The Bee from Danville, Virginia on November 12, 1930 · Page 2
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The Bee from Danville, Virginia · Page 2

Danville, Virginia
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1930
Page 2
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f TWO THE BEE, DANVILLE, VA., WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, I9SO. Final For General Bliss Today Nation Pays Last Tributes t o ' Statesman and Soldier; I Btrried in Arlington WASHINGTON, Nov. 12--W)--The hoaors of a grateful nation -were bestowed In death today upon General [ Tasker H. Bliss, soldier and statesman. A. soldier's grave awaited him. at Arlington National Cemetery, while messages of condolence and appreciation of his achievements as second ranting officer of the American expeditionary force and a number of the American peace commission continued to be received. Funeral services were arranged at "Washington Cathedral, with Bishop James E. Freeman, officiating. Colonel Julian Yates, chief of army chaplains, was delegated to conduct the services at the grave. A troop of cavalry from Fort Myer was detailed to accompany the cortege to the cemetery and a battalion of rnarions and the marine band con- stituted the navy's representation. General BlliJ was one, of the few army officers to reach the rank of a full four-star general. In Prance he served as American chief of staff, playing an Important role in the unification of the allies. WITHDRAW APPEAL CALGARY, Alta.. Nov. 12.--W=5-Izaac W. Solloway and Harvey Mi'ls. national brokers, who were lined $225,000 and $25,000 and seateacod to four months and one month in Jail respectively, withdrew, their appeal yesterday and left for Leth- brldge gaol. The men. who were heads of the former brokerage firm of Solloway, Mills and company, were convicted of bucketing and -attempting to affect the market value of stocks. ' Society Notre, Club Activities and Personals Social Activities Office Hours : A. M,-l P. M. (4- Sat.) Phone 334 1 0 SHE .THOUGHT: "I'd like to call your attention to that ad behind you." "Yet, to be polite, SHE SAID: "These cars are so stufiy, I'm going out on the platform." ... until he discovered why.. "B v fBod H E COULDN'T understand it. All day long the incident bothered him. What had he done? Why had she left him so abruptly on the trolley that morning? Why did girls always seem to avoid him? Suddenly an idea flashed into his mind. "B.O."--body odor. Could he be guilty ? Impossible--yet suppose lie was? .. . That very day he switched to Life- buoy. Now he's a favorite with everybody---invited everywhere. "B.O." no longer robs him of popularity. It n hard to ipahze that we may be guilty of "B O." But just stop and t h i n k . We all perspire. Even on coldest days our pores pivc off a quart of odor- causing v\ aste. True, we don't notice it. (Body Odor) Our sense of smell quickly becomes deadened to an ever-present odor. But it's only too apparent to others. Why, then, risk offending when it's so easy to be safe? Just wash and bathe with Lifebuoy. Its creamy, refreshing antiseptic lather penetrates pores so deeply, purifies so thoroughly that "B.O." completely vanishes. And how good you feel after a Lifebuoy bath-how gloriously fresh and clean! Keeps complexions radiant Lifebuoy is a marvelous complexion soap. Watch dull skins freshen--poor complexions glow with radiant health. Its pleasant extra-clean scent, that vanishes as you rinse, tells you Lifebuoy purifies. Get some today. LEVER BROTHERS-CO., Cambndoe. Jfoss, £ Announcements lisued. The following announcement has been received in this city: "Mr. and Mrs. Neil Allen Campbell announce the marriage of their daughter. Virginia Gist, to Mr. William Royster Johnson, on Saturday, October twenty-first, nineteen hundred and thirty, West Palm Beach, Florida. "At Home. Wyeth Building, Palm Beach, Florida." * « * Miss r:\el\n Jordan Honors Two Brides-elect at Tea. Miss Evelyn Jordan was hostess at a lovely tea at her home on Mam street yesterday afternoon from 4.30 until 6 o'clock in compliment to Miss Florence Penn. bride-elect of next Saturday, and Miss Mary Conway, whose marriage will take place here next week Miss Anne Conway received the guests at the door, and receiving in the living room with Miss Jordan and the two honor guests. Miss Penn and Miss Conway, were Miss Mary Lily Smoot. of Norfolk, Miss Bleinor Wilson of Chester. Pa ; Miss Frances Patterson, of Richmond, and Miss Anne Withers, also bride-elect of this winter. The guests were directed to the dining room by Miss Charlotte Conway and Miss Helen Lea. The lower floor of the home was decorated v.