The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1947
Page 11
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i', FEBRUARY21, 1947. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION lUnluum Dtiri. . .„. 1 Um, p.r llu« --------------- y!i 8 lion p.r lia, pVr'dii ---------- }E a Urn., fl , tin,t,riii --------- 'I* • tlnei C er Mo, J. r SI, II ------ *§ ia »«"• i>« u u . Kr d»i ..:.::" « Moulb i«r line ... *_ . --- sit Count fir. i »v««(. words to llf.'llQ.. .. Aa «rd«r« /or Ilitee or six limn »uc! ltoj>»>d before tzplntlcn will 1» c h«rj- • 1 for the lumber of UIIMI tb« id .}. ««•«* «<"J »d]uBtmeut o( Mil ra.diT *". Olasjl/led Advertising copy gut. mined by perioni residing outside of the c«y Bust be iccornpauled by caeli Bate! bo tislly cocjimted from lb« ibove '. !'."1' corn ' • rlj '»«' IJJ truck l l'J.-.'°..!lL''j;: l ;'.Lill !l -_ i.aVi' SO ocru of level Innd. Oi iTere77ii ; a?l"c':;i,:' """" '"" J5U - ""' i -' * f'OllOll |M|1 ]t>f«(ClJ Oil HLItil] li[--liu-u llunil.. ['rice 460W '».li»« J. C. t'Jin!>l.i -Manila. .Ark. eitlslci order for Iritgulir Inter- Uoos tmkei the on. time r«le. Ko lupoiulMltty will be Uken fai Ju'Vi V ""' '"of"" ImertloB of »nj cjEBairica tO, For Sale For Safe t imiiiiL truck. Kicolk-nl cuuililluii .n'l <••»» iiain. I'ho.ii, a 197. ir..'|.k"s .r» »-il!l Marler nn.l li .,„. J \VC .4|| is . <-,,, '- i ."•'- "••»" ' -J1K ' K.i»l 'njoy fodui Ill MlJiS V-llll t>I !li,ll«,,y on-luinl ' Illil IIITI-..', '•! f I IKD nrr^ ' «••!">" K M.,m. r-jiij Jitii, I.. l,,.,, IMII.I,,,...,, Tin. i.l.iiv,. f,,,,,,, , ir ,. IV,«,..>!.,u win, ,1 ] II. II. 1MHH1S N'l'KKl.K .HO l)..»l's I'nlni nn.l Wnl'ii,"|,cr "s'lorc"'"" ^'j^^«_vl«ra\Jl'ln>ii^ Jin <. ^ ; l-,,k-'J.-. ll-'g.ek-Hll HATS Inlihi- i fnrni ! cl,.|in ',•„, "nil !,-?!,PdC7« day Tftmic 1125 pk-2125 See Us For BABY CHICKS You'll like our quality chicks, hatched right from selected flecks. Hcudy, fasf- g rowers. Low price L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. i Hlnck So. of Depot Phone 493 , lt27.|,k-2!27 ",T t '' ri "' llnr.iisi 1 i"n<-,-r 1' tnlile rnAts. irr n l>ly. inailF ID fil your lalil |,n.s<'rvo rini.h. Or.l(.r !),..,„ -hinini^ 30] E^ Ma |.!.',nn 2.IST. ft-1127 I Uiiby Chicks. Qu»ilrii|.>» A JSM.S.t j>cr inn. .lir Water healers, bathtubs, sinks, closets, lavatories, soil pipe £ fillings, staly. & copper pipe £ filtin;js. Orsbnrn's Plumbing- <Vr Healing, ph. 875. 2-6-nk-2:) Tr.'H-hir Mnlk cullers, nil strrl -nn- slrnrli.,,,. lllvlh,.vill,. Mncliin,. S'.op 211 Smith KtVon.1 Ktrr-,.1. 2ll-cl;.l< , Rni|,!,.'rry nuil rvcrl,enrin mill lll.ik«innrp |,l:,ni. ; Irnn!;. I20S llr.lly. rli. 2 i ivtinlroli ailor wilti cull iv alnr Imrrinv. r. ,.lr,M-. H (I. .li^c. rorn [ilrli- - rliic, 2 \vnL'Ons 1,11 nihbrr nil ii iten- ante ln.>l Mn)-. 1'nrt 'nev- o.l. Prii-Ml l<i tell. Trnilc fnr noir . I.ccm Ti|)].ott. AJvanco Mn § AH Voal beaters at cost. Planters Oood selection. Hardware. 2-1-ck-lf TI!.U"IT>K TIKKS — Tlip new tiro Hint Inu'lur tin. iiiitil,,. WY ,,,'ouni niu'l' .1." liver In f,,rm. Kl-m- 'JOT W. ''•'''"• 2:i2 ,-li-lf Outboard Motors for work or play. Yon gel hiirh uualilv pei•formnncc at a greater savings with a Ward's SCR King. i\Iofo7-s certified and ;i p p r o v t> d by Otilboan! Roatinir Club of America. Packed with post-war improvements for your greater pleasure. Immediate delivery. 5 horsc-umver. Ufi-Sn. 2-21-ck-28 fash rcgistej in good work- in JT condition. Now in daily Call Rl 1 days or 207X nights. " 2-12-ck-ll ••'i AXTl'KAT [h, -;>i ki'kv. Ti,M,.l,^~ New 'l-rooni house in 1'ride Addition. Price S2750. H. C. Campbell, Realtor, 120 S. Second. 