The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1947
Page 15
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CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION 20, 1947 \ _ j .AU OUMl/lid, Si S }"<*„ k » £«•«»• «.idI U « outlld. ,r t. c«y aust t. .ccoBiOTiUed b, cuk. H.u. 5b'«. ' COOJ l n "« 1 '">« lb« «kov« For Sale .... licalcr. I9"ll~"j'u'r'il livo i^iir^, s ^r^i;^r^±..-r io-i-ii-i':i _ _ _JBLYTUEV1LIJ5 (ARK.) C For Sale l truck. Maui. llcm toimhlui,. 31U7. Id- SO aci-i... of 1,.,-el lau.l, oi „.' J. U. Cli:i|iin Jlnnlln. .\rk. Hi- .Illkt i "•!>>.•; i '"M house- fur sill,'. °"-!' s ''', r "i!u'.. '";!!'.'' u'"'" '••'•'"' S ""• '"" K m.K.^T l " J ,'" ic , "'"', .''»'!' •>" l>:ivp- uiplM,, Omc-ry Sloro f,,r F«!,.. j- lliiiinivccl W J|J| !„,>, ,,„,! „„,,, i, (ixlurrs in ,„„.„ V((11 ,. a ,, '- 1 "^-. V 1 " «'ii. liHun.s „„,[ ,,f. 11,,, „ j,, s , „,,„, y , ...... 1V ., ''"" 5 '"" "'""' [1 «"'• Wll rt'l-v C.u, KI,.. i.asM.^i,,,, Clf llio :l) . ,., lornti'il ,111 Biim.| run, I, mail r u »,-l«,,,l |,ii k will, .l,'rl,i,-lly. H, 1S m ,-l-u ,•]!>' IMJIIII; unit (),,, nii,-,. ,,. v |.|, 11AVII) KI-AI, KSTATl! i IXV l' BABY CHICKS You'll like our quality chicks, hatched right from »e!ect»d (locks. Hardy, fast, - - - - growers. Low price L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. ^ Block So. of Depot Thorn 493» k., 2 mile. ,-,,1 „„ n,r~,T Ijitutre »t Moore Bros. St,,r» LftMle Moore - U27-nk.2l27 M *• I "?* f ™'>*e "Irnw Harms,,. 1710 Phone 3.40. . l]ai-p«-.1|l 'innter )'role»l l«l,15 mat«. urmle A. O.ply. made Jo lit your telilei ,„,] nreservo finl,),. Onler ttlom from Jnniiiic Ertirards. 301 E Main Rl.. I>Iinno 2487. ck-1127 ti 2127 Baby Chicks. QiiliJruj.U A. sn.95 nc r 100. .1 High grade Wood tested baby chicks. Special $12.90 p«r hundred. Complete line of feed. Klaylock Hatchery; N. 61. 1-31-ck-tf W a t e r heaters, bathtubs, sinks, closets, lavatories, soil pipe & fittings, galv. & copper pipe & fittings. AOrsburn's Plumbing & "tHeating> ph. 875. 2-6-pk-2!) Tractor slalk cntlerji. all steal .-on- strurtion. niytlievillo Machine S'nm 211 Haulh Secnn.l Slrert. Sll^ck-if taf-lc Lc'ilronin suil. inrlndinj; mrtltrc*^ m>i M|iriiti:a. Mahotwny si'crftnrv. ilimran phylc so/a nn,l otlil tih]f5. 1'hor,,.., ;ut;U. 2ilS-nk.2l21 an.l evcrl,c»rinif MMirlirrry Hln?ffm/)r*? plants ; 7 wanlrofje trunk. I20S Holly I'll 0533 rrjr Hln tractor will, cultiialor linrroir, lilnnlpr. nlnw. fl ft. oi>r. cor^ pick- »r, l)oi; ilisc. 2 ,vii E ons on niMifr all honcl.t nrw Mnrn lis, Mnr I'.irl 'nr-v fir nsp.l. 1'riro.l to sell. Trade Jqr nim- lr,,rt. I. con Tlpprlt. Ailvanc^ Jlo _ _ _ All coal heaters at . Good selection. Planters .Hardware. 2-1-ck-tf t !<A'l'. Tli.y .-nii'i |,is|,. i, (I, | U1 |, 4 . Al.v, til,-)- !:,-( a killlnc <1,»p mini - m-l'ini'l; ill ll ami lii-kin; n,,.;,- f,'; I. A ',<•«• -lit. Moss iiroilu,-!. Sol,. f,,r f.-ii-m „','. II,iy Hi,. . far,,, ..i,,, i,,,,,,. ill.-,', i-lifm ,:., (I,,. ,,!