The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COCKIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI t * * HOME EDITION i,. xxvin—NO. Blythevllle Courier, BiytiKvW* Dair/News Her«ld, Mississippi Valley Leader. _BLYTljKVIU,tt, ARKANSAS. TIIUKS1UY, MAY W, I'ttl SINGLE'COPIES FWB CENTS jrl ; PAROLE Balloonists Safe After 10 Mile Ascension cum PEK Believed Dead, Scientist and Companion Are Safe After Great Adventure Wind Hurls Fast Train from Rails MOOHHEAD, Minn. May 28 (UP) —Death. sufTcrin;; ami properly damage marked today the zig-zag trull of n freak tornado which swooped Sown on a fast Great Northern train near here and hurled 11 passenger coaches from (lie rails. One man was killed and more than thirty persons injured when the twister flipped the train from the tracks. A few minutes later anolher man was crushed when the tornado descrnded at a point 18 miles away. Rescue bcrs of work was hampered by a cloudburst, senior 1 Identified as James Anderson Washington state. On Itis farm Au- clrev/ Hatledal ing. ran to his storm cellar was crushed U> death when a block of concrete fell on him. INNSBRUCK. Austria, Mny 28 'UP) — Professor Angustc Piccard returned to civilization today after a balloon (i-in to thc oiilen .reaches of the carlh's nLmmnhere announcing he had reached height of apnroximntcly 10 miles and achieved valuable scientific observations. Picccird and his companion, Charles Kinfer. landed in Iho cluscd aluminum gondola of their bnllcon about ten o'clock last niebt on a glacia'l peak 75 miles southeast of here. They srcnt Hie ni"hl on the elacier which is about 12.000 fret high near the village of Ourgl. Piccard tcld the chief of lyre over telephone he had cd to the height which was his goal, a point never before, reached by man. He described thc trip ns wondciful ant! the vovne-." over..,,,,,:,, „,, Hie Alps as esporally •beautiful. " a ""\ Wn .'!« l' ro P=»>' damag, The balloon, he said, behaved mapnificentlv and was always in compete control. It was not even dnmneed in lauding on the glacier, he said. o death again Wilson and Osccola Ballots Under Attack Jynior Hiyh Exercises Will Be at 2: 30, Senipr High Exercises at 8 O'clock. More than 160 students will be graduated tomorrow from (he clly senior nnd junior high schools when approximately 94 members of the A class of junior high and (J8 incni- ihe (graduating class of . hlglT school will receive dlp- Tlie man killed on the train was louius in two commencement exer- ! tlsra. Tnc senior graduates will saw the twister com- j Uicir piograui at the city auditor- ''' "" ........ '--- • ium, beginning at 8 o'clock, when Dr. Charles S. Diehl of Memphis, president ol Southwesterii University. will deliver the address. Tlie junior high school exercises MILAN. Italy, May 28 fUP)— A violent cyclone lasting 35 minutes extensively damaged Dssro. native lllm at 2:30 o'clock with Miss Wil- pohcc town of Pope Phis XI in Lombard), 1!e A - LoVson, county 'supcrintcn- are to l>c held at the city auditor- A move uhich would block the ms! of a contest in tlic recent conn- ly school election by John Bcardcn. i-.u;did:iu-s. caiuliiliite lor the coun- l:i.:ud rrcunvas the .vote to diHer- mine who were Hie leuiilly eiwtod He filso rrinlndiMl the (hu ,, 0| .,. y bjx ove| . „„. ty board of education, Mas defeat- -k'-ailv of which them Is some tint been opcni'd. i:>l thiii alternoun when the board onU'iiUon, W. D. Gravctte. representlmj : lloll tloald ,,„<, um |L | nclmtcl , Bci-.rilcn, had presented a protest numerous ballots cust by persons charsins Hitgal voling nt Wilson „„„ a ,,,y lmvjng votw , u n!so and 0>ceula and asking that the chiuged a rtlu-rrpancy between the iccord be purged of nil illegal bal- ! vot! , rr , !orlC(1 from Osccola and ie pell book list. In asking Ihe board lo consider protest. Mr. Oinvelle wild thai