The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1947
Page 9
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KKIUAV, FKIJJIUARY 21, 11)47 American Credited Wifii Dnn'Hng Plea To Holster Currency 14 Y W.U.'lllll SI LIN I ILK I :.:'.( il !':: ,., stuff Corrnpuiul 1 '£& ' ' ' '' -'L 1 <•'! U.\'lill.\ goods " ^P' ' vii MKtiket was drMtfd t>y 1 hl:-h UMJUA otririui alter con- I'liiu.x \viiii C.Vn. Chiang K:ii-BhcX .11(1 fn-Ji-icr T. V. Soon?;. The U;-;:>::A official who declm- •d In vi'aiit tlie u:-o 01 his name; • t'.i '!r,iud ;:iiihon,hip of Dip pro- 111 -:il Id senior UNRFJA deputy brevier !!. G. A. Jackson. Jack- 'iii '.v:is :c-))!)j ted "indisposed 1 ' anil ''•as no: :.'.a;!;.l;:<> for ^omnient. •f:i-.-.->.fi!: aniviHt in Cliina roeenl- \ lor a .survey of UNRRA activi- The. iimmi:f:irhi:b!e UXRRA in,- timiiart iviio is on loan to trie C..N-HHA. 'Chinese Relief Dislritiu- 'iiin A'-;en;'yf also described Chinti;. Mle Di U.S'ai'.A couon as "fouled «„." 'It ui-iuiiially iweed Ihat the CNHRA c:)IIl<i scl; law cotton LO Hit (Jjiiiii'. Textile Corporation (a iiovernnieru industrial monopoly) '•'•ii!i tlie liiiderstandinif that CiN- H!!A would buy j;iek 10 to 'Jo per (•fin in finished piece goods lor fi'i'o iMstriotiiion to China's needy,' lie .said. -nm '.i lew yard: Tears of Happiness (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS faa is that, only a of cotton piece goods l with the funds real- Wei (roni the sale of the coltoji in- distributed to the destitute," ne acidrci. Wiicr. UNRRA asked why the comimlmeiH was not fu'ililled, C.N'RHA explained that receipts irwn ilie sale of t!ic raw cotton •jk instil fifieut to hiiyr even two "f three per cent o f the goods a! the ;r.'K» n5kpd by (he Oiiliia ! ,-XL ile Corporation. this informant -••aid. He r;!i A that iu ciuc point, UN- lo intervene \vhen it. '.inf. ci!,. :; ;(ji-,. : _r(! tli:u a largo pi>r- ••!'ii;:'Hi: of ,'otton cloth n'.amtiac- liirrd ir.-hl U.NHRA cotton w:is 'ii'iii-; H:-:rr. to uniiurm the Nationalist ;uij]>. Another hit;h developed when ;', f " ! *.V i; ^ [ ra;i «'d ihat the China 1( >:•.!!..'.••. Cti'.;;oi-at;on jjlanned an i X ;;;rt n.-BLifilin selling cotton clotil niacii- !;om UNRivA sto::k lo South •_--.a is,and-,, the informant said. :[(' situl Cj'.ina's go\ 1 eri\nie!it even '' '-!'- salesmen to arrange Wilh his wife, Dorothy, ancl brother, Mickey, crying on his shoulders, Jack Weslover sits in Los Angeles court after he.iring inquest jury exonerate him from blame in the dealh ot John Lirewer. Weslover said ihat he and lircwer fought after the laller had' insulted a barroom waitress. > OP A, It Seems, Never Runs Short On Answers to Give Critics BV FREDERICK C. OTIIMAN United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 21. — This government has n big wad of my money—and yours—which it, seems to keep in a gunny sack back of the garage. Every time il. starts to count Same, it gets a different answer, account or the high winds, maybe, or a busted gear in the official nddim; machine, it's enough to give a taxpayer the willies. And bed him down with a fiscal [ever. Listen: The House of Representatives claims the OPA is a bedlam of bureaucrats, wallowing in greenbacks. Instead of giving the rent, >;ver arguments may 1>? '•P fact remains that, in "iK-i; Die nv&posai is in no "i-: 1 ". .-'! wilii oven au^' pre- i'Ui or relia'^iluation," i";in<;n'. it is totally un- Ar.yonc familiar wan ';•';•'"••' ''<">'•'- it woii.'c be like .sJ.U.CC'j,c;o in a whirlpool." J?'f f i' s/1 r «'«ops Protest Hiy Conditions on Ship , TOKYO.^vl,. 21 . _ (up) _ M •'•::•'•' -1.0 -'.'.-. lifii occupation traops • <i.n;:. ;( :;! ,,, r! ,,,s ny jn Kur( , jn !>••. '';-' i:va:nst :he "flUhy cotKii- ',',, lt \-4-;,..'! iC '' !lnns ! ;m 't 'akiug their r,.,-'.' !: "'." : ?'' ;i "'° c l sources horc 200 :.ii.'lu-r.-, weie involved but one lii"h ^im-ri.