-ith chrysanthemums and the tea table was centered with a large bowl of pink roses and sweet- peas and snapdragons in pastel shades, and lighted by lavender candles jn silver holders. Pastel shades were also observed in the ices and mints. Mrs. Allen Gant. of Burlington, N C . and Mrs_ Prank Talbott, Jr. poured tea, and' serving in the dining room were Mrs. John Curtis Frav, Misses Margaret and Elizabeth Henkel and Mrs. Hunton PoUs, Jr. About 75 guests called. Choir Ensemble Meeting Postponed. On account of the presenta'.'on of the Passion Play this week, the meeting of the choir ensemble, scae-lnled for tonight, has been postpon-d until a later date. Mr. and Mrs. John Curtis Fray Entertain Wedding Part). Honoring Miss Florence Penn and Benjamin Booth, Jr., whose marriage will take place here Saturday, and the members of the wedding party and out-of-town guests. Mr. and Mrs John Curtis Fray entertained at a buffet supper followed by bridge ; at their home on Holbrook avenue last evening The bridal motif, white and green, was carried out in the hous= decorations and the dining table had as its centerpiece a bowl of white ro=cs and bouvardia. Miss Helen Lea assisted in the dining room Following the supper, bridge Was played. Uis prizes for high score golnfr to Miss B'.ancJie Spencer and Juhar Robinson Jr I The honor guests were also presentrd ' an attractive gift. The guests included- Miss Florence Penn. Benjamin Booth J r , Mr and Mrs George R Penn. Mr end Miff B V Booth Mr and Mrs Richard Penn. Misses Blanche Sponrer. cf Martinsvillc. V.i : Eleanor Wilson, of Chester. P a : Mary Lily Smoot of Norfolk, Frances Pattsr^on of Richmond; Mary Conway, Mildred Hill. Helen Lea. Kitty Franta Penn, Dr H T Gosney Lee Bootn, Pembertrn Penn, Ji . Charles Rid .lie. J r . Diilcn Harriett George S Hughes and Julian Robinson. Jr their presence at that time. Approximately 60 Girl Reserves will lake part, together with the/ advisors of the three clubs Involved, and several invited guests. All participating in the ceremonial are requested to appear in white or light dresses. Immediately following the ceremonial, a banquet will be served to those taking part. Plates will be offered for the nominal price of 25c. A programme consisting of .toasts, music and stunts will be presented during the course of the banquet. · * · Shakespeare Study Club to Meet With Mrs. Hoffman. At the regular (meeting of the Shakespeare Study Club, which will meet at the residence of Mrs. Herbert Hoffman, West Main street, Thursday afternoon at four o'clock, Mrs. Richard J. Carter will give a book review. · « · Box Party. A box party for the benefit of Shady Grove church will be held at the home of Harvey Carter on Friday night at 7:30 o'clock, it was announced today. · * · Birth Announced Mr. and Mrs. Hubert W. Reynolds are being congratulated on the birth of a son, Hubert W. Reynolds, Jr., at Memorial hospital, Monday, Nov. 10th. What , New York Is Wearing * Personals Try LIFEBUOY S H A V I N G C R E A M Free Tim new cream contains Lifebuoy's f.moiis health ingredient. Its double- OCIKC anriicpri lather soothu ihc teiocrf-cfacc--si^csyou ihe quick CSL ciijcst s-ave vou ever h^d lor a free 12 dav mal cube, write to BROTHERS Co. Dire. 303, ndpe. Mais HEALTH SOAP Girl Kr^crvrs io Hold Ceremonial The Junior Hlqli Girl reserves f f Woodrow Wilson and George W-vsJi- mgton High schools, arc planning 10 conduct their regular annual recognition ceremonial, for.the recpption of new members into the Girl Reserve department of the Y W C. A , 'on Thursday evening at 5 - 30 .it Mt Vernon church The thrmc of the ceremonial will be "The Circle of Light." which will be carried out in the banquet which follows the ceremonial, as well Trie recognition cermonj is among the most beautiful and impressive of the I Girl Reserve services, and any who I are interested In the work with these j young gills, are invited to participate in the ceremony by lending SMOKERS like 'em and stick to Miss Frances Patterson, of Richmond, is the guest of Miss Evelyn Jordan. Miss Rachel Burch Is leaving today for Raleigh to attend a convention of southeastern florists. Harold Dynan. who has been spending several days as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Peennan. left this morning for his home in