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April 12, 1852

Daily Free Democrat from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Monday, April 12, 1852
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NUMBER 167. - DAILY FREE BY S. M. BOOTH. MILWAUKEE - , MONDAY ;rmcE two cents. VOLUME TWO. , jXf A TI! LABORER IS WORTHY OP HIS HIRE." rmmm . xTwvnhxnnw whit, ij - tuM cab: ii. MUS. DAVID JOHNSTON. .tuniatuiu: iMiitriiAiT iainti:ii, Northwest oornur of Muln und Wlcnuln streets. (Mix yeurs n annual exhibitor in t tio lloynl Acinic - Instruction glv - AUSTIN V DUNN, ACto iioj'h ami ;iniiiNiillnrM nt Law, Ami NOTARIES 1'UIILIC, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. J Dart) Dunn. nptl 11. A. Austin. in:itin:ttT iti:i:i, FAMILY ailOOF.ll AND PIWYISWX DEAJ.Etl. Also dealer In Nulla, Glass, Sash, Cutlery, &c. Nn'JU. - . Kaat Wnter.it opposite Olty Hotel. Docrou j. i. v.ui. viis, PHYSICIAN AND SUlMEON. Mllwaukeest., between Wisconsin ami Mammals. Mllwuuk.ee Wisconsin. n - 7 - Olllce over Miner & Farles', corner Wisconsin mill Muln street UNCI! A i.vndi:, ATTORNIES AND COUNSELLORS AT LAW, Wisconsin street, one door west of the Post Olllce. septan Oil CARD. Illl. DOtlOIsAN, Iloiltiuotmthlo l'lD'Nlclliu. Olllou, corner of Wisconsin unit Main street, ovor Mlourund Farles' Dentist Itaoina Ur I), lias iilwoyaon liunil Medicines, In tlic various dilutions, anil Cases for physlcluns and lumllles nil ui:oitoi: And Commissioner or llcuda fur the Matosnf Mulne. Vermuiil, Coiinetftle.it. I 'eons v Ivan In, Ohio, lnilliinu uin! Illinois. rrWIII make collections In Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. E70lnoiiln Dlckcruiuu's lllook,Ktist Waterstrcet, MtivAUKCi, .... Wisconsin. ItyMonojr Invested for tiny Inngth or tlme.nt u rtite oflnts - rst n'otltfn limn 111 to - 0 per cunt purunnoni, nit even at n blither rulo. Itr.rrsit.i - f Wrljht, II W Clarke, .Chicago ; .lolm Wilkinson. Sir, llniwn. t'ic.'l Merchants" I iisiirnncu Onta.isniv, Hiiirulo ; W II SU lilinoro. Augustine Katun, Nuvr Vork city ; Day.Oivcu Co., Harvey Hvvnioiir, lUrtford. Coon; Anon A Lawrence, A A Merrill1 ! ! ix ton.'MnsH. sept 111 dlyl .IOIIN oui:;ouy, Civil Engineer, Survevcr. und liuilcrant Agent. Of tlce one door cast ot the 1'ost ((Mice, Wtsoonsln st. II. S IIKOWN, Rrntrn??' tlic cltlxcna oI'MIl raukeoaud vicinity, lor their generous p at :n - ii:.c 'or in, - the past t lire. - years, m on III I n form t lietn t lint is his own, he has re veil Ills iAa;i:ititiAN itisnnt mitl unuiiiin.lluii .lllilinM Mil - l''t, 'O'irillTlli H l - Ciill. ,n iiml O.liurnV store inert - Willi n an r. iVHSl r N,, ll.il the. lurg. city, he tylll "H'er a'r. a '.acoments than Ills lirauch ol' Inisi - '.r.mis Vl.lthltf t i - uses. I mil tr.is,i;tiemiariis,iioiii ..ih.u.i.m .u., - , r,irn.ail with Iitslruoliuiiiliid Uutlltscotiipli EDWARD D. HOLTON, NO 111 und If) SI'ltINd ST. ( nppnslti'Amcrlann llntol,) WLnnnlaolHi'nv of Siilwutun, AND DMA I.l'.lt IN !RY (B:D:DH3)39 (BE'DCIBIBHIBS, And PRODUCE. TRACY & BROWN, Ifiimrconutlilc Physician iiml Surgeons, Olllcc I'lnonU llolhlliii;., corner Kust Wutcriiud MlahlMun stiuols. T7 - Tlioy koopoonstautly on I. mid II.nnoepMhlc Me.tlelneor ol) k Indsorthe rfitpplyot riiysltflnn Ai.r.XANniiu niAituuis, lloomover tin Post Ulllcc llutrunce llrst doorenrt noVJI AUSTIN & DUNN, ATTOrtNOYS AND OOUNSELLtlHS AT LAW, AVtl SIITAIIIKS PUItt.lC. AitCAUK iwn.nixn, mu.waukkf.. ir.? .. complete nh'truct of nil Deeds. Mort u'nu'us i other Ilueliu itret eoiilHeoeeln its nccorncy roomy, mm Ph..,. w'ltl'also ntlend lo iill hollo. ' eonnrftr.il villi Losnln? .llonitf. tuirclin.e nud ale nt Ileal Ivlltltc reioovlnj li.tf 'tinhr.vnoes, ncrluctlnj; titles, etc. Milwaukee May 3.1, 16ul dfV nlt.tiir dairy 11 ICKIU) Hash Paul Inr Rnss ! Rims ! 