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New York Daily Herald from New York, New York · 1

New York, New York
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Tuesday, April 10, 1849
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I T H ? - fir* JSV. 5422. , INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE from the ISTHMUS OF PANAMA. Ac. Ac. Ac. The steamship Alabama, Captain Baker, arrived at New Orleans on the 31st ult., from Chagres, whence she suilcd on the 23d. The Picayune of the 1st inst., says:? She brings Intelligence from the Pacific to the morning of the 21st. uLho seme twelve or thirteen passengers, among whom are Mr. Kdward Byrne, of the Quartermaster's Department, and Mr. K.dward Conner, bearer f despatches from the New Granadian government. Mr. C. leaves immediately for Washington. Our letters by this arrival are very interesting. They are annexed :? Our Panama Correspcndence. Panama, March 21,13-19. Highly Interesting Intelligence?Appearance of Panama?The Mqil Steamship Oregon?Means of Getting to California?The Emigrants on the Isthmus?Ihe Railroad to the Pacific?'Ihe Surveying Party?Free 'lVade in New Granada? Arrivals of Emigrants?San Salavado ami the Mail Steamships?New Mercantile House?The Isthmus Mail Serous?Commer ce of the Pacific, Ire., 4-c. The little town of Panama, so famous in history for its great walls, its battlements, towers and earthquakes, has been driving quite a thrifty and profitable business during the past three months. All, from the muleteer and water carrier up to the Supreme Judge, have profited by the influx of Yunkees. Real estate,which was for the most part valueless until the opening of this gold excitement, has advanced more than one hundred per cent. Houses thut could be rented easily for $20 per month, now command from $60 to $80, and it is even difficult, at this enormous increase, to obtain one. Articles of food, clothing, and manufactures, of every description, have advanced in the same ratio, no that living in Panama at this moment is not quite as cheap as in sonic of the towns on the Ohio. Yet, with the immense drain upon the scanty resources ?limited only by the want of cultivation?one can live moderately comfortable at one to two dollars per day. This figure, however, is as high as you can reach, exclusive of wines. The grades of living are as various as are the modes ana styles, and all with accommodating prices. Many, for instance, form in clubs or messes, appoint their caterer, rent unfurnished apartments, provide their own provisions, and do all their own cooking and washing; others prefer renting by the day, week or month, a chamber furnished with beds,tables and chairs,who feed at pleasure, either at an hotel or a restaurant; another class, again, obtain full board in private families, where they are allowed the run of the kitchen, and the pleasure of a cheerful pantomime (for few Americans talk the language) cpnf-'.o hefore wid after meals With the &jior? or her languishing dark eyed neiee. An aping class of Astor teeth-pickers who savor strong of the codfish and potatoes they were wont to relish at home, are here enduring at hotels horrid usage, no comfort, bad attendance, und six in a room, ull for two dollars per day, and the privilege of sauntering through the dilapidated and once shining halls of the Astor or the St. Charles of Panama. There cannot be above seven or eight hundred in the city at present, nnd about one-half that number on the Isthmus. Every house within the walls, and muny outside, from the Governor's down, is tenanted by Americans; and to a peace loving person, it is charming to see with what perfect good-will the various classes assimilate. The buildingHare large, f airy, and well supplied with apartments, always r allowing a number of spare rooms, not used by tne family, thut are thus, in the present great demand for them, rendered of some account. During the past week there has been but little ; stirring of consequence. The city is healthy, the weather cool and delightful, the thermometer never risipg above 85, with a fresh breeze constantly blowing in from the sea. Altogether, this ia the most salubrious climate I everenpiyed; a perpetual summer here reigns, giving life and verdure through all seasons to the delicious fruit, and adding new fragrance to the trees, vines, and the festoons of rich and variegated flowers that overhang the ramparts and adorn the balconies nnd terraces of almost every house. It is not true that baneful diseases exist in this country. Excesses ; nnd exposures in any country, though it be an Eden, would lead to disease and death. It cannot he that nature intended to inflict a scourge upon a spot where so many of her bounties have been lavished, and where are concentrated all that is chaste and elegant in her works. Panama, I again assert, is not an unhealthy place?Chagres is, no doubt; but much of the suffering complained of by our people is owing to exposure to the sun, and an excessive use of fruit and bud linuors. The beautiful steamer Oregon, the second vessel jn Mr. AppinwaU's Pacific line, sailed on the 12th inst. for California,with 240 passengers, more than her complement. The Oregon reached here from New York, as you are already aware, in a passage of only fifty-two days; but what is most remarkable, during the long and tedious voyage round the Cape, the engine was not stopped, except when in port, nor n hammer laid upon it until her arrival in this harbor, where it wus taken entirely asunder, examined, cleaned, and put together again, without the cost of one cent. She went to sea from this port as perfect a ship as ever floated, and full ten jht cent in better order than when she sailed from New York. The engineer department of the noble ship was creditable to the chief engii neer and his men, as well as to the scientific builders. Nothing could cxecd the exactness, the dis' ripline, and the scrupulously clean appearance of every thing within this important section of the bnip. , t The California is hourly expected from San Francisco. Her pnssengers are here, anxiously waiting her arrival, and hundreds that have no tickets, and who have been waiting an opportunity to leave this place, are none the less desirous, although their chances of getting on hoard are exceedingly small. There are no vessels in port unemployed; in fact, there arc hut three?all told. One of them is the whalilig hark Equator, which came in here a few weeks since, and immediately engaged 130 berths at two hundred dollars euch, netting the handsome sum of thirty thousand dollars, the whole of which wns remitted in gold to her owners. The expenses of the trip were paid out of a t>ortion of her cargo of oil, sold here. The other vessel bound to California is the Hritish hark Collony, with a like number of passengers engaged. The morning Hfter she arrived there was not a berth to be had. The price of passage is also two hundred dollars?fare, salt junk and hard bread. The llremen ship Von Humboldt, a handsome vessel, of 700 tons, is still here, at an expense to the steamship company of forty dollars per day. She ha* coal on hoard, and is"now waiting the arrival of the California, ller captain was offered sixty thousand dollars for her, because, according to the rates and the number offering, she would have accommodated three hundred, thereby netting in one trip the full amount of purchase money. 