The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 10, 1951
Page 11
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The house had once been 3 parsonage. Dr. Appleby had had no time and his housekeeper little inclination to alter the severe aspect of straight hard-backed chairs, a golden oak knee-hole desk and three pews from a now-abandoned church. The constable was a thin' dyspeptic-looking man, so infrequently called upon to perform his duties that he doubled as postmaster and freight agent. To Elizabeth's surprise, he called on her first. ^Tncertain of what was expected Oft-er, she crossed to a chair beside the Grand Rapids desk and sat down. The constable cleared his throat. "Please tell us in detail what you did from the time you first met the deceased until his body was found " It didn't take long. But when the told about being in bed until Ollie awakened her, the coroner Mr. Wilkie, held up his hand "Have you any proof that you aclually were in bed during the time you say?" The question surprised her She felt her facial muscles tightening "I suppose Mrs. Steinhart could verify it if she were awake but I'm quite sure she was asleep then." "How T s that?" "A bathroom Joins our two rooms. In each of the doors is a long pier glass. When I go to bed I arrange the doors so that from my bed I can look into my mirror and see Mrs. Steinharfs bed. A dim light burns all night in her room." "Hmmm. Is there a night light in your room?" "No." "Then though she is visible to you at all times, you are not visible lo her?" Elizabeth frowned. The idea had never occurred to her. Her patient liacl an 'emergency bell within reach. She had never used it. "I suppose not—unless by r »_ flection." She went on with her testimony unhl he finally excused her • • • I.I. DEVANTER 3n d Lee Hildreth were next and she realized then that Mr. Wilkie was taking them alphabetically and there was no significance in the fact that she was the first witness. Bill described the finding of the body. He had been at the lumber camp all evening and could provide corroborating witnesses. Lee stumbled through his testimony, red-faced, and halting as though at war with himself. He mentioned the bridge game, going to bed to read, falling asleep until he was awakened by Ollie. It was obvious that he was not telling eveirlhing. Even Mr. Wilkie looked quizzically from one face to another but found no enlightenment Lucia strolled to the chair on four-inch heels, wearing gold car- rings, jangling bracelets and an ocelot jacket On Fifth Avenue she would have been at home; here she was incongruou* She was chalK-y-faced and wide- eyed. Elizabeth decided her nervousness was a pose until the girl began to speak. In spile of a tightening of the carmine gash that was ler mouth, Lucia's voice trembled Evidently it was beginning to penetrate even her self-centered little world that, according to the law she wai the last person to bave seen Courtney Benson alive Mr. Wilkie asked if anyone knew the purpose of. Benson's visit. If anyone had overheard a discussion between the deceased and any member of the household Elizabeth watched Bill' DeVan- ter's. He was watching her worriedly. She tried to smile Her hand crept up to indicate the still- fresh pine and hcjly corsage on her coat lapel. He nodded absently. He was deep in thought, concentrating on some detail of the testimony Ollie.stood up, took the witness chair. JJE described his moth-catching expedition in detail. Neither the constable nor the coroner seemed surprised. Eccentricities were always expected of the Stein- harts. Old Gustavo had begun the Stcinhart legend by building a monstrous granite mansion in the middle of the woods. The Stein- harts had provided juicy conversational morsels down the years. Normalcy among them would have been cause (or worry. Suddenly Ollie caused everyone to listen: "I saw Courtney was standing there alone. Then a man stepped out from the p*h to the house Court turned. He looked at his watch and spoke but I was too far off to hear what he said." Mr. Wilfcie was leaning on his desk, his eyes narrowed. "Could you identify this man Mr. Steinharl?" mdn< "Unfortunately no." "No? Why not?" "I stumbled over my bu ;iy lantern. It was out My glasses hit the metal bracket and broke " Anticlimax. Thpre was an ai- most unanimous sigh, a general easing back in chairs. Relief? Disappointment? "'What did you do then?" Tm almost blind without my glasses Hunting for more moths was futile. I returned to the house feehng my way. Fortunately I know the path like the palm of my hand." The testimony went on. Interminably it seemed. 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