1 Aft TONS OT HAGS WAN t'i:t,lorw!ile1ivll) JLVV DC paid llto II Jit Host prlceln (tiMi.nt III lilJ'H IIIMIKSTORK, feMO.tlo IWIKast Water st It llto! r lot nrtllin t.r TtlSTrocrivedliv IWpn - s, Willow Wiuuons. torsul. aie cheap at 001 K's lfctlouery, I'JS kast Water. true NEW STYLE CAPS ! t A NKW and tieaiitll'iil sl leofCun. - l A rushlou - cHii ho loo.nl at SII.IIMAN'S, 16 J. W. STII.I.rtlAN sV CO. No. 183, United Stntes lllo'ok, Kast Watrritreet, moltialrnn'l lUtail D'tiltrt in Clochs.Lnoklm - filnsscso; Lnoklns - CItuss Plnlcs. nrlMlt ,111,1 lltllr, I'niin.i.. AmotiK I heir stock may!.. - lutiud every stylo of lht daj mul thirty hour Clocks) also OHlec ninl larae assortment of Pour it a it nod Ptt'TvnK Milwaukee, April 15,1851 ' nin.vanriN .i:xtuaoiiinauv i ALAHUK ASHOltl'.MKM' of (luiitlumeii's l'lntli end Ventilated WUiS.on linml, to he sold at prloasj to ult the times.. Alio all kinds of at all hours janUi Intcllitccuctt Orilce, ;ANDi GENERAL AGENCY FOR , 01erks,ldrtorit;iIntiac Ma I torts and !or. ..... ,..i.i .rum oi ri .' ' . . . . ..... - b - TU'tl KAST WATKIl STIIKKT. ?.7?"lin.ml"9,,TinU"11 '"at,ls, nre requested t calland levr Ihulr salihuss. i'orsons ovaiitliicsltu. wlllc.llndieBl..er.tliclr.i.nH,aUll,,KU0 T..i1ol!eVc"0(1aua rBU, collected. . nayaa - dly' . .. - . . . .0 A, Gil Ml. ii! 'lata Act i'Krf,',' rrpm , he He volution to the ..oWleSSho livl U"1,1,y J 1"1," olD6erat.d olberolalmiottthe Uorernmcnt at ! WniblSSjoi"?' . .... UtSUItllK K H. UAV. ' ' Not.o, 1880 Ulekerinan'tTlliock NE VV ARRANGEMENTS'! 1S51. AT THE RED WAREHOUSE, MII.WAOKKK, WISUDXSIN. BROWN &, X.ARIUW, I'ltoiiuci:, .vroicAc - i:, iouwahdini; AND C03IMJSSI0N MERCHANTS, 'PlIKtlliilerslciMil inn In.. lend lot,, n nnomrin,... 1 ship, under the llriti m; llrow n J. l.urhln," In Hie n. ur WnlKcr'. l'nlnt llrltlei!." won their niiinciuiis irluids anil cusiumcis, t hut tltey tire l!" ! 1 1 to servo tie in promptly Hint tlcllllll Ut'tl IMir liawltit: ami Slilmilntr tvi.niir. Storing Wheat In; .Merchants and runners, on I lie bud. I. Mill Itoeoll llm nil. titnlle lor .Merchants n nil o try. is piiriiciilnrly In disposing of iroirrly entrusted to lis to liesottl it; Cotn.nl.. Ion., inreirnr't uill lie tooLlnln Hie l,e. rlcjliitlioitiiirket, und make quick and uccurutc W.M. IlltOW.V, rortnerlv of Albany CIIAIII.I'.S It. , A H KIN. .Milwaukee, July 17, 1MI lillfKiii - vri - st. Alexander .Mitchell, Kso, Milwaukee: o II Walt, Junius Knooliiuil ait'tllnrri - K Hoi da llunry J mnriix, I;.',,. :i. Mail Iron, ( It l neelanil, Hart!, in list Troy, Cook ft Ilron n. Ilorlcm in troii lairiipiiny, .unyvtuc, Dnnlul .lone ,1 (' Mnnrlia. Witturtou ii, N Ilurrnunli. ft (; ISol. 1851.. WILLIAMS t CO. Storngc.Forwnnlin? & Cniiimlssion Blcrclmiits MI I.WAUKr.K, WIS. (C7 Cusliadvunceiltin propertylnitoro (r7Atreiitsrorllii houts and - Vessel, on tlic FRUIT AND GROCERIES, .7. .7. M Y K R S Will keep eoiistiintly on tn.nil.tit !1H Kast Wuter Poultry, (iuiiic, Fresh Iluttrr, ami Eggs, niter, or ai.i. kiniis, - K'een nud dry. Alsou lull nssortinnut of VKCISTAHLES, OF ALL KINDS, the he.t lo lie lo.inil In the ninrkel ..luring I