The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 19, 1947
Page 3
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.WEDNESDAY, KEHKUARY 19, 1947 Desperate Plea __ BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.} .COURIER NEWS Worst Blizzard In Years for England Authority is Sought To Sell Ui-4il!iA Goods In the "Bkick Market" KV AUSTIN C'. WEllUWKIN (Ullifeil .Stilt) 1 CaiTi.i;i«»»loilt) WASHI.VGTGN. F.b. 13 -Authoi'- iuitive suui.cs sr.'.rt locliiy the United Slauvi picbi J.y would oppose <Jhui; ;' i'cmi.:st. for per.T.fc.sirm to •M S-0:.0,O.Cija iii t.XKI'.A KOOUS (Mtho ';k-.:l-: market to raise funds for strljilizliij] her economy. U.SBRA's nine-nation c e n t r n j committee '.vo.s sum.T.oned to an einerijcnvy inceun<; tomorrow to discus-; the unusual Chinese request. The views <i> the UniU'd States, a meir.'be-r ol the ccmmiUiw and l/.VRKA'.s tuai:: contributor, were ceri:iin to c"rry hiv.vy weit;<it. Oilier men jer.s arc Britain, Cln- na, Rusfi;t, fr in:-e, (Australia. Canada. H:-i-u'.l and Yu:; Ore 01- licial : ;.ik! tiie committee may refer the prc!.o.;al to ihe full $n- nalion UXRP.A orBanisution oe- caur,e of its uiipn-cedentcd nature. An UKKRA official here pointed out tlin.i the a;;ei'-«jy's Miuracu • allow recipient nations to sell ihej re'.iei jiooils either lo individuals ori nn the r,]:cn market—jut, that m either c:. r ;e tho receipts are to be plowocl back into relief. Ciilna. Uiey pointed uut, wants to use Hi,- iccc:iils not for relief bill f;> case tl.e inflationary pressure on IU.T internal economy. Generalissimo Chiang Kni-Shck «as lorti'tl lo take emergency measures last week because of a sharp dctlinc in Ihc value of Hie Chinese dollar. It was estimated that China could raise nea:ly $5CC,CCC,OCO il permitted to sell the $2CO,CC0.003 in . UNRRA supplies on the black market. The state department declined flknum-nt ou the Chinese proposal. "cmbors o! C'j:i:;ress were diviuecl -sharply on ils merit-;. Pi k u;> Eliriy—=&K PROOF— ..J) The SDiiiationnl Chinese proposal requested that of the 5210,000,000 inagricuHural industrial yoorts still due chinn undef UNRRA she be permitted lo dump 5200,000,000 into tiic black maiiet for cash profits. The request is directly contrary lo the basic-provisions under which UKRRA ni<i is supplied to the relief and rehabilitation or need',' war victims. Quarters dose to UNRRA were said to have viewed the Chinese dr-innnd as "alamiin:;" since it would divert the bulk of the aid still coming io China to purposes never intended by UNRRA principles. One of the major objections, in view of UNRRA pUicials, was the fact that by conservative estimates at least in per cent of nil funds available to the Chinese government, are being employed to prosecute the Nationalist war against the Chinese Communists. It was learned that the proposal was made by Chiang ana Soons; during a visit, to Nanking lasL WJfeek-enrt by R. G. A. Jackson and To'ol. Fred Hi'.riis. lush UNRRA officials who are touring china with China Director General aim E. Edgeiton. The request was relayed by UNRRA to the State Department at Washington. According lo reports. Chiang proposed that the funds which are due China for agricultural and industrial rehabilitation be used- to buy up cereal grains and cotton which woii!;i bo sold by the government without restriction on the so-called ' orjen market"—a Chinese euphemism for the flourishing black market. It v.