The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1947
Page 7
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 19-17 Chicks to Play Leachville For Cage Championship ' - ---------- ------Sponsors Games BLYTHEVILLB <ARK.) COURIER NEWS , Li °" s 51 to ' n "tfOsccola last* ^ ""' '""*"""" "' ""'"'"""" In other first-round games last "ighl, Luxorn downed Oseeolii 4G lo 37 In the Class B division, the Wil- |pn Girls trounced the Keiser (,l\ ^2 to 18 and Luxora Girls ousUd the MIS-SCO sextet 51 to 33. First-round play continues tonight with three tilts on the cage docket. The Blythevillc Qlrls open tne program ngainst Osceola nt fi:30 followed by Shavvnee and Dyess boys game at 7:30. Manila and Leachvllle girls tangle In the nightcap at 9:30. I On the basis or last night's wins, the Luxora boys moved up to second-round play and meet the Shnwnee-Dyess tilt winners at 10 o'clock Saturday morning. The Wilson girls will meet the Dell sextet which drew a bye In first-round play, at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. The Luxora girls' win pits them against the Manila-Leach ville Winner at 7:30 tomorrow ni» [it Chick Girls to Play Osceola . The victorious sextet i n tonight's game between the Chick Girls and Osceola will meet the Shawnee six which also drew a bye in fiisl- round play, tomorrow aiterhoon at 4 o'clock. Listed a s probable start- 1 er s for the Chick Girls tonight are forwards B.TJall. Widner and Wilson ana guards seay, Travis anci E. Overman. The Chicks' till with the Manila IJon s last night was a ni]i- and-tuck contest all the way with both squads playing good basket , ball. The lead changed hands at several points. Both quints played , :i poinl-for-point first period which ended with the Chicks holding a thin 16 to 15 lead. 'me Chicks worked up a slightly larger lead by the end of the half. when the count stood at 29-24. The back- and- forth battle continued through the last half with the locals holding a 38-31 third-quarter margin. Gtess-Arm Bob Joyce, San Francisco' Seals' pitcher,-throws a fast 1 ball at a pane of tempered glass during demonstration of glass testing. The glass, which Twelve Teams To Compete In Softball Softball managers and sponsors meeting at th c -Y" last night voted to expand the league to include twelve teems for thc 1MY Strong Independent Teom^to Appear in Two Contests Here Four strong independent rmket- bnll squads will clash In n doubleheader benefit cage program Saturday nlghl in the Illythevllle High Bym. Game time is 7:30. The main event M'ill feature the Ubynl Crown cola quintet from Joncsbpro In • a lilt with the Hce Hee Motor Co. baskcleers from Memphis. Ill a preliminary contest the Manila Lions will clash with the Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. five Iroiu 1'araBOiild. Admission has been sel nl $1 and nil net proceeds will go In Ihe Elylhevillc High School gymnasium for use hi providing public rest 1'oorn facilities in tile gym. These games are being staged under the airsnices o[ Ihe Chickasaw Athletic Club. 