2-IS-ck-tC Have grist mil! for sale. Now doing good business. See me. H. C. Campbell, Realtor, 120 S. Second. 2-18-ck-tl For Hire '.I.., ,,!:,«- l,,,],n n .. ,,!„ linrruiv. ('.ill 1| Ii H',-,1 !.-.<• " e-rJ:l. •_> in ,^.;i Services —. kll typei w»Bblnr Wli nf klurj ol Ml n'l ItilHl MONEY TO LOAN Do you need a loan to rL,... • 'or remodel? No down pay ment, no mortgage, no red tape. FHA approved rat* 5*. Ask for details. Ma> Logan, Realtor, phone 2034. Lynch Bldg., BlytheTilte. 9-2S-ck-tf Weather stripping. Save fuel by having doors and windows weatherstvipped. C. E. Wiggins, 512 N. 10th. Phone 2203. 12-31-pk-3-l Ejr-OI wants jo!j (noring Jjaiist-s. Kx- pcricnced. plenty of c'lnipnHint W It. Gjlrretl, ph. 2800. 1120|.k-3!l See us for an estimate before you have your tractor overhauled. We specialize in steam cleaning ;\m! painting. Electric and acetylene welding. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Hhvay 61 South, ['hone 2171. 2-1-ck-lf ratli —.Irr or [iriiftml \Villii- n. 1112 K. l.akr. 2,S-]ik-.-| :', Rent a Floor Sander AT WARDS. Save money by rcfinishmg your own floors. Adds years of life and give." them new beauty. It's easy to do, too! MONTGOMERY WARD & CO., 402 Main. BLYTIU3VILLB <ABK.)_COURIER NEWS PRE^Ptloir I'Venh Stock Kirby Drug Stores Hals Off — lo More mutorisls are IcarniiiK every day that I ho KC\\ice to he liiid ill your t'oi'd Dealer's . . .is unexcelled! I'Yom (lie mrmienl you drive inlo our station there is a trained service man to assist you und your ear. See to il that your car gels the best . . . see "lo il (but your car KC (s (i-cntiine Ford Service! See Phillips— Mir Kurd! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, .Ark.—Tel. '153—3715 .«• I.., II K ., . l '!?, lu '»"d Ooulrtct lUull '"I Mlic. Nerrlcoi. Jljcufl .Sorrke * Stortfc Oo I'tuim <!HU1 For Rent llrilj-tioin. iI14 No. 9tlj. I'lic Ili'ilriiiiin. 1109 Cliirkim:iv.l,n. I'll. Heart Conner News Warn Aris. • in*. Mrs. n ;l in.i Wanted to •HJiN'l TAKK A 1.OHS. (iet Hie l<ij> price for your car in truck frum PHILLIPS *1U 1 UU LO. l\)day. G-3-ck-tt Cash for wrecked or junk iiulnmobiles. We'll come and get it, \V:ule Auto Salvage. North Iliwy 01 phont ;iTSr>. 12-2G-pk-2-2U Wonted )mtl?nliat FARM LOANS / Low Interact / Lon« Turn v Fftir AppralMil /Prompt SwM» RAY WORTHINGTON Srn-lne Tills SVctlan for 21 Ycura 115 So. 3nl Hlylhi'vlDo/Aih. Tutu: In Pruikiillal ill 4 ,,.,„. uvur'WttKC • Told Off Your fool will feel heller — stay belter if you huvc fhose shoes resoled properly a I our Qualify Khoi- Slioi>. Longer wear for !t'ss Mniioy! HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Mnin St. "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BONNIE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main St. Phonc 3fij|7 ATTENTION VETERANS! If yiiii M-ri'c<( nvrrsras, you slnnilil join Ilir V.l'.W. nnw! Mrrllncs rvcr.v Wi'ihicsiliiy i>I»li(, 7:!;U al Ilio \Vclrii!iainii Cultiin (XlirK. llrin^ 11 vi.(i:i~i n wilti yim. VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS F:mis Mi-Cnlln, Cuiiiiiiiinilrr Phone 501. 2-13-ck-t! Kxpfjl slnvc repair \vorl-. Call (o Mr. Jlcrcrs al llul.bnnl Unrlnaro f \Ve specialize in fruit tree spray materials. Ask us what and when to list. Planters Hard\varc Co., Inc., 126 W. Main, phone 515. 1-31-ck-tr <"i Fast Davis St. Trice S.')(!7">. Tn\nindiat'i on^scx- «ion. H. C. Campbe)!. Realtor, 120 S. Second 249-ck-tt rl-rlnV MTKK-H. |»hl" Inp fou liiiM .ml clock. Kaiiy lormi r.ill """>• Oi! Stoves cleaned & repaired. Work guaranteed. Ph. ' Help Wanted '__ ; 2! 