The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1947
Page 8
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I Hog Prices Soar On Big Markets Housewives to Feel Increase Within Twa Weeks, Butchers Say . CHICAGO, Feb. 21.--<UP) _ A price boom tn port developed today nnd livestock men predicted it •»ould hit (he housewife's purse In aboi/t tivo weeks. , The Increases win continue for aboiit thYee'months, livestock men' said. Before it is ended, some butchers jnny be selling pork roast 1 ; for 'SO cents a pound and center ehops for $1.25, one source said. Easter hnms, he said, may retail at $1.00 a pound. The Uoom, — resulting from the small spring pig crop—already has lilt [the hog market, where shipments from the' farm have been gradually tapering off. Hog prices spirited to reeord levels yesterday in t[ic nation's major hog markets. The public, however, will not pay -the Increased price for Jt s pork appetite iirunediately. Hogs—in the form of fresh pork—generally take between seven and 10 days to trn- \el the circuit from the stockyard to the kitchen, in the cnse or imm and bacon and other cured products It .takes about two weeks longer. • ' Bag ney-s for (lie budgeting city housewife"- also developed l n the Chicago grain market, Wholesale wheat, •ffllnre.s prices—soaring 30 cent? H bushel since Jan. 1—foreshadowed, a possible hike in the price of flour and cereals. i Millers were reluctant, to talk about it, but were quick to uoint out-thnt "-flour prices, after all, are determined by the price ot wheat." Tfie irfcrcasing price of wheat futures was attributed to hcnvv government purchases for overseas shipment to meet a ponl of 325,000,000 .bushels by June 30. Livestock spokesmen said the record hog prices were "to be expected" In vlc\v of the tapering off Df shipments ami the "insatiable" public demand. 7 It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog Arkansas Senator Seeks Flood Control Ftinds WASHINGTON, Feb. 21.— Sen ; John L, McClellan, D., Ark., "K.iid today he would oppose any attempt to. curtail flood control and .waterways development, programs. lit n statement after he was named to the Senate Public Works Sub- rammltloe on flood control and improvement of rivers and harbors, McGlellnn'-snid: "it appears that there may be some stubborn opposition by the Reputlican majority in congress to the , further development of our flood control and waterways programs. . t ' "I hope this opposition does not develop, but if H does, it will be »ij- purpose to lla a || vcifhin my power to; continue the programs " " Enr uuilf.s ;md :< suciilur help Ginger shim) Chicago's cold weather, but II.c dug, ;iftci lidding biirc-|):iwi:il Ummiili the snow, can't help imvi'iiiij In i 1 mistress' hiwls. Union Merges PITTSBURGH. Feb. 21—<UP)~ A merger of the AFL nnd the CIO us not an Immediate possibility .be- cruise of the / differences between Iho two labor croups, i top AFL, leader declared here to- ri ny. Boris shlskin. research director and chief economist of the AFL, said In an Interview thnt these "fundamental disparities" m iiy prevent the merger proposal of AFL .'resident William Green: 1. Methods of organization—craft unions as opposed, ta industrial unions. 2. Relations (o government, or the CIO's favored position with the National Lnbor Relation'; Board. •I. The Communist issue. The labor economist added, ho.v- evcr) tha' mice these differences were, resolved tha merger would bo n major step in the public interest. Read Courier News Waul Ads. Casualties LONCON. Fco. 21. (UP)—Uoyils todny listed <5 ships sunk by mines and (i-S (jninagctl since the end ol hostilities. ' In addition. 86 small vessels under 530 gross ions were sunk and 31 were damaged. The sun Is not as bright a s the North Star. WHY GET UP NIGHTS DUE TO KIDNEYS? FlUSH THEM OUT THIS DOCTOR'S W»\ • iryon K etupl)luIits—have frequent ilf. Birc to VJHTIS your wntcr—but linve only tcnnty pnssneci— yes, nnil hnvc liockachc, <luc to excess iicidity in the urine, be olni' you re lending this: ( Tlirct' KcJieralioru ago Dr. Kilmer, t * famous doctor,^ fouivj hundreds of hit patients with this trouble. Pains<okm K ly ne mnue n medicine of 1G hcrus, ro^ta, veBctnlilra.balsnms—Nature's own mnytc lelicf. He cnlled it "Swomp.Root" iini- millions of grateful men null women hovf tnken it—often with nmoziui; results. Swamp-Root toes riRlit to work to flush out kidneys . . . now ol urine, hclpine relieve excess acidity ... so tJlc irritated" bladder Rct3 c ^ood Hulling our, too. Many report yetting n goof 1 night a sleep after tile first few dnsss Caution: take as directed. For free trial supply, send to Hepr. T, Kilmer 4 Co., Inc., BOT 1255, Stamford Conn. Or— K et full-sized bottle of Sv/amp. • KootHoday at your diutstore. KJfi,"lLZ"! FURNITURE WITH A FUTURE -™" ~ """"" - - "••' •«- ••••"- «™. • ™»*... lity r many vcars rnionioos balance I so in our ments, thus, you save money in the long run! Sr<- Alvin 1I-, r! for Better Buys! ALVIN HARDY 113 East Main FURNITURE Phone 2302 NEWS Mine Detector Put to Novel Use in Sawmill a.OG-ANVlLLE, Ga., p e b 21 (rrpi -Note from .). T. Mitchell 'to in ' vemor of the mine dctectnr- Thanks pal, it's just the thing "or running a sawmill. } Am'. Mitchell isn't kidding H« was liaMni; trouble, and plentv ol