-i.n MMim- reported a full .', ,'|''.''.,' !: ' '" . n !'!"'OXiiilntcly I,OOD ',' ' ' Mrtl - '' •'• -''i^jown Kr.vil:.- raUn-r ( \ : '" l '°'"'' i 1! 'f ship which they J,,,'.-.;'"' v '" s " llurit lor shipping I'liwlly. ;i ii (he men except four '"-"id-i. Mr vessel. Thcsc four Pl;>''!'(i iiiHier arrest Collide i^VKv,r VO-JK. Feb. = i. (UP)-The ^,,i- li;i , ,.•„,,)„«,, Bc ., Billln Vlc _ V,''.•'!'.'"'" SS ^ffsidcnt Muttcro. '.'.' ' r , x •'"• <j: - v; H'd e:3-ton coastline I...'.',.' U .V' Va " : , > .' cl!1 " : -' 1 -sed slishtly i.i.. i, t.iry rr):h<!p ( ; today bcloiv f!- iii.i>.vii. i,p.. const.guard tri,: ]]fie reported. T!:i Coast c.uaixl at Now or- ;;.";r^'r ?' na11 ciau i ° ^^ >"c ir.s.s,!,. ,. 1VBS :C j ]or i C(1 ire, i):\.vlug |in- rent O n Its ofllces cross the limd. nn,i B lvln« Us 13.00 workers their [Inal waBce. Take $9,000,UM nwny, ns voted W is house, nnd the O1>A Would be worse bankrupt than Ponzl, a edeiiii ageney which couldn't paY s deljts, much less do any or II-S vork, i[ s sliokcsnieii liisLsted. Piddle-fuddle, said the whlle- nircd Taljcr. lie s;ild the Wash-- UiUin oiflce of the oi'A liuri more .tKli-l.'iikl eeiu'ral.-i Unin 'privities 1 do the uork. He ehai'Bed thut t had hired nearly 1,000 cxii'.i en! controllers | M the lust six nonths when !t WHS .supposed lo too irln;; Iheiu. and that in grujitl he niaiiaBeinenl tt us crooked. "e used I he word "dishonest. 1 le assailed OI'A in-counting .ind iccountiints. meniloned the lesll~ nony of n s hciul men before his •oimnlttee and told of a letter UV: uency had sent t o the Di'inocraU n n lust minute effort to forestall the slash. "Now they come hero with stale- menls indicating they nre spending momy „[ j,, s t twice tho rate they | lOltl US ||l(.y ( || t | „ WCC J. , (BO( .. || p rom-ed. "i ((0 ,, ot be \i cvo R wovll of tluMr stuleineiils before out' conunlltie, or n word In the letter they sent up jicn,.." ; Will, Unit. Tuber silt down. Ill-ill- i ocrntlp 1,'jutei's made » vain effoii p siihiiRp soiiielhiDij for jwiluips ; the must controversial of all Pros- i Idpnt Uuospvelfs wiir-ltme IIKPII- cles. When SURIII- B oes up in prlci' « or si) cents a pound, Hep. John W. McConnack of Mass., snld the people would ultimo tho congressional i'1-onotnly.ors. , "And when rTOIs Kl> t m> i ot ),nncl, they ivlli bliiine (lie Rciiubll- enn p:niy," ), e B houled. The lU'iiubllcnns shouted back. Pretty <,oon Me Cor muck nnd Ohnrli's A. llnlleck, the a.O.l>. lender fui m mdlann, wcro howltiie, red-fneed. The speaker's guvol bent n heuvy tultoo nnd lln-ougli tlie racket cmiic siicii wouls as ''alibi," "drivel," and "ridiculous." Tne iirem majority ot eongress- inen imreed then by lliclr veto on tin- virKenl detlclenoy iipiiropi'ln- llou bill (lint Tuber's nilillng jnn- eniini woiHed better tlnui the Ol'A's. 'rlie bill now goes to Iho Keniite. where nobody much loves Hie OI'A, either, whiil linlipens t" rent control I wouldn't know; what hnppeiis to our money in the BUII- ny suck seems to bi> the subjcul of 11 peeiinlary conlroverBy. I nm nil ni)lini))iy liixiMiyor todiiy. duo lu colds... eivsed without "dosing" PAGE NINK SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Sprinjf Oals, l,UH|) C ilc/.!i, Alfalfa and Pimlure Mixtures ALL POPULAR VARIETIES SOYBEANS SEED CORN AND GARDEN SEEDS Select your Field or Garden Seeds from Blythcvillc's.largest Seed Stock Blytheville Soybean Corporation T800W. Main Phones 856, 857 rice and sugar controllers the $0, 000.000 they askccl tor, the la'.vmak er.s voted to ;;lvc 'em nothing. Anc take $9,COO,OOU nwny from 'em. Even so, said Rep. John Tabe: of New York, the OPA men hac 518,000,000 left. "Which is enough for them to do their job ueltcr than before, '.'