'T Girls; Softball Plans' to Be Made JAt Friday Parley Representatives of girls softoall teams will gather at the "Y" Fri- <iay night to forward p'.ans for the 12-47 season. The .league was corn- Rosed of four learns last season and it is hoped that this nunvner can be enlarged to form a six- team organization. All sponsors and nmnHRers .of last season are being invited to attend this meeting and to place teams in the league, "Y morning, welcome. a rtron D ed.n dropped through 20 March 1 set as the , wen wns close behind, sinking 10 tallies. Sparking Manila play, M. Harris sunk 15 points and Moblev annexed 13. Lu\ora Rally Pays OH In the Class B boys' game, Os- eeola lend nil the way hut a rally by Luxora in the fourth period proved fatal. The Osceolans held an is to 11 first period margin an<! season, with , Leadline ior admission to the lea- points 1 gue. J. p. p/iend presided at the Cald- | meeting and sponsors anrt managers of live teams attended. Three others sent applications for berths in the loop. In the prcpasjd expansion pro| gram, local sponsors will ae fav- PACK 3EVHN- n c , %i ; ,, , Kot t ,i, II. th, •,„«!,, .hy JlnuhU- .lay, r " '" ( " (:IU y , ola >Jnrk ln ' own roU ° r lllc T r' ''\ m " n>i "« "'' >rknl " ' rlc., wlici'c lie is training for Iho •Kcn'ueky i.ninod by Duke McCuo, is nno of tht", arlv lf i li!1 Unwns rla «'c. There » a pli W» y secretary J. P. Garrolt said this Other sponsors will lie Judges at Race Track Reverse Selves After Seeing Photo Finish Print MIAMI. Stoopers, Feb. 20. (UP) — fellows who go cred. Thc next meeting of sentativcs will b e held 'March at which time proposed changes in the constitution and by-laws win ~3~ Presented '05- a committee ap- by halftime had upped their count pointed last night for this mrnosc L T * ey vviu bc looke d for tickets lf\ OC i,,v,i"lrt _ ti^...:_ _. -r _. . • ' rT*i.:«. ' it . • * ' .'. 'nil riiimoi- u ,.,.,•,-. ,..i.:«t. i lj.__,_. to 25 while allowing Luxora only two more points. The"Luxora five began its comeback in the third period by nearly leveling the count and leaving Osceola a narrow 30 to 29 margin. Luxora's wm came in the final period as the trailing five burst into the lead by picking up 17 points to Osceola's additional seven. ' Cockrell of Luxora shared scoring honors with Wiseman of Osceola, each sinking 12 points. P. Banister of Oseeola and Douglas of Llixora ties as runners-up with Tlie Wilson Girls staged a walk- away as they rolled up their «18 win over Keiser. Tucker ainas^- ed 24 points for Wilson followed by Crafton, who sank 11 for Keiser. . Luxora's sextet took an early lead over Mtesco and forged steadily ahead, establishing a safe 22 to b first period lead. Halftime count was 35 tp 25. Dray of Luxora topped scoring by amassing 23 points, followed by Miller of Missco with 19. Starting line-ups and box scores in the Chick-Manila tilt follow: Chicks (51) Stafford <-;o> . Caldwell (19) -Hardy (4) ... Poster (6) B. Elliott (2) Substitutions: last night Pos. .Lions (41) P.. M. Harris (15; P . . . J. Harris (6) '• C.... Motley (13) G ...... Smith (2) G . . Thrclkclrt (5 - ..This committee is composed of j/ ..P. Friend. Hainion Taylo'- ahci •J. ,F. , Garrott. • Mailers pertaining to the operation of the league, duration • o! contracts and th c officiating were .dismissed. Actual reorganization of the loop mil tax- e place at the next meeting, when officers will tae elected after r.'i teams have been admitted. Teams represented at last night's meeting were Hays Store. Phillips Motor, Lay Eieii> Chevrolet. Ark- Mo Fewer Co., and Owens' Drug Babe Didrikson Zaharias Out After More Trophies arcund picking up dis;)iar<led pnri- n " l| tuel tickets, were expected to be out in tull force at