lie season I tin wiiicii win oe itiruisneu ut tne lowesteusli prlcu. BCiipHiirc 1 DSiBiitiirv ! RUPTURE CAN HE CURED! IH. YOHK wooh! respectfully nnnoilliceto those I ' ii uncle, i o tin till r I Li. I., tn a I lie hnr eMaljll - lie.1 n i in - e 1 1 ill .o no ai.eu, no i ne pn rpei - e o i t ne 1 1 Meat - n.iiiit In all the various itirtiis; and when his dlrec Dr. Y hasrecdlve.l his t'heor. from the Il.n'st nntlT hrated I'ltyslclaus lai - l.and having also hud iiiucl e,perlence 111 I he lo. .mess, lie I - sat Is lied that he cat fi vuunt I ru sat , fact Ion to a 1 1 w ho may see lit t oiut - rouiehliu. . . . IE?' llfC.nintall time, durlntr hiislncssliours, he street. a low dooissouth of the' (nrn'iHii''('ntiiollc Janl)dfcclnwly l'h slclnn'nn'd .SorKeon Twenty Thousand Dollars, Twciifv TlKiiisiinil Dollars worth of - floods A (IKNKHAI. A - soiu M i ;. I ol" (iOODS, say V f'om s - ln.oiMitn i'j.yiino worih, m allied, Inr which i asii uill ne piini (loon, 11 tlic slock eon ho porch as eil low hy a niiin oho whins a (jond stiiml to et liitohnsliiess. Comiiiuiiltfalloii.tfnnllilentliil. Knuulrenf tiKty K. II. DAY tDTho same parly wishes to tuy some real estate niso nuyfi 1851. 1851. tnill'.siibscrlhortnkes this melhod of Informing hi, L old en. miners end i he . . in i f Wl.em.sl n r,.,.P ally, that ho has on liutid the best and most com - Snddlus, Bridles, 11,'irncss, Trunks r... ever ollere.l lo me sltr. w itch will Peso whole. ale or retail, at the loud null o rices. Olvolilinn call, anil you will Hod nil nrtlfle'fln WILLIAM HAYWOOD, GUNS, ' PISTOLS, Anil the I JU'ltOYKD AIN TWIST ItIKJ.1"., No. ur,'i WhhI VatrStrout, nillwanltco N.ll. !8hot (Inns innile to alinnt close. ' ocllC) AVIKUONMN SH OEMAKE ICS UNION The Wl - consli. .Shoemaker's Union, would und Wisconsin In.fieuernl, that they have ItlaiitiractiirliiRnnil.SnlcoIvHiabllKiiiiiont, 'VtM'tl Eitft Water street, - " Milwaukee; where t hey o il i keep constoiitly onhahd ouih's.nnd Children' - ' . i .'. ' BOOTS and tsnfea SHOES lioUicrs.iuuI Ihcrcforc Interested !n . mnkliiK The v ry article, to give us it call.' .... .... "... 11,1 , K Mirrinueii in tf,!V0SBIIS:0CII07 10 THE' CATHOLIC PTTT.PTT" CbntalnltiR a Sermon for every Siinilny aiid Holiday In thayuor, nml forUood l"rldny. 1 Inst arrived at C. OTT'S BOOKSTORE. wlicresubscrliitloiis will In ceirkl."Thcwdrk will liiicompletcdlnfcml.inoiithly oomhera.'maklnir an 8vo. volume or nearly 800 pnjjw.at, the low price ol two dollar k. - i .. i. i. '? imne practical luupeoieioquencc.t his work 'nrS trnts awhlcnnd vnrled ground orcomparlsons bo; wccnthcrespecllvostyki or French, EnirlUu.Ger. lan nntl ItalianQratory.'ri " D7U:0TTIaalia Aitenl fortlio " Shtphtnlof'iht dUllpreis J nito New Hooks. Magazines, fcc, ntj ! lilHU B.lT Wltconsln t PEASE MATHER, Proctors. Tl,.Vli?.IJ,0ro;,,l,l,",!l,,l.Jrln"ueen ,VDf!'1 1'J - tlteiub urn Mi ! nn'T lttr,n,01 yean, has been entirely re conducted!,, such a man ne t than ,e most' 'fastidloul lidi.,11!.1,'",1',"! "'"Ilt! "" ''i'e market nlTordai an " I'l' 'tlenllveser'ants. clean room, and i, - ,i. i,i weliriin fhedlurder.lhe traveller mnv bcaureofa l.rn.'jity'asaildl? 