The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1951 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 8, 1951
Page 8
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I poor Sma// Change Back in Circulation After Mints Increase Production WAfliDHOTOSC, Deo. ». (#)—The Tkeamr k bfgtnnlns to «x Iks »»y out ot »n ooute shortage of ' Kim. for montta, now, many stores •od baalM have been hnrd put for trough pennlei end other coins (o kwp up with their They've had to re«ort to hasty borrowing from one another occa sionally, and federal reorn ban I h*vo rationed aome colna among member b«nk« in their dlitrlcts LeMnd Howard, assistant dlreo 67 New Books Obtained by City Library Here in Past Month Tlx> Blytnevllto Public Library Increased He supply of bodies by a »ot»l of 87 volumes during Novem be», K wa« announced yesterday bj Us«. Ira Gray, librarian. Of these, 4d were donated as memorial books and 18 wero obtained by rhe library. Th« 18 included nine Ipr adult*. 9k for teen-ager! nnd three for Juveniles. Tto following wer« donated is memorial books: In memory of Mr«. Sarah Orace Bonlfleld—"Greatest Book Ever Written" by Ourslor, donated by Mr. and Mm. J. W. Williams, Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Johnston; "Disraeli, Lite and Personality" b> Pearson, donated by Dr. and Mrs, J. E. Benslcj-. In memory of Mr. and Mrs. W. 8. Langdon—"Man of Uie Family" bf Moody, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Frtand; "PrkSe and Prejudice" by Auctan, Mr. and Mrt. Matt Mona »ha«. In memory of Mr». John L. Hlg- gtoaon—"Rome Entertaining" by Adam, Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Beaslcy. In memory of fred Gr«ble--"Lou OcMR, » Qwiet Hero" by Graham, I*, and MM. Mays Spradley. fc memoir of Tom r. Martin— "Journey of Discovery'* by Cronln, Mr. acid MM. R. A. Nelson; "Closing the Ring" bf Churchill, Mr. and Mn. John McDowell; "Strange Land* MX! Friendly People" by Do«gte«, "Fifty Years of Christmas" by OmquM and "George Washington" by Jwteon, donated by the Christian Woman's Fellowship; T«Jt»vof America" by Kaplan, Mr. •nd !*t». o. W. Coppedge; "Then- tar o< trw Tear" by Nathan, Mr. and Mrt. Maya Spradley; "Living M*M to America" by Commager, Mr. and Mn. W. C. Hlgglnson; "•Ing Arthur and Knights o( the Round Table" by Lanler, "Bloody Be* CoR" by Farley, "Dapple Owe? bjr Mnkle, wwj "Freddy, the Oo»*or" by Broota, donated by BjlttMMlfc Cotton O* Company; "dioofcr" bf Faulkner, Mm. W. W. Qhamnc; Ttoeoriai Hteiory of the OooKOeeiMT by Buchanan, Mr. and Mn. joe Pride. Jr. In memorj of John Crennhaw— "Tweamr of Western Folklore" by Botfcin, MY. and MM. C. W. Aftllck; "Ptactfeai Oulde to Successful Bwmeng" by Moreland, Mr. and ftfci. B. .1. Cure. to nxtnorf of EUon Klrby_"John M&rabaB, Boy of Young America" by MonMX and "Anthony Wayne, Daring Boy" by Stevenson, Mr. nnd Mr*. Oscar FendlerJ "The White Mao Return*" by Keith, Mrt. Cecil Shone; "Art, Then and Now" by !«, >fc. and Mil. Floyd White; "Btrkmntca Book of the Y«ar," En- ejrelopedla Britannlca, Mr. and Mra. O. W. Aflllck; "Master of the Wlldemeee: Danie! Boone" by aiake- IM, Mr. and Mrs. William Lawslle; "Medicine on the March" by Clnrk, Mn. Fran* Whltworth and Miss Nell Harris; "Theociore Dreiser" by Matthleesen, Mr. and Mrs F G Kelche!; "United Nations In Action" by Chase, Mr. and Mrs. lay Welch; "Woodrow Wilson, His TIme« and His Task" by Whlt«, Mr. and Mrs W. H. Pease. "Successful Speaker's Handbook 1 by Prochnow, Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge Hamilton; "Victor Book of Overtures" by O'Connell, Mn. Margaret Bell; "Heart Songs Dear to the American People," Mrs. T. J. Marian; "Treasury of American Songs" by Dowries, Mr. and Mra. Russell O Parr; "Pictorial History of the American Theater" by Blum, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Phillips; "The Forrestal Diaries" by Forrestal, Mr. nnd Mrs. R. A. Nelson; "Life's Picture Hl«tory of the Western Man" by Life Magazine, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Huffman, Jr.; "Slnnrtnrd Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology and Legend" by Leach, B, D. Ferguson and Mrs. Nellie B. DeJarn.ltt; "President's Lady" by Stone, Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Banister. 