The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 19, 1947
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1947 Petrillo Faces New Accusation Former Union Member Says Musicians' Boss Shortchanges Children c WASHINGTON, Feb. 19. (UP) — James C. Petrillo, president of the American Federation of Musicians (AFU, was accused today of "shori changing" 30,000,000 American school children by depriving them of good music. f he charge was made by Joseph Maddy in a statement before the House Lsior Committee. Mad'dy is president of the National Music Camp at Inlerlochen, Mich., and a former member of E'ctrillo's musicians union. •Maddy said Petrillo's union was hampering musical education by putting obstacles In the way ot i'i:dio broadcasts by schools and ot benefit performances by union musicians. "Mr. Petnllos 1 most repugnant acts, however, have been liis edicts banning the broadcasting of school children and otherwise cm-Milling the educational activities of the boys and girls of the entire country," Maddy said. "The children of America rcal- iz3d they have been short changed," he added. "Their faith in American institutions has been rudely shaken by the fact, that Petrillo's insolent edict is still in force throughout the land after five long years/' Maddy discounted union claims that permitting school children to broadcast woulci throv, professional musicians out of jobs. He said ol tlic nearly 2.0CO.OCO youngsters in high school bands not more than three per cent will become professional musicians. BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COUK1KR NEWS Generalissimo Chiang Observes Anniversary Wf China's "New Life" NANKING. Feb. 1<). (UP)—Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek observed' the 13th anniversary of his "new life" movement tod>y by appealing to the Chinese people to increase production and "abide by the law" to build an organized and progressive nation. Chipiig voiced his appeal in a nationwide radio broadcast commemorating his introduction of the "new life" movement at Nanchang in 1934. "We must all do our utmost to increase production to heighten the country's powers, and there should be complete cooperation between labor and management," he said. Chiang urged the Chinese people Lt.-Col. Rr.hert E. Thacker, right, of El Conlto. Calif., is pilot, and Lt. John Aid, left, of Inglewood. Calif., is co-pilot of the "Belly Joe" which will attempt 5000-mile non-stop Ilight from Honolulu lo New York, longest hop ever attempted by a fighter-type plane. Belly Joe is a P-82 Twin Mustang. to accept the "new life" principles of "propriety, justice and humility" in their daily lives, and 10 forsake "luxury and extravagance" for a program of thrift. 'He asked Chinese Nationals to ponder the question of China's continued internal strife "at .a -time when other nations are progressing and prospering." CONSTIPATION Risky in BAD COLDS Retained undigested food becomes putrefactive, causes toxins, whlcli overload the liver and other vital organs of the body- lessening your resistance to colds and other winter ills and interfering with their treatment. Why take tins chance when you can take Calotabs? Calotabs thoroughly yet pleasantly act on every foot of your" intestines, sweeping out toxin- laden putrefactive foods and vlrus- Jaden mucus, enabling you to more effectively avoid or fight n cold. Nothing acts like good old Culotabs. Use as directed. lOc and 25c at all druggists. CALOTABS PUBLIC Senators Make Quite a Mess By Taxing Furs on Coat Collars By IKKDKUICK C. OTIIMAN United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 18. (U.I 1 .) The fearless U. S. Senate Is trying Us artistic hand again us modiste, designing coats for ladles. I don't think the Indies are going to UKe it. The senators