1 hesubscrUiern rsisi by proper attention to their September 20. lhl iuirouu(,o. MILWAUKEE HOUSE. Oornor .train Nt. and WhmIiIiibIoii Avomic, A few door cast TJ. S. Hotel. RUSSELL WHEELER, Proprietor. CHAKLKS SKINNKIt, Mnnnger, Formerly of the Anicrlcnn, ol this city, and late of theMIIwutikeo iloufc. S!,1n,,,, ibovewcll known and Ioiir established haylnjjbeen rclltted enlaij. - eil ami tin proved throughout, and neutlyfurnli I - til ultimo olthe best stvle. ,,, ,,.,., liavinu hi en sum, lied. til make it ki lis t' ,'I.a.om lence. IIOTKI,,!! la the ilideriulnalli n ol the proprietors The IlllliTl.vi.rrli lire of M r. SI,' I V'l'llnmr,lt.nii.l. ihon'liV'bo0 ""'kC lloU'"!, '" rcl)(!Bli what it l'lentyolbarnnniNtableroom, 041(1 plciityofgood hay nml oat, always on liunil. K7"t)ur old customers a mil r lends, and thepubllc Kenernllyurelnvlkdtoslve truncal!. C7 - ('arrlaucs and tlojiiries always In readiness to v.....v; i.u.iMiiKeisiu nun irom ine nnais u nil curs. a. ii m,r.i.t.Hi roptieior. J. C. GRIDLEY & CO. STUI. AUKAD I A big jil Ic of Hoods for a smiill pile of Money! Large! Splendid ! Astonishing! AT'l'IIEIlt OLD"sT7l."NO, NUMBER X SPRING STREET, where supplies are to bu weekly through the season ! TTrrv Tliero - lsno use In trying to sell Orywoy - j gjayBS000'1'' ,'"'c' '' i' .Ci oclretv. (ilnsatvoreCfcy K!3t5R5fcc, cheaper than we ;au sell them it Vtflr this eilabilshtncnt comes irons the tact that it Is the lll - .ST l'LACK to buy Honest Goods ! Strong Goods ! the Looms of the lla I Hirers of every part ol the world Km ope, Asia, Africi, and America bought at n great sncrlllce, und oihrreil to tlic public ut nearly their own price. Untiring Industry and long experience enables us to offer the moat extraordinary temptation In every DRY GOODS, SILKS, SATINS, DRESS GOODS, LINENS. C'lssltnerca, llroadcloths. Sheetings, Shlrtlngs.Do nieslica, &c, . ;. bv the yard, bale, bundle, box, curl loatl, car load or boaHoiid.at prices lower than any house in the Unl; Family Groceries, umm hoi 1 11 11 Ii - . lectcd - hi 1 . rthun the cheapest and we Invito nil just to drive down and ace for them - selves, and partake ol harcalns N.ll. Our recent iirnval olfl'.AS are pronounced Hi he entirely uncpia I led as to sti ciigth, tluvur and Cltiiiil. :i:iss V Rtiiiliiiiiiinii,: Will be found not Infer Inr ns in ,,i,li,v ' - ,,.,. nrT.i speetlnu uf ourpatron; anil the public. Milwaukee, Oct IR. I80I " " "'"" ., NEW GOODS !: NEW GOODS AT GOFF'S. 08 KAST WATEH STUEET, ;' MILWA VKEE; IMllv subscriber has received his Fall Stock orGoods he times, nnieng which 11 ay e fount, In port, viz : TOYS AND FANCY ARTICLES. The largest and best ascorlmeut ever offered in this WOOD & WILLOW WARE. a inrgo assortment always on hand, or ... , . ' ''(,!l!l"ns. Cradle, liank - ft.1 nil kind, ol Wooden Ware: also Mutts of 'al 1 kinds. JAI'ANNTID TIN WAKE 1 . lino nssortmnils of .Inppnnetl Tin Ware, of nil. luds. suitable, for Tiimlliesjust. receiving from the FRUITS, Jfcc, n hind, Fresh KAlSIXr lU.NHS, Ii HACKS, CU'UON, Lemon 1'eul, nil OruiiciK.Mutaol' all lilinls. uLn Snlru. A lino nssortmeut of lllrd Cages of all iiatterns, also ,.H.iom,,u..i.TO, i.uiiiiinr vups.cnu always uu SiimlrloN, for Ilonokeciorisi . Flowering Kxtracts ornli: ltlnds,'Muslhrd (French let Soaps: sweet and bitter Almonds,' fiO.: '" .l.ickles and Sweetmeats., i .CONFECTIONARY. A'ln,snnd';n',li.l nrllnn'nl 'nrrTnnft.ltlnti of the he. I quality, always on hand nut equalled by tiOOD ASSOItTi:!) CANDl'l'.S '.nlwnvs:nSliiin,l nt one shilling per lb." ' . ' All of the above will hesold at wholcsalcor retail, cheap as the cheapest, for cash, being determined to make It nil object for'tieoplo to buy therefore we mean not to be undersold, Orders' from the country novo n;.J gotsi ' ittwrvt