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THB HKKALD-SKW (From aor Evening Edition of WukhigtM, our Correspondent XXXV. 1 WASHINGTON, Oct. 15,1837. The house, in committee of the whole, nine o'clock P. October 14th, considering a bill to tnake further appropriations for 1837.

On the Smithsonian bequest, for which 910,000 more were asked, Mr. Wise submit ted a letter from Mr. Hush, showing the expenses and difficulties incident to a suit in English There are fourteen masters in chancery, and the number of cases on the docket exceeds It will be nearly two years before our suit will come up. Mr. ltush hopes, liowevei, that the number of masters will be increased to 22, and that lie will be able to bring the matter to a close by the spring of 1839.

He estimates the expenses on the suit, before it is ended, at This is paying dear for the whistle! Mr. Wise moved to reduce the appropriation to iliOOO. Agreed to. The letter of Mr. ltush is a most bungling piece of composition, and could it appear in print, would be a delectable specimen, as Mr.

ise truly says, of our foreign diplomatic correspondence, William Cost Johnson, of Md. now rose. He expatiated largely and most eloquently on the result of the battle that had been fought that between the cringliattle mat nan neen uiai nuy obits ecu mc uuging friends of power and executive usurpation, and the defenders of the national liberty, and oar gloriously free institutions. He drew around liirn friend and foe. Every ear was open to drink in his manly Americans are a people, atit They will not persist in wilful wrong.

Even the strenuous advocates of the bill of abominations acknowledged their error, in attempting to stab to 'lie heart the best interests of the country. There were Cainbreleng, and his 10G partiSan supporters, crowding around the lent less orator. The opposition, too, kept their seats, and looked eagerly on. The buzz of the galleries ceased. So all ling was the speaker's power, that 1 do believe, that it the main question had been put for passing the be finished, not a man woulu have been found to give it his sanction.

It lias never fallen to my lot to listen to spirit stirring eloquence before. The speaker then alluded to the appropriations proposed in the bill. I say it openly, Mr. Chairman, as a re presentalive of 47,000 freemen that never has an asaembly of enlightened delegates been so bamboozled, cheated, deceived, led astray, and imposed on, as this House has been by Air. Levi Woodbury, Secretary or the U.

S. Treasury. He then went on to expose the charlatanrie of the Secretary, and showed hew utterly unfit he wasfor this station. Mr. Johnson did not mince the matter, and dealt with our verbose Secretary as he deserved.

Mr. Whittlesey, of Ohio, called Mr. Johnson to order. Such a good-natured dressing as the indefatigable Whittlesey got for so doing Every bsdy laughed most heartily, and none louder than Mr. W.

Mr. Chairman, said Air. Johnson, we are all presumed to be gentlemen oh this floor. My friend on my right inti mates that I what 1 mean by a gentleman. will do so with pleasure in my own rough way.

A gentleman, Sir, in iny opinion, is a man of tog'1 pies, a generous nature, and full of respect for himself. His honor is dearer to him than his lite. He will not teek to array the poor against the rich, but strive by rectitude and industry to reach the pinnacle of his country's honors, and to'gain for himself a competence of the goods. He will never impute motives. Such a man is a gentleman.

Such 1 presume is every man on this floor and elsewhere, till I discover to the contrary. Therefore, when I see a man trying to exeite the poor against die rich, I ain constrained to deny him the qualities of a gentleman. 1 would eschew such a Had I the power, I would command my slave to seize him by the neck and heels, and 'plunge him into the Totomac. Mr. Johnson then proceeded to castigate the Secretaiy for asking for an appropriation to pay the members of congress, when he announced, at the opening of the session, that he was prepared to give them such money us most suited tlieir convenience.

Mr. Bynuin, of North Carolina, rose to defend the Fee ret a ry on the last point merely, by producing a letter from the sergeant at arms, stating that he was ready to get for members such money as they wanted. Mr. Johnson thea asserted, that this very evening the sergeant at arms told him the gold was out Mr. AVise corroborated the assertion.

Several members attested that they had asked for gold, and they could not get it. Mr. Wise further staled that the half dollars which had hitherto been paid to members, were borrowed by the government from the bank. In tins incidental debate, one fact was plainly established, that the government, in its gold and silver operations, was prompted by the petty nope of tickling the ears of the groundlings, the rabble. There were so msny texts from which to preach political sermons in its subsidized press throughout the country.

The deposite bank relief bill was then passed, with this amendment, that the first instalment should be paid on the first July, 1839; the second on the 1st an nary, 1839, and the third on the 1st of July, 1839. The house as detained some time bv the idle talk of Loomis, of your State. This man ouglit to be sent to New Holland to be taught common sense. Mr. Adams considered the whole bill an absolute fraud, li was drawn bv Mr Woodbury, I know, and reflects the highest credit on him as a bungling lawyer.

In the Senate, a great dispute arose about the eenatruction of this wonderful bill. Mr. Webster offered an amendment explanatory of its meaning so far as the interest and damages are concerned. The bill is obnoxious Km a great part of the House. On the question to agree with this amendment, a count was called about 1 o'clock in the morning, when it was discovered only members were present They tried several times to concur.

A majority present were in favor, but Mr. Adams protested against action. He said he would sit till Monday, if the House would not adjourn. They had refused several times. Mr.

A. persisted, and they ad journed at 2 o'clock on Sunday morning. But let we go to the Senate at 1 clock, A. M. lights burned dim.

Eight Senators were present. They were all seated in the front row, except Mr. Wright, who was lolling in his proper seat with no candle on his desk Mr. Webster had just offered his explanatory amendment, as to when the refusal of the banks to comply with the enactments of the bill should be considered a default, for on this question depended the rating of damages. The President put the question.

The ayes have it. Divide.said Mr. Walker. Oh no, no. no, said two or three voices.

The question was put again. The noes have it. Divide, said Mr. Webster. Yes, divide, naid Mr.

