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The Rock Island Argus from Rock Island, Illinois • Page 5

The Rock Island Argus from Rock Island, Illinois • Page 5

Rock Island, Illinois
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THE ARGUS, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1892. CWIS enjoys Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts genily yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy; of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c and $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it.


HEW YORK, H.t. i. BEIDY. T. B.

AJOtDY. REIDY TDK POPULAR Real Estate -Insurance. AGENTS. We tow have unnie flrft-clasa bareitins In ril wt.irb will net all the way from 8 to tt per eat on tbe inTextment It wu. ne to me interest of parties wbo bave tbeir money placed at a lea.

raw or interest to ran ana exummn ne bmvoids. Boom 4. Mitchell Lynde building, ground oor. in rear or Witcurll Linoe nanK. School Books- New and Second Hand.

Slate Pencils, Iuk, Paper Tablets, Satchel, Straps, Baskets, Pencil Boxes Rulers, and evervtliiug; necessary for School. You can Save Money By getting School Supplies at C. C. TAYLOR'S, 171? Second Ave. WE WISH To call yonr attention to a few facts: Tour evesieht is priceless the eyes need good are improper epectar.les are i jur ous, yon abonldiot truxt yonr eyesight to irresponsible peddler, of cheap D.

FOLSOM in a Practical Optician, and will tahe pain, to properly fit yonr eye. for every defect of vision and will gnarant.e a perfect fit in every case. MM MMM WilWIM tU t-lii l. DO bmm WDM If the lines in this diamond lo not appear equally black in all tb? different meridians, it indicates a defect of sipht that causes nervous should be corrected at oact. Eyes tested free.

BY H. D. FOLSOM, JeweUr and Optician. I am selling a good nickel central draft stand lamp (the Aurora) complete with chimney and porcelain shade, for a smaller size for $1 00. This is the best value in lamps we ever have had.

there should he no more fctraining of eyes over bad light at this Tate. G. M. Looslxt. Crockery Store, 1SCU Second Aye.

DR. GREGG GONE. The Veteran Physician and Pa-. triarch Passes Away. WAS FULL OF TEAKS AND HONORS.

One WUOH6 Life History was the History of This Community His Karly Life His Location in Rock Island, Gallantry During the War. Long Period of Service as Post Surgeon at Kosk Island Arsenal and Ills Professional Career and That as Cltlsen Honored by Ail. Dr. Patrick Gregg, the pionear, physician and patriarch is dead. A- the gathering shades of night closed the day at 6 o'clock last evening, the Ten-ePaU; citizen closed his eyes in tbe s'vep tea' knows no th! -eoiog in this world.

Surrounded by those who were near and dear to him, the aged physician's life ended as peacefully as it had been spent. tr. Cregg. Dr. Gregg had been ill for two iast'imehe appeared in public when he performed the office of pall bearer for his old friend and fellow pioneer, the laie E.

P. Reynolds, and while at times he seemed to revive and rally, tbe decline was nevertheless gradual and steady and tbe end was not untxpi cUd. dissolution being due to the weight of advancing years. One of Our Pioneers. Dr.

Gregg was essentially one of the pioneers of Rock Islaid county. He was born in Dublin, Ireland, Feb. 12, 1810. At tbe age of 18 he entered Trin ity college in his native city and for three years followed the curriculum of 'that institution. Later h-iving determined to adopt the medical profession, he joined the Royal College of Surgeons, where he remained two years.

In 1833 he emigrated to the United States, and was soon admitted to Jefferson Medical college at from wbicb be graduated with honors, and after remaining in Philadelphia and western New York for a few years he came to Rock Island county in 1835 and be Can the practice of bis profession, which be followed to within a few years ago. Being one of tbe oriuionl early settlers of tais region, le was elected tbe second treasurer of Rock Island county, and in 1857 be was elected mayor of the cay, serving one term One oft he First to Kilter the War. When tbe war broke out in '61 and Sumter was taken. Dr. Gregg was one of the first to respond to tbe country's call.

He raised a company of volunteers, of wbirh be became captain, and which wits fcuown as Company 58ib Hi. Vol. and entered the service of bis adopted country. His patriotism was only exceeded by bis gallantry, and he ptriicipated in tbe battles Fort Donelson and Shiioh, being made prisoner at the latter place. He remained a prisoner of war six months, first being confined in Seima and afterward being transfttrrt to Talladega.

While be was held kb a prisoner. Gen. Beauregard sent a delegation to Washington to confer with tbe government with reference to an exchange of prisoners, and Dr. Grege was among tho-e chosen by his fellow prisoners to be transferred, one of his comrades being Mai. Stone, afterward governor of Iowa.