lois. Scgravcs said tliat Deardcn. t| successful canuklale, could not contest tlie election, and when : Oravetlc reminded him Hint Bear- : den's election an:l that of Olmptn hiid lie.', ycl been certified moved thai the board certify it at. one?.; W. W. Shaver seconded the motion, but did no! vote, and i>2- rctaulless of IC'Chnlcalllles II "Alfalfa Bill"? No, "Cotton Bill" llme for (ho board to take Illegal voting. Prcsenlation of Ai'ticles lo Tennessee House Expected Tomorrow. NASHVILLE. Tcnn., Mny 28. (UP)—IniiK'achment of Ouv. Henry II. Horton was recommended lo the Tennessee house of representatives today by a committee of live ol its members. "Admitted and uncoiiLrovrrlcil fnct.s," tiic committee said, "wur- rnnl The imiieaclunent of Gov. Hen- to Inking up tlie county controversy Iho board Prior election threw out the entire Shawnce Ixxx for for action!''»' "orton Thc committee's chairman, Hep. local schonl a new election Ijoard members Shaver then moved lhat .ihe : 0,1,1 district, (o i>e held June 25. Wife Kcefivrs Wire LONDON, Mny 28 (UP)—Mtnc. , Ausiisle. Peccant received the fol- ._.JW»ing i/;itiTam at 4:30 p. m. today from her husband, dated Gurgl, the United Press was informed in a long distance telephone conversation with her physician. "We are both well. Kipfr?r and I. The ascent was long and difficult but the landing was made unctor good conditions. We reached the height we dcsireel to attain." Mme. Piccard has been most anxious during the past 24 hours but after receipt of. the telegram, the physician said. He added thai she is expecting a baby in a few . months. 11 miles north of here, today. dent, as the principal speaker. Tfll I Roofs were torn off most nf the' Recipients of various honors | r III I houses and hundred; of trees up-1 awarded each year will not be an-1 ! flLL BUSINESS rooted. Inhabitants were in great nounced until thc medals are pre- extensive there ens sentcel except in the caes of ihe ' valedictorian and salutatorian of the classes. Miss Thelma Worlh- iugton won first honors and Misses Katliaryne Denton and Maurlnc Branson tied- for second in senior high school and in (he elglilh grade. 'Bill McKcnzie is: valedictorian and jJuanHa McDonald, salutalorian. Will Present Memorial In ihe program tornorrow night j there will be no addresses except Prosecuiov Refuses to Dis-!' 1 ™' of ° r - D1 ' hl - T"? Hev - AUr€d • S. Harwell, pastor of the Firsi IE TIL j i. _, •'J. "airtun, ju^iui ui tne riibt iiiip- miSS JnHiclments; OCeks tist church, will say the invocation, June Trials. jthe high school quartette, of Miss. I es Lillian Briscoc, Othns Bracken, j Grace Elliott and Thelma Wortli- Morrilton Bank Again Closes Doors Today LITTLE ROCK, May 28 fUPI— ington. will smg "Ashes of Roses" Trial of the first of five former by Rosetter Cole. Following Dr officials of Ihe closed American Diehl's address Miss Lillian Brls- Eschangc Trust company here on coc will sing "Carisstma" by Allan charges of Vmvlne received denos- Pcnn. - ...... _. its know-in? the bank w;is ms< retired to bed immediately I vent probably will te held dur: nsol- j Bob Burns, president of the class, will present the class memorial the latter part of June, it wns • which is a fund of 5350 to bo used learned by the United Press upon. hi tearing out a partition reliable authority today. - i, lgh ^^ building so that was ascertained through the: library may be enlarged | nlflcc of Prosecuting Attorney; The av-irds will Piccard's balloon was especially! Carl E. Bailey that an effort will' Crawford Greene sur •constructed to rise Into the slrato- j be made to have at lenst one ol t h e Chun's and din] sphere which lies above the earth's (ihe hank cases placed on the next •• -• i atmosphere and where oxygen to I circuit court calendar. It was also support life is lacking. He carried ; indicated thc