didn't intend, you understand, to become couturiers, but (hey got themselves into such n jnm a while back with the stubborn sex that they now have lugb-! lated some new styles. My guess is that they own wives will go to work on 'em tonight. What happened was that wh"u the boys slapped a 20 per cent excise tax on fur-trimmed coals costing up to $100. they collided slap-dash with that best known of all feminine traits—the urgq .or. bargains. The' ladies found that a SIO'J coat wilh a piece of skunk on the collar cost 'cm 5120. but Hint they could get the same coat trimmed with threads of gold, prarock for $20 loss. They stopped buying feathers, or synthetic diamonds coats with ; fur Irimmiiigs The inanufncturcrs quit making 'cm, fur piled up in the wurehouses, and many a fanner win r-iisei! foxes for ladies' collais romvl himself on the verge of bankruptcy. Come then Sen. Joseph 11. McCarthy of Appletmi, wis., to remedy this sorry situation with an amendment to the excise tax bill. His intentions were of the bnsr. But the fact remains that. lie la a bachelor, Ignorant of domestic crises Involving Indies' rant:'. Mis formula wns u complicated one which I .shall not try to explain; its effect was to exempt from Ihe tux fur-lrnnmcd coats costing up to $14'2. Sen. liourkn is Sllckonloopc:- ol nwn, a man-led num. wus Hxhnsl. What, he cried, about fur coals lhat rost thun $1-12 • Wns this Semite golnu to hrey on (axing them 20 per cent? You can't buy a fur con I for less than SH2, retovled sen. McCarthy, unless It's urul; of n>b- bit, or mouton. "Some senators i.hl.u Hint, a mouton Is a fur I>cun:ij animal," ho added. "Well, what kind of nn unlinal Is It?" demanded Hen. Ilick"n- Inopcr. "It Is a slice])," replied Son. McCarthy. "What comes off Its buck is wool and we pay a subsidy on wool production, but wl«:ii it is treated and dyed and callM mouton. The Treasury Department, says it Is fur." Sen. Hickonlooper mud this \v:<s nut fuh', tic t , McCarthy said ho KUi'W 11 wusn'1. but, what can you ..,J vltl ' thl ' Treasury ni>imrim<>nl v Ihe Koiilluiunii from Louisiana, John n. overman "\ marrlrd. m:\rn SIM iiion ihal ho supposei; | « line cloth nint cosl'in SXCOJ would mil be taxed at all. \mt Hi,a! n mini; : ,t ihe same prlco would i 1)0 S-lixi extra. Sl ''i. McCarthy ik'incMKimlod; again iii.s ignorance of llihiu; fern-1 mini'; h,. K.ilcl (1,13 |i !i(l mulling to do with (ho question 'nviuso It is Impossible for any wlllio-it tin- In cost that niiicli. Thut's wlinl he thinks. I Sri lln- modiste:) of Cue Senate united Ihe mink nromrl u while lunger. Skunks enUwd Hie discussion, couturier Hubert A. 'MiSI of Ohio observed Hint m ol lortuy llii'ie iiiv no fnr-li Immr'l coals on' Ihi- nmi'kft because; of Coinu'iis' 1 I'l'cvloiis attempt. u[. fas'ilon do- slyuinn. if nitihknit.H Mion don't appear ui-muitl ladies' nrck.i ncalu. Sen. Allen J. Klkmli'r ludli riled tlii'i'C wouldn't Ijo any room loll In Louisiana fa- people. Ti>a muskrut Mli'plu:v 1?; somt'llihii; iivU'l. The senators I'VenlimUy ndople'l bachelor McCaviliy's lnw. They clkl thin without a record vole. Tims sudden passion for anonymity cannot BIIVO ihty f, oln (1 , 3 ^^ ,, s their wives, Here's why; _Uidlcs of the Senate, J K lvo you _PAGK SEVEN my word, the vot« was unanimous Not, one of your Bpotui ukt "no to bachelor McCarthy'i solution to the coat coliar r>.i»I». f^ RELIEVB SORETHROAT dua to a cold... let a little time-tested VapoRub melt A m* 0+ +^ 4+ in your mouth ^^f w C* vv S) ... works fine I ^r V A P O R U 8 BRING US YOUR POULTRY! 1'nv Hlshi-st rrlci-s for nil HI-UN, Itimalrr*, Ducks and Save Thiit Sllddh-illilii's TruHt. Our I'rkT.i (i»vi>riK'<l by Murkrt Vulur W T if I H!»{lllV«.v (il Noi'lll KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 G. O. 