The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1947
Page 6
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Crippled Airliner lands in Africa I -Craft i« Distress > l Over Ocean Proceeds .1 To Casablanca Field ^ PARIS, Pel) 20 (UP)—Eleven passengers and six crew members >of an All Fia-ice plane were re- >orted safe in Oasiblmira today , (\ftcr a Uarrcjxiiiff -KO-mlle nignt cm the Atlantic O can in a crip- p'ed airliner t The trouble de\eloped after the four-enjiriec Constellation loft the Azores OH the last leg of a Ncv,« York-lo-Pans flight The plane flashe^l an £O3 nftor fire burned jmt orte right motor ^ Trouble later deielcpod in Hie •second right motor, and .the Alv ;France plane b?gnn to lose HIU- time lie taigo including 40,uuu Copies of 'c'entlj signed sate/lite P'ac, trea'ics p-inted in the Umt- * ed Stite MS, Jettisoned. ,-^ Tne plino b'gin to 'rise again, - -nd \enltireu av»\ fiom the vicin- •; «tj of tv.o freighters \vhirfi voliui- , leered to stand o\ in case the criut < -Rent dawn In the Atlantic. When ' Die pi me a rued o.or the cas.i- Win i A! port, thc undercarriage , lilled to work p opcrly, and Hie , shii circlca e e \l times -before • hnding iccordmg to litfoimation . leachiie the ilr line in Lisbon , Tne J-lual landing, however; « is . deTirbeti as normul." and. no • one aboard suffered nnv phjfywu _ lurm Passengers \\cre to io traii 1 !» ferred to anothci plane for the (light to Pans ; jh c cre« of the stricken plane „ radioed (hat one of the right motor, caught fi'-o and burned out • complete!} it said the other rlgnC J motoi tlitn begin to fail. Lisbon L said Ihe second motor stepped '* (»c"o F " !nS ' lKnmer - a , ?epi-e^c/ita- ' of Hie Cons.elKtion s\icl t'hre" mo* io I S ) elc . wolkln t Klieii the plane,' , landel at™.. rind that i non e «i burned out ' \ J^™™ Rtncler White-plains N , Y vis saw to be thc only Amer^ were listed is neHcrT A '' ° UlCrS There'.ft Be Some Changes Made • ;_BLTTHEVi LljF: ( ARK .) COURIER NEWS ams New Attention This Time It is in Hollywood THURSDAY, FBRRU.-ARY-SO,' 1017 It lakes a big sheet of paper io list oil the orfiarilzatiprr'or fctl'-ral executive department!: nlul agencies. Democratic Sen. Mnrry F llyrd, of Virginia, dijjpluys Ihe list upon ivhlrh his joint committee on reduction at \iun-p.s,-ymHa\ Federal expenditures is expected to ••'-.•'! the nxe. Late President's Life <To Be Filmed, Son Says , HOI L\ WOOD Fob 20 (UPI- Abandonln 0 , (hen former olic o , -"s thc l,te Piesident Hoosewlt, K C 1 " Mlmt ot lhose «'ho him the Rooievclt f imliv rhas consenKl to the filuy.m; of i his life, hu son James sa:<l today Young Roosevelt saict the nro- » auction, due to stait at an indefinite dmc and with a; slili llr selected -,ctor m the lendlnt; role would be m clnrge of v;i'iuu--p ro - diicei Jay utchaid Kennedy f Experiments ln\e been' coiidii'-t- «cd on T r le « pMstic makeup "i o '^'""Jis ""I'ersonation rno;c J London Tugmen Stage I Token Strike on Thames Wartime Censorship Boss Appointed to UN Position ..L-AKI? SUCCESS. N. Y., Fclx 20. IUF)—Byron Price, director of the wartime Office of Censorship, will assume, his new duties i(s assistant secretary general qf the United Nations for administrative and fl- ijimilo! affairs in a-bout a month. 