The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, December 11, 1951
Page 3
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER II, 1951 1951't Looney Larceny— _BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Don't Call Your Bargain a 'Steal;' Thieves May Heed Your Appeal . By M. G. P,»TTrvr2iv»v ' B/ M. G. _ ^.^ [NEA Correspondent) There Is absolutely no accounting Tor taste. Particularly the taste ot thieves who, apparently, will sw ipe • nything that Isn't nailed down. During 1951, some non-selective crooks stole the following assorted Items for the year's looney larceny record: ' A bridge, some cannon balls a granite monument, a dozen yo-yos a hearse, 11 manhole, covers 1700 pairs of false teeth, and a honeymoon couple's train tickets. Taking them one by one, the bridge was a 50-foot span in Mo- dDiia, n a i y . Four nlen dismantled it one dark night. They were caueht and sentenced to eight months In Jail—and they have to rebuild the bridge. The cannon balls, 10 of them weighing a grand total of half a ton, were rolled away In Warsaw N Y. In Little Palls, N. Y., thieves filched a one-ton granite monument. Dozen Yo-l'os The dozen yo-yos vanished from a Denver, Colo., drug store. The hearse was stolen In Baltimore Md., by a man who said he wanted to see how the thing rode before I died.; He cracked It up and got three years in jail. An Illinois {hief had a sudden yen for manhole covers and satisfied It by lifting n ol them ln the middle of the night. In Toledo, someone stole 4700 pairs of false teeth from a dental labora- tory. youth, who admitted the theft of a movie projector, said he took It "to show religious films at church revival meetings." The Police Station In Haj'H'ard, Calif., a man broke into the police station, He said he thought "it was closed for the night." The strangest clue of 1951 was the end ot a nose. A burglar in Farge, Germany, smashed a glass window to get Into a store and the tip of his- nose was cut off Police carefully preserved it in alcohol W.hen a man without a 'nose tip was found, the police matched the pickled one to him. No alibi could save him. A Columbia, S. a., man was arrested for forging a check The purchase he was making at the time was a check writing machine. A moral can be found in two thefts In 1951—never encourage a crook. A Spokane, Wash, cor deal'••>• ,„. U10UK - a *>P°Kane, Wash,, cor deal- In Winnipeg, Manitoba, a bride- or advertised a car as a "steil " groom suddenly realized his pocket Jt was - And the Easy-Get-It cro- had been picked. Gone were his ccr >'. in Port Worth, Tex turned honeymoon train tickets and se. °ut 'o be just that for some un- The culprit turned out to be the knoivu looney larcciiists best man. He made restitution and sentence was suspended. Some crooks this year had big ideas. An energetic scoundrel in St. laws had enough muscle to swipe. 3>,i tons of lead bars. A Houston, Tex., robber was charged with stealing 3000 bricks. In Chicago, thieves made off with 5000 diapers. And in Sydney, Australia, one man's haul included 313 undershirts, 141 shirts, in pairs of panties, 78 swimming trunks and 30 sweaters. Gold Leaf Stolen In Concord, Mass,,' some ambitious robber filched the gold leaf* from a church. He replaced it with gilt paint, Of the same stripe wns a man in Haccombe, England, who took $1500 worth of lead plating from a church roof and carefully put back gray rubberoid. Alibis, in 1951, were fanciful. A IVench auto thief stole a car. It turned out he had stolen 28 others. He told police he "just wanted to leam how to drive." Another car thief from Massachusetts offered the excuse that he was tired of waiting for the bus." A Vienna robber said his crime was caused by a blood transfusion. Ho figured he must have been given the blood of a thief. A Waco, Tex., Artist Honored At Cedar Rapids CEDAR RAPIDS. la. CAP)—The memory of the late Grant Wood, one of Iota's most widely known artists, has been honored heretjA ne>v, modern school building recently was dedicated as "Grant Wood School 1 '. Wood once taught art In Cedar Haplds. Seven Grant Wood drawings, made for the endpapers of the book, "Farm on the Hill", Were presented to the new school by Mrs. Nan Wood Graham, the artist's sister. Mrs. Graham posed for some of his paintings including the well- known "American Gothic" and "Portrait of Nan". Wood died in 1942, Homing Pigeon Goes Wrong in Flight SYDNEY, Australia (AP) _ A homing pigeon, released at Oodna- dntta, Central Australia, for a 640- mile race to its loft at Adelaide, arriving In South Africa. Instead of joining his 500 companions in a straight dash home, the bird went off in the wrong di- ection. Two days later It was 150 miles off the West Australian coast in the Great Australian Bight. Then the bird sighted a speck on the horizon