Buchanan. Oh no, said a voice. Yes, said Mr. Walker, let the gentleman from Massachusetts take the responsibility I have no responsibility to take here more than you have, aaid Webster. Otmt, the President.

They divide. 3 for and 5 against. An quorum said the Cbair. 1 move a call of the Senaue, said Mr. Walker.

There is no rule for a call of the Senate, the chair. Send the sergeant-at-arms, Mr. Buchanan. Meantime, some explanation took place. Mr.

White showed that tha bill meant'damages to be calculated from tha protest of the first draft. The Secretary might rail on Alabama for 910,000, and on Missisaippi for at a dash. Was not this discretion apt to be abused, and it nat unjust to make the damages begin from the protest of the draft, if the bank gave the re.iui?ite I Kinds and aecurityT Yet so the bill would audio rise Mr Buchanan explained. Mr. Wright thought no lawyer would aay that damages would accrue upon the non payment of the bonds.

Mr. Bachanan said that the gentleman from New York had been guilty of gross impropriety in using such language to him Order, the Chair. Mr Wright bogged pardon. Other Se natars appeared, and after further explanation the amendment was agreed to. On this amendment the House divided, and finding there was no quorum, it adjourned, as I said nliove.

The House meets tomorrow morning at eight o'clock, A. M. The businesa unfinished is tlie Fire Bill, the Deposite Rank Relief Bill, and the Warehouse The latter, 1 think, is laid over by vote to the next session. I fear the Fire Bill will be rejected or poatponed. It ia objected to by the Western members as unconstitutional.

Oh, this constitution! It is the shield behind injustice and political rascality ensconce It ia reported here that the intend establishing a tremendous paper at the seat of government. Thirty thousand dollars are already or will be subacriber. N. B. Wanted, for this paper, two young men of impudence acd utter fearlessness of conseouences.

They must have no regard for the truth, and lie ready at all times ta fight with swords, pistals. guns, rifles. Bowie knives, Ac. Ac P. 8.

Cel. WeSb need not apply. Tha acenea in the galleries I must defer till my next. The Treasury Notes have come to hand, They will tnake their appearance in a few days, if they have not already been sent on to the negotiators. More deputation of twenty-one Winnebago Indiana arrived in Washington, on Baturday last Taste, TlRsts Boston Morning Naws finds fault with the Herald.

forcallngMrs Lewis a beautiful womaa. mukbt marmkt. Tuesday, Oeu Hi Hi Secretary ol the iaaaud a circular relative to ikeiMUt of Treaanry We give it: Treasury Department, 13U? Oct. HOTConirreM lias, by act approved on the 12th instant, issue of Treasury notes to the araoRnl ot ten of dollars, in denominations not than $50 each, receivaoi in all nay men's to the United Stales, and bearing a rate not exceeding six per cent per annum. The ed, fur the purpose of effecting to such ol tnepuu; lie creditors may to receive said notes, mvites fers for the exchange or loan of them for the legal currency the United States.

The proposals will state the place where the money wi deposited, and the lowest rate of interest to be by when taken at par. Those who receive no reply will consider it as sufficient deuce that their offers are not accepted. Levi Woodbury, secretary ol the Treasury. How will the Courier feel now Its advice to the banks of this city to give only their rags in exchange lor the issues wil, if taken, leave the hanks of this city in the lurch a together. It is like ail the Courier's but lucking body souuding, hut hollow.

The banks ill put httle faith, indeed, they have Ilia Courier's advice. All they have to do is to pursue steady forget their old to attempt no new ones. Ii will he seen, by the following statement, that they are in a tolerably healthful condition, upon the whale. Tbey must, however, Mill mind their P's and QV. Aggregate statement of the condition of the Banks ot the State of New York on the first day ol October, 1837, taken from their reports to the Bank Commissioners, pursuant to law 21 TV.

F. ci- 27 TV if 47 Country Resources. ty bunles. L.Ibks. Discounted bill, and notes, 29,894,638 12 838 16,422 513 rrr j.penis and personal estate, mlm ggg "Jg Bank fund, i 832 527,497 439,870 Note! other hanks, 472 481 SiSVESX hanks, jnjw i.Jjgg Due from other and cor.

6 686,148 549,240 Other investments, 2,915,807 465,055 312'7J3 Total resources, 57,194,765 17,213,582 22,261,651 18,111,200 7,085,2 8 9,155,000 SSiff H8B Due canal fuad, 638,375 1,674,599 Due State 161,539 Due U. Treasurer, 431,290 Due individual depositors, 13 381,110 jf'tm Dividends unpaid, 57,048 16,457 4,340 Due city hanks, 4,651,496 Sf'fSi aoi'rnH Due other banss and corp. 5,277,365 1,932,825 12a-nt Profit, 3.517,024 1,466,207 1.793,, 85 Other liabilities, 93,743 110,332 Total Lialnlities, 57,194,765 17,513,582 Total resources of ninety-jive Banks Discounted bills and notes, Other loan, Keal estate, J-847874 Overdrafts, Kxpvnses and personal estate, era sK.ifou.rb.nn, mm Cash iURis, Due from city banks, Due from other banks and corporations, 7,789,569 Other investments, Total resources, $96,672,998 Total Liabilities. Capital stock, Circulation. 15,139,145 Due canal fund, 2,709.624 Due Htate Treasurer, Due U.