Hialenh today and should have a profitable lime of it if the janitors haven't,! spoiled their Inn. Gosnell Co gers ' Take Two From Missouri Teams Gosncll High ^:;mol joys' niuf girls' ra;;e ;,quads finisliod •. llielr season's s:hcclulc vi-_'torious]y last night when the Plr«tc;i nosetl out aHKU"C=io. Mo,, -ij-iyt 31 . to 311 and the rirateiies tiiumphcd- SO lo ai over the Missouri (jirls. Thc l>i:utts too!: « 15 to II lead but the visiting five came •')a:k. in the third period to gruo n 73 to 17 lead. A cio*j fourth peiiod e;\ve ihc Pirates their one- pcint win. B. Crew, Bi'Dgiiiitloiiu forwnrrt, led scoriiiR with 13 markers lol- lowcd by.White, Pirate uuard with 10. Tl:e ni'iiRaKtlccio Girls led until the. .las:. 1 pi-rind when the pirntclics rallied to wi:i. The visitors led in lo S3 nt huKtiine" :>ntl held 'a 21 lo 19 third |>3ri<j(l miirgin. Devil! rolled up 12 ijolnls fov uos- nell to cop hlsui-scoiing honors P-S Ranr')u:gh sank 13 tuilier. ior The Pirate.-; ended the season's play with nine wins pud M losses. The Gosne]] O!r! s tunic:! in a record of 15 victories and ciylil •on Dinner House .which suddenlv b;came valuable last 'night alter the Hack judges reversed; th*rn- setves on a photo finish n, the lliiid r:ic e yesterday. After a quick look at the photo the judges decided that Alreme had won thiro' place over' Dinner Hour {or a p.iyoff. of {2,90. Later examination p-ompted them to switch to Dinner Hour Pret-ident John q. .Clark said Ihc track would payoff at a revised show price tor all persons who sill! hc.d tickets on Dinner Hour The MOO purse for third money will go to the Brcokmeade Stables whi-h own Dinner Hour, but Alrenie's owners won't have to surrender !.i = J403 awarded them yesterday An ( J the folks who collected $290 for tuksts on Alrcnic' won't have to return the money- naturally ol -BOLLYWOOD, Fla., Feb. 20. (UP) B -=>- Didrikson zahsrias of Den-, ver. who has been anything but j "ire not matched the play backward acout collecting .trophy! Mrs. Zaharias and Miss Kirk in cups alon ff the Winter golf clr- j Florida winter competition. The cuit, and her partner, Peggy Kirk, champions are in the opposite of Akron, o., where heavy favo- (bracket and are expected' to meet rites today to the 'International Four-Ball meni. Women's Tourna- team in thc play Mrs. Blytheville — P. the Zaharlas-Kirk final round. I The title holders The defending champions, Louise j G - R- Harbrough of Cleveiand'and Suggs of Litliia Springs. On., anrt \Mr.i. A. O. PJash of Quaker Hidse . Jean Hopkins . cf Lskewood, O, i N - J -. while Mrs. Zahaiias and her f — . I partner will meet Rymla Strevel < Jernigan, Hodge. Manila _ Hole, ol M;. Clemens, Mich and Mrs Galloway, Blake, wilsTin, East. • Qcorgic Miller of Miami . ' Referees: Trigger Wall IMnnila) G.ISHCII (SI) ••Hoys' ({itrne Dart Ball Games Enter Second ' Rounds Tohight : Ine c second round of games In -Y" ItHcr-Church dart bull iuiBue will \K' pliiycrt In the "V rooms tonight nt 7:30 o'clock when Firsl Prei.byteiinn meets Klfst MMlic.Ksi, both victorious in Lliclr OJ.'tiinj qanics. .. I'nst Me'.hodist <lefcated Lake Street Methodist- while First Prcs- bytcrlnn wns downing First Christian. The two losers in last week's will t:y to notch n win, and all teams Lire expected to fcc strotmel 1 I han Inst' week. Additional lenms may enter the li'f'i'iie by calling George Cross i.VU cr the "Y" at 47D, J. p. Gav- lotl, socretaiy, Kiuil today. Clean Bill in N.B. A.Territory NEW YOHK, Feu. 20.