Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 23, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 23, 1895
Page 5
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THEEUWSHRT THE-flEST'EvER-PRooutED-Fcm The-MoNEY- PERFECT-FITTIN GUAflJUTftSD WflMiUTTA MttiUK JUD &IGHT&&N Hl'NORV T «INW ONLY DEWENTER, The Hatter and Furnistier. Save Ti Coupon our No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares names, and that will remind you of the necessity of a New Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of money at our store and we will make to your v. ^r the handsomest suit of clothes that ever adorned your tody. TUCKER & YOUNG, THE, PErtRL STRBET TftlLORS, THE PROBLE3I SOLVED, A MATTER THAT HAS BOTH BED NUMEROUS CITY'COUSCIIS IS SETTLED. ° A Committee <r the Council Ifaniert to; Take up the Work of IMe \V*ler Botu-4. The Present Efficient Km- plorcti Hay be ReUJned, _ hot the Board iHeir in Dead. The members of the council went Into executive leaalon for an' hour last night, and then Issued'from the Mayor's office and finished up th« business connected with the • assumption by the council, under the new law, of the business of the water works. An ordinance was adopted: that provided that a water works committee of three counollmeu be named by the Mayor, subject to the council to serve until the next appointment, of council committees, and this com., mlttoe is to have charge of the affairs of the water works department. To it is given the appointing of one superintendent, one engineer and one. assistant engineer, subject to the coun ell's approval, the employee to serve for a term of one year. The superintendent's bond is fixed at $3.000, and the engineer and hie assistant must each furnish $1,000 bond with approved security. The new committee will be expected to submit for the ap» proval of the council, rules and regulations and the rates that will govern the water departmeul. The committee will also be expected to report at the A Statesman's Indorsement. The HOD. Wllbert D. F«j-uhim'« Jr., ' Telia. How He WBH Cured by Unlng IHBByWt'u Remedied. -;.. Th.e Hon. Wilbert D. Farnham, Jr , whbae name went before the voters of Massaohugettf last November aa a candidate for^ Secretary of State, on the Prohibition ticket, Is one of the most prominent' men In the Eiet. He resides at 82 Devonshire street, Boston, Utta. This ia what he writes of Mun•yon's Homoeopathic Remedies: '•I seldom write testimonials, but am glad to give this one. Of the many medicines I have tried to relieve the terrible J Is tress of indigestion, I know of nothing equal to Professor Munyon'a Dyspepsia Cure. I have suffered, with thia trouble for many years, and during an unusually aevere attack laet month a friend gave me a small bottle ot Munyon'a Dyspepsia Cure." Munyon's Stomach and Dyspepsia Cure curea all forme of indigestion and ttomach troubles, such ae constipation, rising of food, distress after eating, bloating of the stomach, palpitation of the heart, shortness of breath, and all affections of the heart caused by Indigestion. It soothes, heals and lovlg orates stomachs that have been weakened by over eating, orwbere the lining of tho stomach has been impaired by physic and Injurious medicines. Price 25 cents. ' Munyon'a Homcepathlc Home Remedy Company, of Philadelphia, put up gpeciflca for nearly every disease, FREE FOR TWO DAYS ONLY. All sufferers applying at Veno's office, at the Murdock. for four dayt only from date will receive advice and treatment free. The only expense to the patients will be the actual cost of the medicine necessary to effect a cure. Tour case will be carefully diagnosed by 'Veno and I. A. Mills. M. D. The.offer closes-positively on Sunday, March 24th. whom the clerk will MONEY TO LOAN. Personal, Real Zatnto or Collateral Eecurltr. An; Amount. Any Time. E. B. Ovcrsbliier, '827 Fourth Street. MONEY TO LOAN! On MortBiwe security at c, 7 and 8 per cent. JIOMiV TO LOAN. On MortKflKes Security and easy Monthly payments Consult J. T. COCKBURN. Boom* 2 nnrt 3 Spry buildlna. DAILY JOURNAL SATURDAY MORNING. MARCH MoKeen'a steam laundry—Rood work Oranges lOo per dozen—Foley. A great saving on clothing at Otto's. Delicate girls made strong by Zoa Phora. Good prunes 5 cents per pound at Foley's. Mothers of daughters should know Zoa Phora. Special in capes and separate skirts todiy—Trade Palace. Ben Fisher, the druggist, will save you money on paints. The beat baking powder In the | world at Bon Fisher's drug store. Every woman should learn about Zoa Phora. Fancy lawn grass seed, fertilizers for lawns and plants—Krels' Mfg. Co , 414 Broadway, The W. C. T. U- ieml-annu»l county convention will be held Wednesday, April 10th at Lucerne, Harrison town, ship. Slate Kepltngor will hang paper at ! 