8. Treasurer, 516,9, Due individual depositors, 18,779,897 Dividends unpaid, J7 Due city hanks, Due other banks and corporations, ,.634,795 Profits, Other liabilities, 3,072.822 Total liabilities, $96,672,993 Retrenchment is the order of the day. We shall publish a table tomorrow, showing the decrease of loans and circulation and the increase of specie in the city banks since August But it is not merely in this city, it is all over the The New Haven Banks have not more than one third of the amount of circulation out that they had a year ago. As reported at their last board of directors it stands as follow CIRCULATION or THE NEW HAVEN BANKS. New Haven Bank, Mechanics' (depo.ite) Bark, New Haven County Bank, City Bank, ealy 10'000 Tbe following statement has just reached usol the and meachants bank, Memphis.

mISXi The improvement in the money market noticed yesterday continues-Long Island, in which stock tbe most speculation exists at present, has advanced since yesterday I J. Extracts from the Liverpool Albion of Sept. Newspaper Stamp our last num ber we published a table, compiled from the Parliamentary Returns, showing the number of sumps issued to the different newspapers of this town, with the number of advertisements on which duty had been paid, during the first six months qf the present year We now present our readers with a synopsis of those returns, giving a general v-ew of the circulation of the metropolitan and provincial papers. The following are the returna reapecung the London daily papers VJttS US Pom 22,734 Advertiser. 756.000 24,888 10'177 Evening Papers.

Standard. Globe 480,909 7,785 Sun. 426,000 4,973 courier, 335.500 6,839 True Sun 227,300 2,837 The following are the returns of the principal London weekly pipe" Weekly Chronicle, Weekly Despawh, Bell's Life in Londoa, Bell'. Weekly Mewenger, Sunday Times, Weekly Trae Sur, 252,099 bS4 London Despatch, Obwrver. 70,008 Examiner, 119,324 1,490 Bell's New Weekly Messen.

1 19,990 941 John Boll, 1 Age, Spectator, 73.900 1,820 Atlas, '-2? Athe no-am, 2,067 Literary Oaxette, The following is a summary of tha provincial press: Number of Bagliah Provincial Newupaperx. Do Liberal do, do. 112 Do. Tory do. do.

Do. Neutral or uaknewn do. 21 Stamps Issued to tbe Liberal Newspapers 4,466,572 Do. do- Tory do 23IR.543 Do. Neutral do.

408,745 Aggregate of Sumps Issued to the whole within six Average consumption of Stamps by each Kaglish Provincial Newspaper withia six months, 32,714 Average consumption of each Newspaper per week Fbmalb Fashions roa au malarial of which it is composed in batiste cru. (unbleached rambnc) and its vcrv light elegant trimming consists of a few rows of fine Italian straw plane (tresses dc psille d'ltaiie)? the corsage and skirt of the negligee are cut all in one, cicept at the back, where one or two additional breadths are put in the skirt, and which would necessarily render the corsage too full at the back. A plain and not deep niece ia put in at the top of the neck, to whicn the dress is attached in full gathers, on the shoulders it confined by a The draaa has double sleeves; the inner onea are plain and tight to the arm; the upper sleeve is a laLucrece Borgia, mnch in the style of the Venetian, and is taken up at the front of the arm with a small silk cord an tassel; the wrist of the innar aleeveia ornamented with a pointed cng, buttoned at the top, and with three rowa of straw trimming laid on; three rows of the same go down the front nnd round the bottom of the dress. In place of pelerine is a small shawl of the material of the dress, with three rows of straw trimming all round, and a light silk fringe at the edge. The ordehare round the waist is likewise of silk.

Drawn capote of cambric, the front not cucessivelr large, and the crown precisely like that of an infant'sbonnet. Hair brought low at the sides, and in ringleta. Black shoes, wnita kid gloves. Dinner dreas of brochee Corsage a I'enfant, gathered top and bottom. Long sleeves a la jardiniere, in small plaita from the shoulder to the wrist; they are confined at the name distance below the aboulder by a ruche of tulle, to which is fastened a bow of riband, with long ends.

Ronnd the boaom of the dreee and reund the bottom a wide colored riband is inaerted in the heaaa. Saab uea front to match. of the aarae. The front hair iain light falling lew at the and intermixed with gold flowera; the back a la ducheaae, with a roleau and coque (the favorite style of couture of the Buckets of Orleans.) Shoes to match the color of the ribands. White kid gloves.

Pabisian and light colored muslins are the prevailing dresses at present. Clear muslin redingotes, lined with pink, blue or straw colored silk, or with ribands of these shades inserted into the hems, are the favorite costume. Many 01 these redingotes are made short, in the style of tunics, and several have large Venetian sleeves, which consist merely of a piece cut like a half handkerchief, are very pretty when gathered up in front of the arm witn a rosette of colored riband. Tkey are also frequently worn even in morning costume, without an under sleeve, and short sleeves are the grand mode at present. In the morniug they are worn with long black, or white silk mittens.

The corsages of redingotes, when high, are- made with a little fulness; some cross in front, leaving the throat exposed. Of low dresses, they ate 1 enfant or a'la Grecque. The waists are long, and the skirts rather longer at back than in front. Flcunces are fashionable; or rather one single tolerably deep flounce with or without a heading. Tight sleeves, with three frills pat on at top, are still worn, as well as those with one full puff, headed by a narrow frill.

Paille-deriz hats still maintain their pre-eminence over all others, in full walking or carriage costume; but Leghorn bonnets, and those of poux de eeie, both hats and capotes, are aiso prevalent. They are quite as large, and of the same forms, as those recently described. Flowers are still fashionable, both in hats and caps those preferred are of a drooping nature, as acacia, lilac (white or lilac) roses, hyac.nths, apple and peach blossoms; wild flowers are also prevalent. The following if, copied from the Washington Globe, of the Dec. io3ti, relative to the English Wcuhst now in this City of the Orltaru Com.

Herald. We have been furnished with the following letter from A. rageot, Esq. Ambassador from his Majesty the Kiuguf the rencli, to Mr. Williams, the OculGt: lola! Washington, Dec.

