The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1947
Page 3
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JHURSDAY, FRBRUA-nY-20, 1<M7 Bevin Criticizes American Jews Holy Land Troubles Bring Bitter Debate in British Quarters By BKIICK MUNN (United I'ress Stiff Correspondent) LONDON. Feu. 20,—Foreign Minister Ernest Bevin blames American Jewry for the British failure to solve flip Palestine problem, conservative newspapers reported today. Bevin was said lo have fetched out at American Jews during a caucus of Laborile members of Parliament. The Evening Standard quoted Bevin as saying that', "If I had only had lo deal \vith x Brltlsh Jewry J could liave reached n temporary „„,,,,, solution which would have ensured Cn,, rr.-mmiillf,, frt,, 'in » wuum UCLA Co-Ed Crashes Movies Just to Get Homework Done MYTHTgVn.LF! (ARK.> COIJKIKR NEWS nquillty for 20 years.' During this time, Bevin reportedly argued, n permanent arrangement could have been made. The Evening News said Bevin referred specifically to American Jews' "dangerous Influence." Labor Party sources declined to comment on the reports in the con-' servutivc press. The newspapers said Dcvin blamed American Jews while answering criticism from his fellow-laborites The SUindai-d reported that Michael- Foot snid Bevin, in referring the Palestine question to the United Nations, -has filed his petition in political bankruptcy." Another Laljorlte, John Paton reportedly accused Bevin of "abdi^ eating Britain's responsibility for operating the (Palestine) mandate " BevJn was said to have promised that Great Britain would abide by any UN decision on Palestine, even By FATT WATTS NEA Staff Correspuniteiit LOS ANGELES, Jan. 31. (NBA) — Petite Jane Newton, a co-ed at the University of California at Los An- (geles, "crushed" ;he movies while she was trying to get her homework done. And she doesn'l want to be an aclress. A psychology majbr tt t Die university, Miss Newton .Is writing a paper on Ihe "Effectiveness of Motion Picture Publicity in order to get her master's degree. She wanted to make ihe research very 'complete, and so she visited Producer Rcb?rt Rlsltln, who has been a Holljwood executive for many ..„.. , ,, , ,{f"'^ e ' 1 " wl Jnnlc was )info ™ atlo » thRl llc to }iave—informatloji evacuation of if it meant British the Holy Land.- One member of Parliament was said lo have charged that Bevin's Palestine policy was based on Arabian oil considerations and a gen- •eral anti-Soviet attitude. • To this, Bevin was'quoted as replying: "1 want to tell this party that the future of this country is entirely dependent on good relations with America, and I am acting on that basis in order lo see lhat never ngnm is 1939-11 repeated, when this .country stood alone. ' I also want good relations with Soviet Russia, but if Soviet Russia drive a wedge between us ami America, or America tried to • work us against Russia, I am not I going to play." t- thai, would help him in planning puolicity campaigns. So he gave her a part in a new picture. In order to lest the efiectiveness ol movie publicity, .Tanie is acting as tier own press agent. She had her first press conference the other day. Sealed on a desk witli her legs crossed the way any veteran actress would do, she answered questions in a cnn- <iltt fashion, and smiled for the constant flashes, of the cameras. • Miss Newton has some original ideas oil publicity, she doesn't like •cheesecake' 1 pictures—which are the leg-revealing shots which most publicity agents' deem a "must" Tor an actress. "I'm not sure leg ait is neees- siiiy. I'm not even sure it is 'nice," she snid. But she was willing | O have the "cheesecake" ' pictures taken. All for the sake of her homework, of course. "Portrait shots, and informal pictures showing people doing the like to do are Phe pic- in a up tures thai I always look at newspaper," she said, passing Ihe leg-revealing poses When asked' if she- thought lhat eg art makes a picture pdpuli War Department Seeks Promotion for Killian WASHINGTON, Peb. 2i). <OPJ — Col. James A. Killian, who was eon- .vicled by court martial in the Lich- Hcld brutality trial, has been recommended by the Army for promotion e Xewton: "Se'x appi-al is wonderful , . . . but ll isn't necessary." she said, ."Sex appeal is wonderful. I'm all led- it. Bui It isn't necessary. Especially for publicity pictures." Hollywood- prrtj.bly never thought one ol its "publicity agents" would ever say a thing like that. She's very light-lipped about tlie results of he:- publicity so far, and she won't reveal her plans for