„,;,.. IVinjil's JJrui; Sl.'lf. -.';i W,>M Mai,, ,si.. i,!,,,,,,, /ir,7. ANTUISVr h what you n,.f,I to ri.l vr,,,r f.,r:,,.,,r rats. A "new Dr. 11,'vs |,r,jil,,ct TOllly kills r;,ts. Snt,. I,,r f»nn li:,r'l;.-ivi-. Satisfaction ' i!u»rnul'-,><L \\ ,,n,l s llru^ f!l<,r^. 221 \Vost M;iin 1,1'Oiic , r ,07. l».<-li-21 ;• rnnin sluc..o linusp xvlll, l,nHt Inlprior |,l™<l,.ri,l. no l>riu«aii. Dion,' SIS _J"J>r 0 ri.m. _ 18 ,it;.21 New 'l-room house in I'ride Addition. Price S2750. H. C. Campbell, Realtor, 121] S. Sccond. 2-lS-ck-tf Have grist mil! for sale. Now (loins good business. See me. H. C. Campbell, Realtor, 120 S. Second. 2-18-ck-ti For Hire 'i'racior Tjr*-:ilii,k^ I'lon- Ir-tMin^- i»l«;v l',', sr ' ''o"" 011 '- C:1 " H - '?• Wtillaorl Services « »r»o» W* rcitir all typ«a waatilng •»elllB«t T0VBrd]«<i» of. kind nf connhlon A)«. bar Khoo an>1 For s<'*-intr and alt«r&t'nna Dole Caxte. :H9 N. Second. MONEY TO T,OAN Do you need a loan to repair or remodel? No down pay? •'menU no mortgage,, .no reel tape. FHA approved rate 5K. Ask for details. Mai Ixigan. Realtor, phone 203i. Lynch Bid?.. THylheTflle. 9-2a-ck-r NEWS Hats Off — t<> Friendly More motorists are k-amiiifj every day Ilial the service to he had al your Ford Dealer's . . .is unexcelled! From (he moment you drive info our station (here is a framed service man to assist you ami your tar See to if thai your car gets Uie best . . . sec to it that your t;u- ff cf.s Aniline Ford. Service! Kec 1'hillms— For Ford! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Rlythcvillc, Ark.—Tel. '153—3715 For Rent Jiftirtaljlb bedroom. Cnll 2675. Hedrooill. 314 N'i>. tl[b. I'hwui Rrdrooni.- 1109 OilrtnKnirliii. I'll 2B75 l^HiV-21! n>'<lr,,,,m ruuplo or 2 worklnir KirK I'], _3Bttt> after 0 n.m. ail7. t) ];.:>:3 Rend Courier News Want Arts. PRESCRIPTIONS Slork Kfrby Drug Sfore« VVonted to Buy UONT TAKK A LOS3. (^l the tap price for your car or truck, from I'HILLJI'S MOi'Utt CO. Today. 6-3-ck-tl Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. We'll come and get it. Wade Auto Salvage. North lihvy Hi, phone .'5785. 12-2fi-pk-2-2G I'tMl K l:>s« (In :,f n.rli,,,,:,! 1,.,,,,.. '''""•'•• l ' 1 '- '-•<««• l9-j,t--:il Wanted unor for fruit ,ui,l loi.Mr. DirfrJi-lt. I' I'-Ioiiliinn, "AIujiii Clui.U" (PMtlcnU oi Stockhtilm, Svvo- „'''•"' l«'.v HK> lclt-|)lion ccom- lw»N u r,-i' iinu be luviiki-iicti pvory RAY WORTHINGTON 8en-|i, g Till, Section f or il Ycnr. J1S So. 3,u IHytlmvHIe, Avk. ^ Sunday It' 1'rUilentUl 1'roeriii, li.iii. t oviT WKKO ", 10 l;'"i"K' '"sli'ucl of buying »ln r PAGE FJFT^JSN- clucks. Rwul Cuurlcr News WntH Ms'til A l.nnj; mutant* Moving qu«Ul5 IUIIUB.I a»u<r«ci' " iiiullu'i *iiit Ml*c. 8ttilctt. Bom* Uoiviet || Blnrtt* Oo I'Lono JSQI Your fwt will f«u) Iji-ller —stny liotlvr If you huvc Ilioso shoes resoled prop, t'i'fy «l our (iimlity Hho<» .Shoii. I.iiii^or wear for less Money! HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main Si. WHERE DO YOU GO . * FOR HOUSEHOLD NEEDS * FOR AUTO ACCESSORIES * FOR GIFT ARTICLES ffilS«^*»M^ SPECfiALS THIS WEEK ' our wliolesiilc price! Sl'ACK IIKATKHS ....SSS> un TA111.K KAMI'S S'i.00 till I'l.OOll LAMPS S17.M