The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 11, 1951
Page 11
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, DECEMBER II, Th« World Today: Tax Official Likts Talk— Theron Caudle Talks Self into Hot Corner With Free Testimony WAslhjS? £c RI n WW , ' b ' e v ", h !j d "" Vt come »«™ r-u ,__.__' ^V' II - vfl •— Yesterday—Just before • Caudle is „ u , 6 ,„„, .with wavy brown hair and a southern accent that is strictly from the honey chile school. And he likes to use it. It's amazing how his 47-year old lawyer ^.who was snatched from relative ^obscurity. In North Carolina and given a top. government Job, seems to like to talk. Yesterday was no exception, although before the day was over he .wound up being embarrassed and' even at a lass for words, still, it .wasn't the first time he had been .embarrassed recently.. When President Truman fired him Nov. 16 as assistant attornej general in charge of the Justice Department's tax prosecutions Caudle said his heart was broken Jn spite of this disability he seemed extremely vigorous when yes. terday he began to testify before the House subcommittee which Is Investigating the tax'scandals. The committee called him. Many Don't Volunteer Many another trained lawyer, who knows that volunteering information when under questioning Just leads to fresh questions might t have been content to answer the committee's questions with yes or no or a minimum of explanation. Not Caudle. \VitH K face Just a.' ' bright and iiinny as a Salvation Army Santa Claus ringing • his Christmas bell on a street corner, ^t)^e would • grab B question out of "the air and run away with it. Sometimes he ran in the wrong direction. Once he talked for a few minutes, suddenly stopped, a little puzzled, told the committee he realized ne hadn't been answer- Ing the question, and asked for Ifr : And the more he talked the more questions he seemed to put in the * head of the committee since he was opening new avenues for questioning. One example will explain ft. He Could Ha*e Been Brief ' The committee, reminding, him that ho had previously spoken of frequent trips to race tracks, asked ' him if he ever won a good sired bet. Caudle could have said: "Yes. Once I won |1,701 on a dally dou- .ble. Period." But he explained the time, place, kind of day; who was sitting In .front of him; who was behind .him; .and how he sprinted down Just at the last minute to place his $10 bet. How did he come to pick that particular double the committee didn't ask. Caudle volunteered: he had heard rumors It was A good C t. Socko. The committee wanted know how he heard the rumors. Caudle suddenly gresv vague. It was later In the day that his sunny expression disappeared, his face grew'ashen, and tie was truly embarrassed. The committee had been told in previous sessions by a Chicago lawyer, Abraham Teitelbaum, that two men. Bert K. Naster and Frank Nathan, had tried to shake him down for $500,000. The two men told him. Teitelbaum said, that they were in with a clique of important Washington o/ficinls. including Caudle. They were rummaging around, Teitel- buam related, for soft touches like Teitelbaum—who was In tax trou- WARNING ORDER In (he Chancery Court, Chlcka- iawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Chester Beatty, Ptf. vs - No. 11,914 Adele Beatty, Dft. The defendant, Adele Beatty, Is ^lereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Chester Beatty. Dated this 7th day of December 1951. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Anita Sykes, D. C. C. F. Cooper, attorney for ptf. Caudle anolher took the witness chair-., lolner lawycr. I. T. Cohen of Atlanta, to d the committee Teitelbaum had >ld him this same story months "go. Then Cohen said he told Caudle about this story which Involved him. Thsl was Aug. 20 ,M" nn h %. l! ory dldn ' t comc '° Slit till Teitelbaum testified last week. The committee asked Caudle ^lime a C b < c!it"it 6 T° re hC had t0ld cK" d .JS n °"V out °" t - !H »* 0 »i'*ta- Caudle said he hadn't done any thing. He was less talkative now tee sTteomm't e tee The c!lalrman "f %£ S™* %? K£; He said Caudle-who admitted to indiscretion" but not dkhonesty- and that time. hl5 C ° Untry h «"" mended for a long WARMNC! ORDKR In the Chancery Court, Chlck»- sawha District, Mississippi County Arkansas, Jean C. Kramer, ptf. vs - No. 11,916 Hobert r. Kramer, Dft. T»e defendant, Robert F. Kramer, Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named In the caption.hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, eJan C Kramer. 195i ated thUl T Cii<S ' °' Dec « mbCT . C. F. Cooper, ally, for ptf Ed B. Cook. ally, ad lltem. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Anita Svkes, D C. 12]U-18-26-lU SHOE REPAIR The Best Shoe Repair Will Save You Money! n HflLT€RS QO(II.'*y SHOC SHO. 12' W M«, M _"; Cardinal Plans To Visit Korea Christmas Day .NEW YORK, Dec. 11. (.