The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 19, 1947
Page 8
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Eltitff coukutt Mi* j — Aide's Comment Cgn'ticism of Russians Given in Line of Duty, MoJotov is Informed- Italy's Workers Squeezed Between LbW And Exorbitant Food Costs th Black Markets WEDNESDAY;.. FEBRTJAKY 19, j <Jne Kniran's funilly — augmented do (his usually consists of "fettun- liasii't l,y a couple o f lii-luws-sUs down ; cil , 1; . n honlc . mndc macnronl wlth Slsnur i to f.ddiiy dimirr, the best meal <•< \ tom rilo snuce followed \iy vegetables WASHINGTON peb 10-^(UP) —The United States todaj defenil- ed as S- frank statement Undorsec- ictarj of state Dean Acheron's ob- ser\ ition that R isslan {oielfcn pol- icj u is nn aggress ,>e and expinding one ]j» The United staU£ position was [ containetj in a fonml note .from "eprel&iy of State aeorgc C, Marshall; tg:'Rus5ian foreign minister V. M.'.Moltitov. * . MolotQv had protested that Acheson was gulHv of slandei ' in mnk- ing thp stateitlent under questioning before a senate committee. I By, NEA Foreign Service :YOU..characterize the-content of ROMK (NBA). — Peace Ills statement ?s a mde slander marie Ufo. any easlei for rBlgnur arid-hostile .to- the Soviet 'Union," Kchat'o Pei'golonl. MarslVall's note!to.Moldtov said.. • | lie still must titrugglc alilioiiBli Under our standnds a restrain-' he no longer has to fear lor his life ed_cominent on a matter of pxuilfc or the lives of his wife and thrqe children. Ills troubles today :ii'c ^ economic/ He must stretch, his modest 1 salary ns a i/nvcritinrnt clprfc around the ever widening dircrepaney between the official ration an d thc Muck market. ; T ., U , olfidal fMm of ,,, c!ll| Js „ Tlic goveinmcnt all but oltidnl- ' tiuaitt-r of :, kllc, diljoitt onp-hnll , ly reqogniKes thc black market.! jioimd) |K>I- jiersoti. Ti> brcatl-cal- !Bul they make no compensation UTS like Pergolon! nnd Ills family for it in the 15,000 lire montlily i r -and all otlic-r ItKllaiis-thla Is far: (less than $70.00) they p:ty I'er- j too little. He buys tile rest on the golonl. so he is caught in Uie ] black niinkct at 300-litv per kilo that Is catching nil Itai- j ($1,30) instead of thc 2S lire per Ivil servants and otlieis alike. jkii-> ill cciitsi he p:iys for Ills ra- l.s a picture of Peryoloni's i Honed supply. day and his troubles. After n far • Plo\ir. sugar and oii usunlly can hearty breakfast, he J:ims [be obtained only on the black mar- British Admit Inability To S&lve Jewish Problem LONDON, Feb. 10—(UP)—Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevln told the House of Commons today that Britain will submit the Palestine issue to the United Nations wlllj the statement that the present man- dote is unworkable. '•We <Jo not intend ourselves to recommend any particular solution." Dcvln snld. He said he regretted there woiiUl ue great difficulty in placing the Issue before the United Nations at the scheduled meeting of the General Assembly in September lie appealed to the United Stales pollcj Is not a slander Therefore, I know that on second thought you will 'not attribute hostility to frankness. riie note «os dispatched to Moscow jesterdaj and w«s m^de public todaj following Its delivery to Molotov by Hie '. U. S. Embassy there. Answer in Line of Duly Marsliall said .