. they'll develop a little honesty clown there." added economy John, the chairman or the Appropriations committee. The OPA lei out. a shriek. So id it had only $16,000,000 left in tho sock, which it was saving for cios- ing-down purposes. Its bookkeeper:; .said they were trying to hang on to It all for moving out the fumi- <-••"<•;<'« parking causes more I'.';.' ; , !' :lr th 'c failures than <">c.s last driving. Time for Spring Cleaning? Lei Us do the job for Yon We'll clean'your— UPHOLSTERY DRAPERIES SOFAS We arc once again prepureil to resume this service which we were forced to discontinue during (he \\-;ir. Avoid the Spring rush .... Send vnur cle:iniii!>- to us NOW! We Specialize In RUG CLEANING Laundry - Dry Cleaners 270 South Second St. GIVE US TUTS DAY . . . OUR DAILY BREAD For bread the merchant labors loiiff and !atc; For bread the beggar goes from y:Ue to gate. For bread the sailor loses hearth and nome, A thousand, thousand miles bread-seekers roam. For bread arc weddings made and sermons said; Of all good things, the flrst and ucsi is bread. —By Arthur GuitermBn • a a I j f Folks-we're announcing a RIFTY DGET W's More Convenient — More Economical We're vrouil to tell you the good news about our newly improved n.F.Goo<lricli Thrifty Ilinlgct Plan. More economical, more convenient, and ihrifiy too. You will find it a pleasure to shop with us and mo [he Thrifiy Budget More convenient—for it takes but a ftw moments to open an account. Just select the iicms you need for your home or car and add llicrn to your budget nccount. Tctnw rnu bt arranged by the week or by the month to fit your income. Keep mi eye oiu for iliis linlc fellow in our ulvcriisini;. lie will remind you that yon cnn get die top selection of die mrrchamllic you need on economically convenient lenns. Don't delay! Come in today nnd open your budget account. Now ... On Convenient Terms Smartly Styled O-Tiil... AC-DC TABLE IS AIM O 45.00 • ilntitually «aiy Junmg • Grtattr clarity of Ian* • Higher teniitivity NowTriplc-Tunod Radio Frcnucncy Converter Circuit with iron core is the greatest, improvement since 3-ganp condenser — eliminates code interference, cross talk, background noises. '6 TuLesl AC-DC. G/Ves Big Sel Performance^ MOTOROLA TABLE RADIO 59.95 Entirely new! Console perfortnancol Hcnutiful ivory cabinet. Greatly improved tone- with increased, undis- tortcd output from beamed power. Thrifty terms if you desire. 'YOU CAN GET new B.I'. Goodrich Silver-town tires, new B. F. GiMxirich tubes, antl the nower-r>acke<! B.F. Grxxfrich Glasstex battery. In aiKKiion to ilicsc well known automotive needs, there, arc many other products nnd tcrvices which you can buy on our Thrifty Budget Plan. Check These If ems! 75 ib. Capacity KING ICEBOX The New THOR GLADIRON Hot Poinf HOME FREEZERS Electric and Oil HOT WATER HEATERS Oil SPACE HEATERS Water Pumps and WATER SOFTENERS Bcndix CONSOLE RADIOS For School I For Health I ForFunl 11. F. <;O4M»II14 II 1IICYCLKS • Ntw lypt muJauatd moanllna • Built-in till, polling ttnnJ Tho new hinulsomo D.F.Cioodrlch bicycles nre here with of now construction feuUn-eH unknown before the "i" r !,' ' * ealllrct! J'ml "icuii more riiliiijc comfort Hliirilier coiiHlniclion . . . longer service. Choico of Morrow or Now Departure brultcs. AUr.ictivo styling- A Portable Weolhir Unit Co in fort air 24,50 Comforting warmth Coo/i'np tr«*xei JusL u (lip ol i) switch und you got woiitlicr you \vunL where nnd when you want ComlorLnlr {3 <» hnalt Slop colds wiLliGVuiiLomiicruturcii. 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These are uncluubtcclly the safest to the inch, and an cxlra shock absorber I'T °",, lhc , T!''"'- t(ld: !- v! ;; r ! lis sclf-sealing i ..„. i i • • , r , , , lu ' )C " T| " " <)l Id air out, it nsurcs von of hieakcr .stn pl ,rovi<le for a stronger tire hotly. ;ul(lc( , milc;t ,, c . Sce , |s fm : Senl . o .j Ia , icJ lubes \ve have thoni in all sixes! for your car! AUTO & HOME SUPPLY STORE Phone 828 rich FIRSf IN RUBBER

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