Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 23, 1895 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 23, 1895
Page 4
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_ iii_i»»»«»^^ — — John Gray's CORNER THIS WEEK ON WHITE GOODS Toweling and Lace Curtains,beftu ttfol, Dimity and Nansook for the eomlog season. Best value in Towels •ver ottered, and Lace Curtains at unheard of prices. The patterns are entirely new, and quality cannot be beaten. PS. Also a handsome assortment ot striked and 'lotted Swissee for enrtains and sash doors. State National Bank, Indiana. CAPITAL $200,000 j, K. JOUS.HON, Pnxa. 8. w. ULUW , v ICK n«s H. T, UBITIIHINK, CASIIIKH. — UlltKCTOHS.— J jr.Jobm.on S. W.Ullory. J. T. Elliott, W. M. Elliott, W. U. Snider. Buy and sell Government Bond*. Loan money on persona! security anJ collaterals. Is«u« npeoial oer- tifloatfiH of deposit beurius? 8 per oeni when left. om< year; 2 p*r cent pe> annum when deported » month*. Boxes in Safetv Deooait Vaults o' thin bunk for the deposit of deeds. other pnlioief, mortpapref at from ft pur HOYT'S Sure Cure lor Piles. LlHKKTV CK.Tmil.0., Feb. Ifi. 1«W. .unrm,«n Hoyt'a Sore Cur* to i U who suite from thin aimortnR as tuv« not since returned. I ^ For Sale by Bon Flaher. Lake Erie & Western, Putul'nlonSUtlon, Tbroni?li tickets fold to pomu In the United dtotetttuaCiimitiu, SOUTH- Arrive. Depart, ~ RSSffiristK-.il'-" >Jf JS So. 25 TOU<00 «x cress. 3....» .. ., _ _ S ' 2a p m No. 29 Kvonlns Express 3...- 8:10 P m Ho 151 Local Kreln&itt .......... 4 -* > P m NOKTH.I Arrive. D«pnrt. ...^. No. 150 Accwnimoito 111 ? 11 -t- • ' - w " D Dull)-, a. Diillyxcppt Sondtiy, im iiorllioIPe'U Sundays. and Sun- *ttK> DJ lIoiiiHi-. Tuesdw, Thursday and 'Sntur- THe Ideal Wheel. TllKu I(i\\v tinpplioss w ctilltlren ami wire A !>U:jvle makes lit* one cltid song. Call lUid see The Eagle, Spaldtng, Koysil nod Wiciton bicycle, The li-htcst in] weight a"d running, tlifre':. nolliing boats them. BURGMAN CYCLE CO. 1 H«,U,i«artersor the BlcyelP Mwaeiwr Service, .lit MARKET.-!. PMONKSO. K opV Secretary. Lock Drawer J>. DAILY JOURNAL Publbned every day In the week (except Monday/ by the LOflAHBPOBT JOOBNAL CO. fjHOORFOBATIU. W.S. WRIGHT JL. HABI>T C. W. GBAVES 8. B B05TKB PRZSIEINT, Viol PM8iu*NT ftlOBKTAKT. price per Annum Price per Month 86.00 . BO THK OFFICIAL PAPM or THB Cirt. [Kntered M second-claw n»n«r at the Log»n»port f Oil Office, February 8, 1888-1 THERK are at least two presidents of life Insurance companies ID New York cltv who receive a larger salary than the President of the Uolttd States, and several mon in the employ of railroads receive fully as much. A. New York exchange gives the following interest- Ing information concerning salaries received by prominent people: • The highest, salaried .employe In the Untied States is supposed to be the president of the Equitable Life Assur. ance Society, Henry B. Hyde. He receives annually 1100,000. John A. McCall get* *"5 000 to be president of the New York Life. Samuel Spencer receives $50.000 a year for telling Pierpont Morgan what he knows about railroads. Mr. Cleveland receives $50,000 and a house and lol for being President. Dr. Depew's salary, as president of the New York Central railroad is believed tobe|50,«00. Cornelius VanderblU's cook receives $16, 000 a year. The sheriff of New York used to make $100 000 and o»er every year, but bis wings have been clipped 'tfarslni receives $50,000 a season for singing his mighty tenor in Madrid. Jean de Btzke received $5,000 for singing one BOng-tbe ' Salu* demure" from "Fwwt." Pattl's contract called for $5. 