and flew towards the British freighter. Diomert, bound for South Africa. The pigeon from Adelaide plopped on the deck if the Diomed, exhausted after its 1000-mile flight. Diomed seamen took the pigeon on to South Africa. Army to Price Tag Ail Its Equipment NEW YORK, Dec. 11 (ff) — To make officers and GI's cost-conscious, the Army is puting price tags on its equipment. .VThe price tags, says Pecretary of the Army Frank Pace, are a "dramatic way of getting across to the soldier not only how important his Job is, but how important it is that he use his equipment wisely and well." As for officers. Pace adds, they also find it worthwhile to become economy-minded because it may mean a promotion. Still Packing 'Em In ,. SAIGON, Indochina (AP)—The film "Gone With the Wind", even though it's ancient now as American movies go, still is drawing crowds at cinemas in Saigon. A single seat costs $3.50. Read Courier News Classified Ads. PROGRAM SCHEDULE KOSE 869 On Four Dial Wednesday, Dec. 12,1951 MORNING 7:00—Sign On . 1:00—Southern Gospel Singers 7:15 —Yawnin In the Mornin 3:09—News 8:15—South American Way 8:30—KOSE Kapers 9:05—Woman's Viewpoint 9:30—Meet the Menjous 8:45—Personality Time 10:00—News 10:05— Concert Master 10:30—Meet the Band 11:00—News H:05—Farm Frolics 11:45—Star Time AFTERNOON 1J.-00—Newi 12:15—Noon Serenade 1:00—Behind the World News 1:05—Matinee Melodies 3:00— News S:05-HiUbl11y Roundup 3:00—News 3:05—Heptime 3:30—Murray's Madhouse 4:00—Blytheville News <:05—Murr»y'» Madhouse 4:15—Letters to Santa 4:30—Sportsman 4:45—Sign Off by Felix Carney Would you believe it? After all.this time and all this progress in the Industry .. . there are still folks who don't believe in Television. Why that's like not believing in automobiles or electric lights. Because no matter how you slice it, TV is here to stay ... a permanent fixture in our way of life. Maybe there are a lot of things you don't like about television. But you can't deny it. It deserves a place in your home ESPECIALLY if "you have children. If you're prejudiced against a large number of the shows, just remember that a child's choice of television entertainment can be controlled and supervised to include educational and instructive as well as entertaining programs. There are television shows to suit all tastes and needs. And children as well as adults will benefit in untold ways when you break down and get the TV set they've all been clamoring for. Don't put it off. And don't put off looking at some of the handsome new cabinet designs G. E. is putting out ... designed to enhance your Jiving room furnishings as well as to give yon that easy-on-the-eye black daylight picture. See them this week at BLYTHEVILLE SALES CO., 138 E. Main St. Phone 3616. MO NOSE \e GOOD MEWS' OSCEOLA NEWS Bridge Club Meets Mrs. Spent si- Driver entertained the Four Table Club with a dessert bridge Thursday afternoon. Four guests met wilh the club. Mrs. Driver's home was filled with Christmas decorations. The mantel held white potted plants with large Christmas balls and the dining table was centered with glossy nuignollg leaves shot with glitter and interspersed with large Christmas balls. In the game. Mrs. S, L. Glaclish won club high and Mrs. Bettyc Kelt Slarr. guest high. Mrs. J. L. Ward took low score and Mrs Horace Moore, bridgo. Christmas Jfccling Set The Chrisimas meeting of (he Osceola Progressive Club will be held. Tuesday and will be a noon buffet dinner. T. W. Hunt will have charge of Ihe music. The Girls Ensemble composed of Osceola High School students wilt furnish the music This will be the ensemble's first appearance since Its organization. Christmas carols will be sunn i, y the club members and Mrs. T. T. Mardis of Harrisburg. state president of the Federated Clubs, and Mrs. I, T. Hill of Forrest City, til trict president will have charge of the program. Special guests for the meeting will IK officers from the Woman's Club of Blytheville. Gifts for Kennedy Veterans Hospital, Memphis, will be brought to this meeting. Personals Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Wlldy ol Eio- wah attended the Christmas parade Tuesday night and were d'in- ner guests of Mr. and Mrs E B Caya. The Cayas -were wekend guests in Memphis last week. Mr. and Mrs, Fred Smith left Monday for Amarillo, Tex., where thev will make their home. Mrs. Willie Dunlap of Ridgley, Tenn., spent several days this week with her mother, Mrs. Tal Tongate who has been ill. Mrs. Chester Danehower Is spending this week in Memphis. Miss Blanche Cleere is ill. Bride Is Honored The former Miss Betty Nellc Bobbins, who was married yesterday, wns complimented with a kitchen shower Thursday night by Miss Billle Gaines Maim and Miss June Rhodes at the home of Miss Mann. Miss R»bbins chose a grey starched shantung frock with