state will press for tlie bo mmln in- ™m ent M n Administration Officials Say Crops Will Foretell Improvement. WASHINGTON, May 28. fUP)— High administration officials whose duties kept them in close much with Ihe business situation look to the harvest and crops of late summer and fall to determine Ihe ex- ent of improvement which may be expected in the business situation. They believe favorable crops, al- :hough the process may be slow, will furnish an index of business Improvement. Recovery in past crisis of the -business world wollow- cd good crops, they ywlnt out. Department of Agriculture reports show favorable crop prospects thru- out the country, except, for a small region in the Pacific northwest. sn res dent tchool bDT d Th ^'l ev P co loc)1 bDard ' Thc Hev - K Q - r ne > an oxygen supply for hours and yesterday. only after ten i early hearings in all five actions. his balloon failed to descend within the time limit, it was feared he and his companion were either dead or ir.iconscions and unable to bring their balloon to earth. ft Her Anger Former bank executives under indictment are A. B. Banks. J. H. Stanley. John M. Davis, J. C. Conway and R. H. Thompson. N'o indication was given as to which ease would be called for I (rial first. Announcement that early trial of the bank cases followed close on a statement issued I by Baiby in which he said he pastor of the First Methodist church, is to say the benediction. At the Junior high exercises, Miss Leone Callicolt wilt play the processional and the Rev. P. Q. Rori; will say the invocation. Mrs. R. I. Haley, principal, will introduce Miss L'.icilie Bourland as "Miss Junior High." The salutatory address by Junnita McDonald follows a piano solo by Patty Shane anel a vocal I would not dismiss charges against 5ele « itm bv M «* Watson. Bill Mc- ll-.e liuliclKi officials as rccom- ! ^ enzle . V , M sive his_ valedictory ad- mended in a report of the Pulafki county grand jury yesterday. Mrs. Fred Wahl Has LITTLE ROCK, May 28 (UP)— Tlie first bank failure In Arkansas in more than two months occurred when the People's Bank and Trust company of Morrllton, Conn-ay county, failed to open for business Ifulny. according to information received at Ihe stale banking department here. • Tlie People's Bank and Trust comunny closed during the general run last November but wns reorganized and resinned business Uc- cemVer 10. Frozen assets were given as the cause for Hie second closing. The bank was capitalized at John Tlpton, who read tlie repot'l, said his committee would bring In articles of Impeachment r.s soon as Ihey could be prepared. This was expected to require at least anolh- er day. A strained silence greeted the rending of the reixirt. Both house members nnd thronged galleries .sut electrified when Tlpton In an even, calm (one read tlie words, "im- |)eachmenl ol Gov. Henry H. Horlon." SCO.OOO and had deposits totaling $27,000. Manila Men Injured When Scaffold Falls MANILA. Ark.—Gene Fleeman and R. W. Stutts were painfully injured yesterday when a scaffold on which they were standing fell several feet to the ground. Slutts Is believed to have sustnln- The Herman Davis post 1M1 of cd a fractured nose while Flcemnn FLIES mm ID m Amelia Earharf Starts I rails-Continental Trip; Endurance Record Falls. NEWARK, N. J., May 28. (UP) — Amelia Earhart,, flying an auto-gyro, started today on'a trans-conti- nental flight In easy stages. Starting from Newark airport at 8:04 eastern daylight time she planned to halt at Harrlsburg, Pa., about noon for gas. then proceed to Columbus, O., to pass the. night. Veterans of Foreign Wars will meet at the city hall tonight, 7:30 o'clock for a business session. suffered cuts and bruises about the head and shoulders. Tlie men were erecting a house on Mac Fleeman's farm three and All members nrc urged to attend. |a