'Life of the Soul," donated by Mrs. Farmer England; "Vacation Guides" by Hines, "Lodging for a Night" by Hines and "Adventures in Good Eating 1 by Hines, Mr, and Mra. Samuel F. Norrls and Miss Maureen King NOrrls; "A Little Treasury of British Poetry" by Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Penn; "Royal Ftaad to Romance" by Hnlliburton, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Monaghan. In memory of Mrs. Sophie C. Magllevsky — "Pilgrim People" by Lcsesoiij Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Coppedge; "Future of the American Jew" by Knplnn. Mtss May Dlxon; 'Book of the Year, 1941" by Encyclopedia Brltnnnica, Paul Pierce. The following books were obtained by the library last month; Adults-Client Is Cancelled" by Lockrltlse. "Strangle Hold" by Mc- Mul!en, "With All My Heart" by Barnes, "Doctors In Buckskin" by Allen, "Fire In the Rain" by Doty, 'Case of the Angry Mourner" by Jardner, "Mncaboth Women" by Dclmar, "End of the Affair" by Oreene, "Tyriee" by Melville. Teen-Age — "Clutch Hitter" by Hnjne. "Greg Sheridan. Reporter" by Bechdolt, "State Oharara" by 3urgone, "Double Play" by Harking, "Walker, Three Tlmej All- American" by Bracken, "Two's Company" by Cavanna. Juvenile—"Capture of the Golden Stallion" by Montgomery, "Mys- ory Horso" by Rlley, "Secret of the Hidden Room" by Seymour. tor of th« mint, said today the coin supply U still "nip and tuck." But h» added that, even with Christmas shopping under way, he thinks there will be enough coins to meet demandi of the nation's expanding economy. >»ld that coin rationing by federal rewrv* banks U expected to end next month at the latest. The usual policy Is to permit unlimited exchange of dollar bills (or colni. H«re ii how the situation de- 'eloped and what the mint is doing about it, as outlined by Howard. It co»ta money to make money— 21 cent« for * pound of copper to make IIS pennies. The mint asked Congress for an appropriation big enough to pay for producing 1,150.000,000 coins In the year which began July 1—an output that would have taken about 7,000 tons of metal. But Congress allowed the mint funds for production of only ) 325 000,000 coins. On top of that, nickel and copier are scarce defense materials. For one month, September, the mint couldn't get any copiier nt all to make pennies. At the same lime, the demand for coins has been Increasing sharply, .tore states and cities Ere putting on sales taxes, nnd that lakes more wnnles. More and more buying of all sorts of things Is being [lone hrough coin-operated vending machines. Because of Its shortage of funds and materials, and the growing lemnnd, the mint couldn't turn out olns as fast as they were needed i the business marts. The treasury appealed to citizens o turn In their plfgy bank hoards of coins and get savings stamps or dollars instead. That brought a lot of coins out from hiding. Vending machine operators, including cities which operate parking meters, were urged to empty their coin boxes more often to get Die coins In circulation. The mint stepped up production is fast as Its budget would permit, Howard said. The Denver mint went in two shifts, six days a week, and he Philadelphia mint stepped up rom the usual 40 hours of produc- lon to a 50-hour week. From July 1 through November. :he mlnta turned out 183.000.000 coins—reaching a peak of 190.000.000 n October, 130,000.000 Iti November. The dally output hns been running rom 8.000,000 to 10,000,00ft—consum- »K from 30 to- W teas of metal. Howard snld that this, production should take care of demand l[ the treasury