The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on September 4, 2001 · 34
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The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · 34

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 4, 2001
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C8 THE OTTAWA CITIZEN ARTS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2001 In Memento, you know what happens next, but not before the first place. Some of these notes are tattooed on his body. To give us an idea of how Leonard must think, writer-director Christopher Nolan tells the film backwards: it begins with a killing and each succeeding scene goes back in time until we see how it all started. It's not a whodunnit as much as a whydunnit, although by the end, when we still aren't sure what's going on, we suspect it's simply a philosophical conundrum, a contemplation of memory and time in which we are studying the human condition as clues in a thriller. It would be a great movie if it made sense. As it is, it's a spiral staircase that falls upwards into confusion with great rewarding friendships than this one. Although I do get to tell the same jokes.") The real pleasures of the movie come in seeing how Nolan accounts for all the contingencies of this world of reverse time and lost history. It's a film where we always know what happens next, but never what happened before. The King is Dancing -k', AA One of those big lavish French films with large emotions, gilded set design, exquisite music and stiff drama. It's based on a true story in the court of Louis XTV, the Sun King, and his relationship with Jean-Baptiste Lully, the Italian-born court composer and a world-class sycophant. The king likes Lully because bis music makes the king want to dance: Louis fancied himself a bit of a hoofer, and the movie showcases the engaging dancing styles of the era. Their relationship bothers the anti-Italian faction of courtiers, but the film is further layered with an omnisexuali-ty Lully steals another man's wife but also appears to be attracted to His Majesty and political infighting that . includes the up-and-down career of Moliere, who was briefly Lully's writing partner. It's all supposed to add up to some kind of grand opera, like Amadeus, but The King is Dancing has to settle for being visually fascinating: lovely, musical and very slow. Jay Stone New on Video Memento k-k-k', AA Backwards runs that film the. Memento is a film noir that is based on a clever conceit and structured for maximum interest (and maximum confusion). It stars Guy Pearce as Leonard, a man who suffers short-term memory loss. He's investigating the apparent murder of his wife, but since he can't remember what happened yesterday, he has to make notes to himself about who he has interviewed, who he can trust and what, in fact, he is doing in Guy Pearce and Carrie Anne Moss in Memento. style, and it even comes with a measure of humour (Joe Pantoliano, as one of Leonard's friends, says, "I've had more Jeepers Creepers tops the box office LOS ANGELES Movie-goers turned their peepers on Jeepers Creepers, a horror flick that topped the box office with a record debut for a film opening over Labour Day weekend. The tale of a sister and brother preyed upon by a bestial killer, Jeepers Creepers took in $15.8 million U.S. during the four-day