15th, 18J6. have this instant received your letter hearing this day's date, by which you request me to examine lor toe purpose of ascertaaning the genuieenessof the signatures affixeu to the different diplomas, which have been granted to you by the sovereigns of France since the year 1914. Alter a close examination of those diplomas, I teel at liberty losay that they bear names perfectly known to me, and which 1 consider to be fully authentic and would have no hesitation in giving you an olKcial attestation ol my belief in the genuiness of those documents, if I had tlie authority of certifying legally the signature of any other functionary than that oi the Minister of Foreign Affairs I have equally examined the medical diplomas given to you in Paris, and in the principal cities of France, and am also satisfied of their authenticity. I take the same view of the numerous letters written by several eminent personages whom I know, and who have testified to the services you have rendered to all classes in ranee, which services entitle youte the just reputation you enjoy in Europe. In the hape that this letter may answer your purpose, I remain, sir, with distinguishedfconsideration, To John Williams, Esq.

honorary Oculist to his Majesty th? King of the French. The following letter was written by a gentleman now residing in Philadelphia (Pa.) who declares be was restored to sight by Mr. Williams, the Oculist, in Great lintain, nearly thirty years that his sight has vontinued perfect to To Mr' Williams, Ocxdut, of London, now at Philadelphia Dear seen your advertisement in this morning "United States Gazette," and presuming I am the individual referred to, 1 send yon these few lines to use as you may see proper, first premising that my name shall not appear public. Iam conscientious on that subject, but Is left witoA. M.

at SOB North Second street, and also 28 Filth stseet, north ol Market whom any Interested individual may apply. Having carried on business in this city for sixteen years, I must dc generally known. The facu ol my case are theseAt a very early penod of life, I bad some 'moi tar thrown in my eyes, from which inllamnialion ensued, and I was nearly blind. For several years 1 was under the cure of some very eminent pbynsciMn, obtaining any permanent relief. About the year 1811, Providence directed your course to Chester, England, my parents caused me to be put under your care.

It is with pleasure I now inform yau, that by the application of your remedies, by yonr own hands, my sight has remained perfect tolh''day, and I am able to read the finest printing that can be produced. Philadelphia, Oct. 15,1836. We are desired by Dr. to state, he is willing to give his opinion, without fee, to any ladies or gentlemen afflicted in their Eyes, tt bis room, No.

ih, floor, Attor Houie. if tliey enter bv the private Vesey street, opposite at Paul's church, any day except Sunday, from eleven to by the front door It might prove inconvenient to visitors. Dr. William's expects to procure a place where he can receive the poor in a dav or two New York. Oct.

18,1837. 6t JAMK6 DHY8DALE, Veterinary Hureeon, No. to Fifth street, between the Bowery and leave to Inform the pubtle that he now attends personally to borse shoeing, of by deputy, as formerly. Therefore gentlemen seeding horses his establishment, may depend on on having them shod on the most approved scientific prmcr He likewise attends to the diseases of horses, as usual, at his own infirmary, but bis arrangements far horse shoeing preclude the possibility of attending them at their own stables, except those ia his immediate vicinity. To those who are sceptic of bis abilities, be will merely say, Pot them to the test the of toe pudding Is In the JAMES DRYSDALK, 0.

Graduate of the Edinburgh Veterinary School 77 Cedar street, improter of Havana Segars of toe first quality, has now nn hand the following brands, and selected by an experienced smoker, and offers them for sales on terms to suit aiL Noreago, 60,000 La Norma. 40,000 Dos Cam pane ios, Principe, Regalia, and retail, and pot np carefully and sent to any part of toe Uaited Seixas would respectfully call toe attention of all who are fond of a first rate segar to call at his nffice. His object has been sinee he comaienced this business to sail none but the best, and he is determined to keep none others but of very hast quality market can produce, lie solicits the patronage of ami the Public, surtng litem he will always furnish them with the best of N. B. vary superior Regalia segars put up lor private nse in boxes, under lock and key.

i low pries i Boot NEWELL respectfully informs toe publ ic that he has taken toe store No. 94 Canal comer of Woostrr, where he beeping a general assortment of men's and boys' Imots. which be wholesale and retail at red need priori cash. Just received from his factory, a few eaarsof French purup boots, a prime article for summer, which be at the redooed prtrv of (AM. N.

B. Const satly on hand, boots tor (1.50 and (2.75. LAMP? CIIASDIUERS lulscrthn to Inform his and the puldic in general, that ha has received by late arrivals from Europe, an elegant of toe undermentioned articles, which be otters far sale at unprecedented low for cash, wholesale and retail, vil: Astral I am pa, In gilt, bronzed, marble, and glass pillars. Mantle do in do do do do with rich cut glass psnt and drops. Hanging lor candles, from 4 to 30 lights.

Book lamps, for drawing rooms, from 2 to A Elegant stand sandelabraa, carrying from to 2 to 15 lights. Elegant mantle candlesticks, plain and oraamet taL HaJl lamps for oil and gas. Hanging gas lamps, from 2 to 4 lights. Ladies wash tables, elegantly painted tn oil colon. Ladies Hi head bands, Bingte and double barrel percussion fowling pieces Duelling, bolster, Kelt pocket Plated candlesticks, branches, cruet frames.

Tea kettles, Ac. W. F. US Fulton st. 4 Oil KM hi PATTIIB8 A No YJT 6 Fletcher st offer for sale on favorable terms, Canvass Padding, Also, a great variety of Printed Hilk Plaid, Woollen, Valentin, Brocbe, Chally, Moaseline de Laine, and Printed India Nhawls.

MK.VN, YOU AJ(U A. A No. 14 Bowery, have on hand an extensive assortment of ready made clothing, suited to every age and size, which toey wHl sell very (or or retail sl.l-Sm* A A It It HIGHLY IMPORTANT TO THE LADIES A-VANIUM COMPOUND, or HAVON DE No article thai has ever produced can claim the high powers, so truly belonging to this Cosmetic, for beautifying tlie shin. It entirely removes Ian, sunburn, or and a beauty and softness to the skin, that I be extolled of other have vainly aliempled to impart. Tnn delightful compound, it may be added, ts the produce of great research and expense, and that Its emollient properties peculiarly fit it for the toilet or nursery.

The Vanilla Compound is happily adapted to gentlemen having a heavy beard and tender face, front its cooling and heal tng properties. Tt is patronised by ihe nobility and gentry of England and France. is entitled to the first place tn the toilet of every lady. Price For by II. Ilart, comer awl Cannon, No 3 Astor liause; and E.