publicizing herself. Maybe she's afraid someone else will write a school paper on the, same subject. "' ' "I'm ' good the War Department said Primary Bill New lia Row Brings Geprg .y ATLANTA, Ga./Feb. 20 — fUP)— A new political issue in Georgia— ' aaermath or white prhnarv legislation banniiiK Negroes from vot- i"K In State-wide Democratic : pri- !IJ?, rics — ,* i)rose lotla y Indicating a bitter fight, over control of the Democratic Party i,, future elec . In.a surprise move -two legislators opposed to GOV. Herman Tal, hMa i w ,r e P rlmar y legislation dteclosed effort., to incorporate the Georgia Democratic Party, Inc •• Heps. George Hamsey of Stephens County, and Richard Ken- J-oji of Hall, obtained certificates ircm Secretary or state Ben Port- son jr.. attesting that "no party exists i n Georgia under the name of the Democratic Party Inc • " Ramsey and Kenyon declined to reveal the identity of clients they represented. But political obsrvers interpreted the move a s an effort to wrest party control from Tal- .madge ant! former House Speaker Hoy Hayis of Augusta, his chief adviser a nd co-drafter of white primary legislation. Under the white primary bill all state regulations over •political panics are removed. The Ramsey- Kenyoii action means that the Talmadgc-Harris group WOU M be forced to seek a new name since the other group acted first to incorporate under the name of Oeor Fia Democratic Parly, Inc." Tennessee House Votes Ban on Closed Shop NASHVILLE. Tenn., Peb 20 (UP) —It's up to Gov. Jim McCord to flay whether Tennessee will becomi an "open shop" state by law. The governor was expected to receive the bill outlawing the closed Shop today from the Senate Committee on Enrolled Bills. ( The governor lias five days, tinder the constitution, to consider the measure, which swept through the Iiouse 64 to 26 yesterday, after passing Itic Senate 2G to 7 yesterday. Observers exacted him to sign it. Read Courier News Want Ads. in rank, today. Killian commanded the Army Prison Camp at Lichfleld, England during the war nnd wns fined $500 and reprimanded for permiUlini' brutal treatment of GI prisoners. His name is on a promotion list which the War Department soon will send to President Truman for routine forwarding/ to the Senat" for approval. The President has authority to strike names from the list but rarely has exercised the right. The list of some GOO officers recommends Killian for promotion to the permanent rank of colonel. He now holds.permanent rank of^ lieu- lena'nl colonel and temporary wartime rank of colonel. Duckweed, the smallest known flowering plant, has no leaves. The flowers arc borno-on the leaf-like stems. Arniy Blasted for Treatment Of News Writer SHANGHAI, Peb. 20. —'(UP) — The shanghai Evening Post sni<! editorially today tht the action ol Supreme Allied Hoaclrjunrlcrs In ordering ah American correspondent out of Japan was "up to HIP highest 'totalitarian standards of ttic Nazis, Italians mid Russians, and perhaps n nui e nhend of the Japanese." "Just what 'Pepper' (Robert P.) Miiitlh of the New York Post did to in I lame the tender skins ol SOAP authorities we hnve no Men." the American owned nnd edlfetl newspaper said, "but Judging Irom Iheir undemocratic reaction It cannot have been half enough.'.' The Post described Mnrtln as one of the ablest correspondents In the Par East nnd recounted his war coverage record. "Such a man," the editorial said, "deserves ft greot rteal better treatment from 'every arm of Hie united States government, and such allied organs ns SOAP, thnn (o be given the buiri'r rush alter dentnl of his correspondent's rights," 'Tf Americanism is lo prevail there can be no doubt as to the answer, becnuse Us principle !s grounded. In the very constitution or the United States—that there must be freedom of the press— freedom to report without fear or favor to the end that evils may be exposed and that merit may be seen for what it is," the editorial concluded. The Second Hblf Be< PAGE, Pay Increase For Teachers To Be Limited LITTLE ROCK. 'Ark., Feb. 20.' — <UP)—Classed ns Ineligible (or proposed raises for schoolteachers in Arkansas today were 923 teachers, vocational instructors. and superintendents already making $2,400 a year or niore. In a report to'Gov. Ben Laney yesterday, the Arkansas Education Association sni<i t)ml teachers in the higher income brackets would not be eligible for the $300 nnniiil pay boost. The AEA nntlciPiUni that this move would make existing funds go further In snllsiyini; the needs of the lower Income brackets. • ' ,.