The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1947
Page 5
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21, I'm ^Bl.YTHBVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Suggestoiis For Better Farming Featumd For This Section's Progressive Farmers. \ '-PEA 7 URES PAGE FIVE Farm Production Policy Reviewed Agriculture Committee Of Planning Group 4r Studies U. S. Problem WASHINGTON, Feb. 21. iTJ.P ) ....... Tlio Agriculture Commutes r,l Hie Natlrjnni Planning .v.'Kcialion .vaid today that ttovcnmicnt farm price policies iiffUioc; ovt;-- -pro:int- tion of scmti! c'.'inmoditKi n-it!>oii', increasing the yiol'i <jf CVOJM which snosl. . Continuation of ilic current M-jft\ rat: of some mnnMlfc Mid. Ilic- surpluses which cannot hs "onatimco at home or marketed abr.ia.l. The M-mcmber co'nmitice is headed by Donald a. Murphy, edil-Jr of Wallace's Frumcr ;niti Iowa Homestead, it includes auioni; re -ana Published Every Friday in Jfce Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section; Experiment Station Gets Funds For Cotton Defoliation Study A h its members Irtrmsrs, ?<H;,economists from niniu 1 Its views were presented in a pamphlet, .'Dare Fanner-i Hisk ALimdanee?" The pnruplilv: considers the problem of ho.v lanu- ers can achieve high pvodiu.-ti.iu ot commodities the nation neeil-. \vilhoilt nniniiiu into low price. 1 and bankruptcy. Thr committee ndvocu'et! cuts in' wheat and cotton production niui i an inci'easc in milk and meat, as j one way lo nice', production prob-i lems expected when '.lie price tup- porl program cuds in 194?. U saul the farm inc.imi: this year "looks gooil" and fnim jncome for 1D4B iirob.ibl,' \vill exceed prewar levels. Bui }'. added I arm production 30 l.Kir cent ter tlian before the war cau- nol be consumed at. g.iod j'rices unless consumer incomes and industrial product ion a'to are far aijove ]>rcwar figures. A sysleni of "forwer.-;^ pricint?' 1 uiKlev wliich the fjovernu'.c^hi wou'la announce specified nilninurni prices on \-aiious crops well in aclvance of planting time, was .iiiggesiril a.s a iiorsihle substitute fur support pricing at 30 per uf parity - CQ2.. ( j per cent for epUoio The cystcm of parity pricing was branded as "anlitiuatcd." The committee said its effect is to bnni; pro-World War I disrress lo the dinner table, since ' 1SI10-M. Ihe pciiod mi \vhicli parity »: ices arn based, marked changes in consumer tastes have occurred. Attorney,Who OwnsFarm, Too, Proves Adept at Picking Names for Bulls ATLANTA, tia.. Feb. 21. lU.P.) —Attorney Hughes Spaldint; with a tense of humor got v.-.>r>l from his Cobb County farm thnt nun ot his cows bnd twin bulls. Hi: Mamen ons "Herman." and the other ,"M. E." for the two Georp.ia gov- Icrnors. ' Then he wrote similar lultcrs lo Gov. Herman Talmadge ami Acl- 1115 Gov. M. E. Thompson. Spalding said he got an immediate reply from Talniadi'e expressing appreciation for the honor. "M. E." I-e said hasn't replied. rlnieiu foliation o: coltOi ed by the unlve: College of Asrici pert S. Ellis announced ,. ., was received from lhc American Cyiniamid Company. The funds will be used b v ih:- Agronomy Depailment lo promo'e a study which is being carried on cooperatively by the Kxperimeiu Station and the Cotton Division of t!ie Bureau ol plant Industry ol i he u. s. Department of Apiculture. Factors which condition Hie fall of leaves in Ihe cotton plan. will be studied, including tiie eflrcts of environment and varietal differences. Work on tile fundamentals ot cotton defoliation has been -'Oiii'i isas Ayiicultunl vide for a [I'Hon'shlp in the Bo • n to study dti- . pnrtmeni or Agrononn' to nssi it has been recciv- 'with the study. Tile work will b,- iily of Arkansas I carried on at the Main Kxperimcm ""e, Dca,) Lip- i station In Fuyeucvllle iniil at the Cotton Branch Experiment Slatwn in Marinnna and' the Cotton lirnndi Sub-sUlion in Clnrksdali>. on in lhc state since July, he direction of Dr. \v. under . . - Thnrp of the Cotton Division ----- ..... ------------------ .................. — Many 4-H Girls Participate in Club Projects Ihtcnshout lhc nation will parn- ci!;aie in Ihe K.UiOi:;:! 