(h'n't Acheson's ex- presyo"! \\as made in response to questioning b\ Sen Kennetli Mc- 'was not voluu- th,. week because It consists of two „,„., nient b . , TosaUsfy the courscti instead of one. For Ihis -• •>iy mt'al, IliOO grams of macaroni cust 310 lire (about SUiO). meat \vas 300 lire a Kilo, and cV|;i:tal)les about 80 five hungry stomachs, Pergolonl has to cook 1200 grams of lire ii Ulli). macaroni which cost her 360 'lire ($1.00). Meat Is 300 lire per kilo l$1.30), and vegetables 80 lire per kilo (35, cents). The family no " very , . y Ills [longer drinks wine except' on" son's', statement teercd. Marshall s note carefullv the auesHon asked by and: Acheson's answer. traced from MeKelliir 'himself onto a "cnmlonctln," a uot- too-popular truck substitute for the He pointed out that under the trolley buses which have curtailed [ and his children must have sugar. Ameiic,in 5\stem an officer of the their runs. The ride costs him '-•-•executive branch of the govern- about 10 cents, three times thc nn- ment, called before a committee of 'hcrizctl amount, and he lias to Congress, "is under b duty to ans- make the trip four times a day. win frjmklj releiaiit questions no:. At the government bureau he involv ng a niatter of secrecy 1m- does.hls work almost mechanically, compatible with the public inter- HC n.a.s ,'b.ebn on the government „ : ..^j .. '•.... Payroll'for 20 years. Such an exemption did nol exist ,,),,£,, i, • •'- ,•••••, here .Marshall asserted , When he can, he takes a Th6 conduct or the underscore- t?n therefore in answering the question frankly and nl accordance with His conscience cannot be de- ^cribed as inadmissible but was ratheriinMlne of 'duty !„' ' lim ° „ , °" . l ° hclp llls , .. , , mDstl >' ln tnc blnck government . ., lltllc wifc sli °I'' where i he must buy the necessities ins |. family needs'to'supplement rations, j special occasions. Pergolonl shares his v, r eekly ra- liou u f 30 cigarettes with his wife. These cost him 240 lire (about $1.05). Any extra ones he must,' buy on the black market at :i:o'lire a pack ($1.40). 'Ihe family spends evening at home touether, hovering nrpuud .n brazier (their only means Of h'unt- Inj.I The braziers have been cbn- (trmued by doctors because of the pos.-ibility of asphyxiation by poison gases but the Pergolonts prefer it to freezing. Their coal, which is extremely scarce even on the black market, costs 40 lire a kilo. Pergoldni faces an even Uoli'er squeeze wit)) the lire dr6j)'plng"rur- ther in value. AS n minor, govern- ment.employe, he ;5 tays pretty clear of thcTiolHics which Infest, the upper levels' of the government. But he sincerely hopes that" someone, somehow manages lo get Italy'back on a level keel ana removes the uncertainty from his life. ket. sugar (here costs him 750 lire (about $1.50 per pound) per Chocolate and swccU arc an almost unheard of luxury. Biggest feeding problem Is thrcc-year-olii Olsllo, Hie youngest of' the family. He can lit afford to miss any meals, but fortunately.for thc family he eats about the same 'food as the rest of them. Only occasiomill docs thc'farhTiy allow itself the luxury of a two- course evening inenl. When they 40-Year-, 4-Pow6r Padt Still Alive AAcjrshall Insists WASHINGTON. Eeb. 19—(UP) — r-r- > r of einte George C. Marshall -said/today -that the''United Spates; offer of n ,40-ycnr fovir- pbjyer;pact for policing Germany .Is still ill\e" But he declmet) to state whether lie w£uld press the plan at..the forthconijng' Moscow conference. I ranno* v.orimc it on that