up you SKltVINO se mid tliL'ii Imy : SI5.0S u|i KITS 53.0S un B LAN HEATH AUTO & HOME SUPPLY \V. Alain St. Phono 81W ATTENTION VETERANS! If you srrvcil ovcrscax, you should join llir V.F.W. rmw! MccUiijjs every Weilnesdiiy nijtlil, f:30 :il [he Wviunknmp Cotton Offkc. liriui; :i vvlcrnii with you. VETERANS OF : FOREIGN WARS tri'ls McCallii, C'omnmndcr Weather stripping. Save fuel by having door.s and windows weatherslripped. C. E. Wiggins, 512 N. 10th. Phone 2293. 12-31-pk-3-l Ex-GI. vanta job moving houses. Experienced, plenty of ei|ui,)inent W H. Oarrelt.-pli.280C. ]|20-pk-3]l See us for an estimate before you have your tractor overhauled. We specialize in steam cleaning and painting. Electric and acetylene welding. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Hiway 61 South. Phone 2171. 2-1-ck-tf •AIXT — OiitsiJe ,,-hit-e primer «*»' pnint. Limited Mock. *-.,. 1 '™' .'<•"•«''I Fin-slonf Kt THINKS —'.hut „'.„!,;,! -s,,. ,„,. today—first romp first strvcd Fj, stimo Slorp. 207 W. Main. ::i'2. c V. -IRKS: TIKKSI TIRES i ,i ns , r p M iv«i SKCS coo x 10. 700 x in r>r,o t is 700 i is. 4 nnd 1! ply ,i rr ,,,; Also Ihn fanmi.s -lii.ldpd irrouml cripi in sl«,.» • r >OI> X 17 on.I 00(1 x If,. \Vp deliver and mount. Kirpstonc Ktorp 20fi IV. • t.\r.TOI! TIHKK — TTio n rn - ,„, , hal [mltH. mil«. out svtnrs sny olhrr Jrarlnr nrp m,irlr. Wo mount and H*- hvr-r lo farm. Firoslorio Storr. 207 VV. 1_'^- 211°.c(.-.If :Anins _ A vimUfai ,oi^iio7,~oT rfirnb, rial ion ami _ lablp mo,iel rnriio' rrfdod. FirpKlnnc Store, 207 W. Main 2!l2-rk-tr A^liinin,. ronuh—drj- or fmJKbeil AVillif Hello lirt^f. !112 S. I.alc. 2i5-pk--3|5 Rent a Floor Sander AT WARDS. Save money by refinishing your own floors. Adds years of life and givet- them new beauty. It's easy to do. too! MONTGOMERY WARD & CO., .102 Main. Phone 591. 2-13-ck-lf "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BONN/f BUTTERED STf AK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main St. Phone 36.47 Kx|,prl stove repair ,vork. Call for .Mr. Meyers at Hulibnnl Hardware lrn,,> C pr.d. heavy 'ash regislcr in Kood working condition. Now in daily use. CaJI SU days or 297H nigltis. 2-12-ck-lI r»p,>ry More will, livinsr i|iurlrr7 Icnmrn ,T5 TfiiMrff:?! ,S'(orp rr. I'jira- rri^ Tnn BIVP ipnmprlinl^ p rtt ^P^sior. •"^yonM. ' iO-i>k-26 rsn^.'^/r, h.iv. Cr.iic Hrothrrs. 2 tnjl>' e Fr>nHn,-,-e| r)oi:\vonrl .Store. lfl-i'k-C-1 nr»oir»ll>- n pw- ,v^t,i nj . nmrhinp. •!. f.- Snow-. HOMO. ArV. 2fl-pl(-2l •null npripl.l pinno. .'fio. Plinnn ;tiM. 20J.V2I -room residence with r>a(h, o^ East Davis St. Price $3075- Immediate OOHSi-s- sion. H. C. Campbell. Realtor, 120 S. Second 2-lfi-ck-tf . Br!»h«. IO-pk-5 6 ___ ph rxi^dlo ho^lprs fov p'v.mi.ll r. Phone 3150? '" lo"pT.26 We specialize In fruit tree spray materials. Ask us what and when to use. Planters Hardware Co., Inc., 126 W. Main, phone 515. l-3l-ck-tf Oil Stoves cleaned & repaired. Work guaranteed. Ph. .3994. 