4-:i p;ud Preparation A:tlvljy this ycur. Bnscit on state club leaders' rc;:orts. 4-H girls pjrticipatim; in that pro- grain last year planned, prepare;! :,nd served 20 million family nie.Us! Tyjical aiiiiei'c.'iiejit'i ot parfi:!- pants in It4> were: An. l8-yeur-o:tl 4-H airls in a western state j:re- parec. £:ul served.650 family mesii's. in:liHlin;; I'.SI dishes and'bakings. p:c ;:.iv<> !:ot si'liOTI limches for M children. She has liud complete charge ol bu;n -> and preparing; food for her lam-' ily for tlie last two of her eialu yn.'.s in cltih work, due to lu-r , mothers illness... A central sta'.e :-lir! o! 23 preKRi-cil and .sei vr.t 3.H3 meals .iiu-ltic.'ing I3.1.1B dishes and b.ikiu^s. duriii;; icur yi'ars u:; -l 1-H'e:-...A H-year-old and bakings, ; ; mi | work...A clu") girl of t ' Urges More Pastures St. Louis Executive Says South Should Emphasize Livestock MFMr'JilS. Tcllll., 1-Vo. 21. (Ul'l — Tlie Mill-Soul U area shouM a southern stale p:cparr;l mr.l rcivec. -I -I.Ti meals, itu'hidins; 13.S-J . dlsheii am, Inklngs, and put up ; '•III lunches I'.uvmu six veins as : u 'i-ll'er. Ml'lit nwr.viU for outstanding !ic:o;cl.s In -1-n Fcioci PiT|>araiii>n are provided by Scrvel. Count whine: s v.ill iri'civc mednls o - honor, state winners will be suoV. cli'leijiites ill tlip Xatiniml -I-H clu i Ccn,jres:i it- ChiruL'o next Novem Niitiaiial winners will rccciv li'»m "sorry crops of corn >'t<m' to i:ei'iuniienl uasHUT ' "!1 uruin crops, Chester C. president ul the l-' Hank ut -St. Louis, wild «!cl Die urea was •-" lie x;iid. -yeiu- utter year 'V a l«i?,c \n>\ ol our diui'y livi'sio.-k inudui-ts liom the slates ol Ihe Noi'lh, where y barns mid indoor lenliiiK »'•' v.aiv r. consiilrriiblc IKIH n y. iir." Ihe elwniic'aver. Davis added, ' '• .'in sliiuml i:e stijii'lenirnled • like cnuon and soybeans. :::ciU:.-ted some clilfiam limes <!. lun. Mild farmers in KCiienil •>•• IK-IUT olf as ihc nation's economy expands. i>;-.i'iiklii|{ lasl nli;ht ,11 the annual meetinu of the Siieljy County Kirm Unrciiu. Mr. Davis .sinii Unit Ini'Ht! inni.'hij; nrons In '1'cn- iifSM-i-. KasU".n Arkansas iinii North MIsslsstrpi Miotild H? conveited to pasture. "\Ve Jia\(i >'reat natural mlva'.i- laui'S for )ii!-yoat-ioiuut pnuurr larmlni:. markeled us livestock." Mr. D.ivls .said, referring to uiviis ni liiJIii and, slr.|)js. "01 course llii'se should b? supplemented oy cash iprrluUy crups like cotton and tto.i.-i'o wheie ihc laiter can oe ptiplllulily and salely unnvn. • On Siiuml r.uitliiB Mr. Davis, subject was "The K.u-mrr in |.n?," dedaieil the Nations furmerii had crnei-RCC Irom Wtiild War II In tmi-h m-t- ler cimilltlon than niwy emergedI power ''sserlcd 01 ,!,' | W Tu V 1 8C " CK>1 ' H '^' n ^ nl< "> fil f £ ^ri 'he v»!ue ; ^' lod ' " «''•, *'>'* '«»'<> been cut of farm Improvement, declaring uoun u ml their cash and ulUcr as-! that every dollar so iiiHste'd would . t!. muienseil. | nny bijjahlucnds, and the \alue ot '•Toimh iiiui trying ycnrs oi nil- Justmenl an- ahead of us. but tnc liirm M'Biiient oi our countty hn.t I lie 1 slainlnii »nd the resources lo come lln-otiKh (Item In itoocl [a.sli- lou " lanncrs 1 or^aiiln.itlons. Hangc C'on<ll(Io,i» off OKLAHOMA CITY rinigps were 74 per cent o) - ,. "» it only the rest of the economy n" 1 ', 1?" *T C 74 PCf cent °/ i'havrs Itself," he asserted. ' , ? '".I Btnit a! 19 «- °»« U«>rri,lly spei ,xi,,g. the speaKer ,''' ^ D Zri" ' SF, ft, ^ onllniK., •(,.,,! ,,, ',,"/>'.,"• J!100rt ' clllc ' StatiStl- continued, uitrlciiluir« will .'are hct ter in an cjip.-indhiK oconomy wltn ether nroiipi In our nutloiuii !!;.