no« ne said That is a very important • consideration wh'lch was initiated by former Secretary B'Vrnes Lac yrrs' Dues Due IITTLE ROCK Ark Feb. 19. LI HE n__K Ark Feb. 18. (UP)-f-Supre'me'v Court. Cler^.' Carl Ste\ei)son today itrnert Arkansas | ntto ne\s that their bar o\ies inu'sti b^ raid by Mar-h 1 if they are to after JUsrch i: collected °" t " e ' W Il0mB fr ° m W ° rk Pori;olllli slops 10> - oiis of Mr, thrlcc-a-wccl: p^kngcs of black murkci lo "iicnient the ottiriiu ,vcek, which cost il.Oa Ihe D'n-1 5 of $1 will be added clBarc "'' s nAO * f :lck) ration of 30 cigarettes Forgolini starts ills day by flghUng Rome's version of the subway rush in n ••camionetta," substitult i™ trolley huwcs curtailed by lack of gas. Fare i> r.l.jut 10 cents, three times the official rate. DOTTIED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. of BLYTHEVILLE HunKo ,_;tME £>ntnty COOKING FAf 3ts Wonderful! d other Countries of the world to help the British reconcile thc problems of the Jews and Arabs In Palestine. Winston Churchill, opposition leader, who repeatedly has urged thc govrnmetit to submit the issue to the United Notions unless the "TTTTT—p.r~i'BT~ "OTTTCT-.tT-rarTTyr Unltcd states would .share piles- tine responsibilities said: • "Why if this policy Is right today should it not. have been tin- nounced a year ago?" Sixty per cent of the land area of Arkansas is covered by forests. tl ;«*?» Of LIGHTNING If MU H^I^HH^ i^ua '•^'•i HBl^^ra^^ ^H ^H And well hamod is thd U. S. Army 25tri Infantry Division. Its cruihirig blows on Guadalcanal, New Georgia, _Vella LaVslla and Luzon ar6 proof enough. Any man'can be proud *o wear ttii insignia of tnis t-jr.iea division. . . . And a pic'<ed grodri (of fine yoiing men are going to be giyen thss, opporJunif y when they enllsr in the U. S. Army for 3 years. Further, cfter initial training in the U. S., they will be stationed right wirfi th* (ropic Lighinirig Division" amid the world-famoiis scenic attrictions or .Japan. In addition to all-important occupation duties, ttiere are rnany oihor activities to male life interesting for men of the 25th. SWimming pools,^ golf courses, tennis courts, baseball diamonds' and clubs are theirs to use. Sightseeing is cricourag'ect. Living quarters are excellent. And starting base pay for Privates overseas is $90 a,month. Up to $297 a rnonth for Fir:} Sdrgeants. Food, ctothirig. o,uirjers, medical tr.d dental caro supplied without charge. Get all the facts ai U. S. Army Rtc; p 'jiHnq Station— 115 N. 2nd Street, Jr. Chamber of Commerce In Town • Xow it cosis less to fix up your old cat. Purrs are coming, back, ai-d^L- bava just tnicjllcd die lares t post-war. e^Oip- infc(i[ for servicing arid reconditioning LintorruibilfS.. In face. Our cuifomei* say that, we now,.ofter (hti b'esi service in town. Come in aqd Inspect our facilities, and It-t one of our factory-irained me- chinics > give -you an : cstimaie on the work your car. needs. ^ You will .Be pleased wirh our-fast Service and the 3* - ay .we doubte check' cvecy job 10 eel it rigbt. Don't lot dingy traffic film marr the appearance of your car . .' . let Sholion Motor Company give it back thc old lustre that it had when now. A new paint-job is not an odd job with Shclton, rather, it as a .specialty! MOTOR COMPANY SALES - NASH — SERVICE 121 W. Ash Street Kohe 438 Our hat's off to Old Faithful! There she goes ... just a car .. . any car ... maybe yours ... But