weekend, according to studio estimates yesterday. That topped the previous debut record of $9.8 million for The Crow: City of Angels in 1996. Rush Hour 2 finished second over the long weekend, pulling in an estimated $n.2 million. Typically a quiet weekend for theatres, Labour Day is not known for big film debuts. The weekend often is dominated by holdover films in the No. 1 spot such as last year's Bring It On or The Sixth Sense in 1999. The Sixth Sense, which was in its fifth week of release, still holds the overall record gross for Labour Day weekend with $29.3 million. O, an update of Shakespeare's Othello that was the weekend's other new film, debuted with $6.9 million. Set in a Southern boarding school, O stars Mekhi Phifer, Josh Hartnett and Julia Stiles. The Associated Press PRIMET1ME TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 4 r h Source 7:00 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 8:30 p.m. 9:00 p.m. 9:30 p.m. 10:00 p.m. 10:30 p.m. O 18 "24 TVO Changing Rooms Your Hearth (CC) Studio 2 (CO Heart Surgeon (Part 2 of 3) Revenge of the Humanoids Q 12 6 Global Bob and Margaret (CO Entertainment Tonight (CO That 70s Show (CO I friends (CO FrasietlRKCO Titans (CO B 3 9 CBOFT Virginie(CC) la Facture ICC) SalutDede Reseaux(CC) TeleioumalU Point (CC) O 6 5 NewRO Inside Edition (CO Access Hollywood (CO Buffv the Vampire Slaver (Conclusion) (CO lAngellCC) Black Scorpion (CO Q 7 13 CJOH Wheel of Fortune (CO Jeopardy! (CO Murder in Small Town X ICQ Waging Peace (CO - - 7; VWNY jeopardvl(CC) IWheel of Fortune (CC) JAG (Part lof21(Rl ICQ Big Brother 2 ICC) Judging Amy (Rl (CO O 2 4 CBOT Life & Times (R) (CO Market Place (CO Venture (CO Da Vinci's Inquest (R) (CC) The National; The Magazine (CO O20 10 WHEC Frasief(CC) The Drew Carey Show (CC) Spy TV (RKCC) ISpvTV(CC) iFrasier (Rl (CO Dateline NBC (CO CD 10 40 CHOT Poursuitesde polices Avoir su ...(CO Movie "Columbo: Tu retoumeras poussiere" (1998. mystere) Peter Faik. Patrick McGoohan, Rue McClanahan. Nouvelles (CC) lYvon Deschamps: 30 ans Q 5 49 CFGS Fun Noir Coroner (CC) Movie 'LesRoisdukidrapping (1997. dramepoM iLeGrandJoumaHCC) B3 - 39 TFO Panorama Branche(CC) Coulisses de la science iLeslntrus(CC) I Josephine, Profession angegardien ta 21 8 WROC Wheel of Fortune (CC) Jeopardy! (CC) JAG (Part lot 2) 1R) (CO Big Brother 2 (CO Judging Amy (RKCC) CJ 14 60 CFMT FrasierlCQ 3rd Rock From the Sun Studio Aperto (CD Marilena Chinese Newsline iThe Simpsons (CC) 1 3rd Rock From the Sun (B 17 65 CITY Seinfeld (CC) Friends (Parti of 2) (CC) n3tv iNewMusic(CC) Movie 'For Love of Olivia" (2001, drama) Louis Gossett Jr., Lonette McKee. Kathrvne Dora Brown. (CC) mil 18 WPBS Nightly Business Report Ibabin Country Nova(CC) School: The Story of American Public Education (CC) ; CD 16 11 ONTV StargateSG-KCO JAG (Part 1 of 2) (R) (CC) Big Brother 2 (CC) Judging Amy (R) (CO BP 19 13 WOKR Friends (Part lo( 2) (CC) I Hollywood Squares (CC) Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (RKCC) Stjude NYPD Blue (R) (CC) ES - 22 RC22 Money Line Lunchbox lOneonOne(CC) Front Row Centre IX FM New Rock 22 ED - (CPAg) TransCanada Laurier Lapierre The Public Record eB 66 (TTV) The Saddle Club (CO iReBootlCO Dragon Ball Z (CC) 1 Radio Active (CC) Big Wolf on Campus (CC) I Student Bodies (CC) Freaky Stories (CO iGoosebumns (CO 83 24 Qjwj CBC News: Canada Now ISports