mnvi'vir ANY person having money they wish Invested', can hovo It loaned or Invested so as lo procura IVom 10 m ner ceiu iniercst, on.ironi una to a months 01 hold the securities, 1 . .. , UEOKU HAT. American Express Company. : TO AND FROr'. :' - ' ' V Ncw - York.nufrnlo, Cincinnati, St. Loua, IJSLa Ex.l:88 vwMllwankceerery Mon - , ,i L1V1NUST0N. KAUOO k CO.'ilBnflalo. , , . '..' : n.n. C. llUUKELL, Agents aprl!23 ly. QfllceU S lllock, Huron st. MUwaul Fors the Holidays. . i t CHOIOK 8 ELECTION of J100K8,; for old : an d Yoimgj among .which are . the iollowlng AA'NU - Krlendshln's nflVrlnir. nraelnth ' ft TI ' " 'ThellememberJIe, The Gem.''"' van, uio loungr.migrant, .uowen Uirtr 4 , ''r - ' ' a""", Young Emigrant, The Itobefts Family, Ijidlca Caskets, : The Now Hoholar, ,IK'i rartlnffrn ;;Gln,formy,fi,olio,ir, tThe Morton Family," ' Countryj and othors too numerous to mentloa. - . :,Cr:fe."l,d 0,lcal 9K chvttP iokstore, - BpriDg street;0 Joonwestol the American House, hv - s. T J i T I itIISC'LI.I.ANi:ot'K. OLD THINGS ll.jE BECOME .VJEIIV " To keep up with theprogresa or the age, T1U3 " OLD COItNEK STOIIK" n,,".!,?'!.',9K,"'n',or a,,l'"'u,idBubtuiillal llltICK JILOCK, where our former customers and the public generally, will Unit us on hand a;ulu on the old stamping ground, with n FULL STOCK OF DRY GOODS, Groceries, Provisions, Scgnrs, HARDWARE, IRON, COAL, dumber, Water JT.imc, PEEKKKII.L VLOAV.N AND CASTINGS It la not necessary to cniimcruteiirllclea.but would say that wo have un ENTIRE NEW STOCK of the nbovc tionied (looiis ; and we will pay r art leu. and best assortment of FAMILY GROCERIES to bp round I hi i Wisconsin. And ns to prices, wo Will cl Just nsCIIKAi'AM HIK NKXT .MAN ! unit u ill ideavorto pre - ervo tin. good inline that i.lil JN & CO. hnve hilhertu obtained, hy dealln ably with all. LUDlNliTON & I.UUI.MI - Milwaukee, Sept 24. If M . U. IIUI1NIIAI1I, HI. D. . AIICADi; llUII.DlNO, No.171); Kust Wuter street, Milwaukee. irilNKIl A l'AHIEN, Practical Dentists, Olllcc 13 Wlaconsln street. 1IQ.V23 CABINET WAREHOUSE REJIOVAL JACOB FINK, has ltKMovi'.D ins 'CABINET WARE IIOOJIS, On Eaat Water strcot, liitoTrohtlss' Nco lUi ck.op - lie Hie City Hotel, such na . MAHOGANY BUREAUS, Which nt irinhr.nuil at prices beyond compi'lltli you want runiitui e l.'ill.A l' 101 cu,h,gle him II nov7 Conlraclor and Builder. i:mviN iMi,ni:u, itiaNtvr imiider, fa 1 1 - i n I es a prncth cal house joiner and cu rpenter. and huilillng.serected hy him In this city, u specimen He will furnish materials entire, orcontract inert the rlver,ndJolnlng Hawkins' pla. nlni KIR DY'S Accomiiiodnlion Mack. KIHItV may be round, with hi, I ho::.. .V..1I1, si,, 1. ... .,, tl ,' ; , .,. tre, In the day rune, and any orders Iv attended tr. Ilewlll convey pas - cngers to nml from the II oats ornniirouu,oi'carrypuriiesauout the city, lor very GOFF'S OYSTER SALOON. Oysters, Codec, Game, Pustry, Anil every delicacy the season nUorils. In a'style not to' be surpassed In this city, being dctcrinfucil to spare noe.erllon tn render entire atldiicllon toull who may n.vor rue with f he ir pa 1 1 on age. lit !.",i, ou"1 '"V "I5' 'llice thanks fortlio by continued ex 111 11 11 bled to ttll) met octal - 11. ,1 gotf! NO TICS. I ME great amount of Time and Money which are . being expended In the ; j JUDICIAL. R UIICIIN ATOIt IA I.. 1 re subjected. The question h,"'l!owcnti if" Wo nnawcrf Simply by jmrchasliig GROCERIES 3 Whotesalo orltetall,. . a place wliero prices have been greatly rcdticed! - 10I1 u tilucolstho ' ' Olil noiiii.VI:st coi - nor," IS Sprlntx at. v,'..'