The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1947
Page 14
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FOURTEEN f er Curb Concerns Senate Souritcnt Members Mop Strategy to Meet Threat From GOP WASHINGTON (UP)—The seii- alu ip&> /ind 'itself wiohed in a filibuster against enjling Jilibuste'S one of these da^s Ppur bills have been introduced . to lirfiit senate debate by a smip'e majority vote li-e bills-were sponsored by Sens •Wayne Morse, R , Ore , Glen Taylor, D., Idaho; Levcrclt Salston- stall,. R, • Mass, and Williatr> Knowlanci, R, Cil And chances 8SpeaT good thai the nc\ GOP- bossed rules committee will send sonic! form of nntl-filioyster leg (station .to (he senate, floor. If the fili'oiister to preserve the fllinufter_conies l it promises to t." a lulu 'Southern senators jay Uiej - are rcndv to talk 'at length—at very great'length" againsj any ef- forrt 'to end "the sacred right" of unlimited debate ' vThc'- soucnemers will miss the leather lungs of Sen. 'rhcodore G. "Tlie.Mau" Biloo, D., Miss., if he falls to retuin, tout they have several gixid talkers in rcsen'e. TheJ-e is Sen Allen ST. Ellender, D, La, \\Jio threatened to talk lor 40 days in Bilbo's belmlf before the Mississippian decided to leave for an operation sen. John H. .Overtoil, D., La.,- hulls from the same /state a<; the late "Kint'ffs.'i" Hucy Long and has excellent stay' ing pjwer. though his voice is none too p9vterful Sen, James O Eastland, I)., Miss,-is mother strong and longwinded orator from the southland. Others caii .be expected to joirj their camp if a showdown 'battle develops. ; •Northerners Confident Morse told a reporter .that if such a filibuster develops, "We'll teat 'em the waj we beat Bilbo— agree-to hold the senate in session 24 hours a day until they give up.' He said ;t would be impossible for tha southerners to hold up under such tactics "Th'e country is -sold on majority -rule and won't look kindly on •stoppage of the legislative wheels for such a purpose," he said 1 . The anti-filibuster proprosals provide Xor a change in the senate • rules to permit cutting off any debate by majoiity vote. .• Present rules; permit "ensure" on a two- thirds vote, but tins is so hard to get that debate has feecn limited onlj foiu time? in the Past 20 jcars Effect of an anti-filibuster rule would be to ooen the way to passage of anil-poll tax, r,ntilyn:h- ing and fair employment practice legislation, previously blocked Ly southern Democrat!; lalkfesls. Tnu late Huej Long .generally is credited with the sennlc record' for ILrTHEVJLLE (ARK) COUBOB* HKWB Phantom Fugitive Caught Looking more cliecrful after a menl and a bath, Wnllor Glrn niniLsi'in, 23-year-old ex-convict who has led. of fleers a merry chase for tnrce days through nil of Northeast Texas, po.sos with Sheriff Dick Wail 01 Faniiln Gouty. Ransom is being kept Wait's jail in llorihnin, Texris. INEA Tclephoto.) Sentenced for Aiding Japs EHAN'GK'Al, FiCl .','0. <UP)~Ur Wo. ICuI-Slicng, former Chinese minister to Switzerland, today was scr.Leirjcd to n yr.irs In \>rls<j n '.m (ul]n:a:nlkm wUh the Japanese. Me served «s vi:c minister cf foreign rffaii'i lu the jniupci Nanking goveimr.C'iit. " - "Isn't that correct, madam?" h u Inquired. : "No," replied Mrs. Tliomas N. Copprcige as she movett-to the microphone anci Identified herself as state director of the project. The