It. until he hit upon u, c idea ot tiiying ,1 surplus mine detector from the War Assets Adrninlstra- tion. [ Mitchell operates a big Ba ' w; mill here for J, r. nyrd Gin Corn- Things went all right until there ivis dirty.Cork back in the woods' Mitchell said. Unidentified persons'I 'have been driving steel spikes deep . •Into the logs, counter-sinking them out ol sight in the wood This 1 caused obvious things to happen I when the saws hit ib c spikes i Workmen wore getting jittery I especially after one Kaw dlslntc-' 1 grated into dctu.'ly, flying shrapnel os it stni:k on c ol the spikes The situation threatened to close the mill. j Mitchell lilt upon the idea oj j the mine detector, and WAA Jumped red tape from iicrc to Washington to get the electronic device for him. j The mill operators will rig Hie device up so the logs will pass beneath It before they lilt the :.kld to Die saw. When a spiked log passes by, the detector wjjj sound n warning buw, and mat. tlrrbsr will b? shunted aside. "f never thought we'd be using JKlne Detectors In the sawmill business," Mitchell said. "But looks as if it's going to work all right." Hoover Flies to London LONDON, rv>b. 21. (UP)—Herbert Hoover arrived at Northolt Airpovt 110:11 Berlin today aboard a U H. Anr.y Skymsistcr. Hoover was expected 1 to return 10 the United States soon to report to President Truman on ills study ol Die food situation In Germany. Rend Courier News Want Ads, MacArthur Aide FEJ3KUAKY 21, J947 he Against Newsman TOKYO, j.-eb. 21.—(UP) _ The acting press chief of Gen Douglas MacArlhur's headquarters denied today that .Robert Martin, New iork 1'osL correspondent, had been ordered out of japan. Mardn insisted that at one time <c had been told to leave but later received permission to slay MaeArthin's acting press chief, col. M. p. Echols, said the whole Incident resulted from a misunderstanding and thai Martin w^ s free to write dispatches from Tokyo. Echols said that Martin originally was admitted to the theater as said he came to Tokyo .Martin receive full oraleiili.ils, i t Kchols sold, and American officials I ^'~ "..-•- .10- V.MHV iu ivivjw [ hi Tokyo recommended that the fl '°"i Shanghai to take care of the War Department issue the creden-1 personal effects or Dixie Ti^he uais. Echols K ai(i that in the mean- : Post reporter who recently died? ' CASH You Get $100 J150 $200 $300 $500 $750 $1000 Monthly Paymvnli Tor 12Monlh,; $9.25 —IIL 88 18.50 27.75 46.25 69.38 92.50~ t lncludoi Ciodil 11 Fo Insurance Fl Ge pa tat To) pa rat MONEY FOR YOUR INCOME TAX Gef fh« money to pay your income tax from G.C.P.C. Talce o year to repay. Compare our UJ w. ASH ST. BLVTHEVIttE GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE, 't CORPORATION.,- BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 "The Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ STo«r Source »f Dependable Service PETIIOLEUIVI . PRODUCTS Office KR at Cherry '•••••••*•••••••••••••••••••••«•••••••••••• WHAT'S THE MOST VITAL THING ADVERTISING DOES FOR YOU ? ^ENTERTAINS AND Thh Case History Shoivs How Advertising Gives You Greater Personal Security ' T AKE this actual case of a brand of soap. A big company had developed a better, foster-acting soap powder thai washes dishes faster, makes clolhes whiter with less work. How could they sell it at such a low cost as to be able to sell it cheaply? Only through advertising- Today they sell millions of dollars of this soap powder per year —making hundreds of new jobs in a .huge factory, hundreds of jobs with firms who supply the raw materials, more and better jobs in stores that handle that soap—and in banks, railroads, truck lines, insurance companies, all of whom have more work to do —and more money coming in — because of this added soap business. Nobody Lost For the amazing fact is—this new brand of soap didn't take money from of.lier soap companies. The product and its advertising increased the total consumption of soap. So there was more business, better business—more and better jobs. You're More Secure A pply this very prosaic soap story to the more glamorous fi e ] c i s o f automobiles, refrigerators, clothing, furniture —everything you buy. You'll see plainly how advertising acts as the spark plug of business. You'll see how advertising—today and tomorrow—is creating opportunity for you, find making your present job more secure. LABOKER—Tlierc are no layoffs when things are busy. A rush means overtime for me. So when advertising sells goods for my firm, I get more in my pay envelope. EXPRESSMAN—My job depends on goods being shipped. And the main reason goods are shipped is because they are solii. So by selling goods, advertising helps me be sure of steady work. HOUSEWIFE-K's n perfect circle."When advertising makes us women go to the store to buy, we stimulate business. And it's when business is good (hat our husbands nre secure in their jobs. So let's be grateful for advertising. SAILOR—A ship's business is to transport goods. Always there lias to Ire a buyer—or we tie up. So advertising to sell goods is important in giving siiilorssleadyworkand n chance to get ahead. .. --..... w mdj(6s|your job more ie<siir1e • - • -• BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS

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