M. Goton, Broadway, aorner Grand and Pike St. ACRKTAIN I UHM FOR WEAK EV r.4, Scurvy, Salt Rheum, recent or old afflicted any of tbeae are informed that Mw? Phersoo's VEGETABLE OINTMENT has never failed In effecting a upeedy and certain core. Hundred? of in favor of this Ointment nre in poaaewion of the P1roPTJeto.f* who knu arrived frvm Quebec, and may ha confuted for 10 only, from 9 o'clock, A. M.

to 4 r. at the office of Mr. Jotinatnn, 47 Warren at. Tkrnhgltnut England, Upper and Canada, none have ever given Ointment a trial, who were diaappointed in ica effect! 1 DU gratia, from a o14 ot UK. II A 11.

ION. a snrgeoa of standing, awl a pupil of two of Ihe first colleges (for anatomy and lbe theory practice of physic and surgery) In Europe, has moved into the honse No. 37 Conrtlandt S. where he may be consulted nn every diaease incidental tn human nature, common or onenntmoa, deliaate or indelicate. The nuwt desperate venereal rtired In from two to nine days.

Bores of eyary other description. In a tunc proportionate ta their stale and nature. Attendance at all ttmea. MATT. THJC CELEBRATED Mil AI PHYSICIAN, of Boaton, would to the Ladtos of New York and rtcialty, ced practice in ibis at her residence, No.

74 Leonard sure nearly opposite ibe National Theatre. Having collected. nuring ner -ate tour ui Europe. Rootk and esaeutial Oils, not be obtained la America, shewui be enabled to meet disease. in their mod ful Mliable The great succes.

which baa attended her treatment 01 diaeaaea in thai country, ia a guarantee of what may be expected. The many delicate coniplainta incident to the lemate frame, render any argument in favor of the Feuiale Physician unnecessary. Mrs. Mott pledges herself to cure or relieve the billowing diseases -Rheumatism, Tic Doloreux, (cured without the use of lancet,) Contractions, Paralyzed Limbs, Palsy Consumption, Dropsy, Humors, (Scrofula, Salt Rheum, King Evil, Canker, Ringworm, Ac. Ac,) Catarrh, Scald Heads, Affections of the Eyes, D'spepsia, Debidty, Spinal affections, Nervous symptoms.

White swellings, Worms, Astlima, Jaundice, Liver Complauit. Hemorrhoids, Piles, Female weaknessin conjunction with her medicines, Mrs. Mott will administer her celebrated Patent Medicated CbanipoOdiiu.Luxung Baths, to and others. Toe much cannot be said in favour ol tliese baths, which are the vapour Irom different herbs andi essential oils, to suit the diseases for which they are taken. I hey are perfectly sate la administer to the most debilitated, imparting to such strength they are not only a luxung, but a cure in aii chronic complaints, and a preventive against all contagious diseases.

One trial ill convince the most sceptical ol their utility. For a luxury to the healthy, they are calculated to promote a free perspiratiou, cleanse, sotten and purtly the Mrs. Mott having made the diseases of children a particular branch of ber profession, she will lie enabled to cure diseases dial have baffled the skill of llw most talented physician. No mercury or mineral of any kind Hours for seeing patients from la in the morning, nntU 6 in the evening. Gentlemen can communicate with Mrs.

Mott, only through a wife or mother. Ladies and gentlemen can be accommodated ith baths at any hour of the day. Family patent rights for the above baths can be obtained on apphration.r? tiie C0Untry post paid, wil receive immediate attention. Oi0-3ia? jrj poiliLUN, offers tor saie at his warehouse, No IT Pearl street, near Fulton, in lots to suit purchasers, and en terms as goods as can be procured in the city Mammoth lor extru large show bills, the same quality now used by the Eootogical Institute, and ed on the large press now in operation in this city. 1 His paper can be furnished at short notice, in any quantity, and of a much Medium and Imperial, measuring 28-40, 26-39, 28-37J, 24-38, 24-34.

23-33, and 22-32 inches, with a full assortment of colored papers of various qualities, enibraciug nearly alllbe riling flat and folded, Folio Post, Letter, blue, white, ami assorted colors, Pot, Demi, and Medium. Wrapping various sires; Kentish Caps, suitable for hardware, polished and plain; Cloth Papers, extra large sizes; Crown, Double Crown, and Cap; also, large aad plain and assorted colors; Tip and Impei ial, of various colors, expressly for batter's use. Hbeatliing vessels, houses, Sugar Bakers' blue, and inlaid with white, of Boston and New Jersey manufacture; Binders, Banbox, brown Bonnet, in rolls; fine white and blue and white ir flats; Press and Straw Boards. Harry Merry Andrew and Highlander Playing, with an assortment of large and small Blank. Southern merchants visiting New York are requested to call, as there is at all times a large assortment of cheap Papers on hand, well adapted to their market.

Manufacturers of Paper supplied with rags, foreign and domestic; Bleaching 8arils, Smalts, Ftdttag, Jackets, Moulds.Ar. reams cap and crown wrapping, 3700 reams medium printing, 1006 reams medium and a naif printing, for 'ale by J. CAMPBELL A PER8SE, Paper Warehouse, 110 and 112 Nassau between Ann A Beebman. mn TEETH? If you have the toothache, and ish to avoid having the tooth exUMted. use a phial Dr.

Brsmah.s Anti-Odontalgic Liqueur, which instantly relieves the painful affection, and produces in a few applications an impenetrable coat over the delicate sensitive affected nerve. Dins rendering ittocapabteof being acted on by air, hot or cold water, or mastication. Being a purely vegetable lirftiid, It is warranted not tn liyure the enamel of the teeth adjoining I be one affected. For sale wholesale or retnU by A. B.

A D. Ssmis. cornerof Fulton and William sU; Milnor A Gamble, corner of Dey imd Broadway; J. B. Nones, 644 Broadway, sign of the Golden Mortar, Wm.