. 1852. .,.,,. . - 1 T) "PTTJT) WM.I. FUIINIHII THK MAG - cos, 10 iconics., I either of the live lending Jlugnaliies, ylx: Graham's, Goilcy's, aartaiu's, Harper's and International, for 6:10. , Jaii2l.d&o ! - . ;..' i. Seeurii Ilia Cnirn'. ., "KSf OET THE lIItU. - .I.i,t received some of for n henutlriit l,lrr!ri,.",.,V.'.i. .,,L"ul,,u' i - o.iuiui - uiniiicry.iuBj.. n aicrsl DAGUERREIAN - GALLERY, tFlrst olassplctures taken, and put ujinlalcal rmu i,ui.u i.uj - n k,i o.niwaya rorsalo. Hick ordcceasednersonstakcti nl thelrrcsldcrce Instrumonta.aiid stock or allklnds.at wholesale. :IYERY;,,"STABLE,!; ; LTcroneiauceUouso,at ;all hour's. at the Itallroad June 21 D HIED CORN, forbolllng, cuAN.and well prepar .edjust received at. ootlB U.llEEO'a PICKLES - 8000 I'icklcs or all slzct.ror sole hr d octl ,,,,;, .! H HEED... TTTHOLESAXE and retail, at ,' VV " JulyO ' " ' 'HERBERT HEED'S ' NET 80FP1.V or.Uayden'ffGold Pcns.lhe cnly ; 1 wortn writing with this day received: lana.,. ,,, : , .tfrCHAl'MAN. ,1 Will FAT TAXES in aV - Ward In the clly'. ln - Cwh or' Ward" Orders, on ' the most reasonable rma. - n :i - ;;,i - . . - , , , - S C; WEST; v ao jonpring at, StfLSBAISrAnn,wrUos''mBUf E - - D.HOLTON,(suceesiortoI.E Goodall,) , .ioana ioopring ec. .ainwauxee TtlE subscribers wllh pay .Taxes for owners.occn - pants and agoni cither In cash or orders. Please apply at their ofllec, No SiKneeland'a lllock, second - IltOThf,' Clover and Red Top nk'r?ud areen Maple Wood, delivered to - orternahyipart of itiist:i"i,i,ANr.mi.s. Jl'cvcr mi if IH v ! IIUIINT OUT, IH'T STII.I. ON HANI) SEAMAN & OST)OT.N, MANUFACTUltEltS g. OF axi HEAI.KItS IN Cabinet Ware W& Upholstery, Have removed their Goods iutoSlorc selling on (Jotniiils.hin.nnd re pil j ai ed to inauii - lacturu loonier, any thliiu h, 11,.. 1 CA1J1NET WARE AND FURNISHING a nil hone bvu lid. htiil 11 ii'ioi,,?, 'n.Iw.L'l i. I fair dealing, to rellleve their I. s.r,, and lair :, a'llr to retrhe their I0 - .1 - , and p, ,i, n. ,,"', . ly old he city and State. 'I lie public are United call, examine, and purchiife. n , SEAMAN It OSIIOUN, MllWnnltee, Dec 'JO, IM1 lIoiiKrogiafhic I'ltartu. - icv. TIIEONl.y ONE IN WlriCO.VMX I rill - . subscribers noiild I11I01 m in. slrhinsan.l Fnm - 1 llle - thlouglinut the .Slide, and the Wert erneial - ly.lhllt v have on hand, and liil.ml ), .... ,. cunsliilit mpply of ' ITOMfEOPA TUir. REMEDIES. Horn 1 In. tures and 1 - 1 I rlturutlui.s p, tbu in - ,, .thou. Our assortment nlsncontnliis u nill supply nM'el. et.,.v,,g,,rvfMllk.Vll.of all ,D, s. f.'nVi. Dlslll led Alcohol, Physicians' und l uridly Medicine C11 ses anil Chesls, ennlalidn limn ten to.lMv Heme dies, tin UBSLHliieiit ot .Medical Hooks, ftc, fco. Morethlin ordlnnn pains will be taken to iirnenr, the best nrtlcles that this counlry and Genuunyaf. Milwaukee, Dee 2",15:,1 4t.'iJa0j& ma mit m WORSE'S CHEAP CASH STORE ! No. S Sl'llING STIIriliT, COnXKll WKST II' I TUll ST., MILWAUKEE. IlKAI.KIt l.V FLOUR, PORK, FISH, SALT, n.n..it, n;,N, catiCJiS, AND GltOCEItlES AM) 1'liOVISIONS OF A 1,1. KINDS. AMI OK Till: lll'ST ,,i:a1 1 I V WtCnuh jmhtfarallkhult of Country Produce. & BIIGlLVTONV'Bfc JOHN nit. - i:vi:N, Has been appointed solo Agent In Milwaukee, for TAPSCOTT & CO'S GENERAL EMIGIUTION. And l OHIIIf.N lIXCHAMli:. ITI. would Inlorin tho - e u ho de - lre to send f.n Hu ll that he wll remit money to bilnK Hum tn M"l,coii. sin, through the - above oell known line, without the delays und tronbks with w hich emigrants generally 1. iiiuuuotu niiu is too uull known to reqn le mints. 