'Pile captain beine under heavy bonds for the fulfilment of the charter, could not comply with the daily and incessant solicitations of the people. A little schooner, of fifty tons burthen, called the Constellation, was purchased a few weeks since by Col. Zahriskte for $.9,000, in which himself and party, numbering in all about 50, sailed for San Francisco. A similar class vessel in build and tonnage?but minus a keel?Peruvian built, worm eaten and weather beaten, sold not long since for #5,000. The party numbered fifty-two. They sailed on the 21st, today. There are all kinds of wild and extravagant schemes on foot, hv those who are almost driven to dcsisiir. Small canoes, calculated only for crccKs, or sucn iik? navigation, nrc oeingnttert with masts, and provisioned to the utmoat of their cnpncities, for the journey to San Francisco; us incredible us this may Hjipear, it is nevertheless true, siid there are Don Quixottes enough in Panama to enter such foolish expeditions, some three or four of which are now in active preparation. Parties are forming for the pur|?ose of chartering some schooners now at Chagrcs, to convr them to Corpus ( hristi; they will there disembark and proceed to Muwitlan, where it is my impression they will meet with the same difficulties encountered here. Mazutlun is ntore than twelve hundred miles from fian Francisco, and their chances of proceeding would depend wholly -upon the aceidental arrival of n merchantman, or a vessel of war. The commerce of Mnrntlnn is not much greater than that Panama, and under the present excited state of nflairs, particularly so near the scene, it will he hard to count with any certainty upon the movements of ships or steamers. The only difficulty sj<prchcnded an regards ths movements of tho "O 1YT Mli 11 MC steamers here, unci their punctuality in arriving Hntl sailing, is upon the score of desertion. There is no power in California or elsewhere, that can prevent men leaving a vessel where the temptations held out are so great; nor can it be expected that thev will listen to reason. if there were more vessels here for the transportation of passengers, and even merchandise, no route yet discovered could compare with the Isthmus; and if the facilities for travelling were increased on this side, the influx from the Antl intie side would no doubt increase in a proportionate degree, nnd at once establish this place as the most accessible and favorite channel through which California is to be renched. A little brig front Valparaiso, daily expected, is taken up at one hundred und fifty dollars per head. Two or three scheming scoundrels from New York, have been here imposing upon the credulity of the green'uns, who, with plausible, but improbable, nnd often impossible, stories, managed to fleece many of these noor fellows out of nil they were worth. One of tnese chaps has been forced, for the last week, to keep himself under the bush; the other, uo doubt, will receive his deserts in u few dnys. If they are caught, they are certain to be dealt with according to the usages of Lynch Inw. An immense business has been done in ticket speculation. _ A regular 'Change, upon the Wall street plan, is held daily for the sale of tickets in .1.. -I- .... r? rt.l!/- ?! ? ? uio vafiuuo vcpBuiB uji iur vviuuuniiii; ana many hav e realized handsome sums by purchasing and selling, llulletins are kept at the coffee houses, where all are at liberty to post advertisements and notices, free of charge; and it is to this spot every anxious ticket-hunter, dealer, or pedlar is drawn, as regular as the day dawns, and often before his optics arc able to distinguish light front darkness. Col. Emory, Major Sewell, and Col. Weller^with their party, composing the recently appointed boundary commission to California, arrived here a day or two since, from New Orleans. Col. Weller brings with him his family. They await their chance, like any other poor plebeian on the Isthmus, unless, indeed, the steamer Massachusetts should come in. They will be detained here, no doubt, many days; and if they are, it will be serving the government perfectly right, lfcports front the Isthmus surveying party, sent out by Mr. Aspinwall's company in January last, received daily, are cheering in the highest degree. The progress of the divisions at work on the Panama side of the Chagres river, has been much greater than was at all anticipated, and their sucj cess beyond the most sanguine expectations. The grading and cutting will be much less than was expected, and but one tunnel, of 700 feet in length, will be required. If the party is allowed fifty working days more, they will settle upon a line that will reduce the originuf estimate of the cost at least one million of dollars, and will communicate with the Atlantic from Panama, by steam, in eighteen or twenty months from the day the road is first rnmmpnppfl. T'hia will nr nnn Ko rlnno Kir Ko. I ginning the rond at Panama and Gorgona at the same time, and by connecting this Dortion with a boat on the Chagres river. I was told by one of the principal engineers, that there are one hundred and fifty miles on the Erie road infinitely worse than the worst part of the contemplated road on the Isthmus. The leading members of the new Granada government, among whom is Don Mariano Arrassemano, are endeavsringj by every means, to abc!i:h the customs duties, and mnke all the ports in the republic free. They have been urging this matter upon the attention of the general government with much real earnestness, and are not without strong hopes of their ultimate success. Senor Arrassemano is Minister of Finance, and possesses much influence. If the present administration remained in power, the entire abrogation of all revenue customs would be effected without delay The pronimciamcnto issued by General Smith, when on his way to California, questioning the right of foreigners digging and carrying off the gold from that country, has not pleased the cabaUcrut of Peru. They are quite incensed about it: and, in the true Christian spirit of returning good for evil, invite all who may desire to come and dig the gold from their mines ad libitum, and free gratis for nothing. I send you a copy of the Lima Ccmrtar, containing some of their vituperations. I eend you, hipo, an official list of the arrivals of vessels and passengers at Chagres, since the beginning of the excitement, from which it will be seen that two thousand five hundred and thirty-four rereons have reached Chagres since the 27th of Jecember, to the 20th of February. Admitting that each person expended, in transportation and living, in crossing and while on the Isthmus, the sum of sixty dollars, which is a moderate uvcrage, and admitting that the same ratio continued during the year, the result would bet that at least one million of dollars would be distributed among the poor in the immediate province of Panama. The amount already expended by our people is at least two hundred thousand dollars, and this only for the last three months. ant- xresiaeni 01 xnc ."tnte ot .-'an nnivaaor nas issued a formal proclamation, inviting the directors of the Pacific steamers to hare them touch at the ports of Libertud, La Union and Aeajutla. He offers them free egress und ingress, and every other facility within the power of the respective places. A copy of his decree has been forwarded to Mr. Asitinwnll. An American mercantile house, under the firm of Arias Connor Sc Co., has been established here under the auspices of J. B. Ferand, Esq., for many years American Consul at this place, und who is now the leading merchant in Panama. Mr. Ferand, 1 leant, is the silent partner and father-in-law to Mr. Alias. It is the only house here identified with the interests of Americuns, and can be called un American house. Mr. Connor is an American. Until there is some regulation effected for the transit of the mail ucross the Isthmus, either by our government or by the parties who are in the receipt of ?500,000 annually, the grand object for which this immense appropriation was made is in a measure worthless, and in no way conformable to the provisions specified by the contracting parties. The mails are hurriedly, and without care or attention, put on board the Falcon or the other mail bout at New Voir, and on their arrival at Chngres are thrown ashore or in some canoe, where they remain until some one in charity takes them cross. Up to this day there appears to be no accredited agent to receive them, or to see to their speedy and safe delivery from one packet to the other. The mails, on a previous trip of the Falcon, were six days crossing from Chngres to Panama, while those intended for the United .States, to go ulso by her, failed to reach in season, and it is even doubtful if tliev at all reached their destination. A mail agent?whose duty it would be to see that the mails were safely put on board of the steamers, and who might also be empowered to open an otlice at Panama lor the reception of letters to go by either line of steamers?should be appointed immediately. At present it is not safe to mail a letter at New York for !Sun Francisco, nor