think how well she has served! All through thc war—through years of scarce parts and no new cars—Old Faithful kept on piling up the weary miles. She went when you needed her. She still does. She stands ready today to serve you 'til a new one takes her place. So bring her into your nearby Esso Dealer for the care and treatment she deserves. She's earned it! New cars, foo, need the expert care (fiat every car gefs of the Esso Sign.' TOR DEPENDABLE ENGINE PROTECTION ar.k for unexcelled P^sso Motor Oil. F^rotcctivo lubrication with lonp-lastingr economy. Outstanding value in one of the world's finest motor oils! CHASSIS TR1CTION spots need care as you pile up the miles. Sturdy Ksso Lubricants will help reduce wear and avoid repairs— expertly applied by .your Ksso Dealer. fT TROUBLE catch you on the road — have tires, battery and other vital parts inspected 11010. .Your Bs3o Dealer will tell you whether they need servicing or replacements. FOR SMOOTH, FAST PICK-UP, for power on the straightaway or up the bills ... on joy Esso Gas- olinc.Sniooth performance milo after inilc .' . . anil thc added engine protection of patented Esso Solvent Oil. umnoGK' DI6ESTIVE TRACT And Stop Dosing Your Stomach With Soda and Alkaliztrs Don'f 05[)«t lo net real rolW from hcadirhi. wur Klomach. fas i.n.1 lia.l i>reatli \>v lal-lnr ioiU unil ollu-r dhUixra if Hie truu c:iuM! u[ your IrouUo b co!islipa;[ ( >rcT In Ilili case, your rt>i>t double a nol in the •ilpiracli.t J.IJ. But In Hie inHslin.l uacl wlic-roSOV't-of yourliio'l is dii:i*tc<) And wlit/i ji ell™" pa i t . l;c>u * >1<ic) ' cj ICH "' ""y Iail i ° iii Wh ?'.(>"",', > * r " Ilt '"' rral "•"»•' '» »m»- lliiUE to utjb!<KkV you; lowr inli*iiiiiu tract .Something out ifUulvilj—lido Mature c<-t Ijaok <it> W («.( J p • °' P T h" 1 "' 3 1'tils right now. Tnko as .11- ireclol. 1 li,-y t-uolly iincl ur«-Iiv, ly ••unMai-le" your dl^-stive tr;i;!. Tliis j.urinils all 5 :,! f-Murcs own (lijtslivo luic-.a to inij l.Ktfg wjt^yovr 'uutl. Voit get Ktnuine relief fror? mi lK»i.iiin wi you ran [«.| r,u% noo,] ai;ain lluy Cartor'i I'illa loclay. "Unblock" tour littuatjnal tract fur r<!kf front indiL'eation. REAI- ESTATE WANTED City 1'roperty, all types tuatiiesaea anil farms in arid around Blytlievlllc. Sell us your iirojicrty, plenty of buyers—list now I Plmne ^394, J. J. Field. BoniUci Heal Esfitij Broker. STANDARD OIL COMPANY V STATE HIGHWAY 18, BLYTHEVILLE VVeBuy SOFTWOOD TIMBER LOGS and BLOCKS 13" aincl up iilaihblcr. delivered to Cotton Belt or Missouri I'arilic rnilroa'tls. GENERAL BOX COMPANY Th. 227, Pnraroulli, Ark. For Sale U. S. Verified Oklahoma Alf aifa Seed Ami Plenty of Ogdcn Soybean Seed L. R. Matthews Gin Co. YAKBIiO, AKK. Phone 727 attention welders . . . You can now purchase :i complete acetylene welding outfit for SG2. This is (he latest .type medium size genuine Harris Calorific, the oldest manufacturer of welding equipment. BLYTHEVILLE Machine Shop 211 So. 2nd Ph. 2328 Guarantee RECAPPING with Hawkinson Treads Let Your Next Tires Be GENERALS I Cost More — Worth More 1 MODINGER TIRE CO. j ilfi K. M.iin i Phone 2201 C"pr. IfHT, Fno Inc. Of NEW JERSEY IF YOU NEED Walk In Boxes Dry Coolers Ice Cream Boxes Home Freezers or Any Heavy Refrigerator for Immediate Hclivery CALL Sfecfc 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE F.ttife POOtE, Owner i Mgr. Highway 61 North it IIOL!,AKI), BIO.

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