The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 10, 1951
Page 9
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JfOWDAY, DECEMBER 10, HAL lOYLE'S COLUMN Fish Aren't So Dumb When Seen in Familiar Underwater Homeland By SAUL PETT I For Hal Boyle) NEW YPRK (AP) _ Fish look dumb only in aquariums. In their own neighborhood thev took pretty smart. Well, as smart as people, anyway. Even smarter. Nobody ever found a fish trying to write under water. There nre fish who behave like ascetic philosophers and others who | act like Errol Plynn. There are fish always looking for a fight and fish always looking to flirt; There are fish who take (heir marriage vows seriously and only death can part them. And there are shrewd, conniving, five-percenter type of fish who trade on other people's connections. These arc species with which Hans Haas has had o nocldin" acquaintance In Ihe tied Sear the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Pa- clftc. He is 33, handsome, husky and a nntivc of Vjenna. By trade, he is a diver, aquatic explorer, hunter, writer, zoologist, a submarine Sam Goldwyn and underwater disc jockey. Haas made a full-length movie under the Red Sea which won a prize at the Vienna Film Festival. Doublcdny has brought out his book, 'Diving to Adventure." Shark Bites Him Haas has been bitten by a shark (once), has fought with a six-foot, eel-like morny (which he considers the most dangerous fish) and he has ridden, he says, on Ihe back of 40-foot whale sharks ("which are friendly when you get to know them"). j[ He has also studied the reaction of fish to music. He had men In a small bout play Viennese waltzes, American Jazz and Italian opera while he relayed the sound 100 feet below with a loudspeaker. "The music 'came out very clear - down there," Haas says. "The fish became very curious. Espccinllv the Jacks — they're 20-pounders. More than 100 of them formed a big circle around the loudspeaker. Jook- ing like a ballet. Caruso seemed to be the favorite." Carries Own O.xvjren When he's down below studying fish faces and personalities. Haas Wears swim trunks, goggles and foot fins and carries a small portable oxygen unit and harpoon. The unicorn, he says, Is the philosopher of the fish. This fellow has ' a horned nose and "always seems deep in thought and detached. He likes to remain by himself. Any attempt t/j interfere with his isolation makes him whirl madly and bounce against the coral." Trigger fish. Haas says, will fol low an underwater swimmer making alt kinds of excited movements to attract his attention, if the swimmer moves toward lliem. they dash off, stop at a safe distance and start flirting again. The black angels—small jropica ftsh—move in pairs. One Imitates the other exactly and they're never more than a couple of Inches apart "You can only separate them by killing one." Trumpef Fish Is Thin The trumpet fish is thin and about two feet long. This Is the calculating conniver. He stands rigid head down, tail up, trying to look like an innocent piece of coral Any little curious visitor Is immediately gobbled up. The trumpet also has a nasty habit of sneaking over a fat blue parrot fish, who Is peaceful and doesn't eat other fish. That being the case, smaller fish frequently collect near the friendly parrot Whereupon the old trumpet swoops down and takes his cut. The irrepressible lovers of the ocean blue, Haas reports, are small trunk fish which nre shaped like a trunk and are green In their nonromantic state, which is seldom. Two trunks start 'kissing on the sea floor, actually rubbing noses together. This makes them thrasn wildly about, turning over and over As they kiss, they turn blue and rise to the surface with much commotion. They (malls- reach the surface completely exhabustcd. Then they start turning green and drift slowly down with more dignity than they had going up. Once they reach the bottom, they start smoochln^ again, turn blue, rotate wildly and start going up again. "They never seem to stop," Haas reports. Woman Becomes Mother, Grandmother in 2 Hours VAN BUREN. Mem., Dec. 10. (IP) —A St. Leonard. N.B., woman has become a mother and a grandmother within two hours. Mrs. Edmond Violette, 33, gave birth to an eight-pound, eight- ounce, daughter at Hotel Dieu hospital here. Two hours Inter, her daughter. Mrs. Louis Sirois, 17, oi St. Leonard, gave birth there to a seven-pound, six ounce son. (ARK.) COURIER Boastful Gunman Hunted by Police 'I'm Tougher Thon Billy Cook/ H« Told Arizona Victim YUMA, Ariz.. r*e. 10, (AP)— A youthful gunman who boasted he is "tougher than Billy Cook" kldnap- e<! a young couple near here and headed (or the California border the sheriffs office reported today Law officers In several southern California counties set up road blocks on main highways. The kidnaping was reported to Yuma County Sheriff j nmes Wash- nm last night by a Casca Orande, Ariz., garage mechanic, James E' Bealrd. Beaird said a young man flagged him down while he was delivering a car, pulled a gun, robbed him of $36 and .forced nim to drive 135 miles across the Arizona desert. Twenty-two miles cast of here the gunman saw a young couple in a car parked by the roadside and ordered Beaird to hall. He climbed in the other car and ordered the pair to start driving toward California. Bealrd said. The gunman displayed a wad of bills he said he got "from other Jobs like this." And bragged that he was tougher than Billy Cook, Bealrd said. Cook Is the Joplln, Mo., badmun uho was the object of a manhunt throughout the west a year ago after he killed an Illinois family of five who befriended him. Cook also murdered a Seattle salesman near El Centro, fAlif., 50 miles from here, before he was finally captured in Mexico. 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Sailor Steelman thought he would start * fire, with the boat's wooden flooring. But he didn't have any matche.s, All he could do was shout and beat on the boat. Rescuers finally located him. He hadn't caught cold, he salrt. That hoarseness simply was from shouting. Seeds. Not Nulj Brazil nuts arc not actually nuts but seeds, which grow In round pods similar to n coconut, about 30 nuts lo each pod. When the pods are ripe, they drop from the tree. Removal of FDR's Nome from War Honor Roil Asked •r>™ | Conn " Dcc 10 - <At>> The City Board of Aldermen h^ been asked to remove the name of Franklin D. Roosevelt f, on "the Derby World War U honor 'cro? When the subject came up at a board meeting, , 10 one seemed to know how the name got the e The request that it be removed came from the Derby John H To™ lins Post, American Legion The post wrote that it "feels that t e honor roll Is a memorial to e boys ami girls from Derby who gave their services and some of their lives in World War II and hat Franklin D . Rco.sevelfs am , listed in error and should be re- . Offtclals said the roll «a« erect- His name was llsUd In its alphabetical order among thos« who had w£TfJ!'\ L - C * ldwel > was ™5"» « hen ,j"e honor roll was erected. He said today that he did not know how Mr. Roosevelt's name was included. Read Courier News Classified Ads. WHEN WAS WAR DOT. CREATED? See your 1952 St. Joseph Calendar and Weather Chart! It has historical dates, planting charts, moon phases, fishing, other facts. 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