11 was reported today. "• The 55-year-old former executive rtews editor of tiie Association Press was appointed to the UN past yesterdiij by Trygvc Lie, secretary general. He succeeds John J3. tllut- son,-: u-ho tcstjjnctl. •r.carneil by Experience Not uiiiii looi W as the action of radium on human tissue known At that tline, prof. Bec(,uerel carc- letsly carried a tube of It in his vest pocket and 14 days later had a severe Inflammation oh the skin cf his chest. Yale School See's Hope For Alcholo Addicts CLEVELAND tUPi- — Chronic drinkers -can be • treated successfully and Inexpensively, Dr. E. M. Jeliinck; head of the Vale School of Alcohol Studies, told the Welfare Fcdcrniton here. "A-jDiit 05 per cent of the alcoholics can bi rented and cured." Dr. Jcllinek saiti, "It would costl only about $?0 lo $100 a person." ' lie said he believes Ui.xpavcr 1 ; would be willing to give public /iinds for alcoholic clinics ivhcri they see thc savings in preventing family break-ups, reduction in traffic accidents- and in the loss ol productive work. The litne to start treatment Is niter n sobering-up period, he sajd. In the absence of clinical facilities, Dr. Jeliinck suggested public, institutions 'sinh as municipal jails conid be used. because .of. their Jects and others, of- their boaiitiful \vomeii.- ' , '•.; Put the llircc logctlitr ami you' have th<: ri-asons whv 'Hlythevllle' In the past few years has become a name recognized' all over the United States. • • A recent incident i,, Hollywd'oil once more put niytheville i u Hie spotlight, far a-A'ay from home Miami Mrs. A. Conwny,'who rtuirn- cd home n few weeks ^ngo-. after sppinllii;. a vaoation . iiV Callfoniia, mid Mr. and Mrs. A, a. Little,':whi> also spent part O f their Winter vn "- cailon in Califomin. \vero having dinner at E 3 rl Carroll's Vanities. The head waiter came to their (able nnd asked if anyone there was observing an anniversary- Mrs Little answered that n couple at (heir labla had recently observed their 5)st. anniversary. The coiiple was Mr. and Mrs. Conway. They learned the reason for the question later in the evening when dnrin;; the r«din broadcast, the announcer said. "We have several out-of-town visitors tonight. Amon;. them arc some couples celebrating their wedding anniversaries One couple Is observing their 23id anniversary; another their 25th nnd we have one couple celebrating their FIFTY-FIRST anniversary 1 ', and Mr- and Mrs. Conway found themselves in the spotlight. When Ihcy arose later to dance, the spotlight'followed them around the floor as Earl Carrol 'Vanities' visitors, inany of them famous, cheered and applauded. Another of Ulythevillc's charming women and her husband had added a "feather in'thc cap" of out town. Miss Rebecca McCall, in climbing thc ladder to fame by way of the annual "Miss America" contest, placed her town in the spotlight both before n nd allej- she was named "Runner-up I 0 "Miss America of 194G." • - ' Another young niythcvill" girl spreading the word about the piil- chitntde of this town's female population was Mrs. Herbert N:' Sweai- engen, tlie former Miss Carolyn Peterson. She was chosen' last year to represent Arkansas In .Philadelphia nt an international Lion's Club Cotton Queen contest and named one of Ihe indics-in-wait- ing for the court of thc Meni^Ii'l! Colton Carnival Queen. Miss Gail Eich was among • the final contestants in this year's Cotlon Queen contest. Ulytlicvillc not only i s the home of beautiful women, it is "Tlie Home of the National Cotlon Pick- j li)!{ conk-si 1 ;, which probably has done more than any one program to nuhlicinc Hie city. On a business trip lo the East,James Hill Jr., placed a telephone ^.ili fo Mrs. (fill in Blythevillc. The j telephone operator who put the [call through for him. asked imme- idi.-'lcly upon hearing the. name i 'Blytlievillc', "Oh. isn't tl}«t .the , pl.u-c they have thi cotton .picking ! contest?" ' • The city is becoming widely kno'Aii a s a soybean center, too. its mills and factories are growing; Blyiheville citizens. old and young, farmer and business men, are proud of their town. And they an; letting the rest, of Amerl9a know why they ' ttr e proud; why their town | s progressing nnd will continue to progress. Sugar Ration Increase, for 1947 Debated WASHINGTON,' F.