'The Old Reliable" Your Source of Depenctubln Service I'ETHOMCUIM PRODUCTS Kit ul NEW TELEPHONE DIRECTORY IS GOING TO PRESS To change your directory listing...To get an additional listing...Please call- the telephone business office. FRIDAY, FEB. 21, 1947 A §30,000.00 FARM SALK S30 ' OI ? ) ^> Fa ™ Sale, all the Tractors, Livestock and t:,|uipincnl o 1 '" C I " a "' ati011 ' What a salt lhis »•'« l"=, everything 10 Tractors, 30 Mules, 20 Cows, 30 small cattle. Enough power and mule drawn equipment to operate a plantation of this size. The sale will be held at the J. I,. Ward Plantation in New Madrid County, Ho. Tnrn South »ir Highway 60 at Hunterville antl RO !0 miles due South. If you arc on Highway 62 turn North at Kisco ind ' 10 . Tractors SALE STARTS 10:30 A. M. 10 — 30 . Mules . 30 30 - Small Cattle - 30 20 . Cows for 1—1946 M Farmall Tractor on rub- 1—John Deere Side Delivery Rake ber. Starter and lights on rubber 1—Power Lift Cultivator 3—John Deere Walking Listers 1—1945 M Farmall Tractor on rub- 3—IHC Walking Listers bcr. Starter and Lights 3—Avery Walking Listers 1—Power Lift Cultivator 1—IHC Mule Drakn Stalk Cutter 1—1944 M Farmall Tractor on rub- 1—Letz Mill ber. Starter and Lights i—New IHC Corn Binder 1—Power Lift Cultivator 1—2 Wheel Imp Moving t !946 H Farmnll Tractor on rub- ~ -- - ber. Starter and Lights Power Lift Cultivator *—™jimy water rumps 1—1915 H Farmall Tractor on rub- 3—Lerio Electric Water Pumps ber. Starter and Lights 6—4 Wheel Cotton Trailers on 1—Power Lift Cultivator rubber 1—1944 H Farmall Tractor on rub- 7 —' Wheel Wagons ber. Starter and Lights ~ ~ 1—Pow-er Lift Cultivator 1—1943 H Farmall Tractor on rubber. Starter and Lights I—Power Lift Cultivator Gang Disc valor 2—Rotary Water Pumps ..„ Trailer Walking Culti- on 1—Power Lift Cultivator 1—1939 F-12 Farmall Tractor steel I—Power Lift Cultivator 1—New 194C Ford Tractor on rub- 2—Complete Blacksmith Shop Out- 1-John Deere Hay Baler 1—IHC Bull Rake *"-""';i uiii, ^uiLivaior 1—John Deere JO' Hay Rake 1—1942 M Farmall Tractor on rub- 1—IHC 12' Hay Rake bcr. Starter and Lights 1-John Deere 2 row Comb. Cotton and Corn Planter 3-IHC 2 row Comb. Cotton and Corn Planters 5—John Deere 1 row Comb. Cot-• >, •• + ** *M * V* u jiitiuvui tin ruo- ton mid Corn Planters ber. Starter Find Lights. Cultiva- 4-IHC 1 row Comb. Cotton and tor and Plow Corn Planters ~ u " u " ''"a 1—1943 IHC B Tractor on rubber. 2—Avery 1 row Comb Cotton inn Starter and Lights. Cultivator Co '» Planters and Planter 1—IHC 11-B Disc 20 Scallop Blade 1—IHC 9-A Disc 2! Scallop Blade J—Roan Disc 20 Scallop Blade 2—Athens Disc Bush and Bog 2—IHC Discs Bush and Bog 1—IHC Disc for Tractor 1—New IHC Wheat Drill 1WHC 3 bottom Plow l^pHC 3 Pan Plow 1^-John Deere 2 bottom Plow 1—Oliver 2 bottom plow 1—IHC 2 bottom Plow 50—Sets Harness 1—1946 Chevrolet Pick-up 3-Case 1 row Comb. Cotton and Corn Planters ^T Walhi "B Cultivators Walking Cultivators 0 „._" f ^"'uvuiors 2—IHC Riding Cultivators 1—IHC 6 shovel Riding Cultivaloi \ wr <P C ? rC Scction H «"°ws 3—IHC Section Harrows 8—Link Rolling Hnrrows 2-Disc Riding Cultivators 1-2 row Tractor Cotton Chopper 1—1 row Mule Drawn Cotton Chopper 2—IHC Stalk"ciittVrs" "'' "" '" "' *'' 1—John Deere Stalk Cutter and Roller Attachment 2—Sels IHC Listers for Tractor ^.^tuui 1—Martin Ditcher, may be used for 1—New Woods Bios Corn I-K-K- road grader l-ISIS Chevrolet Tractor v- th 1-New Tractor Dirt Scoop Fruehauf Trailer with 1-IHC Slke Delivery Rake Rack. " . «llli Many other articles such as: Shovels, Pitch Forks-, Sweeps, Plow Points Vises, Wrenches, Dehorncrs. Double Shovels, Laying oft Plows Corn small 13 ' f°f H ° IC DiBgcr5 ' Hocs ' Axcs ' Kaiscl ' Blades, and many other 2-8 Blade Mule Drawn Discs I—Cotton Poisoner for M or H J. P. SITTNER, Owner iucl.onccrs: Col. R. A. McConl, Col. Joe McConi, Col. Lcnzic Beck ror further information address: J. P. (Jess) Sittncr, Owner, Risco Mo' or Tillman \V. Anderson, Msr., Cape Glr.irdc.ta, JIo J)ay Phone 1547 — Night rhone 25% 5-Burner OIL RANGE Genuine Boss Blue Hot Oil Range, upright model, porcelain lined oven. Docs a good baking job ... regular value $89.50. $79.50 Living Room Suite Two piece suite cunsisling of large sprins-filled cusli- ioned sofa antl massive matching lounge chair. In fine tapestry. Rose, blue and rust. Reg. 139. 