1 rllnu - lllt,r.,i,,ln, M.eiMiiuevi. ,, Hol.und FI.UIU UEl'UT.Noll Michigan stretd', op. us such uru oil. . such are often reoiihed by cuilginiite. Milwaukee ,Dec '.o, 1 bi, 1 T;ITV laiKlBarspr'tf' !N EXCHASliK Mil JIM' IIIHIIlSnr liliOCEIIIER: Janl ' Corner East Water Mild Wlscotishi sla THE THUE POLICY HAS JIIiLW l'UHSUIil) AT JEWETT'S sw OTH CLOTHING Jli . , .. . EMPOIUUM. His Elegant Stock of Goods ! COMBINED WITH 1. 0 W PRICES ! l'or whlaii ho Is so justly celebrated, ns well m tin STVLE AMI) UWAI.ITV ' offered nt thla establishment, continues In aplleofthe V.S. , It Isiinnccemirv for him to enumerate arth ClntliliiK or TallorliiKltiil.lUIinieiit, IsolM - aystobefoiiml. ' ft,M3HN von tjivtitui;. .Mllwuukeo C fVfruary Tertuj 1BX2. 'William While,!) Louisa While. ) ON reading anil filing the bill In the above en cause, and it nppcarlm; tbeierroui i th,..ul thin 0! the Cmiri, llial the del, mlnui i. a rum tltnt of this Htatc.lt Is, on motion ol d H I'niuc k Hons, Solicitors lor rmnplal t, hMeby uideied, that the aald Louisa White appear, plead, answer or l"'JirMn''1 c""l,l"ln""1'" complulut, on v..'",1 ,'" IJifthur ordered, that a copy - of this order he published In Hi,. Dcnioerai ," n puja - r puli. nry r.tlu I'M. ' il W. TKNNHV, lr - ""'u" uoini uuniiiilishi . - iT.nnov riui mvoiici:. Hi ATK OF UIMJC - NMN,! Clici.lt (.'011 1 1 Milwaukee County, n. 1 Chancery. John lllvls, V 1 . ,. .. ......, ' I VN rending ami filing the IdlMti the shove entitled tliili or the Court, tiioi the dcrciulunt I. a 1,011 rcs. dgntorilil.Hluie - lt Is. on niotionorJas.il fnlue & Sons, solicitors for coinphilnaui, hereby ordered, that the said Mnrlah Itlvl a nnear, plead, answer ordc - I couiplutiit,0'i.the llihed, in Milwaukee .city. In said county, for six "" ' j. 1, , Ji.ir..i , sjouri tnm r. mii - ow . .. . 1 Mllwuiii.ee county, IVis SKIV IIONi:V! : 100 LJ,,',1ictombiJu,l,cc.c,itfyt PREPARED COCOA, Ground Co Dee, ftc, by . septJ , . . HEItltEItT REEI ItlHN N'rAltCII. Heeker'a l"nrlnn VFIour.Extrscte Lemon, Vnnllla ondvOrniiBis lemons, Peaches, and allsortsot good things. at - 'mavl - - "" " ' "1 ' II 'REED'S' ' miC.IIII SaW - ltlill Poi Kiils.." Situated in.the town of - Port Ulodi'Wmhinnlon m.t';V,V,a., 23 nil"'rtbfrom.MiluauL:ce. T als - Md In fl"" rli'""r' bul" r thebest niaterl. perftetrunnlng order.; J lie engine !Sor.tweiiiy.rour ".Powei;! and Is capable running additional 2'VJ2ln,,rr rttl,,e,en,.,i? the ml" !"ry nearly ?JTI. isounJ. indifferent varieties otftlmber. l. Jik,?iH ,,lokor'." i'le,hs,. wood, kc, which can bo got In any ijuanUt), affair prices.1 - MAN, Editor oftiia .'"oewi.'.AppllcalJoiia made to Zi EAST - ailororthe Western Citizen. Chicago, HI. ,. December 36, 1861 MtaiJLAa st - acci.Kl.UAA. A FARM; or 130 acres, lOjcrrs cleared, good framed house. nlnn mllM rnm tllltrsuliee will ,h Hold chean.'or exchanged lorcllrprorwrty.'' vJanlTdoiri '.it .nrii:tl IllWEtt A SCHLEY;.!. f tVAUKKSHA NOTICE). Danghtcrs of Tcinnerancc. i'Alil.M GMON No. n - M.Vt.01. Tuesday N..N"V Hull. M - nuki - lm, W bonsol lenincrancc. nrAUKIstillA DIVISION.,,. liJ. - l(r.i,armret. liJl!512'jJiilt.v.io eid,,ig , f unci, , Wankcsha Lodge Free Masons. Modd iowa'liarli!n' lve,,,"R u' "Cl'wetk.attha vai:hi:mia