-as pointed out that if China succeeded-in raising $500.000,000 by (his method she woulrt have the equivalent of the $500,000,000 Ex- Germnn prisoners of KM for .c,man prisoners o f ua, woiknig ,„ bitte, cold al rm,.',,, f [ • !,,«-<> r , , •cad l,acl:s of snow afte,. b h,,ards isolated tins an,. ,her in' th"wo' f '"" ^ l " C '""or years. ( KEA Telcphoto) >'",.j.i., in u )c woi.M winter England has l m u Pipe Was Well Preserved Truman Tour Starts Mar. 8 !J WASHINGTON, Pol). 18. (UJ J )— jilhe Whit e House icvoaled today i, that Piesidenl Truman's CarlDbeal | [trip next month win last 15 days i.and will inclurie official slops at. liKan Juan, ruerto Rico, and St. |! Thomas. Viryin Islands. ji The Presidential Yacht Willinm-s- :,-:u!fi may tonc-ii a; Ihe Uu:ui- ii 1:111:111:0 n(,viil base m Cuba, but | thcie r,: e no plans lor ceremonies or olliciai business there. Rear Admiral Richard E. liyrd revives memories as he J,~ s ,"„"„,„ a eoal stove m his old quarters at Little America Can-, in ('„ . n <Th;s 'I'dejiiioTO w;\;, Teleplioto-'J rans-ccii er.) 1 , he icfl there on Ins second expedition in 1033. transmuted from Little America over ACME (NBA Tclepholo from Navy.) Div- orces cfl Jackson The PivKidciUiul party W il| leave ,Y y , c - sv '" y Kh " " l 5 »•"<• on Miirch 1-. urrivni;j i,t s.ui Juan at 10 nm liie -nine day. ihere tlie Preslrtont. will board the Williams-burg. Uov. j^sus Pineio will entertain Lhc t'l'csidcnlial party at lunch at his residence. La Fortalcv.a, the cn>< : ;mal hai'oor fortress ueuun in i Shivers; M. E,. GiHhrio ,-s Se.wel ; C,utlirie : Mary Harrison vs Jess Lee !"l ! ''. n - 0; ': Mr ""-c Brothers vs John -William Brothers; Herman port-Import Bank loan which has been withheld from her on the recommendation of Secretary of State George C. Marshall unless and until the Nationalist, government sets its house in order. It was understood that It was for this reason that the Chinese proposal was submitted to the State ncpartinent for n ruling as to whether it conflicted with basic American policy toward the Chiang regime. UNRRA officials were SR'J to take the position that only the central UNRHA committee could authorize such an unusual circumvention of UNRRA principles. tlo'-vcr bed. STANDARD FBHHtl MEASURE "HIBBARD" KEROSEfiE CAN 1.25 gaii))eit lo meet slate law requirements. Solid welded funnel, nftcr made. All jjaivnn-, including top anJ spout. Has screw cnp, hexagon Tiller cap. 3 or o gal. TOiLET PAPER HOIOER Only Made of steel w ith harilwoo-l roller, while enameled finish. \Vith screws. HARDWARE 126 W. Main Sf. Light weight nturdy 'construction, fm Phone 513 Wallingsford; Neal shivers'vs Etta W. Whitworth n!id Rachael Dcu- nisioii vs pioyd Dcniiiston. llij,'li EIccl—Open Toe Brown Kid Highly Polished 1.0\v Clll A,V to S — 3!i to 9 Elderly Hermit Wills $20,000 To Greta Garbo of Film Fame PAGE ' AU.KC.AN, Mich., Feb. 19-(UI') * nA ''onfldant of Edgar H. Donne, | /u-year-old heriult who left $^0,000 !f,, ftc " OM Cll ' c * n Oiirbo, .said today J '" lll! "i was n member of n wcal- V Riiyltsh family who binilshed fair bcravlst! of •' J' 0 »l'ir«l love uf- l*o liner, Gmnd Kn|ilcls nllor- "cy. snld the hermll claimed lo be 11 descendant of tho famous Hrlt- isti ]XM>t, John Donne, niul lo have lived on money from lit s f, lm ii v In MRliimt. After his biintsliment, Doime loaincd the world for nm/; years. I'robatc Judge irvliiR Tucker re- yeali-d (hat he had notified Miss Oarbo i>y letter that she wns the UeneJiclar.v of the elderly mini who was found dcatl last September In n shabby one-room shuck on n uarre n farm near Alteon. ««(•!