program for keeping coins In use is followed nnd, by January, the supply should be more than ample. DOCTOR OF THE YEAR-Dr. A. C. Voder of Goshen, Ind., has been named "Family Doctor of 1951" by the American Medical Association, meeting in Los Angeles. Dr. Yodec, who 5s deceptively spry for his 84 years, offers this free prescription for good health: "The only way to itay young Is to keep on the go— it'i better to wear out than rust out." Marine Recruiter To Visit Here T/Sgt. Herbert McBrlde, Marine recruiter from Jonesboro, will lie n Blytheville Tuesday and Wed- icsrtay to Interview applicants for enlistment. He will lie located at the Postof- ice here from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. both days. Ivrcn who have taken ire-Induction physical cxnmina- •ions but who have not yet received orders for actual Induction niny still enlist In other brunches of he armed forces until Dec. 31, Doctor Says Continued [rom Page 4 are likely to be less severe than In acute bronchitis, but It takes longer to clear \ip. DRUOS MAS' HE1,P If the cause of the irritation can be removed (such as a chronic infection or an Irritation from dust or the bronchitis, too. may clear up. if, however, it has existed for a lotig time, even removal of the original cause mav not bring complete relief, in s uc.)i cases drugs may be helpful and general measures aimed at Improving the general physical condition are also advised. The subject of bronchitis cannot lie dk;niteed without mentioning the fact that It can be serious and Hint it can lead to a still more dangerous condition known as bronchlectasis. The question of climate also comes in. Some patients are relieved by change to a warm moist sea level climate and some get worse. Some are relieved by going to a high dry climate, and .some get worse. The only thing O n e can do, therefore. Is to try a new climate for a few months and watch the results carefully before coming to a final decision. Antique Furniture For Christmas Giving W» have Just finished several smart pieces upholstered In red velvet . . . marble-top tables and dressers ... and others Distinguished furniture you'll be proud to give, delighted to receive. Come now—while selections are best! MODERN HOME Highway 61 South Telephone 8061 THE SONGS OF CHRISTMAS SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8, Idtl Seizing o piece of mwk poj*r, l««ij RerfiMr jo«ed down the treble notes of the melody Hut wos ringing M hit taod OIK) which hod woktned him from Illustrated by Walt Scott . --- „—dcy.fcefitted>* the Karmoay. The Smdoy Khod children sang the carol MX* morning, but it vai ahwxt 20 ytan bcfon "O Utfa Town oi BefUc- bm" found to way into o hymnal. Arkansas News Briefs— Small Business Commission Is Named in State By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS LITTLE ROCK — Gov. McMath has appointed n Small Business ;ommisslon in response to a re- luest by the National Production Authority. The n-momber commislon will study problems faring small Arkansas business both In seeking de- *ense contracts and in routine operations. FOOD McMath Names Officers JTTLE ROCK—Gov. McMath hns tiled vacancies caused by the •tenths of two Arkansas officials Wednesday. Bill Enffeld, Be-ntonville attorney, will serve out the unexpired term pf Ben ton County Judge W. A Bill) Black. Clnnrte Ponsee, former Newport police chief, will compute Jackson tounty Sheriff James F. Mason's mexplred term. Convicted Rapist to Die jITTLE ROCK—Herman Mnxwcll. hrlce convicted Negro rapist, will be executed Dec. M, it was an- lounccd yesterday. He was convicted In Hempstead Ciriuit Court three times of raping s young, pregnant white woman near Hope, Negro Deaths Joint Services Set For Wreck Victims Joint Services for Pcarlener Patterson. 43, and her daughter, Martha Patterson. 