Horwill, corner Canal and lindaon sts, r. R. Austin, 45 Csrmine st; ndP. D. Yonng, 33 South Fourth st Philadelphia.

o4-lm DmUu JOHNSON is consulted confidentially at hisoflice, No. 17 Duane street, between Chatham and William its. on the following diseases, vizGonorrhoea, Gleets Chancres, Strictures. Seminal eakness, and the numerous diseases arising from venereal poison or improper treatment. Dr.

Johnson engages to remove any recent affection in two or three days, and the most inveterate caaes in a proportionate time, without the use of any debilitating or injudicious medicine, or from business. Person, entrusting themselves to Dr. Johnson's care, may dose themselves with a certainly of success, in the most aggravated cases. Scrofulous sores, ulcerated legs, Ac spevJily healed. Strangers would do well by giving Dr.

Johnson a call, as a certain preventative may be made agatust the occurrence of the foregoing diseases, which has never failed when used within twenty-four hours after exposure. Letters post paid, and enclosing a tee, can have the necessary medicine. and directions for its use forwarded. Attendance from A. M.

to 11 at night. Dr. Johnson has moved from 11 Chambers street. olB-Inx CAR D. TO LADIES AND LADY MONTAGUE'S COMPOUND CHINESE SOAP is prepared from beautiftzl exotics, and warranted per- fectly innocent.

It completely eradicates tan, redness, and all cutaneous eruptions; gradually a soft skin: transforms even the most sallow into radiant whiteness, It a beautiful after shaving, win find It allay the Irritability aad smarting pain, and render the skin smooth and pleasantFor sale wholesale and retail by A. Underbill, SB Beekmaa corner of William; Dr. Hart, corner of Broadway and Chambers st. Dr. Syme, Bowery, corner Walker st-; D.

BcMAHa, 114 Carnal corner Lawrence st. os-uu KOPOLD, Importer of Clolhs and Merchant Tattoij A No. 108 William street, begs leave to inform hb friends and the public, that he has just completed a most extenaiye assortment of Winter Goods, to which be invites inspection, rir black, blue; and solored French and English ruperfine Cloths; Mohair, Petersham. Pilot Cloths and Brighton Beaver: superfiae milled drab Clothe A great variety of fancy and goods for ic. kc.

which he will or make up on the most reasoaabie terms- oll-lm do KB, BOOTS, A PATTEN, No. 55 145 Water st. offer sale? 5,000 pair men's rassett Brogons 5.000 do thick plantation do 000 de russet! and black, sixes 11 to 14 3,000 lioys' russett and black Brogans gentlemen's fine calf and morotco Boots 1,800 kip, seal, pegged, nailed and sewed do. 2 500 fine calf sewed and pegged Brogans 3,000 kip and and Hlioes 2,500 men's kip brogans 4,000 and Land Bmgaas 18,000 ladies leather and seal A 15.000 miss and children's leather, seal, morocco and hid lieotees and Slippers 30,000 ladies fine kid, seal call, morocco, pruneuo and satin slippers 200 rases men's and boys fur and wool Hals, with great variety of other staple ana fancy articles In the lor the prosecution of the Stove. Copper, Tin, and Sheet I too business; and having purchased the entire Mock ia trade, belonging to the late firm ef H.

Nott A consisting ol Notes Patent Anthracite Coal and Wood lhey now offer to their friends and customers, and ibe public generally. a complete assortment of said jurtly celebrated which, after of trial, have fully sustained their character, and are still held in ibe highest estimation by thorn who have bad an opportunity of tenting their merits, in point ef safety convenience, cleanliness, enmfort ami economy, in comparison with thw( other vtrioui md which in the meantime, been Introduced. Ameng the assortment ore those well adapted to halls, stores, hanking rooms, or lecture rooms; bar rooms, steam beats' and shins' cables; the saracentc grate, to nurseries, and MOMMM rooms; the franklin, to bed roams, ami the plain and ornamented rylindric sheet iron stoves to work Ar. Wood and coal aoek stoves of acknowledged saperiortty with from one tn five hollers, and one to four ovens, well cal culated for families of from 5 to 150 persons, together with al the Rfffwarv iftitfd to either of Ihf iforenwiw when required, at short notice, all of which will be disposed on reasonable terms, for cash, or short spprovedpaper, atthet stare 242 Water street. ROBERT RritATiON, CHARLES SEYMOUR.

New York, Sept. 1st, 1M7. noo'lR, BOOTH, ROOTS AND IHOII. RICH ARDS A WALKER'S two establishments, Nos. 228 and 232 Canal sl N.

Y. My friend gave ire the names and of the above establishments, and told me that it was of no use for me to try any where (or that he had tried all through the city, and could find nothing that would bear a comparison with Richards and Walker's make of Cheap Why. they have more than 20,080 pairs ot the most elegantly wrought boots to select from, and the pair I got for B2.75 are full as fashionable asany g0.0Bboots I ever wore. All who wish a pair of nice fashionable and durable light dreaa, wet weather, or water proof bonta, will do well cail as above. Prices from $1.50 tn $3.00, and B4.50 for water proof.

Donl mistake Richards A Walkers two establishments, Nos. and 232 Canal floo HOOT 11 M.kKKS. 230 cmial M3 street, the second shoe store from Greenwich street, Is the place to get cheap Woets far the coming season. The have ladies, gentleman and childrens hoots and shoes of every description, to sell lower than they have been offered to this public. Also India Rubber and Leather over shoes, dont mistake the store 330 Canal street, the second shoe store from Qweawlch st.

olhwr HOUR ICR TO my place Hedge Hill, Rye, Westchester County. I have stabling and all things necessary, (Including a skilful and careful groom,) to enable me ta keep a few horses, from the 1st her to tlir 1st of April next desiring to put out to winter at per month, may apply to me by letter, port paid, 146 Jay atreet, Brookly n. I B. Payment mart he made In advance, al the commencement of each mouth. GEO.