will it be until si nie person is made responsible for the mails while on the Isthmus. The want ofsystenior regularity iu the sailing of the mail steamers from Chngres is, of course, attributed to the inefficiency of the vessel* employed at present in that service ; and, as far as t this inconvenience is concerned, no remedy can be adopted until the large and splendid ships originally intended for the line snail he completed. When these urc finished und in full operation, and h system organised between the Atlantic and Pacific lines, uniiing their operations for their mutual benefit, the interests of both companies would be secured, and the great object of the enterprise fully carried out. It would be advisable, also, if I might take the liberty of -U2ger.t;..? have an arrangement effected with the British ffliul steamers running on the south coast, fiff Ihc transpoitation of letters to and from the United States ; or if such was thought objectionable, the agent who has charge of the mails from the Atlantic to ihe Pacific, should have instructions to forward and receive nil letters to and from the United States, bv paying the regular rates. The government of the United States could be remunerated by adding the amount thus paid on the arrival of each letter in the first American office it reached, and on nil outwurd bound letters by being prepaid, lty an arrangement of this kind, a person could ninil a letter in the most obscure village in the Union for any part or port on the Pacific, and in like mnnner receive one, without any expense to the government, further than the payment of an agentu who might act for the lines running in both directions. At the custom house in this city there are bags of Americnn letters directed to the United States and to various ports on the pacific; but as ! our Consul is not authorised to release them, they ; are allowed to remain a ccrtuin length of time, nnH are then destroyed. The large American interests invested in mercantile and whaling pursuits on the Pacific, demand the nrotection of the government in this particular. At present, rather than risk a letter or a remittance across ths Isthmus, a merchant or whaling captuin will prefer sending by the tedious conveyance around tne Horn, as being the surest method, but by no means the quickest. I mention these facts that the friends of the new administration may be induced to benefit a large portion of the commerce of the United States by a speedy 1 action in the matter. C. \ W YC >RNING EDITION?TI Oar Gorgon* Correspondence. Guuooma, Isthmus (!< Panama, J March 21, 1H40. $ Afjxaranct of the Townof Gorgon a?7 Tie Ptacefu Hi*} writ ion. of the Native*?Murder of a Native? Euteryriie of the Yankee*, fyr., 4"<"AVho in it in the United States that has no heard of the little cane village of Gorgonal am w ho does not know that it stands upon an elevate< plain, some thirty-five miles up the river Chugres in the direction of Panama. The followers o mammon, in their heedless and headlong race to wards the goal of all their aspirations and hopes o future greatness, have unconsciously given noto riety to this isolated hamlet, and its unsophisti cated community. The fame of tlorgona, with iti cane houses, and its myriads of spectre dogs, iti ant-eating hogs, and dwarf horses, will soon over shadow the fur-fanied city of Thebes, with iti hundred gates. It is certainly most surprising tha this interesting place should have remained un noticed until so late a period, nnd that antiquariei and learned men should have remained so loni silent upon its actual position and existence. Iti isolation can only be accounted for by the want o a Straho or Belzoni, who* genius would havi given 11 niche in classic lore to its rare antiquities Ciorgona is in all respects a quiet, orderly am religious town, and its local affairs, for the mos part, uninteresting to Aniencuns, except so far a they have reference to travellers. Much of the tinn of (lie people, particularly the women, is given to rc ligioue observances. This being the festival of Lent the most sacred season in the Catholic Church all, men. women and children, congregate nightl; at the place of worship, und with tinseled image of the most favored saints, perambulate the street with burning tapers in solemn procession. A these peculiarities are so well known to ull win have read the history of .Spain or her dependencies 1 will not venture further, but record the few event identified with our own people. The greater part of the imssengers by the steatne Northerner have come on, and passed through 01 their way to Panama. There arc not more thai two hundred here, all of whom are well, many an encamped on the outskirts of the town, while other have their abode in the habitations of the natives There has been some sickness among the eini grants, and also some quarelling. A quarrel toot place a few days since between a young man fron New York and some of the natives, when one o the latter lost his life. The Americun fled in dis guise to Panama, though I doubt if they woule have molested him even had he remained The authorities are very lenient to Americans, sc much so indeed, that many from the United States are permitted to indulge in the most atrocious acts of violence and brutality. There haa been altogether eight deaths at this place, and I regret to say six at least of this number sought their own end in excesses and dissipation of all kinds. The country itself in somewhat feverish, but diseases peculiar to the climute are in nine cases out of ten, contracted through carelessness. The common intermittent is most prevalent, but occasionally severe bilious remittent ' occur, or rather one runs into the other after forming complicated cases. Those cases of deaths were, in many instances, owing to mal-treatmeni and want of prudence in the absence of medical aid. Che of the division* of the surveying party is quartered here. The head-quarters of the expedition still remains with their little hospital, at the head of which is Doctor Halstead. This gentleman hus been of infinite service to the emigrants ; independent of his duties at camp and through the various divisions, he assumed the care of dozens of his countrymen, administering aid and nourishment, wherever it was needed, freely und without recompense. The members of that expedition, I am pleased to report, are all well, and are most assiduous in the prosecution of tne fresh work for which they were sent out. The road to Panama front this place is 'in such excellent order, that nine-tenths prefer walking. Three or four American gentlemen have taken the exclusive trade of the road, and are collecting from the surrounding country all the best horses for the purpose of making a regular line between Gorgona and Panama. They have already trained many excellent horned cattle for the baggage and merchandise. The horses will be kept in good order for the saddle. The troops, numbering about two hundred, that were garrisoned at Panama, were ordered some few weeks to assist the Englishmen now at work repairing the Graces road. Our Chagres Correspondence. Ch.iqres, March 22, 1849. Mexican Boundary Commission?Tht Steamer Orm?Speculation in iMnd at Chagrts, fyc. tfc. The United States steamer Alabama, Captain Baker, arrived the 12th, having on board Colonel Wi lier and the commission appointed to Bettle the California boundary line; she leaves to-day foi New Orleans. The brig Henrico is here again ; she arrived yesterday from Charleston, with twenty-two passengers, all of whom have proceeded up tne river. There are, however, some fifty or sixty persons encamped on the omwsite bank. A large marque, denominated tne St. PViurlna I Iftlsl nnsi Iron! n??r*r? tko ?,,?