23, who were drowned when /the. car In which they were rlrting jeft a road at Double Bridges Monady night and crashed Into a drainage ditch, will be conducted at 1 p.m. tomorrow at Salem Baptist Church near Luxora by Rev. w. !J. Johnson, pastor. Burial will be In Fisher Cemetery with Caston Funeral Home In charge. Surviving Penrlener Patterson are two daughter* Prarleuer Woodrow of Osceola and Earllne Givail of Luxora; two' sons. J. M. and J. C. Patterson; six bro f hers and four sisters. Rifes /or Jim Mitchell To Be Held Tomorrow Funeral services for Jim P. Mitchell, 45. will be conducted at 1:30 n.m. tomorrow in the Zion Chnpel Church at Liixnra. Rev. I. H. Harvey will officiate. Mitchell was one of the three Negroes who drowned Monday night when the car In which they were rldhiR mis^d a bridge on Slate Highway 120 at Double Bridges nnd overturned in a wnicr-flllcd ditch. He is .survived by mother. Mary McDonald oi Detroit, two sister's nnd four brothers. Home Funeral Home is in charge. r ax Could Lure Tourists NORTH LITTLE ROCK—An Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce official has advocated allotlng sales taxes paid on hotel nnd motel rooms for advertising Arkansas tourist attractions. I. J. Siecrl, director of communitj' relations ol the State Chamber of Commerce told members of the Arkansas Motor Hotel Association convention yesterday that only $10,000 a year Is earmarked for tourist advertising in Arkansas. 'State Is Anti-Truman' WASHINGTON— Sen. McClcllan said last night that Arkansans -u.-e not enthusiastic about President Truman running again." He said his state is "very unhappy" over the tax scandal, and that he looked for repercussions In the next campaign unless "those guilty" are removed from office. Infant Barn with Heart Outside Body Still Lives TACO.MA. Wash., Dec. 8. </p>— Tiny Deborah Angelo kept up her unprecedented struggle tor life today in a hospital air lock. Four (lays ago she was born with her heart ouLsicie her body. Skilled surgeons rightcrt nature's mistake shortly alter iicr birth Wctl.-icjKlay. The fact she still tires innlm medical history. Doctors *aicl there have been only 88 recorded births with such misplaced hearts, in only live were corrective cperations performed None of the infants survived more than H hmms. The valiant little girl Is the dau- ?htrr of Mr. and Mrs. Elvon Angelo of nearby Pnyallup. The bed-confined mother got the first glimpse of her rtaunlitcr last nlghtr—a picture nflrr her .surgery. (Continued from Page 1) ings are too low to allow enough for Increased operating costs. In other cases, it said, grocers are selling some Items at less than ceiling prices, because oi market conditions. OPS told the committee that in addition to the emergency survey of grocery prom margins, It plans a comprehensive look at average markups, to start early next year The aim, OPS snld, was to determine If food price regulations Issued last March are hurting grocers. The price agency said overall adjustment of prices would have to await the outcome of the early 1952 survey. It added that It wants to determine U some celling prices are too high. OPS officials told newsmen higher margins, if permitted, would not necessarily mean higher prices for every Item on the grocery store shelf. They said the proposed overall profit margin boost would allow grocers to select certain Items for increased markup. Grocers represented by the- Re- tall Food Advisory Committee do about 520,000.000.000 annual business on items cov.ered by grocery store price regulations. The regulations concern about 60 per cent of the food sold by grocers. The committee told OPS that big stores which operate on lower markups than small stores — are pinched worst by present price Grand Old Party Returns Grand Old Custom to County Courthouse GREENCASTLE. Ind Dec 8 H')—The Grand Old Party is 'g o -' I"* to bring cuspidors and loafers benches back to the main floor corridors of the Putnam County Courthouse. The Democrat-controlled Board of County