The Courier News from ,  on February 20, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from , · Page 9

Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1947
Page 9
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1947 Airline Safety Factors Debated House Committee Submits Partial Report on Inquiry , Feb. 20. (Ui') — The House Interstate Commerce Commission charged yesterday that differences between airline operators and various government aviation agencies has been responsible for delay in utilization of war-time air safety developments. '' In an Interim report to the House on its investigation of air accidents, the committee indirectly criticized Congress for making inadequate appropriations for research .by Civil Aeronautics Administration. It outlined a four-point landing and navigational aid program which should be "made fully available as soon as possible. "There has been too much cielay in adapting war-time developments to commercial and private flying the committee said. "Differences of opinion .by the government agencies charged with the development and promotion ol air safety and those who woulu use such facilities have contributed to this delay. "There has been a tendency to wait too long before adopting cur- lentjy proven devices as standard in the hcpe that better ones wouid be developed. This policy can be no longer tolerated; differences ol opinion should be resolved and USD should be made of what we now nave. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'Sic Transit Gloria Mundi' Divorces Hit Record High For Canadians OTTAWA, Ont. <UP)-Camullan s EJC spending more than 51.250.008 this year in court and legal Ices in the greatest trek to the divorce n°es«d ' Iati0n " aS BVCr wit ° Already, the number of divorces in six leading provinces has pass^l the total for all nine provinces last year, and indications are that each province will report record figures hted' '' etUrn5 have bccn tnt) "While the number of marriages m Canada reached, an all-time peak in 1G42 during the war years the number of divorces this vear is expected to be more than cioubl- the number then. Preliminary rr- ports point to a final total for this year of 6,500 to 7,000 divorces compared with approximately .5,000 m 1945 and 3.000 in 1942. Each 'vill cost the applicant about ,$200 "ui These figures show something of the 20th century attitude toward marriage and divorce when .compared with figures before the turn of the .century. Dusty volumes of vital statistics for the years following confederation show only 13 divorces in 1883-nnd that was th» first year tile number of divniv',.' contained two digits. In 1803 there were 21 divorces-a record',,,, io that. time. £«« thoiighl many future generations would admire their Heroes' lemple Munich, ,„ which Hitler enshrined bodies of henchm", killed ,„ the abortive Nn/i putsch of 1923. ll's pic-lured i buvc during Nazis' heyday, will, Hide, nnd Mussolini (arrow) uki , •' saluefroir, parading motorcycle police. Ijottnn, plinlo shows h,m U looks today, after U. S. Army dynamited it. Bndies of Nnrln were first removed and reburied in secret. World Tourist Says Americans Better Off Than Rest of World Boy Te//s Them Off When Refused Job OKLAHOMA CITY (UP)—A boy refused a job at a restaurant here' nnd counter coffee customers star- nig wifis-eycd when he left. Told the restaurant didn't need any kitchen help, the boy said: "I've tried every town between here and Chicago and I can't find a J-b of any kind. These guys that say there are plenty of jobs are just plain nuts. If I can't find a j(b in a t 0 «n as big as this, I'm going out to the country and. sit down under a cow. We're havlii» a depression right now, but nobody but me wants to admit it " "" 1 Ulat ' *' C tutncd and wa^ed Courier News Want Ate. PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 23. (UP) —The American jiecplc don't realize hr,w well they are off, in contrast to those in most of the other nations *f the world, Hugh Baillie, president of the United Press, said yesterday. Baillie arrived here euroutc to address the Oregon Newspaper •Publishers Association at Eugene. "This is the land of milk and honey," Baillie saici. "That fact is re-impressed on me by a transcontinental trip, and the contrast between what I have seen in this country, and what i saw in Eurcp^ last Fall, and in Asia a few months earlier. "Try the British diet for a lew weeks and see how you feel 1 mean by that, get along for just* a few weeks without milk fruis juices, eggs, red-meat and other things that we now take as a matter of course. Or live in a dweiiin-' that )iasn't;any heat or hot water and. where 'the-electri: lights ani blacked,out at frequent intervals ..'