The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1947
Page 10
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TKN Rait Hikes in Area tractor Here for Tells of Rule odification? So,' chsnjes In" Federal icut llaflons, announced leccntlj in ,ton, will make it possible indcteiininate munbei of inolorcb represented by 5234 reg- strfilons in ihls "aie*'to petition rorgjncreased rents, according to k Cunningham, area rent <H- vctor V|ie of those changes announc- -d jte" Qeneial Philip B. Flemintt. adnrinistrator of (he' Office of renirhorary Controls, |s an amendment to Ihe Pedeinl lent regiila- :ions, the other Is a mole liberal Intetpretatioii of on old section of RhR.•"regulation," Mr Cunningham _ amendment- now permits 'anrjlords to compare their current operation with anv normal two- icsrj period before 01 t after their frege date" Bcfoie now, they had to. use n .tiro-year period-after 1MB an<n». before theli maximum rent date? 'That change gi\es landlords twoiUifhantages," Mr Cunningham sui6V"<lj They don't have to hunt jp Records for wa> back m 1943, '41, p? '42, and <2> if they weren't doing so well financially during thogg 3 ears—when housing was not so sljrcrt and some vacancies existed—they now maj compare cur- itnt-xrpeiation with later and bel- ter fears" Such a companion entitles landlords! to bring Iheii new rent up to iluvievel geneially being charged for similar housing on their, maximum lint date, Mr Cunningham sn'd r^ Cunningham declined' to ,say howx much he expected the two changes to Increase rents in tills area But some inci eases among his 5,000 registrations aie inevitable, he sa'd . Landlords who can qualify for increases undei the two changes may^btain petition forms for such increases at his office fierc in Bly- thcville, he concluded Strangles Bride of Four Months in automobile 1 pnvls employe, lokl Fl. Worm police ''I jilit decided to kill her, I didn't, want to d u It but It had just b;cn cnUiif; on inc." KreertiMi surrendered to police with Ihe si aU'iucnt., "I just killed niy wife." Mrs, Rinh Brccden, in, and ullly were ninrrivn 1 - Cctoljc; 1 mid v,'ti\> i :i b:il.y in July. (NEfl Telephotci.) STARTS COID MISERIES —IN JUST.t SECONDS) )ircpcri}rltf»i-lyi\c CGG*, for re::ctsry Ernest Bi'Yin \vns re- '.3:tcd toclr-y to have been bltierly :rili?lzeri r,t' yeslerdfiy's incetini; ol !he ^.iriiamonur.y inbor party lor ,L_i:iUi;i[! t!ip Palestine Issue to [he TJiiHeti N'mlons. 'Ihe discuspioi^ was attended by P.-ime Minister Clement. R. Attiee ami Colonial Secretary Arthur Crcc:h Jjnes. It lasted two and a h£>lf hours. Bjvln's critlt-s charged (!>at a new wnvo ol terrorism was to b.> cxrcttcrl In the interim bctovc the United Nations General As- •cir.x'ly nioctinp next SeiitembDr. Other critics said Beviti stiOnUl have made ic:oiinncndations to (lie UN initead of submitting Use cn,-,s without any suggestion for action. - , r.iil intacrEcB. Can- onEy J^ dhc.ittU. COID PREPARATIONS TABLETS OR LIQUID •Tra.k- ifitk !