-??? .?!.?? us that of the celebrated establishment of that name in New Orleans, stands upon the right bank of the river, amid a host of smaller ones used for various purposes, and where may be had all the latest Yankee notions and inventions of the day. The steamer Orus is still employed towing vessels into the harbor, and canoes with passengers up the river. The object of her mission here is in a manner frustrated, her great length precluding the iwssibility of making the short turns and angles of the river, nor will her draught of water allow her to proceed farther than the mouth of the Trinidad, or a little beyond, which is only about eighteen miles from Chagres. A small iron boat, with a stern puddle-wheel, such a one as is now in Mr. Allaire's establishment in New York, would nnswer the purpose well. She draws but eighteen inches of water, has good breadth of beam, and | would carry u large cargo up to Gorgono without difficulty. Much speculation Is going on here and in Panama, respecting the terminus of the proposed railroad, Property at Lima Pay atid at Porto Hello, hns been bought up extensively by parties and individuals, in the ho|tc that they will be made the depot, 01 terminus' A company in New York, who has an agent here, purchased through that agent, the lonp neck of land which forms the beautiful harbor ol Potto Hello. The hay of Porto Hello is one of the finest in South America, and can at all times ride at anchor one hundred ships of the line. It is five miles deep and three wide, forming n perfect horse shoe, and is altogether 11 safe Hnd commodious haibor. Limon Hay, although not so large, in nevertheless eligible as n good harbor, and, with a little expense, would answer the purpose of a rail road terminus admirably. The shin news 1 send you on a separate sheet, and would, at the sam time, say to those coining here in command of ves sels, that no danger need he apprehended on enter ing the port. The entrance is not the best in th world, neither is it as bad as nrnny would have th i_ t-_:....i co..,..- ... i.-i:'? w.i I?rvjuc i uiv ^?in? u oinirn uj unicvc. Ji m?: man ler of a vessel is disposed to act honorably toward the underwriters, he need entertain no fears as t< the safety of his vessel. The underwriters should have an a^ent here ; it would pay them well.? Much nii^ht be said upon this subject, and in jus tire, I think certain transactions should be mad( public. Arrival* of Vessels and Passenger* at Clw gres for California* 1848. VtHtlt. PdHtttfert Dec. 87?Steamer Falcon, New Orleans llfc JO?Bark 8. Benson, New York b< IMS. Jail, i- Stosrncr Crescent City, New York 18< B?Brig Lowdcr, New Orfnsns 4< 13?Kchr. Macon, New Orleans 3i 13?Steamer Orns, New York 110Steamer Isthmus. New York 01 90? Brig Ilenrlro. New York X 94? Bark II. Bartlett. New York ?' 80- Brig Roberano, Baltimore 6' Feb. 0- Bark Florida. New Orleans 8 - -Bark Templetoo, New Y'ork 8? 8ehr. Rawson. New York 8~Brig Marlon. Philadelphia 14?Steamer Falcon, Naw York B1 14 Steamer Crescent Cltr. New York *n 14 BHk Wiiithroji. New York ? 14- Rark Marietta. New York 10 1?? BHk Kndora, New York 4 20?Bchr. H. llasard, New Orleans 7 22- Srhr. Wm. Thompson, New Orleans ft 22 BHk Bathurst, Baltimore 4 23- BHr Perfect. New Orleans 4 24- Bark Corsair. Boston 10 27- Srhr Mary Kilkins. New Orleans 2 28? Brig Sarah. New York ft 28?BHk Sampson. New York T Mar 8 Srhr Jona. New Orleans 11 ? Steamer Northerner, New York lft 12- Steamer Alabama, New York (I 10-Bark Thames, Boston 8 10?Brig Alula. New York ft 10-Schr. Oalena, New York 20- flahr. Kdwln, Boston 8 20-BHk Henrieo, C harleston 2 Total V IRK H JESDAY, APRIL 10, 184 I REAL ESTATE AT A BAR<?AINL rpilF. FVIIWHIRER OFFERS TO EXCHANGE TOR | A Hty property. or nil at a reduced price, any part, or all 1bi iii?- Hum* mp | arceis 01 pro|iery, siiuaien in me pleasant nd thriving village of Newton Pall a, Trumbull county, Ohio, ml lying Mutm the two brunches of the Mahoning river, nd on tbc Ohio nuil IVniinyltania Canal. Tii:? i First I'urcel?A Mill on the West branch, having a front of 1.13 feet 011 the street and on the river; main part is 83 foot deep, Propelled by water power and by a doable boiler engine; l occupied for the Inst eight years as a Paper Mill, bnt suitable j for a Flouring Mill, or for any factory purpose requiring a power equal to that of four rnn of atone. 1 Ainu?A large, handsome, and beautifully situated Cottage House, sis rooms on a floor, with back building, stable, and ' everything suitable for a genteel family. I Also?An excellent Saw Mill, in good order. Also?A good fruinc house and three acres of land. c All of the above are situated contiguously on the West 1 branch, und have been erected during the last eight years, at a cost (independent of value of the water power.) of.. . .$8,800 lie oners to reut the whole for $800, or to sell for 6,1)00 Second Parcel?A Crist Mill, situated on the East branch, * <0 feet sqtiarc, with a first rate water power, (none better in A the county.) three run of stoue, in operation,'with 12feetovershot water wheels. The water wheels and running gear have been all made new during all the last year; the frame is old * hut sound. This mill w as aold ten years ago, for $19,000 t It is now offered, together with a small house for the Miller, and two and a half aerea of land, for the snm of 8,000 Third Parcel?A Warehouse on the Canal, siae 60x40 feet; 4 three floors, with Canal llasin and Hock, and with a (tore J room attached, furnished with counter, drawers, shelves. <ko. s Also?A plat of ground adjoining it, containing 30 small lota. r Also?A small two story Warehouse or Store, on the Canal, ' a few rods from the other, not entirely fluishud. 5 Estimated value $5,400 The Warehouse la offered fur rent at $200. The entire j parcel for sale at 8,.10) 4 Fourth Parcel?A large Mansion Ilouae, main part 48 by 40 t faet, with two wings each $0 feet, and colonnade piaxaa of 88 a feet. The whole house Is thoroughly finished, papered, and painted inside and ont; contains 20 rooms, besides pantries, ! aloseta, bath roumi, and halla; 4 atasks of chimneys and 13 fireplaces. Thsru ia connected with it tir ornamental aide Ijuildinfrn, a two story rear building, wilh'stone basement #8 ' by ,V> feet; the whole forming a quadrangle, measuring <>n the ? vutaide 4(>i< feot. and enclosing an area or court, planted with y wall fruit and crape vine* in full beariug. There are, alio, s extenaivo out-building* and ihede, and a large ire-houee. In tha ground* attached, there are. in addition to 10(1 crape Tine* 8 in bearing, overl.OUO young tree*, (fruit, ornamental, and a fhruhbery). All of the abore building* art new, having been j recently completed at a coat of $>*,277 The whole i? now offered for *ale for the num hf #,000 ? Fifth I'areel?Four square* of village lot*, containing 3d B qnarter-arre building lota, fronting on aereral of the moat central and eligible streets. Alao?Fonr other squares adjoining, containing ahont the f came number of lota. The above llanaion Home oeenpie* *e1 veral of theae lota, and the whole of them, if deiircd, will be . told in connection with it. The value of theae lota, at the preecut telling price of $190 per lot, ia $9,000 * The whole taken together, are offered at 9,000 H Sixth I'areel?A good two story house, 36 by 20 feet, with two quarter-acre lota attached; aituation central and pleasant; price $1,000 Seventh I'areel?A neat and commodious two atory liouat, L with four quartcr-aer* lota fronting on the publie aquare; price $1,900 { Kighth Parcel?Seventy-alx quarter-acre lota, many of ' them in the centre of the village plat; selling price from $100 to $300 each. Estimated $11,400 | ftNintb Parcel?Alao, 100 village lota, varying In aixe from 1 to 3 acre*, and held at different price*, from $100 to $200. Averaged cellmate $19,1*10 I Both tlieae parcel* art offered wholesale for the sum of. 13,000 . In ndditinn to the above, the subscriber offer* to sell, at a reduced price, reveral email houses and shops in til* village. I Alto?A number of large out lota skirting the village plat, and two email farms in th* vicinity, adjoining one another, < and containing about 190 arret. Terms of sal* easy, aud any ; of the above parcels will be exchanged for aity property. Ad- | dress Pu Hoi* It Vandervoort. 37 Water strt?t, New York, or \ the subscriber, at tiewtoa Fall*. mh3U bt? IlENRY A. PU HOI*. OFFICES AND LOFTS TO LET. J TWO I.AKCE OFFICES, AN P TtVO HANDSOME l.ofta, eighty-eight feet deep and ceiled, to l?t iu the new fir* proof store, Ko. au Cliff street, near John St. Apply to ntilS 14t? K. S. STENTON, 47 John stre?t, np stairs. , SPECULATION.?WANTED A SMART, DASIIINO, clever, busiuoes woman, to take part la a speculation. No capital required. Slit mast be an unmarried ludy, or one pcr[ recti}' indopeudeut of control. Address L. U., office of this | paper. i TO LET. IN BROOKLYN, WITlilNlTKN MINUTES' WALK OF the Fulton ferry, the two atory, atti* and basement, brick front dwelling house, 1(2! Y'ork street, rent $275. Apply to JAMES HAHT'F.H, next door. Brooklyn. April !