral services will be hedj Sunday afternoon for George C. McFerren, 77, who died Thursday r.fternoon. after an Illness of four weeks. Besides hts widow, Mr. McFerron leaves one son by a former marriage, George K. McFerren. WEAVER IS COMMISSIONED NORWALK, Oct. 31—(Special) — Frank M. Weaver ot Fitchville has received his commission as Justice of She peace. This office was held for five years by the late W. O. Holden, who died recently. Mr. Weaver has previously served as Justice of the peace in that village. Have You Played Your Round of "TEE-ZEE" Golf Today ? Oleida's Golf Course Beautiful Indoor Minature Golf Felck Building—Market St. Next to Citizens Bank Buy A Forget- me-not For Disabled War Veterans — and Vote For JOHN E. FREITAS Candidate for Recorder Democratic Ticket Election Day—Nov, 4 fVtUM Booster Committee GET THE MONEY AT THE CITY LOAN ' •"— '•" ' • »•••— Keep apace with the times. It In no longer necessary to discard machinery and tools because thev are broken. Have them welded Portable Elec. Welding Co. 324 E. Market-st. Main 263-w NEW PRICES EARLY BIRD MATINEE 12:« to 1:8Q 10c 1:30 to 5:00 Nfcht* m Q StllMbya 25c 35c CHILDREN ALWAYS. 10c WARNER BROS. OHIO THEATER If WARNER BROS. PLAZA Saturday Matinee 20c Tonight & Sunday . 25c Children 10c THEATRE UNDE NOW PLAYING MON*|KJES Broncho Busters' and* Heart ^Breakers In a Musical Camedy'Drama of Love, Adventure, Thrills and Fun., Kenneth Harlan .* Slim Sumimerville Dorothy Gulliver Nita Martan. And a Splendid Cast Directed by. RICHARD /THORPE BY GRAND JURY Faces Manslaughter In Floyd Colwell Death. TIFFIN, Oct. 81—(Special)— Emilio Mejla, 23. Fostorla beet field worker was Indicted by the Seneea-co grand Jury late today on a charge of manslaughter. Mejla Is accused of slaying Floyd Colwell. 45, Fostorla tinner, Sept. 0, following an alleged brawl. A previous grand Jury refused to return an indictment against him. The Indictment against Mejla is one of 18 returned by the grand Jury. Six were secret. Other Indictments made public were: James dllck. automobile theft) William Kerr. Fostorla. non-support\ Joseph Taylor, Youngstown. automo. bile theft j Anderson Simpson, Fos­ torla. breaking and entering; James Dawson. Fostorla, driving a Vehicle while intoxicated. TIFFIN'S HALLOWE'EN PROGRAM IS SUCCESS TIFFIN, Oct. 31—(Special)—Masqueraders and revelers took possession of the city tonight for the city's biggest Hallowe'en carnival. The celebration opened at 7 o'clock with a parade and continued with revelry and dancing until olose to the midnight hour. Paraders gathered on the Wash- lnglon-st bridge and the line moved at 7 o'clock. Every parader received a card In connection with the award of prises offered by merchants. Nearly 100 merchants are offering prises. These gifts are being displayed In store windows where they will be found by the winners on Saturday morning. Fireside Organist Lands Toledo Post I'IKESIDE. Oct. 31 (Special) — Miss Virginia Fischer, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. O. D. Fischer, has accepted a position as choir director and organic In the Lutheran Church at Toledo of which A. L. Human Is pastor. Miss Fischer is a graduate of Westminster Choir School at Ithaca. N. Y., and was"a member of the choir of that school when It made a European concert tour two years ago. WILL STAGE DANCE NORWALK, Oct. 31—(Special)—A Ifirk dancing assembly will be held In St. Paul's Auditorium Thursday evening, Nov.. 6,«a a part of the Norwalk centennial activities. The affair will be directed by St. Paul's Booster Club. Music will be furnished by the Merry Makers' orchestra. i ANpusfv THEATR Matinee Today Adults 25c — Children 15c Robertson-Young Co. In a Revival Most Timely "THE DIVORCE QUESTION" Colorful Drama The Hit of Hits Yon MUST See It EVERY EVENING AT 8:15 MATINEES SAT. SUN. WED. Monday Bargain Night Week Com. Sat. Nov. 8 THE GIRL FROM CHILDS Eve. Oroh. 60o—Balcony 50-35c V\L ROLL CAU, TIFtm Oct. 8i-(Speelal) — Tiffin Elks answered the annual roll call last night at a meeting in the Elks' home. There was a large attendance for the annual roll call gathering. Mayor John Dreitsler delivered an address. Messages from absent members were read. A lunch was served after