5 cents a double roll. Give him a call over Lolnonoman's tailor shop, 504 Broadway. When so many poople are taking and deriving benefit from Hood's Sar- saparllla, why don't you try It yourself? It Is hichly recommended. The lodorn W«y 'Commends Itself to the well-informed, to do pleasantly and effectually what was formerly done in the crudest man. ner and disagreeably as well. To olean?e the sjstem und break up colds headaches and fevers without unpleasant after effects, u*e the delitrhtful liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. Catsup 7c per bottle at Foley's. To Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Stelnhart, a son. To Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Stelnhart, a aon. Zoa Phora brings health and happiness. To maiden, wife or mother, Zoa Phora Is a trusty friend. Garden and flower seeds at Krels Mfg. Co., 414.Broadway. John W. Young of the city has been given a reissue of pension. Capes and skirts today at prices to surprise you—Trade Palace. Ninety-five cents, that all for dress shoes—Steveneon & Klinslck. Lino Pilling has just purchased a Quo uew burglar proof safe. All the latest deelgna and colorings In neckwear—Fisher, the Hatter. Great bargains today In gloves at our glove counter—Trade Palace. Headquarters for paints, oils and varnish, at Ben Fisher's drug store. Once tried always ueed, Ben Fisher's baking powder and extract of vanilla. Yos, one dollar buys five pairs of baby shoes at Stevenson & Kllnslck's. A. W. Anderson's residence at No. 710 Miami street, ia being remodeled. Don't miss seeing the new styles In spring shoes—Stevenson & Kllnslck's. Tho East End Euchre Club was entertained by Mrs. B. C. Stevens Thursday evening. Auction of the J. G. Grace stock Saturday at 2 and 7:30 o'clock p. m., 426 Broadway. Logan Chapter No. 2 will meet for workiu the Past and M. E. degree this Saturday evening, Ben Fisher, the druggist, has the agency for Munyon's remedies. A full lino always on band. There was a fair attendance last night at the pie social at the Wheat- the flrstoouncll meeting of each month, ae which are aold by all druggists mostly for 25 cents a bottle. Those who are in doubt aa to the nature of their disease ehould address Professor Munyon, 1505 Arch atreet, Philadelphia, giving full symptoms of their disease. Professor Munyon will carefully diagnose the case and give you the benefit of his advice absolute ly free of all charge. The Remedies will be sent to any address on receipt of retail price. will the city treasurer, on work of the water works fall. The rules were suspended and ordinance was passed. The council then passed a resolution Instructing the committee on water worka 3to at once confer with the old water worka board arrange for the transfer of the plant and books, and the settlement of the business. ' By another resolution the city treasurer was authorl/ed to appoint, subject to the approval of the council, a -ctepu- ty who will receive $70 a month -from the date of the transfer of the business, to tho committee, and shall lurnlah a $10,000 bond. Mayor McKee then announced a change or two in the committees. Mr. Rlngleben retires from the electric light committee, and his place la filled by Mr. Wade. Mr. Rlngleben la named aa chairman of the water works committee, the other members being Mr. Powell and Mr. Had ley. The council adjourned. A (JUEElTsTORY. STILL WAITING FOR PORTER. Veno's Extraordinary Offer to Sick People. Father Bessonies of Indianapolis Recommends Veno. Veno's cures in Logansport have puzzled th« whole medical fraternity because be has completely cured the very patients they have beea trying to cure for years past. He uses certaia medicine imported from Europe. His treatment is quick and permanent, and he protects his patients by giving them a guarantee with his medicines, and in this way he has made thousands'oC friends among his ever-grateful patients, wh« have been cured by this marvelous system of medicine. For a few days only from date all new patients applying will receive treatment, advice and services fren until cured. Veno'u record an a healer of the sick far surpasses that of any other man, aud the wonderful cures performed. . irt Lo^ansport show that the Veno treatment it not only the (juickesr and most certain, but th* cheapest and the best, Mr. I. N. Wood, of 413 Clifton avenue, a cripple from rheumatism for. vears, unable to dress himself, was restored to health and full use of hfe hands ami ai ms, by the Veno remedies. Mrs. Daniel Killiau, of-1S3 Market street, a sufferer for 27 years from*, complication of complaints, who