• bity |)i-oclti;'in« jjoods and scrvlres l» the lest of their ability niicj ca- P'uitj. ii? contrasted this ui'uhist romlllimis of cu.UlhneiH, unctn- pUiynient mid docllnlnst non-aisrl- r , "' lh the J&h The Brazilian cat-frog climbs into a tree and lays its eggs in a nest made by gluing leaves together. . Smooth Cleans FAST Help yourself to die spccc.1- anil-sparkle of this rich cleaner, to kee[> your house shining! Cleans with light work, anil leaves r, good- looking sheen. Buy a 'buttle and see! Once-A-Vear Quarc Special, limited time o.'.'j'v- for Woodwork, Furniture Mississippi County Lumber Co. Phone -115 ^y-* v ~ O Almost every hour in the i!ay you will fin,] a eooil use for the "Jeep" ils ., lrut;k> , i( ,| u (nla<>1 . rl ,, ] . t|) ,;^ (> . mobile power unii. With i, s n ,ij,|,, y Willys-Ovcrlan.i Jeep bnjjine anil powerful -f-wheel-clriv- you can ,.,, most anywhere in n "Jeep," on or off the road j n fair weather or i,, r( >i,l. Get a "jeep" on ilic jof,. It will pull plows har- l"°Tmin »"' T,T crs : " >W 5 ' 5()n -»'- '^>ileif payloails; l"".l ««<> Ibs. ihe "Jec-p" will c.irry men 'mil ,„„!. rcro« ,<>wn or to harcf-.o-gct-at places in a jiflV -, horc'vcr it goes, , ls power tnkc-off is r.ailv to run our nKR-fnnc-ry ri K h! on tlu- joh. (;„,„,. illlc | , we „,,,.,,. fb THE MIGHTY AT DIXIELAND ELLIS POOLE, Owner and Manager _ H l 9 _ hwa y 61 J^ or ^ h ot Holland, Missouri • PM;ASE don't puc off this important job any longer. You're Soing to want all of your equipment in B ood shape when work 5l.ins. It's our joh to put it in condition. \V'-'|l handle your repair jobs ihc way you want them handled if you'll | c[ H5 know in advance. Slop in now, or phone us, and get y6ur work on our schedule rhcc, you're S uce co liavo «!,c machines when you need then,. " "iou know our reputation for repairing farm equipment •^ Tl, a ,' s our business. \Vc have expert mechanics and a wclli equipped shop. And our bins ate loaded with °cnuine I]|(- pans-ihc same parts that ate built into the machines at the ^ fjcioty—and you can't beat them. Take one day and go over evccy machine on your place Jag each one wilh the things that need to be done. Von can count on the same service in our shop chat you get from MtCormick-Dcering equipment in the field. Say when and we 11 gtt busy, i DELTA IMPLEMEMTS, Inc. 312 So. 2nd St. Phope 863 8* WISE Be AH Carly Bird ORDER NOW Our new planf is nov^ equipped to dellnt your cotton seed for planting and treat them with CERESAN. Our screens and fans take out all burs, trash and light immature seed, insuring better and more even stands. All State Experiment Station records indicate that CERESAN will kilt all seed borne diseases ond protect small seedlings from adverse bacteria in the soil. Call Us for Details —or Come See Us Conti coflnn seed wilh lujrj, germinal ion for sale DELTAPINE 14 & STONEVILLE 2-B Blytheviile Delinting Corp. 300 So. 2nd St. DOYUC HENDERSON, Secretary-Treasurer Phones 2860—207(5—3118—3153 VISITORS ALWAYS WELCOME ««.«.. P....,,,,;,, ,;;;;;» ^^ %^rs$£!S&'£{ -- -" *'*«"«, i.{ut:i b;aiIStl~ clnn of the u. S. Dcparlmenl of /Vuriciillurc here. The decline was Hie lo heavy pasturing lu'Dcccin'r Mr, ii-licn lhc small K raln pastures were loo , V el to |,c (jrazed. - A person carries three) extra miles of blood vessels for everv five hninifi*: of ^ 1ll^f,../1.. _.i - J *,***-• (fa RINA CHOWS PURINA CHOWS ARE NOW AVAJL'A'BTE IN UNLIMITED QUANTITIES.,.." 1ft*. we have good news for poultry and livestock raisers in~our area -Purina Chows are again available in.un!imited,quantity; Thanks to a big crop and the release of many wartime restricHonsV we are now able to say "yes,"when you ask,"Do you have Purina?"' AND THEY'RE THE PURINA EVER MADE .. . . T0P.-*£S01T FORMULAS For more than 5Q years Purina Chows have been famous for quality and results — and today, Purina Research tells us that Purina Chows are the best that Purina has ever made. That means top-quality ingredients and top-result formulas. With the egg, milk, meat and poultry outlook favorable, you'll be wanhng the best results you can get this yea/. It's a good ' year to ... .. SEE THE DIFFERENCE PURINA MAKES 1/2 Block South of Depot Phone 493

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