000 & night when she wae at the height of her fame, but she had to give $500 of it to her agent laral, the jockey, has made $30, 000 In a single season. President Felix Faure. of the French Republic receives $250,000 a year. Admiral GreerVpay Is $6 000. An Eigllsh general's pay is $27.50 a day, and the pay of an English admiral 1s $19.000 a year. Ambassador Bayard receives $17,500 a year. Sir Julian Pauncefote, BritUh Ambassador to this country, receives $30 000 per annum. Britain's Ambassador to Franco, the best p&ld dlplo matte personage In the world, recalves $50,000 a year." them in tw -. Wnsties at THE tramp does not appear to be such a bad eort of a fellow, notwithstanding the ttlort Of Mayor Denny, of Indianapolis, and others to have a whipping post established for the benefH of this much abused Individual. Only a few weeks ago it was recorded by the newspapers that a "hobo" had saved the lives on a train which would have been wrecked but for hie prompt'.action. An instance in which tramps proved of use in saving property ia told by a special from Union City, Indiana. Eight tramps who had,beeD>llowed to sleep in the fire department house over night, pulled the hose cart to the scene of danger and were making connections before anv of the regular deparment arrived on the ground. It is thought that the prompt work of the tramps saved Union City from a serious con flsgration. ^^^___ SECUETAKY GKESHAM is anxious to unload the odium that has been cast upon him by tbo weak and discredit* ble attempt of the Administration to meddle In the affairs of Hawaii and has selected Loraln A. Thursion, the Hawaiian minister ae ihe best.subject. ThTpeople, however, have long, since placed the responsibility on Grover and Grasham, and Thurston is only a side- issue. _ THE Madrid ne-vspnpers have incurred the enmity of the Spanish soldiers by critical remarks made to the effect that they would rather be ornamental at home than active in fighting the Cubans. As a result two newspaper offices were destroyed and a numbar of journalists have been challenged to fight duels by army officers. ^__-_— NOTWiTOSTASDixCr recent additions to our navy it is still weak in some ways BIS compared with many European powers. Besides fifty five battle' shipr Great Britian has 200 torpedo boats There are but three 8 wUt torpedo boat* in our navy ready for notion, and three more are being built. General Neal Dow. the author o tbo Maine law. wag ninety-one Jf"' Highest of an in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report 4B&OLUTELY PURE I OCR SAME IN PBIHT «emn ot m Personal Chirac** r Com- efefBluff JjOff%nfiporC0r0-an<f Their Friend*. ". ' In the city yesterday: W. D, Taylor of Peru H.Scott of Lafayette. . M. O. Maficb, of Goshen. Geo. Freshner of Lucerne. . J. N. Werlck of Star City. J. R Tyson, of Adamsboro. J. T. Ronnett of Monticello. S. J. Carroll, of Royal Center. cJbas. Van Voorat of Chalmers. Chas. J. Wornraeatof VlnoenDos. J. Don Farrell of the North Judson Jews. Dick Twolls was in Laf ay ettey ester day. Mlsi Bertha Wier is visiting at Toedo. J. P Maxwell hae gone to Piqua, Ohio, for a visit. • , S M. Tucker, a produce merchant of Detroit, Mich. Mra. John F. Coulson is vUitlng blends In Chicago. Morris Lewis, of Lafayette, was call- ng on friends yesterday.. Dr. Hallanan and wife are ln:Cin- olnnavl for a few days' visit. Mrs T. C. Annabal leaves today for ber home at Goodland, Ind. Elder Burch o! Kokoino, was here ast night, the guest of friends. Mrs. W. P. Wilson goes to Chicago today .to attend the grand opera. Mrs. Dean was called to Waverly yesterday by the illness of her son. Harry DeGroot, of Chicago, was a guest of his mother here yesterday. Lafayette Call: C. A. Clark, of ,oganeport. le in the city this afternoon. Mrs. Bertha Talley of Chicago; Is spending a week with Loganlppr* rlends. '.'-•''• 1 Mrs. J. H. Talbott of Indianapolis, s the guest of relatives and friends in the city. John Lutters, the cooper, has re« turned from St. Louis, where he has been for some time. Mrs. J. L. Ouster and son, of Cambridge City, are visiting Mrs. L. Gipe, on East Broadway. Miss Belle Jude, Eldorado, Ohio, Is here, and will spend the summer at the bomo of an aunt Mrs. F. M. Murphy. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. MoKaen, and Mra. T. A. Parker, are here from Terre H&ute Cor a visit with the fam_ ,]y of Charles E. McKeon. Goorge Hadley, N. P. Matthews, Alex, Bo.ier aud Cyrus Knouff arrived aome from W&bash college lust even. Log, to spend the spring vacation. Horace Newman, with the "Shore Acres" company is a brother of Stephen Newman who was at one time jmployed by the Pan Handle in/ this city. Their home IB at Anderuon. Peru Journal: Walter Eandla, In dianapolie, representative of the Cin cInnatlCommerolal-G»ze«e, was in the city at noon while on his return to the capital from his home in Logansport Peru Journal: Mrs. Ed Cunning ham, of LogansporV, Is a gnest of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Jerro Long.. . Ticket Agent Follen was in Logans port yesterday and sold two tickets to to Antwerp to George Schnieder. Mrs. Henry Reckart waslnLogansport today. Will Be Electrocuted April "Si 1 YORK, March 2i.— Dr. Robert Buchanan, the wife murderer, whose conviction was con firmed by the court of apoeals some time ag-o, was Fridaj- morning 1 re-sentenced. Recorder GofE fixed the week beg-innmg 1 Honday, April 22, as the date for the electrocu T tion. Indian Kills His Guard. L£.vn»-«-OBTn, Kan., March 22.— James Howard, a turnkey at the Kansas state prison, was fatally tomahawked by an Indian convict, who is serviag a" sentence for murder committed in the territory. Berne'n '•(Shore Acrei. Without any apparent exertion on ihe part of Mr. Minor'* talented play- era, Mr. Herne's sweet, simple itory o<, the east cosat of Maine, with ts soft heart Interest, with iti straight 'orward every dayness and New Bng. .and plainness, was placed before the eyes and minds of the theatre goers aat night in a way that appealed to all the human sympathies. The humor that at times flickered on' the lomely surface of the true picture, was of a grim and stiff 'way-down- east kind, The audience was not directly appealed to for its interest or approval by any line, action or detail of the play. Partly in that lay the wonderful naturalness of the masterpiece. "Shore Acres" Is not a play that one feels like talking over between acts with his neighbor; one must wait until afterwards; it is not a play that will draw ou* boisterous applause; it is not aimed over the bead of the cblld, nor ot the most worldly man; It is directed at the hiart, and tnere were eyidences last night that the seat of sympathies had been reached Incases without number. •Shore Acres" leaves in the human breast a sadi ess. and yet a sweet and pleasant sadness. One who sees It, would not that he had remained away, and yet there's a feeling that, as Martin said, "twan't right, somehow." If Mr. Herne and his company present •Shore Acres" more perfectly or with better effect than did Mr. Craig and the members of the cast last night, it must Indeed be a rare and delightful privilege to witness the presentation. Nathan'l Berry as presented by Chas. G. Craig was a homely, quaintly humorous sharaoter, with a wide smile and a brimming over love for chil dren; a nobleman among sordid work- Ing people; one who had eaoriaced his lore, his all for a younger brother; and who yet had a pathetic gentleness towards that brother; all this and more was he to the sympathetic audience. J-,mes Laokave was well. fined for Ihe part of Martin Berry and his selfishness in the character was atoned for by his surren- derat the last. Ed. J. Connelly's rendering of the eccentric part of Joel Gates, grass widower, was excellent. Miss Polly Poland King made a very pleasant impression, ' I say, an Impression," as Ann Berry, Martin's wife, and Miss Caroline Franklin was very good as Helen Berry. Martin's daughter. Little Daley Hardy and little Nellie Claire, and Master Harold Whlttemore were unusually , bright child players and not a minor part was taken in a way that would in the least jar upon the perfect harmony of the whole. The audience was one of the best that ever gathered at Doian'e. Mother* of UHng Every woman above 15 years of age should read the book "Advice to Mothers Concerning Disease of Women and Children." published by tne Zoa-Pbora Medicine Company. Send to the secretary of the company, H Colman, Kalamazoo, Mich., or ask your druggist fur a copy. Sold by B. F. Keeeling and Coulsoo & Co. Spring Suitings, Spring Overcoatings, Spring Trouserings; Novelties all in waiting for you to come and select them. If you are hard to please our goods and prices will win you. PIERCE, ±i*l«««>en l>roirne<J. BERLET, March 22.'