half miles south of Manila. A 50 cent piece, dated 1813. is the prized relic of -Mrs. Fred Walil, cf this city. Tiie unusually old money piece Is but one of a collection of old coins with many of the mdatlng back to years shortly before 1850. The oldest coin, which is in size almost as large as R dollar, has ! the head of a woman on one side and 13 stars on Ihe othersidc. It has been in the owner's family for 25 years. dress bclore Miss Lawson addresses the class. Honors fo lie Airardril In the awarding of honors and medals. Mrs. V. A. While will pre- Mrs. Ernest Roe will Trophy cup and the prize lor the poster contest, nnd Mrs. Edgar Borum will 'announce the best girl citizen. These conic-sis are span- sored by the American Legion Auxiliary. George W. Durham will present [he history medal for the Dud Coson post ol the American Legion. The memorial, a drinking fountain on thc campus between Ihe senior and junior high schools giv- to Build Road Link ' BRINKLEY. Ark., May 28 (UP) —At tli; closing session of the second annual convention of the UeScto Trail association here last night a r;solulion was adopted ask- img the slate highway commission, to smrl construction of a link connecting Brlnkley and Fisher, which when completed will provide an all wsather road from Cairo. Ill, to Texarkana. C. J. chapin of Jonosboro was re-clcctcd president and Luther Ellison. Camden. re-elected secre- prelty Jocelyn Lee, above, film acl- jtary and manager. rrss. got good and mad whsn lieri former husband, Luther Reed, came | Cnctus plants are now used en by the classes of ^0 and '31. will | be announced by William Faugbt. . n I Crawford Greene will make the Ask Highway UCpartment prc.^ntation of the certificates. Elmer Lindsey Made First Class Scout Tho Sudbury school Boy Scout trcop liad a court, of honor last evening v,ith R. F. Klrshncr and Charles A. Stubbs. members of the court, who attended. Elmer Lindsay became a. first class scout and merit badges and i honors were conferred en the fol'lowing: L. G. Thompson. Jr., merit bsdes In b!rd study, automobillng, star scout rank; Norman Specie, cooking, nutcinoblling, persona! health, painting; Utho Barnes, first aid to animals; Herman Turncookinj: Woedrow Hughes . - ,- ..... - - — ---- ...., to home and tool: his two chll- [produce various drugs, soap, clean- j cooking, automoblling, painting, dren to the home of his friend. Ivan j «s, water softeners nnd a boiler, star scout rank, five years vcl«r- St. John. Hollywood writer. Accord- : compound, which Is the latest com- ;nn scout rank. Indianapolis Is on her schedn morrow nnd thence her ro 1 through St. Louis. Tnlsa, Amnrlllo, Klngman, Ariz., and westward U> Los Angeles and later to San Francisco. Her auto-gyro will fly an average of 80 to SO miles an hour. Aiding his slate's cotton farmers by "Alfalfa Bill" Murray of. Oklahoma Is wnarlug this Toll-cotton 'outfit a trip to California with nu official parly. The suit, hat an shoes were mnrie from cottoi Acquittal Directed .. for . Hiomas, Shipman, Crow- dcr, in Conspiracy Case. JONKSnORO, Ark., Mny 23—Aubrey R. Scott, former caihter of the -. First National bank r<f Blytlif k'Mle, • will start today lor ChSllliMir.';, O., .. to commence n three year sentence , Imposed in federal court here this . morning on his pleas of guilty to three charges of making false en-' tries In the hooks of the bank and •: one charge of cinbez/.lement. In Imposing sentence Jadg; John" E, Mniilncau said that. l!e would-•• • recommend parole for Scott 0.1 In? 