-b. 2). (OP),— H'iUFctt'ives rer.y .learn tomorrow u'li'.-lher they will bi given » new f\W" ration increase jn addition lo Ihe five, pounds they have hl- rci-.dy been promised. The International Emergeuoj Food Council, which allocates the | world supply of sugar to importing I nations, said its sugar committee fxpcctfd lo reach agreement tomorrow on apportionment of available sijpplies, Tiie United Stafcs reportedly is asking for ar. increase over lust year's quota to permit thc per cab- ita allowance to b3 increased Horn 7:> pounds lo nearly 31 pounds. Tliif would raise tlie individual stamp tuion from 25 to is pounds', iridus- iria'. users also would receive 'n substantial increase. Tiie OPA hiis already announced a five-pound' ration increase. LEGISLATURE Continued from 1'aue 1. liic enabling act to Arkansas' "frce- cloiiv-to-wurk" amendment, ahd also by using his veto pawer for the first llmr- this session. He clamped down 0:1 House Bill ci by Boone Count/ «.?n, John C. Carter, a measure Wat would have exempted relatives or patients at the S3tatn Hospltnl Iroiu mainl3nance costs. Th;± finer executive also signed nt-j.,law two other- measures, both by Sen. Ernest Nicholson of Hnri-'- .<»".. des,l8ited to hnli the proposed abandoiviient Q,- the Missouri and Arkansas Railroad, tied up bv strike since last Fall. 'r'op : actlon In the Senate ycst'r- •day centered around the defeat ol •n bill that would have set up the state in the wholesals Honor business.! by Sen E J Bu'' i^^o^liiii^e^^i^ i a^anist the mea'sure w^ i-fn*.* 3 /, 000 ' 000 instruction program ! foi both units of the State Hospltul for Nervous Diseases was passed i ,:L, a f t0 ° votc '" «<« Senate .jesterday, with six senators abssnt An attempted delaying action hv ..sen. j. Weeins Trussell of Fordvc'e ,_was voted 'down l n a .rousing voice In other Senatp proceediivs Ihe measure setting Up the Wai Mc- na°sl«ri ,? ta ' 1 . 11 "" Commission was limis Arkansas race track by the defeat of a measure* advoeat- warded to the House leglslallbii that would allow retail liquor dealers to purchase from • wholesales outside tills state. ' ' Tax Equalisation Move Fa ill , In His House jv major row arose over a bill Introduced by Reps.'.Ugli- j lie of White County, Carpenter of Independence, Harvey of Jacksoii and Fcild of Hempstead. It would raise and equalize assessments of property in Arkansas, and It brought out criss of "dictatorship." It' was defeated 60 to 29. Opponents to tlie bill, which would have authorized thc Public Service Commission to make the assessment, charged thai it would centralize power In the state government. Tn other action, the House: Received a bill that would allow any first-class city to set up a com- ' mission to opsrate and manage a m'miciiMil hosoital; ' Received a bill vesting authority in ths county school boards to clis- ?61ve school districts. At present the county judge is the nuttioiity: Also received legislation raising sheriffs' fees for prisoneis. from $1 to $1.50 per day. except Iii.counties I having an initiated salary act; And gave approval to two mea?- ures after their reconsideration. One would have the state assume the costs in felony''trial's, and the other would do away with tlie n'Sed for assessing 'poll taxes.' ;..'' : A 3?ar breathes only four „. five times a minute while in the gliipor of hibernation. LES Hurt Like iSc^'-S^^f i -w ".±Vi°i l . y -. 1 °" ow ' -«' dli-wtioni. \ Too' Late to Classify i ' 1 For ~~~ •""•"•'"T/m'o JloVil^V. 