Bethlehem, Pa. Mrs. C. S. Wheatley, Mrs. John Watson and Mrs A. B. Carrin^ton hav e returned from a short visit in Richmond Mrs. A. C. Conway is returning today after a stay of several weeks in New York. Mrs. L G Wilson, Arnett apartments, has as her guest her aunt, Miss Ida Denny, of Graham, N. C. Mrs. Allen Gant and daughter. Cordelia Wills Gant, of Burlington, N C , have arirved to visit Mrs. Gant's parents, Mr. and Mrs Rucker Penn. and attend the Booth-Penn wedding, on Saturday. Horace Lewis, of Keeling. Is improving following a tonsil operation at Memorial hospital. Pretty Girl Kidnaped By N Masked Man Taxi Driver's Car and Young- Woman He "Picked Up" Taken By Bandit NEW Y O R K , Nov. 12.--W)--A pretty red-haired girl, otherwise unidentified, was kidnaped yesterday by a masked bandit in the secluded section of Queens where the mysterioiis "3-X" killer committed two murders several months ago. Joseph Luisi, 30, who brought newt, of the kidnaping to police, is a taxi driver. It was his night off, so he borrowed his brother's sedan and went for a ride. About midnight Luisi saw the pretty girl ,and invited her to go riding Before they got to the point of exchanging names Lulsl bad been robbed of 57, nis sedan and his girl. They had stopped riding about 3 a. m. near Bayside, Queens. Luisl said. A man suddenly appeared, beside the car. He was about six feet tall and wore a mask Luisi recalled that Noel Sowley and Joseph Moyzinski had been slain by a mysterious assassin while sitting In parked cars with girl friends. The man took all he had, the S7, and directed, "Now walk away." The masked man ordered the pirl to remain. As he drove away Luisl heard the girl scream Police said descriptions of the bandit did not tally with the reported appearance of the "3-X" slayer. o .--_ FLYING NORTH COLON, C. Z , Nov. 12.--W)--Cep- tam A. W. Stevens, famous aenal photographer and for four months attached to the National Geographic society arrived by air yesterday from Santa Elana and will leave by air Jox Miami Friday. Dorothy Dix's Letter Box £799 The Across-over bodice and the vertical lines created by the boxplart effect of the skirt at the front, tend to give the figure decided slimness The shght blouslng of the bodice contrasts with the fitted Una of the hip. If6 a clever interpretation m light weight monotone tweed m dark green The surplice vestee uses a lighter green shade faille crepe It's a splendid dress for out-of- doors for general all-da/ occasions. Style No. 2799 may be had in sizes 36, 33, 4O, 42, 44, 46 and 48 inches bust. Size 36 requires 4? yards 30-inch ·with y+ yard 39-inch contrasting Tete de negre browi canton crepe with eggshell silk pique vestee Is smart. Crepe marocain, crepy patterned woolen, jeisey and novelty rayon suitable for this model Pattern price 15 cents in stamps or coin (coin preferred). Be sure to nil in size of pattern. Ad iress Pattern Department, care The Bee A Model Wife is One Who is Jolly and Kind And Loving and Sympathetic and a Good Sport, Says Dorothy Dix, and Who Has So Many Imperfections of Her Own That It Makes Her Merciful to Her Husband's A correspondent aste m» to give my definition at a model wife. 'Well, son, there ain't no such a animal, and If you are on a stiff hunt lor I should advise you to abandon your search and waste no more time such a hopeless endeavor. The model wife is as much a legendary bird the phoenix. She probably never existed except in the imagti^tions and desires of men. At any rate, if there ever was such a creature ehe has completely vanished from the face of the earth and left not a chick behind her. for which \ o u should be profoundly thankful, for what would Impcrtect man do with a perfect wile? Think of what a standing reproach she would always be to lilm. Personally, I can lliiulc of nothing that would be more wearing on a man's nerves than to be married uomoii who was always right and whose own shortcomings he coold not throw in her teuth when she reproached him with his own faults and weaknesses. Jt is not the austere saints but the cheerful sinners who make comfortable daily companions. So that's that, and my idea of a model wile is not a woman "too bright _and good for human nature's dally food, as the old poem it, but a woman who is Just jolly and kind and loving ana sympathetic and a good sport and who has so many imperfections of her own that makes her merciful to her husbands. My model wife isn't a Patient Griselda nho stands for any sort treatment and makes a