The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1947
Page 4
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PACE FOUR BLYTHRVILLE (ARK.) .COURIER NEWS Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. Published Every Friday In the FARM NEWS-FEAIURES FRIDAY, •FEfiRCMRV 21, !0>I7 Suggestona For Better Farming Featured For This Section's Pr;> gressive Farmers. Farm Operations Undergo Change , Less Cotton Planted But Yield Per Acre Shows an increase Despite recent conspicuouscliMns- cs lii tlie types of farming •>reu'l- enl in Arkansas, tlicre 's st.h "room for considerable 'teveicp-l merit," with "definite coiici'n'.rali' n | of tlio cotton crop on more f<". liit j soils, primarily in the delta," O. n Brown of the University of Aikan-i sas college of Agriculture wroV JM ' an article published in the j;mii-! nry-February issue of the ArUr.ii-; sas Agricultural Extension E'-^'ic-' mist, published last week. ! Altc-ration of prevailing laud -\<-<>\ patterns was accentuated 'hii iur! the war with a decline in oMtcu | acreage us the most niarkeu do- [ velopmciit. chiefly in tlie upii'iHl 1 ;! and costal plains. . : . j - Yielrt l"fr Acre Increases - i Despite reduced acreage, rf cot-! ton in the delta, production in thai; section has increased becaus.' ot ', mechanization, conservation ana rolntlpn, greater use or litne and | fertilizer and .Improvement of rot- , ton varieties. 'The .average cotton 1 lint piocUicUoh" per IUTC has iti- cicisco. Iioin 103 to 233 jKHiiuls in ; the past 15 years, he viirl. ] Acreage taken out of cottrp. pro- ducllnn. aside from the iW.n urea, has yone into liay, oai.s ami .pasture used in livestock prmiuction. The .croppinp; eJiange in the tieltu hns been largely « shiit from n single cash system io n more diversified type of cash croo fanning. Reduced cotton ncrciujo i" the delta has gone primarily lu'..o corn, oats so\beanK, hiiy and pasture. Exiaansion in Ihe livesto r ;k inchis- til' has been co-incident with tho decrease in cotton production, una 'though it is not mark'-d ns the divcrsitlention of crops, tin; ttenu toward livestock farming Ijasmado a pronounced shift In ooi.a delta and non-delto areas in the past 15 years Black Locust Trees Help to Save the So/7 libck locust trees may serve as a valuable soil .sliililll/cr on very poor soils, bin trees plained on suc-li iirxir. shallow soils cannot, lit- expected to produce a profitable crop of posts, research work carried oil ' by the Horticulture nnd Forestry Depnrtment of tli e Arkansas AgrJiMil:ur!i] Experiment Elation lias sho\vu. '.I'lamiiijjs of black locust were m.iclc at the Fruit and Truck Branch Kxperlinciu Station at Hope, and at the Main Experiment Station, at Paycltcvlllc. It wns Coiiiid shut trees growing on jioor >-<;ils cannot withstand annual attacks of locust borers. Attempts wile made to overcome locus: borer damage on Midi sites by elear- cuUiiii;. with (j,e object of s t>eur- i"S vigorous sprout growth which inlpht be borer resistant. However these attempts were not sucecssliil! Only when black j oclKt s are inaXina vigorous Hrowlh .are they able to MIIvive locust borer attacks. T, R . Experiment Stnlion recommend!, that If black locusts arc bchi- grown as ;, crop tree rather than as a soil stabiliser, they should be planted o,, deep we l-di-nincd, s i!t or sandy loam lipi-s. On forest .soils of such nature, black mciists wlii make excel!'