—A terrific storm, has swept over Lake Kummerow, in Pomerania, during' which a number of fishing- boats were swamped and twenty-eight fishermen were drowned. WIU Go to Turkrj. BEBLIS, March 22-—Tne Kreuz Zei- tung- annonnces that Baron "Von Sauma- Jel^cb, German ambassador at Washington, is to succeed Prince Radolin, Geraaan ambassador to Turkey. Since the organization of 1793 it ia&> coined of; gold.;«,«ia.«o . ?* ~?-.: '^-.TiV'^n-^fcilMO«BiB.*9a.".£l<'l-.ii'i; '^ i-:' p .^•}v;-t THE TAILOR. S10 BROADWAY. See The Specialists For Chronic and Private Diseases and Deformities. Diseases of Women treated by the new electrical method that has 'Wo't fW th3"t£ir vapor treatment for all Chronic Long Troubles gets the remedies to the diseased spots and cures wfiem everything else fails. Call ard investigate anyway. It cost* you nothing for consultation. Drs. Christopher & Longenecker, AtlThe Medical and Surgicaljlnstitute. 417 Market $t, - - Logansport. Ind. ^[^-••^•^•••^^gj^g HAVE YOU CATARRH? How 10 Cure HheunitlHm. AHAGO, Coos Co., Orecon, Nov. 10,18 03. I wish to inform you of the great good Chamberlains Pain Balm has done my wife. She has been troubled with rheumatism ot the arms and bands for six months, and has tried many rt medies prescribed for that complaint, but found DO relief until she used this Pain Balm; one bottle of which has completely cured her. 1 take pleasure In recommending It for that trouble. Yours truly, C. A. Bullord, Fifty cent and $1 bottles for sale by B. F. Keodling, Druggist. Last evening at ihe Broadway Methodist ohuroh was held the quarterly conference of tkat church. Presiding Elder Buroh of Kokomo was present at the meeting, which was the last one of the business year. In the fall of 1893 a son of Mr. T. A.McFarland.a prominent merchant of Live Oak, Sutler Co., Cal.. was taker with a very heavy cold. The pains in his chest were so severe that he bad spasms and was tbreatenedjwlth pneu. monla. Hla father gave him several large doses of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy which broke up the cough and cured him. Mr. McFarland says whenever his children have croup he invariably gives them Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and It always cure- them. He cor,siders it the best cough remedy in the market. For 6*le by B. F. Keesllng, Druggist. Broken down Zoa Pbora. gJJoho Redkey Johnston Hotel. women renewed by is working at the alalne'S Winter Mosqultoe*. "Stopping- over night at a little JIaine hotel that stands on low ground near a marshy pond," said the coromer:ial traveler, "on a cold night with three feet of snow on a level out of doors, I thought I heard a mosquito's note. Of course it didn't seeta to me possible that mosquitoes should be humming- about in midwinter, but soon I felt an unmistakable bite, and saw several of the winded terrors Jiving between me and the lin-ht. 'Oh, they're mosquitoes sure enough,' said the hostess in answer to •my question. 'They come from the cellar. We have "em aU winter long-. It's the lights at ni-ht that bring 'em upstairs. They're kind o' sluggish at this season, and "don't bite as hard as they do in summer, but sometimes they're pooty vcxin' to folks not used to snm- meri'n' an' win:prin' with 'ori.' _A man may be as Harmless as a post and still not be pleasant to run against.