| A film of o'll a hundred-millionth ol an inch .thick' is sufficient to calm a rough sen. MATURITY VALUE »100 Here's How the Second Fiv» Years Reaps The Biggest Harvest tot Your U. S. Savings Bonds Millions ol Amtrlcani who bough I So». ln<ji Bonds In 1941 a:, now In a poitllon. lo onloy ylold ol 4.01% lnt*rMt annually on (h«lr lnv«slmenl. Hanq on to you bonds. Don'l cash In on lr>v«itm«nl thai It worlli more.. pay« mor».. VMI oiler v:or. HOWA'100'E'BOND GRQWS. ,:h>, j.i..f;«/, M YEARS HELD Sheriff Under Indictment On Civil Rights Charge MONTGOMERY, Ala., peb 19 — (UP)—Sheriff Joseph L. picket of Uullock county nml foin- other white persons' faced civil rights violation charges lodny involving Martha K. McMillan, a Negro mnltl. The womnu claims |hc was tak- Milotlic Union Springs jail where Cant Sit! On» of Iho warnlni; .lini of rin-Womui 1 1 a. iituftilttie r«(nl lleh which otu.n cauam natclhii: hnd broken alt-vp, and may lead lo tvcn mom Bei-loin distress. 11 la no i lunircr ticcMiarr to put un will. «« trouble coLUctl by l-Jn-Worni,. b« u i,« S" JlS,,' 1 '' lick ... n. Mornis. r-W la a mctlEcally Bound trtat- incnt basc-J on on onicli.lly rcctiL-nlted dniz clement which : has pravcil very «IT,x!tlve In, thh unlv tnfcclion. Tim .mull S'l nf '''* oct '" " "I"*'"! wny l« a«troy rin.Wornu. P-W mcunj Pln.Worni nllcrl MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS Help 15 Miles of Kidney Tubtt Flush Out Poisonous Waite Iryran haycan CTCcssoCaitdstn yonrblood, your 15 mi'ca of Ktilncy Cnl>cs may be over- iv-orkcil.T)i:sc(inyri]lc«r>ndtiibesar»work- inK day a n ,1 nisbt td help Nature rid your vi£ m °J c;tc c.s3 acl-Jaanil poisonous w»stc. nncn disordcrof kidney/unction permit* Poisonous maltcr la remain in yonr blood, it Ma yaiiscriaEinBlMcliache.rhcumalicpatns pains, low ot p-l> find energy, setting up S?5 \ Mfi!lli I5 > PWBw" uiic&r the m,. headaches and duiintss. FrcqotntorKanty ])assn K « vilh inurtini «nd tmmlrut BOrru-- ™ 'VS 0 *™ lll *ffi ia "omethlne wron»with your kidneys or Wlrfder. ..I, „ C> 2 '""* I1N '' hel l > °" ! w** " <»w. fi AM °\ k / ollr ""nwirirt for Bo.n'1 Wlb. « Blimulant diuretic, used saccwsfullj Vj rail- February 22 - - - I Lovd the name of Washington I Love the County too I Love the flag, the dear old flag- of the Red, White and Blue Better Cleaning In 8 Hours with the HUDSON FINISH We Specialize in Cleaning DRAPERIES Suits Ladies' & Men's Made to Measure Alterations Hat Cleaniriff Tailoring Dye Work HUDSON CLEANER CLOTHIER . . TAILOR 320 West Main St. BlythtrllU, Arfc. Phone 2612 MIP WHS whipped niKl Ijnnlwi us n Kiispoia in [lie .Hell of :i dlniiioinl ring. J3cslile.s Ilio sheriff ollicrs Invotv- Ml'nro Mr.'nnd Mrs. Reynolds d Cook, owner at the ring nixl Mrs. Cooks brolhcra, Vcrri'l (\n t \ Comw m; Faces Probe WASHINGTON, Ktb 20 (UP) — ,. lie Njilkmul I.iibur Uilallon.s Uonui tiidiiy d?ii1r<| Hint It had show,, f n . vorlllsm in the 010 but H faced a In u KtiUemeiit hied wllli the 'I'lmlt' Liiim,. Oominlllei', Hie NLRD -iiUwlrally denied charges Hint-It hiul collaborated with Ihe CIO In comunllliu; nn Independent union (if Wriitim sieel Co. employes. The '•iinnjcs wi'i-e iniule by Kurl need. Well ton niiorni'y, who assullcd the »U?B n:i flu organ M UK Unit for the Plans to Invc.iilgnle the NLln) .i'1-e uiiiienv.'iy by tlie House Executive Expenditures Comuuttse, Kels once were believed to come from the shnllnnd Islmuls, evolving from Die hairs of. Hhrllnml ponies. , Oreen, All w ore lndicTc<r~iii '1IM »f civil rl a li| 5 ,vlolnilons will In- tiled in U. 6. Dlstnr-l C.onrt here Murcn IV. GOPO INSURANCE "Seed trentme/»t,h tiiUJa ana. h good insurance Jor L__ tory >>tands_of cottorj It hM b*«n founii to pay "big dirldendi -;aoe- l>eclally ; when' ise«d»i cam, rts»3* germs and'when &>Wvti'iiprltK planting conditions prevpU."—O. B Department of Agriculture, Thoie are 12,900,000 forest land in Arizona. acre* of IFOR SALE 3 Government Soiybeats House* * S200Each Enoch A. ToHetoM •CAKtJTHBKSVlU.E. MO, I'tumo 782VV A5SORTE1) HIAV1K • ^ff 8 0 CHICKS 5 £ aoo. too. __ ICHISK co. M HUJlNfM QVH ?Q /M»J ,J When »ou offtr finer |«wol, r „( greater volu. , . . il'« |u«l noturollii the calk of the town . , . ths kind «f at DREIFUS jowolry you'd be proud to woor or give. For fclffM sovlnqj . . chooic now fiom our torso st»«k« »l outstanding dlomondi, wolchci and oihir ' voluci. A|| on ca|> ttrmi. 3 fitly eUjmendt ilortfr mturikfkenl tlnm. A YEAR TO PAY No Extra Charge for Credit at DREIFUS SPECIAL for men and ladies C«^4fc *TC line, pitctilan. 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