—(UP) Hocky Granlnlio, banned Irpin tinx- IIIB In New York, wns expected to- ctuv lo accent OIIK of tlie Iticr.ulvo offers he |,ns received for fluhis In Mules affiliated with !li« NA- llonnl lio.xltig AtuHiulnllon wlitcii hns given him n elcuu bill ol licii:':i. . Thc wny was i-.'cared .vr.itonl.iy for Ihe mUiulcwoiijhi challenger ;i> I'elurn to the iln,-, when N.'J A I president Aij» j. cnecn denounced i Grnzluno's suspension mul gnvo promoters In his territory full permission to uliiii [ho NOW york ijpuk- bnslcr. t This N.U.A. liIesstiiK wa s n [sn for>| slowed on world's welloru'elsht rhnmploji Uny noblnsmi who, Ilk? I Clrnxlnnn. win suspended In New I York, MaiwiH'huscti.s. mid Maryland ror .illcccdly fnlltng to report | offers of lltjht bribes. Hobltison'ii _ suspension, hon'cver, was limited l« 30 days by Iho Nuw York Slnte Athletic commission, w hero n s Grnrlimo'ii suspension is of •Inrte- flullo duration. Greene . simply ciiUlclml the New York rulings anil (old promoters In-N.D.A. stiites thiiy worn i "free to prm-ced with Clrnzlmio and .'Robinson us (hey see fit." I In iitlupkhiif the Nuw York nil- hi(!s. 'Greene criticized the difference in HID punishments moled out lo Or.iv.tuiio ntid nobliiKUii for'"ln- voivenicnls of n similar rmtlr.rn," Criltlnt; the whole proceeding "1111- bnlnnccd Justice, If not polltlcnl wllch-liunttnu," ar*enc snld, "by Its decision in Ihe lloblnson case. Ihe New York Slntir Athletic commission hns virtually docldr.d for the N.ll.A. what Us course glioulil be." Greene's move wns regarded In many boxing circles ns an N.H.A. nllcinpl to lure bin-lime, big-mom cv boxliiK from the New York home. It him InlnOjIleil for ninny yonrit. Snow Interferes With National Field Trials GRAND JUNCTION, Tcim, Pc») rc. (UP)-Snew hUmkclcd Ihe fields of Ames Plantation ncai here to- dny. poslponlm nlmihiK In the 49th Hiiniiiil natloiinl field trials lor the second stralsht day. Sr.imy ckles mid ilsing tempera- Uuc-s uiive promise that tlio course iNMhl clour by nuon and permit iwo jnore lop-notch entiles—Buturn ami lluliionin Hun l|<nn—to mak9 Iholr bids lor thc natloml bird dca title Ihh nflenioon. Made Knsy PORT;.AND, ore. 'iopj _ YOU don't have to hnve a dog to buy » (ton license hero. 'Edward U. 811- vn, of ihn Oregon Sla'ta Hu'iiinne s.iolely, nimoiuiced'tliiit if yo\i buy n license, you 8 ol u dgg Ihrown In free. Licences nro $3' ctioh, With U >'i'ii Bet your choice, of miy number «f "I'mldle*," "inkles", nnd "Das- lli's" from the clly pound. Chicago jGets C'-i "^ k'f '''^ Site for New Atomic CHICAGO, F.b 20. - slruatlou will bsgin this Spring ft mammoth MlcjWcfetcrn' cerfter for c'cvokf) nciit of atomic energy for Industrial puipjsos and research )k its mllllflty uses, It was disclosed loda>. Multl-ml!|l';n dollar leboratrojk JOinprlsliiji; one 0 > tlic major U. 8. atomic ccnlcis, win bj built on » 3.C4Vnerc site 23 miles Southwest of Chi:ai!o. , .-,, , • The disclosure was made by Fati- I'lnglcii Daniel!., chairman 'of 'the i:ourd. or governors of Arkonne National. L-bDmtory, He safd"the new site hac,' lucn arprovcd by the Alum!; Enemy CommKsioh and would be purchased "with federal SIMI Un'oinnieiiilrd Published In leiii, "Wi Inkles In Pracllcal Navigation," by I.ccky, iv Btill recommended as n textbook, It tenches nnvlgntors to think. I/. 