Commissioners removed the cuspidors and benches a year ago despite anguished protests. As a compromise, they were put into a special room. The board will become Republican-controlled Jar i. Commissioner-elect Cecil Brown said today, "putting those benches back Is going to be first official act of the year." Gen. Hoge to Return To Head Fourth Army TOKYO, Dec. 8. Iff/ — Lt, Gen. William M. Hoge, commander of the Ninth Corps In Korea, will return to the United States this month • to take command of the Fourth Army with headquarters at Fort Sam Houston. Tex. Hoge will succeed Lt. Gen. Leroy Lutes, who retires Jan. 31. MaJ. Gen. Willard G. Wyman has been named commander of the Ninth Corps. Hollywood Contmeud from Page 4 court of domestic relations judge." Madge may have worn filmy nightgowns in the 1917 flickers but she wasn't supposed to have sex- appeal. "My pictures," she insisted, were for the whole family. I pl.ij- ed Innocent heroines. All I had to do was to be M blind as an tgg and look just as unhafcbrd." She's Just Herself Marilyn Monroe Is peeling oil those labels that proclaim her as the new Lana Turner and Jean Harlow as fast as they are being slapped on her curvy chassis. It's yawn stuff to Marilyn who says that "somebody's always another somebody In Hollywood and I'm not like anybody else. "Even in the roles I play. I have to play parts that are a little twisty. It they aren't a little twisty I can't give them anything." • • • A new crop oi Shirley Temples and Jackie Coognns is on the way to cure the box-office blues. Director Norman -Taurog. who's Uncle Norman to Hollyu-ood moppets, slipped me the word on the set of "Room for One More," a eomerly starring Cary Grant, Betsy Drake and assorted small fry actors. We're orer the binge nf psychological and cause pictures," Taurog said. "NOW we're back to maklnr family pictures and tlie public will be seeing some great new Md Blars." Some of the former Junior emot- ers guided by Taurog: Judy Garland, Deanna Durbin. Mickey Rooney, Jackie and Robert Coosjan, Freddie Bartholomew and Virginia Weidler. I never worked with a disrespectful kid," Taurog tolls it. "child actors don't deserve the reputation they have. They're not temperamental or precocious. They simply believe that they are the characters they are playing on the screen." • • • Warner Bros, aren't shouting it. but "About Face." with Gordon MacHae, Aileen Gates and Eddie Bracken, is a musical remake of "Brother Rat." AHeen's the doll who toured for 10 months in the road company of "Inside u. s. A.," and then spent a year inside Paramount without facing a camera. Bracken, who missed the first film version. Is back in the stage role he created. PhiUips bookj, «fco words, wot C lergvmoo, famed at on on) author, bot MM «f kit speeches, is as welt remembered at fit Christmas carol. "A ' wrote Henry GUe$, all seimans ia the memory." COMt 1841 11 >ICA MKVIfT mr Odd Fellows Lodge Plans 'Coon Supper The Blytheville lodge of the Independent Order of odd Fellows will hold Us second annual 'coon supper at 7 p.m. Tuesday In the Junior Chamber of Commerce clubhouse on North Second Street. The supper-meeting will be open to the public. Wealthy families of India drink water scented with rose or jasmine fragrance. "Where Chrisf and Christians Meet" CHURCH OF CHRIST OUR CROWDS DEMAND TWO SERVICES SUNDAYI Sermons iMornlng — "A Friend of God" Evening—"Why tie a member of the church of Christ" KLCN 12:15-12:30 Daily Everybody Welcome F SHARP Evangelist Early Service 8:45 Song Lender— James Thompson Second Service 10:50 Song Leader— W. T. Shelton CHURCH OF CHRIST Main at Highway 61 Hibofc Hibok Still Spewing Lava MANILA, Dec. 8. I/P) — Lava spewed from four holes near the top of Mount Hibok Hibok today as the volcano continued its eruptions into the fifth day. The holes were marked by four glowing red spots that could be seen clearly through the smoke nnd steam swirling uronnri the ppnk on Camiguin Island In the Southern Philippines. Fissures opened In the earth near Mabajao on the northern coast of the Island. These brought fear that parts of Camiguin might sink into the sea. Delayed reports from the Island said 266 bodies had been recovered so far. