The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 11, 1951
Page 7
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AT, Car Industry Faces Questions on Huge 'Defense Profits' . Dto. II. (/p)_Top auto tatueiry wecutive* may be called to «pUin sale* practices which t&nmmtr*. tgenU claim have -coat th» country'* defends tltotl more than »300,000,IX)0 In excess profits hi th« lut three yean. A Congressional investigating commfctM, headed by Rep. Porter F Hardy <D-V«>, heard the accusation* y«terday as it opened weeklong hearings into purchases by the •Army* tank-automotive center here. R«p. Clare Hoffman CR-Mich) *ugge»ted that automotive, officials be called. Hardy said they had been "Invited" to appear and that if they . failed It might be necessary to sub- penaa them. Committee Investigator John L. Bhaffer testified yesterday that the tank-automotive center has difficulty In purchasing parts directly from manufacturers. Some Refuse to Bid He said manufacturers frequently refuse to bid on government contracts or else bid out of proportion ao that the middlemen get a crack at the profits. General Motors Corp., Electric Auto - Lite, Studebaker, Tlmken- Detroit 4xle Co., and Chrysler were among these singled out for erlticlsm. Chairman Hardy exclaimed at one point in the hearing: "•Why should a parasite get a profit for performing no economic aervlces just to get a little rake| off?" Shaffer said he based his esti- prof mate of 1300,000,000 la its paid out since 1MB on an tigatlon covering t h • la*t months. 30* Parts Purehwed He said the center purchased X, parts In the 14 month period to $6,313,172 whereas, u i "reaaonabl profit" to the manufacturers, th outlay should have been »4,73Ci/J&3 Shaffer said the government pal an additional 303 per cent for au tomotive parts from General Motor by buying through its sales agency United Motors Service Division. He explained: "When General Motors sell* di reel to the government, it makes it average profit of 5.7 per cent. Bu when it sells to the governmen through Its sale* agency, QV makes an average profit of 35. per cent." Charges Were High Shaffer testified that Chrysler Corp. charged the governmen $5135 for parte.that cost the crig inal manufacturer $2334'. He addei that a small part which Electri Auto-Lite of Toledo made for 14. cents and sold to Chrysler for 2 cents subsequently was bought b; the government for 33 cents. Studebaker assemblies reache< the tank-automotive center at a cost of S147.30, he said, after Chang ing hands the first lime for *106.BS Shaffer said he also found ou that Timken-Detroit Axle made an item at a cost of «1T.6S and sold 1 to the Federal Motor Truck Co which In turn got $2«,u4 when 1 sold it to the government. '/ Don'f Hove to Buy Sex/ Soys Tallulah Bankhead Before Trial NEW YORK, Dec. 11. (AP)—Torrid testimony has been predicted by defense counsel In the trial of Actress Tallulah Bankhead's former secretary—charged with boost- tag figures on the star's checks. An all-male jury will hear the case. Testimony begins today. The Jurors were forewarned yesterday that "certain names, foul l language and profanity" will be .brought out In connection with Mrs. Evyleen Ramsay cronin's em- . ployment by Miss Bankhead. stage, screen, radio and television luminary. Fred O. Murritt, chief defense attorney for the 59-year-old Mrs. Cronln, aaked prospective jurors if they would be prejudiced by such - testimony. The trial opened in gen- • «ral sessions court yesterday. Morrltt said the defendant will ^ take the ttand to testify "she saw It with her own eyes »nd heard i with her own ears. 1 ' Only one juror said he would be prejudiced. He was excused. Atte the jury was completed, the tr!a was adjourned until today for thi start of testimony. The white-haired Mrs. Cronln who worked as secretary and per sonal maid for Miss Bankhead, wa Indicted earlier this year in 3. counts of grand larceny and for Eery. At her arraignment last January Mrs, Cronin's attorney claimed th checks were given her for "incl dental expenses" to pay for "co calne, marijuana, liquor, chanr paigne and sex." Miss Bankhead denied this, re porting: "My life Is an open book—t don' have to buy sex—I haven't slipped ithat far.'.'. Psychologist Admits Having Relations With Patient as /Jarring Technique' SEATTLE, Dec. 11. _su- • perlor court Judge has ruled against moving the trial of a Seattle psychologist to the home of a woman patient rWith whom he Is accused of having improper relations. The psychologist, Louis W. Gellerman, Is on trial on charges of Immoral conduct with four women patients. In a wire recording admitted In evidence yesterday, Gellerman admitted having relations with the woman in question, but said it was * "jarring technique" aimed at gelling at the cause ol her troubles. After the Jury had heard the recording, Judge Theodore s. Turner ruled against moving the trial to her home. He said evidence in- dicated her condition would not permit It. She Is suffering from agrapuhobla, a fear of open spaces in the recorded conversation maHe after the arrest, Gellerman said he had had imporper relations with the woman 12 or u times. He defended the acts as being "not uncommon here In Seattle." "Non - jarring techniques," t said, "would have extended treatment In this case at least four years." The physchcdogist declared t = woman made the advances. And he said she "was always perfectly will Ing." San