50 value FLOOR LAMP Large reflector Floor Lamp with parchment shade, bronze melal base. One of our best sellers. Regular 12.95 value Q1I5 Now onlv v, Cocktail Table Beautifully finished \val- nut veneer cocktail table with heavy glass top. Fancy carved legs. Regular 19.95 value. Only -~f-, 13 TABLE LAMP Gorgeous' iiottery 1> ;t s e Table Lamp. Parchment shade, looks like silk. In lovely rose and cream colors. Regular |T!)5 7.!)5 value 3 Metal Smoker Solid si eel smoker with convenient removable glass tray. Bronze base. Standard 24 inch heiKiit. C<)5 Uegu- 8.95 value ... 0 Large Hassock Attractive leatherette covered in bright colors ot red ant! white. Heavily packed, well constructed. Regular 12.95 9 3 value. Onlv 1fl 9 lU Large Mirror Reautifully designed round mirror, 24 inches in diameter. Venetian ty])c. Fabric back. A regular «J9r> 3.95 value. Now only Occasional Chair Finest quality Tapestry covered occasional chairs thai fit well into your home. Hlue, wine, rust. Regular 21.95 value 1)1^5 Now only I4 1 " Here's What You Gel ^&m&^mm^^fv^i ko ^1; m for the living room r • Vim rcrclvr the spring filleil sofa, the inatcliinjf lounge chair, the smoker, Ihc cocktail (able, Ihc lovely liassuck, the table lamp, hraiiUrul Moor lamp, the occasional chair, the cm! talilc and the sparkling mirror. Here's value supreme! for the Bedroom Comprisr-d of the bed, tlie ilron mirror, the Ilnudoir center vanity with hencll, the luxurious mattress, (bo resilient coil springs. Ihc chest, the beautiful bedspread and (wo attractive throw for the Kitchen Inrliitlcs a large table and ilic flwir comfortable chairs. Ihc linoleum riifj, 5-lmrncr oi nmt the all metal ice )>ov. Any Hodm OutPil, or any Suite. nr any Hem may be purcli.isn separately. yy aairvum S S^B^&F^" Of T r?il m^Em*. ^ifovj.. 4i "More for Your Money All the Time" All Metal ICE BOX v Glistening white enamel finished Ice liox. C5 nomid capacity. Roumy compnrlimnli. Comiiletc with rollers. Regular $30 vnlfic, now only $43.25 SHAG RUGS < -' . '.'" : ;• Heavily tufted chenille shag rngH to give lots. bt service. Size 24x48. Assort-' ud colors of blue, green, rose and wine. Regular U.95 value Now only Bedroom Suite ••)-,*•' lieautiful walnut. fini»shett three r piece', bedroom rtpite. consists of largo vanity,' bed and chest. A regular 96.CO seller. • ' Now only Boudoir Chair ; Sturdily constructed, hardwood frnme, loose cushion scat, covered in fine finality chintz. Assorted colors. Regular 10.95 value IE95 Only .13 BEDSPREADS Heavily tufted chenille in beautiful designs. In rose, blue, green and orchid. Extra large size. Regu- f ft'JS lar 12.95 value. Only IV MATTRESS An unusual value in this plated felt mattress. Government standard licking. Your opportunity to-save. Regular 24.05 value. |ft95 Now only I v. COIL SPRINGS Enjoy - restful sleep . on heavily constructed - coil springs. Heavy angle frame Steel slat base.' Regular 12.95 value, -i f>95 Only IU Linoleum Rug Here's real fine quality linoleum. J5eau>ifully designed block finish. In a variety of colors. Reg-O95 ular 4.95 value. Onlv V Breakfast Set Five piece set includes table and four chairs. Finished red and white. Sturdily constructed for service. Regular 49.50 value. Only

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