They went to Washington together, and the doctor was afterward appointed by Governor Yates as surgeon witn two assistants or tue uoi. Mulliiran brigade. He went to Virginia and juined hi. brigade, and remained with the same two yiars, continuing in tbe service of tbe federal government until the fall of 1604 Post Surgeon at Rook Island Arsenal. After ttie wr was over Dr Greag returned to Rock Island, and Oct.l.lSGS hewas appointed post surgeon at Rock Island arrsmal, an office he held until Aug.

1, 1886, alwsys discharging bis duties faithfully during the long period of a iirter of a century that he he'd I the office. Dr, Gregg was a njanof noble heart and generous and patriotic impulse. He was a high minded, dignified gentleman, yet always approachable and of genial disposition. He way full of reminiscences of tbe early history of tbe county, which b'e had seen as much of as anyone, and he delighted to relate anecdotes of the early days. He occupied a position in the affections of tbe pioneers of Rock Island county and was held in high regard by all who came after.

Profes sionally he stood second to no physician in the state. Dr. Gregg leaves with bis widow tbe following children: Capt. John Gregg in Dakota, Joseph K. in Nebraska, Spencer, of Texas, Mrs.

A. C. Dart and Misses Sarah, Carrie and Fannie Gregg, of this city. The Funeral. The funeral will be held from tbe Gregg homestead on Eighth avenue and Twenty-fifth street at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon.

Other Deaths. Harry Nason. of 4014 Seventh avenue, died at hood today of itflammation of the brain, aged 26 years. He leaves a wife and one child. The funeral will occur Monday morning at 9 o'clock with services at the bouse, aod interment in Oik-dtle cemetery, Davenport.

Helm a Fjbm-'-k died of croup at her parents' hom 8i7 Eleventh street, at 8 o'clock this morning, tiged 2 years and 10 The fut erl occurs at 2 p. m. tomorrow. A Business Change. Robert Wall, w'i.

tor many years hat been cannected wiih the carriage manu-facturisg bubineca in this city, has disposed of his hu'ines on Third avenue, and will go into business ia Davenport. John Stuhr. the Tir.r-1 wagon and rdinan i SeJfiert have purchased the business, nd will conduct it under tha firm name Seiffert Stubr. th are practical ni'n, and will no doubt meet wiih success. Amateur Musicul Club.

The Amateur Mu ical tlut imDOsed of 15 of the more aocoinplisheu musicians of.RocklsIand andVohnehas formed. Mrs. It. Kimball of this is presi dent, and the club me's bi weekly. The qualifications are such as to limit the membership to 15, and only those of something more than ordinarily musical talent or culture are admitted.

Political Notes. The democrats of Cordov and surrounding country turned out en masse last night, when Truman delivered one of his characteristically able speeches Tonight there is to be a great democratic demonstration a' Kiver Kiplets. The Thistle. Wine Swain and Freddie came down. aDd the Stt'rn.

Sateliie, Kit ard Verne Swain passed ut The stage water at. the Rock Island bridge at noon today was 1 90. and tbe temperature 42 Water Clocks of Olden Times. It appears that the Assyrians were tha first people to divide tbe day into portions of time, also that they were the iaventora of the clepsydra, or water clock, the division of time and the invention both belonging a period too remote for precise calculation. All that we know of the history of the clepsydra is that the apparatus was in use at the time of the overflow of the first Assyrian empire, 15.

C. 759. This water clock, the first of the timekeepers, was nothing more than a cylindrical brass vessel capable of holding several gallons of water. At one side there was a very small hole through which the water was allowed to trickle, something after tbe fashion of the emptying of an hourglass. From experiments made on recently discovered clepsydras it Is calculated that one would empty itself about once every two hours.

Under the reign of Phul, the royal palace of Xinevah, as well as each of the principal districts of the city, possessed a water clock of the same size, shape and capacity. They were filled at a signal from the watchman on the tower, who was stationed there to proclaim the moment of the rising of the sun. During he day they were in the custody of officials whose duty it was to fill them as often as they became empty. Besides these "time masters" there was a regular staff of criers, working under municipal authority, who, as often as the clocks were emptied, passed through the principal streets announcing the fact for the benefit of the people in general. In this way our remote ancestors managed to get a rough computation of the flight of time.

St. Louis Republic. The Old Mesmerist in a New Role. A Russian hypnotist and mind reader gave an entertaining seance at Metropolitan temple last night. At his request twelve gentlemen took seats on the stage, and to each of them the doctor gave a small crystal prism set in the center of a dark stone.

He requested them to hold the crystals in their right hand about eighteen inches from the eyes and to gaze fixedly at them. Mesmeric passes were made over their faces, ami after tbe lapse of a few minutes three of the gazers bad fallen asleep. The others were dismissed. With these three subjects tbe doctor produced some remarkable phenomena, lie induced them tn imairine that thev wprn on tbe seashore and to imitate bat hers and victims of a terrible shipwreck. Then they made the audience laugh by beginning to disrobe for a bath, and the manner in which they swam and floundered on the carpet was most ludicrous.