<«. Wealthy Widower Who is 73, to Wed' 18-Year Old Girl CHICAGO, Feb. 20—(UP)—Cornelius J. Boldl, 13, and La Venie Andersohn, 18, made wedding plans today. Despite tlic 55-year difference In Ilicir aees, lliey will be married Saturday nt gnglcwood Evangelical Cluircli. Boldt, a wealthy widower, has been couiiliig tile girl'ever since they mel in K cnfcterln a year ago. Miss Andcrsolin's fftlhcr, Her- innii, Is «n ordained minister but lias no pastorate and works as a streetcar conductor. | A wedding reception will be held Saturday night In the ' cafeteria wlierc tlie couple niet. • ; KiiMJUAllY 20, 10-17 i i attention j welders . § i i You can now purcliasy a J J complete acetylene weldintj • •outfit for §02. This is the! I Illf nuf 1 vt\ A v*t ruliiin. n! n ,. ' *- v ' )e 'Harris Calorifi.:.; j(hc oldest munufactui-er of" fc IHBE MARVELOUS MUFFINS WITH THIS NEW Made from only the heart of the wheat ... for only the heart has the uniformly superior qualities that help make home baking so successful, look for Ihe new blue and while Kroger label . . . the symbol of quality and value! fINEK AtL-PUKPOSE R AT ANY PRICE BLYTHEVlLLEj Machine Shop So. 2nd [>h. 2S28J BRING US YOUR POULTRY! XVc r.iy IViuliest I'rltes for all Hens, Ro«.i«er», Purks and r.r H;ive That Middleman's Profit. Our Trices Governri) by Market Value W T HAUIQ Highway fit North I UHOlO |» hone 3762 New Orleans Adopts Bombed Loeient •NEW CSLFAN3 >UP)—When a style t.hc'.v was held here for the benefit ol New Orlriui.'i-iidoptnd •, Lorictit, PJ'BMIP, the oven', romiiul- i cd the Rev. I-'.' M. dan that tlu; boir,b-flatt<>nr(! city once \vus ;i thriving jjpit i)].i:iiiecl ex:liisive!y' lor sc:i •trnriij between France Louisiana. LDilent. v:as adopted by Navvi C.-le:inlaiis : •', Oeti. Dvvlijiit > D ' Eiscnhottcr's request. Steps arc 1 a:inj .iakjii io cstubjlsh a renter' tor mct'ical cere, nursery srhool. 1 .iiiik-fecrfiiif profrairs. and facilities for clcthing ncctlv residents KEROSENE & FUEL CALL 2089 OIL 'The Old Reliable" G.O. POETZ Votr Scarce of licpendible ^crrl PETROLEUM PRODUCTS OtHcc KR nt Chrrrj "Just utlerly, .utterly bored, '" i J We Guarantee • ' j RECAPPING I ! with [ I . } ; Hawkinson Treads ! i ' ! Lot Your Next Tires Be J GENERALS' j J Cos! nlore — Worth More" m'deai" seems to be the attitude i Mnn5MPI7D Tint? r-n * of FaU, tiger in Chicago's Brook- \ "lUUJNlitR HRE CO. ; riione 2201 i : Held Zoo. as he presents to the world a mighty yawn. i ilG 11. Main 0 Great News f-Modern Seamless FRSDAY, FEB. 21, 1947 A 830,000.00 FARM SALE S30.000.00 Farm Sale, :.ll llic Tractors, I.ivcstot-k anil Equipment from ji 3,000 acre Dlanlallon. What a sale this will be, evcrj-lhm s ID Traclurs, 30 .Mules, 20 Cons, 30 imull cattle. Enough power and mule drawn equipment to operate a plantation of this size. : . The sale will be held at the J. I. Ward Plantation in New Madri-1 diiinly, Mo. Turn Soulh off Highway 60 at Ilunterville anil go 10 nitlcs due Soulh. If you arc on Highway 63 turn North at Kisco -unl ico North !1 miles. This plantation is on all wealhrr road hctwccn Illililervllln ami Kiscn. SALE STARTS 10:30 A. M; 10 . Tractors . 10 — HO . Mules . 