>. 1849. aplOlt NOTICE. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.?CAME ON shore on the sonth aide of Long Island, in the vicinity of Monlauk Light House, on the 1st inst., a vessel's Long lloat. Said bout is seventeen feet in length, apparently abonl two year* old, slightly stove, but otherw lae in good condition. iuhl.3 fit GEOKHF. IIANP, Wreakrnaster. GOLD TESTS. CAI.irORXIANS AND OTHERS TAN OflTAIN A box containing a true Tent, villi nod*; aim Scale* and ('up HcifrMa. C. J. b W. MASON, lfti Fultou etoet, 3d floor. arS 13t* I NOT GONE TO CALIFORNIA. A name similar TO OI ks HAVING appeared 1 in a li.t of California passenger. some few week. since, J Lam led many of our frieudfi to mippoft' that we bad gone to tbe Tacifit roaat. This i* not the raw. We removed from No. 1 Yl'i Fulton street on the first of February, and are now pre- ! pared with an assortment of Fishing Tackle at wholesale and : retail, at No. 1U3 Fulton street. mh27 13t JOHN J. IlROWN k CO. CALIFORNIA FIRE ARMS. AW. SPIES It CO.. VI MAIDEN I.ANE, IMPORTERS 1 . and dealers in Eire Ann., ineile lt>? attention of t'aliforniana to their stock of United State. Rifle. Carbine.,'t., Short Rifle., double and single hurrel Guns, Keeolriug l'i.tol., Howie Kniees, Pouches, Hell., be., be., burin* tlie largest atock of articloe of tbie description, vhieli ther offer vbole.ale and retail. m27 ISt FOR CALIFORNIA VIA CORPUS CIIRISTI, EL PASO and the (lila in 60 day.. Tins Knickerbocker Gila and 3aeruuiento Gold Company i. now iu progress of formation, to proceed a. abort (under thu escort of a Competent person,) t on or about the lit of May. I'artie. de.irou. of reaching the gold region, by the only >ure and exiwditioue ronte arewnnted to join. Coat $175 through, with entire outtit presided. I Apply at SI Cocntie. Slip, np stairs. T. S. WOODHOUSE, I'relidcut. aplO PORTA BI.K 1HON HOUSES KOR CALIFORNIAT1IK GALVANIZED IRON HOUSES CONSTRUCTED bv me for Calif^ria, baring met with ao much approral, I am thu. iuduecd to call the attention of tho.e going to California to an examination of them. The iron i. gronred in such a manner, that all part, of the hou.e, roof and aides, glide together, end a hou.e 20x15 ean be put tip in lv.e than it day. They arc far cheaper than wood, are (ire-proof, and mueh more comfortable than tents. A hou.e of the abore .ire can he .hipped, in two boxes, 12 feet long and 2feet wide, and S inches deep, the freight on w hich wonld be about $14 to San Francis- , eo. There wfll alio be no trouble in remoring from one part of the eountry to another, a. the hon.c can, in a few lioura, be taken down and put up. Ry railing npon thu subscriber, a bon.e of the abore size ean be seen. m20 ISt PETER NAYLOR, 15 Stone street. ! IR(lN SAFE WAREHOUSE, Hot. 137 aain 13V Warra Srliar, SILAS C. HERRING, Dealer in ai.l kinds of ikon safes and Money Chests. end Manufacturer of the gvuuino "i'atunt < Halatnander Safe. ] Cecond hand Safes of other makers, aneh having been taken t in part payment for the real Salamander, for aalc leaa than one 1 hnlf first (( at. mlS 13t I NOTICE TO MERCHANTS AND BUSINESS MEN. DFI.AVEI. WILKIN, Attorney and Oonnsellor at, (formerly of Orange eo., N. Y.), having jwrmanently loeated himself in NashvllIefT.Vwill attend to nil mattera orcollection and litigation in Middle Tenneseoe, for the tncrchanta and hnainraa mcnof Northern and Eastern cities,at the ehorteet notice and on the moat liberal tcrma, pledging himaelf to give the heat gatiafaction that punctuality and strict attcution to business will warrant. ITe refera for inqniriee to Mia Excellency Neil S. Ilrown, Nashville. Tcnn. R, i. Ileipe, Nashville, Tcnn. 11. L. Stevens, l'otiac, Mich, i Francis K. Fogg, Esq. " Roh't Simson, Cincinnati, O. Edwin II. Ewing, " " lion. C. Borland, Montgomery,N.V. Alex. McKenxie, " " " Sam'l J. Wilkin, Goshen, N. Y. James Walker, " " John M. Eager, St. Louis, Mo. i I'rof. Jamea llanillton, "J. If. Mewilliama, Merchant, r Kev. J. Huntington, " [22 l.iherty at, N. York city. Cvtnmina It Alexander, lawyers, 11 Nassau at., " ('illumine, Collins k Seaman, merchants, 11 Wm. St., " ! Nashville, April 7, 1X49. ap Ift-lSt* ! fTFE E A (5 L E FIltE COMPANY. OFFICE. 71 WAI.L 8TRF.KM, cariTAi. 9300,000, ian a large surplus, C1 ONTIM'F.K to insure against loss or damage hy Ore, OB ' the most faTorable terme. A. G. STOUT, Treaident. 1 Tiiomas Ri.orrt, Secretary. ml3-flt# j .) OHEI'H (tILLoTT'S STEEL PENS, Manufacturer'! ll'arrhoutr, 91 John *(., New York. A COMPLETE assortment and large stock of every kind of those well known and popular pens, constantly on hand,'together with holders, and tliv cheaper description of ens, for lalo to the trade. mnl.lfit NOTICE TO THE LADIES OF NEW YORK. C1 STEWART, of?4.1 Broadway, will open THIS DAY, T April 10th, a large atoek of French Embroideries of the ' neweet and mort select stjles, imported expressly for hie own > i alia. This lot of goods is the choicest that oan be found in | this city, and lie would respectfully invite the Oldies to call end examine tliia beautiful stock of Emhroideries, which he will tell lb per cent lees than any other house in New York. ?A I.SO? French Imported Mantillas, received direct by the latest ariials. ( anton Crape Shaw Is, plain and embroidered, of all finalities. ?AI.SO? French And English Straw Goods?the largest assortment at Wholesale and retail in New York?which he will sell Aai per eent less thnn milliners' prirc l.adies will find it to their j interest to rail and eiatnine for themselves. apIO It* ) ISAAC H. GIBBS, (or tup late oius rn t ows' librarv.) 5 A 1'OTIIEC ARY AND <11 KM 1ST. Nn. ?rj Helaney atreet. ) J\ ?An aaeortuient of family Medicinea, botanic nnd olie) mieal. of the Kent quality, alwaya i>n hand. mh27 3t* i h'J'HAW (,(K >1 )fs, STRAW OCXIDS. ' rTMU: SC HStlt I ItEK HAS ON HAM) A I,A RUE STOCK J A nf Spring Gonde, nf * Meh In will offer Aorne ax an^ndueoS nn nt Tor the pnldie examination. eonriatlng nf Straw Honda, l Rfahoiia, Tlowere,Ylcettee, Muntiilar, Jenny Und'a Saeka, fce. ? mtillOtV* S. I). HAWKINS, : Vo. JM I.rand atreat. 1 ntnorn <Irelmrd and I ndlnw ata. 7 (SOMETHING NKM IN Til K MAY Of A U1SKM KNT8. D An Arii I or Vanlting Milliard Tnhle. The flrat and only J ever made, i? now l!p and in operation at the A made llif' lim>1 Saloon. K, Itarelay atraet. A auperior lot of One I .nail there,inat Imported from Kranee, for aal? a* ahore._ apllCt. I HAVANA SEGAR COMPANY. , rp III nndereigue.1 bavin* been nppoinud Apat for Uto anio 1 1 of tba 0 < ri tpatiin arcana or run 4 II AY A HA S ? U A R V O H I' A N Y. 2 ia now prepared to ofler the following hranda at the axoeod0 it r'y l' W t riee of 1 fl.'iper M. MAHNl'M HONL'M, " flHper M. KICKIAIOH. , There aegarr are handenmely put tip In eoneanient package*. ' and are warranted ennui to the 3 m.BT i.vaa iMroariD. fl Tha prieer enn he maintained at th*n? extremely low eaten 3 only I j a atrict adherence to the 0 CA81I I'RIKCIPI.R, g preolndirf the neeeanitv of good enrtomera paying lb? loiee ^ menrred ly aalea to I ad one*, o to Tiir. titer a l.iaaaai. Diacomr. ? A large anpply of (agar* of difluunt brand*, diroet from the * niai.Viiutlnrira. tilmav a en hand a J. TIIRA9IIRR. - I Cta?rul A|?n'. f< r ti<? HiiMtiiii S"itr l ompinv- I i4 I b ) 79 13| V'i WiUl nr*?t, * >? I rw d a L Mli 11 /% 9. STANPARI) FASHION?SPUING 1819. Lkarv fc ( <>.. will offer their title for the ensuing season fi.r inspection mid delivery, March-d. liKNTINF. HEAVER HATS An experience of nearly twenty years, nmlrr circumstances well calculated to teat the justness of their vicwa, enahlaa Iran v A <'n. to assert that this unrivalled article in peculiarly adapted, from ita rare cuinliination of utility, beauty of flninli, and artistic tuate, to tb< habits and wauts of their customers. I,. It Co.. while keening a careful watch over the improvements of the French Metropolis, have rejected every exaggeration of fashion or style, and arc confident that the porfection of their present issue is in character, as well with the taste of their customers, as with their house, with whose uatue a routlcmanlv hnt has become synonymous. l.EARY t CO.'S FINE ttol.ESKUT SII.K FIAT, Of the finest quality and latest fashion, embracing all the most recent improvements, and unexcelled by any heretofore produced, w ill be sold at FOl'R DOLLARS EACII. ^ The additional preparations made for Jho manufacture of in*!