.'» growth v.lth little ,, r no borer .damage, especially when tlu> nre in mixtures wllh other trees." _JooLateto Classify for Rent and that It IB time to plan the spring wnKlrobe. Miss Cora Lee Colenian, home demonstration agent, sug- gcsis checking lliruiigh last year';. wardrob c to sec what can be' useJ I this year, then addlnjj (jurments to I make complete outfits. I Jiouinnnkri's ivlio plan !<i muki* [Mime o! their clothe.s need to start no\|- before they become no uusv with outdoor work. They will no: j want to overlook the jiossibllitv 01 ! makiii" over garments no Ions'!! 1 ' beii^ worn in tliclr present conci- i lion. • Old felt hats, coals and lealliei I Jackets (hat j )a ve accumulated In I the home through the years imiv be made Into many attractive accessories according 1 0 the home demonstration agent.-A iatllci Jus: printed by the United States Dr- partnicin of AerlculUirc tells how to restore, cut and sew old fur. leather and .felt. Entitled. "Mnkc Overs from Leather, Pur and Poll." it elves drafted patterns for mittens, moccasins, slippers, jackets and purses. Anyone may get it from the Department of Agriculture in Washington, D. C. Uv ordering USDA Publication 014. To give a i rim line to the backs of suit skirts and woolen dresses, and to keep them from (jetting a romm baBBy look, homcinakcrs ran put in a skirt JinluB when making 11 garment. Th? home demonstration agent's directions are as follows: Select a firmly woven cloth that will, not shrink. Cut and 'put the skirt llnln,; together. in the .same manner as the back of the skirt. Cut the lining one-fourth of an inch liafrower and much shorter than the skirt bnt long enoirsh to come below th c fullest part of the nips when thu wearer sits down. Sew it. t 0 the side seams of Ihe fkirt placing inside of the llnlii" to the inside of the skirt. Permanent clothes lines that will last and serve Mississippi County jiomemakcrs well shoiil ( | be built 1 \i Hi, ear" mid rules, Miss Colemar to certain i Crossarnis should be made of the jruta, Miss Cotennn. Mld . "&„,„£• -"»,^^ a ' he S They ! 1?, l ° P ,° f llic ^ by wcldln ' ° r '«"* •« i»che.i apart and cqulppe.l ! '' ...'we 01 ' 1 ','^""-''! 1 " " nd """"""J « ! '»«v l;c ntlaclic,! a t tk- "eiil" to ' - " eTr "" )0 t M ^ , , "'"" tllm butkles to kw ' J tf ' c '"^ | suitable clotheti III !L . m the follov - ._ i Hie-clolnes vdres should be al.i at an even lenslcn ni£ tei'ins: i . "~ • • . ..>-—. . ' Tlie siw of the i>hir> k /)r.i^.,.>,..,+ = . ™^^,'— " ' ' •" •*•.' ' i ••^••i—^^ of si/ft of the Dipt; Is | H|)on HIR inimljiT and Iciv. Mine., to be supported. A ly, i steel past, \\ill Kupport fnur 15- j fooi linc-s. lint it .will rvriutrc 2 or i •2-' Inch |>l!!e If the pasts nre to hi- ' . .sel 20 io :(0 feet n)wrt. Tlie , WS | S i | WIlllllU 1)1- li-Oin «•;. l,J •)!:. | C9; ;„„,. | I nnd wl 2 feet (lec|i i n concrete. 'I'lu-y may bo reinforced by usini; ;;orf'. Crop Insurance Expensive for• U. S. Taxpayer NEW YCRK, Fc'3. 21. 