The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 8, 1951
Page 7
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BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEW! DECEMBER 8, OUR HARDING HOUSE with Major HoopU OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willl.m, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS . . STOOGE l£ PLftNSTeo ll-l TUB TO thlROVM VEGETABLES AT gRlNG DOWM THE HOOS& WHEN VOU s CA.TCt\,-TH6 PRODOC& £6AD, PlKe/Jg yoo <** ._ A fO 60 WITH THIS STOKiT ? -"-POSH A BOTTOM YOU MUST COLLECT "EM.- EVEKV TIME I SIT COWW TO EAT 1 FIND A, 'HAWSeRS. OF FAT •ARTICLE PARKED RIGHT (JMPER MV MOS6.' CAM'T X3U PUT 'EM HERgtu, see 'EM BERCRH i DO ALL M*5. CUBMR. SAVE VOU'VE tEftENED A VALUABLE LE&&OI IN SAFE semus, I'LL USE -TH«T HOVMLER AgOOT /MB- 6EWGAME6E1ARIAvi WU0DOMT LIKE TOPICS THE MAJM TJJIU& IS T3 KEEP ' v IHE MAIN IHIW& IS 73 K EMALwewwLeTMeY'Re Benefit by Reading and Using Courier N«w« Classified Ada Gall bladder, gas pains, head pains, nerves, sour stomach? Try you CAN K&ttove YOU CAM ALSO KEMOI/E TME-SUirs-.TWI-S. -SHIP C>»N WITH^TAHC? "Remember m«, Dad? I'm George, your oldest son!" ^_^_xn» x crt*t /MOTfc-W. 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"Just the two of us, Miss. No sky interference!" Still wondering, she turned and stared at the vast glass-domed room before her. The sight made her gasp with amazement. "I feel as thotigh I'd stepped into another world." "You have—the world ot jungle. A lost world to most New Englanders. Few outsiders have seen it." Taking her elbow he led her through the wondrous green world that he had created in a state where the winters frequently went to 40 below. In here the air was motstly hot with the muggy heat demanded by jungle growth. Giant tr«« ferns grew side by side with guavas, mangoes ami papayas, their trunks almost concealed by the lush tropical shrubs. There was movement in the air too. The flitting, colorful movement of exotic butterflies dipping from flower to flower. A brilliant blue one quivered on a hibiscus blossom near Elizabeth. "That's a Brazilian beauty," Ollie explained. "She'll only live today and I've been nursing along the chrysalis for months They're sent to me from Africa arid South America. When they die, I mount them and send them to various col- ge laboratories." PUJ* Wil nt cotnpteteir His hobbies which seemed fanciful, were actually of benefit to science. In the center of the vast solarium stood a strange tree with winding branches, it had no foliage except a parasitic moss yet so thickly covered was it with clusters of air plants and catalyas that it gave the impression of verdant visible hfe. Clusters ot tiny ruby- throated orchids swung airly from the moss. Orchids of every type: Pea gr-Sen with brown stripes, pink purple, scarlet. ' Beneath the tree was a pool. Dragon flies hovered over it as (hough peering at the gold fish beneath them. Beside the pool was a small fable set for two. « * • QLUF. waved loward the table and stumbled over a root of the dead tree. He clutched at Elizabeth but went to his knees. When he got up his face was flushed with annoyance. "It's these glasses! I broke the others out in the woods the olhcr night and these old ones aren't quite right." "When you broke your butterfly lantern?" Elizabeth asked. "Same time, up by the dam. The night poor Courtney . . ." His head iumed like a screw on his neck as he stared at Elizabeth "Look here. Miss, you're not playing detective?" "Of course not, I—I was just curious." "I wouldn't if I were you. It might lead to some unwise conclusions—unsafe conclusions for you." There was an ominous undertone to the words, she thought. The table held two bowls of ice on each of which reposed a mango Ollie motioned her to a chair, pushed her in and seated himself "Now this is the way a mango should be eaten, my dear. Icy cold in a jungle sotting. Watch me and follow suit." He sliced oft the two sides then rammed * knife iot* Uw b.u*« tb- long sned and began" to nibWe around the edge. Elizabeth copied his method. The fruit was more delicious than she had imagined i strange tempting exotic flavor' That was belter than wonderful " ihe said. He nodded agreement. "Yes, it was. These are Philippine mangoes, not the West Indies kind." She looked around the room 'Have (he others been in here?" "Yes, but they weren't appreciative. Lee liked it most. He's interested in experimental (arming but the domestic variety. Lucia, of course, saw it only as another beauty parlor. She was determined to take a sun bath here though I told her that sensible people didn't sunbathe in jungles." "What happened?" Ollie laughed with malicious triumph. "She didn't get a tan and the moist heat took all the curl out of her hair." A WEIRD malchslick sort of In"• sect was walking toward her on the table (op. rt paused, assumed an attitude of prayer, swivclcd its head sharply on its neck and stared at Elizabeth with large globular eyes. Ollie chuckled at her expression. "It's a praying mantis." "It looks like a walking twig" "Makes a nice pet but it has odd habits. Reminds me of people " "Me too." She smiled, thinking of Dr. Alexi back at Aker's General. He had a habit of holding his fingertips together and staring through his spectacles while propounding a psychiatric theory "I had Lucia in mind. She's going to be like a mantis if she ever marries," Ollie said. "In what way?" -The mantis consumes its husband afler mating. Lucia will accomplish il spiritually." Elizabeth saw that he was watching her, waiting for a reaction to his remark. Ollie was a strange person. Almost fanatical in his unwavering devotion to his mother, yet childish and petty in mi ,ny ways. For instance, the way he had spoken of Courtney Benson when he hart heard ct his coming to Black Firs. Had Ollie murdered Benson? put up with in old ouimoded Mitcben when it's so easy lo own * imirt ntw GENEVA Kitchen tlioutid juil a! you wall il. 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WHODUNIT AL/THOf$ 5HOOT& SELF.- WHY SCRIBE WAS- -VOUK' FEIEMD. MR ,FEEDER CALL ME YES, HE WA* MV FBIBND. I WANT TO HIKE VDU TO PROVE THAT WE CHDMT KILL HIMSELF— THAT HE EASY TEL19 THE \ WJININO YOUR. FlSKINSfiROUNDi FISHERMEN ABOUT V TS ACID * f *° l * RICHIE'S PIAOT THE (AB TgST^yWOB ** WHERE •/RIGHTS FRO* NOW OW-.., WltKOUt US1HQ VIOlHkS 15 THE- PL6MT'& WASTE THAT DOE6 rr...l'M FftST THE POINT OF NO RETURN; NOW LET'S SEE WHAT WNDOF ASALM) I'VE MADE OUT OF HISTORY TH1<^T1K/!P i _ HAIL CAESAR NERO. WE WHO WERE ABOUT TO DIE SALUTE YOU/ •IS't.s,* .rt;l!; 1 r y t" ^-^^. ALL \\OP?MING VOU [7|[7 NOTHING BUT EAT FRUIT A.NP VEGET^BUES/ NOW WHERE ARE -YOU GOING ? (I [( GRAB A G.«*IPER ,SKt\V SW VWTVt

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