- ni uui', ,iic iiicrunfru iMciiKirp eujoyeu inr procuring rrom France and in thin market the choicest necessary materials, and the greatly extended anion anticipated by L. St Co. warrant them in affording th? article as above. LEAKY It CO., m!0 Not. 3, 4 and 5 A at or Houae. Now York. SI'KINO FASHION 1S49 NOW READY.?UNSURPASSED hy any manufactured in thin citv for elegance, durability or eheapnesn, at the one price store. 116 Canal street. Zvtry article warranted to give satisfaction. mlSlSt J. W. KEI.I.OOO. CLOTHING AT WHOLESALE. Wi ark NOW READY WITH a LARGE AND IL1gant stock of Fashionable Clothing, for the Spring and Summer, suitable for the Southern and Western Trade, whloh will be offered at such prices as shall induce those who may favor us with a call to make thoir selections. Our prices arc full fifteen per cent lower than those of time houses, and for variety and styles, our stock will compare favorably with any other in the city. D. lit J. DEVLIN, tnl!0 i3t 33 and S3 John stroet, corner of Nassau. Mrs. van hauton would inform her friends and the public generally, that she is now prepared to oxeeute orders for Fine Custom Mads Shirts, llosoius and Collars, in any style desired, at her Shirt Store and Manufactory. No. S3 Nassau street, where she also has constantly on baud a full supply of Custom Made Shirts, Uosonit, Collars, &o., of the latest and most approved patterns, which she does not hesitate to warrant equal, if not superior, to those of any other establishment in the city. The goods are made up under the immediate supervision of Mrs. V., and will in all eases be warranted to give entire satisfaction. Mrs. Van Ilauton would call particular attention to her new style Full llosutn Summer Shirt, which has never before been offered to the public, and which, from its peculiar beauty and richness, cannot fail to be the Shirt of the ensuing season. Fancy stitched and embroidered Shirts of every description, constantly on hand and made to order. Gentlemen furnishing their own material ean have It made up in the most careful manner by pattern or measnre, at short notice. Fer further particulars pleaso tail at No. S3 Nassau street, New York. aplO It CAST-OFF CLOTHING, JEWELRY, FIREARMS. k(h, WANTED?Gentlemen or Ladies having superfluous effsets they wieb to convert into GASH, will find it to their advantago to scud for the subscriber. U. LEVKTK. Office No. 3 Park place, corner of Droadway, N. Y. N. It.?Ordcre through the Despatch Post, or a call, will receive prompt attention. aplO T7TTA1LORS, DEALERS IN CLOTH, See. Henry klemm iikgs leave to announce to the Trade, that he hu taken loft* Nn A1 Willium at**** Now York, where he Iiim opened, end in daily reeoiving, a choice selection of Clothe, Doeskin fassimeres, Vtstings, ete,, manufactured expressly for the Tailoring Trade. Also, Statin*, Serges. Tailore Trimmings, kr.,which he offers forealea shade andcr the loweet market price, FOR CASH Oil APPROVED NOTES. Country Huyere. particularly, would do well to examine lie goods, where they hare the ufe*ilege of selecting from a reeh clock, in flret hands lie. IIEN It V El,EMM, mh 1.1 18t* No. <11 William, Bear Cedar street, New York SHIRTS MAPI: TO OBIIIB, CVT IT MIASVBE, AB1> WAIBASTID TO BIT BY MRS. E. C. it EM A V, Clinton Hall. 129 Naeran street. New York. I Ketahlished in 1X43.1 TO HE REMOVED ON THE 1ST OF MAY NEXT, TO No. 1 Aetor House. II roadway, corner of Veeey street* Richardson and Owden's, Saddler Teuton's, and other Family l.inens, uud York Mills Muslin, always for sale. Mrs. 11. is the inventor and only manufacturer or the eclehrated II V. MAN C <1 1. I. A It Stitched Roennis. the hest and richest assortment ever offered for sals in the Putted States, lioeoius Embroidered, Corded, Run. Ac., of more than fifty different patterns. For Seuinetrecs' Work en Shirts, Mrs. Reman is paying the highest frices ever paid hy any Shirt Establishment in the world, or l.inens. Mrs. II. pays as high as three dollars a yard? ? rices rarely paid hy any of the royal or ax-royal families in urope. For Shirts she charges froin Two to Sixteon Dollars a piece. The most expensive are generally Wedding Shirts. No tientleman in the world, it is said, wear an rich and handsome Shirts as the gentlemen of New York. At six to twelve Honrs' notice, Mrs. It. will at any timo get tip Shirts to order, sut by measure, and warranted to fit. several hundreds best ItitSMra constantly employed. As|to references, Mrs. Reman can point with confidence and pride to her Order Rook, in which are the original autographs of between two and three thousand regular customers, among shorn are the names of Presidents ana Kx-Presidents of Ke| uhlict. Ambassadors at and from Foreign Courts, Senators. nd Members of Congress, Ooternore, ami Consuls, (lenentl Dflirers of tha Army and Navy, Editors, Poets, Orators, MerilintiW, l.awyers, Doctors, and gentlemen of distinction in ivery grade of Military, Ksral, Diplomatic, and Civil Life. mhlil lie FRENCH CALF DRESS BOOTS, ME/f 1" ** i<K1' C,IURI T" *'><>*? at rrom *.'? to 50; weona ^prt quality, S3 to $3 SO, inu<tc to ortlt-r if you wiah; 1'aUnt vatber Boot*; t'ongre*H and Ilnttonrd Baiter*: Fancy i'atout nd Morocco Sli|?pi: l.udivH', Mimc*', aud ('hililreu'a Baiter*. Ittmkinp, Tit*. Mack and white Kid and Satin Slipn; Calf $'2 o $2 fit); Hovh' aud Youths' cheap Shut!*, 7*. to 1u?.; California Boot*. 419 llroadway. aplO HOOTS AND SHOES. The largest, cheapest, and most fashionahle assortment fur Ladies, Oeiillemeii, Misses and Children ean be found at .W7 Broadway, one door above Franklin street. Country Merchant* that waut a line article cheap, by the doien or Case, will do well to call before purchasing eleewbere. aplO Sin M. C AIIILL, Jtl7 Broadway. TO DYERS AND BLOCK PRINTERS. DRV EXTRACT OV ANNATTO. PRF.I'A RED ItV IIl)(lII WAKDF.LL. llANCrACTURing t'beuiiit, North Shore, Statcn Inland. This unique preparation is five times the strength of the beet Pari, Annatto, and eun always be relied uji. Reference, riven to partie, now neing it, and samples sent gratuitously to any part of the Cnion, by directing to the manufacturer. Aitent, for New York, H. WARD k CO., hS Maiden Uno. dt? Notice.?the partnership heretofore exi,tintr between TIIOS. I). HOWE k KOIIT. II. JAljCES. was dissolved on the let of February, BE. The Lueine,, will be continued, and all orders received, at No. Ml Orchard street, by ROBERT II. JAQUE3. X. II.?A pair of flr?t rate Iloree, for ,alo; Rock way Wajon, Harueea, lirick Cart, kc., kc. For particulars, inquire at No. W Orchard ,treet. mh;{7 3t* CHEAPEST STORES IN THE CITY. HUD JIowehv, am. 16# Fiu.tow Street, For paper iianoinos and window shades, suitable for parlor,, bedrooms, halls, ,tore?, kc., IMS .'urtaiu materials of every description, Laru and Embroidered liuelin Curtains, U iudow Cornice,, pure Hair and other Matire?e,, Feather lteds, with every article iu tha upholstery inr, wholesale and retail, at price, A) per cent lower than iny other nitablishment in the city. AM. k K. DA VIES, Upholsterer,, mh20 4t* 2tW llowery, and ltV> Fulton at. Notice?to ship masters, hotf.i, and board lug llonse Proprietor,, Private Families, kc. Domealic Dried Fruit, of every description, vir. :? Dried Apples, Dried Raspberries, Dried Ouineos, " Pears, " Blackberries, " t urraute, " Peaches, " Whortlcberriea, " Cherries, " l'luius, " Strawberries, Pitted Cherries. Also, a general assortment of first quality of Urucuries, Shakers' Sweet Corn, English Split Peas. Birdseeds, kc. \VholtmU r?nd r?tail, at the Dotneiitie Dried Fruit Depot, 110 Ptftri ItfNi mhl3tit? KITCHEN RANGES. Kitchen ranger atth emt hollars and up to forty dollars each, act u|i fit for ore and warranted; purler, bedroom, mid office Gratvs, of tlie iie??t pattern*. Tin acre, pluin and jupnuued; Ktnp'f, Grates, Hollers, and Furnaces ret. and all description of fire works put up in the loot uiaDurr; fmokey Chinmeyicured and warranted; Mucous alwavs reedy to do any description of inaaon work. m. J. giluoolt, mhTO ft* 7S Nassau alreel. MINIATURE SOLAR LAMPS. Halt., parlor and stork lamps,girandoles. Unid Lamps. Globes, Micks. ( lnmnoys, t auiptiine Oil and llurning I liad, wholesnlu and retail at mb.II Lit C. A. HA LP WIN'S, SI Bowery. (IIK ftrk/Y-C O U N T R Y MERCHANTS AND ALL ypt/jV/VV others art informed that the subacrlber haa removed to the spacious store. No. 173 wioii srargr, where ha will at all times be prepared to senrc the public with everything in Ids line, ut prices as low, If not lower, than any other establishment in this city. llis stock embraces cecry variety of Parlor, Stand, Reading aud Hand lainipa, Chandeliers, Ac., for oil, eauipliiue, spirit and phosgene gas. Also, assortment of Table and other Cutlery, Glassware do.. Oil, Cutupbinc, Spirit Gas, Phosgene Gas. Lamp M icks, Ac. Purchaser* are invited to tail before making their selections. mli20 ISt* CHAR. Pl'LLER. Mo. S3 QrtOWlsh, totfWI Msrren and ' bauibers stS. BAUTOL'S WINDOW SHADE WAREHOUSE. 