the meeting. CLAUDE DOWNEY DIES AT TIFFIN TIFFIN. Oct. 81 *- (Special) — Claude A. Downey, 40, one of th* best Known business men of Tiffin and part o*ner of the tiffin Oarage, died this morning in Mercy Hospital, where he underwent an operation a week ago for appendicitis. fiacre hit marriage Mr. Downey worked as a railroad postal clerk between Chicago and Pittsburgh and later represented the United Railroad Express Company In Detroit. Me entered into a partnership with Ills father eight years ago. He is survived by his father, his widow, a daughter, Mary Jane, two brothers and two sisters. Funeral services will be held Monday afternoon at 8 o'olock In the residence, conducted by the Rev. E. 8. Hawkins. Interment will be in tho Oreenlawn cemetery. INFLUENZA FATAL TO MISS DELIA COLLINS TIFFIN, Oct 81—{Special)—Miss Delia Collins, 68, former Seneca-co school teacher and for the last three years Instructor In St. Joseph 's parochial school, died last night. She had been ill three weeks with influenza. ' Two brothers and a sister survive: Frank of Tiffin and Michael and Miss Catherine Collins who reside In the family home, four mites east of the city. Funeral services will be held Monday morning . at ntn* o'clock in St. Joseph 's church. Interment will be in 8t. Mary's cemetery. NEW WATER WELL TO BE BUILT, NORWALK NORWALK, Oct. 31—(Special) — M. O. lrvin, superintendent of the city water and light departments, announces the city will have a 18-Inch water well drilled at onoe on city property Just north of the water works, A six inch test well drilled there recently, did not develop a heavy flow of water, but three gravel beds were penetrated. The three other test wells were failures. It is believed the larger well to be drilled by the city, probably will deliver considerable water needed. The two reservoirs are at the lowest stage In years. DEATH CLAIMS JOSEPH DIEDLER Was Past Commander Fremont G. A. R. Post* FREMONT, Oct. 81—{Special) — Joseph Diedler, it, a past commander of Eugene Rawson Post, O. A. H., and one of the few surviving veterans of the Civil War. died of infirmities a't the home of his son, E. J. Diedler In Fremont, Friday. He had been in only four weeks. Funeral services .will be held at the home of the son Monday afternoon. The Rev. Victor Petersen, pastor of the Trinity Evangelical Church here, and Dr. Delo drover, dean of Baldwin-Wallace College, a brother -in -law of Mr. Diedler, will officiate and burial will be In Oakwood Cemetery. Diedler, a retired miller, and for many years an employe of the former Cox Flour Mills, h»re, Is survived by the son and three daughters. He enlisted In the 101st Volunteer Infantry at the age of 16, and served for the duration of the war. Colds After exptMre takt tMemnetfy Nature always warns you that • cold is earning eta. At the lint feeling that you ar« catching cold, Grove's 'Laxatlv* BROMO QUININE is the quickest way te check it Taken la time It pre* vents colds. G*t*h»x*tanu drag ttfK, Jfe. Ah*av* h**p it A«IM(» !•«*««* •r pt»»»nt fU: Grove's • BROMO* QUININE Tablet* DON'T FORGET YOUR WANT ADS For the Big Saturday and Sunday Papers. MAIN 28 rr DANCING Rainbow Garden FREMONT SATURDAY, Nov. 1—Glenn Hermes, Sandusky's own, and his "Admirals." SUNDAY, Nov. 2—Doc Perkins and His "Iowans." WEDNESDAY, Nov. 5—Opening of winter Wednesday Nite Carnival Dances. Music by Richard's Ramblers. THURSDAY, Nov. 6—Archie Porter, radio star in person. Skating Every Tuesday Nite Bargain Half.Hour 1:00 to \m JCjg WARNER BROS. Last Times Today More Thrilling Than the Stage Play! scotvfefr* v with" yj> w Edmund Lowe Joan Bennett A superb drama of the strangest love and jenture story ever filmed. KNNUTK KOCKNJi and III* Saturday Matinee Only "THE HIDDEN BALL" Aeronautical Attraction Starts Tomorrow i • Thundering With AppUute in Human Chtr* fcter , , . Cheering (or Manhood found Gloriout in WcaknfM and Strength when taken from the Haven of Home and placed tn the Hell of War! WARNER BROS. OHIO THEATER NEW LOWER PRICES EARLY BIRD MATINEE 12:45 to 1:30 10c 1:30 to 5 Nights Children 25c 35c 10c LAST TIMES TODAY .MM*' STARTS TOMORROW John McCormack "Song 0* Mr Hejrt"

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