Journal (CC) This Hour Has Seven Days-Again (CC) The National: The Magazine (CC) Rough Cuts (CC) ffl 48 (SEP Auto Racing Castrol Auto Parts Plus 150. Sports Documentary Auto Racing (Tape) I You Gotta See This! SportsCentral BP 23 (RDF) teJournalRDI(CC) iMaisonneuve a I'ecoute brands reportages (CC) TeleioumalLe Point (CC) Maisonneuveal'ecoute Le Canada auiourd'hui 63 39 (MM) MuchAXStv iNellyFurtado: Live at Much Spotlight iRapCitv HP 32 dm Baseball: New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays. (Live) SportsDesk(CC) S) 28 fA&D Law & Order (CC) I Biography: Cheers. (CC) Investigative Reports (CO Investigative Reports (CO 6B 40 am MADTV(CC) IMADTV(CC) Ultimate Revenge IMADTV(CC) RealTV(CC) iRealTVICC) MADTV(CC) MADTV(CC) S 38 (CSSi First Evening News Crossfire (CO Wolf Blitzer Reports (CC) iGretaVanSusteren Larry King live (CC) CNN Tonight (CC) I Greenfield at Large (CC) 83 36 QUD Medical Detectives Medical Detectives lTrauma:LifeintheER I Code Blue Lethal Swarms: Kilter Bees EB 15 (TV5) Journal de France 2 Tout le monde en parte (10:15) Telescope EB 31 (T-OXl Raster (CC) bid Rock From the Sun iMurder in Small Town X (CO Seinfeld (CC) IFrasier (CC) 63 52 fSHoW) North of 60 (CC) Matrix (CO Traders(CC) iMovie "Pi" (1998, drama) Sean Guilette. (until 12:00) 03 35 JffiAyoj BravolVideo IThe Jim Byrnes Show I Live at the Rehearsal Hall (CC) Icettic Colours I Wired for Sound: A G'jitar Odyssey (CC) HI 33 (BPS Baseball: Les Braves d'Atlanta rencontrent les Expos a Montreal. (Live) Sports 30 Mag (CC) EE 34 (PISE) (CC) I The Awesome Pawsome Extreme Alaska (CC) Civilization (CO . EB - (CMT) CMT Prime Tern Clark: Real CMT Top 12 People's Choice CMT Prime , EB 37 (UfB TheWave(CC) IWeird Homes (CC) Zoo Diaries (CC) I Dogs With Jobs (CC) EXTRA(CC) iTheLofters Taking K Off ISkinDeepICO EB 51 (COM) SCTV bust for Laughs I Kids in the Hall (CO I Kids in the Hall (CO I The Simpsons (CC) iGutterball Alley Open Mike With Mike Bullard (CO EB 61 (TBS Baseball: Atlanta Braves at Montreal Expos. (Live) Movie 'Wrongfully Accused' (comedy) (until 11:451 EE) 49 rjafflD Kong (CO IWhat About Mimi?(CC) I Angela Anaconda (CC) I Mega Babies (CC) Scooby Poo Where You? IThe Road Runner Show For Better or for Worse Dilbert(CC) EE) - (HEW) This Old House Classics IDream House Mark Cullen Gardening I Design for Living I Martha Stewart Living (CO I House and Home (CO Room Service BP 27 fJPA) First Wave (CC) Movie 'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" (1982, science fiction) William Shatner, Leonard Nimov, Ricardo Montalban. (CC) iMaking Of: Earth: Final 63 53 CEM) Famous Jett Jackson (CC) ALF(CC) Honey. I Shrunk the Kids lAfraidof theDark? Movte'Ben4lur" (1959, historical drama) Charlton 63 fMLF) Golf Channel Academy Goff Central GoW Channel Academy Live Masters Highlights Tiger's 1997 Masters I Golf Central (R) ED - (HP HOMEstvlelRKCO Ion Top of the World Too " Ail m the Family (RKCC) I All in the Family (R) (CC) Golden Girts (R) ICC) I Golden Girls (R) (CC) MAS'H(R)ICC) MASH(R)(CC) 69 47 (RJSTJ Tour of Duty (CO People's Century (CC) Temple of Mu Forbidden Rites (Parti of 3) E3 - fjui) Triathlon: ITU World Cup. (Rl National Geographic Explorer Road Rules (CC) I Road Rules (CO Pilot Guides 68 - (CNBC1 (6:00) Business Center The Edge Hardball With Chris Matthews Rivera Live The News With Brian Williams (CC) BP - SB Bike