174 and 1T7 WilUom ilrtrl. otic door from llttkmon, Atv I or*. LADIES and gentleman of taste, w isbing to purchase Window Shades, Gilt Cornices. Pins. Loops, fcr., will find thn greatest assortment in the conutry, and at the lowest market price, (in hand, about 411,000 low priced Shades for the country trade?w ill be sold low. Also, Cord, Tassels, llrasse* Ac. n.b>i:tf Samuelr. imrtol. 80,000 WI NIK)W LAl)K8. WINDOW SHADES Munnfaetnred and sold in every variety of ityle und pattern, and of the best materials, that will not eerl or adhere In any climate, by KELTV A RIKES eielusfee M indow Shade inanufaeturers and dealers, at 131 Chatham street. New York. Merchants and others wanting Shades, or material* for making or hanging Sha la*, can find the largest, lest, and cheapest astvrtiuent, in the United States Its aljove. Call find satisfy yotirseltlit. mill 1M* J>r,V I l MAI'MAA, MNo. 102 H'lUmtn rtrrrt, JVctr Vitrk, AKrFACTVRER OK T1IR CEI.EIIRATKIt llARIO Ra?or Strop, of four aiden: alio fork* t Hooka, IV,diet*, Spectacle mut Kaukeni' Cm***, in every variety, on ?hu moat VltellllVU icale. ( Medium !?? , frein >1* t" I*1 per RToaa. I>iif:nerreoi} |>e Caaea / Uniirtvr, " " 9> " M ( ilttjf, " " KJ " 144 " Mats and Preserver* ofall kind*. reo. runns. lA?nt. J"MSJ3t J AS. CREMER. 5 IMA NO Foim HvwT, and MUSICAL 1NSTRIN MKNTN The st'itsf riiiers offer ron sai.e at wiioi.raale und rrlufl, now mid eeeond hand I'iano Kortoe, Umia anil kliiaiawl Inalrnmenta, fonalatln* in pari of Vfollna, Vialonevlloa, Oiiitnra, Klutea. lit. kt. Alan, the beet quality Italian mid Inrlleh Violin, Violoncel In, Collar mid llarp String*, alt of which lhay offer for eale en III* meat liberal larina. _ W. II. REtll It CO., *1 Broadway. V. Il.-k'i* and Second Hand I'laao Fortea, of Iho moat appreved makcra, ranalnnlly eu hand for hira. mhlRMl* Pianos for sai.e and to iiire, at 7 barclay atrcrt, oppoaitc Vlio Aator Himtv, from to 7 octave*, in i Mwcod and tuuheitiiny eaeea. JAM ! ',d THOMPSON k CO.. H I2t ao,, l?.kinna ~ eoiiuti, ja d. TWO CENTS. BRANDRETH'S TILLS ARE A SURE CURB FOR INFLUENZA. TIIIS COMPLAINT HAS BECOME SO FREQUENT, that there are few pereoue who have not had it several times. It it a kind of malignant contagious cold attend** with much fever, and great prostration or strength. So soo*. at possible, swallow six or eight Pills; a large aose is abso? Intcly necessary to relieve the brain, that organ appearing to suffer greatly in this complaint. When they has* operated well, put your feet and legs in hot water, or take a hot bath, lie sure aud be purged, before you use any means of lnoreasing th* circulation, or your lifo tnay be the forfeit. Now go t? ted; aud, when iu bed take two more pills and som* hot boneset tea, catnip, or balm or balsam, or ssm t|wat?r gruel-any of these warm drinks will answer, and which mar be left t* choice?either of them will help to restoru insensible perspiration, and this method will generally cure. Should, however, the patient, after the pills aud this after treatment, no* bo better in the mornine. let him take another sin, eight *f ten pills or more, according to the urgency of symptoms, auek the warm drinks, and foot or general bath, at mgbt. My ea? perirnre hat show n mo that the third day generally finds th* patient well, when this plan has been adopted ia Una beginning. llut, in any event, the continuance of the treatment 10 the best that ctn be adopted, whether it takea on* day or twenty to effect the cure. However had the head may be, never let blood be drawn or leoches applied ; we want all th? blood wo have. Instead of losiug this " life of our flesh," let us take mure pills, whieh will take the death principle from us, leaving our blood relieved, and ready to rally all its lif? f owers for our restoration, to toon as the purgatiea has left it re* to tffeet this object. CHOLERA. Tills terrible disease has resisted nearly all the effort! off medicine to arrest its progress, tut IIrahdreth's Pii.m* almost immediately they are swallowed, exert a beneficial influence; they carry out of the system the irritating matter* Inpon which the disease depends fur its continuauee; th y aronee the vital powere, and restore warmth to the eurfa e. previously (billed by the coldness uf approaching death. There ia so occasion fur fear, provided Hrandrelh's rille ar* mi hand ready for immediate uae; their prompt administration will vanquish the malady, and restore the health. L'e# ihem as direeted in the diseases enumerated below. YELLOW, SHIP, TYPHUS AND ALL feversDYSENTERY AND DIARRIKEA. In the enmmeneenient, it ia of abaolnte iniportanee, in rl?W of a epeady cure, that a full doee of pill* be taken at oncf^ because the humora whieh product diaeaaea of tbia elaaa, arw alwaya of the moat malignant, poiaououa quality, and n* safety to life exists while any portion remaiue in the bowel# or the blood. Should the llrat dose not cure, be not alarmed* but reiterate the doae. Should the eeacnationa be very putrid* of bad odor, unnatural color, Ac. Ac., beaidee using four om aix pilla twice a day, Itake alao, a teaapoonful ef powdered charcoal, in water, every day, while these symptom* continue. Let your diet be light, and of easy digestion, as arrow rooW rice pnddin^, Indian meal gruel; also, sheep's head broth witS rice and a piece of cinnamon boiled in it, or ealvta head brothe Sheep's head makes the beat diet if it be boiled until the bona# are clean. At a rule, the first doae of pill* cures wheu timely need. Sometimes three or four dotes may be necessary. Thai* are caee* in which it takes weeks to cure; but they do not occur once in a thousand time*. In any eveut, no inedioina or plan of treatment ia better than that above reoomraended* or will sooner cure. So toon as the irritating matters are removed, to toon you will lie well, and act before. Aaodyaa# and astringents have a deleterious effect; because they occasion the retention uf that death principle which alone oauteg dysentery, diarrlura, eholera, and all other diseases, according toils execee over the principle of life. Hut Uraudrtth'si'ills arc opposed to this as water is to lire, or at heat is to eeld; ant w hen they are taken into a man, they go to work boldly t* drive this death principle from the body, and all they oan d* ?but if tliers be work for fifty doses, one dose must net b* expected to do the work of fifty. And this truth shoal# always be kept in uiind. Let not the patients frighten themselves with the idea thai they are too weak to bear much purging; but bear in mind that these mildly operating Tills of Dr. Ilrandreth puts no* weakness into the frame, but draws weakness ont, leaving strength in its place, and gives composing sleep at night, me an appetita to relish auy food. , OBSTRUCTION!s akb lRItliUUI.ARITlES peculiar TO FEMALES. When young women are rich much after sixteen years, ant who ha* not neeome regular, having either too much ar too little?when in too great quantities?there it nothing t < b* done but to take the iiills as described for costivenese; be n# careful to make small duiei betaken wheu the time Is en? peeved With thnee in whom the case it different?namely, who hav* not enough, or are irregular, or