1 7-[>l-:-lM Young lady for Rencrai^oT- ficc work. Must be efficient typist. Stale qimliri- cations and previous experience. Write Tiox SOO, ^ Courier News. in-ck-^'' roll ,1.-..?fi. iitnislipil liousr or Apirtmpnt Ky ne\r f B . Hnlrl Xnhlc pr n't Kress Rlnrp. Taken Up a ml. Son'(li K niyii"viYli>. ' ' V 3r"k-';'i tr^ss IT'S BEEN A LONG HARD WINTER... It's been a long, hard winter for your car . . . and it's nol over yet! Keep your car al llic peak o'f cl- ficiency by havjiitr it serviced and checked by Lanjj- ston-Wrolen. Our mechanics specialize in' niolor timc-ups, srindiiiK valves or any repair work I iial your car may need to K v\ a flying s j (11 .( j nlo (hc spring season! SEE US TODAY! LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Soles—B JICK—Service U> S ' Tires Mobilgas and Oil WRECKER SERVICE Walnut & Broadway Telephone 553 Dr. W. F. Brewer IMiNTlST General Practice Special Attention Given Extraction and Plate Work orrio: ovnit OIIAIIIKS Across Street. From Krrss Orfiro Hours H p.m. I'lionc 2m When ,lo?.ef Wlnlcwlcz, new 1'ol- lsh nrnbnssmlor lo Ibe U. S., pvc- scnteil his crcdciUlnls In Wnsli- liiKton. lie ijot n cool rcccpllon from Pri'sidmt Trimnm niul Secretory or Sinlc Rliirslinll, who told him cnrlly Just wlmt Iliis country's nUiliidc Is lownnl Po- JHIKI'S "tlonincrntlc" elections. lllulirsl \Vi'»llirr'S(iitli>n 'I'lic lolili-sl. wciithrr Million In tin- United siiiles is on Mount !«<«<•. Nci'udii. n Is nt, mi eli'vnllnn of Itl.liOO f<vt niul Ms nutomntlf wi'ullii'i Insfi'iiiiiciUji run nin lor , llu'li' I'ocovcls on i\ inuvlnit slici-t nl J Wo Guarantee * i RECAPPING j with j Hawkinson Treads ! j Let Your Next Tires Be | GENERALS j J C!ost i\!oiT — Worth More' t __ ____ ___ • 1 MODINGER TIRE CO. ] ', "« It's Smart to Baby Your Car! Maintain Its Trade-in-Value lor the time you can (radc for a And it's "Smart" to Never take chances on the Mechanical Condition of Your Car. Bring it to us for Service and enjoy Trouble - Fre^ motoring. T LO Y E ICH CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Walnut Texaco Gas ft Oil* Phon. 571 iu-f Mnnuj Toiluj. ,i ny ,, llly STOP AND SWAP fllnsl i'j, one , r No n QUICK Our Radio Repairs nrc ., iind our workmanship finer lhaii nnywlicru V/K lUa'AI ANY ni,\K|.;_A\v Phone 2642 FRED CALLIHAN 106 South First ••••**•*» TODAY - - IMPORTANT! Sii\T ynitr present car Hxpcrt iMccliniilcul Servlrn Alt'inltc Oil iintl l.ubrlciuils ' Y«'s, w«: wash mill Hft^isc rlirs fmi! Modir.s? Wn havp ne.\\ niiidirs On-rh.uil nr irhullcl llirin ( Tin's niul Tulrc.s ' / Oil, Virs, V!r piiinl Curs Too! KciKiir ami Ittnntsli nl! lintlics Chiirce Ilnderlps T. i. SEAY MOTOR CO, Phone 2122 DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man- ItOVAI,, SMITH. COIIONA on.l HRMIN'OTON I'OKTAI11 r HO N. SECOND ST. PHONE 33w' ^(Evcry Transaction MUST BE SATISFACTORY) HOOTS"AND U'RH l£™^H-™ voa IN SURV^ 3 BftHKRUPTS DUDOVIUK PROKOTtRl" PLANTERS HARDWARE OFFERS — F. H. A. TERMS ON MANY ITEMS: No Money Down fool-Aire Alllr Fans Siin-llunii Aulnniallc Oil \V:ilfr IkMlrrs NorKe Klrrlric Hot Wn(«r Hi'utcr.s 36 MONTHS TO PAY Slimiln Williams Paints Shctriclil Field Fencing (JonJil's \Vatcr Tumps Moilcrn Water Softeners Oulbcrson Kitchen Sinks ASK US AHOUT PARBIKK'S TERMS WITH ANNUM, PAYMENTS PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126 West Main St. (low Almul This'.' ME 7 6Y EDGAR MARTIN BUT 1r\t BUILT ON LftND BtVOND TWt UMffS '. FRECKLES AND HIS •N S fn ll\c Ciouds BY MERRILL BLOSSEf A MiMUTE' AMD I'LL AN AMSWCC SVLVt'STCC.'

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