black accessories in which to receive the guests. The hostesses pinned pink carnations at her shoulder. An ice course was served followed by an evening of playing canasta. Mrs. Ed Stoffle won first prize. Mrs. Garner Robblns, second and Mrs. Anne Richardson, low. A profusion of pink carnations and greenery was used throughout the entertaining rooms. For the dining table centerpiece a crystal bowl wns filled with carnations with accents of tulle ami flanked with pink tapers burning in crystal holders. Miss Rhodes presented the bride- elect with a silver creamer and sugar. Garden C'Jub Presents Trees Tiie Osceola Progressive Garden Club presented the awards to the Osceola schools that were won at the close of the summer term. The awards were three specimen pecan trees. For Ihe elementary school, the fourth grade, won a tree, the sixth grade won at Junior high school and the freshman class won at the high school. Mrs. Lee Wesson, president of the club attended the planting 'ceremony. The students In the grades assisted with the planting. Mw^ing Date Changed The Christmas meeting of the Osceola Garden Club" will be Wed- neday afternoon at 2:30 instead of the originally planned Tuesday meeting. The hostess , v m be Mrs John White, Mrs. J. B. Strickllng. Mrs Harry Matlock and Mrs. H. M Pemiergrass. , There will be a Christmas tree th for the club's "adopted" family and members will bring gifts. • The program will be? opened by the group singing of Christmas •ols, and the roll class will be swered by "what Christmas means to me." Mrs. p. o. Gwyn will have charge if the program and she has chosen •Ufakc Your Chrisimas Merry" as ler theme. Mrs. Mears Hoslesi Mrs. Searcy Mc.irs entertained le Town and Country Canasta Club with a chicken chow mein luncheon Thursday at her home Guests were Mrs. rt. H. Rlley Mrs. Bob Gllle.spie, Mrs. Jack Uzzelle, Mrs. Milton Pope, Mrs Jasper Thorn as on and Mrs. Koy Cox. For the centerpiece a silver bowl filled with yellow roses and yellow "indies was used. A miniature Christinas tree centered a Christmas scene tonpiriK the buffet. Mrs. Uzzelle won high score and :rs. Frank 'Wilson Williams, sec- ^» -, ,v , '*#%!.+ £ AT PREIFUS __ ., V^ .v I A Staggering / WNEW tow PRICE **"/ IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS ,:*_*•' u've Seen 'Em Everywhere At $29.95 . . And Morel Expansion Band FREE! Pay Only SOc Weekly M> ItrrifiB . . . Wejr VnvHumit ond high. In the game. 1'KO Meets Mr-i. Frank Williams' home was the scene of a Christmas party Wednesday when she entertained Chapter "O" of PEO with a luncheon. The 15 members were seated at !he dining table which carried out the red and white Christmas colors. The centerpiece was a miniature PAGE THREB •——— __ sleigh and santa Olaus was /linked by red tapers. Throughout the house Chrlstniai scenes and red burning tapew gar* a holiday atmosphere. Following the luncheon, th» guest! were Invited into (he den where a large metallic tree w*j decorated In colorful ornament*. Gifts placed around It were later exchanged by the members. SAVE MOST-6UV 100 TABLET BOTTLE 49«| 36 Tablets 25« WORLD'S URGES! SELLER AT I0« StJoseph ASPIRIN PLOUGH INC. There's no gift like the gift of pillows like the dream-designed Playlex 8 no "REGULAR" HEIGHT "Ixfr.-H.mi," 8.95 . ••Ki», «„•• 11.95 4 ' 795 Choo*. «Ul«. Pink oc tlue t S*nfori«d cotton coven t rayon itrHn coven wilh lippen-blae, eream. lea row or gr«n: "Regular" Hcigbl, 9.93 ( "Exlra-Plump," 1O.95 H you've been using a Playtex- Suncrfoam* Pillow, you know how its resilient whipped foam lalex encourages restful, refreshing sleep. You know, too, lliat Playtex is, (lusl-free, germ-resistant, guaranteed! washable! This year, give Playlex Pillows, beautifully gift- packaged in gorgeous colors! These slcep-inviling Pillows come in three sizes: "Regular" Height,"Extra" Plump," and the new "King Size." And will, prices lower than ever for Christinas-) ,,,,'H be a wise Santa if you order now for Chrisimas delivery. ' tilt* DM lullfivt «• fiM aNv. HM PUTTIX KK.B SU1 WMHMITCE It imr isurana' •4 wiieilM Cine ii; ptoii; ir mil coupoi We'd lift-wrap «d uri ) Plajti; Pillom U HI tfdrm Ple sejerid me ,h e f o |! owing P | oylex Sljp( , r i oom pi|)owj: -KING-SIZE" In Extra-Fine Sanforized Corlon Cove/ing In Extra-Fin* Sonforiied Coffon Covering, Zipper ~— — ^ _____ Rayon Sailn Coveting, Concealed Zipper. Matching Cording Pmfc White Pink Whire Blue — . Blue Tco°Roi, Green — — . D D 7.95 D Qfi.95 a n «n 9 ' 95 n Pint Whilu Blue PirA While Blue Blue Crcom Tea Roie Green a Q 8.95 a Q9.95 a D 0,0.9S L.j D White only Pinl Whit. Blue Wk, rxit .^ — — — ^ _ a 11.95 o D 12.95 a Order In Pcrnl lull wring] a 0,0 O CHARGE O CHECK O C O. 0 O MONEY O Hubba Phone 4409 Furniture Son Blytheville Ark.

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