Two of the subjects were placed side by side facing the siiectators, while the doctor calmly threaded a sack needle with twine. Obedient to his command the subjects opened their mouths and he drew the needle and thread through the upper lip of each, literally sewing them toirether. The subjects did not betray the slightest indication that they suffered tbe least pain, and he made them sing while in that condition. Several gentlemen were called upon the stage to examine the thread in order to satisfy them that it was no trick. Then the doctor drew out the thread and showed that not a drop of blood had flowed from the boles or stained the thread.

San Francisco Examiner. What the ti.u C-eorti W- Vest fays tn regard to the superiority of the Hirch-berg's diamond and non-chaDgeable spec tacles "I am using classes which I purchased from Prof. Uirfch berg and they are the best I ever tried; it affords me grent pleasure t' re nirtrhberg as an excellent optician, and his h8 are simply unequalled in rov exner-ence G. Vtoi These spectacles are for ea! by T. Thomas agent for Rock Island.

Fall to do Our Duty. Everybody bas at times jailed to do their duty towttrd themselves. Hundreds of lady readers suffer front sick headache, nervousness, sleeplesness and female troubles Let them follow the example of Mrs. U. Herbechter, Sevens Point.

wbo for five years suffered greatly from nervous prostration and sleeplessness, tried physicians and different medicines without success. it one bottle of Dr. Miles Nervine caused sound sleep every night and ehe is feeling like a new person. Mrs. Elizabeth Wheeler Laramie City, Wyoming, who tried all other remedies, declares that after three weeks' use of the Nervine for headache, nervous prostration, she was entirely relieved.

8r Id by Hartz Bahn-sen. Trial bottle free. TRACK AND TRAIN. News Notes of Interest in Railroad Circles. IMPE0VXMENT IN THE CAE SERVICE.

Meeting of the Local Agents and a Dis-ensslon of the New Car Service RegulationsThe Rock Island's Report Prospects of Another Change in the C. R. I. P. Time Card Railway Notes and Personal Mention.

The of the roads centering in the tri-cities held a meeting in the Rock Island house the other day for the purpose of discussing tbe rules of the Chicago Car service association vhic.h goes into effect here Nov. 7. Mr. Morgan, a representative of tbe a'sociation, was in attendance and explained details of. tbe plan which is in oneration in various cities.

Tbe opinion pttvails among railroad officials that local shippers and receivers, after the pln been thoroughly tried, will be pleased with it. In fact it will work hardship on no one. and will greatly relieve the railways, who sometimes lose the ue of many cars for weeks owing to the slowness of some shippers, which on the other hand prevents the carrier handling other business expeditiously. The Rock Island Report. The annual report of the Chicago.

Rock Inland Psciflc railroad was filed sesterday with the slate board of railroad commissioners and the income accounts contain the following figures: Gross earnings from operation, $19 Of 6 644 99; operating expenses. $12,949,264 25; income from operation, $6,147 380 74; income from other sources. total income. $6,372 494 95; total deductions from income. $4 644 3 8.79.

ret income, dividends, 3 per cent common stock, surplus from operations for year ending June SO; 1892. $843 512 deficit June 30, 1892. $83 049 28; taxes paid in Kan-, sas. $232,019.02 A Novel Car. The Baltimore Onio railrotd has recently placed in service a 84 foot lumber car, the peculiar of which is that the inside lining extends clear to the roof srd no outside sheathing is used.

An other peculiar feature is its end door, which is 6 feel 7 inches locg 2 feet 10 inches wide. This door is made of two thicknesses of seven-eighths inch matched boards running in opposite directions. Tbe side door opening is 5 feet wide by 6 feet 7 inches high. The car is 8 feet 8 itches wide, 36 feel 10 inches long over the sills. Road Ballast.

Barney Nichols, formetly with the United States Express company here, and who is now located in Wyoming, is in town shaking bunds with old friends, and will visit here a short time. An instruction car of tbe C-R I. P. was at Davenport on Friday and during the afternoon and evening all the employes of the company connected with the train service were there and received instructions of tbe late rules and regult tions of tbe lines. Another new time card will probably go into enect on toe 1.

f. one week from tomorrow. is understood that no material change will be made iu the running on trains on this division. The announcement has been made of the marriage of Conductor Ed. Terry, the popular ticket taker of tbe St.

Louis division of the B. and Miss Beatrice Haynes. of Bush cell, wbicb occurs at the latter place on Noy. 10. Rod W.