address; took on the appearance o; a debate, podojnl funds pay only 10 ])er cent of the program's cost, she said. The remaining 90 per cent is contributed by state county, municipality anl \ C ! U } } ^ such as Uolary. On the defensive now, Lewis said soothingly. "I understand your ma- teinallstlc defiance. I hav-c clilUlrcn or my own. Hut you mentioned the notary Club. My contention IB that there Is exactly where the program .should )jo conducted Ijy Ihe Rotary Club." L'ndauntetl, Mrs. Coppcdgc returned to the fray, pnly la he in- leiTiijilcfl by Lp'ivU as he grabbed the microphone: "Kr . .". nil'.' .'. perhaps later. We will have n private debate," Commentator's Question Turns His Talk Into a Debate MEMPHIS, Tenn., cb. 20.—(UP) —Radio Commentator Fulton LvwlB, Jr., today wns painfully a*™rc "that t doesn't 'pay to intersperse lec- urcs with' questions — especially when there's a determined woman n the audience. Lewis was In the midst of a critical analysis of the federal hot schpol lunch program in on address to the local executives dub. "So you know about hot school unches?" he asked. "Yes, all about it," rose n Icm- ine voice jnthe audience, Lewis faltered, stammered, then one-man filibustering — he talked continuously for 15 hours and 35 minutes in 1035 agninst passage of the National Industrial Recovery Act. But actually, the late Sen. Robert M. IjlFolette. Sr., once held cut for 18 hoxirs and' 23 minutes: That was in 1906, when he opposed passage of the Aldrlch-Vreciimo: currency bill. TRY MMIUTTAN FINER Vacuum Packed COf FEE Can Ih SOc AMERICAN LADY CANNED FOODS found at PICKARD'S Phon* 2043 Chlckasawh. Radio Clinic 430 W. Ash St. Phone 855 or 2291 WE PICK UP^and DELIVER W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/enco* Hotel Bldg. Phon« i Portrait of today's Farmer ^ : , ..What he needs is 6 hired hands OR a FA KM ALL tractor ,rirv -n f >0 " have a FARM ALL tractor. You will do well to take care of il until farm machinery beg.ns to flow in larger cjuantilics from the biff McCormick-Dcering factory. We hope that 1947 will pnnc to be the end of o,,r "waiting lists" for all vour * Paint Job Accessories • Repair Work • Steam Cleaning DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. went on to say that tile program as orlfilnnlly conceived, ainied at uslnff .surplus coniinodHlCi; to pio- vide. hot lunches for school children during the depression. But now, he nddcd, there arc no surplus commodities and the ' federal- financed lunch project Is nothim; more than n government subsidy. How To Relieve Bronchitis Oreomulsion relieves promptly be^ cause H goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and old nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, Inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle ol Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the -way it quickly nllays tlie,cough or you are 1 to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Couehs, Chest Colds, Bronchi Us • * »• Steel, Oil Barrel Racks Sice T. L. MABRY MISSOUItl ST. VII. 3(i.y CHAMBUN SALES CO, STUDEBAKER Sales — Service We Ruy and Sell GOOD USED CARS BUI Chamblin — t.ex ChamhUn Railrood & Ash Phnnc 21P5 ror o Taxi O. K. CAB FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Y!la Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwv. Rl il Stnle Line f'hnn* Blytheville 314 Be Sure! INSURE With Th* FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY I (IS [Morth Si-roml DIAL 2311 For Complet* . Protection CM AS. (ilTTNKlt Sudden Pain Or Stiffness What Is H? ... It mt,y Indicate n Rheumatic Condition—Mountain . Valley Ivtmefnl Water from America's Sp;\—has helped at Hot Springs. 