2-.11-pk-3-ll Help Wanted Or>ml tr.K-lor l,.i n ^ (o rfriv( . , rnrlor ,, h lttl1 - 9l,^_^t-_1. Young lady for peneral office work. Must be efficient typist. State qualifications and 'previous cx- perienc*. Write Rox 800, '% - Courier News. 19-ck-2i! to n>ifnrni S hp,J I.ODKP O,~7n7r7m7n~l. ' l " 1 " r> " • Ap-irln^nt. Urrrnlly npfdrd Writp f «. .Ovprlnii. Itonlc I Hox MurzletJ Women In the 17th century often were tried for nagging and, if con- ' victett, were led through the streets wearing iron muzzles over their heads, with mouthpieces that form- ' ed n gag. IT'S BEEN A LONG HARD WINTER... It's been a long, ban! winter for your car . . . and it's not over vet! Keep your car ,-H the penk of efficiency by having it service.! and checked by Laiij?- Our mechanics specialize in" motor tunc-ups, grinding valves or anv repair work Dial your car may need to get a flying stiirt into the new sprint; season! SFf US TODAY! IANGSTOK-WROTEN CO. Soles—BJICK—Service U - V Tir « Mobil 9 as and Oil WRECKER SERVICE W.taat & Broadw.y Telephone 558 Dr. W. F. Brewer DENTIST Genera/ Practice —But— Special Attention Given Extraction and Plate Work OFFICE OVER GUARD'S Acros; Slrcct Prom Kress Office Hnurs 0 Phone 2172 . ,,-K-/ It's Smart to Baby Your Car! Maintain Its yo " And it's "Smart" to Never take chances on the Mechanical Condition of Your Car. Bring it to us for Service and enjoy Trouble - Free motoring. LO Y EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Walnut fhon . 57, Texaco Gas & Ollt • Save Mime? Toflnj, Any STOP AND SWAP EI.HF.KT HUFFMAN'S H)l K. Mnln Thone 850 Vi>« Musi lie Hnppy «r No Dexl , ^i^ - J. _ ^_ _ '*• '^ •=- * ••• •••»•••«»! QUICK Our Radio Kepnfr.s arc f|ii;ck anil our \vorkmanshi|> finer thun anywhere WE ANV MAKK— ANV Phone 2642 FRED CALLIHAN 106 South First TODAY IMPORTANT! Suvc your jircfjcnt cnr . Kxpert Mfchnnicnl Bervicc - Afemlte Oil and r,ul>rii<nrit.i y«i, we wa«h mid grease cats toot ^Iftlom? We luivc new mnlnrs . Overhaul or r^JiulM (ficrri , L Tires nut! Tubes . Oh, Yes, \Ve palnl Curs Too! Kepalr untl Itvilnlsh nil bnilles C'hurcc Bntlrrlcs T. I SEAY MOTOR CO. Phone 2122 DON EDWARDS "The 'I'ypcwrllcr Man" L, SMITH. CORONA and KKMINOTON I'OHTAllLK 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 3302 (Every Transaction MUST DE SATISFACTORY) PLANTERS HARDWARE OFFERS ,- F. H. A. TERMS ON *UNT /rf/M5: No Money Down . Cool-Alrc Attic Fans Smi-IVr-Hii Automatic Oil Water Hcatcr.i Norcc Elerlrlc Hot Wnter Ilratcrs filierwln Williams riuun S he fr Idd Field Fenclnr Gould's Water rumps ' Modern Witler Bott«W* Gulbcrson Kitchen Sinks 36 MONTHS TO PAY ASK US ABOUT PAKMKR'S TKRMS WITH ANNUAL PAYMENTS PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126 Weal Main St. CftN DO TrWT tftSV ' U<5TtN. CLftRR .. TVt SRNK. YOU TO PP.V u WT * 1.5O ft BY MERRTIL BLOSSRF SVLVESTEt , to UKC YOU TO TAKE THIS NOTE 16 MISS WEEKS IM THE 6IRL5'6YM / CREEPERS. Ylw ... THIS IS TO Sf-.C «ci TNE PERIOD j,v A <5VM THAT DESB/ J SUIT, HAS GYM i / WITHOUT .._—'•/THOSE Lc*J' V ) SKIRTS / r "^E %r .v y a UP, COOK, OLD MAW-—ITS TIME YOU LEARNED THE HORRIBLE TRUTH '

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