5. Hockey Team Wins ij.HnAGUE,.Czechoslovakia, FL'J 20 !)-P>—'Ilic V. s. nnmtcur hockey tell) skated circles uiomici n weak Uciminian sextet tortny lo srare n 15 to 3 victory for Us third .triumph ugalnst two defeats In the worln championship tournament,. I HEADACHE El Cioudinc rcllrv** k*.<41**.. rC || c fill btcjulc ll' liquid, in hi. —all ready to begin «AtfnB th« piin. n Jho tacthei ncivl ten- lion iluu to thc pain, BASKETBALL Sururdoy, Feb. 22, 1947 Double Header Benefit Game Preliminary Manila Lions (Independents) Dr. Pepper, Paragould, Ark. Feature Game ^ Royal Crown Cola, Jpnesboro vs Bee Gee Motor Co.; Memphis High School Gym, 7:30 p.m. Adm. $1.00 I'rooccds lo liu used io i»-«vide rcsl room fncllfties for Hl({l» S'.'hool (iym c ,. ow ,,.„ Had, is) '' . ...... . Han is 13) ....r Swan, H, ... iC5 , FtMins <4) ...G. .. Morgan •W,iit c (I0r"^.-. ; ,u. .... cbrce Subsiitutions:- Gbs'nel! - Lswis Jiraugndcjlo ..... Iilaylock !3). •.An -I. Crow. Girls' Game 121 - I'o;. Riiiir'tlncln (Zl| ..P Curtis Hoi ( ..E. Rnn:.':ureli (I;i)| Gosnell (cO Grimes (,01 •Bevill i2>l Wisdom (2) Bright ..... .. Jacksoif Eoiin Snbjtittilions: Gasncll— Cam, IJtm- ncr. Bragsaducib— Pott, \Vhite. Curtis, Brown. Saylcs. Roeve.s JIia;<^ r Johnson' Ite.ilthy Fnruicrs After examining thousands of men, n group of New York scientists concluded that early mld.ile- nged farmers nre healthier than any oilier class of men in the United state*. The Wiinmig Hand Holds and.Arrington ,Piekens (Jonesboro). ! Read Courier NOTICE OF AVAILABILITY Surplus Government Airport Property iimcndKl and other applicable regulations and orders, the following airport property which has been declared surplus to the needs of the Federal Department m- siguncy having control of the same: Manila Auxiliary Field to Blylheville Army Airfield, Arkansas !•& Mile Norfh of Manila, Mississippi County, Arkansas Terms and conditions of'disposal and all other necessary i H formation con- 'tcrnmg the property will be furnished upon request at the above Regbnal"office. ° f SU property is subject lo the following priorities in the 1. Agencies of the Federal Government 2. Reconstruction Finance. Corporation for r:-:;'c 1.1 v,-i :i ]| |;-,- r j,.-^. ;m j 3. Slale and local governmenls „ Th ^ l ;. m , c for exercise of priorities shall IJL- a period of fifteen (15) days nfler the date of first publication of this notice. WAR ASSETS ADMINISTRATION Little Rock Regional Office Office of Real Property Disposal Wallace Building liittle Rock, Arkansas Project No, LU-OS-N BROS, Cl. loalt 4, :>.... FRED S. SALIBA and Co. 2«.\V. Ash~ Blythevllle, Ar^c. You're up to your neck in .slylu wlinu you're \v«nrinp; one of tlioxc smart spoil coats. A .snii]i|iy army of Tweeds, Checks'and plaids, in soft spring pattern!*, await your selection. In varying shades ol brown, blue and gray. Kino quality woolens, featured by export tailoring throughout. In all si^.e.s. $21.50 $25.00 Fine Slacks It's a "slftok" season . . . nnd slacks soar tc a now height in popular!ly in 1017. Kino worsteds and gabnrdinos make KiKippy 011- Kcnililcji when matched with sports coals mentioned above. Floated and conservative: models, in browns, tans-, Lines nnd jri'siys. A marvelous collection . . . ;l nrl we ^tiaran- tce a perfect fit! $11.95 $20.00 HUGHES & (0. \

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