'curliest possible dnle. Scott' will be' • eligible to parole after one year. The judge imposed' sentence of three years on each of the pleas uf ; guilty, but ordered the sentences . .to run concurrently. The. maximum 'sentence on each count woulel have jbecn n™ year. Apparent, lightness' of thc sentence was attributed by Suott's attorney to Ills youth, his pleas of guilt and his readiness to testify against J. E. Shluman, E, B,- Thomns ami Ardeh. Crowdcr, co-. defendants, and the fact that her has a family dependent upon hlm. : Thrte 1 Freed of Conspiracy;- ; .Charges of' 7 conspiracy' against'- Shlumavi,-. Thomas nnd Crowdar were, brought 1 to trial yesterday, m'.^:. a directed'verdict of acquittal was' ordered by Judge.' Mnrtineau 'tliio ! morning rJEfore-any defense. testU, mouy had been heard.;. . . . ;'. Clmrgea'of embeEzlement are sUlt' ;H -. pending against Shlpinniv- a, nd ; . Thomas; bu( will not be-'called-for. trial before the next term of court in KoyetnWer. There are' 'no further ' •••••( There were [our . lridlctni<-nts-V'V agnlnst Scolt. The first contained two counts, one of embezzlement.: and one of false ciilry. The-former, wns dismissed ' on motion of the., government and Scott pleaded guilty nnd WB.S sentenced on the Inttcr, Scott pleaded guilty to the • second Indictment, charging conspiracy, but nfter the acquittal of his co-defendants on the sums ,' charge he was permitted to withdraw the plea nnd the Indictment '• wns dismissed. The third Indict- ncnt contained three counts of -oiftfnm; C \™h Cl "?M V1 i^, CaSe ""'» ^' °~ °< '"- ™ «"*Will I robably DC Heard . mlss ? (1 b V "« government and to , \\ T i two Scott pleaded guilty at Next Icrm. Breaks Non-Slop Record JACKSONVILLE, Fla., May 28. (UP)— Walter Lees and Freil Brossy, flying a Diesel motored oil burn- Ing Packard plane, broke the world's non-ref tiding endurance flight record at Jacksonville beach here today. At 11:10:41 c. s. t. the plane 'continued to soar smoothly through Ihe air having surpassed by an Ihe old lime of 75:23. hour Off Tor Mexico City OSCEOLA, Ark.—'IVIsl of the still against. Kinlcy W. Cnrtwright of Osccola for $25,000 damages filed by Mrs. Eulalla French Crawford, widow of the late M. L. Crawford nnd her daughter. La- vernc, In federal court at Jonesboro, Ins been continued for thc term on agreement of attorneys. The suit grew out of Iho alleged fatal shooting of Crawford by the wealthy hardware merchant on the night of March 1st. Cnru right is at liberty under $'25,000 bond pending trial at the October Urn, of Circuit Court on .reived sentence. The fodr was- a j blanket Indictment of cmbszjle- ment of S43.000, lo which Scolt pleaded guilty. Max B. Reid was attorney for. Scott. Shipman and Thomas were represented by W. Leon Smith,'and Z. B. Harrison, E. E. Alexander, and, C. F. Cooper represented Crovnbr.' Held Case Not 1'rovcd . Judge Marllneau ,in 'explaining to the attorneys his decision • to direct a verdict of acquittal 'in' tho conspiracy case, said that while there was evidence of mlsappror priatlon of bank funds by the three . defendants there wns little lo show any actual plan or combination BURBANK, Cnl., Mny 28. (UP)-l a cllnr ee of first, degree murder j to'effect "that "purpis". "The" Judge Captain Leon Din?.. Mexican av!a- • J°.r . whicl1 . nc ™< indicted by a . indicated a belief that he regard- tor, nnd hi.i mechanic, Leonardo F.nrlrme. took off from United airport at 4 a. m. today on a propcs- ed non-Mop flight lo Mexico City. The flyers snici they hoped lo reach (lie Mexican capital In II hours. 200 MILES AN HOUR. AMD UPSIDE DOWN!