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Saturday 'Whistling Hills' with Johnny Mack Brown Also Cartoon & Serial Saturday Owl Show "Masterminds" with J.eo Gnrcey and the Bowery Boys Sun.-Mon.-Tues. "Last Outpost" with Ronald Reagan & Rhonda Fleming Also Warner News & Shorts Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton Open High Low Close Dcc 4399 4308 4390 4393 "I"" 4375 4315 4354 4353 May . ...... 4307 4355 4324 4310 Jul J' • 4307 4312 4283 4283 N. O. Cotton Open High Ixiw Close DEC . 4395 4400 4 3 TO 4373 Mar 4375 <371 43:;! 4351 Ma v . 4358 4358 4333 4335 July 4310 4312 4285 4285 Soybeans High Low 11:30 Ja » 308 307 308 Men 307?i 306K 30T,i M «y 307*1 307 307',i July 306 305H 305 ;i New York Stocks A T and T Allier Tobacco Anaconda Copper . .. Beth Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola Gen Electric . Gen Motors Montgomery Ward . ... N Y Centra] TnL Harvester Sears . Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum Studebaker Standard oi N J Texas Corp . J. C. Penney U S Steel 158 3 60 1 50 351 1 70 I- 101 357 3 51 7 69 118 135 3 56 42 1 24 34 331 3 70 756 71 3 40 5 German States Set Merger Vote STUTTGART, Germany, Dec. 8. (ff>— Three southwest German states vole tomorrow on this issue: Should they unite into one big state? Or should they go back to their pre-war division into two states? Whatever their Verdict, the vote will put an end to the present artificial boundary lines which the conquering allies imposed at the end of the war. The three states involved are Baden (population 1.372,000), Wuecttemberg-Baden f population 3,957,000) and Wuerttemberg-Ho- henzollern (population 1,264,000). They occupy the southwest corner of Germany, along the French and Swiss borders, and have a combined population of 6.593,000. NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "\oiir Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 Saturday 'Conquest of Cheyenne" Wild Bill Elliott Saturday Owl Show "Beast With Five Fingers Pefer Loire rr Sunday & Monday "Adventures of Captain Fabian" Starring Errol Flynn Tuesday "Reunion In Rio" Mark Stevens • Peggy Dmv (Continued from Page i) Czechoslovak Industries where workers dislike the tdea of laboring on exports for Russia. Official Czechoslovak announcements, however, have not linked the ouster of officials with the reported failure of the economic program. Mrs. Jarmila Taussigova, accused >f being a Slansky accomplice, was ;xpelled from the party and ban- led from party functions which were not described. Accused of Beimr, Rival Several members of the central xnnmittee at Prague admitted they tolerated Slansky efforts to subvert the party's Moscow line, th» broadcast revealed. Gottwald indicated Slansky—also Alc-scott'-trained—was seeking to ri- , val him by trying to "cieate anoth- ' *T leadership center" in the party. He .linked Slansky with former Foreign Minister Vlado dementis, jailed a year ago on accusations of Tito-ism, being an enemy .of the state, and plotting with western agents, dementis. Otto Sling and Marie Svermova were the chief figures arrested together last autumn. They have not yet been brought to trial. MOX Phone «6-il Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat.-Sun. 1:00 Always a Double Feature Saturday Double Feature —Plus— Also Cartoon & "Batman with Robin" Serial Sal. Owl Show 11:30 —Plus— "Cody of Pony Express" Serial & Cartoon Sunday & Monday THE GIORY STOBY OP THC GREA! SIOUX ' '•-SIIHMN UPRISING: Also Latest News & Cartoon ^Jrtm Come to the RAZORBACK For Delicious Barbecue RIBS Served Every Day

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