doormat of herself for lier family. If I were man I would have mighty little respect for a woman w h o had spirit than thai and more courage for a life partner and the mother or my children. My model wife has a. bit of temper, but she has it under control only gives way to it when there is an occasion for righteous wrath. She isn't always picking a quarrel or ready for an argument and bhe doesn't take it as a personal insult when her husband differs from her in point view. She doesnt have tantrums or go into hysterics or pass into the silence when she can't have her oa'n way about everything and her imsbad does not have to spend his evenings behind the protection of his newspaper because he is afraid that il he says a word he will start something. On the contrary, my model wife is filled with a sweet reasonableness that mokes it possible for her husband to talk everything oter her frely and not even to lie to lier w h e n he stavs downtown of evening to play poker or when he takes an old woman friend out to lunch. My model wife has a sense of humor that enables her to laugh off inevitable trials and tribulations of matrimony instead of mating tragedies of them She doesn't beat upon her breast and utter lamentations over her disappointment In finding out that the man she has married is not a. little tin god but just an ordinary, everyday sort of creature wish at, many blemishes in his character as he has hairs on his head. She Jusc makes a joke of his funny, fussy little ways and caters to them. My mode] wife plays the game. She gives her husband a run for his money. She figures out that a mail doesn't marry to get a wife who will poison him on bad cooking or who will keep him in debt her evtraiagance or to acquire a critic who will correct his grammar and pronunciation or reproach him because he doesn't make as much money as some other man does. So she makes her husband a comfortable and peaceful home. Like the womafi in the Scriptures, she looks well to the ways of her household- takes an Interest in his business and his plans. And she makes nlra feel that at all times he has a business partner upon whom he can depend, as well as a wife who wiU share ill fortune with him with as good a as she has good fortune. My model wife keeps herself attractive In mind and body. She does not co'iislder that a woman is giving a man. a square deal when after marriage she throws away the bait with which she caught him. She realizes that there is no magic In the marriage ceremony that keeps a in love uith a woman who is dull and stupid ami uninteresting to talk" to and who is slorealj and dowdy and unattractive to look at. o she makes tbe most of such brains and looks as heaven has given her and makes a conscientious effort to try to keep her husband beUering that he was a good picker when he selected her for a wife. My model wife drives her husband with a loose rein and lets him believe he is having his head. She is as polite to him as she Is to a man and as diplomatic in handling him as, she would be in dealing with a crotchety boss if she was a private secretary She is a good listener encores his pet stories She gives him the praise he hungers and thirsts for and she lets other people tell him of nib faults. And above all, she loves him. That's my Idea of a model wife. DOROTHY DES Captain-Elect Of University Team Expires UNIVERSITY. Va., Nov. 12.--(JP)-Word was received here today of the death late yesterday of James Lindell Ellis of Metucen. N. J., captain- elect of the University of Virginia baseball team and former president of the University Glee club, from injuries received in an automobile accident last summer. Mr. Ellis, one of the most popular students in the University, was the leading pitcher on the cavalier nine last spring. He was a member of Delta Psl fraternity and belonged to many student organizations. He was injured in an automooile ·wreck in upper New York last August and did not re-enter the University this fall. Complications set in recently and led to his death. Funeral services will be held Friday afternoon. KNIFE WOUNDS FATAL ST. JOSEPH, MO. Nov. 12.