—Hero you sec Charles (Speed) Holman. daredevil stunt pilot. Hying only A fe«- feet above the ground. Just a fc,w seconds before he met his death at the Omaha. Neb., air races. Twenty thousand spwtalors. nerves tingling, were watching as— . Ing to St. John, Jocelyn came in a;Vnctclal Deduct of the desert) Plans were made for this troop hull to his home, broke 18 windows plant and has proved a boon in to camp on Eleven Point river In and almost wrecked the place. The actress was held under $100 bond. cleaning and purifying heating,tho Missouri Ozarks for the Fourth systems. | of July week-end. CRASH! AND HE STRIKES THE OROUND1-A fast working cameraman for NEA Service Bnd Courier News snapped this picture as tho whizzing ship struck, the ground and turned over. No- jtice the upright wing midway In tho air and thq Hying dust nnd debris. ond 5|mi]ar Liquor Feud Cause of Fatal Shooting, Belief HATESV1LLE. Ark..Mny 28 (UP) —A liquor feud was believed by officers to be responsible for tho shootlne here today of George Fritz, 53, farmer, residing at Al- Mlssisslppi county grand jury following the fatal .shooting of Crawford. Thirty Day Suspension Is Meted Out to Dobbs MEMPHIS. Mny 23 (UP)— Manager John Dobbs of the Atlanta club cf the Southern' Association was oidered suspended for 30 days rega cd Scott as the major offender and felt that Shipman. Thomas, snd particularly Crowder were gradually led into a course' of action the full Implication of- which they did not realize until -dosing of the bank made exposure - of tl'.cir overdrafts imminent. He said that he did not at pros-, ent see any reason why Shipman nnd Thomas should not be brought to trial for embezzlement, but did ;":| today in a ruling hander 1 , down by j not believe it. would be irroper to mond. 17 Fritz was n!cs sout shot froi south of here. mi arr.bush, be- try them, en that charge before the same ji'ry which had heard Ihe evidence in tiic conspiracy case. Xo Ncn- Revelations Presentation of the government's case In the conspiracy trial added working in a t':?ld r.cnr thicket j surrounding circumstances he con- 1 little to earlier revelations con- when shot. He managed lo sum-'sl'lcrcd 30 days sutlicicnl. i cerning the shortage of nearly mon a neighbor who brought him • --- I $50,000 which led to the arrest of here. Physicians said his co:idi-il[ C TVoacii"/ Hefir-Jt 'the four ycuug former First Nau. a. iredsury L7CJICH ' ing struck in Die face with a load John U. Martin, league president. Dobbs was fcur.d guilty of striking Umpire Goes during a night came nt Atlanta recently. 'I'r.e president said the matter cf suspension for striking r.n umpire is from a shotgun. The victim was I dlscrclicnr.ry and in view of the tion was critical. — I Passes Billion Dollars Audiences Hears j WASHINGTON. May 28. tup>- Robinson Give Address!™' ., .. „„ records show today. The treasury's niPi T-I, „ ,nr,, i f nV« d "">' sti'ement, issued today, shows hurl T n " dll . orlum .? t !hc ™ s ; I the deficit reached the billion mark burgh- Teachers college today on M 20 BUndl on thal dav housed the largest crowd In its al $ , i0 oo, 79 2, 4 3o.88. history when southeast Kansis turned out to hc'nr Senator Joseph T. Robinson of Arkansas The senator spoke st the annual commencement exercises al which degrees and certificates were awarded 450 students. tlonnl tank employes. While UK Instructed verdict of acquittal made It unnecessary for the defense to present its case, cross i examination of government .wit- 1 (Continued on Page Three) Doak Sees Slight Gain in Employment Situation j rrlda >'' WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cio'jdy to un| settled tonight and Friday, probab- l ly thundershowers In northwest por- I lion, cooler in northwest portion I According to thc official weath- WASHINOTON, May 28. (UP)— | er observer, Charles Phfillps. ji>.. Secretary of Labor Boat: said lhat I Ihe maximum temperature her,! | May showed a "slight and gradual" yesterday was 92 d;gr«s anrt the Firecrackers In China arc used upswing in employment. Iminlmum 67 degress, clear.'fodsy not only 01: holidays, but during ] The increase Is not large, he said a year ago the minimum tempera- weddlnga. funerals, anniversaries i bill "there U nevertheless a <;°n- t n re was C2 degrees and Ihe mrtxi- I ntte Improvement." j mum 87 degrees, clear.

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