Jiad _doctored with many phyeicianr without relief, was entirely cured by these wonderful medicines. The following eases in Indianapolis have excited the greatest comment among; • physicians and the public at large; Mrs, Laura Bryant, 100 Howard street, who bat two vfeeks ago was completely crippled and not able to walk, is now well and does her ow» housework, cured by Veno's medicines. Mrs. Foreseigner, E. Washington . street, who had been afflicted for twenty years from rheumatism, and dur f inc the last two years had used two crutches and spent her weight it money trying to be cured, nothing did her good until Veno's remedies were applied. She is now free from pain and walks without her cratchet- • Mr. Rolffs, 46 Stevens street, who was bent double with rheumatism, k now cured and working. Veno and staff will remaiu at the Murdock for four days longer, during which time advice, consultation and treatment will be free, only th» actual cost of the medicines jjenessury to effect a cure will be oh urged. Hours 9 a. m. to 8 p. in. dally. Office at the Murdock, Ladies' entrance. Ben Fisber and Keesling, the druggists carry a full line of Veno''« Remedies. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. 'D IN- PERFECT MADE. A pure Grape Cream «.' Tartar Po>vder. Fret :: fam Ammonia, Alum'o. Miy other adulterant £',. V; 40 YEARS THE STANDARD, ^i • ,. ' " land street M. E. church. Chaplain Lozler, of Mt. Vernon, Iowa, will deliver an address at the M. E. church at 2 p. m, Thursday afternoon. A number of gentlemen friends were entertained nt supper last night by Hemy ForaoiT. the occasion being his 21st birthday. Peru Journal: "Wild Bill," who walked in from Logansport the Other day. is still la the city, and 1* expecting- a position with the circus as a wild man dancer. Ho carries his effects on a liltlo wapon, and among the things are two squirrels. Miss Dora Welch, of Broadway, en tertained the L. L of L. last night The organization Is first, lastj and all the time a social one, and its full name is the Lively league of L^ghers Its meetings are always en oyabie. The membership Is limited. A Valuable Discovery. A German chemist has discovered a new remedy for neuralgia rheumatism, lameness, stiff joints, headache, sore throat, and every severe pain, and hundreds are cured with It dally. It la sold as Dr Bayer's Penetrating Oil la 25o and 50o bottlei. For tale at John M. Johniton'* drug itore.: ;, V L. It. IJefto, a Stranger, «nVH Store and ihe XeXt Day an AstlMtnut Iu «;hnrjre and Croea Truvelliiiff. L. B. Bean, owner of a drug store on Twelfth street, whlch x he bought March 12th, of Mr. Brennan, paying cash, his not been at the store nor has he been heard from by h!a clerjt, William Klinslck, whom he left in charge, since March 18th, when he staled he would leave the city and did not know when bs would return. He also refused to tall his destination or his Intentions. His landlady, Mrs. Dunkle of No 1124 Broadway, knows nothing of hlg whereabouts. One day recently a stranger appear* ed at the Secretary nf State's office at Indianapolis and applied for a commission as notary public. He was refused one because he had not secured the endorsement of a judge. He gave his name as Bean, and said be had a drug store on Twelfth street in Lo~ gansport. Ha promised to return when he had secured a let ter from the Caas county judge to the Indianapolis judge, which would enable him to secure bis signature. He did not again appear, and has not been heard from. There is Htile doubt that Bean, the druggist, and Benn, the applicant for a N. P.'s commission, are ider.tical. O'Car Michaelia, with Hi Henry's minstrels, writes that tho season wiil close about the 1st of June at Cleveland, Ohio, and he will then return. fora .RehearingOverruled •lid the »1,OOO Build Will be 1'mld :;• bjrlcwte t'orier'H Famllr. • Yesterday morning the motion for a new trial of the case of the State vs. Lewis Porter, was overruled, and the f'l.OOO bond will, it is said, be paid without suit being brought by the State. There is no reason to doubt 'that Porter has taken to the timber, and his attorneys thick he has made a bad break. The sheriff and deputy made a trip to the neighborhood of Porter's home Thursday night and watched fur him to return, bat he did not materialize, and has not yet put In an appearance. He has not been heard from since ha left home, on his way to Solomon Rice's and there is but one conclusion for the relatives and the State 10 jump at'aad tQat is that Lewis has skipped the country. PROMISED TJ DISAPPEAR. For Men's Shoes SEE OUR Spring Goods! Prices are advancing bat we hold them down. WflLKER 6c RflUGH. 