with whom it it altogether topped?let them follow the directions relative to eostivaass# slso, hut with this difference; instead of the email doeee, b* earcful to to ordsr it that the largest dotes are tnksn about the time the turn is expected. And if irregularity is not Ihn* removed, us it luuy nut the first time; the next titnt, betide* taking the large doses of pills for several days preceding, bak* a large cu,, ol strong |wnuyroyal tea, cold, when you gut up 1# the morning of the day you ex|H-ct. These directions fsUewud* will b? sure and produce the effect. CHANGE OK LIKE. Use the rills at directed in costlveness, and all the very mepkasant reelings will disappear. Kreeli air, and ebang* off scene, will ninch help in tlx cure. But the pills will be allsufficient, if persevered in, to effect a fall restoration t# health. SPECIALLY TO MOTHERS: The eostivenesa and (lie sickness of stomach whieh eftew prevail at a certain interesting period, are grea'ly relieved, and ultimately cured, by the nan of Uatau itii'i i'" 1 Which should he ueed ouce or twice a week during the whole time. They insure an easy and eafe time, and, what la th? with of every mother, they tecure a healthy, good-tempered child. It it a remarkable fact, that those ladies who have heen iw the haldt of using Hit Amur s rn'? I'll, i.e. have ultimately bwconie to healthy, and the habit ot the system ao changed, Utah no sickness of stomach, or other unpleasant symptom, ha* prevailed more during the interesting period than at etliea timet. l)r. Hrandretn hat it in hie power to give personal reference to establish this proof of the wonderful powers ef the iihimirith 1'lli.. 1* carls or Dr.nii.iTv, Wuttrea, Waensist, Dicuihi, on Coaet'MPTiiiN irrioAciiito. it will he necessary to eoinmenre with email dotes, ltegin with one pill going to had} neat light, two pills; do this alternately for three or four daye, or longer; if no alteration takes place, then Inereaae ? pill each nigiit until live or six milt are used, then decrease by ouc pill, down to one pill. Should any feverish symptom* arise, then take strong doses until the fever is reduoeu. vV hen this is done, the patient may drop dewn to siteh dotes as their own judgment shall determine; being careful to keep tha drain upon the impure humors; as these aru removed, so will be their advaaceuieut to sound health. ANEURISM, OK ENLARGEMENTOF THF. HEART, ARTERIES, PILES, 4c.. 4c. I'm the pills two or three times a week, in dotes sufficient to purge freely; and when a paroxysm comet on. a fearless tuo of the pills must he made; down with six or eight, and in % little while repeat the dote; do this until the howelt are strongly purged. This effected, the danger is over fur that attack. Angina pectoris and stone in the gall bladder art treated in the same manner; and although mnsidered incurable by the medical profession, arc cured by the ate of Bsisu kTii'a I'll.La. Piles are cured by Ilii aruh kth's Pill*. In severe attacks the dotes must lie full; tix or eight fur a fair nights together will cure the wortt cases. Whenever this disease comes on in the treatment of other diseases, it is a good tign; use nothing hut the pills, and, as an outward application. cold cream or lard, and make freuuent use of cold watet locally. Vfhere there have been pectoral affections, as asthma, consumption, Ike., perseverance will be rcoinrcd with the. pill* to effect n purmaueut cure, lint any other course will a*turcdly bring ou the pectoral affection. Dr. Rrandreth would call special attention to the following letter from ARNOLD ni'FMM, THF. 1*11 II.AN Til ROPIST. New York, Third Month,SM, 18W. " Dr. Drandrcth, my dear friend, if to he good ami to do good ia the highest duty of man; and if to do good is the heaB evidence a man can give that he is good; tiieu 1 feel bound to address thee ae one who has coine up to the mark of man's destiny. " As a testimony that this is not a rain flattery, I give tb* follow iog brief sketch of my own experience:? H hen I was twenty years old, I was very siek for about two months, with what my physician called 'slow: fever,' during w liich tune 1 took much medicine; from that time foe thirty-four years, I w as very oftcu tick and under the care of tuck of Inflammatory Rheumatism, during wliich 1 *a attended by !>r. Moore, of Philadelphia. I then regarded ray? eelf as an old man witn a broken (town constitution, swiftly descending to the grave. f*oon afterward*. however, I purchased a ho* of Hrandreth Pills, and finding them on trial to he inore effectual in removing disease tliau any medicine I ha& ever tried hefore, I replenished my supply from time to tints# as occasion required. Since that time I have spent threw years in the western country, where I was very much exposed to vicissitudes likely to produce disease, twice I have crossed the Atlantic Ocean, and hAve now spent the last four years lis an office in this sickly eity. Once, while travelling in the west, I was taken suddenly very ill. The friend at wbosn house I stopped, called in a physician, whu made a very careful i lamination of ray rase, and then proposed to commence ft process w hich, he stated, would so reduce my system as to routine tne to the house for at least six weeks; hut 1 declined his prescriptions, took a dose of Hrandreth 1'ilU, called ?ho nest day, and paid the physician for his visit, aud pursued my travel, and this Is the only instance of uiy being visited hy it physician since 1 purchased the first box of Hrandreth Pills, twelve years ago. "by health is now vastly better than it has been for thirtyfour years before I commenced the use of these Pills. They have teen my constant companion wherever 1 have been, hjr land or by sea. and my only tnedielne; I am now ten pounds heavier than 1 w as before 1 used them, when I take a cold now, 1 have no cough; and I attribute all this change, undsr tlod, for the substitution of Hrandreth Pills for ths frequent bleeding ami the culumel dosing to which I was beforft subjected. My w Ife, too, by the same means, enjoys ths earns uiiiutermped food health. Our doctor's bills for both of ns,barn not aniounteu to five dollar* in twelve years. ? hen we And. our health impaired froin aoy cause, wc take a dose of Hrandreth l'ills. and the difficulty i? removed; and, judging from my ow n experience, I believe if every family should adopt tlift same practice, the health and ths longevity of the community would l>? greatly promoted. ? ,irvrVu " Most reel'ectfully thy friend, ARNOLD BLFrUM. PATIENTS eannnt l.c ton often reminded tkst. In all obstinate eases, f.rgVr doses aud perseverance .ill finally efleet a cure, exoep* n those cases where nature is altogether exhausted, bsforft this medicine of healing powers was used. I r further information "re pamphlet on Pnrgntlon, by Dr. Hi audreth, which may be had a iUmut ehargc from ths agents f..r the sale of the pilla, w hich proves that by drawing the tmi.nrlties nut of the frame by means of Brandretli's Pills, is ths only possible means of striking ths rout of all diseases, thus nuking every one who uses tbem their own physician. The barbarous aud inhuman praetiee of bleeding, supping, leeching, is honed, will be toon exploded, as exparisnoe hag proved that we have to do nothing bnt use Hrandreth'* Pills, w hich teks the impurities out of ths system alone, leaving ths good hl<>od to build and strengthen the body; while, abstracting the Mood take* its good as well as its bad parts. We tlili Hrulnlh'a Hui, Int it take* week* to reourer'freto a noRle blood-letting. lie tenable, and never be bled. The Itrandreth I'illi are (old at J6 rente per box, by otto oftent in every town in the lalted State*. and in nlmoet ererjr city throughout tlie world, l/*t all be careful where they buy or they will obtain a counterfeit. Buy only of men whoto character* you know to be above ?o mean an action a* In *ell a falee for the true Uraadreth'e Pill*. Ubeerr* the ai* eignatnret of I)r. Ilrandreth on each box. PKIbH 11'A I, HRANDRETIItAN OrflCE. NO. Ml BROADWAY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES Or AMERICA. W-Addr*?* all letter* concerning a(enei*? or adeiee. to DrVBraiidreth. a* abort. All ruth l?tkr? Uinit be^po?tpai4?

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