^-Francis Cardmal Spellman will spend Christmas with troops in Korea He sa>.s he wants to celebrate mass on the holiday in three places as near the front lines as possible. The Cardinal said last night that at.,? Un , e ' rjp »'»' be on the invi- ation of Gen. James A. Van Fleet, Army commander. The Car- nal^ald Van Fleet wrote him on "I much prefer bringing Christmas to our boys in Korea than be- ng in St. Patrick's Cathedral on the day," Cardinal Spellman said. I shall remain as long as is necessary to visit every combat unit." Stossert to Meet 'Ike' PARIS, Dec. 11. m _ Harold Stassen arrived in Paris today hoping to get Gen. Eisenhower In say yes or no about seeking the Republican nomination for President. He sees the general tomorrow. ILTTHBYTLLB (AKK.) COTJRTEH BOB ' BQB -- BOBBING ALONG - AS" the Taft-frTr- r^'nS '""T int ° high gear ' lhe Ohio ""tor's New O""' °°«ow lrom * n °' d I""*'? rhyme to remind ui that their favorite has lived in the White House before as the son '" ™ . ' with all the Taff campaign buttons. Did Franchot Kick and Spit? He Goes on Trial for It Today Read Courier News Classified Ads. BEVERLY" HILLS, Cant., Dec 11 <AP)—Actor Franchot Tone, in and out of the courts frequently, has another legal appointment today He was ordered to trial on B misdemeanor assault and battery charge signed by newspaper Columnist Florabel Mulr. Tone pleaded innocent Oct 30 to Miss , Muir's allegations that he (icked her feet and ankles, spat In her face, grabbed her by n pearl necklace and choked her. Miss Mulr. a writer for the New york. v Daily News and the Lo« Angeles Mirror, made a citizen's arrest of the actor it Ciro's Night Club. Miss Muir claimed that Tone approached her as she sat at * table with her husband, Denny Morrison, and told her he was so angry with' her he felt like spitting In her face. She snid he never did tell her wha he was angry about. Sheriff's officers said Tone tol them he resented some of the col umnist's articles about him. sh commented frequently in her col umn about Tone's romance will Actress Barbara Payton and hi backyard brnwl with Actor Ton Neal, who sent him to a hospita with a broken nose and facial cut and bruises. 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The idea is in the works so let's lust let it go through proper By the- time Fred got the proper credentials from his department the colonel was transferred. The' replacement told Frrrt, "f don't think (hat this matter properly comes under the purview of the duties of Ihls office." STARTS AIX OVKR A«A1X In desperation Fred went back to the Marine Corps to start nil ove' but was politely told that in as much as he ha dahendy gone to (lie Department of Defense, the matter was out of the hands of the Corps. Marf" OSt tenrfully PVcd » sl »<l 'he chaplain In Korea, "whtcT he' got »'ler » month's delay. He sat down and wrote the chap am, explaining what he wa s Irvine to do his motives. All he asked for was the names of some of the men In the division who didn't receive much mail and might welcome some letters from back home. He (£! urcri that once the thin? B0 t started ft.»»W * et »«™« of cine" and 'he ball would be rolling, He was happy. At least one let- Wtten' m " n '" K °™ " a<1 bc ™ The reply from the chaplain put (he finishing.touch on the Idea for Fred. It said that It was Impossible to supply the names of men for security r , eauS ° nS a " d that he "«« P™H y ,°l, owlnE wnclher or not Fred might be subversive. The last line of the chaplain's reply suggested to Fred that he coordinate the whole thing through the Pentagon! With that. P "|S 2 !• L'i "i fo lhc pay 0(Tlce and "? v... d dcd "ctfons Increased, contribution to the Korean WARNING ORDF.R In the Chancery Court, Cblrka «>wba District, Mississippi County, Arkaniaa Rose Zukowski, Ptf. „ vs - No. 11,885 Henry Zukowski, Dft The defendant. Henry Zukowski s hereby warned Uj appear within hirty days in the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Hose Zukowski. Dated this « day of November, Harvey Morris, Clerk By Anita Sykes, D. o. C. F. Cooper, atty. for plf Ed B. Cook, atty. ad Ittem. lli2Q-27-12'4-ll Hollywood (Continued; trom page •> Jean Hers h olt's movie rnreer "Load" the episode he made with Ann Harding for MGM's "it's a Big Country, has been scissored from the final footage of tho picture. Inside word is that It was one of Hersliolts finest performances, • • • Lois Andrews nixed an offer to sUr in an Italian-made film and dry in Europe when Orson Welles called off his plans to film "Olhr-1- lo" with Lois as his co-star. * • + There's• no-limit clause regarding mnives In CJIricrr Items' 51,000000 TV cnnlrarl. She ran make as many as she likes, not beiiij; 11 ml led to three =. year as first reported out of New York. Montgomery Clift is now holding down the nuts-to-Hoilywood corner nil by himself. Marion Brnn-Jo who still won't admit it. has s | g]1 ' ed a contract to do nine—count 'em movies for Fox. * • « Definition of a Hollywood cocktail parly: Where they cut up PAGE ELEVEN «»ndwlche« in mi llltewlso u> their friends. , nd The needla on William Bishop's «i£f ?l. eterJ " s nud *in« the word rlif i ^ I""" wll(>n tnc »<•»» "art ringing there will be a lot of red faces at Columbia studio, Bill's been freelancing his way (0 !ta r- 1°m for the last year after three years of work-horse duty at Colum- films " tl '° S feature<1 ln 2 > nrUrfl.^'",*" 1 '° r """Won," t Sla" ht stor >' ltl th " "Champion" "I sot my biggest chanc« u th» guy Paulette Goddard marrleVln Anna Lucasta; " Bill (ell, it ^ the picture hid a great big egg After that I w^as dead at Columbia/' It's very hush-hush, but m!ml« Arthur Blake Is doing his Imp™" sion of Eleanor Roosevelt In Fox's "Diplomatic Courier." NOW OPEN! Flagg's Beauty Shop Located at 710 Park Street OPERATORS: VIVIAN FLAGG STILES MRS. 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