'K""^ For Sale - '< ' Taken Up » S!Z^gli»?l» .. "r'i" MILLC \ 5 P:;* ftOUR! And you can we rt-e co'crfd print wck in imn/ *vairl krourx] WE HAVE A FEW FARMS TO OFFER- CAM GIVE POSSESSION FOR 1947 FARMING! BoSi,oOaday Th Per_chamber a! so approved and for- IN' 1IIE PKOB.MK COURT FOR THE OHICKASAWBA IIISTRIC"! OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY;• ARKANSAS. ...,..•'•. In the. Siittcr of the EstaU; ; ). cf E b-rl M. Huffman. Deceased) . Pr<bat« [No. li63 .'• NOTICE OF A11M1MSTRATION Notice' is hereby given that- letters of administration ,with Will annex- Farms range from 40 acres to 160 acres in size. Located from one to four miles east and northeast of Steele, Missouri. The very best of soil and with an under drainage that is unexcelled. Drainage bonded indebted-. nessy/ill be paid in full in 1948, which will reduce foxes considerably. Terms 30% cash, and balance fifteen annual install- ments with repayment privileges at any time — 5% interest rate. THE PEMISCOT LAND & COOPERAGE CO. C. F. BLOKER, Secretary •••••' •"«' Steele, Missouri ! JACKSON Hi OZ CAN P08K& BEAMS MAYFIEt-D CREAM STYLE CIIOWI.KY 'RIDGE VICKf GIANT SI7R No. 2 Can SAILOR .'MAN-NO.2 CAN No. 2 Can \ ' . • - • 25 Pounds S O2. : J:ir 2 For 12 14 C 10 GREAT NORTHERN BEANS MAR'SSCHIN-O NO. '/. -SI//E CAN SARDBMES 2 POUND JAR 35 29 50 OUNCE JUG TOKASYhUP GALl-ON mm SETS KING KARLO 12 OUNCE TIN PERCY'S AU, FLAVORS ARROW SOAP Hi Oinv:e 2 For liar 85 39 10 15 7'/ 2 OUNCE TIN 1 Lb. Tin II carl Hunch Pound Each 1 59 15 C 13 C 5 C sr Alii, HRANDS DINETTES HUYLER'S CARAMELS 9 OUNCE PACKAGE MINCE MEAT NICE SIZE ICEHERG LETTUCE GARDEN FRESH RADISHES IDAHO MAKING POTATOES NICE SIZE TEXAS GRAPEFRUIT FRESH DRESSED FRYERS. WILSON'S, KREY'S OR MAYROSE BRICK CHILI I5EST QUALITY SLICED BACOH PRICES GOOD AT BOTH LITTLE SUPER MARKET —AIR BASE— CITY SUPER MARKET 109 E. Main Phone 2668 5 C HENS 49 49 C od. were-grajilcd to the undersigned :upon thc estate of lilbert M. Huffman, deceased, on the 10! h dry ol Primary 1147 ty the p-rjj bate Cour.l of the Chickasawba District of Mississippi Counly, Arkansas. All persons "having claims or demands against fuld estate must exhibit them, properly ruin- enlicated, to the mule.-siened lor allcwoncs within s:x monois fro'si tlie date of the first p;b'!:Ation of this notice or thsy nhail ic birr,\l forever' anil precludes f-c-n criy b.' such estate. ' ' 'The a'ddress of thc untlcr.-i-'n-1 administrator is 4!2 N. uth BtV^e' Blythevillc, Arkansas. " " Dated thrV 12;h day o. r Pj':v::arv, ELBERT M. HCPFMAN ' • Administrator Reid <t Roy, attorneys. gf CHICK THEATRE Happiness Cost? So Little" »»<'< Office 0|ll-ns «|;4S ,,.„,_ Show alart> 1:0« n.,n ,1-ast Time Tnrlaj- "fall In The Saddfe" with ' John Wayne, Oeorsc "(Vibby- Hayes and Ella Uaincs Serial: "rhaiitoin Ititlcf" Ch;ipl. I ' ' Also Shorts «nd Salurrlnv "Sagebrush Heroes" with Charles Starrett and Hub Taylor'as "Oannrinbiill" Serial: "Black Arrow" Cluuil-r 5 . Also Cartoon New The Manila's Finest Shows EVERY NIGirr Matinee Saturday ,t Siiiulur Box Optns Week Days 7:00 p.m. SaL-San. 1 p.m. Cont £hotrinf I>HHl Time Today 'RAGE !N HEAVEN" Injrritl .Bergman :unl . •.. . Kubcrl Montgomery . Selcclccl Slmits Friday "Wild Bill Hickok' Also Short Subjects Open 6:30 p.m.; Slnnv Stavts 7 p.m. Last Time Today 'The Corn Is Green' .citli I5:ttc Oavis News of the Day Also Shorts Friday «nd Saturday Throw a Saddle on a Star' with an All-Star Cast Serial: "Son of the (Juard.iman" Also Shorts RITZ THEATRE * Manila, Ark. Last Time Today 'Gentleman Joe Palooka" with I.con I-;rrol anil Jnr Kirkwooil \c\vs anil Short Friday and Saftirrlaj- 'Red River Robinhood' with Tim Holt Cartoon nnd llth Chapter "Zorro's niack Whip"

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