—Young Men's Era. Fret PUU. Send your address to H, E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and get a free sample btx of Dr. King's New '.ife Pills. A trial will convince youof their merits. These pills are easy In action and are particularly effective in the cure of constipation and sick headache- For malaria and live? troub ea they have been proved invaluable. They are guar anteed to be perfectly free from every deleterious substance and to be purely vegetable. They do not weaken by their action, but by giving tone to stomach and bowele greatly invigorate in* system. Regular size 25 cents per box. ;.Spld by B. F. Keeslioff, Drug- i*:cMM:vi; : :v An Essny by Jsnpolcon Condemned. Before the close of this trip his fur- loufrh had expired, his regiment bad been put on a war footing, and orders had been issued for the return of every officer to his post before Christmas day. But in the execution of his fixed purpose the young- Corsican patriot was heedless of military obligations to France, and wilfully remained absent from duty. Once more the spell of n wild, free life was upon him: he-was enlisted for the campaign, though without position or money to ba ; ck him. The essay on -happiness which he had presented to the academy of Lyons had failed, as a matter of course, to win the prize, the judges pronouncing it "too badly arranged, too uneven, too disconnected, and too badly written to deserve attention." This decision waa a double blow, for it was announced about this time, at a moment- when fame <uid money would both have been most welcome. The legacy of the old archdeacon remained the on)y resource of the family for the lavish hospitality which was required of a Corsican candidate according- to immemorial, semi- barbarous tradition..—Prof. Sloane, in Century. What Zoa Phora won't do for WOMANKIND no medicine will. Then Bead This. Part of the Testimony oi One J>ay. January 15, 1895. Mr. Colman: — .IEAB Sin — I must have some more Petroleum Balm; I oan't get along without it. It is the best for catarrh of anything I have ever tried. I had a thumping in my head over a year. That was the first thing that stopped It. Since I began u«lng the Balm I have not felt it at all. BO I am recommending it highly. Addresa MKS. NORA. DAVIS, Box 20, Adams Mail. GARRETT, Ind., Jan. 15, 1895. Mr. Colman: — The sample of Petroleum Balm Emollient you sent me has done it great good. My throat Is better hi for six months before. I enclose <• for another box of each. MBS. UHAS. SiMMONa. CARTHAGE Ind , Jan. 15, 1895. Mr. Colman: — lease send me two dozen bottles of your Petroleum Balm. I think I shall bavo no trouble in selling It aa U hat done my husband more good In one week ihan all the medicine he hat used in years. MKS. CDAKLES WILKINSON. HA*DSO*S, Va., Jan. 15, 1895. Mr. Colman: — DEAR Sm— I received the Petroleum Balm all right. Enclosed pleaee find 80 cents for a box. It's the thing that does mj leg any good. months ago my leg broke out wlth burning ulcer, and our family doctor has tended it all the time, but It dally grew worse, with, no ease of life. Your medicine is all that- 1 can get that eases it. I think it will be sufficient to cure It. I shall try to be of all the use to you I can In selllog your medicine. Respectfully yours. L. JOTNEB. ' HARPER, Mo., Jan. 15, 1895. Colman Bros. & Co.: — DEAB Sins — My husband has been troubled with catarrh in the head for twelve years and has tried several remedies, but received no benefit from them. He bought a box of your Pe. troloum Balm some time ago and bai not used more than half of It and thinks he is well. I would very much like to take the agency and think I can heln mvself and you too, by doing so. Please let me hear from you »t once. Respectfully. MBS. W. D. McCLAix. We could fill this whole column with such testimonials all written In one day- During next week you can get a free sample of the remedies at the drug stores^of B. F. Eeesling or John Coulson. the M*m> April 58d. and 3Olh, On April 2a and 30ih, 1895, Vandalia line will sell excursion U. eta (o points in the South and Sou! east at QXZ FARE BOUND TUIP. - In addition to the above, round trip. tickets will be sold to points in Arkan. sae and Texas on April 2d, at rate of oce fare plus |2 Liberal Umiu «uJ etop over privi.ege* allowed. For foil particulars call on or »ddre»»_ way Vaodalia line ticket »«ent. or W. X? Brunner. A««lBtao» General Mo., v^ '

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