WOODWARD. Semfii A I'L RILLN marbs had si Bb.orers' Wall street, any time Iretween Bin the morning, and 6 lu the afternoon. No bills will be passed, or In any way re cone mended except thoae of the very first standing. Bank examined with pleasure, gratis. B.

Gold, silver, and hank uotes noaght and said on the bHHWBk mil tc Notes of the Georgia Lumber t'ompany, are redeem1 ed atthe olBcesof Way Eormsn, No. 21 Wall street, at David Hows A Bon, No. ft Wall sheet, sod at J. B. No.

IB WaM street, at por ceoc diaooooc TORY? fu operation is lanitini?" removing the heir the ivast approach to paia, and leaving the Ala winter aarf itiaa before. By twice tuiag the Depilatory the roots at the but are usually destroyed, so as to require ho (hither application of iL No had from its use need be apprehended, as way he on an infant's skin without any The advertiser is prepared to warrant every bottle said by him, to operate effectually, and to be perfectly innocent in its eff ects. Price $8. Bold wholesale and retail by H. C.

HART, 175 Broadway, aorner Court la ndt sc BhCKWlTH'h ASlIDYbPEPflCPlLL great populai ity and established demand for this valuable medicine, renders the continuation of a lengthy advertisement unnecessary. Numerous testimonials of their value (lately received) from gentlemen of tiie highest respectability, in addition to tbose accompanying each box, may be seen on application to any of the agents. The pills are put in a superior style, in tin boxes, containing 40 pills, with full directions. Price cents per box. To agents or purchasers the terms of commission and discount are liberal.

All communications will be promptly attended to by H. D. TURNER, 180 Broadway, N.Y. And for sale by most of tin respectable druggists in the U. Stales.

NHO. DIVISION STRKET-Tn err is human and since its human to err, is it not our duly to look on the indiscretions of our fellow creatures with pity, and do ail that lies in our power, without injuring ourselves, to preserve them front aiisery and disgrace LKVISON'S HUNTER'S RED DROP is warranted to effect a quick, permanent and safe curp without diet, smell, or hindrance Irani business, in all cases of venereal, or the money returned. Price $1 per phial. Every phial that is genuine will have the written sigiature of Uriah M-vison, of whom it can be obtained privately at all hours. Our offices are at 5 Division New York; 58 North Sixth Philadelphia; 53 llantifuat Albany; 7 Hanover Boston; and at another places in America can the genuine medicine be had.

UN SET TIN HEWETTTBone Set ler, informs the public, tlmt sueli has been the increase, of bis practice in this city, be is now obliged to confine ins operations to his ow rooms, No. 68 Prince street, except in cases where patients are too lame to attend. Such lie will continue to visit at their own homes. Dr. H.

administers no medicines internally His attention is wholly given to a particular of diseases. In these, his practice (eriginated by the late Dr. Job Hweet of Boston, anu entirely ninerettt from tha tof ordinary surgery,) lias he-en Amcag d.ose diseases are dislocations, fractures, sprains, hip diseases, white swellings, nervous, paralytic ami rheumatic uflV.ctions, contractions, curvature of the spine and other deformities, weakness of lite limbs, Ac. To mow wne are not acquainted with the great efficacy of this mode of treatment, (and it is yet but little understood ia New York,) Dr. Hewett will cheerfull-y give references to patients who have been, or who are now, under bis care.

Dr. He welt's charges are to those who aannot afford to pay more liberally. IVO (IKK, NO RIIEUM, is WORM, TETTER, SCALD HEAD, JACKSON, or BARBER'S ITCH, Ac. It is an ascertained fact, that one sixth oftiie inhabitants ef tliis city and tire United States generally, are afflicted with the above diseases, or a disease of the skin in some form; and to discover a cure for them, the subscribers have devoted much labor, expense and deep research. "Sands' remedy for Salt Rhbum" has how, been tested in upwards of 500 different cases, in every one of which it ha: cither effciX perfect cure, or a cure is rapidly progressing.

In every case of the above disease, or even if all of them are combined, this remedy is warranted to effect a perfect cure, or the full price -'ill be reiunded. Therefore why should any one affHdco nesitate to make immediate use of tli They have all to gain, and nothing to tose. Prepared and aoid by Price ffl 0o. A.B.ID. SANDS, Druggists, Jy29 100 Fulton corner of William.

Dr. chambkrb' cklkbratedcbioh the cure of coughs, colds, influences, and difficulty of is the season of llie year when many persons are subject to coughs, colds, and asthmatic diseases, for which Dr. Chambers' Drops have for a number ot yea's been u-ed as a sovereign remedy in Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore. It hat of (ate been introduced in this city, where it has received the sanction of some of the most eminent physicians. It is founded on a number of years trial, which will be a sufficient recommendation as to its safety.

As for its beneficial effects in the cure of the above named diseases, thousands in this city can testify who have used it. One bottle will be sufficient to test its virtues. It is offered at the very low price of 25 and 50 per bottle, with full directions for use, that it may be wiUda the means of any who may with to try it, he. For sale wholesale and retaff by A. UnderhiH, 38 Beekmaa st.

Corner William sL; Dr. James H. Hart, Broadway, corner Chambers st; Dr. Byrne, Bowery, corner Walker st; and by Bcbeifl'elin, 114 Canal, eomer Lawrence st. Price25 and 5t cents per bottle.

oS DB K. EMMON'a kliKB11 ATED UONOHi RH(E A mixture bas been used for more than century ol years for the cure ef tbose loathesome diseases. Oonorrhcea, Gleets, he. with most decided success, although not advertised and puffed through all the papers ia the Union. It is compounded with those medicines which are used for those diseases, and none others, and not with mercury as a great manv are.