30 — 20 . Cows . 20 ! .'SO - Small Cattle - 30 1—194(5 M Fannsill Tractor on rub- 1—John Deere Side Delivery Rake l>pr. Starter am! lights ' on rubber Lift Cultivator 3—John Deere Walking Listers 3—IHC Wnlking Listers 3—Avcry Walking Listers 1—IHC Mule Drnkn Stalk Cutter 1—Lei* Mill I—New IHC Corn Binder 1—2 Wheel Jinj). Moving 'lYaik' Gnng Disc for Walking Cult! vnlor Z—Rotnry Water Pumps 1—Power _ _. 1—1015 M Farmall Tractor on rub her. .Stnrtcr and Lights 1—Power Lift Cultivator 1—19-14 M Fnrmnll Trnctor on rubber. Starter and Ughts 1—Power Lift Cultivator 1—UMC H Fnrmnll Tractor on rub- b?.r. starter and Lights 1—Power Lift Cultivator , „ 1—1945 H l-'nrmnll Tractor on vib- 3—Lerio "Electric Water Pumps ber. Starter and LisjhUs 8—4 Wheel Cotton Trailers on 1 Power Lift Cultivator rubber 1—1944 H Farmall Tractor on rub- f—4 Wheel Wagons ber. Starter and Lights 1—Power Lift Cultivator 1—1943 H Formal! Tractor on rubber. Starter and Lights 1—Power Lift Cultivator 1—1942 M Farmall Tractor on rm>- bor. Starter and Lights 1—Power Lift Cultivator 1—1933 K-12 Farmall Tractor on steel 1—Power Lift Cultivator I—New 1046 Ford Tractor on rub- 2—Complete Blacksmith Shop Out J-John Deere Hay Bnier 1—IHC Bull Rake 1—John Deere 10' Hay Rake 1-IHC 12' Hay Rnkc I—John Deere 2 row Comb. Cottoi and Corn Planter 3—IHC 2 row Comb. Cotton ani Corn Planters 5—John Deere 1 row Comb. Cot*.LH AJIW A v»m jLt\k.iui uu ;uu- ton and Corn Planters ber. Starter and Lights. CuUiv.i- 4—IHC 1 row Cofnb. Cotton anrt tor and Plow Corn Planters S—Avcry I row Comb. Cotton and Corn Planters 3—Case 1 row Comb. Cotton and Corn Planters ^r J ,°«!i ?? C , r , e - Wnlw "B Cultivators 13—IHC Wnlking Cultivators 3-Avery Walking Cultivators ^ IHC Riding Cultivators l—IHC c shovel Slrthif Cultivator i-John Deere Section Harrows 3--1HC Section Harrows 8—Link Rolliiiff Harrow^ 2-Disc Riding Citltivniori: 1—2 row Tractor Cotton Chcopcr 1—1 row Mule Drawn Cotton Chopper Mowers on iONE UTENSIL IN EVERY PACKAGE! " ^:^^ F *^i^° i "' c ° rabinali " • • • «=*- A—i T'' L '= G^~, fVai / __^ 11 rI i/<-J 1—1943 IHC B Tractor on rubber. Starter and Lights. Cultivator and Planter I—IHC 1I-B Disc 20 Scallop Blade 1—IHC 9-A Disc 24 Scallop Blade I—Roan Disc 20 Scallop Blade 2—Athens Disc Bush and Bog 1— IHC Discs Bush and Bog 1—IHC Disc for Tractor 1—New IHC Wheat Drill 1—IHC 3 bottom Plow 1—IHC 3 Pan Plow 1—John Deere 2 bottom Plow I—Oliver 2 bottom Plow 1—IHC 2 bottom Plow 50—Sets Harness 1—1946 Chevrolet Pick-up 2-IHC SUlk Cutters 1—John Deere Stalk Cutter and 2—8 Blade Mule Drawn Discs Roller Attachment J—Cotton Poisoner for M nr H 2—Sets IHC Listers for Tractor Tractor ' 1—Martin Ditcher, may be used for 1—Now Woods Bros Corn. Pickr road grader 1-1946 Chevrolet Tractor with or I—New Tractor Dirt Scoop Fruehauf Trailer with «« i 1-IHC Sikc Delivery Rnkc Rack. btock • Many other articles such as: Shovels, Pitch Forks, Sweeps Plow Poinls Vises. Wrenches, Dshoriiers, Double Shovels, Laying oft Plows Corn Scoops. Post Hole Digger.