420 Broadway. THE COMING BICYCLE. uixl L'n productive Acting through ihe blood. Hood'* Sarsaparllla not only cures scrofula, salt rheum etc., but gives health and vigor to tho whole body. Young N'-lHon Rrlcliard is Koleaxi'd From Jull On l*ronil"PSi, Nelson Relobard, the nineteen-year- old Royal Center operator, who was placed in jail by Marshal Conn of that pUce on his failure to furnish bond for surety of the peace, has been released from the county jail on bi$ promise to leave the county. He passed out of the jail yesterday. The complaining witness in the case was the old father of Nelson Relchard, and the story 0' the bitterness and unnatural feeling displayed at the trl .1 by loung K'eich ard, was cold in the local papers laet week. _ Bncklen'd Aruica Salve. The best salve in the world for cuts bruises sores, ulcers, salt rheum fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin erup tlons, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is gaaranieed to give perfect satisfaction or money re funded. Price 25 cents per bor. For sale by B. F. .Keeping. Nicholas Klein was yesterday notl- fied of the death of hia sifter. Mrs. Baker, which occurred at Huntlngtou yesterday. Ha will leave for that city today to attend the funeral. Mrs. Baker was well known here. .*» Eutern R»J»h Had a Tuby which sighted his palace at night. Mora precious than gems are beautiful teeth, which light up the face when displayed by a smile Use SOZODONT. and your teeth will be brilliant as . jewels, your breath as tweet as the roawj of Caihraere. Ou Ihe i-irk LlHt- Pete Moore is reported sick. J. D. Allison, the operator at S. N. tower, is Bick. 1 Mrs. Will Smith, of Linden avenue, was taken suddenly ill on the street yesterday morning. Mrs. Sanders of Waverly, mother o* P«ter Sanders, is ia dangsr as a result of an injury received recently in a fall. Tl is said the Rev. Sanford Reed of the U B Cburcb at Fuiton, is lying at deaths door. Toe aick man ie well known htre. It is said that the bump-backed style of riding a bicycle is going out of style and that raised bandies are coming into favor. In fact there is every reason to bolieve that both bi cycles and bicyclist for the coming season will be better thin ever before The new Columbia, which Line Pilling has on exh bition at his Broadway shoe store, certainly bears witness to this effect. It is greatly improved in the pedals, handle bar and standard arrangement?, and, while weighing but twenty pounds,i8 guaranteed for a 300 pound rider. The new wheels for '95 will also be from $20 to $25 cheaper than heretofor and the season altogether promise to be a most prosperous one for th sport. See the new '95 model 40 ColumbU bicycle. It has improvements anc important points which no othe wheel can possibly have, Col. Alber A Pope beiog one of the first inanu factures of bicycles and control parents which can be used only on Columbia bicycles. 1 Prices $.3n, *CO, $80 and $100. Tb place to buy Columbia wheel Is Pil line's shots .house, 412 Broadway. THE FINEST LINE : IVe H»r« tie Botamtnl« to prove ihiU Zoa-Pnora stands at the head as a-remedy for all complaints peculiar to girls and women. Modest ladles will not let their testimony be published in newspapers, but »e mall InjBealed letters to iadies who request Iv.f Zo»-Pbora Medicine Co., Kala- oo, Mich Denvh of Mr*. Wni Barter, Mrs W-itliam Farier died at her home on Burlington avenuo last nigh ht nine o'clock after two weeks il!ne~s from tofldrnmation of the bowels. Sbe was 35 years old.. Notice of the funeral will be given later. Mr. B. F. Keesliog druggist, desires us to publish the following extract from a letter of Charles M. GutBeld of Reedley, Fresno Co., Cal. ibe remedy referred to and wants his customers to,know what a splendid medicine it!s: "It is with pleasure I tell you that by one day's use of Chamberlain's Cough remedy I was relieved of a very severe cold. My head was completely stopped up and I could not sleep at nicht, I can recomaend this rem'e dy." A cold nearly always smarts in he bead and afterwards extends to the throat and lungs By using thie remedy freely aa soon as the cold has been contracted It will cure the cold at once and prevent It from extending to the lungs. SPRING SUITIGNS To be Found in the City at W D CRAIG'S 428 BROADWAY 2nd Floor. Justice Block. NEWHAKNESSSIIO'P. I have moved uiy harness and saddler? shop ta C2C Twelfth street, where f will turn out the best £oodc for the least money. GEO. W. FOSTER, lifUSEXESTK. D OLiAKM OPERA HOIJKE. s. B. PATTEHSOX. IU.NAGER. ONE xufiiT oyt/f. Monday, March 2S Til K NK W Peck's Bad Boy. Introducing M the Lat«st BAXCEH. ETC. Adrance Sale open Saturday.

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