Those that have used it onoe can recommend it always to their friends, who ia an uagnarded hour bava fallen victims to the above named diseases, lr has also a doe portion of the Fluid extracts of Knrsaparilla, which operates ia purifying the same time, Ac. any other may De had of either of the agents. Bold wholesale and retail by A. UnderhiH, 38 Beekman st. corner of William, where a liberal discount will be made to those who take a quantity; Dr Scheifielln, 114 Canal st.

center Lawrence Price jl per bottle. o3 It'. It AN wishes It to be understood by those who are laboring under disease, and taking his Vegetable Universal that a gent Ionian is appointed to gls advice gratis to all who may stand in need of it. Mr. Lance, who been acquainted with the medicine upwards of 25 years, and who has witnessed disease in all its variety, ami invariably seen relief given, and in most cases a perfect cure effected by the use of the pills, will be happy to giva every information to those who are Fo tthe convenience of Ibe public, ho will attend (two a way in each Bramlrethian office in the city, as follows Bor-rry Office, 876 Bsxery, from9 to II o'clock.

Central Office, 1 Spruce streetl 11 to I. Grsnd street office, cor. oi fciuridae sue el, ami office, 12 West street, alternate days, 3 to A Hudson street office. 187 Hudson st. 4 to 6.

Ti.v above arrangement will not interfere with Dr Lohstein, who will still give auviee to those French and German patients as usual, at the Central and Grand st. offices. IE HUNDRED DOLLARS KBWARB. PURE for evrs Gonorrhoea, Gleets, gous complaints sf the organs of feneration. Ofallremadiosretdiieovcredior the abovaoompiaiata.thM the most certain.

It asthma speedy and permanent cure, without (he leasiragafd to diet, drink, capture, or change in application to We give long quark ish rec- nil at hum to deceive the public. If the medicine dom speak for itself, to one shall spaAk for it. Our object is to notify where it may ba had, and that tha Kprietor challenges a single case of recent Gonorrhoea to ha ught, in which the Mixture will not effect a rapid nuie.undw a fin tenure of tseo This ia a diseaaethatunfertuaately pervades allranka ef low, rich and poor, matrimonial and single. They asa now presented with a remedy by which (key eaa cure ihemseivae without the least exposure, inlheshorteattimei-eesihle. art hot, diseasecannotbecontractorl ifadose of the Mixture is tsken at night on going to when vxiwwcd.

It rs put up in bottles, withfei1 abottle. One Uotilelasts a wees. wMeh general ly euies. Many are cured irr two daya. For sale by Mtlnor Gamble, I SI Broadway, cornet of De? at.

Dr. Onion, corner of Grand and Roworyi M. 8locum, comer ot Brwadwoy and Duaneat; A. B. A D.

Honda, ISO Fulton at. eonur of WilUam. New York: Jones A Hutchinson, corner of Cheeaet and Phila-Mohta. oB 3m" Doctor carpbrTii, No. 4 Feck slip, cobt nnii as usual to adr 'sister to the afflicted and unfortunate, at hat established and well known Dispensary, where me moil prompt ami effectual for all delicate are dispensed under his own personal direction sad attention.

Beware ef nostrums and nostrum venders, see that the virus ef disease he eradicated, and not driven into the system to be absorbed in thecirculatien, and thus entailings cempiw cation of deplorable and irremidiable diseases, which death only may terminate. Doctor Carpenter is a Licentiate ef the New York State Medical Beciety, (claims no royal or degrees) and has oevoted much lime and attention to veneral and svphdiuc diseases for 'hrlss 25 years. Resent when treated, aie speedily retnoveo wiuiout any inconvenience to toe poursl, but much depends on the early and proper appllcatiees ir 'he iaupient of the rompla nt. and hence the importsoce of experienced ami talented medical advice. Dr.

C. is enabled to present bis remedies la a pleasant and palatable form, defying the scrutiny ol has separate arranged for the privacy of patients, reasonable, office open until 16 o'clock, P. M. fcT at distance may obtain the medicines, with simple directions for a curs on writing a particular description of their case. Be particular iu the No.

4 Peck slip, near Pearl MNW ML PARPENTER. The phiIiObophkkb btunk at l.a*t DISCOVERED POKTT8 celebrated Kradicstor," sever failed to cure gravel, and weak Bo aatiidVed of its wonderful efficacy Is Dr. Poett, that he would not hesitate to forfeit fftOOO in say failure. The demand lor Toett Hpr-cific, In this cily, ss well ss in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston, Provldeace, and New Oilcans, is the hest proof of lu worth. York BAD.

100 Fulton J. B. 644 Broadway, dgn of the golden mortar; W. Horwiil, corner Canal and Rudson; T. R.

Austin, 45 Carmine an-i Bunset, Mffth avetiae. Philadelphia? H. P. corner tth and Chewnut kt Geyer, comer 8a I em and llnnuver sta. Providence, D.

J. Wood worth Price tl. o4-lm" A I A I. 'IP I-. i II, witliont clasps, Ar.

avoiding injury to the adjoining leeth, on the of by M. LEV ETT, Dentist, lo. Broadway, opposite the Masonic llall. This method so generally known and approved, needs no eommrnt, being wholly different in principle am! reault from any practiced in New York. references of the hiehvst order are most npfotnnof the New York public on this improved system, may he seen In the following respectable papers.

Vide New York Micrnr, 16th July, 1836. Courier A F.nqulrer, 86th December, 1MB. Evening June. 1837. o4 Bennett's Newspaper (Calnbllahnient.

NO. 21 ANN 9TRRRT. Moaoioc every morning, except Frice, two per ropy. Country furnished SI the same rate, for any specific twriod, oa a rvmitance ia advance. No paper sent out, unless paid in advance.

f.vising rv iwned every afternoon at One oVIorb. Frice, two per copy. Country subscribers throbbed al the same in Sfivance. WRrat.v Ifr.RAi.n?issued every Ratnrday morning at 8J per copy. Furnished tacoumry at per annum, In advance.

Werrlv Hbrald every Wednesday morning, at 10 Price, per copy. Furnished to country ft per annum, in advance In nay or all fonae papers at ttw asuai payable in advance. requested to address their letters to James Gordon Bennett, proprietor sad all jetton oabtMtoras asaffi ba past puM.

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