advi:utini:. - tii:ntj. GREAT BARGAINST T,iVi..V,,'?fvlT, I"1V"K i ,t'1 or ciiaulgs - 1 l iVA.,.l,N:l'l;n""r"wk "tt""'.d havin added to the stock n 111 n on,; ,eal" u.ble Hwortiueiit ' .nAne't''ni!.1 10 '" ' thl'W oil the most lk 'uiia'll seii'fnrCASII ON l.V I hut atsuch a lateaa I .. V kt'i ,U.,l.,.1','cl """')' one to ptuchuse - liiftct, 1 will l ut 1.1 thui, MIlMBiaei prices, lliere la men! 5r tock " la":c Ul"1 ,vt" "lort - Staple Dry. Goods, Groceries, JIAIIDll AlIi:, CHOfJKEUY, Runt awl Swes, antt Yankee Notion; llesldlS oth. fnMlel,. ... . ' of which will tie ,ohl a. ,o, e. Thu entile Voek'i'r MUFFS, RD IRONS, LACES, EDGINGS .ml fancy Article generally, I jiue ttCoat. lhU81oc'k"ir'e.fKrfiX .Wankeaha.jnn I3.1W3 V" holmes k ca Uoujn, Sign. Carriage & Ornamental Palntfn. Woml, Stmir, ,Vr. nu."Vm0iin DR. S. M. DAVIS. l'rofesflonnlrnll, fullhfally attem: J.Vnuke,ha, Dec IJ, It - Ci DR. WM.'lL FAliNTin IhMJi; ll( Psrco fiiii WAUKESHA, WIS. ' ETMlHIcoiitthu uil.ee of the Free Democrat; ' . DR. L. C. SLYeT" Contimia the nraclice or hit r; - jro"ih - Br; . L'""c" - G. V. RABCOCl HEA1.EU IN STJPLE J)RY GOODS Itcmly Jlmlii Cloflilnp, Boots and Show. 11A18, CAI'8, lo. Number I, Dakln's lllock, Waukesha. Pecembi - i - 0, 18ai C. AT.KYATni?i Keep, constantly on hand and foreal,, all kind. 0f A.li7.,c,SSrC Tr.unks Saddles, &c: .1, ,,r,..; .. '.. V - "vriii, in ins iiiiodouaontho Wow Areanjrcmnnf - " THE undersigned having purchased HiHrntifi - t rest of the la,o llrm of II K A Ss Cl.l NTOJ, B ml continue the hualliesa at tb. M fibiiii, uiiiiertiie name and style or ... ItlltCIIAIID, M:VTON A: TnTri'v They would Invito the Ii lend, of the iVlS.Vd nil others ho are trie. oily to the i n ,S "I'llr, lieu, a call being de.ermli'ied .0 conduc h'r bu.l! !n,o'm.y fl'iRT' W.nke.ha.l,ecl.M : 11 C. KOIIINSON Mantilacttuerand Dealer In HAHXGSSES, IIIIIIIM!S, SADULL'S, TRUCKS. &C Wnuke.lia. D. - cOlHol. - DI. . - DUSLAP, May be round at the houeo of Mra. Chealer irie ids h hen nut jH - rsoun y engaged. Wniikesha. Dec. H. Wp ' v",,"" A. COOIv. AND NOTAUV PI1IIUC. " Oinc'eniipoilie Ihj.t o : J. SI. IIUHLIJIJItT. ' PAINTER AND GLAZIER, Opposho Heiigy's Ibcchaiiev; Wuukcalia. Waukesha, Deo fi, IWil; , . .... II. N. DAVIS, ' ' . Wholesale and Retail Dealrr'ln DRUGS, MEDICINES, ,.. I'AINXS, OIUSDVJJ.VIHITN, . JBooki, Slnllonnry, I'iiiirr.Iniifni. . &e. i i,u,i" ' ',"J"t' Irvcl. - . s - lisaa oflhCGol.. .1. V.',HT!,,' - ,;t,l1v,l,,,F'' rV" u rlcl1 "liimlnaird p""in. li.llon'plnie. It Is made up chiefly of cm. Mb.. Mora Annuali Tl , 1 . 1 rlor ,u no"0 of l,M the book . " " """" P"" itieauuscriberia Agent lor the Slate of .Wisconsin.1 Waukesha, Dec 18,'l8fili" .UK. DAVIS.. PRAIRIEVILLE HOUSE. iiy 1: o. jonv., , . waukesiia; ; . ; , Wisconsin., ' 'ffl!;i,.W'!;,?l.l''.,r111 ' "'mo.tpiM.amir - ' ,51' ... .pl "uu,e WBUki - aha. 'h . - dr. e; b. west; . . . in - PHYSICIAN, AND SURGEON, I ;: WAaJKlSillAi.Wla. ... ..;, - ,.., OIDcu and Residence Division Street, near, the .. , t.'alhollc Church. December 0, 1861., , . S: .W.;CHANJ)LEU,: - ;s: j - rra ,:, Has returned to Waukesha, and optncl a . :, ' nnnr and srrnrz sunn next door to the FREE DEMOCRAT OFFICE.! Vltri' of the big lloot, where he will bo l.apjivio aervecus. - oonfldrnt that he eati jglva general satisfaction to IVaukesha.Dac; 0,1861 E.V.iiuRtBijRT: : J Attorney antl Counsellor, at Law,i ?0M0WpCvWAlJKB8UA COlNTr, M'lS. v i": . CIIASEi. HO WELL, , . Jill kofTJEXUE Waukesha, Deo 8, 1861