1 UP I—To eliminate the fanner's oi.;-r:rumit,y to cash in on his Federal Crop Insurance "oy negle^ting or" a^ai)- , do^ng his vic,P-.. this session pJ Congress wilt- work oil rcvahipiiiV . the .progmnv BUSINESS WEEK predicts. The program, 1933 to " insure farmers against los.s ol cer- ; lain crcps. wa.s out iii" 10-13. uy : order of Congress, and in a^ain ; the next year with r,ome o£ th-? larceny out of it. "The current overhaul,''ur^cd uy both Republican (arm leacers ana the Administration is spurred by losses draining the Treasury tinner tbe present, system/' tlie magazine points out. "•Although wheat and flex insurance and experimental -corn and tc'bacco cpera-' tions have moved into the black.t : payments on cc.tton have been more than twice the premiums received.'" "The aim now is "to limit cov- • erage to the farmer's actual om- • of-the-po:kct c:-:;:cnrcs lost in i; !»>:(.,IN "V/ I,,,'.!,,,,',,',' ("'''iVVi'ik,.! 1 . ^'•r I- --^o ifiiil.lli. lin^i.T. \1nlli,, (Ir.ii-.-iy. linilru.ul Cn^vii,.. ^J,, -,. V.n-1,1-,,. ' rii-nli-V Services crop—.it present lie's covered for :'. perefiHage of a nortnal yield— thus giving iiini enough money to p'.i'. ;n a rrcp the following year ruiri ]ea;1n); him no chance to bUK the government." "It Is possible." tb" mastaxine asserts, "that private insurance companies might be attracted to tiie program altfr a fciv years tpsnt in observiii); federal experience ijnt it is recognized that (here will alwuys b= a need lor iedcra', reinsurance to protect companies auainst a Rcneralty rrop year." Farm Women's Column Shop" windows incliciitn tlint sprint; Ls just aininul Ilio corner j n Miialler pipe or a rod as Tills makes a clothes Knc Imm'ti'^i Io 7!i feet high depending ,,1'cni ! i in- hei^Ui desired. i A boll or rod tti' p <mi{h the Unvr: | end of tlie post will keep It from ! i luriiliiK In the concrete base. Tli' 1 ' lower end of the post should ue |j»lnte<t with rust-iesistinit paint before it is set In the concrete because (lie concrete probably w lll not extend above the earth's stir- 1 ' • :s:ia;:! Our cdinpc'le orpitii i/.atinn, olVovinp can- !>!<ilc insurance for tin. 1 ci>rii[>lct<- protection <;( our clicnlE. ]| will i)e worlli oui cd ivilli our scrvicL', By The Delta Implement Co.. Vol. S Friday, Feb. 21. IU-17 No. 2-1 We sincerely vcgrcL I he passiiiir O f f.;, 1 . \V. 11. Smith of Jackson, Ali^s.. win. tliroti^h hi? eJ'forts jjaintHi the uicktiixmc of "Corn Oltib" Smitli, as lie WHS tho founder o" tbe •urijfiiial.- Corn Cltth.s whicii later dovHopod into Ihe Nationally Unown ^l-Fl C.'hiks. Wo PGC! that no epitaph would )»> inoic 'uti'lrtljlf than (he thousands of .j-H riulj niL'inlicrs avci- the United States who have nn.liU-d 1).V his et't'orfs atitl vision in this yorlh while aKricultiiral work. Wo cstend 0111- rtoc|iosl sympathy to Mi-. C. G. Smith and Mr: Leon Smith and other relatives Special Price for * U Limited Time Only UKttKNT HcKinniii K April Isl, P iirl K will uol he shipped from Ihe Memphis Uranth House lor iixly days due Io (heir haviiuv d> mnve oul 3f Ui«ir presenl builclin.if and wf arc «{oin^ Io ask that you check your equipment anil trive us orders for all (he parts yon think von will need so (hat we tan ijel'Uu'm oul lor yon. ----- DI AK every one knows the drive for Farm Ijureau ilcnihorship has started. We do not think K should he called a drive Ix-cau-ie u-e think every Farmer should volun- .eer and join this organization as it is their voice in Washington. DI delivered Io II. IJ. Shearin of K»»le 2. |;| v . Inevillc, a •lA Tractor Stalk Cutter. J. I!. Kuckei- of Route 2, Manila, had an I'-'-O 'Iracioi- in fo r minor repairs and strain :lean and paint. > Hill and \Vyatl of Route 1, Ulydicville hail .in r : 20 Tractor in (o he steam cleaned iiml ?:unted and purchased new