--W)-Prank Donaldson, 38. school board member at Agency. Mo , died yesterday from knife wounds inflicted m a fight last Tuesday over the voting of a school bond issue. Lester Gay farmer, is Tinder bond of $5,000 in connection with, the affray. -that's Why! © 1930. LiccicTr MYKBS Toiucco Co, MR 1C4 DANVILIE..VA. F OR FASHIONS and other needs you may not be able to fill satisfactorily a't home, it is but a short journey over pleasant highways to "One of America's Great Stores." Miller Rhoads ' THE SHOPPING CENTER" RICHMOND : VIRGINIA ALTAVISTA ALTAVISTA, Nov. 11 --Mrs C. Haskins was hostess to the Colonel Charles Lynch Chap'ter D. A. K . Friday afternoon at her home on Tenth street, the occasion ueing the eighth, anniversary of the chapter Eight jeaxs previous Mrs Arthur Rowbotham organized the chapter at "Avoca" the home of Colonel Charles Lynch near which he is burrled, and in the yard stands wie old Lynch law tree of Revolutionary fame, under which Colonel Charles Lynch held voluntary court, and meted out punishment to the Tories and other disturbing factions that infested, the country during the Revolutionaiy war. The organizing members that assembled there that day were. Mei- dames Cornelia S. Anderson, Clara Leslie Arthur, Leo Arthur. Gordon Black, Walter Fauntleroy, Edward H. Lane. William C Rierson. William Roy Snyder, Mary Elizabeth Tyrec. Arthur Rowbotham and Miss Juliet Fauntleroy. These organizing members, together with the following became the charter members of the chapter: Mesdames R L Cumnock. John Cumnock, Page Hancock Davis. -Wllbur.i Hamner, Belle Hancock Frazier, Lucy Thompson Loftin. Mary Carter Younger Stone, Charles B. Perrow. Agnes Temple Waugh Tyree, and Misses Irene Adams, Jennie Goodman, Ethel Hancock, Betty Hewett and Tvts. Thomas Whateley. Mrs. John E Lane, regent of the chapter, gave a detailed account of the recent state conference held In Lynchburg. Mrs C B- Perrow, the official representative, gave a brief account of the outstanding features of the state work brought out oy the conference. Mrs. Arthur Rowbotham, state corresponding secretary and state chairman, read her report .is submitted to the conference on historic trees of Virginia, which received such favorable comment, and which is to be published in book form during the following year. At the request of Mrs. W. B. Livesey. state chairman of "National Old Trails" that the Colonel Charles Lynch chapter appoint a chairman for same, the regent appointed Mrs. C. B. Perrow as chapter chairman. The report consisted mainly of an excellent paper on "Baron von Steuben" compiled by Mrs. W. O. Smith, who was kept away by illness which was read by Mrs. Leo Arthur. Miss Juliet Fauntleroy, the historian, told of interesting bits of local history, as well as national events, trliich. brought meeting to adjournment. The hostess came in bearing a large red white and blue frozen D. R. pudding, which fittingly celearated 'the chapters birthday, of whicn the membership was s^fved a genenous slice of this unique and toothsome refreshment. The Staunton River Garden Club met at the home of Mrs. Ross Young, Monday afternoon. The meeting was marked by an Increased interest throughout, and members who have been deliquent through, the summer months were present, showing jencv- ed interest in the study plan arranged for the wmtcr. The subject receiving most attention was a talk on bulb planting, by Mrs. H. B. Shawen, and orders were arranged for planting with the spring flower show MI view. Two new members were recei/- ed into the club by vote. Besides the Christmas program planned for next meeting, the duo will continue its yearly custom of making Christmas ·wreathes, to th's will be added Christmas table decorations, and ribbons will be given for the most artistic. Mrs. Young displayed a fine Bpect- ment sprouting leaf, which has grown to the height of approximately thirty inches, a sturdy and luxuriant plant from a small portion of a leaf, which received a ribbon. The quiz from the garden oooi was conducted by the hostess, after which the meeting adjourned for the toclal hour. Byrd Vaughan was the guest of friends In Danville and Greensooro, on Sunday. Miss Leona Walden, of Burlington, N. C., arrived in AltaVista on Saturday where she will be the guest or her parents for several days. Mrs. T. V. Elsom who has been visiting relatives n Charlottesville, and Salem for the past ten days has return to Altnvista. Mis Betsy Arthur and Miss Bennett of Toshes, who have been spending the week-end with Mrs. Sam Arthur on Bedford avenue, have returned to Toshes. O NLY in Coty Face Powders can you have the fragrance of world-famous Ccty Perfumes such as L'Aimant, the international triumph. FACE POWDER Twelve Individual hade $1.00 L'AIMANT Perfume of Magnetism $?.oo to $12.50

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