Francisco. In 186S, WM the headquarters of the Pacific whaling fleet. Dec enses XX^ -T^yj! IIDELTA LOAN & FINANCE COMPANY OF BLYTHEVILLE 324 Weat Ash <A»K.) OOPMBK CHATS WITH IKE - Ha.old Stassen, still undecided on whether to run for the Republican presidential nominalion, Is on his way to visit Gen. Dwicht Eisenhower in Paris. Asked if he plans to pin Ike down on. his political plans, Stassen replied that he had a very high regard for the general, and that the would "be personal nature." in West Germony To Get Post-War Aid at Half-Price BONN, Germany, Dec. 11. (/pj_ IVest Germany is going to get its auge post-war financial aid from he West at less than half price, with • reduction of more than two' billion dollars in the bill, the German government dizclcsed last night. The Germans owe {3.800.000.000. 3ut Vice-chancellor Franz Bluecli- cr told a news conference that American.- British and French representatives agreed in London to ask repayment of only iieoo.ooamo. "This Is a major concession to us," Bluecher said, adding there was not much'doubt the Bonn cabinet would accept the offer. Most of the bill—S3,200,OOD 000—Is owed to the United States. Alabama Holds Off-Year Election MONTGOMERY, Ala.. Dec. 1!. I/PI — Twenty - four constitutional amendments—topped in interest by the controversial i25,000,000 road bond Issue—were on the ballot today for "Alabama's off-year elec- lon. Despite the number of amend- nen'ts and the Interest generated n the roid bond proposal, only a small turnout of voters was ex- >ected. Polls open at s a.m. (CST). They close at 5 p.m. In rural areas THE SONGS OF CHRISTMAS in tlit Utri< ntlea* ol Obmtorf, k«li .* i. A. Antrim Atpt. illustrated by Walt Scott The young poriik print, Jowpli Mohr, <m ianm mg prepararioM fc. Hw Chriihivu celebratio*. Father Mohr had aim nwcti thought to th, con* posing of o beautiful Chmtm« song. But in Ike church nearby, where Franz Grub«<, Hw MOM- at, woi piactking, a calamity occurred. TW oryat, broU down* Weather Threaten* 'o/ar Express to Santa's North Po/e FAIRBANKS, Alaska, Dec. II. —An airlines plane was schedul- ett to take off from here today to air drop on the North Pole » real pole, colored like a candy cane, along with S.OOO letters to Santa. But there were plenty of straws In the Arctic winds to Indicate the flight won't be made before Wednesday. Alnska airlines, which plans the (light with a specially outfitted DC-4. left unchanged it* schedule calling for a departure from here at 12:30 p.m. (5:jo EST). The plane, "The Polar Express" was flying In from Seattle overnight. But officiaU of the line privately expressed doubt that the polar illght will be made before Wednesday morning. Colonials Barned Wood Most of the coal used in the LOrthern colonies prior to the American Revolution was import- d from England. Wood was the prevailing fuel used in the United "tales until about 1840 nd 6 p.m. in cities. Only seven of the.24 amendment* affect.the entire state. The others sre purely local. WARNING OliDEH In the Chancery Court, Chlcka- aawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Anka Marston, Ptf. vs. No. 11,863 Eugene Marston, Dft. The defendant, Eugene. Marston, Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Anfci Marston. Dated this 8 day of December 1851. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Anita Sykes, D. C. C. P. Cooper atty. for pit. Ed B. Cook, atty. ad llicm. COP*. IH1 rr ufA Mll-ftC*. T>ie Faraway Look WINNIPEG, Man. Klng'» bench believes Canadians can get » better picture of their he said he had found thl» to b» true while serving as a delegate to RELIEVE COLDS Miseries Famous 666 gives four* fold relfef from colds tnfa- •iries! Eases aches, lowers fever, reduces stuffiness, acts OB a laxative. You ' feel better f««ll Try WG! HQUtO OR TABLETS The Public It Welcome to the NORTH STAR SUPPER CLUB NO. HIWAY 61 . OPEN NIGHTLY Choice Foods at Popular Prices Your Favorite Brands of Beer IZ^L BILL WARD „ Fr>r an4 Dan at the amrr.cnd Organ NOTICE TO RESIDENTIAL WATER CONSUMERS In The City of Blytheville The Blyiheville Water Company will render the water statements for water consumed every other month in th. future instead of monthly a3 has been the practice in the past. All residential meters east of Frisco Railroad tracks will he read dun Ing .he following months, October, December, February, April, June and August. All residential meters «-esl of Frisco Railroad tracks will he read during the following months, September, November, January, March May and July. ' All residential statements rendered after month of October, 1951 will be for two months water consumption. All statements will be due on or before the 1 2th of the month follow- Ing meter reading. All commercial and industrial accounts will b« read and billed the same as in the past, on a monthly I^SM. For further information, call OUT busine» office it 415 West Main Street, Phone Number 4449. hL your j" umbta K for lMks - Call your local plumber for repairs checkups. We are not responsible for your leaks in plumbing change fs given. . at the least possible cott, "Water It You, Cfrtapirt Commodity" Blytheville Water Co. SMASH! Tremenc/ous Savings The Famous Royal Crest MATTRESS and BOX SPRING In Full or Twin Size Made by Slumber Products Co. Reg. *99 VALUE Hurry - - While Slocks Last! HUBBARD&SON Phone 4409 FURNITURE Blythevill,

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