Justin, formerly yardmaster here, and now general superintendent of tbe company's yards in Chicago, was in town a few hours yesterday greeting old friends. a Engineer Harry Nsson of the Rock Inland is lying in a precarious condition at his home up town with brain fever. He has only been sick a few days, but Lis case is said to be 'ilarming. Ike Burnett formerly rotSt.i"sler on tbe east end of the C. R.

I. P. ad now in the employ of a stee. company in Joliet was in RocK Island calling en old friends about the city. Tickt Broker Charles Mclugh went up to Chicago last night on1' a s'ort business trip.

Freight business on all the roads is booming end passenger business is jut fair. Larry Lyons, express messenger on tbe O. M- St. is laying off. beins called to Racine to tbe bedside of bis brother, whose life is despaired of.

Brakeman O'Brien is running in bis place during his absence. Charles W. Humphrey, northern passenger agent of tbe Chicago Eastern Illinois, was in tbe city yesterday looking after the interests of his company here. Night Operator Louis E.well, of the B. who has been stationed here for the past year, leaves to accep'.

the night office at East St. Louis under tbe same company. Trainmaster Keitu, who has been in the service of the Rock Island road at Davenport for some time, has received notice that after Nov. 1 he will not be needed, though no reason bus been given him for tbe change. He will be succeeded by Train ms8ter Smith, of Horton, Kas.

JAHNS BERRESEN a a CO a a p. ilif' 0 3 a1 0 2 i a a CO 5" S3 Peoria Cook and Ranges, Tinware And HoU3K Furnishing Godb. 1612 8ec0nd avenue. ROCK ISLAND, ILL. Special Sale of BOOTS AND SHOES AT THE CARSE CO.

STAND. Ladies' Shoes. CARSE COS OUfc PRICE. PRIS. Wright Peters' Dongola Hand Turn We't $4.50 Dull dong welts.

4.50 Dontrolas M. 3.50 2.5 Mat kid top 4.60 2.0t Straight gnat 2.75 2.25 Stribley'e Dongola hand turn 4.00 S.2S Welt 3.50 3.0 2.8 Cloyes Welt 3.50 3.09 M. S. patent tip 3.00 2.2 Men's Slioes. French Hall's Cordovan Hand Seed 5.50 4.75 Calf Hand Sewel 5.50 4.7 Bay State Calf Welt 5.00 4.7 We Guarantee the above to be lower than ever before offered.

Call at our store and inspect our goods and prices; we have also a great many other bar-Grains that we are now offering. GEORGE SCHNEIDER, Successor to Carse 1622 Second Avenue. EAD THIS! Upon the solicitation of a number of our leading Physicians we have secured the agency tor the sale of the celebrated Brotherhood Wine Cos. Wines and Liquors, which are unexcelled for medicinal use. We have the following goods in original pint bottles: Angelica AluM-att-1 Sunnysiiie Claret Pure able (aret.

Zinfacdel Clxret Norton's Seedling Claret autfrne lPTS Saaterne 1880 Riesling Madeira Tokay 1T6 i eweet Catawba lf I Sweet Catawba I Pry rat aw ha WW I Dry atawb Old Brolherhond Brandy Old Cherry Brandy ....1898 Old Medicinal Port IS Old Sweet Delaware 180t Hi. Old Brocton Port IS Sherry Sweet Isabella Also, Old XXXXX Emerson Rye 79 in original qts. T. H. THOMAS, Druggist.

We Copy after None. SSffA handsome Panel Picture with every $15 worth of goods ABSOLUTELY FREE! Our Prizes are Winners. Ladies' fine Dongola Button $3 0 shoe in tliia sale reduce to $1 98. A tine 2.50 shoe cut to $1.78. Infant shoes 28 cents.

flarTii-- q-iuliiies we will thow yoi w.ll c-iuse you tu wonder, as they are Tery pcecial FAMOUS SHOE STORE, 108 W. 3d near Brady Davenport, Iowa. G-. L. WYNES CO.

Art Store. Remarque proof Etchings this week 90c. Picture framing a specialty. The largest and most complete line of stationery and blank books in the city. Closing out window shades.

1HE FAIR. White Savon Laundry Soap, 31 bar- for 82c ThU th best bargain otferad in th iry. Toilec Soaps, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and IOo prr cake Tar soap this week only 3c. Clothes Pius lc a dozen. Flower Pots, plain anl decora ted at Jewest prices.

Lamps. Baskets. Dolls. Bird Cages. Tinware.

Glassware. Wagons. Geo. H. Kingsbury.

1703, 1705 Second avenue. Rock Island, Telephone 1216 4(2 Fifteenth street, Moline. CHAS, DANNACHERi Proprietor of the Brady Street IFS IE Ail ktndfl of Cnt Flower ftonatanllv on hand. Green Houses- Flower fitore One Work corth of Centra) Park, the largest ir la. 80 Bik btreet, DsTtoporr.


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