'Ark., and nt HOME. We deliver direct to sou. Order your supply t-j:lay. Free booklet on request. Call ur Write for llnuUlct CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP M;itn and Division mjtticvillc, Ark. SWIFT'S Loose Cottonseed Hulls 100 Lb. Sacks Cottonseed Hulls 41 % Cottonseed Mea I '43% Soybean Meal We Welcome Your Business One Sack or Truck Load Oil Mill So Highway 61 Blytheville, Ark. 3 Mississippi County Men Enlist in Army Enlistment of two Blytlicvi aiic! another from Kciscr in llv; lu^U. A'llHt'ry for ».liree-ycnr pcr- latis v.-iis iinnouiicrd today hy Stall S?i8t. Oillc H. Grislmin of Uie •Army KcDruiUnx ofli:c iiere. 'lilt unlislccs art Hubert O. Cmltli. ton oJ- Mrs. Afina Lu .-.;i!lt!i or Blytheville; Nelson Belts, <:•,,;'. <:f Mrs. EUA P. Bolts of ii.yllicvlllc: and f.. B. Clack, son o] Ultm Cli-'.k of Kolser. THURSDAY, KBI3JJUA3jy-20, !!>;7 Rend Courier News Want Ads. Jlien, Women Over <$€• Don't Be Weak, Old Anoxemla is the flyers' ailment | lliat, brings quick death due to lack of oxygen,' HEAL ESTATE FOR SALE To. prospective buycra we liavo a select Ht.t of bou»es—kaiuai—*pt«. — LuEi- nesses—acreage and fajois lu and »rouu<l Blytlievllle. We lielji (lumen ial«s. I'hono UUfll. J. J. FUJd. Bonded Bcal Estate Broker. everything in "INSURANCE" UNITED INSURANCE *. AGENCf Over Guard Jewelry State .A.F.'DftTRICy, Mgr. Finest Selection of . QUALITY SOFA BEDS ' • . ' ' *'."••-., Awaits Your Choice ..'•'. ALVIN HARDY FURNITURE 113 East Main ; Phone 2302 Flowers-- For Every Occasion Telephone 49J and your order-will be on it's way In record time. Our'Floral Arrangements'tell a .complete story. FLOWER SHOP F.T.D. 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Usa Cur Easy Pay'ment Pisn. BtHJ WiLSOH " " FELIX A. CARNEY City Radio Repair Radios*and Appliance! 320 E. Main St. Phorte 2407 ['none 2( S fi> T Frunblrri «nrl V1 a ; r , Si Levels and Lines Surveying DRAG LINE FARM DITCHES Wrn. R, Overton — county surveyor Serving This Area 40 Years I'dtme RveninKN '— .Itoal {Jnusit. !!i,r l.Hiii. Writ*.?! Roi 81. Roseland, Ark. A'AtiH I'HHH^ A Date With Clcn BY t.ESl.lh SES. AND HE'S CUeiOIJS TO SEE TH!= . fAMIW SWf SHEEP. WE WM RUM U? ci S tfL, V 1HE 1NLET T0 THE OUD P^'TIFES- _EASV W1E>- , HOME! WELLSES, CLEO, WHEN I MENTIONED IT TO EftSY.THWEE } HM\I H5 HASKl'T PISTW»T COUSINS, W\0. ftUD HE /MISSED WUCH! THB.T SEEM LEONARD SINCE VBOM H^S RUN THRU THES WEKE KffiS< ^-^\ NEA6W HIS FATHER LEFT HH* Not Even in Jest AFV6XED n ED-HEAP .RlDlri K HAS 1£LLO\0 ,".U ^KS,LIK£ ,^VJE i. LEGS OF 5^SHCO\:A I - . A BLACK uoss, jusn HF.IO DJCHESS .'\ 1 JUST DROPPED IM AND REP 6£ISS' KrfOCK TDUK BoBBLt- BLOCK. OFF-' UP THE fJMROCK ST40S-' »=.c ? ;°ff : -wo LEFT HIS HOUSE ECKOrt R£O'5 1M' LOCO NEED Wrfrl What! No Icchox? l-CT'S SEE...POTA5SIUM \ GO SEE THE CHIEF 1 ICE? IN JO NE? k^V'd'ctVr A'! P ' 1 CHl -ORIDE,CHALK,PICRIC, ) ABOUT THIS ITEM... , ^r^rciinV; \SULPHURic....UMiw.!VES, / IT'S IMPORTANT 1 •s^C^RllA E ^T!JffiS BUT - STS:™* ^W NAME OF A COW? WHAT'S HE WANT OF MV LIFE! ( OKEf

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