Week I American Thunder Motorcycle Racing: AMA Formula Xtreme Series. (R) Motorcycle Racing: F1M World Sunerbike Series. (R) Motorcycle Racing: US Rat Track Champs. Series. (Tape) EE) - (CD) Missions aeriennes Commando Biographies La Femme bionkuie : BP 69 (VSfj) Skylight ICC) I Family Crucible (CC) Myths of Mankind Dancing the Goddess TheBaha'is 9 - (TOD InFashion I Bella ISwitchin' Kitchens (CC) I Anything I Can Do ... (CC) Cold Feet I Heartbeat BP 57 (TMjp (7:10) Movie 'Because Why" (1993, romancfrcomedv) Michael Riley. Doru Bandol, Martine Rochon. Movie "Magnificent Obsession" (1935, drama) Irene Dunne, Robert Taylor. I (10:45) Movie (until 12:35) (33 - PIX Toute une vie Les Grands ducumentaires Le Mondial d'impro: Juste pour rire Movie 'Les Choses de la vie" (1970, dramel (until 11:30) BP 8 30 CIVO Maamuitaau News News Rainbow Country Forest Rangers I QuebecFirst Nations Notre Peuple g) - (APJN) 106 & Park: Top 10 Live Countdown I Access Granted BET: Testimony ComicView I BET Live fliTl - (BED (6:35) Movie 'Such a Long Journey" (1998. drama) Roshan Seth. (CC) I Cinema Secrets (CC) Movie 'Road Trip" (2000, comedy) Seann William Scott, Breckin Meyer. (CO 1(10:40) Son ofthe Beach SB- CBEg) Friends (Parti of 2) (CC) iFrasier(CC) iGilmore Girts (RKCC) DeadLast(CC) iNews(CC) eg) - (KTLA) Pokemon(CC) Batman Beyond (CC) 7th Heaven (CO lBaseball:LosAngelesDodgersatColoradoRockies.(Live) BO 56 (SBK) News FrasierlCQ WWFSmackdown!(CO I Entertainment Tonight (CO I Frasier (CC) SB 55 (WGN) Family Matters (CC) I Suddenly Susan (CC) lMovte"TheGiininBettyl'sHandbag''(1992.drama)PenelooeAnnMiller.EricThal,AlfreMard. I News (CO L , Iff -imwii wm ttP ..... --w- , - j J V J r f ? .1 QD It's Canada's largest outdoor show, just 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa. Come and enjoy non-stop entertainment, on seven stages. Don't miss headliner Prescott Brown featuring Tracey Brown they'll be in the parade, and on stage Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. Dancing: the MacCulloch Dancers, the Kinda Klassy Steppers ... Music: Ambush, the Glen Silverson Band, Randy Foster and his Fiddling Kids, South Mountain Gospel ... Demos: square dancing, cooking, vegetable sculpturing ... international Plowing match a Parm nachinerv Show September 18-22, 2001, navan, Ontario, Canada L7GG0DL7Q WQD There's more: fashion shows, Storytime For Kids, Health Watch, antique appraisals, home improvement workshops, a fashion creation contest and 4-H demos. There's something for everyone. From 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Tuesday to Saturday. Be there! Rural Expo 2001 is a real T1 country affair. Order on-line at by fax at (613) 835-7568 or by phone at (613) 835-7569 Cold sponsors: Cames popuUires de rOntano m presented by Grenville M TVllTTfT A T Silver sponsors: 23 Valeurs nwbiKeres Desjardms, Succursale d' Ottawa hydro 7 one PCTROOIUM. UPPER CANADA FUELS TWA T CHUJVi ' Ji!.' "Ainu - ui i Ontario Loitary mt4 Carnlnt CwporaitM du Jmi d I'OMtari OTTAmClTIZEN Ontario Canada Lang Michener MctVV ITktfh'UJorit OodMSltMtWlMk. r SydroOttawa PEPSI ThtOtlm ( GJOH S3Home 9 SW hcudware coopi COOPSRATIVE federee DE QUEBEC KENWOOD H"Le. COMUMCAIIONS Voeb om " Procecds go to The Ottawa Hospital to fund the new Lung, Prostate and Colorectal Cancer Centres.

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