/And the British, '. by the waj- are a lot totter off 'than'' most ol the people in Europe or in Asia" Baillie said that ih ],fe opinion the United, States was the greatest stabilizing influence in the world today. British Having: Tough Time The British Empire is having tough sledding," ], c said, "and as i!s power declines ours should increase, if w c arc going to psrpcl- iiate 'he kind of a world in which we ol the United States seems to have flourished pretty well during the last !5D years." Asked about, the possibility of a new sv.ii-, -Baillle said, "who Is going to fight who, and with what?" He said that from his observations during travels in both hemispheres, he believed the nations tnat used to be powerful now have their hands full either with Inter- imtlunal difficulties, like the British, or with problems of recon struction like the Russians. "The Germans destroyed everything in their path from the Hussian frontier right up to the gates of Moscow, Stalingrad and LenlnB- & » 'GorW? TO HELP grad," he snid. • "All the big cllles of Germany are, of course, in ruins. And nmny of tin- big cltie'i of England are pintialty gone. There Is little f ov 10 reconstruction m Great Britain or Germany, or hi Italy." ^ Ballllc s.ild that many Opinion.'; nro well Hware of tlie contest lor domination of Ihelr Iiiliirc Hint is going o" between Ihc Russians on the one hand, and the ISritlsh nnd the Americans on the other. "Naturally, they wil make the b>sl deal they can lor theinfSlvos If II ever comes to tluit sxilnl," he snid. -More Freedom l>eslrc<) Freedom of Hie press, or freedom of exchange of Information among countries, lias not make n* much progress .since (he war at was expected, liuiliie said. "•And this," he added, "is a. very Eciiou:; matter, because with our stake in world nffulrs, which is felt in every taxpayers pockefoook, we are entitled to ihc utmost in unhampered and unbiased Information about wlml is going on In all I he counliies of (he world. '•This freedom will only be attained <by the win O f the people themselves. I am not talking nUou!, government propaganda now. I am against nil government propaganda; including lhat of our own govern-, mem. What w e wnm is a free iuu{ unrestricted interchnngc of news! long nations. We expected inuch'i Marines Seek Enlistments In Reserves Knllslmcnls of former rck reserve or hiduclpe Mavines, mala °r iciui'.le, in the Inactive, volunteer w oi-gitniisjd Marine Corps Ueserve a >e now bi'ing accfpled, Ciiiil. O. I'. Whitlock, UJMCIi. offU'er In ehtirge of the Llliie Hock iwnll- »'« office, said today. No physical examinations nro jt'iulivd for enlistment ro rc-en- ilslineiil In HID reserve, he snid, «nd former members of Ihn Coi'jis will be given (lie rank held ul Hie lime of llirolr diflcharije. Members of Iho vohintt'er reserve may .secure their dlschnrgi; "Oin Hull orgniilii.Ulon nl liny time und are ubllgnlcit to serve only m lime of war or national emergency. Active duty or Iniliiiiig is not com- liulsory ulthough members may request siicli at any time. Applicants for enlistment must, present an honor-able or "under honorable conditions" discharge certificate from the Marine Corps, regular or reserve. Murlne recuiung sub-stations are located nl Tcxnr- Knnu, El Dorado, Jone;,boro. Kus- .iclivllle and Rovers. my C3n.sorship.-i at the end of the wiir, ihiin has actually come to pass nut we'll have lo keen on lighting for it." <• i» u » TIGHT CHEST MUSCLES RUB OH MENTHOLATUMf^ ; Representing THE FARMERS and BANKERS LIFE INSUEANCE CO. V. 0. GF.URIN, Gen. Agent Jolm F. Holmes -W. O. Cciirln Jr. Office Douglas Bldg. 13 W - I™"" 1 Phone 2361 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 Saturday Feb. 22, 7:30 p. m. Lake St. Methodist Church 600 So. Lake St. FEATURING: the Aversions of McCormick Joe Voss and Bob Rieder of St. Louis Rev. Winfred L. Diggs, of Jonesboro Sponsored by YOUTH FELLOWSHIP West Blytheville Method^ Parish CONCORD, Mass. (U! 1 ) _ The oriylnnl sllc where plillosoiihcr "eiiry David Thoreau liullt his cnbln ut Wnldcn 1'ond h»s been found by Rotund Wells Hobblns. SPRING PLANTING SEEDS / Spring Gals, Impede/,,, Alfalfa und ,.. |Htllrc Mlxlnrm ALL POPULAR VARIETIES SOYBEANS SEED CORN ANP GARDEN SEEDS Select your Field or Garden Seeds from Biytheyifle's largest Seed Stock an Corporation Phones 856, 857 1800 W. Main discovery of the j the spot where THoreau piled his •is chimney foundallon. Iho I •'one ihousand old brick- ended a ii-Hole, the wood-shed s !io nnd lengthy controversy on the Bub- Jcet. / mfurther HERE'S THE COFFEE BLENDED TO SUIT YOUR TASTE ORflRD PRIZE T^sf- Good EBHLY BRERKFflST Three excellent codecs, each to|> grade ...but ilinVrcnt in blend to suit the tasie of (he most cycling coffee drinkers. Which is ihc ben? The one you prefer, of course. t( GRAND PRIZE and TAST-GOOD __ KAUK NINi. \ Read Coun»r jiews Wait Ads T Wai!; In Boxes Dry Coolers Ice Cream Boxes Home Freezers • or Any Heavy Refrigerator for Immediate Delivery CALL Sfoele 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE M!, Owner * ' (11 North at HOLLAND, MO. All I he Latest Hair Creations K.athryn Fisher.,. has purcluuicil l.andys' Beauty simp and will continue to operate the shop under thai nniue. We Invite you to visit our shop nt uny lime for nil your beauty needs, We specialise In facials, penmmenlu and sets. Call us now for iiu- puthlmciiL APPOINTMENTS For Nights by Phone LANDYS' BEAUTY SHOP 2003 W. 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