Goodyear Titcs. -DI- Sani-WaxA- WOODWORK . PORCHi.AIN he World's Luxury Clccncr . FURN1TUR1; • L'tSfAMnLS i whcn . that '"c * " S S ° ricl> ' smootl1 buy in "'l FAST and ,eav u«lv fi n . a lo\ely firnsh. Don't miss the chance to try <t at a good discount, during ,he Annual Quart Special. Sani-Wax is the b eau iilji tt Cleaner for doors and window s iH Sj "ire, Venetian blinds, tile walls porcelain ranges, etc. Wipes ort iri a flash. CLEANS with a SHEEN E. C ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY '319 W. Ash St. „,„„,, 551 f Hy Hear America'i favorite tenor Jf yotr lic;»r<l Inlcrna- tional Harvos- tor's "Harvest | of S t ,-\ rs", tune in Hits Sunday a n il listen; you'll licar a good jirngrnm . ... enjoy James Melton's sing- with Howard Barlow ing and hear an ond 6 °-P'« e8 Orchestra lyn Murray Chorui i n t c r es t ing Dh , lnB ulshed Dramatic Ca»(, Mnry! Special Muskol Guesti mi"HBC NETWORK . 1:30-2:00 P.M. KT 'BAZOOKA" BOB BURNS NEW WINDJAMMER 11 TO BE SHOWN HERE AS PART OF BIG JOHN DEERE DAY PROGRAM! FREE SHOWING to the Public at fheROXY Theatre, March llrh at 9 a.m. COUiri'KSV OF MISSCO IMPLEMENT CO. lit) \V. Walnut PKone ' CHICK THEATRE "Where Happiness Cost 5 So Little" WEEKDAYH . Bex Office Opens 0:45 p.rn^ Show atart* 7:01} p.m. Friday »nd Sutnriiuv "Sagebrush Heroes" Charles Starretl and I>ub Taylor as "CaimunbaH" Serial; "Blade Arniw" C'lutjili-i- Also Cartoon SATIJKDAY OWL SHOW Starts 11:00 p.m. "CAT MAN of PARIS" Curl Esmond, Lena Auhrrt Seriult "Mnnslcr and Ihe Ajic" Chupter (! Also y TRACTOR TROUBLE? SEE US FOR ALL TRACTOR NEEDS! • Skilled '•Mechanics • Latest Equipment • Expert Paint Jobs • - • • Steam Cleaning ®Electric & .Acetylene We fcl ing- Come in ,and See the New FOR With Ferguson System RUSSELL PHILLIP TRACTOR COMPANY So. Highway 61 Phone 2171 WHEEL-JESS IMPIIMEHT* JAMES MELTON Every Sunday on the HARVEST OF STARS INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER M — AT OUR WAREHOUSE STORE — 118 North 1st St., Next to Slalcii|i Electric Shop. </ 2 Hloek From Main St. FIELD * ALFALFA SEED all slumlord brands * LESPEDEZASEED IKorcnl PASTURE MIXTURE SEEDS fini\r<] In suit ymir soil) SWEET CLOVER U\ hitc bl(issi)iit) TOM MOORE Turn Mooi'e, who only recently joined onv iiorsnnnol. will bp in charge of our warehouse. Tom will gladly fill ::ll your ncivls and will ho pleawd Io meet His many fricnrts in his now capacity. OTHER FARM HARDWARE GARDEN SEED and FIELD FENCE — VISIT OUR WAREHOUSE SOON! PLANTERS HARDWARE COMPANY, Inc. New Theater Manila's Finest ^ Shows EVCRY MOIIT ^f Matinee Saturday A Sundaj- B«» Opens Week I>:i.vs 7:(l(l p.m. Bat.-Sno. 1 p.m. Cout. Slinwlni Friday 'Wild Bill Hickok' Also Sbnrt Subjei-ts Saturday 'SANTA FE UPRISING' Allan Lane UK Hcil liyilc Also .Shorts SATUltDAY OU't, SHOW "DEAD of NiGHT" Wtrvcr -lohiis, Kcl:ini< Culver Selected yiiort Subjects Open 0:30 p.m.; Show Stn?ls 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday £> 'Throw a Saddle on a Star' with an All-Star. Cast Scri;il: "Son of till! Guardsman" Also Shnrls SATURDAY MIDNMTF. SHOW Slarls at 10:15 p.m. "Larceny in Her Heart" -Miclmcl Shane, Detective Also Shorls 126 W. Main Phone 515 THEATRE Manila, Ark. Friday and Saturday "Red River Robinhood' wilh Tim Holt Cartonn and lllli rhaplrr "/nrrn's lilack Whip" Saturday OWI< SHOW "DEVIL MONSTER' Also Short Subjects

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