-,, Hoes, Axes. Kaiser Blades, anrt manv other MimM articles. < J. P. SITTNER, Owner Auctioneers: Col. K. A. McCord, Col. Jot McCord, Col. Lenile Beck Pr.r Cuithcr Information addrtM: J. P. {Jew) gtttnor, Owner, Risco, Mo' or TlUman W. Anderson, Mfr., Cape Glrardcau Mo Pay Phone 1527 — Night Phone 2598 ;..-g'^ Jean Allen's MINCEMEAT MUFFINS I c/i/'f lijttil Kro^ir Flour \ ' j leaf pewit dotiblt ti.'ti'jn } { tt.rtfiovit soil.t I (up milk , it'll/ bialin . 3 ratltiptoiij skerliiiiaf,. . '?.;,' cup liiilk Mi Ml Hit at . incasiiml dry inflrcJicim to«cihcr .ineo howl.-In'mother bowl, combine [i-n r.cfi. milk .iii.l incited shortening.- I'our liquid ingredients inio'.dry ingre- nis Stir quickly and just cnonfjli to wet mosi of Hour. Quickly siir in mincemeat, ag c.irJd mn 10 ovcrmi.v. Fill huttcieil muffin pjns cvvo-rhirds nill/Bilccin oven (-IVF-) 20 to 25 minutes. Yield: 12 to 15 medium-sized muffins. for AHY'ieelpB or lood infciiuUon, write: Jem Allen, 12)2 Stale Jtw., CWnwti 4, pMo GOLD MEDAL 5 LI). - I lai; 10 Lb. Ji,-) K S.'ic PILLSBURY'S BEST 5 U). lins -!5c 10 Lb. Hag 87c PANCAKE FLOUR Every Egg Guaranteed U. S. Dated and Inspected • ix. Kge. Cvt. Do-/, Luc. Crt. I)oz. . ''ftfcd.' Crt.' Vim 50c 53c 55c . Aunt Jemima 20 Oz. I'kjf. Country Club. 20 Ox. I'iig. 2 inr 16 C 25 Fresh White Twisted 20 oz. Loaves 25c BUCKWHEAT S|)aru Stamp No. 53 now valid. Aunl Jemima 20 On. Pip-. MILK CRACKERS Country Club Evap. 'i Tall Cans 37 Kroger's Hot-Dated SPOTLIGHT COFFEE One Pound *}L*i ^ Ib $4 A*> Ba * JUf j flag 1.03 I Popular Brands Jl Carton 10 Pkgs. 1.92 SPAGHETTI CATSUP STOKER'S iHHH ROAST STEAKS BEEF 0 PANICS AGE CHEESE POPOLONE CHEESE iTiNG OASIP HSH FILLETS 0 FILLETS "AA" or "A" Grade Pound "A" Grade I'ounc! (•round Kresh Daily Pound Prime Cut "AA" or "A" Grade Pound "A" Grade Pound Ready to Eat Pound By (he Piece Pound Streak O 1 Lean Pound Fresh Pound Pure Seasoned Pound 45 35 5! 39 35 25 Pound Pound . Pound . Pound . Pound . Pound . 48 C 55 15 C 15 C 35 C 22 Country Club 1 Lb.' Hox Kroger Hrand 1 Lb. Hox Franc'o American la :i-4 Oz. Hox Country Club I-I Os. BoUle Cranberry Sauce No. .300 Can Van Camp's lied, No. Kidney Beans Country Club, No. 2 Sweet Peas Del Slaiz, 12-ov:. Can Niblets Slokcly's, N'o. 2',i Can Sauer Kraut Ooldcn Strand, No. 2;^j Tuna Fish Home Style Harvest 24-oz. Jar Pickles Mnlt's, 38-oz. Can Apple Juice Kroner's, -I6-07. Can Blended Juice I.ibhy's, 46-oz. Can Tomato Juice 23 15 17c 19c 16c 16c 27c 2 p#- oc 20c 30c GRAPEFRUIT YAMS Texas Seed/ess Washed Porto ft/can Fancy Golden TOMATOES U. S. No. 7 Washed U. S. No. 7 Yellow Globe Red Ripe Tender and Green Sweet California Go/den Delicious 10 Lbs. •3 Lbs. Bch. 70 Lb. Mesh Bag Pound Lb. Bch. 8Oz. Cello. Bag 5* 5* 25* lOc 2 man Good Job Your Kroger store manager is a merchant—in charge of a big. modern, well-stocked store for which lie has full responsibility. A salaried man, he earns from 52,500 to more than S5.000 a year. A member of fraternal and business organizations, he lakes an active part in community affairs.. A good man in a good job, you can rely upon him .It all times. •t ^

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