• described Donne as an re- centric but snlct he "ncverthcr-M wns very keen and alert and although a lot of people called him otmy. It was because they Just didn't talk his language." Tho attorney snld Donne's 1(10- ncre farm never had been culllval- <•" "because he illdn't need the money" «ntl Kie man hnd been of; tl 'fd as much ns $rj,000 for oil leases. The will, written In England on- Sept. 12, i93(j, says: "I hereby give my estate lo Greta ) Lovlsa Gustnfson, whose staue • name is Greta Garbo, lu her and J no other. If Greta Garbo becomes my wife, then it goes to Greta i Lovisn Donne." '• Before the husky-voiced screen Player can receive the estate however, she must do legal battle with the State of Michigan and possl- Wy Donne's brother, reportedly a resident of Devon, England. Slate Public Administrator Archie Prime,- plans to Intervene 111 the case on grounds Domic prob- nolv mentallv competent to make a will arid that the estate should revert lo the state. Frnzer, who called Donne's "movie complex" not a rarity, snid ho wns checking reports that the lonely recluse had a brother, Duncan James Doime, In England If the brother Is alive, he said, t"c state would step nsliie and let Duncan. Donne's rightful heir, fight It, nut with Miss Garbo. The will wns admitted to probate last Feb. 5 and Jud KO Tucker mr,- «1 Lela Boyce, Allegan Coui)ty public administrator, ns executrix. The estate Includes $15.000 In English securities mid Jcwrlrv on deposit, in a London bank, $000 in <• S. cash and war bonds, nnd r.iorc. hnn 100 acres In land holdings How Donne amassed It was not " F'reak Accident broken feelings because their Hol- Ij'ivond-.vlyle Valentine elo'poment (ilitu't work out. On St. Valentine's Day, the boy slipped away from his Rich I'atsli, Vu.. Jioiiie, picked up his girl at ncaray Seliua nnd chartered an inrpliinc tit Lawmoor Airport They hired the pilot lo fly u lu!V i to Bristol, Tcnn», In scarcri of a. '.'mai.'.; ryJnu parson.'"; / '-.% .i.. ,:^V.,-,;',„' Saturday -'a, :pollce'-- ; cap^airi B ' at- Brislol found the bobby-r.ox lovers undergoing preliminary bipod'''tests. At their parents' request, ''.W,-itok-i- them home.'' •'••'" ••..I'V/'.'.vv^..".-- Head Courier News Want '/Ws.<,•... ORIGINAL ECLOMP Here'. Ihc Intent vcnloii of „ nn,tiyc»l»hll.l,c<l fnvorlto -tin- one «ii,l o,,ly Klomp l>j- Wlnllir,,,,. Often aped, but .>-...,. .......11..., .i |( , ](| ni , l(1 !a u •Vnn'i.he-iiopled" eon,. X-ray photo shows position ot ineclniiiiciil pciicil In chest of Guorfio Allen, 15, of Newark, N. .1., fullowiui! freak ticcidenl. lie fell and <lrovu pencil four Inches into rejjion iu';ir Jiis hojirl. In serious condition, lie's expected lo recover. known. Neighbors said he wns horn In MiRlaml In 1U7U and mUurallncd In Michigan In 1022. After a trip to Gicnt IJrlluln In Kim; , llu l 1037. IDcnne returned lo AllcKiin and fettled down to a hermit's life, they snld. Several years lujo. It was reported. Domic hoiijslil .sunn- new clothes ar.d made a trlji to Hollywood. When he returned he never mentioned I he trip in his rare contact with neighbors. Bobby Sox Lovers Use Plane in Futile Search For a "Marrying Parson" CLIFTON FC'Hnr-;, Vll., Feb. IU. (UP)-.A 17-year-oH; boy am| his sweetheart. 11, were back home lcd£>- -stilt In hive, lint nurslni! j THE FARMERS and HANKKIIH MR-; INSURANCK CO. W. 0. 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